lostsongood eveninb01:58
lostsonhmm i am debating of giving up all of my google stuff and just going back to firefox thunderbird/claws-mail02:01
lostsonbut probably wont as google stuff is just too easy and convenient02:02
lostsonso h00k when is the next meeting i say you jabbering about the other day02:02
lostsonCheesehead: why what sir ?02:03
CheeseheadWhy give up one feature-filled system for a different one?02:03
lostsonno idea sometimes my brain comes up with goofy ideas02:03
CheeseheadPerhaps you have too much free time...02:04
Cheesehead...easy cure. Just tell your spouse.02:04
lostsonbelieve me its not that i have too much time02:04
CheeseheadWell, I suppose the occasional wild impulse to tear down and rebuild your online life is healther than, say, impulses to burn things.02:07
CheeseheadSo, in perspective, you *could* say that such impulses are the mark of a well-adjusted person.02:07
CheeseheadEr, the not-burning impulses.02:08
lostsonI wouldnt say tear down or rebuild i have planty of other stuff before i started using google stuff02:08
lostsonI have my servers yet with all my own mail stuff on it so google is convenient and works well with my droid and any machine that i am on but it is not the be all end all IMHO02:09
CheeseheadI use Google for much fun, but not mail.02:11
CheeseheadSo *that's* what that button does.02:12
lostsonyep sure does02:12
CheeseheadWell, I'm off to casue problems around the house...02:13
lostsonhave fun02:13
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