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XpistosHey all14:51
XpistosAppearantly, the job I interviewed for wants to talk to me after I countered. So cross 'em for the kid!14:52
wrstcool Xpistos14:53
XpistosI did get the medical premiums from them and they were LARGE14:54
wrstouch :\15:03
Xpistoswe figured x2 of what I am used to but they came out about $30 more per check15:32
wrstthis is something to look at : http://www.webupd8.org/2011/09/windows-8-certified-computers-may-not.html16:08
cyberangerwrst: may I point out a similar matter16:24
wrstgood point cyberanger16:24
cyberangerpeople have said we couldn't play all three of those in linux, at some point in time16:25
wrstyep and they work well16:25
wrstwell i don't know about bluray16:25
cyberangerthere are ways to boot ubuntu from the Vista bootloader (which is pretty much the same for windows 7) there are ways to boot from the xp bootloader16:26
cyberangergranted xp isn't a UEFI bootloader, and the vista bootloader I've not used with UEFI, but point is, I bet they forget to remove some remnants of it, and probally leave the CD drive alone16:27
cyberangerso there could be a way to install ubuntu and turn off the signed bootloader concern, or even reinstall the windows 8 signed bootloader16:28
cyberangerget the win8 bootloader to pass off to grub2 and boot16:29
wrstthat makes sense I had a feeling that was some unnecessary gloom and doom16:30
wrstwith MS Security there is always an easy way around16:30
cyberangerwell, there is concern, but I've seen a lot of headbanging on a wall with problems like this (I listed dvd's due to everyone's use of them, but my T-Mobile G2 was a real puzzle to root for a long while16:31
cyberangerthe so called NAND lock issue, and it was beaten in a month, very low level issue, also most of us here probally use non EFI gear (I have EFI on my netbook, got peices of a computer to build, mobo is EFI or Bios, predates this so I'd be ok)16:33
cyberangernow I wonder about computer builders that dual boot (lets say school or work requirement, the reason I've dealt with windows since 2006 (before that I didn't own my own rig, so I couldn't install, livecd it was))16:35
cyberangerthere is some things there that make me think running windows 8 would be a headache for them16:36
cyberangerwrst: I'm already seeing comments that show people seeing this as a dare16:45
cyberangerso, I expect dualbooting to be the only real thorn (and expect it won't be for long)16:46
wrstgreat thing about linux generally no problem is too big16:57
XpistosLook at all the CHATTA!19:41

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