superflyyay! everyone is back!07:53
superflyKilos: We have our friends again :-)07:58
nlsthzn:) Seems there where many people stranded on many different islands :)08:00
superflywere, not where08:02
Kiloshi barns08:08
* nlsthzn hadn't noticed when the grammer nazi got stationed in this channel 08:10
Kilos?? nlsthzn 08:10
nlsthznsee a few lines higher ;)08:11
barnsoh hi08:11
Kilosthe mobile dictionary08:11
cocooncrashnlsthzn: We are always waiting in the shadows, protecting the sanctity of our language.08:12
barnsi think my client likes freenode now08:13
Kilosbarns, are you new here?08:13
barnsI am08:14
Kiloswe all use freenode to get here08:14
nlsthzncocooncrash: ah, well... English is my second language so there :p08:14
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za barns 08:14
barnsKilos: I know that, but I've just taught my client about freenode ;)08:14
barnsthanks :>08:14
superflynlsthzn: as cocooncrash said08:14
nlsthznsuperfly: I try... but there are these little pet things that always get me... and for the record, the level of english in SA is extremely high... my biggest issue working in the UAE is that nobody understands when I talk because I speak it to well... go figure?!08:17
superfly*too well08:17
superflynlsthzn: it's OK, you'll get there eventually. ;-)08:20
Kilosnlsthzn, as well=too08:20
Kiloshi sakhi 08:21
sakhihi Kilos how are you doing?08:22
Kilosok ty sakhi and you08:22
drubinMaaz: help permisions08:22
Maazdrubin: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.08:22
drubinMaaz: what can you do08:22
Maazdrubin: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.08:22
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.08:22
drubinMaaz: usage grant08:22
Maazdrubin: Adds and removes authentication credentials and permissions. You can use it like this:08:22
Maaz  authenticate <account> [on source] using <method> [<credential>]08:22
Maaz  auth <credential>08:22
Maaz  (grant|revoke|remove) <permission> (to|from|on) <username> [when authed]08:22
Maaz  permissions [for <username>]08:22
Maaz  list permissions08:22
Kilosmornin drubin missed you at the meeting last night08:23
drubinMaaz: grant kbmonkey on freenode meeting08:23
Maazdrubin: I don't know who freenode meeting is08:23
drubinMaaz: grant kbmonkey on freenode meetings08:23
Maazdrubin: I don't know who freenode meetings is08:23
drubinMaaz: list permissions08:23
Maazdrubin: Permissions: admin, chairmeeting, config, core, debug, eval, factoid, factoidadmin, feeds, karma, karmaadmin, nmap, plugins, recvmemo, regex, saydo, sendmemo, sources and summon08:23
drubinMaaz: grant kbmonkey on freenode chairmeeting08:24
Maazdrubin: I don't know who freenode chairmeeting is08:24
drubinMaaz: grant  chairmeeting to chairmeeting08:24
Maazdrubin: I don't know who chairmeeting is08:24
drubinMaaz: grant  chairmeeting to kbmonkey08:24
Maazdrubin: Okay08:24
drubinMaaz: tell kbmonkey you have permission to chair the meeetings now.08:25
Maazdrubin: Sure, I'll tell kbmonkey on freenode08:25
drubinKilos: :) done.08:25
drubinSorry for the spam08:25
sakhigood thanks Kilos 08:25
inetprogood mornings08:31
Kiloshiya inetpro 08:31
nuvolari:O u'r bak!08:31
Kiloshi nuvolari 08:32
inetpronuvolari: bak? hmm...08:32
inetpronuvolari: dis my dogter en vrou wat graag koek bak, nie ekke nie08:33
Kilosthere was only 5 of us here earlier on inetpro 08:33
nlsthznthere where about 7 different #ubuntu-za channels filled with different people... I was alone in one :)08:36
inetpronlsthzn: how do you know there were 7?08:38
Kilosnlsthzn, were08:38
Kilosafr was08:38
nlsthznwas a "net split" apparently 7 freenode servers stoped talking to each other :p08:38
nlsthznhow true the 7 is I don't know but that was a figure floating about in another channel08:39
nlsthznfor me #ubuntu had 15 people in it :)08:39
barnsit was quite the netsplit08:40
nuvolariinetpro: ook nie pannekoek nie??09:44
inetpronuvolari: ahh, nou word ek sommer honger09:45
nlsthznnom nom nom09:46
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Kilosevening everyone17:27
nlsthznnight Kilos 17:30
nlsthznI be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'ing now tooooooo17:30
Kilossleep tight nlsthzn 17:30
Kilosme go sleep18:35
Kilosnight all of ya18:35
Kilossleep lekker18:35

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