ChinnoDogWhere are flame wars?00:18
rmg51it's an email thing00:19
rmg51from PACS00:20
MutantTurkeyflame wars, pun threads.. same thing.00:24
* TheEvilPhoenix yawns00:27
TheEvilPhoenixpython can be a bitch sometimes >.>00:27
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pvl1how is everyone01:32
rmg51I'm good01:34
jacksongood here01:36
pvl1anyone live in the filly area?01:38
pvl1or better yet01:38
pvl1anyone have an idea if there are linux jobs in filly01:38
jacksonI don't no02:05
jacksonanyone from WPA?02:06
ChinnoDogDossy: I have a web application I want to suggest you write02:11
ChinnoDogmostly because I am too lazy to do it02:11
MutantTurkeyWorks Progress Administration02:11
MutantTurkeywhere is filly02:12
MutantTurkeyoh philly02:12
MutantTurkeytold you we should have passed that sugar tax to get more edu $02:12
jacksonwhere's pixberg02:12
jacksonhmm unkle Ben nos02:13
MutantTurkeyi havent seen any buggers here02:15
jacksonor red kins02:18
InHisNameI have /home/home/rich and I need to make it /home/rich   how to do that ?    especially since there is already a /home/rich  but I expect it to get overwritten.02:26
MutantTurkeyInHisName: wait what?02:54
MutantTurkeywhat is in /home/home/rich?02:54
ChinnoDogDossy: I change my mind. I don't need just a web application, I need a facebook application.02:56
InHisNameI managed to get something to work:   sudo mv rich richx; sudo mv ./home/rich rich    did it and don't seem to be missing anything as far as I can tell.02:58
InHisNameOnly thing was is the lubuntu graphic has come back.    Must be in /home/rich somewere.03:01
InHisNamethe good ubuntu graphic would still be in the /home/richx area in similar placing.   I wonder where to look. The graphic appears after starting shutdown.03:04
jthanJonathanS: Nope. I only have one laptop at the moment (MacBook), so it wouldn't be of much use.  I did have a quick gander and I saw /a/ drive in the basement that was 2.5" SATA, but I didn't have time to look and see how big it was or anything else tonight. I just got home a few minutes ago.03:06
InHisNameWhat is there, you ask, MutantTurkey?   about 74GB of stuff.       Former /home/rich now called: /home/richx is just a fresh build so very empty.03:06
MutantTurkeywhy not just replace it?03:13
MutantTurkeyif you are on a fresh build03:13
ChinnoDoglooks like fb just got a new feature added. Makes it extra handy for stalking people and butting in where you don't belong.03:31
jthanChinnoDog: what feature is that?03:54
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rmg51morning JonathanD09:42
JonathanDWhats up?10:16
JonathanDwoot is boring today.10:17
rmg51breakfast :-D10:32
MutantTurkeymmmmm breakfast11:10
MutantTurkeyswitched over to winter blankets last night, slept 50 times better11:11
InHisNameWhaaaat ?  JonathanD doesn't need more fancy colored t-shirts ?  Or are ALL clothes BORING ?11:56
JonathanDclothes are boring.11:56
JonathanDI try to avoid them.11:56
JonathanDI just travel around in bathrobe, which I have convieniently decided is not clothing.11:57
InHisNameSo you're one of the sun worshipers (sans clothing ) ?11:57
waltmanI think I might have to turn my A/C back on today11:57
JonathanDtis only 64F11:58
InHisNameFortunately my basement is still warmer than that !  So I can avoid heating bills a bit longer.12:07
JonathanDI need to fix my basement door before it gets cold.12:10
waltmanJonathanD: my apartment is usually stuffy12:13
JonathanDoh hey12:14
JonathanDor italian.12:14
waltmanwhen were were going to do this?12:24
InHisNameWhy does one software center show 33700+ items and on another machine show only 2450 items.  Both are 11.04 ubuntu12:54
rmg51because one has the repos open the other doesn't12:56
InHisNamewhat do I do to the the one with only 2450 to list ALL 33700+ items ?12:56
rmg51match your selections13:04
rmg51or in software center edit-software sources13:06
rmg51also, in software center make sure show all is checked under view13:10
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InHisNameBoth have show all checked,  both have same items checked exactly.  Still the same HUGE disparity in item counts.13:24
rmg51under software sources. are both partners and independents checked?13:32
rmg51and if you make any changes don't forget to reload package info13:36
rmg51under edit13:36
jthanMorning everyone13:51
jthanMeh.. it's alright13:54
jthanDoes lamalex ever actually come around anymore?14:01
jthanand did anyone SEE the contact bts3685|vps made on my facebook post the other night? Geez. It was surreal14:01
jthanA voice from the past.14:01
* rmg51 doesn't do facebook14:06
teddy-dbearand he won't let me do it either :-(14:07
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InHisNamermg51: yes both partners and indep checked.  All checking is identical.14:35
rmg51not sure then14:36
JonathanDwaltman: friday.15:56
JonathanDI can do anything after 6pm.15:56
waltmanWhat did you have in mind for Italian?15:57
JonathanDtheres a place in norristown thats pretty cheap and nice.17:15
JonathanDit's a pizza place, but a good italian dinner menu too.17:15
JonathanDand calzones this <----------------------------------------------------------------------> ig17:15
JonathanDthey come out on a pizza tray and take up most of it.17:15
pvl1anyone going to see ROGER DALTREY tonight17:38
ChinnoDogpvl1: Who is that?17:50
pvl1former singer of the Who17:50
pvl1ChinnoDog, pretty sure he founded the who as well17:51
pvl1well im working at the concert18:06
waltmanJonathanD: Sounds great. Let's try the Italian place.19:06
JonathanDMama Venezia's19:11
JonathanDThey get great reviews.19:11
waltmanSounds awesome.19:14
JonathanDLast time the owner came and sat with us for a while to chat.19:14
JonathanDwe were contemplating getting tomato pie from there for fosscon.19:15
mr`zillaandrew: One can only hope so.20:53
ChinnoDogGobble gobble23:01
MutantTurkeyanyone having freenoode being weird?23:03
rmg51seems ok to me23:04
MutantTurkeyweird, last night i was having trouble23:05
rmg51besides, I just blame JonathanD ;-)23:05
MutantTurkeyseems likely...23:05
JonathanDI do too.23:05
JonathanDOh wait, no I don't.23:05
rmg51may as well join the party23:06
JonathanDhttp://www.vibrant.com/images/cables/lopsa/do-not-touch.jpg freenode server room.23:06
rmg51I thought that was your basement23:08
MutantTurkeywho's basement? mine23:26
MutantTurkeythat doesn't seem like a well designed system23:27

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