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cjohnstonmhall119: james_w nigelb... status.ubuntu.com continues to have issues where the script stops running due to the server running out of memory and then the lock file is not removed. I would think that this is not relevent to the apache setup?16:33
james_wI don't know16:33
nigelbcjohnston: Apache is what usually ends up eating the memory.16:33
nigelbWe haven't figured out why yet.16:34
james_wI don't know why we don't get any error messages from the cron run16:34
cjohnstonI thought IS was saying it wasn't16:34
james_wunless cron itself is what is getting killed16:34
cjohnstonjames_w: I get some sort of messages at times saying it ran out of memory16:34
nigelbI've not had IS tell me that Apache wasn't causing the problem.16:34
james_wI don't see those ones I don't think16:34
james_wjust the lockfile ones16:34
james_wwell, ok, I haven't had one for a week16:35
james_wbut it's apparently died several times in that week16:35
* cjohnston has g2g.. bbl16:35
mhall119james_w: do we have a patch for the url-encoded blueprint links yet?16:36
james_wI was hoping to get to it today16:37
mhall119cause we need to request a production deployment soon to fix the private ical bug16:37
james_wmhall119, the one that breaks the link?16:39
james_wyeah, we should fix that soon16:39
mhall119the private ical bug is throwing an exception because of the change to Schedule.from_request wasn't applied to that view16:39
james_wthe url-encoding one should be easy, so I'll do that in a few minutes16:39
james_wtrying to figure out how some sessions got scheduled on Monday morning currently16:40
james_wis there a way to see the admin log for all users, not just myself?16:40
mhall119I think if you are superuser you can see all of it16:41
mhall119but it won't show changes made outside of /admin/16:41
james_wit says "my actions" at the top though16:42
james_wperhaps we should do something like http://stackoverflow.com/questions/987669/tying-in-to-django-admins-model-history16:42
james_wor https://bitbucket.org/q/django-simple-history/src16:43
mhall119there are several to choose from16:44
mhall119including https://bitbucket.org/mhall119/django-audit/wiki/Home16:45
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james_wmhall119, are you running the autoscheduler on cranberry? either by hand or from cron?17:23
james_wargh, it's enabled in cron17:24
james_wI've disabled it again17:25
cjohnstonmhall119: http://summit.ubuntu.com/admin/schedule/crew/add/   why is it only listing those few attendees? I guess we need to somehow define the summit to make it easier and only have a list of attendees that are attending the summit17:30
james_wthey are the ones tagged with "Willing to be crew" in their attendee record I guess17:34
cjohnstonAccording to Daniel there are a whole lot more who are willing to crew.17:36
cjohnstonjames_w: that is the list of people who were at the last UDS and crewed.17:38
james_w>>> Attendee.objects.filter(crew=True)17:39
james_w[<Attendee: mike.basinger>, <Attendee: itnet7>, <Attendee: jwcampbell>, <Attendee: scottritchie>, <Attendee: joey>, <Attendee: jderose>, <Attendee: rrnwexec>, <Attendee: lyz>, <Attendee: nigelbabu>, <Attendee: bcurtiswx>, <Attendee: vish>, <Attendee: frmdrt>, <Attendee: rkite>]17:39
james_wthe box needs to be checked on those records as appropriate17:40
cjohnstonnigel isnt even coming to this UDS, so I cant imagine he has willing to crew checked17:41
cjohnstonand everyone that Daniel picked he said had marked "Willing to Crew"17:42
cjohnstonplus, as I said, that's the exact list from last UDS17:42
cjohnstonhttp://summit.ubuntu.com/admin/schedule/attendee/2809/  nigels box isnt checked17:42
james_wit is for last UDS17:47
james_wI didn't filter by summit at all17:47
cjohnstonthere isnt a way to filter by summit.. they are just defined by days17:47
cjohnstonSo somehow it needs to know what summit its for, and then display a list of willing to crew for that summit17:48
james_wbut that list I just pasted is anyone who has ever had that box checked for any summit17:48
james_wwell, anyone who still has any box checked17:48
james_wyou are right17:48
james_wbut it also needs that box checking for some people for uds-p17:49
cjohnstoni just checked another one17:50
cjohnstonwhy are they not remaining checked17:50
cjohnstonbecause you click willing to crew in the sponsorship application17:50
cjohnstoni guess because these are imported from17:50
cjohnstonas people actually attending17:50
cjohnstonvs sponsorship?17:50
cjohnstonSo we need to check users marked as attending in LP against their sponsorship applications to see if they marked that they are willing to crew17:51
james_wI'm not sure17:53
james_wI've never looked at the sponsorship stuff17:54
cjohnstonnigelb: ^ ?17:54
cjohnstonBug #85577217:57
ubot4Launchpad bug 855772 in summit "Attendees list not marking attendees as willing to crew (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85577217:57
mhall119james_w: why don't we want autoschedule running in cron right now?18:16
james_wmhall119, it's annoying Stephen Doel18:26
james_whe's trying to schedule a bunch of things at particular times, and it's throwing them all over the schedule complicating that18:26
mhall119maybe we should make a new summit state, post-sponsorship but pre-scheduling18:29
james_wand have the autoscheduler not act during that time?18:41
cjohnstonmhall119: Create a mutable item to where meetings in the past are muted   I think really needs to be done so that we dont have issues of stuff getting moved around after it happens20:05
mhall119we fixed what was causing it, but we didn't actually provide a way to make sure it never happens20:08
mhall119also, I think there was confusion20:08
mhall119the opposite of immutable is not muted20:08
mhall119personally I think that entire line can just go away20:09
cjohnstonOk.. I do think that we need to provide a way to make sure it doesnt happen20:12
cjohnstonDo you think there is any way that email came from info obtained by summit?20:16
mhall119cjohnston: I don't think so20:28
mhall119cjohnston: have we even determined yet if it was legitimate or spam?20:29
mhall119the UDS registration form uses tfaforms.com20:30
cjohnstonNo idea...20:36
mhall119I'm inclined to think they were legit20:40
james_wmhall119, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-w/summit/fix-overeager-escaping/+merge/76478 <- there's that fix21:03
cjohnstonmhall119: and i didnt get it.. but ive completed my forms21:05
cjohnstonmhall119: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+spec/subteam-calendar   thoughts?21:46
cjohnstonnigelb: ping22:49
mhall119cjohnston: I'm not sure there's enough demand to warrant it23:24
mhall119we'd have to make LD aware of subteams to begin with23:25
cjohnstonthats pretty much what my reply said23:25
mhall119there may be a larger case to be made for making LD sub-team aware, in which case this request would be a more minor feature request on top of that23:27
cjohnstonya.. im not about to offer that though23:28
mhall119as it is, it should be a wishlist bug, not a blueprint23:29
* cjohnston says wont fix23:30
mhall119I'm okay leaving it open as a wishlist item23:30
mhall119I'm not opposed to the feature23:30
cjohnstonsummit doesnt have a virtual env setup does it?23:30
mhall119I'm just opposed to putting in the effort unless I see more of a need or want23:30
mhall119you can make one, it has a requirements.txt23:31
cjohnstonthats why i say wontfix because as of right now i dont see enough need or want23:31
mhall119I save wontfix for "over my dead body will this ever be implemented"23:31
mhall119if someone submits a working patch to implement this, I'd accept it23:31
knomei use "wontfix" when i want somebody else to do it23:32
cjohnstonit sucks that we are so far behind times with the version of django we use23:33
mhall119you mean 1.2?23:33
cjohnstonif you run a current version of ubuntu, it becomes a pita23:33
mhall119you mean like natty?23:34
cjohnstonlike oneiric23:34
mhall119oneiric isn't current23:34
cjohnstonit will be in a month23:34
cjohnstonso whats the difference23:34
mhall119a month23:54
mhall119also support23:54
cjohnstonmake a make file for me for summit23:54

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