michael_pwhats best00:00
michael_pssh or vnc00:00
cheakoman 6 random00:00
cheakomichael_p: One is a wrench the other a screwdriver.00:00
stupidheadokay i'll get to random... but how do i feed the result of find to feh?00:01
jribstupidhead: there were 3 options given to you00:01
cheakostupidhead: Use ' | read fil;  feh --bg-max "$fil"'00:02
alkafoomichael_p: more like one is a wrench the other is an MMORPG00:02
stupidheadhmm right not sure how i did it but xargs didn't work first time... works now00:02
booleanmorning: where does one change the file association on ubuntu 10.04 ... all my pdfs have become python files ( association that it )00:02
cheakoalkafoo: i stand corrected.00:02
alkafoomichael_p: ssh gives you commandline access only ordinarily, VNC is a stream of yoru graphical desktop00:02
alkafoocheako: not for long00:02
* alkafoo steals yo legs!00:02
alkafooboolean: you mean they have PDF icons?00:03
alkafooboolean: or they open in your PDF app?00:03
qinstupidhead: cd /directory/with/file; lol=$(ls | head -n 1); feh $lol00:03
alkafoo| shuf00:03
jribstupidhead: instead of random, "sort -R" is probably a better option00:03
booleanalkafoo: actually they are known pdf files but any double click brings gedit as opposed to evince yet both complain about trying to open a python file00:04
cheakoqin: He is not using bash, so $() becomes ``00:04
alkafooboolean: so if you manually open them with evince, they load?00:04
booleanalkafoo: nope .. it too complains about not being able to open a python file00:04
alkafooboolean: what makes you think they're PDF files?00:04
cheakoboolean: Use file on them.00:05
stupidheadusing freebsd my sort doesn't have a -R option or would have00:05
booleanbc I can open them with a pdf reader prior to an update00:05
booleanEncyclopedia of Weapons of World War II.pdf: PDF document, version 1.400:05
alkafoostupidhead: what about shuf? =)00:05
jribstupidhead, cheako: though command substitution, $(), should work in dash too00:05
booleani am wondering if a shared lib is causing this mess00:05
alkafooboolean: can evince open _any_ PDF?00:06
cheakoHow can I switch off compositing in an X session using gnome3?00:06
booleanalkafoo: none of them00:06
stupidheadalkafoo: don't appear to have shuf, thanks though!00:06
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alkafooboolean: okay =)00:06
alkafoostupidhead: awe00:06
booleaneven nautilus has them defined as python files00:06
alkafooyou can always md5sum them all then | sort then parse out the md5 sum =P00:06
cheakostupidhead:  Did you get it working using read though?00:07
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booleanso back to the original question, where does ubuntu store its file association00:07
alkafooboolean: where does GNOME00:07
booleanalkafoo: true true ... to me they have become synonymous00:08
alkafoono doubt in gconf's database somewhere, but it'd be weird if that was your only problem00:08
stupidheadcheako: no, tried it, gave fil: Undefined variable.00:08
DarkenvyWhat ports need to be forwarded to share SMB (samba)?00:08
booleanalkafoo: well my desktop icons all when wierd too00:08
booleanis there a way to rebuild this ?00:08
alkafooboolean: what'd you do? =P00:08
DarkenvyIve been trying to figure this out all day; bypassing my LAN allows successfull smb00:08
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booleanalkafoo: if I knew, i would be asking ;)00:08
stupidheadjrib: if $() is specific to dash or bash then i can't use it as i'm bourne00:09
jribstupidhead: erm, what?00:09
stupidheadusing sh, not bash00:09
jribstupidhead: sh is dash on ubuntu by default00:09
setuidI can't seem to get updatedb to include /home/ in the search, when run as root. /etc/updatedb.conf doesn't have /home in PRUNEPATHS. What else can I check?00:09
cheakostupidhead: What about xargs?  " | xargs -n1 feh --bg-max00:10
jribsetuid: do you have encrypted directories?00:10
jribsetuid: do you have encrypted home directories?00:10
setuidjrib, yes, encrypted /home/00:10
stupidheadcheako: yeah, xargs did the trick, minus the -n1 part :) thanks00:10
jribsetuid: it's probably related to that00:10
setuidjrib, ok, so how do I get it to be included?00:10
cheakostupidhead: np00:10
setuiduser-specific updatedb?00:10
jribsetuid: I don't know offhand00:10
tqrsstIs there an installation cd that's like the minimal one, but comes with more drivers out of the box? I want control over what packages get installed, but only have a wireless connection, so I can't use the minimal installer.00:10
OvermindDL1So, what is the best way to figure out why ubuntu keeps locking up within a 30-240 minutes after starting a heavy 3d graphical app?00:11
tqrsstmaybe the server installer?00:11
setuidadding /home/.ecryptfs to PRUNEPATHS00:11
cheakoane one use gnome3 and gkrellms?  My rellms are stuck and I can't get at the 'handle' needed to move them.00:11
OvermindDL1And when it locks up, get a nice vertical overlapping blue/black lines...00:11
alkafootqrsst: maybe any live image you like and debootstrap00:11
stupidheadjrib: using freebsd here. suppose should have started with that00:11
stupidheadwhy i wanted sh solution00:12
jribstupidhead: this is the wrong channel then...00:12
qinstupidhead: /j #sh00:12
cheakoI need a way to move a window without using it's title bar.00:12
stupidheadyeah, realized that but coulodn't get onto #freebsd and figured unix is unix00:12
tqrsstalkafoo: ubuntootstrap? :)00:12
qincheako: Alt-F700:12
* alkafoo shrugs00:12
jrib!register | stupidhead00:13
ubottustupidhead: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:13
qincheako: or wmctrl00:13
jribcheako: there used to be some key combination too (like windows + mouse 1 or something like that)00:13
chaospsychexi've added a menu entry to 40_custom in grub.d to boot to an ISO but when I ran sudo update-grub the menu entry isn't showing up??????00:14
cheakoqin: what's wmctrl?  This is a window that can't have focus so the Alt-f7 trick didn't work.00:14
chaospsychexdo i have to reboot to see the menu entry ?00:14
qin!info wmctrl00:15
chris_0076hmm, any reason that my windows don't update? If I try to drag them around they will not show up until I stop moving the mouse and compiz goes to 100% cpu00:15
ubottuwmctrl (source: wmctrl): control an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.07-6 (natty), package size 21 kB, installed size 88 kB00:15
jribchaospsychex: well you can check that it is in /boot/grub/grub.cfg if you don't want to reboot00:15
chaospsychexlet me reboot00:16
chris_0076actually, to be more specific, it only happens if I am not dragging the the window along an edge00:17
JoseeAntonioRSorry. Does anyone knows the telephone number for Canonical Canada?00:18
JoseeAntonioRSorry, does anyone knows the telephone number for Canonical Canada?00:19
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)00:19
OvermindDL1Is there a way to view the dmesg prior to the current running session?  I want to see the last thing in it before the computer locked up00:20
* boolean grumbles00:20
qinJoseeAntonioR: www.canonical.com/about-canonical/contact/our-offices00:20
JoseeAntonioRqin The number there is a fax number.00:20
qinJoseeAntonioR: send fax?00:21
JoseeAntonioRqin I need to talk by phone.00:22
cheakoOvermindDL1: /var/log/<things> kernel mostly.  One good idea is to use a remote server, this way both the disk and network need to be inaccessible for you to loose your log msgs.  In dire situations serial ports(non-USB) are handy.00:22
OvermindDL1cheake:  When the system locks up everything goes down, network included, and any files being accessed at the time in a few program become 0-lengthed00:23
booleanalkafoo: discovered it is a system wide problem00:24
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cheakoOvermindDL1: hmm, I'd be suspicious about the claim that files are truncated...  Though in-proper application locking can cause that effect.00:25
OvermindDL1They are improper applications00:25
OvermindDL1Believe you me, I have complained to the makers00:25
ChrisRJerseyemboman: yo00:25
cheakoOvermindDL1: are you using KMS or a text console?00:26
OvermindDL1This is on my desktop for note, GUI.00:26
ChheapshotHow do i see cpu usage of processes from terminal in ubuntu?00:26
SIFTUChheapshot: top00:27
booleanis there anyway to run gnome in some form of debug mode?00:27
ChheapshotSIFTU:  of so simple :D00:27
cheakoOvermindDL1: Yeah, make sure to enable KMS for your video card...  This will allow for logging to the screen, even if every thing goes south.  You will need a camera.00:27
alkafooboolean: yeah?00:27
SIFTUChheapshot: htop is better :)00:27
booleanalkafoo: thought it was localized00:27
OvermindDL1I have a 5mp phone camera, is the the kind you speak of?00:28
booleani believe there is a python lib causing a ruckus00:28
OvermindDL1And how would I enable KMS?00:28
johngaltyou cant run gnome3 in debug mode, because it is a bug. LOL00:28
OvermindDL1cheako:  You still around, or did the netsplit split us?00:28
cheakoOvermindDL1: Likely done using boot arguments... and openly developed drivers, though closed source drivers might have KMS.00:28
booleanjohngalt: uh using gnome2 here00:28
tjiggi_foboolean, rightclick on file and "Open with other application" resets file associations00:28
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...00:28
booleantjiggi_fo: did that and fails ...00:29
ChheapshotSIFTU: How does it differ ?00:29
OvermindDL1I have to use the binary ATI/AMD video drivers as the open source ones are missing a few features I need, checking about it...00:29
booleaneven ran from CLI00:29
SIFTUChheapshot: did you install it and run it.. it has sorting features, color support, kill processes etc etc00:29
cheakoOvermindDL1: Yeah an external device capable of making screen captures.  A USB webcam would not be sufficient.00:29
cheakoOvermindDL1: What features am I missing using the open drivers?00:30
ChheapshotSIFTU: Yeah just installed it, looks much better thx00:30
cheako...asside from OpenCL.00:30
booleanugh ... to many libs to go through ( ldd /usr/bin/evince :P )00:30
OvermindDL1Yes, that00:30
OvermindDL1Although not using it right at the moment so guess I could switch...00:30
tjiggi_foboolean, you need to go thru your /var/log/dpkg/ and see if those updates had any complaints00:30
booleantjiggi_fo: there is a start .. thanks00:31
Sonjashould there be a file at /boot/grub/menu.lst  ??00:31
Dnsi installed tftp-server at my os server but i cant download it remotly with using another tftp00:31
Sonjaor was it renamed in newer ubuntu?00:31
Dns!question i installed tftp-server at my os server but i cant download it remotly with using another tftp00:31
ubottuDns: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:31
booleantjiggi_fo: uh what version of ubuntu r u refering to?00:31
cheakoI want to play PS2 games on my computer so bad...  Kicking developers to use libraries that are not open for every one to use.00:32
tjiggi_foboolean, sorry, /var/log/apt/00:32
tjiggi_foboolean, Lucid00:32
Lithos84Sonja: /boot/grub/grub.cfg is the new file.00:32
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SonjaLithos84:  in which volume is it ?00:32
booleantjiggi_fo: k thanks ... bbiab00:33
SonjaLithos84:  i have both ubuntu and backtrack and win7 and some other OSes on my laptop00:33
chris_0076still noone will respond to my problem? I have been asking now for 2-3 weeks =/00:33
cheakochris_0076: Try once more.00:34
chris_0076hmm, any reason that my windows don't update? If I try to drag them around they will not show up until I stop moving the mouse and compiz goes to 100% cpu00:34
chris_0076actually, to be more specific, it only happens if I am not dragging the the window along an edge00:34
chris_0076using Ubuntu 11.0400:35
Lithos84Sonja: If you mean which partition, well, it depends on where you installed /boot00:35
chris_0076q8800 cpu, 220gt gfx00:35
linxehI'm running Ubuntu server, with a wireless network card in the machine. How can I configure the wireless network settings using recommended tools / config files?00:35
alkafoomake sure you're using a driver that's utilizing your GPU00:36
SonjaLithos84:  there seems to be a /boot folder in every partition00:36
excelsiorany tips for tweaking ubuntu to run on slower computers?00:36
johngaltbodhi 1.2 is based on ubuntu and runs real light00:36
Lithos84Sonja: You have to remember in which partition you installed Ubuntu :)00:36
BarkingFishexcelsior, turning off any graphics rich things like desktop effects and transparency will help00:37
alkafooexcelsior: how slow?00:37
BarkingFishprobably if you have compiz on, that won't help matters either00:37
cheakochris_0076: Yeah, this is a problem with your video drivers.  Make sure you don't have any libGL(s) lying around that you don't want to be using.  Use ldd or then environment variable "LD_DEBUG=libs" to discover what libs your X server and compiz are loading.00:38
poundsignexcelsior:  maybe turning off startup apps00:38
Lithos84excelsior: Replace GNOME with LXDE.00:38
rypervencheI'm setting up a LUKS encrypted external hard drive. I'm following two difference guides. One says that I need to setup a partition on the /dev/mapper/LUKS, the other doesn't. I didn't make one and I've already put my data on it. Do I need to have a partition on it after it's mapped? And when I fdisk, I get this message. http://pastebin.com/DfgxVphX Do I need to do anything to the drive or is it ok?00:38
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cheakoLook at your X logs to make sure the GLX stuff is loading properly.00:39
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excelsiorcan I install lubuntu desktop or xubuntu desktop? And how do you turn off startups?00:39
chris_0076cheako, how would I go about starting that?00:39
Lithos84excelsior: Yes, you can install those desktops.00:40
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alkafooexcelsior: shouldn't need to if you switch to lubuntu: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde00:41
alkafooor rather, if you still do, then it's time for a new computer00:41
cheakochris_0076: Depends on your level of expertise.  You may switch to a VT and login as root, login as you on another VT.  Then as root stop gdm.  As you do "LD_DEBUG=libs startx 2> debug.log"00:41
BarkingFish!nickspam | Alphaxx00:42
ubottuAlphaxx: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »00:42
cheakoThen look at the vary long debug.log for lines related to libGL and the like any thing todo with the video drivers.  Then make sure all of the files used are part of your video drivers and not just some file lying around from some other install.00:42
phenomOn login: I have an error from gnome-power-manager that pops up saying "A program is still running". Any ideas how to fix it?00:43
poundsignexcelsior: System-Preferences-Startup Applications,  i think00:43
phenomOr where I should go for help?00:43
BarkingFishphenom, which version of ubuntu are you using?00:43
phenom10.04 BarkingFish00:44
AlphaxxBarkingFish i am not spamming !00:44
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BarkingFishAlphaxx, 5 nick changes in under 20 seconds suggests you can't make your mind up. Please pick a nick and preferably stick to it!00:44
phenomBarkingFish, I "fixed" one bug,, and created another.00:44
phenomThese bugs are killing me.00:45
AlphaxxBarkingFish i was getting a damn nick cuz all was registered00:45
BarkingFishphenom, anything up to 11.04 can be handled here, you're in the right place :)00:45
BarkingFishAlphaxx, I'm not going to argue with you.  It's better if you find a nick to register before you join channels to avoid spamming them to death :)00:46
phenomGuys, I think I might have to move back to Debian.00:46
AlphaxxBarkingFish lol ok00:46
surfnsoundI'm having trouble with pages timing out or not connecting since I installd 10.04. It was  fresh install, not an upgrade. I've tried multiple broswers with no luck, disabled ipv6, pinging several sites shows only 2% loss.00:47
surfnsoundAnyone have anymore ideas?00:48
koauseing broadband ?00:48
surfnsoundwifi connecting00:48
koahave you used the pipeline ?00:48
surfnsoundnot sure what you mean00:48
koaok gona give url just fellow it and see how it go00:49
cheakocan I configure apport to use a proxy?00:49
koahere is it00:50
koait will speed up you broadband i'm 100 sure however if you have ping problem00:50
koait maybe cos of your dns00:50
chris_0076cheako, what do you mean by [As you do "LD_DEBUG=libs startx 2> debug.log"]00:52
surfnsoundkoa, here is output00:52
surfnsoundmike@Joshua:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf00:52
surfnsound# Generated by NetworkManager00:52
FloodBot1surfnsound: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:52
TheEvilPhoenix!pastebin > surfnsound00:52
ubottusurfnsound, please see my private message00:52
koaok  you can change your dns to google and see how it go00:53
koagoogle dns is,
nagchampathe setuid bit for /usr/bin/screen seems to be set wrong -rwxr-sr-x 1 root utmp 375984 2011-06-07 04:02 /usr/bin/screen00:55
nagchampashouldn't it be -rwsr-xr-x ?00:55
nagchampanevermind, found this http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/34#comment_1300:59
erossi installed ubuntu 64bit server on a VM and I can't access the internet although it should work. i think i bjorked my network settings, how do i reset them to 'default' ?01:00
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michael_pstuffed it01:02
surfnsoundkoa, do i want to add those entries into resov.conf, or am I changing what is in there now?01:02
koa1 sec01:04
koato change dns is very easy01:04
koago to system01:04
koathen prefernce01:05
koathen click on network conections01:05
koaNetwork Connections sorry*01:05
koathen click on broadband01:06
koaselect your connection and click edit01:06
koathen click on IPV4 settings01:06
koaon method choice the secand options01:07
koa(automatic (ppp) adresses only)01:07
koathis one01:07
koayou will see 2 boxes unlock down but in the dns server this01:08
koaand save it01:08
surfnsoundoh, ok01:09
surfnsoundmuch easier than I thought01:09
surfnsounddoes that require restart?01:09
koajust disconect and connect again01:09
koaso it change the dns01:10
surfnsoundok, ill try ot01:11
koalemme know how it go01:12
t-minushow do I set up a channel?01:15
aeon-ltdt-minus: /join channelname01:15
Alx495I ma a professional newbie! If there is anyone here with some time to spare who could guide me to install mame?01:16
surfnsoundkoa, it didn't work :-/01:17
koahmmm ok try  Chromium Web Browser01:18
Alx495someone could please guide me to the correct channel for help?01:19
Alx495apologies but I am really new to ubuntu01:19
koabtw is how mush is the signal power surf01:19
tjiggi_fosurfnsound, are you sure there are no other 2.4Ghz appliances interferring with your signal?01:19
koaalex you mean the game right ?01:19
surfnsoundsignal power is fine, 80%01:20
Alx495right koa...01:20
urlin2uAlx495, you might get help, but know that it is in the repos, never used it but a ibstall may be all you heed.01:20
magn3tsI don't know what crashes more often these days, banshee or nautilus01:20
koaok try Chromium then get it  from software center01:20
Alx495i tried to install...i think it does but then i can even find it..or it tells me to do some crazy stuff01:20
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koatry this alex01:21
urlin2umagn3ts, neither crash here what is the release your running01:21
cvd_airhey everyone - can someone help me out with some security release questions regarding Samba?01:25
urlin2umagn3ts, hard to say why, but broad staements without any details is a good way to get ignored.01:26
urlin2umagn3ts, just saying, this is not a chat channel but a support channrl.01:26
Alx495urlin2u...my knowledge of ubuntu is really basic...just moved from windows.01:26
Alx495the process description becomes too complicated for me.01:26
Alx495the it tells me to compile stuff01:26
urlin2uAlx495, If I knew the app I would help, but I have never played games on my computer.01:26
Alx495urlin2u. thank you for the good intention.01:26
=== bonhoffer_ is now known as bonhoffer
koaok :P01:26
magn3tslol yes, I'm quite familiar with this channel01:26
urlin2uAlx495, here is al ink that might get yo started though. :D  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo01:26
cvd_airwe are running several Lucid boxes in the field, but samba is only at v3.4.7 in the packages ... but it's up to 3.6 in the field!  3.4.7 has many security issues, so why isn't it updated in the LTS distro????01:27
cvd_airhow can i manually update samba to 3.6 on these units?  or do i have to fully upgrade the entire distro?01:27
Alx495help wit MAME install...it tells me 'no roms found' check the rompath????/01:28
|Slacker|what's the rompath?01:28
Alx495that is the problem Slacker..I have no idea where the rompath is01:29
zykotick9Alx495, are you using xmame or sdlmame?01:29
Logan_!latest | cvd_air01:29
ubottucvd_air: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.01:29
magn3tsAlx495, do you know what an emulator or rom actually is?01:30
Alx495I used to use mame under windows01:30
laananDoes anyone know how to get wifi to enable/connect on startup?01:30
cvd_airubottu - i understand that, but there are several critical fixes in 3.5.x01:30
ubottucvd_air: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:30
laananI tried using nmcli, but I get...command not found...01:30
=== zach_ is now known as fermionic
Alx495but now...it is like...I thought i found it and got lost even further when moved to ubuntu01:31
urlin2ulaanan, the card works right?01:31
=== Zephr0 is now known as Zephr0`afk
laananyeah, wifi works fine01:31
Alx495I love everything except the idea of not been able to do what I need01:31
laananit is just annoying to have to right click -- enable01:31
urlin2ulaanan, use the network manager auto connect and all users.01:31
cvd_air@Logan_ - i understand that, but there are several critical fixes in 3.5.x01:31
laananwhenever I start up or come back from sleep01:31
laananI tried that01:31
laananalthough, I can't remember if I restarted...01:31
urlin2ulaanan, also tab nics plaease.01:31
cvd_airif i need 3.6.x on these machines, how do i get it there?01:32
laanantab nics?...01:32
gemini6669hey everyone, I have a question. I hope it isn't silly but I have not been able to find a resolution to the problem with having deadzones on my desktop. I can click my mouse for all of its worth and it will not do anything that it is supposed to do. I have seen others with similar issues but no fixes. Has anyone else had any luck actually fixing this yet?01:32
Logan_cvd_air: There isn't an official way to do it.  If you upgrade to Natty, the latest version in the repository is
gemini6669it is with 11.04 running unity as well as the new gnome01:32
urlin2ulaanan, you see your nic show up in red when I respond because I type laa then hit tab to complete.,01:32
cvd_airif i compile it from source will it work?01:33
magn3tsgemini6669, that bug is still around ?!!01:33
alexandrosIs there any way to copy/write files from my ubuntu partition???01:33
laanangemini6669, that is a great feature01:33
alexandrosright now im in windows01:33
gemini6669yeah, from a vanilla install it is definitely still around01:33
michael_popen ssh or lamp01:33
magn3tsthat's just embarassing01:33
gemini6669and quite a deal breaker I might add01:33
magn3tsgemini6669, if you ditch unity it goes away.01:33
alexandrosanyone tell me?01:33
gemini6669I wish that were the case01:33
zykotick9cvd_air, check if a PPA has the updated version you want - "/msg ubottu ppa" for details01:33
magn3tsI was plagued by that for weeks before reverting to cardapio+docky.01:34
gemini6669it was still very present in the new gnome as well01:34
magn3tsalexandros, sorta. why?01:34
magn3tsgemini6669, you got gnome3 working in 11.04?01:34
Logan_cvd_air: I highly doubt compiling from source would make it work out of the box.01:34
alexandrosbecause i want to copy files01:34
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:35
laananurlin2u, any other ideas if the auto-connect/all users doesn't work? apt-get says nm is up to date...01:35
Alx495magn3ts....any ideas on what to do about the ROMPATH?01:35
gemini6669it was working a week ago when I booted back into linux. I haven't been back because I was ticked about the mouse issue01:35
urlin2ulaanan, not sure mine has always worked, wish I did. :D01:35
alexandrosmagnets can u help me?01:35
Logan_cvd_air: This may work for you, actually: https://launchpad.net/~automation/+archive/ppa/+build/268726101:36
laananurlin2u, any idea why nmcli gets 'command not found?'01:36
gemini6669I really want to get the mouse thing fixed though, so... has anyone run across a real fix or is it just supposed to sort itself out on its own? because it has not01:36
joyuseralexandros i think partition magic can do that01:37
alexandrosdo you know a program about it?01:37
magn3tsDCC from Alx495, screaming about rom path.01:37
joyuseralexandros partition magic is the program01:37
magn3tsDude, read a tutorial, or learn the tiniest bit about what you're doing first.01:37
alexandrosok i go download it!01:38
=== nonz is now known as temporarytao
magn3tsAlx495, ROMS are the games that the emulator runs. They're not legal to download and probably aren't meant to be discussed here, though there are open source roms I guess.01:38
joyuseralexandros PM can also write to linux partitions, but it is not convenient01:38
Alx495magn3ts...there are some legal roms.01:38
joyuseralexandros what partition do you have? etx2? ext3?01:38
laananyeah but shouldn't he be careful about what format his HDD is in?01:39
Alx495i used to have a couple..just basic little games01:39
magn3tsAlx495, Ok, so you knwo what they are...01:39
Alx495i do01:39
magn3tsAlx495, not sure what's the confusing part then.01:39
=== Dion is now known as Guest46757
laananlike writing from linux to windows can sometimes kill your data..01:39
Alx495i just moved to ubunto01:39
urlin2ulaanan, I get a response with that looks like this, I use the cli but I'm not a real expert in it. http://imagebin.org/17330301:39
magn3tsThe rom path is the path where you have them stored.01:39
laananlike Fat 32 to whateer, right?01:39
Alx495the thing is i have no idea where this program wants me to save them01:39
gemini6669I take it that no one else is currently experiencing issues with deadzones on the screen with 11.04 in gnome 3 then?01:40
joyuseralexandros then you need very fresh PM, cuz old versions can only handle ext2, ext301:40
laananurlin2u, thanks...yeah, if I got that I'd be in businesss.01:40
Alx495and since i cant even move around correctly ..it is kind of difficult01:40
alexandrosits version 801:40
urlin2ulaanan, run nm -help01:40
joyuseralexandros I tried pm8 on ext2 some years ago01:40
joyuseralexandros i'm not sure that pm8 can handle ext4...01:41
alexandrosi have ext2explorer but with that thing i can copy only01:42
xanguagemini6669: gnome3 is not currently supportedn you are on your own01:42
Logan_!gnome3 | gemini666901:42
ubottugemini6669: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.01:42
joyuseralexandros do you need also to write to ext2 partition?01:42
gemini6669what would be supported01:43
joyuseralexandros *ext401:43
alexandrosi get now error 11701:43
=== Zephr0`afk is now known as Zephr0
joyuseralexandros error 117? then dont touch the partition01:43
gemini6669I honestly don't care at this point, I have tried a few, without switching over to KDE or going to something stipped down, what would you recommend01:43
gemini6669I grabbed the newest gnome that was in the repository list01:44
gemini6669and it didn't fix the issue01:44
gemini6669unity didn't work01:44
cheakoThere are a lot of proxy related bugs, can I start a proxy task force?01:44
joyuseralexandros I would not recommend to correct these errors in PM, because it can ruin all info on that hdd01:44
gemini6669and I don't have as much time on my hands to fix showstopper problems as I did when I was in college01:45
joyuseralexandros you better try another piece of soft.01:45
gemini6669my mouse doesn't work, the forums have yielded zero answers01:45
gemini6669would you have any recommendations?01:45
alexandrosi found that http://www.ext2fsd.com/01:45
urlin2ugemini6669, what is the graphic card, and are you using a serial mouse?01:46
bombadil_rocksgemini6669 what do you mean dead spots?01:46
jeremy-77can anyone help set up a hp 2410 all in one usb printer 11.04 ubuntu  ?01:47
laananurlin2u, what I am trying to do is add something like nmcli nm wifi on as a startup script...but it seems that nmcli isn't apart of my linux flavor or something...? It is based on Ubuntu..but it is actually jolicloud...01:47
joyuseralexandros looks nice, but recently fixed writing bugs make me curious if there are any left01:47
gemini6669usb mouse, people still use a serial mouse? ati radeon 5670 using the default driver, the closed driver yielded more issues01:47
urlin2u!ask | jeremy-4201,01:47
ubottujeremy-4201,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:47
alexandrosit says that i have ext301:48
Coreyalexandros: ext3 is effectively ext2 with a journal.01:48
alexandrosnow how i mount my linux partition with that?01:48
bombadil_rocksgemini6669, i meant what do you mean by deadzones01:48
gemini6669deadspots: I click on a program and it pulls up, any further clicks within the screen do nothing. there is zero response. sometimes it will actually click something that is one the window behind it01:48
urlin2ujeremy-77, the ask ubottu was for you actually, give details01:48
mrdebwhat about ext4 corey01:48
joyuseralexandros if you have ext4, then not so modern progs can tell it is ext301:48
gemini6669if I try to x out of the program, nothing happens01:49
alexandrosi just found it!01:49
Coreymrdeb: Effectively a list of incremental improvements (extents that work, for instance).01:49
gemini6669right click and nothing happens01:49
gemini6669close it out from the toolbar and nothing happens01:49
jeremy-77hp psc 2410 photosmart printer worked fine in windows 7 but cant print with ubuntu 11.0401:49
bombadil_rocksgemini6669, I've actually have had the same problem, i just haven't gotten around to trying to fix it01:49
bombadil_rocksgemini6669: what I noticed is when i switched from compiz to metacity it stoped01:49
gemini6669I can close it from the keyboard. that is usually how I get the focus back to the proper screen to move around and kill that window01:50
alexandroslook http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/13/adasdnv.jpg/01:50
urlin2ugemini6669, surprisingly yes people still use serial a serial mouse that is why I asked you b=need a tweak to get it work, YOu are not giving details by the way.01:50
gemini6669@bombadil_rocks thanks, I will give that a shot. I kinda hate the idea of losing the pretty stuff but usability is more importany01:51
urlin2ugemini6669, if you tab the nics the person your addressing will actually be notified01:51
urlin2utab compete is the easiest gemini666901:52
alexandrosand then how do i unmount it???01:52
joyuseralexandros in the prog's faq on the site it says: Just "right click" on the dialog list, and select "Change Drive Letter". Then you'll see the mount point dialog, you can add, change or remove any driver letters.01:52
gemini6669urlin2u the first part was a joke, sorry I have kinda been out of the loop for awhile, sorry if I haven't privded you enough info01:52
urlin2ugemini6669, no problem but the channel is a bit busy for chat, :D01:53
gemini6669I haven't had to do this in more years than I care for. things actually just worked or the problem was quickly fixed and found in the forums01:53
gemini6669I haven't been on irc in a few years for a problem that I couldn't solve01:53
joyuseralexandros I think it is done from the standard windows's drive manager01:53
OvermindDL1So, installed the open source ati drivers after fully purging all of the old ones from the systems, still locking up while running 3d apps but instead of it taking 30-240 minutes, now it is taking 20-30 minutes, twice now, need to figure out what is causing it...01:54
joyuseralexandros if I remember it right, rightclick my computer, then manage01:54
jeremy-77hp psc 2410 photosmart printer worked fine in windows 7 but cant print with ubuntu 11.04 how do I set up this printer ?01:54
joyuseralexandros is this an irc for linux? ;-)01:55
alexandrosim using qwebirc01:55
temporarytaoOvermindDL1, probably a dumb question but: it's not an overheating issue, is it?01:56
temporarytaothose numbers seem suggestive01:56
alexandrosi can't write01:57
alexandrosit says that it was write protection01:57
t-minusHi guys...01:57
new2netMy calendar (in Unity & Natty 11.04 desktop) is messed up. There are two problems; the first is that when the day changes I must click the calendar twice for it to reflect the correct date. So if I leave my machine on for 3 days and my calendar will be 2 or 3 days off.  The second issue is actually fixed, I guess it just takes a minute to update the time settings (~60 seconds max perhaps).01:57
joyuseralexandros maybe it wants you to run it with administrative privileges?01:58
new2netthe bash command date is always accurate however.01:58
zykotick9t-minus, fail ;)01:58
adam_Is there a panel applet for transmission?01:58
joyuserzykotick9 :)01:59
temporarytao@adam_, check the system options. it should be there.01:59
adam_you just mean system settings?02:00
jdmwhats a good gui ssh client for ubuntu?02:00
jdmbesides putty02:00
temporarytaoadam_, no, i meant the settings for the transmission program. sorry02:00
adam_ah ok cool thanks!02:00
jeremy-77im in add new printer and it shows LPT#1  and Serial port #1 but I dont see an option for usb and it dose not show my hp psc 2410 printer02:00
xut_jcbuilt in to nautilus already.02:00
xut_jcFile > Connect to server02:01
zykotick9jdm, xut_jc is replying to your question i believe.  My question is why would ssh need a gui?02:01
temporarytaojeremy-4201, i think you need to install an HP-specific program for those types of printers to work02:01
temporarytaohplisp, i think? i've forgotten but i used to have one. try fishing around in synaptic02:02
jdmto make managing connections easier02:02
somsipjeremy-77: hplip, but check the website first to see if your printr is supported02:03
temporarytaojeremy-4201, uh word of warning. make sure to research the printer model first, though. different models, different drivers02:03
=== kk is now known as Guest87246
Kronsbycan not find system settings for transmission02:03
=== Bry8Star{GB is now known as Bry8Star2g
alexandrosok i can write now!02:04
temporarytaoalexandros, so what was the fix?02:04
somsipjdm: I suggest using ssh in a terminal and setting up a decent .ssh/config file. I found this much more flexible than managing connections in puty, once they were setup02:05
KronsbyHow do i find transmissions settings? it only will give me settings for individual torrents02:05
alexandrosi selected the linux partition02:05
alexandrosi pressed f302:05
alexandrosand uncheck read only02:05
temporarytaorun the transmission client, go to 'edit', then 'preferences'02:05
=== Bry8Star2g is now known as Bry8Star{GB
temporarytaoyou should see some tabs. choose the one named 'desktop'02:05
bunnyfunwhere does pulse audio put error messages?02:05
temporarytaotick the option about showing transmission in notification area02:06
temporarytaoalexandros, thanks02:06
Kronsbytemporarytao, Sorry I am really dumb. I have not gotten used to unity yet :(02:07
jdmsomsip, thank you i will try that02:07
jdmi just wanted something to help automate things a bit02:07
temporarytaoKronsby, ah, you're using unity. :) well, you can try what i typed but i don't know if it'll work. i'm not in unity02:07
mh512hi, i am having this problem whereby i can only access certain websites... ping works but the webpage just doesnt load02:08
KronsbyIt did I just did not see edit and preferences because they are on the panel which I am not used to02:08
Kronsbytemporarytao, I am on 11.10 so its either unity or nothin02:08
mikubuntuafter doing an update, on restart a bunch of applets failed, including tray, clock, login/logout, user switcher, etc ... what can i do?02:08
urlin2umh512, doyou have ipv6 off02:09
xangua!oneiric | Kronsby02:09
ubottuKronsby: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:09
urlin2uKronsby, 11.10 channel is #ubuntu+1 if you need to know02:09
temporarytaoactually, you can switch back to old-skool gnome. you can choose it when you login. type/choose your login name and look below. :)02:09
somsipjdm: a config will allow you to setup aliases so I can connect to my site with 'ssh somsip', and you can run it in your preferred terminal, and you can share connections so it only has to negotiate a connection the first time if you often have multiple connections to the same machine. there is a man ssh_config and lots of tutorial pages that I've used in the past.02:10
alexandrosCan i make the windows partition bigger? i mean to take space from linux part and insert to windows part02:10
alexandrosIs that possible02:10
bombadil_rocksalexandros, yes w/ ntfsresize, but there are risks02:11
temporarytaoalexandros, possible and dangerous02:11
alexandrosdangerous? why/02:11
mh512urlin2u: yeah i have ipv6 off02:11
CarlFKyou can resize the partition, but windows may break trying to use it02:11
idlemindalexandros because ms made ntfs and they didn't tell us how to haxor it02:11
alexandrosohh... lol02:12
bombadil_rocksalexandros, also before you do it you need to boot into windows and run a disk cheeck02:12
magn3tsit's also slow as molasses02:12
idlemindmagn3ts every ntfs resize i've ran has gone through pretty fast02:12
bombadil_rocksalexandros, b/c linux can't do a proper disk cheeck of ntfs and if they are any errors it just won't resize it02:13
idlemindalexandros it is required for proper operation of the filesystem post re-install02:13
idlemind* re-size02:13
mikubuntuafter doing an update, on restart a bunch of applets failed, including tray, clock, login/logout, user switcher, etc ... what can i do?02:13
alexandrosanother question now02:13
alexandrossoon im getting an APU02:13
alexandrosand mobo02:14
alexandroscan i use same linux installation that i have now for new pc?02:14
hot2trotI need to run a .jar file... how can I install java on ubuntu natty?02:14
urlin2umh512, so what release are you running, what is the cpu, and ram, and what browser, if firefox which release.02:14
joyuseralexandros remastersys can help you to move installed system to new hardware02:15
xangua!java | hot2trot02:15
ubottuhot2trot: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.02:15
hot2trotxangua: thank you02:16
synackfinhow do I copy the partition layout from one disk to another if they're gpt? e.g. for non-gpt, I can just do `sfdisk -d (src_device) | sfdisk (dst_device)`02:17
GermainAdrianhi all, anyone familiar with Evernote?02:17
GermainAdrianI am looking for possible replacements that can handle html import, like evernote, without storing it on the cloud02:17
CoreyGermainAdrian: Evernote does considerably more than that.02:18
GermainAdrianCorey: i know, but thats the core feature that i need.02:19
alexandroscan i make a new ntfs partition from the linux partition when my hdd is unmounted?02:20
alexandrosusing gparted02:20
jeremy-77would there be a difference between 32 bit or 64 bit ubuntu to make a hp printer not work. I use to print with ubuntu 10.04 32 bit02:20
bombadil_rocksalexandros, no02:20
mh512linurl2: ubuntu 10.10. i just re-enabled ipv6. doesnt seem to solve the problem02:20
mh512doesnt seem to be a browser problem anyway02:21
mh512seems to be a system issue02:21
bombadil_rocksalexandros, or looking at it maybe but I wouldn't02:21
urlin2ualexandros, we are assuming you mean the one you are using no, any others unmount the partition then yes02:21
bombadil_rocksalexandros, linux is incapable of doing an actual disk cheeck, so I wouldn't trust it to do a format either02:23
sgo11hi, it's hard to describe my problem. ubuntu 11.04 natty. with gvim, the chars typed in are not really always up-to-date. eg: 1, if you add a new line, newline not shown. 2, if you type 'hello' really fast, it will show 'h llo'. to solve it, simply use mouse click the window border. it will refresh/update the UI somehow. any ideas?02:23
urlin2umh512, which browser FF 6 is available in a ppa, I doubt it is a system problem other then speed do to a low cpu and ram, trying to load to much which can be blocked with noscript and addblock02:23
mh512urlin2u: it is a system problem. curl doesnt work.02:23
sgo11it doesn't have this problem one week ago. I have no idea why it suddenly happens to me.02:24
aot2002 I'm trying to activate curl with php but it just won't acknowledge the extension is installed.02:24
mh512urlin2u: i have been using the same distro for some time now... it seems to be a recent development.02:25
urlin2umh512, here is the maverick curl man if that helps.  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/maverick/man1/curl.1.html02:26
amin`how could I start dzen? just dzen2 in terminal i get nothing.02:26
mh512urlin2u: w3m, chrome doesnt work too. e.g. curl -I www.facebook.com gives a 30202:28
mh512urlin2u: i suspect this problem happened after i played with some network configuration, but i am not sure02:29
urlin2umh512, hehe probably.02:29
urlin2umh512, no sure really an area I have not had problems in so I'm not real familiar with all of the aspects.02:30
SIFTUmh512: so it works in other OS's?02:30
Squarismdamn, it would be sweet to launch "Terminal" against another system... so you can start and switch terminals just as you do locally... is that possible?02:31
SIFTUSquarism: multiple ways to achieve that if I understand what you are saying02:32
CarlFKSquarism: ssh and screen sound like what you might want02:32
mh512SIFTU: yeah no problems on windows 7 and 11.10 beta-102:32
SIFTUmh512: and it's just curl, not the browsers?02:33
SIFTUSquarism: I agree with CarlFK02:33
SquarismSIFTU, CarlFK: Screen is what im using now.. but i think the terminal switching is tedious..02:33
SIFTUSquarism: the Ctrl+a+n thing?02:33
SquarismSIFTU, CarlFK: yeah...02:33
phelippeHello, anyone can give me a suport to put my sound work on wolfstein enemy territory ?02:33
=== GHost is now known as Guest81539
SIFTUSquarism: you can bind it to other keys.. also have you tried remmina or ssh-menu02:34
mh512SIFTU: browsers too.02:34
Guest81539I have 1 tb hard drive and when i went into gpart i get option ms dos/gpt etc for partation table what should i choose for storage???????02:34
Guest81539 I have 1 tb hard drive and when i went into gpart i get option ms dos/gpt etc for partation table what should i choose for storage??????? Can other OS use such as Windows XP , Windows 7?02:34
SIFTUmh512: do you have a proxy running locally?02:34
phelippeHello, anyone can give me a suport to put my sound work on wolfstein enemy territory ????02:35
uuplatinacan somebody explain to me what  -o rtdev  does in  mount?02:35
mh512SIFTU: how do i check this?02:36
SquarismSIFTU, ssh-menu looks interresting... remmina is a remote DESKTOP client of sorts right? Not terminal specific?02:37
mh512SIFTU: this problem occured on certain networks. not all02:37
mh512SIFTU: i mean certain wifi networks around my campus02:38
SIFTUSquarism: remmina can do ssh too02:39
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=== jujuSuperL33t is now known as termleech
phelippeHEY ---- Anyone know fix sound on Wolfstein Enemy Territory????????02:40
Guest81539what partation table should I CREATe for new sata hard drive? that is usable in windows xp and ubuntu.02:41
coz_phelippe,  I do not,, I rarely play games  other than simple ones like world of goo or machinerium02:41
phelippecoz_:  ok02:41
SIFTUSquarism: I have my own method http://dl.dropbox.com/u/906920/screenshots/screenshot-20110920194130.jpeg02:41
bombadil_rocksGuest81539, fat32 or ntfs, fat32 is nonjourneled, but ntfs can't really be error cheecked from within linux02:44
mikubuntuafter doing an update, on restart a bunch of applets failed, including tray, clock, login/logout, user switcher, etc ... what can i do?02:45
Guest81539bombadil_rocks, not that partation i'm talking about partation table .02:46
Guest81539bombadil_rocks, not that partation i'm talking about partation table . gpt, ms dos, apple , i have none of those option yet.02:46
SIFTUmh512: it seems strange that other OS's work on those networks.. a 302 is a redirect i think, which is why i was thinking proxy02:46
rlmccormickanyone here running ubuntu in the new vmware fusion 4? any issues?02:46
bombadil_rockssorry then I have no clue02:46
Guest81539what partation table should I CREATe for new sata hard drive? that is usable in windows xp and ubuntu.?02:47
SquarismSIFTU, looks appealing! Im all for remote controlled home! =D But what is it? Im interrested in opening gnome terminal app on a remote server so to speak.. i dont understand what you are showing?02:47
SIFTUSquarism: lol we can take it to a PM.. it's a bunch of reverse ssh tunnels02:48
mh512SIFTU: thanks for your input. will think abt this02:49
Guest81539can can windows xp read GPT?02:52
bambanxa good sftp client guys?02:53
netyireGestapo: yikes! ;-)02:53
SIFTUbambanx: filezilla?02:55
wildbatGuest81539: /j ##windows02:56
Guest81539but its also part linux02:56
roachwildbat: please dont spam other channels02:56
mlncnUbuntu's frozen a couple times on me.  Any way to tell the cause?02:57
wildbatGuest81539, roach : how if windows xp read GPT is related to ubuntu ?02:57
Guest81539well gpt works on windows right?02:58
MonkeyDu1tGuest81539: what is gpt?03:00
AxlinGuest81539: Not on XP, unless it's x64.03:00
sgo11nobody replies me..Do anyone know why my gvim UI do not up-to-date? UI refresh problem?03:00
Guest81539Axlin so what should i get for 32 bits?03:01
Guest81539Axlin x8603:01
AxlinYou'll have to reformat it, and change it to MBR.03:02
Guest81539Axlin I CAN"t thats the problem03:02
Guest81539Axlin its a fresh hard drive no paration table install03:03
Guest81539and winxp not able to read only linux03:03
MonkeyDu1tthe it's a winxp issue03:03
russ5811hello all. having a problem with gparted. anyone mind helping?03:04
Guest81539u know what03:04
Guest81539you guys are no help at all03:04
Guest81539i just do this my style03:05
Guest81539rambo style03:05
MonkeyDu1tthat's how we all learned, it's called trial & error03:05
=== physcological is now known as Workaholic
AxlinGuest23415: Here's some info on doing the conversion. Doesn't look like fun, though :( http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/mbr2gpt.html03:06
bluebirdhow to configure linux to run fast. I'm using gnome.03:06
netyirebluebird: use xubuntu if you're running on older hardware03:06
lostsonbluebird: or lxde03:07
MonkeyDu1tbluebird: http://howto.wired.com/wiki/Speed_Up_Linux03:07
MonkeyDu1tbluebird: http://www.techradar.com/news/software/operating-systems/50-amazing-ubuntu-time-saving-tips-48271403:08
bluebirdnetyire: but my laptop is ThinkPad T410i yet. intel i3 core & nv graphic device.03:08
synackfinwhy does ubuntu's ping try every 5 seconds (the standard is every 1 second) -- and how can I switch to 1 second from 5 sec?03:08
MonkeyDu1tsynackfin: try ping -t03:09
russ5811anyone willing to help with a formatting issue i'm having using gparted03:09
urlin2uruss5811, go ahead many can.03:09
russ5811trying to format an old hd attached via usb external enclosure.  /dev/sdc1 says can't find mount point. how can I just erase this drive and format to ext4?03:10
synackfinMonkeyDu1t: hmm, after rebooting the problem seems to have gone away; it's pinging in 1 second intervals by default now03:10
bluebirdMonkeyDu1t: thanks, i'll take a try.03:11
netyirebluebird: you could turn off unnecessary startup apps (system-> preferences -> startup applications), ubuntu runs lights as it is :-D03:11
urlin2uruss5811, so when ou plug it in it just doesn't automount?03:12
r3mAnybody knows why firefox on ubuntu is so different from the one on windows? no orange button menu, bookmark menu is really ugly03:12
urlin2ur3m, theme03:12
russ5811it auto mounts but only for 100mb. it's a 120gb drive. i can format all but the 100mb partition. also, i can't delete the 100 mb partition03:12
r3murlin2u: personas is not even installed on ubuntu03:13
urlin2uruss5811, is there a swap on it03:13
russ5811forgive ignorance...swap?03:13
netyirer3m: ubuntu devs use chromium, firefox devs absorbed by chrome browser war, nobody ports the features over?03:14
mlncnany key combination to force quit or get to command line or something?  or is the power button the only recourse for a freeze?03:14
urlin2ur3m, I know you don't even mention which versions on either OS, and really how would we know what your seeing.03:14
urlin2ur3m, ubuntu's is a customized version as well.03:15
=== Exodus_ is now known as Exodus
russ5811thanks anyway03:16
urlin2uruss5811, swap is a partition that ubuntu would use like a page file in windows, a ram overflow area.  give a screen shot of gparted looking at the HD.03:17
Axlinmlncn: Ctrl+Alt+[F1-F6] will bring up a CLI session. Then you can either use "top" to find the program's PID, then hit the "k" key to enter its PID to kill it. Or, if you know the name of the program, use "ps -e|grep <process name>" to get the PID, and use "kill -9 <PID>" to force kill it. Then Ctrl-Alt-F7 to get back to GUI.03:18
no-name-Hi. I am using a mac keyboard with ubuntu and suddenly the numpad is controlling the mouse and not responding to clear (which works as numlock) ... :o03:18
TechCelI'm running ubuntu 11.04 with wubi and it's been great so far. Today I had a problem where ubuntu wouldn't boot up, and after running chkdsk on my win7, I found the recovered directory and put the contents back into /ubuntu, and now everything is working. Has anyone heard of this situation, and if yes, how do I prevent this from happening, if I can ?03:18
mlncnAxlin: thanks!  just resorted to the power button but unfortunately i think i'll have a chance03:18
mlncnto try it again03:19
urlin2uTechCel, not many here use wubi the Ubuntu forums has a couple of people who know this stuff.03:20
=== G7|SunnyDay is now known as G7|Cloud
TechCelmaybe I'll just transform it into a partition and be done with it03:20
russ5811urlin2u, where should i send screenshot?03:21
urlin2uTechCel, really wubi was designed as a try out to moving to a full dual boot really per the designer themselves.03:21
amin`is anyone here work with xmonad or has xmonad as the desktop WM03:21
MonkeyDu1truss5811: try here http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add03:22
urlin2uruss5811, http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add  post the url then03:22
johwilAre  there any one with some knowledge on qjackctl with jackd as sound server  (for sound). I experience a weird error.03:23
urlin2uTechCel, you can put that wubi in a partition there is a thread on that at the ubuntu forums03:23
russ5811urlin2u, http://imagebin.org/17332803:23
russ5811thanks monkeydult03:24
urlin2uTechCel, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151935403:24
kevinhello everyone03:25
kevini have some questions about usb tunnel03:25
urlin2uruss5811, notice the key it means it is mounted, close gparted go to the disk utility unount it then delete it and build from gparted again. sometimes gparted will not unmount stuff so I suggest the utility03:25
kevin"no usb device"03:26
russ5811ok. give it a try03:26
CAP7669alguien habla español?03:27
CAP7669(¯`·.kevin .·´¯)03:27
russ5811urlin2u, thanks. the problem was gparted wasn't unmounting, but as you said...disk utility did. thanks!03:27
m4vCAP7669: el canal de habla hispana es #ubuntu-es03:28
kevinkevin@ubuntu:~/paparazzi$ make AIRCRAFT=Twinjet tunnel.upload03:28
kevinBUILD Twinjet, TARGET tunnel03:28
kevinmake[1]: 没有什么可以做的为 `radio_ac_h'。03:28
kevinmake[1]: 没有什么可以做的为 `flight_plan_ac_h'。03:28
kevincd sw/airborne; make PAPARAZZI_SRC=/home/kevin/paparazzi PAPARAZZI_HOME=/home/kevin/paparazzi TARGET=tunnel all03:28
FloodBot1kevin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:28
kevinUsing CC   = arm-elf-gcc03:28
=== wes_ is now known as DarkStar2k
TechCelthx very much03:28
CAP7669(¯`·.m4v.·´¯) hablas españoooool03:28
rww!es | CAP766903:28
ubottuCAP7669: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:28
CAP7669ya se q hay canales en español03:28
CAP7669pero vine a este03:28
johwilAre  there anyone with some knowledge on qjackctl with jackd as sound server  (for sound). I experience a weird error.03:28
CAP7669(¯`·.rww.·´¯) ?03:28
urlin2ukevin, since you h=give virtually no detail here you go  https://encrypted.google.com/search?sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&sit03:29
m4vCAP7669: este es solo en inglés. Por favor ve a #ubuntu-es  o #ubuntu-es-offtopic para charlar03:29
CAP7669(¯`·.m4v.·´¯) xq no puedo estar aca?03:30
In-Vent-iveHello, I have some problems with my monitor or video card. Following happens: I see a lot of lines.  I'm using Xubuntu Desktop 10.04  (It's like some TV, but with the distorted signal)... I'm currently working on Centrino Duo with ATI Mobility X2300. The screen is generic.03:31
=== surfnsound is now known as surfnsound|afk
In-Vent-iveI Also add this commands sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa03:32
CAP7669no tienen falta de ortografia los ingleses03:34
CAP7669digo los de ee.uu03:34
In-Vent-ive'cause propietary drivers aren't working too03:34
zykotick9CAP7669, #ubuntu-es03:34
CAP7669en los chats q hablan en españoool si tiene terrible falta de ortografia03:34
In-Vent-ivemy apologies my english is poor, somebody can help me?03:35
CAP7669(¯`·.zykotick9.·´¯) gracias. ya sabia03:35
savydreamsIf I have ubuntu installed from the wubi, is there any way to nuke windows without losing ubuntu?03:35
CAP7669I love You03:35
CAP7669friends les cuento03:36
CAP7669que soy de uruguay03:36
TechCelUbuntu's really grown on me03:36
TechCelthe driver situation's still pretty shitty, but once you get it setup it's pretty neat03:36
centHOGGgo to the clinic TechCel03:36
CAP7669me llamo vaneee03:36
bastidrazorCAP7669: you should /join #ubuntu-es03:37
CAP7669les gusta my name?03:37
bastidrazorCAP7669: english here, please.03:37
CAP7669ok :(03:37
=== mickster14 is now known as mickster04
rww!paste | kevin03:39
ubottukevin: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:39
rwwNotably, FloodBot1's PM window is not http://paste.ubuntu.com/03:39
bastidrazorrww: you're slow on the trigger tonight.03:39
rwwbastidrazor: No, I'm not :)03:39
joahdproblems with ubuntu03:39
joahdubuntu crashes as soon as it boots up03:40
kevinthank u ,ubottu03:40
L0rDKadajmine crashed.03:40
L0rDKadajgnome 3 shell failed to load03:40
L0rDKadajcant connect to wireless network03:40
rwwL0rDKadaj: For GNOME 3 on oneiric, see #ubuntu+1. GNOME 3 on natty and below is not a supported Ubuntu configuration.03:41
joahdmy display turns 70%black and 30%pixrls03:41
L0rDKadajgood job for the wise guy who sabotages the system.03:41
bastidrazorL0rDKadaj: it sounds like you're the wise guy :|03:41
joahdmy display turns 70%black and 30%pixrls03:42
VampsDaBeasthello all.. is it possible to setup Natty as a unix/windows sharing box?03:42
L0rDKadajme? I'm a developer who devs android and grails... it's none of my concern03:42
centHOGGshare what03:42
h00k!samba | VampsDaBeast03:42
ubottuVampsDaBeast: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:42
L0rDKadajthank goodness i can backup my data so that i can install another stable distro03:43
bastidrazorL0rDKadaj: don't install unsupported packages and you should be fine.03:43
h00kL0rDKadaj: do you have any ubuntu related questions to ask in here? If not, feel free to continue in #ubuntu-offtopic03:43
idlemindsigh i wish i wasn't so bad at git03:43
L0rDKadajone advice to u ubuntu devs, if this problem persists for long, linux will never be a stable distro anytime soon.03:44
h00k!ot | L0rDKadaj03:44
ubottuL0rDKadaj: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:44
urlin2uL0rDKadaj, so you installed gnome3 in what release?03:44
rypervencheIf I rsync my /home to external HDD1, then rsync HDD1 to HDD2, will rsyncing my /home to HDD2 overwrite all of the files or will it only overwrite the changed files?03:44
L0rDKadajubuntu 11.10 beta 103:44
L0rDKadajthe latest distro update destroyed me and my system03:45
=== deb is now known as dem
rwwL0rDKadaj: so you're complaining that a beta is not stable. after being told to discuss the beta in another channel. gotcha.03:45
h00kL0rDKadaj: Oneiric support is in #ubuntu+103:45
=== dem is now known as bios1
idlemindi heard that pr0's run beta since it5 st@bl303:45
idlemindthen again i run win 7 gui on my win me install03:46
kevinhelp me03:46
=== [1]VampsDaBeast is now known as VampsDaBeast
qin!l337 | idlemind03:47
rypervenche!cn | kevin03:47
ubottukevin: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:47
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
qin!1337 | idlemind03:47
ubottuidlemind: 1337 i5 nigh-inc0mpr3h3n5ib13 70 u5 n00bs, 4nd n0b0dy c4r35 if UR 4 1337 h4x0r. Giv3 i7 4 r357.03:47
idlemindkevin what are you trying to build in particular ... what03:47
idlemindubottu > idlemind =(03:47
OvermindDL1temporarytao:  I doubt it, I can stress it into high heat with other programs fine, just primarily games that kill it without the heat getting anywhere near to the stress.  Sorry for the delayed response03:48
kevinjoin #ubuntu -cn03:48
kevinpaparazzi  usb tunnel03:49
idlemindyou're doing this on ubuntu running on an arm device?03:50
mbrigdanHey, I need some help. I formatted an ext3 partition as an ext4 partition, with a slightly different size. Unfortunately, some of the data on the ext3 partition wasn't backed up. Anyone know if there's anyway I can get this stuff back?03:51
rumpe1mbrigdan, /msg alis list '*ubuntu-cn*'03:52
qinmbrigdan: testdisk to recover old partition table.03:52
rumpe1mbrigdan, ups, sorry03:52
SIFTUmbrigdan: what type of data?03:53
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Free-manpaul68 the content is the client's data; that's read-only  (rejoin flood, repost lines during them)07:53
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paul68Free-man: can we take it pvt07:53
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ex0netstat -a -n07:53
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amin`hello . in openbox we have autostart.sh to put the application we want to start at start up but I don't know if there is the way to do it in xmonad. does xmonad has the same option?08:08
chalcedony my husband has a bunch of drives (on ubuntu 10.10), i need to move files from my computer (ubuntu 11.04) to his. i can see in nautilus where they need to go, but how can i specify the path for ssh? or is there an easier way to get them there?08:10
TL1I'm trying to repair my ubuntu installation for 3 days now i'm stuck at login screen gconf sanity exited on status 25608:12
TL1is there a way to fix it or i just have to reinstall08:12
TL1can i reinstall easily without the need to download the updates and packages all over again08:13
TL1Im on lucid08:13
lsmI've never used XChat before, and am not familiar with the interface. Maybe I'll have to get used to it step by step.08:13
kulhashello, I have a sucefully vpn connection, and I need to configure a proxy to use with vpn connection how do I do that in linux ?08:16
GreekFreakWhy does some software say that it supports an older version of Ubuntu? I thought backward compatability was a given08:18
prasenjeetphi guys ... i am kind of stuck with setting up my ubuntu desktop such that it can use the company's squid proxy without any special configuration (flash, php based remote URL based functions are not working now) ... but nothing that I have tried so far has worked08:18
prasenjeetpi tried the http_proxy environment variable method but that didnt help ... anyone that can help me here08:19
urlin2uTL1, a quick look at google with " gconf sanity exited on status 256 lucid" has some hits have you tried looking there.08:20
ikoniaprasenjeetp: did you use the proxy tools ? where you can actually point the machine at a proxy ?08:20
TL1urlin2u: yes but the workarounds are not working08:20
ikoniaprasenjeetp: for browsers you may have to set the individually in the browser config08:20
prasenjeetpikonia: yes, i tried gconf-editor too08:20
ikoniaprasenjeetp: ok - so in does your browser work08:21
prasenjeetpikonia: it works fine for browsers now but when i try anything else (including flash , php code, telnet google.com 80 etc), it doesnt work08:21
ikoniaprasenjeetp: I don't know what you mean by "flash" as flash is run in a browser, as is PHP, so I don't know how your browser is working but you say flash/php isn't08:21
ikoniaprasenjeetp: telnet won't go through your squid proxy, as squid is setup as a http proxy, not a network router/masqurader08:22
prasenjeetpikonia: i was trying telnet google.com 80 ... shouldnt that work08:22
ikoniaprasenjeetp: do you have a windows or "company" machine on the same network08:22
ikoniaprasenjeetp: no, that's not http, that's telnet08:22
=== nand is now known as NBSP-02-X
ikoniaprasenjeetp: telnet will have no knoweldge of your http proxy08:23
prasenjeetpikonia: both are ubuntu systems, the desktop and the squid server ... different computers08:23
ikoniaprasenjeetp: ok, lets step back and let me get a bit of info08:24
ikoniaprasenjeetp: is this squid machine your box, that you setup ?08:24
prasenjeetpikonia: yes, thats right08:24
ikoniaprasenjeetp: is this on a corperate/business network, or your own08:24
prasenjeetpikonia: its on my own office (i have full control over it)08:25
ikoniaprasenjeetp: ok - so you've setup squid as a http proxy, is that correct ?08:25
prasenjeetpikonia: yes, thats correct and its working fine for all browsers08:26
ikoniaprasenjeetp: so what is not working ?08:26
ikoniaprasenjeetp: as it should do.08:26
nmvictor"This unity shit hungs all the time, how do i get gnome3 shell, I'd rather ugly and workable that beuty and stress", Me thinks.08:26
newbhow can a access a .jar in ubuntu?08:27
ikonianmvictor: drop the language please.08:27
ikonianewb: you use "java" to access a jar, it depends what the jar does and what you mean by access it08:27
prasenjeetpikonia: ok, here is where things are not working for me ... what i want to do is "not" to have to configure anything on "any application" and it should "automatically" use the proxy for all HTTP requests08:27
newbI installed java08:27
ikoniaprasenjeetp: what is not working for you08:27
prasenjeetpikonia: example : if i use uploadify (or any other flash based code) or if i just want to use PHP's fopen for a URL08:28
urlin2unmvictor, gnome shell in natty is problematic what an=bout the classic desktop08:28
nmvictorikonia: Sorry, did i offend you, i was just thinking08:28
newbI was try to play a .jar game and it wouldn't allow to change the permissions, but it would allow on my 500gb hhd08:28
ikonianmvictor: the language isn't aloud in the channel, that's all08:29
nmvictorurlin2u: actually am in oneiric08:29
ikoniaprasenjeetp: those applications won't be aware of a http proxy by default,08:29
nmvictorikonia: you must have meant allowed not aloud, but i still get it.08:29
ikonianmvictor: try #ubuntu+1 for 11.10 support please.08:29
urlin2unmvictor, your on the wrong channel the #ubuntu+108:29
ikonianmvictor: no, I meant allowed to be clear.08:30
newbso I moved it to my desktop I was able to change the permissions for but when I start it says it can't load the background jpg08:30
prasenjeetpikonia: so, whats the way out ?08:30
newbfor it*08:30
ikoniaprasenjeetp: it depends how far you want to go and what you really want to do.08:30
ikoniaprasenjeetp: you can look at network address based forwarding, setting up other services such as acient socks services,08:30
ljsoftnetwhats the command to open volume applet?08:30
prasenjeetpikonia: i want to go as far as i need to go ... since i am trying to set this up across my office and unless this works "Transperantly" , i cant get others to use it08:31
nmvictorurlin2u: ok, i'll hop over their, but just a query about gnome3 in general, is it workable in Oneiric? You seem to know its not workable in Natty.08:31
freerouteljsoftnet: check alsamixer08:31
urlin2unmvictor, works on oneiric yes08:31
ljsoftnetfreeroute how?08:31
nmvictorurlin2u: thanks08:31
urlin2unmvictor, no problem.08:32
prasenjeetpikonia: hmm, maybe finally we have to get a transparent squid proxy ... the werid thing is it works on "2 of our PCs" where ubuntu natty is installed08:32
nmvictorurlin2u: i wont bother you further, Im joining the right channel  now08:32
Valihow to connect to wireless network with channel 13 ?08:32
newbError loading image file: Background.jpg08:32
freerouteljsoftnet: type alsamixer in term08:32
ljsoftnetfreeroute im looking for the applet08:34
freerouteljsoftnet: applet as in that thing in the tray bar?08:35
FandekaspIs it possible to make a command write in the X ?08:37
Fandekasplike if I map a key with xbindkeys, and press that key in the chromium search box, it would print "some text" ?08:37
ljsoftnetfreeroute yes08:37
diverdudehello. is there any way to check if something has changed in the filesystem, being either files added, removed or modified in a specific folder and all subfolders between 2 timepoints?08:37
brainwave92Guys i need to clear my space on ubuntu08:37
brainwave92having not worked much on a linux system i dont know how to effectively free space08:38
urlin2ubrainwave92, so your running out of spacei n general?08:40
rwat_is there a channel for oneiric testers?08:40
freerouteljsoftnet: has the applet disappeared or something?08:40
urlin2urwat_, #ubuntu+108:40
rwat_urlin2u, tnx08:40
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
somsipseems legit...08:43
newbhttp://www.mts.net/~gbeggs1/JavAHole/Asshole2Applet.html thats the game. I download all the required files months ago so I don't have to play it in my browser It plays on windows but it won't play on ubuntu08:44
kulhascan I setup a proxy like this? ssh -C -D 1080 myproxy08:45
jpdschatter: Hi.08:45
newbit does even load completely in firefox on ubuntu08:45
newbthe above link08:46
amin`and i wanna know if it is possible to use xm obar or dzen as taskbar to show available windows if possible. to change them by clicking at them in xmonad or dzen08:46
jpdschatter: That's a question for #freenode.08:46
urlin2uchatter, don't yell and yes look on the web08:46
chattersoz mate08:47
ljsoftnetfreeroute i have it in my applet as indicator applet, but i just want the volume applet only08:48
newbI got OpenJDK & Icedtea java plugin08:48
freerouteljsoftnet: I don't know the specific command, but if you're running Gnome then it must be something Gtk related. See if you can add the applet by right-clicking the tray bar and selecting "Add to tray" or something similar.08:49
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georgeis anybody out thear09:00
urlin2unewb, I can't get it to resolve either09:00
urlin2ugeorge, you need help/09:01
StarminnWhat is Timidity?09:01
newbok ty I use to play on windows xp & 7 locally cos I download all the files that it needs09:01
urlin2uStarminn, http://timidity.sourceforge.net/09:02
kaellanim trying to get a cam in ubuntu to send .jpeg files named date and time and another one that is named just cam1 or somthing (same picture just that it get overvriten)  to a ftp. someone know how to do or mind give me a hint ?09:03
newbi'd to copy to my desktop to change the permission from my back up hhd to change but it won'y load the background.jpg09:03
Starminnurlin2u: Ah, thank you. Genius. :)09:03
NemieWhat is the easiest way in ubuntu server to remove applikations from autostart? ( meaning that when I restart my server that some of the applications wont start together with the server )09:03
newbchange permissions for the .jar09:03
Total_OblivionHello! How can I install xchat, pidgin and skype at ubuntu? thanks09:04
kholerabbiTotal_Oblivion, open the software centre and search for them09:05
urlin2uTotal_Oblivion, in software sources, synaptic or the terminal.09:05
scarleoNot software sources, try software center :)09:06
NikaHi,How to register for chat?!09:15
llutz!register | Nika09:16
ubottuNika: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:16
NikaI dont kow whats the freenode!!09:18
kaellanim trying to get a cam in ubuntu to send .jpeg files named date and time and another one that is named just cam1 or somthing (same picture just that it get overvriten)  to a ftp. someone know how to do or mind give me a hint ?09:18
sobczykhi, how to make tap interface to retrieve ip address provided by vpn server? I want to use vpn for a short time on a server, and the address is wrong09:19
urlin2uNika, type /join freenode   and you will be on that channel for help09:21
llutztype /join#freenode09:21
llutztype /join #freenode09:21
urlin2ulo missed the #'09:22
dnivrahello. I am logged into a site and need to download a few files from there. I wish to do a recursive download of a folder using wget but can't do so since the login cookie is required to access it. is there anyway to ask wget to use the cookie of the browser?09:23
=== aaron is now known as Guest8958
Susan_hi there09:26
skandeeis there a way to use the  gnome terminal as calculator?09:26
Susan_anyone here09:26
tqt1586Susan_: hi susan09:26
chalcedonySusan_, anyone?09:26
dnivraskandee: type "bc" in the terminal09:26
Sidewinder1Susan_, About 1491.09:27
Susan_what's About 149109:27
Sidewinder11492, now are here.09:27
dnivraSusan_: number of people in the channel :)09:27
Susan_ah... ic thanks09:28
Susan_i was surprised that windows 8 blocked linux09:28
chalcedonySusan_, were you looking for something?09:28
harry_hey , anyone here who can tell me how to keep window always on top in linux using script??09:28
Shinobihi, i want to install ubuntu on my second drive, but i dont want the grub to be put on the first drive, so if i disconect the second drive, the grub wont appear09:28
Shinobiis it possible?09:28
Susan_ah... i can see the numbers of ppl here... 149409:29
dnivraSusan_: just do a normal install and that's what will happen. ensure you install grub to the second drive and you'lll be done.09:29
dnivraoops I mean Shinobi ^^09:29
urlin2ushinkamui, use the something else option and it the next gui is a where to pint grub09:29
khaliGis there an app to dim the lights when working late?09:29
urlin2ushinkamui, it=in09:30
bilygates@khalig i use flux, but it changes color temperature, not brightness09:30
urlin2uShinobi,  use the something else option and in the next gui is a where to point grub09:31
khaliGbilygates, ive tried that just now but it wont work on both screens09:31
bilygatesstrange, i have dual monitors too and it works :s09:31
bilygatesbut i'm using nvidia's twinview, maybe you're using two X screens?09:32
khaliGbilygates, just stock ubuntu09:33
khaliGbilygates, no special drivers but my card is an ATI one (it isn't using the proprietary drivers afaik)09:33
harry_hey , anyone here who can tell me how to keep window always on top in linux using script??09:34
movan2011skandee, you can enter a function into bash like: function calc() { echo $[$*]; }09:34
urlin2uharry_, you mean top of the grub menu/09:34
movan2011skandee:  You can then call calc like a regular command but don't use spaces in your formula, e.g. calc 2+309:35
DavstI'm having an issue with a usb-drive in ubuntu.. every now and then the drivw will just plain dissapear device and all09:35
Davstanyone know why this happens?09:35
Shinobiurlin2u do you have a link for the tutoriel?09:35
Susan_the workable ubuntu is ubuntu and ubuntu studio generated from installed ubuntu09:35
Susan_because.... other distribution of ubuntu doesn't recognize IPV609:36
Davstseems it soft powers off or something09:36
movan2011skandee:  It won't work with figures with figures using decimal points though.09:36
Davstis there any way to get it to not do this or wake it up?09:36
bilygates@khalig hmm, there seems to be some problems with dual monitors and f.lux09:36
bilygates@khalig you could try redshift http://www.mao-yu.com/projects/redshiftgui/09:36
Susan_does anyone has information about windows 8 hardware and ubuntu 11.04?09:37
khaliGbilygates, yep but im a bit weary adding all these random repos to my list .. wish it was already in ubuntu09:37
Susan_windows 8 blocked all linux booting09:38
llutzSusan_: ask in #hardware, it's offtopic here and not implemented yet at all09:39
hallowedthumb drive? or external hdd?09:39
khaliGDavst, dig around, look at dmesg for clues09:39
Davsthallman: external hdd09:39
bilygates@susan are you talking about that secure-boot installed in the mobo?09:39
Susan_so..... if linux doesn't release activating the booting on windows 8 hardware09:39
bilygatesat worst, it will probably have an option to disable it in bios09:39
Susan_the ubuntu and other linux distribution will be ended up09:39
Susan_this happens personal terminal basis....09:40
llutz!ot | Susan_ those UEFI stuff is not to be discussed here09:40
ubottuSusan_ those UEFI stuff is not to be discussed here: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:40
urlin2uShinobi, not really at the gui that asks where you want to install, you have several choices, along side, whole hd, and something else, choose that one click the grub dropdown make sure its pointed at the HD you want then choose the partition, change click ext 4 then format then put / for mount.09:40
Susan_EFI is always troublesome09:40
Susan_ah.. okay09:41
re0ealhello all,i have a problem:How to confirm the character set from a string?09:41
Susan_i've been researching EFI and booting09:41
urlin2uShinobi, you can unplug the drive as you suggest though if that works better09:42
bilygatesor disable it in bios09:42
Shinobiokay i'll do that09:44
Shinobithank you a lot urlin2u09:44
=== Nika is now known as Nika68
Shinobiguys on ubuntu france gave me some uncertain solutions, whom i just couldnt understand09:44
Shinobianyway i'm going to do that!! thanks again09:45
=== Nika68 is now known as Nika
DavstkhaliG: found some messages i think are related in dmesg but I'm not sure what they mean at all09:45
tipmanich suche jemanden der deutsch spricht, am besten aus berlin09:46
urlin2uShinobi, here are some pictures and a bit of a tutorial it looks like, notice the third picture where it says in it device for bootloader installation. http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/05/22/how-to-dual-boot-windows-7-and-ubuntu-11-04/09:46
llutz!de | tipman09:46
ubottutipman: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!09:46
KartagisI have a problem with pnopaste. it doesn't highlight syntax. help me?09:46
Total_Oblivionhello again, i typed sudo apt-get install pidgin on terminal, but it asks for password and i can't type anything there...:<09:46
khaliGDavst, paste them on the web and share the link?09:46
Zac12hi there09:47
llutzTotal_Oblivion: you can't type or you just don't see what you type?09:47
Zac12I am currently trying to make a usb drive that has an autorun script that calls a bash script upon mount09:47
KartagisTotal_Oblivion: you're not supposed to see what you type09:47
Zac12but for some reason the autorun in gnome gives me an error "cannot find autorun software"09:48
Zac12although it works in xfce09:48
Zac12has anyone experienced this before?09:48
khaliGbilygates, redshift works on both screens. thanks for the help!09:48
DavstkhaliG: yeah ofc.. http://pastie.org/256753609:49
DavstkhaliG: The device works perfectly under windows, just in ubuntu it is being a pain in the ass. I tried reformatting it to ext4 to see if ntfs support in ubuntu was the weak link09:49
bilygates@khalig np, good to know it works :)09:50
=== vincent is now known as Guest69485
bilygates@total_oblivion that's a security measure, just type your password and press enter09:51
Total_Oblivionthanks a lot! I'm pretty useless on these stuff...09:51
bilygatesyou'll get better ;)09:52
jiltdilHi anyone know channel for embeded linux09:53
Anubishi !09:53
dnivrajiltdil: ask in #freenode09:53
Total_Oblivionbilygates: i certainly hope so :P09:53
llutz!alis > jiltdil09:54
ubottujiltdil, please see my private message09:54
Anubisi have this problem: i upgraded the kernel and i uninstalled my nvidia drivers and rebooted. now i cant see anything on my display except some black vertical stripes on a white background. how can i fix this problem ? ( 11.04)09:54
=== Guest24777 is now known as m00se
bilygates@anubis first of all, does ctrl+alt+f1 bring you to a terminal?09:55
newbhi I can't delete a folder on my desktop09:55
jwtiyarwhere is the Source.list file?09:55
=== m00se is now known as Guest25859
llutzjwtiyar: /etc/apt09:55
jwtiyarnewb: set permission09:55
jiltdilnewb:check permissions09:55
newbit says I don't have permissions to delete & has a lock on it09:56
Anubisbilygates: it is starting directly in console09:56
Anubisi forgot mentioning that those stripes are in console09:56
newbit won't allow me to change them09:57
jwtiyarnewb: right click and permissions09:57
jiltdilnewb: r u a sudo user?09:57
newbThe file "Asshole2" cannot be moved to the trash.09:57
jiltdilnewb : if u r a sudo user then just change it via chmod -R 777 /path/to/folder09:57
newbUnable to trash file: Permission denied09:57
jiltdilnewb: firstly change the ownership of that folder by chown09:58
newbhow I'm new to ubuntu?09:58
M1N1Mechattr -i filename.ext09:58
M1N1Meall this in a konsole09:59
harry_urlin2u::did find anything??09:59
newbchmod -R 777 /path/to/folder how do I type the file path it on my desktop?10:00
Anubisi booted from a 10.10 live cd and i will try to remove some X config file to see what happen10:00
bilygates@anubis you can't use the terminal at all? i was thinking of reinstalling the nvidia drivers10:00
llutzjiltdil: using chown/chmod to delete something is simply pointless. if you have sudo-access, "sudo rm -r path/dir " is much easier10:00
alex617hi everyone, i have a problem to start mprime on ubuntu livesystem v11.04. I already followed the instruction on this page [1], but I did not get any "feedback" from mprime and I can't see mprime running when I use top.10:01
newbso how would I add the path/dir?10:01
Anubis@bilygates: no, i cant use terminal. thats why i cant reinstall nvidia drivers10:01
alex617 [1]:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133795810:01
jiltdilllutz: i just tell him the way how any file can be given ownership  and access after this he will understood from this point of view i told that10:01
llutzjiltdil: telling someone to chmod 777 is not very helpfull10:02
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions10:02
bilygates@anubis after booting from livecd, maybe you could copy-paste the newly generated xorg.conf over the old one10:05
bilygates@anubis i don't know if just removing it will work10:05
Fudgelooking for turbo freq info for amd quads for laptop, can you control it with cpufreqd or other software?10:05
Anubis@bilygates: i hope that will work.10:06
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=== Guest28027 is now known as `Abhijit
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=== paul68 is now known as paulus68
newbI still can't delete it10:11
llutznewb: sudo rm -r path/dir10:11
newbI tried changing the permission but it doesn't remember it10:11
newbby right click properties10:11
llutznewb: only owner + root can change properties10:12
newbhow to I write the path?10:12
newbif its on my desktop10:12
llutznewb:ls -l /home/username/Desktop/Asshole210:12
newbmy user/desktop/folder name10:12
bilygatessomething like "sudo chown youruser -R /home/youruser/Desktop/Asshole2"10:13
ujjainHow do I install Silverlight? It says not compatible with FF6.10:14
dnivra!moonlight | ujjain10:15
ubottuujjain: For Microsoft Silverlight support, install Moonlight with the following command: « sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-mozilla » in a terminal.10:15
ujjainthanks :) it works10:16
ujjainwell, the install, not the application10:16
stevethepirateHi, I removed a package (from a custom PPA), and installed it from it's package source. Every time I open a new bash terminal I get an irritating message [update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for grails.]. /etc/alternatives doens't have any grails entry listed though.10:16
newb-l /home/steve/Desktop/Asshole2 -l: command not found10:16
ujjainit did not find it with apt-cache search though. How do I install mplayer firefox plugin?10:17
llutznewb: ls -l /home/username/Desktop/Asshole210:17
mistertimHi all - This is a slightly odd question - I have an external USB trackpad - I was wondering if there's a way to connect it and STOP it from controlling the mouse pointer in Gnome / X ? I'm using it as input to a program I'm writing.10:19
mistertimappreciate this is a little vague - but in general, can pointing devices be decoupled from the gnome desktop somehow?10:20
=== Mud is now known as Guest86292
=== mohammad_ is now known as Guest46939
daedelothI have installed 11.10 yesterday and I'm a bit lost10:22
Goku283im still finding my way too10:23
daedelothI have a 3 monitor setup and the fact that my start menu is now sometimes 3000px away from my mouse cursor is rather annoying10:23
daedelothI was wondering if there was any way to change that10:23
jiltdildaedeloth are u installed it on virtual box10:23
* jiltdil thinks why daedeloth didn't installed it on physical machine10:24
=== Guest25859 is now known as m00se
daedelothit is installed on a physical machine10:25
scarleodaedeloth: join #ubuntu+1 for 11.10 discussions10:25
daedelothalright, thanks10:26
newbsteve@ubuntu:~$ ls -l /home/steve/Desktop/A$shole2 total 108 -rwxrwx--x 1 steve steve 95707 2011-06-18 14:27 A$shole2.jar dr-xr-x--- 2 steve steve  4096 2011-08-28 01:35 Help dr-xr-x--- 2 steve steve  4096 2011-08-28 01:35 Images dr-xr-x--- 2 steve steve  4096 2011-08-28 01:35 Sounds10:26
newbbut its still on my desktop10:26
Total_Oblivionerm, where did you find 11.10? at ubuntu.com there's only 11.04 and 10.04 :S10:26
daedeloth11.04 then10:27
daedelothsorry :)10:27
daedelothnumbers and all10:27
jiltdilnewb: please tell me from which user you are logged in10:27
bilygates@newb chown steve -R /home/steve/Desktop/A$shole10:27
bilygatesthen you can remove it10:27
llutznewb: sudo rm -rf  "/home/steve/Desktop/A$shole2"10:27
jiltdilllutz: just remove it by using sudo10:27
jiltdilllutz: oh soory10:28
bilygatesdamn, there should be a "take ownership of this file" in nautilus which brings up a gksudo :/10:28
newbYea it worked thank you10:28
llutzbilygates: no there shouldn't. it would make things even worse10:29
bilygateshmm you're right10:29
bilygatesmaybe just for files on your own desktop/home folder :P10:29
llutzbilygates: "chown/chmod" as the 1st thing to do on problem causes most likely even more problems10:29
=== s1aden is now known as sladen
kaellanhow do i get permision to open motion config file ?10:30
Anubishow can i disable/uninstall the Nouveau driver?10:32
llutzAnubis: blacklist it if you're sure you don't need it10:32
=== Guest7378 is now known as Logan_
Anubishow can i do that ?10:33
llutzAnubis: add "blacklist nouveau" to /etc/modprobe.d/nouveau.conf   as root10:33
mistertimaha! have discovered gpointing-device-settings, disregard my earlier question :-)10:33
llutzAnubis: you'll need to reboot to make it work10:34
llutzAnubis: what driver do you want to use? nvidia? it should have done the blacklist on installation10:35
bilygates@mistertim tx, good to know!10:35
Anubisin /etc/modprobe.d/ i dont have any nouveau.conf file. i'm just trying to install the latest nvidia drivers (280)10:36
llutzAnubis: just create a new file then.10:36
=== tqt1586 is now known as janice
janiceanyone awake?10:37
=== janice is now known as Guest51659
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
stickyboyHmm, I think I want to switch from proprietary nvidia to nouveau.10:40
stickyboyOpen source makes me wet...10:40
=== j0nr_ is now known as j0nr
jwrigleystickyboy, are you a girl? or are you urinating?10:41
stickyboyNeither, I'm just freakin' stoked on open source drivers.10:43
jwrigleyfair enough. :)10:44
bilygatesnvidia open-sourcing their drivers = wet :p10:45
X0Rc0rewhy cant i find any good anti virus channels on freenode?10:45
amin`guys I am using 15.6" monitor and using xmonad is really hard. does xmonad is only for large screens like this http://dzen.geekmode.org/dwiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?cache=cache&media=dzen:xmdz-notf.png10:46
amin`or there is a magic behind all of this10:46
jribamin`: what makes it hard?  Use workspaces and full screen mode maybe?10:47
jwrigleyX0Rc0re, what's wrong with #clamav?10:47
=== arun_572 is now known as brass286
X0Rc0reill try10:49
X0Rc0rethanx :)10:49
X0Rc0rethere is no clamav channel?10:49
X0Rc0reon freenode?10:49
jwrigleyX0Rc0re, sure there is. I'm in it.10:51
X0Rc0reim not?10:52
X0Rc0reoh ok10:53
Zac12hi there10:54
Zac12is it possible to setup proxy from nginx to cherokee?10:55
=== surfnsound|afk is now known as surfnsound
folivoraHello, has anyone used remastersys to create a custom-live-cd? I did create one, everything else is working perfectly but /home/user eq /home/user/Desktop/. So it isn't creating Desktop, Pictures, Downloads, Document folders. Any ideas what could cause this problem?10:59
AdamBlackim trying to figure out a way to set up an incremental backup, to backup .tar files from server1 to server2 over a WAN.. would RSYNC work or is there something better11:00
bazhangfolivora, remastersys from a PPA? contact the PPA maintainer or their help pages/ forums11:02
amin`what is the xK (mode key)? is it shift or ctrl or ...11:11
=== 92AAAHDBI is now known as seemawn
bilygates@adamblack if you want incremental backups and the ability to keep previous backups, you should use rdiff-backup11:14
jribbilygates: rdiff-backup and rsnapshot are two good programs that do incremental backups11:15
* Silent_Samurai wtf11:16
jribAdamBlack: rdiff-backup and rsnapshot are two good programs that do incremental backups11:17
MonkeyDusti use rsync11:17
mrskitehello, id like to get access to files on my hard drive via ubuntu live cd, most of the files I can copy but for some I get access denied11:19
jribmrskite: run « gksudo nautilus » on the live cd11:19
mrskitethe files were stored with a previous ubuntu 10.10 installation11:19
poisonwant to show a png image.....how do i show using the url?   imgurl.com?11:21
ahhugheshey, I've been readin up on SSD's and boot time.. but it seems really inconclusive.... some say its eon's faster.. others.. just a few seconds gained. Anyone running an ssd and can confirm/deny all of this?11:21
jribpoison: maybe imgur.com since imurl.com seems to spam me...11:21
squigsilly question what should the default permissions on /tmp be ? i just broke it with alien11:23
jribsquig: http://paste.ubuntu.com/694392/ don't use alien...11:23
jwrigleysquig: 177711:23
squigI should have just used cpio but alien is so easy, I was just turning a rpm into a tar11:24
jribsquig: why on earth...11:24
mrskitejrib now i can open the files but i still cant copy them onto a flash drive11:24
squigjrib, binary packages from vendor11:24
=== a is now known as Guest17289
jribmrskite: what happens when you try?  (assuming you are still using that same nautilus window you opened)11:25
jribsquig: you should complain to vendor11:25
squigjrib, vendor says use redhat11:25
jribsquig: find new vendor :)11:26
jwrigleysquig: why would alien change permission of /tmp?11:26
squigjwrigley, i dont know but it just did? jrib would if some one else sold software that does what this does11:26
jribsquig: what software?11:26
=== anonymous is now known as Guest35722
BluesKajhiyas all11:27
squigjrib, PhotoRealistic RenderMan11:27
mrskite<jrib> It still says permission denied, now I cant copy any of the files in the folder, when I open the same folder in a new window, I can still copy some of them11:28
jribmrskite: pastebin output of « mount »11:29
paulus68for backup I use this script http://www.faqs.org/docs/securing/chap29sec306.html11:29
mrskite<jrib> sry, what do you mean by pastebin output of mount?11:31
jribmrskite: type « mount » in a terminal, then copy the output, visit http://paste.ubuntu.com, paste the output, submit, give us the resulting url11:31
mrskite <jrib> ok, http://paste.ubuntu.com/694398/11:34
jribmrskite: close everything you have open... run « gksudo nautilus » two times and use that to copy files.  Does it work then?11:35
jwrigleymrskite: you might want to make that « gksudo nautilus & »11:37
jwrigleymrskite: otherwise you won't be able to type it in the second time.11:37
=== root is now known as Guest30346
Guest30346пиздец в натуре11:40
bazhang!ru | Guest3034611:40
ubottuGuest30346: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:40
bazhangGuest30346, #ubuntu-ru11:41
soreau! ru | Guest3034611:42
ubottuGuest30346: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:42
mrskite<jrib> That worked, thanks11:42
SpiderFredanyone can tell me how is called that web authentication to network? when I connect to wifi for example but I can acces only one web where I have to log in so I can use internet?11:43
mrskite<jrib> It seemes to have worked, thanks11:43
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:43
mrskite<jrib> I think the problem was that i didnt open the flash drive in the same window11:43
mrskite<jrib>thanks again, have a nice day11:43
Guest30346я забанен  чо за пидор меня забанил?11:44
EscapeGoati need java for firefox. what do i install?11:44
Guest30346да пашли вы на хуй чюрки  пидорские11:45
paulus68!ru |Guest3034611:45
ubottuGuest30346: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:45
blamerHEY GUyS!! !! I have the network manager applet disactivated ( hidden ) how can i restore it ... i'm on ubuntu LTS 10.0411:46
valihow to change regulatory domain in ubuntu 11.04 ?11:47
EscapeGoatcan anyone please tell me what i need to get java in firefox?11:47
=== Mud is now known as Guest71059
=== 92AAAHBES is now known as tup
jwrigleyEscapeGoat: sun-java6-plugin11:50
jwrigleyEscapeGoat: or icedtea-plugin11:50
EscapeGoatawesome, thank you jwrigley11:50
vali how to change regulatory domain in ubuntu 11.04 ?11:51
P05TMANGood day....how can I know from a terminal which drivers I have installed? Is there a command for this.12:01
th0rP05TMAN: lsmod?12:02
frostschutzP05TMAN: lspci -k?12:02
thiagoalmeidasamodprobe -l12:02
P05TMANthiagoalmeidasa- excellent! Thanks! frostschutz-ldpci lists pci devices12:04
=== amit is now known as Guest27913
Guest27913cnt install deb files12:08
Guest27913any idea?? the software manager refuses to install my deb files..12:09
Guest27913any idea about deb files friends??12:09
thiagoalmeidasaGuest27913: which the error log?12:10
Guest27913apt fails to download dependencies in oneiric12:10
stevie-bashIs there a way to tell kernel log to not log iptables msgs to dmesg?12:10
Guest27913unmet dependencies12:10
tomodachiGuest27913: use dpkg -i package.deb in the terminal and pastebin the error here12:10
Guest27913see plsss12:13
Guest27913tomodachi: see it12:14
tomodachiGuest27913: you have unmet dependencies.  can you install the package it requests?12:15
tomodachiGuest27913:  wordnet-base apparently ,12:15
Guest27913isnt threre some progrm which resolves the unmet??12:15
tomodachithats what you use apt for , but now you're installing from a deb file12:16
tomodachiGuest27913: you can always install the wordnet version i aptitde , then you dont have to fiddle around with theese deb files12:16
Guest27913still I used to do it earlier and it pulled off the files from net.. perhaps something ok synaptic has perhaps been removed12:16
Guest27913tomodachi thanks12:17
Paddy_NICan I use an existing user account as a template for any new user accounts I want to create.. panel config / dock / compiz settings etc.. ?12:17
DaysideHi guys and girls12:18
paulus68Hi Dolls ;)12:18
ikoniaPaddy_NI: look at the settings in their home dir and then put them in /etc/skel12:19
DaysideI have lenovo ideapad s205. Ubuntu 11.04 does not work without downgrading to grub1. 11.10 beta works great. But. Wireless does not work12:19
=== ernesto_ is now known as seraph1
ikoniaPaddy_NI: when you create a user use the option -k /etc/skel12:19
Daysidechip is ralin rt309012:19
ikoniaPaddy_NI: or just do it direct with -k /home/$old_username12:19
Daysideralink i ment12:19
Daysideany ideas?12:19
ikoniaPaddy_NI: it will use the home directory or skel directory as a teamplte12:19
Paddy_NIikonia, Oh.. excellent :-) is there any further docs on this specifically12:19
prasenjeetpanyone can tell me how i can do an inbox upgrade of mint linux and/or ubuntu12:20
ikoniaPaddy_NI: to be honest, it's such an old part of coreutils I don't know, I've not read that sort of document for many many years12:20
Paddy_NIcheers mate12:20
MonkeyDustprasenjeetp: what is an inbox upgrade?12:20
ikoniaPaddy_NI: you can see a reasonable description in man useradd12:20
ikoniaPaddy_NI: although it's not a massive explination12:20
Paddy_NIokay thanks ikonia I'll check that out :-)12:21
prasenjeetpMonkeyDust: i want to upgrade it without having to reinstall it12:21
prasenjeetpMonkeyDust: like the packages are upgraded12:21
MonkeyDustprasenjeetp: do you m12:21
MonkeyDustprasenjeetp: do you mean your mail client?12:21
prasenjeetpMonkeyDust: no, the OS itself12:22
MonkeyDustprasenjeetp: try dist-upgrade12:22
prasenjeetpMonkeyDust: thanks. let me look that up12:23
aerdyhas joined12:24
aerdymy ubuntu12:24
faLUCEhi. I would like to launch the popup that let me choose to shutdown/reboot/logout with a script. Wich is the name of the associated program ?12:24
=== 16WAAETMD is now known as werdan7
Susan_anyone has information about windows 8 and linux12:29
Susan_windows 8 blocked linux OS12:29
Susan_for booting12:29
MonkeyDustSusan_: correct, new MS policy12:29
llutz!ot | Susan_ those UEFI stuff is not to be discussed here12:29
ubottuSusan_ those UEFI stuff is not to be discussed here: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:29
scottjis there a text snippet expander for linux that works in almost all apps and doesn't require a keystroke to invoke?12:29
Susan_ms announced that windows 8 logo hardware12:30
MonkeyDustSusan_: correct, but you're in the wrong channel12:30
llutzSusan_: what part of !offtopic don#t youunderstand?12:30
Susan_where i better go12:30
Susan_because..... Ubuntu will be ended12:31
MonkeyDustSusan_: #ubuntu-offtopic12:31
llutzSusan_: stop that nonsense12:31
Susan_as well as other linux distribution12:31
Susan_ah... okay12:31
llutz!alis | Susan_12:31
ubottuSusan_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*12:31
=== Guybrush_Threepw is now known as Guybrush88
KartagisI have a problem with pnopaste. it doesn't highlight syntax. help me?12:37
yaholis anybody here?12:38
Badbityahol, No, hiding from you.12:40
BadbitOops, sorry wrong channel12:40
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harry_ye tell me12:44
harry_sry yahol:12:45
harry_yahol: what happen??12:45
renier_how to adjust the printer speed?12:47
renier_just like in windows :D i can change it from normal to fast draft12:47
zmanfxgotta love it when you have to run `dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda`12:47
xhhjHello! How do I make it so it dsplays text on startup instead of black screen?12:47
th0rzmanfx: that is a dangerous thing to do. I hope no one here is going to try it12:48
zmanfxfakeraid sucks12:49
xhhjCan anyone help me make ubuntu show dmesg on boot up instead of  a black screen?12:49
zmanfxmy disks are so cluttered with crap, trying to restore anything with testdisk is impossible12:49
xhhjI even tried editing grub.cfg to remove quiet and splash but it still does not show dmesg on boot up.12:49
th0rxhhj: used to just add 'verbose' to the boot options12:49
xhhjok thanks i'll try it12:50
Stanley00xhhj: you can do that vie editing /etc/default/grub ,12:50
xhhjwhat about /boot/grub/grub.cfg?12:50
llutzedit /etc/default/grub and run sudo update-grub then xhhj12:51
xhhjoh ok thanks12:51
Stanley00xhhj: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" <= you need change this option to ""12:51
cybercaffehi everybody12:51
llutzxhhj: grub.cfg shouldn't be edited manually, it will be overwritten very soon12:52
Zac12anyone here proxy'ed nginx to cherokee before?12:52
cybercaffeKoktebel Ukraine greeting you12:52
OerHekshi cybercaffe12:54
ubuntu__plis send to me message12:55
harry_hello guys12:55
ubuntu__xD hello xD12:55
cybercaffehavn't use to chat for a long time and my internet caffe now is on ubuntu so i think this is for a long time love12:56
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cybercaffeubuntu i cant send msg to you12:57
cybercaffedoes anybody use nanostation 2 in his network12:58
ex0ps aux |grep tor13:00
ichbinderhello. A question about the command "sh" in Ubuntu 11.04: when I have multiple files, e.g. jobs.sh, jobs01, jobs02, jobs03 and I want to use one at a time with sh, on another machine the command stops right when the filenames become ambiguous, i.e. it stops at "sh jobs". On my Ubuntu machine, the "sh" command "intelligently" selects the file ending with .sh automatically. Why?! And can I change that somehow?13:02
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cybercaffedoes anybody have exp with  links in several km with nanostation 2?13:04
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MonkeyDustcybercaffe: what is nanostation?13:06
vigneshmHi people.. I have an issue installing ubuntu from a pen drive.. can anyone helpout13:06
xhhjvigneshm tell us your problem so we can help13:07
vigneshmWhen I boot my system from the usb, I just shows the copyright info and freezes...13:07
tomodachivigneshm: try adding the parameter single  to the kernel command line , and also remove the parameter splash13:07
ichbinderah, the other distro links "sh" to "bash" while ubuntu links to "dash" by default. How can I change that? How can I let sh link to bash? (besides dirty sudo relinking in /bin :) )13:07
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tomodachiichbinder: I dont think that is a good idea13:08
ichbindertomodachi: enlighten me, please. :)13:08
vigneshm@tomadachi: im sorry.. can u be more detailed.. im a newbee to linux13:08
tomodachiichbinder: scripts use that stuff. and bash and sh ar interpreter of scripts, if they differ, your scripts might break13:08
stianhjhow safe is it to backport say 2.6.38 into lucid lynx?13:09
ichbindervigneshm: the kernel command line is the line that is eexecuted at the very beginning when booting13:09
tomodachiichbinder scripts like init scripts, starting services etc13:09
Piciichbinder: just re-link it manually.13:09
vigneshm@ichbinder: hmm..k13:09
Picitomodachi: bash shouldn't be linked to dash, but dash can be safely linked to bash..13:09
PiciIf that makes any sense.13:09
ichbindervigneshm: normally, grub2 should be used, so you should be able to edit that line pressing "e"13:09
buttonshow do I tell which version of ubuntu is running?13:10
buttonsvia command line13:10
MonkeyDustbuttons: lsb_release -a13:10
dataspycat /etc/issue13:10
ichbinderPici, tomodachi: hm... funny note: the other distro is debian, yet sh still links to bash instead of dash... -.-13:10
llutzichbinder: then your debian is rather old13:11
ichbinderPici, tomodachi: do you maybe know why ubuntu links to dash, not bash? or llutz13:11
vigneshm@ichbinder: so how shud i make the edit? im currently running win8. had the ubuntu iso virually mounted and ran the usbcreate to load up my pen drive...13:11
ichbinderllutz: i'll check...13:11
llutzichbinder: dash is the "new" systemshell, its smaller than bash, POSIX conform13:12
t-minushi guys13:12
vigneshm@ichbinder: do i make the param modification inside some file in the usb or.. ?13:12
ichbindervigneshm: hm, never done an installation from within a windows running, only at booting... sorry. (and you are running win8? not win7?)13:12
BlackHandAnyone know the shortcut key for Workplace Switcher? And Im not talking about CTRL + ALT + <-- / -->.13:12
llutzichbinder: used in debian and ubuntu since a while as default (/bin/sh)13:12
tomodachivigneshm: if you are booting from the usb if its not "e" it might be f6 or something for "advanced options"13:13
t-minuscan't get my text color right13:13
llutzichbinder: dpkg-reconfigure dash             to change13:13
santoscrew@jwrigley: tnx13:14
vigneshm@tomodachi: k.. thanks. wil try it out13:14
ichbinderllutz: it's a lenny, debian 5.0.8 according to lsb_release -a13:14
ichbinderllutz: would you recommend relinking?13:14
llutzichbinder: shouldn't harm13:15
ichbinderllutz: thanks. One last question: why reconfigure dash? Shouldn't it be reconfigure sh or something? Or is sh installed by pkg dash?13:15
llutzichbinder: bash can do all things dash can do, but not vice-versa13:15
ichbinderllutz: kay. Thanks llutz, tomodachi, Pici! Awesome #irc support. :D13:16
llutzichbinder: dash is the package creating the link /bin/sh -> /bin/dash. so reconfigure dash13:16
ichbinderllutz: ah, kay. Thanks!13:16
ichbinderllutz: hm, when running "$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash" all I can choose is yes or no for the question if dash "(/bin/sh)" shall be used as default... nothing else.13:18
llutzichbinder: "no" should relink /bin/sh to /bin/bash13:18
ichbinderllutz: so maybe dpkg-reconfigure dash and dpkg-reconfigure bsh?13:18
ichbinderllutz: o'rly!13:19
ichbinderllutz: damn. Thanks!13:19
drduplogood afternoon13:19
llutzichbinder: if not, "sudo rm /bin/sh && sudo ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh" :)13:19
ichbinderllutz: that's so hardcore... :D13:19
adi11hi all. ubuntu 11.04 on hp dv6700 with nvidia 630m after freash install hang on boot (after grub select OS) and show a bash screen with "initramfs"13:20
adi11anyone have any idea how to boot on ubuntu?13:20
adi11is this a nvidia driver related or kernel.i am on
adi11any help would be appreciated13:21
rigvedllutz: doesn't sh -> dash by default?13:22
llutzrigved: yes13:22
infinite_entropyNew Ubuntu Server install… getting the following occurring: "sh: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory"13:22
jribinfinite_entropy: change your current working directory to one that exists13:23
infinite_entropyroger. ok13:23
enochhi all13:24
enochi have an encrypted disk on ubuntu 10.04 and i'v lost the disk pass.13:24
enochis there a simple way to get access to the disk? or recover the pass?13:25
jribenoch: do you understand the purpose of encryption?13:25
enochjrib: yep.... and is there a tool to decrypt it?13:26
jribenoch: I don't think you do13:26
rigvedenoch: have you lost the password only or the passphrase as well?13:26
infinite_entropyNot within your lifetime, enoch13:26
jribenoch: what did you lose exactly and how was the disk encrypted?13:26
xannenQuestion: Postgresql: How to change user password with password prompt, securely?13:26
Picixannen: Does passwd not do what you want?13:27
Picixannen: er, sorry, missed the postgresql part of that.13:27
enochjrib: lvm encryption and the disk is not mine... a guy asked me to decrypt it13:27
xannenPici, not a problem. :D13:27
ubuntu___guys, i need your help.13:27
bilygates@xannen try sudo -u postgres psql postgres13:27
bilygatesthen \password myuser13:27
infinite_entropyHeh, enoch… does this "guy" happen to belong to large fraternal organization? :D13:28
jwrigleyenoch: you should've said no13:28
enochso is not possible?13:28
pythonsnakeIs Ubuntu a financed project ?13:28
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pythonsnakehmm, by Canonical right ?13:28
jwrigleyenoch: only if you guess the password..13:29
xannenty bilygates.  Is there an SQL-compliant command equivalent?13:29
infinite_entropyenoch: Or if you get access to a quantum computer. I hear the prices are only in the 10's of millions these days13:29
ubuntu___i'm trying to install the latest nvidia drivers, but it keep telling me that nouveau driver is running. the main problem is that i cant see anything on my terminal, except black horizontal stripes on a white background. i moved xorg.conf and rebooted but the problem is still there.13:30
jwrigleyinfinite_entropy: enoch: they don't in fact exist yet.13:30
ubuntu___i removed nouveau, except the library, but still doesnt work.13:31
bilygates@xannen "ALTER ROLE myuser WITH PASSWORD 'hu8jmn3';" BUT it's sent in clear-text, not secure13:31
ubuntu___any ideas ?13:31
rigved!ot | pythonsnake13:31
ubottupythonsnake: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:31
jwrigleyinfinite_entropy: enoch: but maybe with some alien technology... may as well try13:31
infinite_entropyjwrigley: Don't tell Lockheed Martin then… they'll be mad... http://www.dwavesys.com/en/pressreleases.html#lm_201113:31
rigvedpythonsnake: and in answer to your question, it is funded by canonical.13:32
xannenbilygates, I understood that command and am aware of the clear text problem.  I'm googling about it, and haven't found an answer yet.13:32
ubuntu___i runned this commands: modprobe -l and modprobe -r nouveau13:33
ubuntu___and in the end the nouveau driver vanished, but the terminal screen is still there13:34
bilygates@xannen i think you might be able to do this: "ALTER ROLE myuser WITH ENCRYPTED PASSWORD 'md5-of-password'"13:35
jwrigleyinfinite_entropy: wow, indeed. I seem to have fallen behind. I tip my hat to you, sir!13:35
jwrigleyinfinite_entropy: or miss/mrs, be that as it may.13:36
infinite_entropyIt happens… I keep up with that kind of crap for my job as a developer13:36
infinite_entropyI was confuzzled this morning by a weird error… I was in a directory that existed but was getting the getcwd error, but I had since deleted and replaced the directory via SFTP and broke the link13:38
lovre I have a wireless connection but it reports only 1MBps, instead of 54Mbps.. Any ideas to fix this?13:39
xannenbilygates, how do I get the md5-of-password?13:39
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edbianlovre: Where does it report this?13:40
xannenbilygates, It is surprising that something this simple is not implemented or can be easily found out.13:40
lovreedbian: in the tray application, and also when i type iwconfig13:40
grizliздесь кто-то говорит по-русски :)13:40
edbianlovre: Do you have a weak signal?13:41
lovreedbian: 50% signal13:41
bilygates@xannen online service, one of many: http://www.md5.cz/13:41
MonkeyDust!ru| grizli13:41
ubottugrizli: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:41
bilygates@xannen you could also make a simple script to do it13:41
jwrigleyxannen: echo my-awesome-hard-to-guess-password |md5sum13:41
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edbianlovre: It's probably a limitation of the driver.  have you noticed that it's slow? i.e. if you download something are you actually limited to 1Mb/s ?13:41
AtharvaHi...I have a hp pavillion. It has a finger print reader.I am unable to activate it..Any Idea ?13:41
jwrigleyxannen: bad form to be posting your password online13:41
lovreedbian: yes, its slow13:42
edbianlovre: Probably a limitation of the driver.  What card is this?13:42
nikabjI try this command to join :  /join #learn-c++,but I cant join13:42
xannenbilygates, jwrigley : Specifically how do I integrate the md5 generation digest within the psql command line mode.13:43
antonio_hello, does anybody knows a chan where i can talk about apache and mysql issues?13:43
infinite_entropypsql, yuck13:43
bilygates@xannen if you're using psql, why don't you just use /password? :s13:43
MonkeyDustnikabj: first type /knock #[channel], to see if it exists13:43
lovreedbian: http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/?model=TL-WN422G13:44
grizlihow install xampp server?13:44
lovregrizli: download and unpack works for e13:45
lovrefor me*13:45
jrib!lamp | grizli13:45
ubottugrizli: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)13:45
antonio_hello, does anybody knows how to change root mysql password after a fresh install?13:45
Fudgehi how do i install a package with a .dsc file13:45
jwrigleyxannen: md5(my-awesome-hard-to-guess-password)13:45
xannenbilygates, I guess I could.  Just wondering if SQL-standard command covers it.13:45
jwrigley* xannen: md5('my-awesome-hard-to-guess-password')13:45
MonkeyDustlovre: in Terminal type tasksel13:45
xannenIt is more value to adopt SQL-compliant command, and that way you can use it with other DBMS.13:46
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:46
lovreMonkeyDust: the program tasksel not installed13:46
lovreMonkeyDust: should i install it13:46
MonkeyDustlovre: yes13:46
nikabjhow can I found list of channel?13:46
Pici!alis | nikabj13:46
ubottunikabj: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*13:46
jribFudge: what package?  Why do you have a .dsc file?13:46
edbianlovre: what I'm not familiar with this card.  Read about it here: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/zd1211rw/devices?highlight=%28tl-wn422g%2913:46
lovreMonkeyDust: wait, what is this about? im not asking about lampp, grizli is13:46
MonkeyDustlovre: you want to install a lamp server?13:46
lovreMonkeyDust: no, grizli does13:47
sebsterI've switched to ubuntu classic in 11.04 and I can't find any keyboard shortcuts for starting nautilus etc. Are there any? cheers13:47
jwrigleyxannen: what is your application? python, php, C, java?13:47
haroldhola me podria decir como entrar en el canal en español?13:47
edbianlovre: and here: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k_htc/devices?highlight=%28tl-wn422g%29   unfortunately the link is broken right now13:47
Myrtti!es | harold13:47
ubottuharold: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:47
MonkeyDustgrizli: in Terminal type tasksel13:47
xannenjwrigley, I'm referring to postgresql command line mode.13:47
Night_demonHelp me pls     checking for GCONF... no configure: error: Package requirements (gconf-2.0) were not met:  Failed to open '/usr/lib/pkgconfig/gconf-2.0.pc': No such file or directory No package 'gconf-2.0' found  Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you installed software in a non-standard prefix.  Alternatively, you may set the environment variables GCONF_CFLAGS and GCONF_LIBS to avoid the need to call13:47
antonio_hello, does anybody knows how to change root mysql password after a fresh install?13:47
lovreedbian: i have found this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76830113:47
kalamihay all13:48
rigvedsebster: there is a Favourites button on some keyboards. by default, it is used to launch nautilus to your home folder13:48
lovreedbian: but when i do this command: sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M, i get this error: SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported.13:48
rigvedsebster: or, you can set the Keyboard shortcuts to something else.13:48
bilygates@antonio_ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset13:48
jwrigleyxannen: in postgresql you can just use the function md5()13:48
edbianlovre: limitation of the driver13:48
edbianlovre: that's wireless N so you should be able to get 300Mb/s13:49
sebsterrigved: I don't have the fav button and the keyboard shortcuts don't seem to have anything for natilus etc.13:49
antonio_bilygates, thanks i'll try that :)13:49
lovreedbian: so you believe its the driver that doesnt allow faster than 1mbps13:49
edbianlovre: yes13:49
lovreedbian: :(13:49
lovreedbian: i didnt even install any driver for this, it was automatically recognised... Maybe thats the problem13:49
lovreedbian: i thought since its recognized it should work. but it uses generic drivers probably13:50
jwrigleyxannen: SQL, does not have md5 hashing build in. So if you want to do md5, you need to do it with whatever extension you are using -- either the specific database syntax or php or whatever13:50
rigvedsebster: you can create a new custom shorcut for nautilus.13:50
lovreedbian: what are my options if there arent linux drivers for this wireless module? Can i try any other 'generic' ones13:50
xannenjwrigley, thank you. :-)13:51
edbianlovre: any driver you use will be a 'linux' driver.  Sometimes the manufacturer will put out a driver (a linux driver).  I am not familiar with the drivers for this device.  That's the point of the river13:51
antonio_bilygates, it's normal that no rows are affected by the commands i'm typing?13:52
lovreedbian: yes, i know, i was wondering if there are 'generic' drivers i could try, like third party or something... Im going to try to down the interface and set the speed, see if that helps. Be back in a bit13:52
sebsterrigved: what do I put as command? nautilus and bash -c nautilus don't work...13:53
bilygates@antonio_ i don't know because i'm mostly using postgresql :s13:53
antonio_damn :\ thanks anyway :) is there anybody else that knows how to change mysql root password?13:53
rigvedsebster: nautilus /home/sebster or whichever path that you want to give it.13:54
sebsterrigved: thanks that's working13:54
rigvedsebster: you are welcome.13:54
lovreedbian: what does 'Mode' option mean, i can set it to 'Infrastructure' or 'Ad-hoc'?13:54
tyler_dhowdy all. I'm running 11.04 i386, my cd rom drive froze up and would not eject by bunton or by nautilus, or cli; I was forced to manually open/eject the drive and restarted, now when I attempt to eject the drive it flashes however is not responsive and does not show in nautilus; any help would be fantastical tyia13:56
kidnox39Hi guys, I have a problem with my netbook and huawei e620 integrated module. When I start netbook sometimes the 3g module is detected, sometimes isn't detected. If the module doesn't detected it doesn't show in the lsusb list. Can you help me? I have use the rfkill unlock all command but the modem isn't detected.13:58
dr_willislovre:  for a pc to pc - you can do ad-hoc.. for a pc to router you would use infrasturcure13:58
lovredr_willis: ok thanx. How can i find out what chip is my wireless module based on? Im trying to find  a driver for it...13:59
aubredoes anyone know how to make iscsi connection logins persistent across reboots on the initiator ? using 10.04 server LTS13:59
lovredr_willis: i guess i should install this: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/zd1211rw   but im not sure how. any ideas14:00
essdyhi pls does anyone knows what is the problem when ubuntu cant see every wifis? i dont think hidden ones of course14:00
dr_willislovre:   I rarely mess with wireless. My laptops all work out of the box for me.14:00
lovredr_willis: yes, laptops do, but this is not a laptop :( i guess ill have to dig into it and see what happens. Thanx anyways14:01
dr_willislovre:  determind the chipset, via lspci perhaps. and check the forums and askubuntu.com14:01
PharmakonHello Saintly Helpers, I am running 11.04 and have a GeForce 7300 LE, when I switch to new x-server in the NVIDIA settings pane and restart x-server..... I get blank! Does anybody have an idea of what I should do or where I should ask for help?14:01
lovredr_willis: ok, thanx14:01
dr_willis'switch to the new x-server' ?  clarify what you mean by that Pharmakon .14:02
xannenOn new installation of postgresql, is the postgres user password set as randomly generated one?14:02
sebsterI've written a script that I want to get executed on a certain keyboard shortcut. It worked for a while, then the shortcut stopped working. I set a new shortcut, which worked for a while and has now also stopped. When I run the script it still works. Any ideas what's going on there? I've got a custom shortcut running bash -c ~/script.sh14:03
=== NevroPus is now known as martiert
ubuntuhatesmeI want to shutdown lubuntu by pressing power button on keyboard, is there any way to do it?14:03
Pharmakondr_willis: When I try to select 'seperate x-screen' and restart the x server I get blank.14:03
PharmakonI hope that was clear.14:03
dr_willisPharmakon:  ive rarely ever needed that option. why are you using it?14:04
nikabjwho work v4l2?14:05
bilygates@xannen i don't know if it's random or blank, but you can log in only locally using Ident (e.g. using sudo -u postgresql psql) until you set a new password14:05
Pharmakondr_willis: Because when I use twin-view the windows do not snap to the edges, I assumed 'seperate x screen' would solve this.14:05
AtharvaCan anyone please help me with finger print reader ?14:05
xannenbilygates, that's what I do.  But just curious.14:05
bilygates@xannen it would be wrong to allow outside access to your pg server without any password :)14:06
dr_willisPharmakon:  I doubt if its what you want. It would run 2 differnt X sessions that you could for example, run 2 totally differnt desktops on. (one on each monitor)14:06
dr_willisPharmakon:  the snap to edge feature sounds like a compiz bug/issue.14:06
Pharmakondr_willis: ah14:07
dr_willisPharmakon:  i do seem to recall the edge snap working forme when i had 2 monitors. but ive not tried it lately.14:07
xannenbilygates, I have read that ident could also pose security risk, and there are suggestion to change mode to md5 in the hba.conf file and restart postgresql.14:08
m_hello all14:08
=== root is now known as Guest84811
m_I have a question14:08
Pharmakondr_willis: bless the ubuntu developers for giving me as much functionality on one monitor as two running on the old GNOME 2 desktop, but my second monitor is less productive than one monitor if I cannot snap windows to the edges of the screen. It works fine with KDE on fedora and (**scoff**) windows 7.14:09
Atharva!ask | m_14:09
ubottum_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:09
Pharmakondr_willis: Do you have any suggested ways to troubleshoot what might be a compiz issue?14:09
mXri just upgraded my "development vm" from natty to oneiric; now on booting, network won't start. it has something to do with dbus / plymouth-upstart-brige, but i cant find any more info on the web regarding that. any ideas?14:10
nebulabash: ./setup.sh: Permission denied14:10
Guest84811text mode is displayed as diamond under the Chinese14:10
bilygates@xannen i don't see how it could be a security risk, but maybe someone from #postgresql can answer to that14:10
bilygates@nebula try chmod +X setup.sh14:11
Guest84811How to solve?14:11
xannenbilygates, I do not know exact details either.  I'm still learning and exploring.  :-014:11
Pharmakondr_willis: I have the exact same issue as this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqrA0Wc_YV414:12
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Guest84811I installed ZHCON other by talking about the Internet is still not done14:12
nebulabilygates, chmod: changing permissions of `setup.sh': Function not implemented14:12
m_On my netbook Asus 1001HA graphics is integrated with mainboard and performance is low. How can I increase performance? I'm new the Ubuntu user. I installed Ubuntu few minuts ago. Animation is nice but I only want high performance and speed14:13
PharmakonActually  my issue is a little bit different ^^^^^^^^^^^14:13
topofafternoon all14:13
bilygates@nebula err try lowercase x, sorry14:13
bilygates@nebula chmod +x setup.sh14:13
bourkeI think the first and third values are min/max size, but not sure about the second value14:14
B0g4r7_m_, see if the Additional Drivers applet thing has anything to say.14:14
bourkeIn a preseed file, what do the 3 values represent in the expert_recipe line? e.g. 40 50 100 ext314:14
topofanyone have any ideas how to make space on a 10 gig  acer netbook running a fresh install of ubunto 11.04 it says i only have 2 gig spare???14:15
t-minuswhy is it that when I add the updates, it slows the boot up time down...?14:15
antonio_why do you think that mysql installation stops at "Configuring mysql-server-5.1 (5.1.54-1ubuntu4)..."14:15
MonkeyDustt-minus: use preload to boost your system14:16
t-minusk thanks14:16
nebulabilygates, chmod: changing permissions of `setup.sh': Function not implemented  HELP14:17
B0g4r7_antonio_, 10 gigs is not much these days.  You can disable swap and take that space to get a little more I suppose.14:17
kidnox39How can I switch on the 3g module mini pci-e card?14:17
nebulabilygates, Heroes III CD and change14:18
antonio_mmmm what do you mean? i didnt ask anything about hard disk space :D14:18
CosmicVoyagerHi. How does Ubuntu RAM and CPU demands compare to Mac and WIndows?14:19
B0g4r7_oh, sorry, I meant to direct that line to topof14:19
ikoniaCosmicVoyager: same ball park14:19
topofantonio linux newbie good with windows doing it for a lady friend how to disable swap please14:19
ikoniatopof: why do you want to disable swap ?14:19
bilygates@nebula if that install is on a cd, try to copy it locally and then run it. otherwise, i don't know14:19
B0g4r7_I suggested that by disabling swap, that space can be reclaimed for storage.14:20
topofneed hd space its a 10 gig netbook with only 2 gid spare after ubunto 11.04??14:20
michaelfaviais there anywhere to get the beta2 spins yet? i have a friend that needs a reformat right now and id prefer to use that over beta114:20
CosmicVoyagerikonia hmm i would have thought it less...i wold like to see a chart of how much each OS uses when only the OS is running doing nothing14:20
ikoniatopof: how much ram do you have14:20
ikoniaCosmicVoyager: it's the same ball park, it will vary slightly depending on your personal setup,14:20
bilygatesi didn't knew beta2 was out yet14:20
ikoniatopof: are you aware of the issues disabling swap may cause ?14:21
m_How can i increase graphic performance in Ubuntu?14:21
michaelfaviabilygates, tonight i believe14:21
ikoniam_: what video card do you currently use ?14:21
BananaCreatorHello space!14:21
michaelfaviam_, proprietary drivers if you have a video card14:21
ikoniamichaelfavia: please wait for inforamtion before dishing out random advice14:21
topofno need any ideas to free uip some space, cant understand how 8 gig is used for OS14:21
ilonfunny, just installed 11.04, grub failed to install so i installed it from a livecd, now it dosnt add my newly installed ubuntu14:22
michaelfaviaikonia, please mind your own business14:22
m_I have graphic integreated with mainboard14:22
ikoniatopof: please pastebin the output of "df -h"14:22
ikoniamichaelfavia: no, your advice is wrong14:22
ikoniam_: that's most likley an intel card, which has good support out of the box, what issues are you seeing with it14:22
ikoniam_: could you pastebin the output of "lspci" please so we can see what video card your using if you're not sure14:22
irvwhat's a good utility for making a lot of copies of a cd14:22
popeyirv: wodim14:23
ikoniairv: any of the CD burning tools will save the settings and you can just keep going14:23
michaelfaviaikonia, in what way? any discrete video card performs better with third party drivers like i said.14:23
popeymichaelfavia: thats flat out not true for all video cards14:23
topofikonia: how to open14:23
ikoniamichaelfavia: he's using an intel card, there are no propriatary drivers,14:23
ikoniatopof: do you know how to open a terminal14:23
michaelfaviaikonia, and its not a discrete gpu14:23
Anarchy7hey guys do you know a host system which can get my file with url upload and then I can get it back with wget?14:23
ikoniamichaelfavia: discrete gpu ?14:24
antonio_why do you think that mysql installation stops at "Configuring mysql-server-5.1 (5.1.54-1ubuntu4)..."14:24
m_Ubuntu is my new way, and i don't know about pastebin and...other14:24
ikoniam_: that's fine14:24
ikonia!pastebin | michaelfavia14:24
ubottumichaelfavia: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:24
topofdid earlier forgot now14:24
popeymichaelfavia: he has an 1001HA which has Intel video chip14:24
ikoniaoops sorry michaelfavia14:24
ikonia!pastebin | m_14:24
ubottum_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:24
ikoniam_: if you use that URL you can paste text in it, that you can share with the channel14:24
michaelfaviaits an integrated gpu.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphics_processing_unit14:25
michaelfaviayou know what ill let you guys handle it. good luck im going to work.14:25
popeymichaelfavia: its an intel GPU which has no proprietary driver.14:25
ikoniamichaelfavia: yes, so randomly suggesting "popriatary" drivers is flat out wrong.14:25
topofikonia:amanda@amandas-netbook:~$ df -h Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1             7.0G  6.3G  310M  96% / none                  236M  648K  235M   1% /dev none                  243M  192K  242M   1% /dev/shm none                  243M  216K  242M   1% /var/run none                  243M     0  243M   0% /var/lock amanda@amandas-netbook:~$14:25
ikoniatopof: please use a patebin as I asked14:25
topofsry dont know pastebin14:26
ikoniatopof: from that, you have an OS drive of 6GB, and you are only using 310Meg14:26
ikoniatopof: you have over 5GB of 6GB spare14:26
ikoniatopof: pastebin.com14:26
topofkeeps warning there is only 300mb left14:26
ikoniatopof: where ?14:26
topofin a popup window14:26
ikoniatopof: oh wait, maybe the formatting is off14:27
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ikoniatopof: could you please put that in a pastebin14:27
auronandaceikonia: doesn't it say the drive is 7gb and he is using 6.3gb?14:27
topofexplain pastebin please14:27
ikoniaauronandace: yes, I think the formatting is off14:27
ikoniatopof: open that URL that I gave you and copy the text into it14:27
auronandace!paste | topof14:27
ubottutopof: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:27
bilygates@ikonia topof i believe it says 310MB free, 6.3GB used14:27
sc30317hey all, I am trying to startup apache2,and it gives me the following error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/694488/14:28
PharmakonDoes any helpfulperson know how I can change my 'grid' in compiz to be 8 squares (4 on each screen) instead of 4 over two screens?14:28
sc30317anyone have any idea?14:28
ikoniabilygates: yes, I think the formatting was just out of line for me14:28
ikoniasc30317: it's already running14:28
ikoniasc30317: or some other webserver is running on port 8014:28
bilygates@sc30317 there's another process using that port, possibly another instance of apache14:28
sc30317bilygates, ikonia I don't think there is anything else running on that port14:29
ikoniasc30317: there is14:29
ikoniasc30317: see if it responds14:29
ikoniasc30317: telnet localhost 8014:29
sc30317sudo netstat -lnp | grep ''14:29
sc30317 shows nothing14:29
ikoniatopof: ok, so you are using 6014:29
ikoniasc30317: that's not how you use netstat14:29
ikoniatopof: sorry 6GB14:29
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topofthought it was a fresh i nstall14:30
adi11hello. anyone can help me with boot freezing on hp dv6700 with ubuntu 11.04. just after choosing ubuntu on grub page all i see is the purple screen. it hangs on there. thanks14:30
bilygates@sc30317 sudo netstat -lpn | grep :8014:30
sc30317ikonia, then why does it say  capgemini@Capgemini-HP:~$ service apache2 status14:30
sc30317Apache2 is NOT running.14:30
llutzsc30317: sudo lsof -i :8014:30
macer1join #meetingology14:30
ikoniasc30317: do the test I suggested14:30
sc30317ikonia, got it14:30
ikoniasc30317: there you go14:30
ikoniasc30317: that's what's running on port 8014:30
macer1my error trying to do /join :D14:31
sc30317ikonia, thanks!14:31
sc30317got it working14:31
bilygatesno idea aol had an open source server o.014:31
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ikoniatopof: I'd suggest looking in your home directory, and looking int he package manager to see what packages you have installed and removing any software you dont' want/need14:31
adi11help needed with ubuntu 11.04 on a hp dv6700 ... it freezes after the grub page..14:32
adi11thank u anyone14:33
s093294 /join #qt14:33
bilygates@topof i recommend you use baobab to see what's eating up space14:33
m_ 114:34
m_ 214:34
m_ 314:34
m_ 414:34
m_ 514:34
FloodBot1m_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:34
m_ 614:34
=== BIasteye is now known as NBSP-02-X
ikoniam_: please don't flood the channel like that14:34
lanlifeHow to solve BT5R1 Chinese garbled text mode??????????14:40
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Fawzibquestion: what packages i need in 11.10 other than unity-2d/lightdm/light-themes to have a minimal desktop14:44
popeyFawzib: thats a question for #ubuntu+114:44
Fawzibah ok14:44
PharmakonDoes anybody know how to set up Compiz so I can snap windows to the middle of the screen on a dual-screen layout?14:44
popeyPharmakon: that works for me by default14:44
topofikonia done the baobab and home is 2 gig14:44
Pharmakonpopey: not for me!14:44
popeyPharmakon: nvidia twinview?14:45
Pharmakonpopey: I have Nvidia drivers installed14:45
Pharmakonpopey: It might work without them installed, I don't know14:45
Pharmakonpopey: Yes14:45
popeyPharmakon: yeah, worked or me on nvidia twinview, sorry14:45
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=== AlphaComputing is now known as zenon
Pharmakonpopey: Are you running 11.04?14:46
popeyPharmakon: i was, yes14:46
Pharmakonpopey: What version of the NVidia drivers?14:46
popeyPharmakon: no idea, i dont use it now, it was whatever was in 11.0414:47
Pharmakonpopey: Ok14:47
ikoniatopof: thats a lot of data in /home, what's in /home ?14:47
Pharmakonpopey: that is weird14:47
Pharmakonpopey: There must be something different14:47
idefixI'd just like to know.. whenever I use hotmail and PidgIn together the latter says it isn't possible, why is that?14:48
bilygates@pharmakon i have twinview too on 11.04 and snap is working between monitors :s14:48
DelemasUhm this should be obvious but I can't seem to find it. Lucid Lynx is based on which Debian release?14:48
Pharmakonbilygates: snap is working, but what if you want to snap to the edge on the middle of the screen?14:49
Pharmakonbilygates: ***middle of the desktop*** i mean14:49
bilygatesthat seems to work too14:49
jack_^How is the 11.10 beta? im thinking about re-isntalling and throwing it on there and updating through RC to gold. thoughts?14:49
popeyPharmakon: oh hang on, against the right edge of the left screen and against the left edge of the right screen?14:49
topofthanks ikonia14:50
popeyPharmakon: because that's what works for me14:50
bilygatesi think he means in the middle, between the two monitors14:50
Pharmakonpopey: yes!14:50
Pharmakonpopey: that is not working, I want to do that.14:50
* popey shrugs14:50
PharmakonI want to snap against the right edge of the left screen and the left edge of the right screen.14:50
bilygatesbut are you sure it's working on the other margins?14:50
PharmakonLike in **scoff*** windows 714:50
bilygatesmaybe it's completely disabled?14:51
ikoniaPharmakon: I'm not sure that will work as twinview see it as one screen14:51
Pharmakonbilygates: It certainly is working on the right hand side of the right screen and the left hand side of the left screen.14:51
Pharmakonbilygates: takes some wrangling14:51
ikoniaPharmakon: xinerama is 2 screens merged, twinview is 1 screen14:51
ikoniaPharmakon: maybe one of the guys bilygates popey can confirm if that worked14:51
bilygates@ikonia it's working for me using twinview14:51
PharmakonI press ctrl-alt-6(keypad) twice to get it on the right hand side of the right screen14:51
bilygatesaltought i'm using gnome classic, it that makes any difference14:51
ikoniabilygates: so you can snap to the inside edge of both monitors ?14:52
popeyyup, working here too14:52
bilygates@ikonia yup, the windows get 'glued' to the middle of de desktop, between the two monitors14:52
ikoniabilygates: no, not between14:52
ikoniabilygates: the edge of either the left/right monitor, on the inside14:52
Pharmakonikonia: xinerama?14:52
ikoniaPharmakon: don't worry about that, just see if bilygates and popey confirm it's working14:53
Pharmakonbilygates: I am using unity14:53
popey15:52:04 < popey> yup, working here too14:53
bilygates@ikonia yes, that's what i meant, my english sucks :d14:53
bilygatesmaybe it's a unity-thing?14:53
Pharmakonbilygates: I think so14:53
ikoniapopey: sorry missed that14:53
ikoniapopey: plus there seemed to be some confusion as to the middle of the screen and the inside boarders of the two screens.14:53
bilygatespopey, are you using unity or gnome-classic?14:53
popeyit was under unity14:53
popeyi am not right this moment14:53
PharmakonOk so in the compiz settings file there is way of changing some of the settings for the 'grid' which the windows snap to.14:54
Pharmakonbut I don't see anyway of configuring edges.14:54
Pharmakonshould I try this '14:54
Pharmakon'xinerama' thing?14:55
ikoniaPharmakon: no no14:55
Pharmakonikonia: ok14:55
dj_beiruthi.. i am having problems with changing permissions to a folder with owner "nobody" and group "nogroup" i have root access.14:55
ikoniaPharmakon: I shouldn't have mentioned that, I didn't mean to add confusion to the mix14:55
ikoniadj_beirut: what's the issue ?14:55
Pharmakonikonia: ok14:55
Pharmakonany ideas?14:55
dj_beirutikonia i can't change the owner so i can move delete or edit it.14:56
ikoniaPharmakon: I don't have a box to test on at the moment, so will struggle to prgoress14:56
ikoniadj_beirut: what command are you using14:56
dj_beirutchown -R14:56
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ikoniadj_beirut: please show me the exact command14:56
bilygates@pharmakon are you using wobbly windows?14:56
ikoniadj_beirut: please show me the exact command14:56
Pharmakon@bilygates Nope14:57
dj_beirutsudo chown -R myusername /media/test/TV/Suits/14:57
Pharmakon@bilygates you mean when I drag do they 'wobble'? then nope14:57
ikoniadj_beirut: and what is the error ?14:57
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:57
dj_beirutOperation not permitted14:57
ikoniadj_beirut: what file system is on the disk /media/test/TV/Suits14:57
bilygates@pharmakon ok, that extension overrides snap, that's why i asked14:58
dj_beirutnfs i think.. it's a nas disk14:58
Pharmakon@bilygates do you know any other extensions that might overide snap that I can double check against?14:58
ikoniadj_beirut: worth checking as that maybe the issue,14:58
Trashihi guys. i have a lenovo thinkpad sl510 with an integrated 7in1 cardreader. if i put in a sd or xd card nothing happens. could someone try to help please?14:58
bilygates@pharmakon nope, but if snapping windows is enabled in ccsm then it should work :s14:58
dj_beirutit is: /media/test type nfs14:59
bilygates@pharmakon you can't enable both snapping windows and wobbly windows afaik14:59
ikoniadj_beirut: so the permissions are controled from the server, and by the mount statement used to mount it15:00
hypertyperI'm writing a script and I need to detect whether a laptop is on battery or mains. How do I detect that? Thanks15:00
Greysterjust a noob testing15:00
Pharmakon@bilygates Snapping  is enabled and wobbly windows is disabled15:00
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llutzhypertyper: acpi -V    maybe15:00
=== Tass is now known as tup
dj_beirutikonia: so what can i do about it? i don't have problems deleting or addind files to the rest of the files!15:01
ikoniallutz: that's an interesting method,15:01
idefixmy housemate is dutch and doesn't like to be called 'dude', what do I call him?15:01
ikoniaidefix: that's nothing to do with ubuntu - which is what this channel is about15:01
idefixsorry wrong channel15:01
llutzikonia: not elegant, but...15:01
bilygates@hypertyper this might help you http://www.basicallytech.com/blog/index.php?/archives/110-Colour-coded-battery-charge-level-and-status-in-your-bash-prompt.html15:01
ikoniadj_beirut: rest of the files ?15:01
ikoniallutz: very intersting15:01
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MMloshHi!  Is it normal&tolerated for QTopia to create  /.config directory  (in the root dir!) and hide stuff there?15:02
hypertyperthanks, I'm off to investigate15:02
dj_beirutikonia the other files and directories in the /media/test15:02
ikoniadj_beirut: can you show me the output of "ls -la /media/test" please.15:02
ikoniadj_beirut: (use a pastebin please)15:03
i-was-fedora hi , i have a problem dealing with some of my (iso) file types over my (hard disk) ... i don't know what happened , but now they are read as (data) by the file utility ....not able to mount them or extract files from them .. any suggestions ??15:03
dj_beirutikonia http://pastebin.com/4eC3DyTZ15:03
llutzhypertyper: grep charging /proc/acpi/battery/BAT?/state15:04
ikoniadj_beirut: so if you do this exact command "sudo chown dj_beirut:dj_beirut /media/test/Music"15:05
ikoniadj_beirut: what do you get from that exact command15:05
dj_beirutikonia i get the same damn thing! :/15:06
ikoniadj_beirut: what about "sudo touch /media/test/test_file"15:06
dj_beirutno error15:07
dj_beiruti got a file called test_file15:07
hypertyperbilygates and llutz, thanks for your help, I should have something to work with now15:07
ikoniadj_beirut: can you show me the output of ls -la /media/test/test_file15:07
dj_beirut-rw-r--r-- 1 nobody nogroup 0 2011-09-21 17:07 /media/test/test_file15:08
ikoniadj_beirut: ok, the fact that the file is owned by the same user when you made it as root, suggests the server (nfs server) is locking the ownership, which is possible with NFS15:08
ikoniadj_beirut: the owner needs to be set either a.) on the server b.) the mount options, if your setup permits it15:08
dj_beirutikonia you mean in fstab where i am mounting this?15:09
ikoniadj_beirut: it's more likley it's locked on the server15:09
ikoniadj_beirut: it's doubtful that will work, but possible15:09
dj_beiruti have access to that too..'15:09
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club_hi everybody15:12
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dj_beirutikonia now i added the desktop i am using as a root priviliged host to the nfs settings on the server15:14
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drgebI am getting this error while running any idea what it means ? "symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: _ZN9QListData11detach_growEPii"15:20
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MMloshOh forget about my  extraneous  (Root dir!) /.config/Trolltech.conf .. it is probably a bug in kubuntu instalator I used15:23
pythonsnakeWhat is the difference between dist-upgrade and upgrade ?15:24
irvbrasero doesn't seem to be burning multiple copies of my iso. it's failing to eject the cd, then the burn another copy window just sits there. although the blank cd is showing up in OS15:25
tsousai have an installation of ubuntu 11.04. i installed the latests upgrades but know 5 in 5 minutos my wireless goes down15:26
MonkeyDustpythonsnake: upgrade is al your software, dist-upgrade is your os15:26
tsousawhat seems to be the problem?15:26
pythonsnakeMonkeyDust: if I dist-upgrade my Lucid, it'll become 11.04 ?15:26
Flannelpythonsnake: upgrade makes all the packages you currently have move to the latest version if possible.  dist-upgrade makes all the packages move to the latest version, even if that means installing new packages.15:26
pythonsnakeah ok15:27
MonkeyDustpythonsnake: after L comes M, Maverick, 11.04 is N, Natty15:27
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pythonsnakeand O, Oneiric15:28
pythonsnakeThe following packages have been kept back:15:28
ApolloSmileI am 100% new to ubuntu just installed it i needed to know how to tell ubunto to read my ntfs partitions however this harddrive has 2 seperate partitions and it reads the second one witch is ntfs but the main one with my files dont show how to i make it show the other partition on ubunto please be specific as posible as this is new to me15:29
pythonsnakeI have added docky dev ppa but it won't upgrade: The following packages have been kept back: Docky15:29
pythonsnakeWhat's wrong ?15:29
Oneirosxoda exla ra vqnat unda viswavlo me wavedi :D15:29
MMloshHi! Do you know where is the __K__Ubuntu bugtracker.. if that thing exists at all?15:29
PolahDoes install Ubuntu to a USB drive work the same as installing to an internal drive?15:30
Lithos84!ntfs | ApolloSmile15:31
ubottuApolloSmile: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE15:31
ikoniaPolah: it does, but the boot loader is a tricky thing to manage in that situation15:31
Polahikonia: How so?15:31
ikoniaPolah: well, where are you going to put the boot loader ?15:31
Polahikonia: On the USB drive15:32
ApolloSmilereDING IT15:32
compdoca usb memory stick, or ausb external hard drive?15:32
ikoniaPolah: ok, so that means each time you want to use it you'll have to override your motherboard and tell it to boot from the USB drive, is that possible on your machine ?15:32
Polahikonia: Well, USB is set to be selected for boot first. I can also choose which device to boot from temporarily as well15:33
ikoniaPolah: that should be easier to manage15:33
Polahikonia: So in that case can I just configure GRUB as I would normally?15:34
ikoniaPolah: as long as it's on the usb boot loader, and your OS is self contained on the boot loader15:34
ikoniaPolah: sorry, I phrased that bad, as long as the boot loader is onthe USB drive and the OS is self contained fully on the USB, that should be managable15:35
kasihow can I mount a .cdr file in ubuntu?15:35
Polahikonia: Ah good. Also, would it be possible for me to tell GRUB to boot from an ISO on my system arbitrarily, to install on this USB drive, without have to edit my grub config file?15:35
Maniakeshas anyone used samba with encrypted partitions?15:35
CosmicVoyagerHey. How do you cd to highest directory in terminal?15:36
KirinDaveCosmicVoyager, cd /15:36
MonkeyDustCosmicVoyager: cd /15:36
MonkeyDustKirinDave was faster :)15:36
KirinDaveCosmicVoyager, But you prooooobably want cd ~15:36
CosmicVoyagerthanks i was hitting cd.. a zillion times15:36
KirinDaveAlso do consider pushd and popd15:36
ManiakesKasi..  have you explored the mount command?15:36
ApolloSmileso i need fuse now were to get fuse hehehe15:38
kasiManiakes, I'll have to, I hoped that there would be a gui15:39
Maniakeshave you tried just double clicking on the file?15:39
ApolloSmileunbunto software center shows to many fuse apps15:40
ApolloSmileidk witch one right one15:40
MeluhaHello ppl. i cant find the ubuntu unity plugin in ccsm. am using natty15:40
Meluhaany clue?15:40
Meluhait isnt present in the desktop tab15:41
pythonsnakeinsyall it properly15:41
ikoniapythonsnake: how do you know it's not installed correctly ?15:41
pythonsnakebecause it's not present in ccsm15:42
ikoniadoes that mean for certain it's not installed correctly ?15:42
Meluhainstall what ccsm again?15:42
Lithos84ApolloSmile: In a terminal, type (without quotes) "sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g"15:42
pythonsnakeikonia: maybe you can give another suggestion ?15:44
pythonsnakei don't know15:44
ikoniapythonsnake: I would have liked a little more information before offering random advice,15:44
ApolloSmilethis did not work in terminal sudp apt-get install ntfs-3g15:44
ApolloSmilewrong letter15:44
ikoniapythonsnake: I'll let you progress it through15:44
pythonsnakeikonia: why..15:44
ikoniapythonsnake: you offered the advice, so see it through15:44
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest79410
pythonsnakeMeluha: how did you install the plugin15:46
Maniakeslike the nick, IamTrying15:46
ApolloSmileError mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with:15:46
ApolloSmilemount: only root can mount /dev/sda2 on /media/sda215:46
Meluha@ pythonsnake... i havent15:46
Guest79410hi! if i want to make sure PATH and JAVA_HOME is correct, is it correct to just enter code into ~/.bash_profile ?15:46
IamTryingManiakes, universal true :)15:46
Meluhaim not able to find info15:46
Guest79410i guess something is wrong since the path is not updated as I log in15:47
Guest79410im using export PATH=.... and similarly for JAVA_HOME15:47
dnivraGuest79410: ~/.bashrc15:47
=== Mud is now known as Guest43688
Guest79410dnivra, oh, so .bash_profile is not executed?15:47
Lithos84ApolloSmile: type "sudo" before "mount".15:47
Guest79410upon login...15:47
PharmakonDoes anybody know how I can get compiz to recognize that I have two screens. currently pop-up error messages are split between screens.15:47
pythonsnakeMeluha: reinstall Unity15:48
dnivraGuest79410: i don't think there is a file called ~/.bash_profile. least I don't have it. anyway ~/.bashrc is the file you want :).15:48
Anarchy7I have a server and an FTP server, how can I transfer a file from my server to my ftp server?15:48
Guest79410ok thanks! ill try it15:48
ikoniapythonsnake: whoaaa15:48
ikoniare-install Unity as a compiz plugin is not installed ?15:48
i-was-fedoradnivra: u mean ~/.profile ??15:48
Meluhaexaclt how do i reinstall unity?15:49
ApolloSmilei was trying to use the storage device maniger15:49
Guest79410btw, does it matter where in the file i type in the code?15:49
pythonsnakeikonia: yeah, maybe it's that http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163655815:49
idefixI was just going to say that I wasn't supposed to say that then they kicked me from offtopic15:49
Meluhai just reinstalled unity-2d15:49
Meluhabut it didnt work15:49
ApolloSmilei messed up something on it and now the one that it did see is unmounted15:49
kasiI can mount the cdr file with the loop mount, however, I would have to specify a mount directory. Is there a more convenient way to mount a file under /media?15:49
ikoniapythonsnake: even if it was, there is no need to re-install all of unity15:49
GreekFreakHello. I have purchased a laptop with the Radeon HD 6470M graphics card that is not supported. If I install the proprietry drivers, some programs don't work. If I leave the generic drivers, I get a black screen on boot. Any suggestions?15:50
pythonsnakeikonia: what do you suggests? ...15:50
ikoniaGreekFreak: the cards that aren't supported rarley work15:51
dnivrai-was-fedora: no. that file isn't read if .bashrc exists15:51
ikoniapythonsnake: either a.) installing the plugin b.) re-installing the package that contains the plugin15:51
dnivraoh no I mean ~/.bash_profile.15:51
pythonsnakewhat is the package ?15:51
GreekFreakikonia: I'm new to Linux, but I was under the impression that something would exist somewhere. I can't exactly return the laptop.15:51
dnivralike I said i-was-fedora ~/.bashrc does what Guest79410. I've done it anyway so am quite sure it works.15:51
ikoniaGreekFreak: if the cards not supported, then no, $something won't exist15:52
idefixhow do you talk to someone who's not in this channel?15:52
ikoniaGreekFreak: the ATI cards are quite specifc in their support15:52
ApolloSmilehehe maby i should use ubunto on my server machine instead15:52
=== Micki_ is now known as Micki
i-was-fedoradnivra: i don't remeber , but that's not 100% right ... bashrc related to (tty emulator)  .. pts , and profile realted to (tty) themself ..  something like that ;)15:52
ApolloSmilei installed the ati driver and it now isent as smooth desktop as it was15:52
ApolloSmilei have an ati 567015:53
GreekFreakikonia: is there somewhere I can find out when they will support it?15:53
pythonsnakeidefix: /query foobar15:53
ikoniaGreekFreak: you can contact ATI ?15:53
GreekFreakikonia: lol15:53
ikoniaGreekFreak: that was a serious suggestion15:54
dnivrai-was-fedora: i am not too sure about profile :). i know bashrc does work just like you said: tty and pts.15:54
GreekFreakikonia: I'll have to wait for the States to wake up then15:54
ikoniaGreekFreak: probably yes, but sending the email asap is worth while as it will take a few days at least to get a response, if you do get any15:54
GreekFreakikonia: thank you15:55
jacob__hi again, does anyone know how to update java (JDK) version? i have the 1.7 binaries at /usr/local/java , but 'which java' results in /usr/bin/java15:55
jacob__if i want to fix this do i have to do something more than just updating PATH and JAVA_HOME?15:56
=== ^Ciccios^ is now known as ^Ciccios`work^
ikoniajacob__: either update your path or look at /etc/alternatives15:56
ApolloSmilewill this work in ubuntu AMD Catalyst™ 11.8 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver15:57
ApolloSmilethe linux driver15:58
jacob__ikonia, i guess the problem is that i cant remove /usr/bin from my path, and that takes precedence over the correct path15:58
antonio_does somebody knows a chan where people can help with php issues?15:58
pythonsnakeantonio_: #php15:58
ikoniajacob__: you don't remove /usr/bin from your path, you change the order and put /usr/local/bin first15:58
ikoniait's ##php15:58
ikonianot #php15:58
jacob__oh, duh, thx :)15:58
antonio_pythonsnake, it says that requires an invitation15:58
pythonsnakeantonio_: ##php15:59
ikoniaantonio_: the channel is ##php, not #php15:59
antonio_ok, now it says "##php :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services"15:59
antonio_i need to register into freenode?15:59
pythonsnakeantonio_: /msg nickserv register mypass15:59
pythonsnakeantonio_: /msg nickserv identify mypass15:59
oizoQuestion: I've got a new laptop, but some special keys aren't working (vol. up/down, play-pause and stop) how can i get these to work or assign them to something (system->preferences->keyboard shortcuts doesnt work)16:00
pythonsnakedoesn't #php redirect to ##php ?16:00
ikonia!register | antonio_16:00
ubottuantonio_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:00
pythonsnakeoizo: maybe acpi16:00
jacob__is there a way to execute .bashrc without logging out?16:00
pythonsnakesource .bashrc16:00
sauerbratenwhat's the best place to go when you have a non-working card driver, but know which driver is used on windows? I'm talking about http://consumersupport.lenovo.com/us/en/DriversDownloads/drivers_show_4322.html16:00
=== antonio_ is now known as jokinfeyman
ikoniajacob__:  .bashrc thats it16:00
pythonsnake!acpi | oizo16:00
ikoniajacob__: you execute it, it's just a script16:00
oizopythonsnake: acpi how?16:00
pythonsnakeikonia: no, it's source .bashrc16:01
jokinfeymanthanks, it works :)16:01
pythonsnakeI'm wrong ?16:01
sauerbratenoh. *card reader I mean16:01
ikoniapythonsnake: you can do .bashrc or . .bashrc it's the same thing16:01
sauerbratenwhat's the best place to go when you have a non-working card reader but know which driver is used on windows? I'm talking about http://consumersupport.lenovo.com/us/en/DriversDownloads/drivers_show_4322.html16:01
ikoniasauerbraten: there is no where to go, other than the vendor to ask them to make a compatible kernel module16:02
jacob__.bashrc results in "command not found"16:02
pythonsnakeikonia: "source ~/.bashrc"16:02
pythonsnakejacob__: "source ~/.bashrc16:02
jacob__./.bashrc results in "Permission denied"16:02
ikoniapythonsnake: you've said that 3 times, and I understand what your saying16:02
sysadaminjacob__: ". .bashrc"16:02
pythonsnakejacob__: "source ~/.bashrc"16:02
jacob__pythonsnake, thx, *trying16:02
ikoniajacob__: . .bashrc16:02
inphernalHi all, having some video troubles. I boot into 11.04 and am stuck in 1024x768 resolution, and the failsafeX UI. Monitor settings say "Monitor: Unknown", and I cannot set anything. The laptop used to work fine. It has a Intel Mobile 4 chipset.16:02
jacob__ikonia, pythonsnake , thx, both worked16:03
pythonsnakejacob__: you're welcome16:03
ork0"Permission denied (13)" when I transfer files over bluetooth to my android phone. What do I do?16:03
jacob__yeah, i have jdk 1.7 :)16:03
jacob__i never got these paths working before, thx a lot, cya!16:04
pythonsnakeoizo: The Advanced Configuration and Power Interface16:04
inphernalHi all, having some video troubles. I boot into 11.04 and am stuck in 1024x768 resolution, and the failsafeX UI. Monitor settings say "Monitor: Unknown", and I cannot set anything. The laptop used to work fine. It has a Intel Mobile 4 chipset.16:05
pythonsnakeinphernal: stop flooding16:05
pythonsnakeone time is enough16:05
oizopythonsnake: i'lll have a look at that and get back, thanks16:06
pythonsnakeoizo: np16:07
SpiderFredhi how do you call that network authenctication where you can connect to wifi but than can connect to only one site where you login and can use internet?16:07
HoNgOuRuHow do I create a launcher with this command ??? "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so skype"16:08
HoNgOuRuwithout quotes at the terminal16:08
prasenjeetpnot sure if this is the right place to ask ... any pointers about the choice between ubuntu and mint ?16:09
HoNgOuRuHow do I create a launcher with this command ??? "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so skype"  without quotes16:09
prasenjeetpas a desktop for programmers16:09
HoNgOuRuwhat to put in the command?16:09
macer1prasenjeetp, do you like unity?16:09
HoNgOuRuI do16:09
HoNgOuRua lot, but it needs fixes16:09
prasenjeetpmacer1: am afraid i have no idea what unity is16:10
pythonsnakeprasenjeetp: arch16:10
* prasenjeetp goes looking16:10
ork0"Permission denied (13)" when I transfer files over bluetooth to my android phone. What do I do?16:10
HoNgOuRuHow do I create a launcher with this command ??? "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so skype"  without quotes16:10
pythonsnakeHoNgOuRu: stop.16:10
PiciHoNgOuRu: Please stop repeating so often.16:10
ikoniapythonsnake: please don't offer random nonsense advice16:10
macer1prasenjeetp: OK this is new interface of future releases of ubuntu. Mint comes with classic gnome2 desktop, and codec pack(which you can install from ubuntu repos)16:10
pythonsnakeikonia: ?16:11
macer1Mint is based on Ubuntu AFAIK16:11
ikoniapythonsnake: suggesting arch16:11
bilygatesmint also has a new version which is based on debian16:11
pythonsnakewhy not arch ?16:11
PiciHoNgOuRu: Launchers cannot take commands with arguments, so just put your entire command into a script and you can run that script using the launchaer.16:11
inphernalHi all, having some video troubles. I boot into 11.04 and am stuck in 1024x768 resolution, and the failsafeX UI. Monitor settings say "Monitor: Unknown", and I cannot set anything. The laptop used to work fine. It has a Intel Mobile 4 chipset.16:11
ikoniapythonsnake: that wasn't his question, please don't randomly push that to people16:11
HoNgOuRuPici, I want to assign a key to run that command16:11
HoNgOuRuoh !16:11
HoNgOuRuI can do the script thing, yeah, thank u16:12
pythonsnakeikonia: ok16:12
PiciHoNgOuRu: Okay, so put that command into a file, set it as executable, and assign your key to run the script :)16:12
bilygates@prasenjeetp i'm a programmer and ubuntu suits me nicely, but i'm pretty sure mint would do too16:12
HoNgOuRuPici, yeah thanks16:12
prasenjeetpmacer1:  yes, mint is based on ubuntu too ... we have been using mint for over a year now but considering between ubuntu and mint now that we are planning to do fresh installs/upgrades16:12
macer1prasenjeetp, if you don't hate unity, I think it is better to install Ubuntu ;)16:13
pythonsnakeprasenjeetp: Maybe Ubuntu Lucid ?16:13
prasenjeetpmacer1:  hmm, let me understand the statement :-)16:13
pythonsnakemacer1: ubuntu != unity16:14
bilygatesyou can always dump unity and install gnome316:14
bilygatesor maybe gnome2 if anyone ports it16:14
pythonsnakebilygates: or use lucid16:15
bilygatesyeah, if you don't care for updates, use lucid by all means16:15
ikoniabilygates: luicd will get more updates than any other current ubuntu distro16:16
pythonsnakeikonia: "will" ?16:16
ikoniapythonsnake: yes,16:16
pythonsnakewhen exctly ?16:17
ikoniapythonsnake: as updates are needed16:17
bilygateswell yes, it's LTS, but aren't the majority of updates only bugfixes?16:17
prasenjeetpikonia: pythonsnake bilygates : where do i get to see more about these variations16:17
ikoniaprasenjeetp: ubuntu.com16:18
pythonsnakeprasenjeetp: linuxmint.com16:18
prasenjeetpikonia: am on the site and still looking for all these unity ... lucid etc (found unity already)16:18
ikoniaprasenjeetp: unity is a desktop, not a release.16:19
ikoniaprasenjeetp: the ones on the website will be 10.04 and 11.0416:19
prasenjeetpikonia: yeah, i think i have installed unity on ubuntu (is that the right way to say it) on some PCs16:20
ikoniaprasenjeetp: unity is available by default in 11.0416:20
prasenjeetpwonder what other choices exist and where i can find them (and some comparision)16:20
ikoniaprasenjeetp: it is part of the 11.04 "natty" release.16:20
prasenjeetpikonia: yeah, that explains how i got it :-)16:20
OgrawsI need help with wireless adapter usb on ubuntu 10.1016:21
ApolloSmileWill ubunto boot on another machine without issues? like drive swap16:21
ikoniaApolloSmile: depends on the hardware, mostly yes16:22
ApolloSmilethe hardware im sure is supported16:22
ikoniaApolloSmile: not quite that simple16:22
ikoniaApolloSmile: but it should mostly work and just need a few tweaks16:22
ApolloSmileprobably best i do a reinstall on the machine16:22
mneptokApolloSmile: a machine with BIOS versus a machine with EFI/UEFI will cause issues, for sure.16:23
ApolloSmilesomeone can remote support me16:23
ApolloSmilein mounting my other drives and getting proper drivers16:23
ikoniaApolloSmile: you shouldn't need "drivers" unless your video card is significantly different or you have a closed source product in the new machine16:23
ApolloSmilemy desktop used to run smoothly16:23
dr_willisApolloSmile:  ive swapped hd's befor with very few issues.16:23
ApolloSmilenow when i install the ati driver it slow16:24
Maartennote to self: do not put a mount --bind to some folder in /etcfstab without actually mounting the drive it needs first, or your headless server will get stuck on startup waiting to mount something.... :D16:24
prasenjeetpok, next would be to try and find out whats the best way to install ubuntu on 60 computers, they have no DVD drives and i would prefer to install them all IDENTICAL with a few other stuff (webmin, LAMP etc)16:25
ikoniaprasenjeetp: you know webmin is not supported or recommended on ubuntu yes ?16:25
ApolloSmile60 computers omg16:26
prasenjeetpikonia: no, i wasnt aware :-(16:26
ikoniaprasenjeetp: I would look at either kickstart for a re-occuring build with changes, or an image based software such as clonezilla to just keep cloning the drives16:26
prasenjeetpikonia: why isnt webmin supported ? any article to read ?16:27
SpiderFredhi how do you call that network authenctication where you can connect to wifi but than can connect to only one site where you login and can use internet?16:27
dr_willis!webmin | prasenjeetp16:27
ubottuprasenjeetp: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.16:27
ikoniaprasenjeetp: it's a project filled with security issues, and the way ubuntu lays out certain config files is incompatible16:27
mneptokprasenjeetp: also, Webmin is a security nightmare.16:27
prasenjeetpApolloSmile: yeah, we want to standardize things16:27
ikoniaSpiderFred: 2 factor ?16:28
prasenjeetpikonia: so, any other suggestions ... want people to be able to do stuff like create virtual domains, databases etc16:28
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
ikoniaprasenjeetp: is these for peoples desktops, or for something like a web hosting business ?16:28
ikoniaprasenjeetp: I'm asking as the purpose will define the tools16:28
prasenjeetpmneptok: this is within the office LAN ... does the security become a concern there too16:28
mneptokprasenjeetp: yes16:29
mneptokprasenjeetp: even more so. as someone with malicious intent already has some degree of access.16:29
SpiderFredikonia: no I mean just one authentication through webclient to use internet16:29
prasenjeetpikonia: its for individual desktops for programmers but they each use their computers as development servers16:29
ApolloSmilehahah ubuntu is using the easy window snap as windows 7 wonders16:29
=== james_ is now known as edwardthefma
ikoniaprasenjeetp: then they should be using tools such as mysql's database tools16:29
ikoniaprasenjeetp: or depending on their systems administrators to manage things like the configs16:30
parami need help[16:30
mneptokprasenjeetp: developers do not need webmin, they need sudo. and build the tools and data needed into your kickstart image (i.e. pre-add the local user accounts to the "mysql" group)16:30
prasenjeetpikonia: sadly, most do not have any insight .. they come from windows background ... i am fighting it hard to get them all to linux16:30
ikoniaprasenjeetp: the mysql tools are gui driven, so should be quite normal to them16:31
mneptokprasenjeetp: Webmin will cause you and your users headaches within a few months. if not weeks.16:31
ikoniaprasenjeetp: mysql on windows is the same tools/config as mysql on linux16:31
mneptokikonia: some are, like Workbench.16:31
ikoniamneptok: which is the tools I suggested16:31
Maartenprasenjeetp: not to be the devil's advocate here..... but would it not be easier to keep them on Windows if they can be productive there? I know we sysadmins always want to convert people, but it isn't always in the best interest of busines.16:32
prasenjeetpany input on apache management16:32
prasenjeetplike creating virtual hosts etc16:32
SavageWolfUh, how would I reinstall a package so it is purged and redownloaded without removing any of it's dependencies?16:32
ikoniaMaarten: it's a valid point.16:32
prasenjeetpMaarten: the license costs for each desktop is huge ... we are finding it hard to handle ... also, once its streamlined, i think people get used to linux too16:33
mneptokprasenjeetp: if a DBA cares about what OS they use, they're not a very good DBA. ;) SQL syntax is SQL syntax, and any text editor can write it. it's the distance between the power-on button and getting to that comfy editor that you need to worry about.16:33
SchalaZealI'm rather curious how my DHCP internet works automatically in Ubuntu yet when I tried Gentoo or Arch Linux it didn't.16:34
ikoniaprasenjeetp: one option is to setup 4 virtual domains as part of the build you deploy and limt them to that16:34
SchalaZealUbuntu has no /etc/rc.conf after all16:34
ikoniaprasenjeetp: I assume you mean apache domains16:34
prasenjeetpmneptok: true ... but there is always a mental block that i have to handle delicately16:34
ikoniaSchalaZeal: it's controlled by gnome in network manager on the desktop16:34
prasenjeetpikonia: thats right, apache virtualhosts16:34
ikoniaprasenjeetp: setup 4 as part of the default build16:34
Maartenyeah there is the license cost, true..... but that amounts to about 3 hours of a web developer's salary, perhaps once a year if you have a MS subscription..... Just saying, as much as I love linux, (I have mixed environment here as well), it isn't always the best solution if you have a large group of windows-minded people.16:35
mang0In AWN is there a way to magnify on hover, like on mac osx dock? I've only managed to get a really really small magnification, and only the icon I'm mousing over....16:35
pythonsnakemang0: no16:36
tadohey. does someone want to save my ipod classic from flying out the window? it has given me endless trouble with ubuntu, and now doesn't mount any longer...16:36
mneptokprasenjeetp: or, identify the most Windows-entrenched staff, and get them VMs in Virtualbox under Ubuntu. let them transition gradually.16:36
prasenjeetpmneptok: Maarten they have got used to linux now ... we have been using mint for over one year now16:37
prasenjeetpjust that we always had webmin (on mint)16:37
ActionParsnipmang0: docky does afaik, and cairodock may too16:37
pythonsnakeprasenjeetp: just try it !16:37
synackfinhow do I remove all the desktop packages to get to a minimal "ubuntu server" state? (ubuntu desktop currently installed)16:37
ikoniaprasenjeetp: if your comfortable with it, use it, just be aware of the issues and risks it causes16:37
pythonsnakeActionParsnip: true16:37
Maartenhmmm... now I have this thin client, and I am re-purposing it as a small linux server, was thinking of putting a webcam on it and using it as a poor man's security system.... any software recommendations?16:37
ActionParsnipsynackfin: uninstall xorg and the rest will be marked for removal16:37
llutzsynackfin: easier to start from 0 with minimal.iso16:38
Maartenprasenjeetp: Ah, if they are already used to linux,no prob :)16:38
mneptokMaarten: PM?16:38
mang0ActionParsnip: cairodock does do it, but It's quite cpu intense (for my machine!) Will try docky. Thanks :D16:38
prasenjeetppythonsnake: try what ?16:38
ActionParsnipmang0: also simdock does it too (super lightweight)16:38
synackfinActionParnsip: `apt-get purge xorg` only removes two packages: xorg and ubuntu-desktop16:38
mang0ActionParsnip: simdock sounds good, will look into it.16:38
Maartenmneptok: Googling "PM" but not getting a clear answer. Is that a abbreviation for something?16:39
synackfinActionParsnip: I want to remove -everything- non-server related, gnome, wifi tools, etc16:39
mneptokMaarten: "may i private message?"16:39
ActionParsnipsynackfin: sudo apt-get --purge remove xorg libgn*; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove16:39
Maartenmneptok: hahaha! of course ;)16:39
Maartensorry not awake yet, I thought you meant a software package16:40
ActionParsnipsynackfin: also uninstall xserver-xorg and xserver-common16:41
ActionParsnipsynackfin: I'd suggest you do this in root recovery mode so you don'tget any weirdness uninstalling an app which is running16:41
hypertyperI'm trying to incorporate a script and get an error message. I'm trying to extract a string and compare it to another. pastebin.com/AS6xwrWT16:42
ActionParsniphypertyper: wouldn't it be:  BATTERY=`cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1`16:44
llutzhypertyper: BATSTATE=$( awk '/charging state/{ print $3 }')16:44
* prasenjeetp busy trying to make sense of clonezilla mentioned by ikonia16:44
hypertyperno, that bit is working, the path is corredct16:44
llutzhypertyper: BATSTATE=$( awk '/charging state/{ print $3 }') $BATTERY/state16:45
ActionParsniphypertyper: your if statement is a bit off too. Change it to:              if ["$BATSTATE" = "discharging"]; then16:45
madalini have a vlan (eth1.10) which is linked to eth1. I'm trying to deny outgoing traffic. How could i do that ?16:45
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
pythonsnakeprasenjeetp: ...16:46
pythonsnakeprasenjeetp: try the distros16:46
=== MichealH` is now known as Guest53887
ActionParsniphttp://pastebin.com/TavjNxRP  hypertyper16:46
prasenjeetppythonsnake: what about them ... sorry, am not sure i understood16:47
=== patrick is now known as Guest12849
madalini have a vlan (eth1.10) which is linked to eth1. I'm trying to deny outgoing traffic. How could i do that ?16:48
pythonsnakeprasenjeetp: try them one by one and see what you like !!16:48
prasenjeetppythonsnake: i understand now ... frankly, since we need to have something uniform for all, am just trying to get some input from you guys that are in the know already16:49
mang0How do I quit awn dock?16:49
mang0got it16:49
oizoQuestion: I've got a new laptop, but some special keys aren't working (vol. up/down, play-pause and stop) tried "xev" but there is no reaction to pressing the buttons ... help?16:50
pythonsnakemang0: try docky16:50
antnashHEy guys. Can anyone tell me how I can get my new wireless mini keyboard/touchpad to work? It's an Ortek PKB-1700, being mistaken for a WKB-200016:50
haus1I had an issue with Brasero not seeing my DVD/CD drives to burn a disk?   I found & installed GnomeBaker it's working perfectly, anyone ever see this ?16:50
pythonsnakeoizo: ...16:50
mang0pythonsnake: I will :)16:50
pythonsnakeoizo: ACPI.16:50
pythonsnakehave you looked on it ?16:50
pythonsnakemang0: killall avant-window-navigator16:50
llutzhypertyper: better to use $() than backticks, and grep isn't needed if using awk:   BATSTATE=$( awk '/charging state/ { print $3 }' $BATTERY/state)16:50
mang0pythonsnake: Yeah, found the quit button though :)16:51
oizopythonsnake: Yeah, i looked at it, but couldn't figure out what actually to do.16:51
urlin2uhaus1, yes brasero should see them if you open it rather then use the prompt to burn.16:51
mang0ew simdock is horrible16:51
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haus1I did that, but "baker" seemed to work fine ...16:52
pythonsnakemang0: true16:53
urlin2uhaus1, I use ether for that reason, you can also go to the plugins in brasero and turn off the md5sum make16:53
ZerpyHey guys, I don't know if this is the right channel, but I'm sitting here with ubuntu, running apache2, and want to setup ftp, so I can connect to the server, any got a tip?16:53
hypertyperllutz, I've tried what you posted and it just sat there and did nothing16:54
designbybeckanyone know what the setting is in Compiz to "Shade" a window... like ctrl + scroll wheel to roll up and down on the title bar?16:54
hypertyperI've new to linux so have never used awk or grep16:54
llutzhypertyper: 3rd version should do, 1st/2nd had errors, sry16:54
madalini have a vlan (eth1.10) which is linked to eth1. I'm trying to deny outgoing traffic. How could i do that ?16:54
hypertyperkk I'll try again16:54
Tracker2join #ubuntu-es16:55
Tracker2join # ubuntu-es16:55
cache_surpluswhen i goto network icon on ubuntu, i get this response - Could Not Display "network:///"  now, i can access my freebsd server no problem in gnome desktop by typing in smb://x.x.x.x/shares     it mounts fine, and is displayed, so forth, but the network icon under Places doesnt show up and produces the error above and also: http://ScrnSht.com/lyjjyj16:55
llutzTracker2: /join #ubuntu-es16:56
cache_surplussuggestions? links? howtos? thanks16:56
genuhey, I'm kind of new to tomcat. I'm trying to deply an applycation on the server, but I get a message "FAIL - Application at contacts path /[my app] could not be starated" Where can I find the logs so I can see what went wrong? can I get some help?16:56
Picigenu: #tomcat would be a better place to ask.16:56
genu@Pici I didn't nobody seems to be around... :/16:57
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tbruff13can some one help me i am trying to add vinux repos to my system and now one is in the vinux channel that can help me16:57
ActionParsniphypertyper: http://paste.ubuntu.com/694599/    just made a neat version :)16:57
llutzActionParsnip: baaah "sudo cat /proc...."16:58
ActionParsniptbruff13: do you have the ppa:   link16:58
slayerinstalled Ubuntu server, ran updates, now the server wont access the internet, what is strange is I can ssh in, resolvve dns but I can't get out, any ideas?16:58
ActionParsnipllutz: true16:58
* o0splitpaw0o is frustrated16:58
designbybeckanyone know what the setting is in Compiz to "Shade" a window... like ctrl + scroll wheel to roll up and down on the title bar??16:58
tbruff13ActionParsnip: no that is what i need a ppa i do have one though16:58
B0g4r7_Anyone wanna help me with svn?  I can't seen to make the SVNListParentPath dirctive work.  I just receive a 403 error when I expect to see a directory listing.16:58
B0g4r7_slayer, perhaps your default route is missing or incorrect.16:59
slayernope, i can ping my router16:59
CoreyBananoblado: 403 is a permissions error.16:59
CoreyEr, that was to B0g4r7_16:59
B0g4r7_slayer, ping it from outside the local network?  What about sshing to it from outside?16:59
tbruff13ActionParsnip: http://wiki.vinuxproject.org/index.php?title=How_Do_I_Add_the_Vinux_Repositories_to_my_Ubuntu_system%3F16:59
tbruff13this page might work17:00
BananobladoGood evening everyone!17:00
ActionParsniptbruff13: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list17:00
BananobladoHow are you?17:00
DBordelloI am having gdm do a timedlogin to automatically login a user.  However, I can't seem to figure out how to set the default session.  Any ideas what configuration file to look in?17:00
slayerB0g4r7_:  I am accessing it from outside the network, and I can ping accros the firewall to another connected network, just no internet outside the box17:00
pythonsnakeBananoblado: We don't care. #ubuntu-offtopic17:01
BananobladoCare of what?17:01
ActionParsniptbruff13: add the line:    http://ppa.launchpad.net/vinux/vinux-lucid/ubuntu lucid main       change lucid to your release (the PPA has all the way up to Oneiric). Save the new file, close gedit then run:17:01
ActionParsniptbruff13: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys EF2AFDCF17:01
B0g4r7_slayer, what are you testing with that says 'no internet'?17:01
ActionParsniptbruff13: I literally copied and pasted 90% of that from the page YOU gave17:01
B0g4r7_like, what program?17:01
IdleOnepythonsnake: Please be a little nicer when redirecting people to other channels.17:01
tbruff13ActionParsnip: i know i tried this i did not work17:02
w30designbybeck, I can set mine by going to system preferences windows17:02
slayerB0g4r7_:   im trying to wget, apt-get, ssh anything17:02
ActionParsniptbruff13: what errors do you get?17:02
hypertyperActionParnsip: that is neat, sudo isn't needed.. however, when I try to compare the output of what you posted to a string I get the same old error message [charged command not found17:02
designbybeckAhh, thanks w30  i'll try that out17:02
pythonsnakeIdleOne: ok17:02
tbruff13ok i have to re do it to see17:02
pythonsnakeBananoblado: Hey ! This is support channel. For offtopic stuff, see #ubuntu-offtopic ;)17:03
ActionParsniptbruff13: you need to add the word 'deb' to the start of the line, so it will look like this:   deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/vinux/vinux-lucid/ubuntu oneiric main17:03
IdleOnepythonsnake: 100% better. thank you.17:03
tbruff13oh ok17:03
pythonsnakeIdleOne: no problem.17:03
ActionParsniptbruff13: you should contact the maintainers of the wiki so they change that17:04
GreekFreakHi. How can I find out what the version numbers of the kernel and mesa will be in Oneiric? I need a specific version and above, but I'd rather let ubuntu upgrade tehm for me as opposed to experimenting17:04
w30designbybeck, I can set mine by going to system preferences windows or in a terminal gnome-window-properties17:04
tbruff13i will17:04
artek90how are you17:04
PiciGreekFreak: ask in #ubuntu+117:04
designbybeckah shucks w30 ... That turns off double clicking for maximizing, i still wanted that on as well17:04
tbruff13let me try it first17:04
ActionParsniptbruff13: obviously, use YOUR release name, I'm using Oneiric here17:05
PiciGreekFreak: That is the Oneiric Channel.17:05
tbruff13Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/vinux/vinux-lucid/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found17:05
mang0pythonsnake: Have installed docky. However, it seems to be quite cpu intensive. Takes a second to appear on mouseover, and a second to dissappear too....17:05
Milosshhello, I can't connect to vpn. this is the tail from syslog17:05
MilosshNetworkManager[712]: <info> VPN service 'openvpn' disappeared17:05
tbruff13i gotta go17:05
ActionParsniptbruff13: does the PPA support 64bit too?17:05
GreekFreakPici: thank you17:05
tbruff13i figured it out17:05
llutzhypertyper:what about?: grep Discharging /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state || echo "on mains"17:06
ActionParsnipactually, there is no natty folder http://ppa.launchpad.net/vinux/vinux-lucid/ubuntu/dists/ HA17:06
hypertyperllutz, I can echo the state correctly but I'm trying to write a script which checks the status then makes decisions based on it17:06
pythonsnakemang0: your cpu is slow !17:06
pythonsnakeCan we have GNOME 2 in Oneiric ?17:06
syrinx_priestHi all... trying to change the boot order of grub in 11.04.  I've tried both Startup Manager and manually editing the grub file under etc, no luck.17:06
ActionParsnippythonsnake: thats fine, ubuntu doesn't need mega speed to run well17:07
syrinx_priestNot boot order... I'm trying to change which OS boots by default17:07
mang0pythonsnake: Indeed, my cpu is retarded...I really REALLY Need a new computer but I've not got any money :/17:07
pythonsnakeActionParsnip: it's docky, not ubuntu17:07
ActionParsnippythonsnake: ask in #ubuntu+1 for Oneiric chat and support17:07
syrinx_priestAnyone had any luck with this?17:07
ZerpyNooooes.. "dk.archive.ubuntu.com" is down so can't install using apt-get install :S17:07
pythonsnakeZerpy: change repo17:07
ZerpyHow I do that? :P17:07
ActionParsnippythonsnake: it still releates to Oneiric though, right?17:07
pythonsnakeActionParsnip: no?17:08
pythonsnakeActionParsnip: mang0 told me docky is slow for him17:08
blsh0pok google chrome an inch of the bottom screen is cut off17:08
ActionParsnip(18:06:52) pythonsnake: Can we have GNOME 2 in Oneiric ?     Is this not what you were asking, or is this a new question17:08
deke111Hi all - running 10.04 - kernel has been updated many times, wondering if its OK to delete previous kernels in /boot directory and edit them out of grub.17:08
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blsh0peven if i maximize the page how to i fix that cut off?17:08
GreekFreakHow safe is it to upgrade your linux kernel?17:08
Zerpypythonsnake: I found it :D ty17:09
mang0pythonsnake: Indeed it is.... :/17:09
MonkeyDustdeke111: use ubuntu-tweak to delete old kernels17:09
pythonsnakeActionParsnip: asking17:09
unkhey can anyone tell me how to check HOW MANY MEMBERS are in a channel??17:09
hot2trotwhat is a good virtualization software to run windows? NOT wine17:09
mang01594 unk17:09
pythonsnakeGreekFreak: 100 % safe and 100% unsafe17:09
MonkeyDustunk: type /n17:09
hypertyperok so the problem is that I don't know how to compare the string in a variable to another string... I'll google some more...17:09
pythonsnakeunk: ...17:09
pythonsnakeunk: it's not related to ubuntu17:09
pythonsnakeask in #{irc server/client|17:10
GreekFreakpythonsnake: lol. basically I want to know if it will cause me problems with Ubuntu updates17:10
unkpythonsnake: i have to ask somewhere then tell me where should i go17:10
deke111thanks MonkeyDust - I'll try that.17:10
urlin2udeke111, I use ubuntu tweak to remove kernels or synaptic, grub2 will just need a sudo upfate-grub17:10
w30deke111, do it with synaptic and then Ubuntu will edit grub for you, just find the kernel numbers you don't use after search kernel17:10
ActionParsniphot2trot: virtualbox or vmware or qemu maybe, you'll need a windows license and install media, there is also cedega and crossover office which run like wine but are paid for17:10
pythonsnakeunk: /help17:11
pythonsnakeGreekFreak: safe17:11
ActionParsnipunk: I'm a member :)17:11
pythonsnakehmm ?17:11
pythonsnakewhy the floodbot opping17:11
hot2trotActionParsnip: thank you17:11
GreekFreakpythonsnake: awesome. It will update again correctly then, if it sees I need a higher kernel version? (Sorry, I'm new to Ubunut(17:12
pythonsnakeGreekFreak: add linux kernel to ignore list ?17:13
ActionParsnipdeke111: if you run:  uname -a  you can see the CURRENT kernel, if you run:   dpkg -l | egrep 'linux-image--2|linux-image-3'     you can see the INSTALLED kernels. You can use software centre to uninstall the INSTALLED kernels but do NOT remove the RUNNING kernel. You don't need some 3rd party nonesense17:13
pythonsnakeyou can have multiple kernel17:13
ActionParsnipdeke111: this will get you ~120Mb per kernel in space and Grub will be cleared up for you17:14
GreekFreakpythonsnake: you answered inadvertedly ;) I don't want to ignore the updates, but I don't want it to downgrade it either.17:14
pythonsnakeGreekFreak: maybe a ppa, dunno17:14
urlin2uActionParsnip, You don't need some 3rd party nonesense  lol dude17:14
GreekFreakpythonsnake: thanks for your help.17:16
ikoniaGreekFreak: updating your kernel is not safe17:16
ikoniaGreekFreak: it is very very strongly not advised17:17
deke111ActionParsnip: thanks - I have 12 uninstalled kernels - guess I have some houscleaning to do.17:17
pythonsnakeikonia: o.O17:17
urlin2uActionParsnip, your command brought up no kernels here as well.17:17
PiciGreekFreak, ikonia: Unless its via updates that come in through the repositories.17:18
GreekFreakikonia, pici: I'll wait for the updates then. I was looking to do it manually for some graphics card drivers17:18
ikoniaPici: correct, which as the update GreekFreak wants is from a later distro, not safe17:18
adi11hi all. i need help with a freezing hp pavillion dv 6700 after fresh install of 11.04. right after choosing ubuntu on grub page all i see is the purple screen. forced to ctrl+alt+del.17:20
urlin2udpkg -l | egrep 'linux-image--2|linux-image-2' it was lucis ActionParsnip17:20
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madalincan dhcp lease an ip FOREVER ?17:20
adi11anyone can help with this issue? this laptop have a nvidia card,amd cpu and i am on
PolahHow can I set up my system to automatically sync one or more directories on a USB drive with directories on my hard drive?17:22
ikoniaPolah: a chap the other day used a very nice rsync script as a udev event trigger17:22
teenboyUse alternate distr17:22
ikoniaPolah: so when his hard disk was plugged in, the udev event triggered a sync, it was a nice solution17:22
Polahikonia: I thought I could use rsync but I've never used it so I don't know it's capabilities. I guess I'll have a look around for how to do it17:23
hypertyperActionParsnip, llutz: what I was doing wrong was the string comparison... wrong brackets and whitespacing. I've got a working version now: paste.ubuntu.com/69461917:25
hypertyperthat was harder than it should have been..17:25
Polahikonia: Alright, I found an application named unison which uses rsync to sync files. How can I set a script up to run when the drive is plugged into my system?17:28
i0x71hey, im trying to authenticate against AD with ldap, can someone point me in the right way17:28
llutzhypertyper: finally ... :D17:28
llutzPolah: use an udev-rule17:29
ikoniaPolah: why do you need an application, why not just use rsync ?17:29
Putrhi! I just got a ubuntu vps. Is there a good app that would help me track memory/cpu usage (and possibly other statistics). Possibly with a web interface?17:29
Polahikonia: I could, but I figure I'll see how it goes with this first17:30
ohuancahello world17:30
llutzPolah: take this as an example http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=98978017:30
ikoniaPolah: why add a layer of complexity.17:30
cormynPutr, you could try something like nagios for monitoring17:30
ikoniaPolah: why add a script that calls an application that calls rsync, when you can just call rsync17:30
Putrcormyn: thanks, i'll check that17:31
PiciPutr: munin is nice if you like graphs.17:31
CorollaxI've been having upstream internet problems, but network manager doesn't tell me when I get disconnected from the external network (I can still reach the LAN). How do I fix this?17:31
PutrPici: i like graphs :)17:31
cormynPutr: no problem17:31
Putris nagios in the repo and free?17:31
cormynquick question: anyone know of an easy way to detect if a laptop has an extra monitor plugged in on boot to toggle between which xorg.conf file to load for single screen vs dual screen mode?17:32
lovreim connected to LAN with other computers that use Windows, but when i go to network/samba, i dont see any of them, i just get the message: Unable to find any workgroups in your local network. This might be caused by an enabled firewall. But i dont know of any firewall installed. Any idea?17:32
cormynPutr: yes, it's totally free and nagios3 should be in apt17:32
cormynPutr: you can also write your own plugins for things to monitor, their documentation is very good17:32
Putrcormyn: so nagios is a service with a web frontend?17:33
CorollaxI've been having upstream internet problems, but network manager doesn't tell me when I get disconnected from the external network (I can still reach the LAN). How do I fix this?17:33
Putror how is the gui done=17:33
jasonm_Putr: yes, web front end for nagios17:33
Putrawsome. Let me get that installed :)17:34
Putrand last thing. How do i change the language of the server from the command line? I have a german server that's in german.  I can do most things .. but it annoying17:34
ab847Hi. I am running 11.04 with an Intel Mobile 4 chipset, and cannot change my resolution or boot with Unity. Monitors window says "Monitor: unknown" and no setting can be changed17:34
jasonm_Nagios is extremely configurable and a powerful monitoring tool17:34
cormynPutr: Nagios is Perl-based, but it's pretty easy to install and maintain. I recommend a tool like "nconf" to configure nagios though, as manually tweaking the configuration can be tricky17:35
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cormynPutr: not sure if nconf is in the main apt repo, but it uses php/mysql to manage your hosts, services, etc., and is WAY more intuitive for setting up Nagios: http://www.nconf.org/dokuwiki/doku.php17:35
Putrcorymn: never heard of nconf b4. What does it do?17:35
cache_surpluscormyn: install yes, configure no17:36
ActionParsnipab847: are you fully updated?17:36
cpglsnhi everybody17:36
CorollaxI've been having upstream internet problems, but network manager doesn't tell me when I get disconnected from the external network (I can still reach the LAN). How do I fix this?17:36
majdekalelhow can i configure cgi-bin folder in ubuntu ??? im using apache2 ??????17:36
cormyncache_surplus: yes, that's why I said it's easy to install and maintain, not configure :o)17:36
cpglsncan you please help me ? i'm trying to add 1 line with sudoers:     prof ALL=NOPASSWD:/sbin/shutdown -h now       but visudo continue to tell me there's an error ... do you see it ?17:37
cache_surpluscormyn: sounded like it was easy in totality lol17:37
ikoniacpglsn: get rid of -h now17:37
cache_surplusim actually working on an acidbase today17:37
cpglsnprof exist and is a parte of admin group17:37
cache_surplusand nagios317:37
ActionParsnipcpglsn: I believe you only add the command, you don't add the switched17:38
Putrcormyn: well it requested a password :)17:38
ikoniacpglsn: the admin group doesn't matter, as your calling you by name17:38
cormyncache_surplus: I've been using nagios since back in 2000/2001 when it was called netsaint, believe me, I know it's a PITA to configure, heheh17:38
cache_surplusyep me too17:38
kasiI've an additional drive in my computer. Is there a gui tool for partitioning the drive, or do I have to use fdisk?17:38
cache_surplusthats why we get paid the big bucks ;)17:38
ab847ActionParnip: Yes17:38
cormynPutr: read the docs for nagios, it'll tell you all of that stuff17:38
ActionParsnipkasi: gparted17:38
cpglsnprof ALL=NOPASSWD:/sbin/shutdown    same problem17:38
synackfinhow do I make ubuntu text-based? (instead of bringing up X11/gdm)17:38
ab847ActionParsnip: Yes17:38
kasiActionParsnip, thanks17:38
cormyncache_surplus: amen to that ;o)17:39
cpglsnActionParsnip: switched ?17:39
cache_surpluswow i havent heard that term in a long time, NetSaint...17:39
ActionParsnipcpglsn: note the correction on the next line17:39
Putrcormyn what about cacti ... any easyer?17:39
cache_surplusor Satan for that matter17:39
ikoniacpglsn: delete the line and exit visudo - make sure it's not erroring without that line17:39
ActionParsnipab847: I suggest you read:  gedit /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:39
cormynPutr: I haven't used cacti, but as I understand it, cacti does more graphing based on what tools like nagios find for you17:39
cache_surpluscacti is nice, so is cricket17:40
cpglsnikonia: did it, but when i put it again the error stay17:40
cormyncache_surplus: Satan was the original author/maintainer, that's why it's a #$*& to configure17:40
cache_surplusall the same to me, they monitor and nag you about your services/box is down17:40
cache_surplusi have a copy of it somewhere on my tar box17:40
cpglsnActionParsnip: sorry, but i still don't understand "you don't add the switches"17:40
ikoniacpglsn: but when you exit without that line, it saves correctly ?17:40
cpglsnikonia: yes17:40
cache_surplusi still use the perl script to view snort logs with17:40
ikoniacpglsn: are you using spaces or tabs ?17:40
cpglsnikonia: spaces17:41
ikoniacpglsn: it's a tab17:41
cpglsnikonia: between line elements ?17:41
ActionParsnipcpglsn: you are adding the ability for a command to not need password in sudo, the command is the binary 'shutdown'  the switches ar '-h now'  which you do not need to add in the sudoers file17:41
ab847ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/wW8Fur2k17:41
ikoniacpglsn: correct17:41
ikoniacpglsn: (not sure it makes a difference, but all my rules have tabs)17:41
cpglsnActionParsnip: oh ok, thanks17:41
cpglsnikonia: now i try17:42
kasiUbuntu is installed on sdb, but the computer tries to boot from sda. How can I install grub on sda to then boot sdb? I can boot by going into the bios boot selector each time and then select the second drive.17:42
cpglsnikonia: same error17:42
ikoniacpglsn: I've just tested it on my machine and it works fine17:42
cpglsnthe problem is that, the same line in different positions sometimes change the result (error or not)17:43
cpglsnthis is strange17:43
ikoniaoco2: testuser        ALL=NOPASSWD:/sbin/shutdown -h now17:43
ikoniacpglsn: testuser        ALL=NOPASSWD:/sbin/shutdown -h now17:43
ikoniathat just worked fine for me17:44
PolahI'm look at the rsync man page and there's the -u option for update, but it also lists -append, --inplace and --append-verify, are all of these options used with -u or are they similar options which I would have to specify separately?17:44
ActionParsnipab847: open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory    maybe a thing17:44
cpglsnikonia: now i but at the biginning of the file, but it ask for a password17:44
ab847ActionParsnip: What can I do about that?17:45
ActionParsnipcpglsn: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers   actually shows how you can add this...17:45
ikoniaPolah: the man page explains the differences17:45
ActionParsnipab847: use the web to find out17:45
ikoniacpglsn: can't explain that, I've just moved mine to the top of the file and it's fine17:46
cpglsnActionParsnip: you roks !17:46
Polahikonia: yes, but they're all listed under -u, there's -u update then just beneath that --append and so on with no shorter version. Is -u only short for --update, or --update --inplace --append --append-verify?17:46
ActionParsnipcpglsn: suprised you didn't check that first17:46
ikoniaPolah: -u is only short for update17:46
cpglsnikonia: ActionParsnip the problem was that, installing joe, it autoset itself as default editor, and, as i can see, joe is not good with sudoers17:46
ikoniaPolah: also be aware of #rsync17:46
Polahikonia: Alright thanks17:46
th0rcpglsn: you have to use visudo to edit the sudoers file17:49
cpglsnth0r: i know =)17:49
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox17:49
cpglsnikonia: ActionParsnip now everything works well. Thanks a lot for help17:49
ab847ActionParsnip: I found a recommendation to dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, which doesn't seem to do anything, and --reinstall xserver-xorg which says "Invalid operation xserver-xorg". I have done both of these before though, and neither did anything to help. Can you think of anything else to try?17:51
ActionParsnipcpglsn: np bro17:51
ActionParsnipab847: you may need an xorg.conf file to specify the driver if udev is not doing its job.17:52
ab847ActionParsnip: I've generated one, and tried filling it in, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. The result seems to be the same with the xorg.conf or without17:53
pk___i dont have proxy in my .bashrc , i removed my /etc/environment...but still when i open a new terminal the $http_proxy is set17:53
pk___please help me i want to get rid of this proxy17:54
ActionParsnippk___: did you set it in the GUI app?17:55
pk___ActionParsnip: yeah17:56
ActionParsnipab847: search the web, you'll find sample files, if your system has a make and model, try searching for that in conjustion with xorg.conf17:56
mbeierldoes anyone else have significant display issues when running under unity?  For example, vmware player keeps "tearing17:56
pk___ActionParsnip: but i dont have access to gui right now17:56
ActionParsnippk___: do you have SSH access?17:56
mbeierltearing itself off its window border and attempting to display its contents elsewhere17:56
pk___ActionParsnip: yeah17:56
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ActionParsnippk___: connect with:  ssh -X -C username@host    then you can run the command which launches the app and it will appear on your client X server (I assume the client is Linux based with running x server)17:57
pk___ActionParsnip: why do we want to launch this gui?17:58
nullp0intersed -i 's@dbname='abox1029@dbname='rgonet@g' *.php I am using this sed to replace the strings, but it is not switching the strings. What could be the problem? i am verifying this by doing 'grep dbname| grep abox'17:59
ActionParsnippk___: so you can undo the setting as you set the proxy in the GUI, the setting may be stored in gconf someplace or another place. Its a simple case of undoing what was done17:59
Guest12849i have 64-bit ubuntu and i made bash script that goes other directory, but when the script ends im still at my root home folder and not under home subdirectory18:00
pk___ActionParsnip: ohh you mean this app will run on my computer with this comamnd?18:00
=== }Relic{ is now known as [Relic]
ActionParsnippk___: yes, you will be using X forwarding18:01
Picinullp0inter: Your quoting characters are probably messing things up.  You may need to escape the ones inside your sed expression.18:01
nullp0interPici, i tried using \ to escape them but the switch still doesnt happen18:02
ActionParsnipmbeierl: never had an issue with unity18:02
Picinullp0inter: Try replacing the outer quotes with doublequotes.18:02
nullp0interpici tried that already as well18:02
nullp0interPici, no go18:02
Picinullp0inter: let me try something here.. one moment18:02
ab847ActionParsnip: Looking around a bit more; someone has the same problem but in OpenSUSE and he said he fixed it by recreating /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-device.conf. I do not have /xorg.conf.d/, is this different in Ubuntu or do I have to create this?18:03
ActionParsnipGuest12849: so the script has a line like:   cd ~/Downloads    and when it ends, you aren't in that folder18:03
ActionParsnipab847: create it, see what happens18:03
Guest12849ActionParsnip,  YES! why? always it has work but not anymore :/18:03
Picinullp0inter: sed -i "s@dbname='abox1029@dbname='rgonet@g" works for me.18:04
ActionParsnipGuest12849: let me test18:04
mbeierlActionParsnip: unfortunately, this is becoming unusable.  I've tried with both radeon and ati proprietary fglrx (which makes things even worse) and no luck18:04
ActionParsnipmbeierl: tried with ubuntu classic?18:05
nullp0interPici, that worked for me...but how is that different from what i had?18:05
Guest12849ActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/694650/18:05
nullp0interpici i see the diff, i didnt try double quote non escaped single quotes18:05
ab847ActionParsnip: What is the command? I tried gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-device.conf which worked to make xorg.conf but isn't allowing it now18:06
ActionParsnipGuest12849: yeah same, not sure why. I'd ask in #bash. Maybe the change dir only exists in the scope of the script18:07
Guest12849ActionParsnip, i have made script where is 93 line of code. it has worked before but after this "bug" it hasnt worked :/18:07
Guest12849ActionParsnip, hmm anyway now it doesnt work and it has been working earlier18:08
ActionParsnipGuest12849: i'd ask in #bash18:08
Guest12849ActionParsnip,  good :)18:08
sobersabreI've changed my partition table a bit too much. need help to run the laptop from a CD.18:09
petarhow do i get openoffice back on ubuntu 10.10?18:09
Guest12849ab847,  if you are at terminal use sudo and if you are at GUI use gksu :)18:09
sobersabregot the CDs of: ubuntu 11.04[amd64] and gparted live CD[i386]18:09
sobersabretried booting, neither started, - the laptop tried to boot from the hdd, with grub rescue> prompt.18:10
petarhow do i get openoffice back on ubuntu 11.04? (sorry, wrong version)18:10
ActionParsnipsobersabre: what video chip do you use?18:11
h00kpetar: LibreOffice is the updated version of OpenOffice you will find in 11.04.18:11
ab847Guest12849: Still says the same thing. I try to save, says file cannot be found18:11
h00kpetar: LibreOffice is more up-to-date and compatable with other formats18:11
mbeierlActionParsnip: not recently.  New linux install and haven't gone back to classic yet...  might have to18:11
ActionParsnipsobersabre: gparted is on the ubuntu liveCD, so you don't need gparted liveCD18:11
petarh00k, i need openoffice for a somewhat complicated reason..18:12
ActionParsniph00k: its a fork, not an update18:12
Guest12849ab847,  use terminal/console18:13
Maartenprobably old news but..... say you only have that old 128 Mb USB flash drive available, your CD drive just broke down, and you really want to install ubuntu..... Use this: http://netbootcd.tuxfamily.org/ - a ISO file of 10 Mb that can be extracted to a USB drive as well, will connect to ethernet (wired only), and then download the distro and version of your choice, and start installing it. Really neat :) - just thought I would share, I used it to18:13
Maartenput Ubuntu on a beefed up thin client. :)18:13
h00kActionParsnip: it's a fork that received updates quicker than OpenOffice (it was forlorn at the time), yeah.18:13
Guest12849ab847, and sudo command18:13
ActionParsniph00k: quicker updates doesn't mean its an update18:13
Lithos84petar: You can install OpenOffice.org in 11.04.18:14
ActionParsnippetar: you can go to the openoffice site and grab the debs for openoffice, uninstall libreoffice and install the debs, it will not be updated in the normal way as Canonical's repos do not have the openoffice packages18:14
Sk|phi guys.. i was wondering if anyone was successfully enabled voice/video calls on pidgin .. im running ubuntu natty..18:14
Lithos84petar: OpenOffice.org is available on the repositories.18:15
ab847Guest12849: Did that, same problem. I will BRB18:15
ActionParsnipso it is18:16
ActionParsnip!info openoffice.org-gtk18:16
ubottuopenoffice.org-gtk (source: openoffice.org): office productivity suite -- GTK+ integration. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.3.0-7ubuntu2 (natty), package size 3 kB, installed size 156 kB18:16
Sk|pbeen searching around but no success.. everything has been installed and plug-in was enabled but still the options are grayed out.. tnx in advance..18:16
petarwell that one depends on libreoffice-gtk..18:17
petarthanks anyway, i'll re-check if the defaults really are a problem..18:17
RenatoSilvapetar: welcome to the openoffice.org+libreoffice+broffice spaghetti  :)18:18
glebihanActionParsnip, it's only a transitionnal package used for upgrades (to switch from openoffice to libreoffice)18:18
ab847Deleted /etc/X11/xorg.conf and xorg.conf.failsafe cause I read those would override other setting and rebooted but that didn't help.18:18
RenatoSilvapetar: missed your question but why not use libreoffice18:18
Guest12849ab847,  cat /etc/issue18:19
ab847Guest12849: Ubuntu 11.04 \n \l18:19
RenatoSilvahow to map keys of my awesome MS keyboard to launch applications? example: the message key launching pidgin18:19
Guest12849ab847,  hmm you should even have those files....18:19
petarRenatoSilva: our libreoffice users experienced some issues with files on smb shares.. locking issues.. NT_STATUS_FILE_LOCK_CONFLICT.. and it seems like the folks at openoffice.org know about it and were able to release a fix..18:20
mordoflostson: you around?18:20
ab847Guest12849: xorg.conf I made myself, following instructions I've found online which suggested it, the .failsafe has been there18:20
ActionParsnipglebihan: I see, I don't use it.I use Abiword + Gnumeric as I don't use the other apps so I save a tonne of space :)18:21
Guest12849ab847,  what is your original problem?18:21
glebihanActionParsnip, so do I ;)18:21
subonehow do i symlink more than one file at a time? like ln -s somefile.* -t somepath18:21
ActionParsnipsubone: you'd need a small bash loop command18:22
subonei thought i might18:22
HamledI don't suppose it would be possible for me to see the list of installed packages on my machine sorted by install/update date?18:22
RenatoSilvaSk|p: from #pidgin's topic: "Voice/Video (VV) on XMPP only (not on Windows)"18:23
ActionParsnipHamled: read through /var/log/dpkg.log18:23
hagusIs this the channel to ask how to remove postgresql.18:23
Hamledthanks, will check that out18:23
ab847Guest12849: I'm using 11.04 on a Toshiba C655 with an Intel Mobile 4 chipset. I had problems being able to boot only into failsafeX mode, but created the xorg.conf file and have been able ot boot normally since, whether I have the file or not. However, I am stuck at 1024x768 resolution, and the Monitors screen says "Monitor: Unknown" and does not allow me to change anything. Also, this normal boot does not use Unity as it did at first18:24
ab847fine, minus Unity18:24
hagusI installed postgresql on ubuntu but when I came to sudo apt-get remove postgresql - it told me that there was a file missing and stopped  :(18:24
ActionParsnipab847: have you tried the Oneiric liveCD to test if that is ok?18:24
nierosresolution is usually a driver issue more than it it an OS config, but if it's not calling the video drivers...18:25
hagusBasically, I want to know in general terms how to go about removing a package/programme that has become corrupted?18:25
Guest12849ab847,  damn :/ write  lspci| grep VGA' to terminal18:26
hagusIs there a way of deleting postgresql from my ubuntu?18:26
ab847ActionParsnip: No I have not. I have a really slow connection at home, but I can download it at school and try18:26
Guest12849ab847,   lspci| grep VGA18:26
synackfinhow to I make ubuntu text-based? (don't start up splash screen, don't run X, don't run gdm)18:26
glebihanhagus, there isn't really a general rule on how to do that, it depends on what the error is. Could you pastebin the error message ?18:26
=== soulis77-SE_away is now known as Soulis77-SE
llutz!nox | synackfin18:27
ubottusynackfin: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode18:27
ab847Guest12849: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)18:27
Error404NotFound'cp -rf dir1 dir2' copies dir1 as dir2, if we run second time it would put dir1 under dir2 but i want dir1 to always replace dir218:27
subonethanks ActionParsnip18:27
hagusok, glebihan.18:27
Guest12849damn i have to leave now i will come back with tsaknorris name18:27
ab847I've been suggested to just go back to 10.10, but was hoping I could find a solution to keep 11.0418:28
KomiaPoikahow do you display physical RAM info in ubuntu? (without the hd swap space)18:28
ikoniaKomiaPoika: free18:29
KomiaPoikaikonia: so if free says i have 2959652 total Mem means I have 3GB of physical ram?18:29
hagusglebihan: http://www.pastie.org/256980418:30
ikoniaKomiaPoika: pretty much yes18:30
ikoniaKomiaPoika: (didn't the maths outside of my head, but that looks right)18:30
glebihanhagus, you're not using the right command18:31
hagusI tried remove, I tried purge and I tried autoremove18:31
glebihanhagus, it should be "sudo apt-get remove postgresql" (or "sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove postgresql" if you want to also remove packages that are no longer needed)18:31
hagusauto-remove rather than autoremove?18:32
* hagus goes and tries it18:32
glebihanhagus, if you already tried remove it won't wrok18:32
glebihanhagus, try "sudo apt-get install -f" first18:33
McFly___80I instaled pure-ftpd and I need to set some startup options for the deamon. Where can I find posible configuration options? I'm used to a conf file in gentoo, but on ubunto I need to make files for each directive in /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/18:33
=== B0g4r7__ is now known as B0g4r7
ikoniaMcFly___80: the proftp site details the options available18:33
ubunhey guys... plaease help i deleted somthing on my machine and now it wont boot up. last thing i did was removed some things i thought were the video driver, but apparantly it was important. how can i fix it.18:34
McFly___80ikonia: It's pureftp, and it does not state what to call the files exactly. I'm just guessing right now18:34
mordofubun: what does it tell you when it can't boot up?18:35
ikoniaMcFly___80: sorry, I miss-read, what do you mean "call the files"18:35
hagusTried but it still gives me the same kind of error messages, glebihan.18:35
PiciMcFly___80: It doesn't matter what they're called, they're just separated like that to make it easy to manage.18:35
McFly___80ikonia: What o name the files18:35
llutzMcFly___80: doesn't it have an /etc/default/pureftp file to change18:35
setiamonI have a issue18:35
setiamoni installed ubuntu18:35
ikoniaMcFly___80: how did you install it ?18:35
Cube``hey guys, i'm looking for a tablet where you can actually write/draw on, aka pressure sensitivity and such. it should be small (10-13'') and have a decent battery life (5h+). price doesnt matter. is there anything like that? the biggest problem is finding something that has a real TABLET screen, not a fake 'omigod i can use my finger to move the cursor!!!11' PR stunt18:35
glebihanhagus, ok then try "sudo apt-get remove postgresql-common postgresql-8.4 postgresql"18:35
ubunmordof: nothing it just sits there with a black screen only says something when i restart it. (normal shutdown text)18:36
McFly___80Pici: they need to be named the directive names and contain "yse" "no" etc18:36
Piciikonia, llutz: Hes talking about things like /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/NoAnonymous and /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/UnixAuthentication18:36
ikoniaCube``: that's n othing to do with this channel, try ##hardware18:36
setiamonbut when booting it says "no videomode active" every time.I foundout i had to hit alt-f7 (just randomly recalling from years ago when i used linux) and then i get the login screen etc.anyone know how to fix this?18:36
Cube``ikonia: and it's supposed to run ubuntu, of course.18:36
McFly___80ikonia: apt-get18:36
mordofubun: have you tried alt+f1 to drop to TTY?18:36
hagusthat worked, glebihan18:36
ikoniaCube``: again, nothing to do with ubuntu, find the hardware on the hardware compatabilty list,18:36
llutzPici:sry i just read  " ..add startup options for the deamon..."18:36
McFly___80Pici: yes, exactly, where can I find possible values18:37
glebihanhagus, nice :)18:37
ubunmordof: ok that went to the tty. but now what?18:37
ubuninstall gnome?18:37
mordofubun: try typing startx18:37
mordofand see what happens18:37
hagusHave now removed the rest of it.  THANKS glebihan :)18:37
glebihanhagus, you're welcome18:37
McFly___80Pici ikonia: I need to have the -j option on, but I can find out what to name the file to make it work18:38
ikoniaMcFly___80: that's passed in the master config file, or the init script18:38
llutzMcFly___80: vim /etc/default/pure-ftpd-common18:38
McFly___80ikonia: there is no master conf file18:39
ubunmordof: it says welcome to ubuntu 11.04. then the warnings18:39
mordofubun: what warnings?18:39
ikoniaMcFly___80: there should be,18:39
McFly___80ikonia: no, the directives are split up in directive files18:39
setiamonis there a way i can switch back to Gnome Classic18:39
ubunmordof: the warranty stuff. this comes withi no WARANTY or whatever18:39
setiamonI think this new "unity" launcher kinda sucks frankly18:40
setiamonI can't navigate it well.doesn't display good with dual monitors18:40
setiamonAnyone able to help me out18:40
ikoniaMcFly___80: I don't have a box to show you the exact file on, what are the files listed in /etc/pureftp18:40
mordofubun: did it not give you any error at all when trying to use startx?18:40
PiciMcFly___80: Take a look at the manpage for pure-ftpd-wrapper, that lists all the strings.18:40
synackfinobottu: thanks, I'll try that18:40
ubunmordof: no but let me double check18:41
ikoniaPici: is it launched through a wrapper on ubuntu18:41
ubunmordof: wait.18:41
h00k!classic | setiamon18:41
ubottusetiamon: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".18:41
glebihan!classic | setiamon18:41
McFly___80Pici: Thanks! Strange place to hide them though18:41
Piciikonia: I'd assume so.18:41
PiciMcFly___80: I agree, it is weird.18:42
McFly___80ikonia: solved18:42
setiamonThanks ubottu.Is it my imagination or does Unity suck?18:42
ikoniaMcFly___80: so I see18:42
ubunmordof: it says usr/bin/x: not found then it gives up18:42
mordofsetiamon: keep in mind that 11.10 is due to remove classic18:42
mordofsetiamon: and it'll be replaced with Unity 2D18:42
coleixHey guys, im getting a message when booting. Something about cripsawp/mapper press s to omit or m to manually recover, or something arounds those lines18:43
MonkeyDustsetiamon: Unity is controversial, let's keep it to that18:43
=== BlouBlou_ is now known as BlouBlou
synackfinobottu: btw, the link you provided doesn't work:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode18:43
pythonsnakesynackfin: .....18:44
Pici!bot | synackfin18:44
ubottusynackfin: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots18:44
edgaranybody write spanish there , tanks for advanced18:44
mordofubun: ok. that's a starting point.. I don't really know how to help - but that will improve your odds for getting help in here if you include that error in your question18:44
pythonsnakesynackfin: ubottu is a bot18:44
Pici!es | edgar18:44
ubottuedgar: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:44
setiamonMordff:hmm well i just find nothing but graphical problems with my nvidia.18:44
setiamonBRB rebooting18:44
rhizmoehow can i prevent firefox from requiring a reboot when it hangs?18:44
edgargracias puedo escribir en ingles pero me resulta mas rapido en español18:45
F3roso, if I have a question u guy scan help?18:45
coleixno one has an idea what that crypswap/mapper thing can be?18:45
mordofrhizmoe: let it sit for a while, if it doesn't fix itself - close and re open it18:45
mordofrhizmoe: you can't do anything if it locks up in an infinite loop18:45
ubunok so can anyone help me. i have a black screen on startup. in tty get"usr/bin/x not found." what can i do to fix it?\18:45
MonkeyDust!ask| F3ro18:45
ubottuF3ro: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:45
rhizmoemordof: it's happened before and i've left it for days18:46
usr13rhizmoe: memtest  #Test your RAM18:46
rhizmoemordof: there is no "close and reopen" without rebooting. firefox_bin stuck on sync_page on exit "Uninterruptible."18:46
rhizmoeusr13: lolno18:46
mordofrhizmoe: terminal - pkill firefox18:47
MonkeyDustrhizmoe: try ctrl-alt-backspace18:47
=== Mongolski is now known as olaboga
usr13mordof: rhizmoe I though it required a reboot?18:47
rhizmoepkill is different than, say, kill -9 pid?18:47
hagusIs there a  command to fix dpkg  errors such as the following?18:47
hagusdpkg: error processing postgresql (--configure):  dependency problems - leaving unconfigured18:47
=== olaboga is now known as Mongolski
rhizmoeusr13: you're out of your element donny18:47
mordofrhizmoe: no, it's the same18:47
usr13rhizmoe: Is'nt that what you just said?18:48
Toph2why, when I do Ctrl-alt-backspace, nothing happens?18:48
mordofrhizmoe: i just use pkill because it does it by the process name instead of PID18:48
rhizmoemordof: well that doesn't work either.18:48
usr13rhizmoe: What is a donny?18:48
rhizmoemordof: sure. killall too18:48
mordofrhizmoe: right.. different variations18:48
rhizmoeusr13: movie quote, nevermind18:48
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, or rww!18:48
mordofrhizmoe: you're saying when firefox locks up on you - no matter what sort of kill process you use on it, it won't kill it...18:49
usr13rhizmoe: You were not explaining your issue properly.  Did you try to kill the process?18:49
rhizmoemordof: on some hangs. it doesn't close dirty everytime, but occasionally it does.18:49
hagusAlthough I have successfully removed postgresql using glebihan's advice, when I try to reinstall it, I find that there is still some residual information that does not allow it to install properly.18:49
mordofrhizmoe: pkill should close an app that's in a complete lockup and not responding at all..18:50
pythonsnakeikonia: ban wubw0b ?18:50
pythonsnakelol :D18:50
ikoniapythonsnake: what ?18:50
mordofrhizmoe: if that doesn't work, you have some serious OS problems18:50
rhizmoemordof: not zombies18:50
pythonsnakeikonia: nothing18:50
F3rotyvm, so, how do I extract a compressed file, for instance, "debt-tslptd2.r00" ?18:50
usr13rhizmoe: Does the system lockup?  Or is it just firefox?18:50
rhizmoejust firefox. the process won't die, preventing me from (re-) opening firefox18:51
hagusIs my installation difficulty something for #postgresql rather for #ubuntu?18:51
glebihanmordof, that's not true : zombie processes cannot be killed, whatever command you use18:51
glebihanmordof, the only way is to kill their parent18:51
usr13rhizmoe: Again:  Did you try to kill the process?18:51
rhizmoeof course i tried to kill it18:51
mordofglebihan: i guess i've never run into trying to kill a zombie process18:51
usr13rhizmoe: With what command?18:51
rhizmoewell, firefox has a knack for zombifying itself18:51
usr13rhizmoe: With what command?18:52
BarkingFishEvening guys.  Dunno what his IRC name is, but is there a user here called Daniel Holbach?  I want to speak with him, assuming I can find him :)18:52
rhizmoeusr13: scroll up18:52
coleixHey guys at boot im getting a message that says something about crypswap/mapper not present or somethin and press s to omit or press m to recover manually, because of this it takes longet to boot, anyway to solve this18:52
usr13rhizmoe:  Did you try pkill firefox?18:52
rhizmoeusr13: i think you're lagged18:52
JuJuBeeCan someone lend a hand with routing issue?  http://pastebin.com/1BisU3qJ18:52
usr13rhizmoe: What does lagged mean?18:53
mordofusr13: you're asking him questions we went over a bit ago18:53
rhizmoeusr13: it's an irc thing. you seem to not have received my last 10 minutes of comments18:53
glebihanhagus, could you pastebin the error message again ?18:53
oCeanBarkingFish: this is ubuntu technical support only18:53
BarkingFishoCean, I'm aware of that. I figured that the person I wanted might be here.18:54
usr13mordof: I asked him questions he could have answered with a simple yes or no.   Ok, I'm done with rhizome and his attitude.18:54
PiciBarkingFish: Hes usually in #ubuntu-community-team18:54
BarkingFishthanks Pici :)18:54
hagushttp://www.pastie.org/2569948 glebihan18:56
BunnyLustupdated from 9.10 to 10.0418:56
BunnyLustnow I don't have sound18:56
BunnyLustwhere do I start to look for solutions?18:56
F3rotry 11+18:56
scarleoBunnyLust: I think you should probably add your user to audio group, logout and in again18:57
=== JacksterD is now known as jackster
BunnyLustok is that something that I can google how to do? :P18:57
F3royeah 11.04 is available now...18:58
BunnyLustdon't want to bug you if it's obvious >.>18:58
scarleoBunnyLust: System Settings Users and Groups18:58
BunnyLustI want to upgrade to 1118:58
glebihanhagus, could you try "sudo apt-get install postgresql-common" and pastebin the output ?18:58
BunnyLustbut I see no option for it18:58
BunnyLustscarleo: I'll try that now, thanks18:58
usr13BunnyLust: Run alsamixer first, and see if there are channels muted or turned down. And see if the correct audio device is quoted in upper left.18:58
BunnyLustalsamixer shows everything normally18:59
usr13BunnyLust: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp   #See if you get errors or if you hear the noise, (Ctrl-c to stop it)18:59
BunnyLustok logging out18:59
haguslooks much the same as before, glebihan.  http://www.pastie.org/256996818:59
tuzlohow does one set up a printer to be shared across a home network in Ubuntu?19:00
BunnyLustusr13: no errors, no noise19:00
synackfinhow do I boot to console instead of boot to X ?19:01
usr13BunnyLust: CHeck to see if the speakers are plugged into correct port, or just switch ports and see if you get sound from another.19:01
BunnyLustspeakers are internal - laptop19:01
BunnyLustscarleo: I did that, no joy19:01
usr13BunnyLust: Do you have external switch or volume control?19:01
h00k!text | synackfin19:02
glebihanhagus, looks like you have some faulty configuration files, maybe you could try "sudo apt-get purge postgresql postgresql-common postgresql-8.4" and then try to install again19:02
ubottusynackfin: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode19:02
BunnyLustusr13: no, I don't think it's a hardware issue19:02
BunnyLustlet me try some headphones19:02
BunnyLustnope, doesn't work with headphones, either19:02
tyler_dI am trying to get "atftpd" to start and cannot; not for lack of trying, anyone successful with this daemon?19:02
BunnyLustit happened right after the update, so I think it's related to that19:02
mordofubun: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=135137519:02
F3royeah prolly just a driver issue19:03
usr13BunnyLust: but if you ran  cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp  and got no error, and alsamixer shows correct device and nothing is muted or turned down, it appears the software is working as it should.19:03
mordofubun: i'm not sure if that's your problem19:03
BunnyLusthow should I go about fixing the driver if that is the issue?19:03
scarleoBunnyLust: Ok, could you try sudo modprobe -a snd_hda_intel19:03
BunnyLustusr13: it appears it's working, aside from it not playing anything :)19:03
BluesKajBunnyLust, another thing , in alsamixer make sure none of the control boxes have Ms in them , use the M key to unmute19:04
usr13BunnyLust: Do have earphones?19:04
BunnyLustyes, I just tried them19:04
BunnyLustthey don't work either19:04
BunnyLustscarleo: doesn't print anything19:04
scarleoBunnyLust: It shouldnt19:04
scarleoDoes you sound work now?19:04
usr13BunnyLust: Yes, did you look for the M  or   MM  at the bottom of any of those channels?19:04
BunnyLustoh god I'm an idiot19:04
BunnyLustthere were MM19:05
F3rodoes anyone know of a way to mount an .iso file and play it?19:05
BunnyLustworks now19:05
tuzlohow does one set up a printer to be shared across a home network in Ubuntu? Ubuntu detected and printed from it easily, I want to share it amongst other computers now19:05
usr13BunnyLust: There you go....19:05
ubunmordof: ill try that thanks19:05
BunnyLustthanks guys, orryabout the trouble :P19:05
F3rohah! awesome!19:05
hagusglebihan, I did as you asked and then I reinstalled common http://www.pastie.org/256998819:05
usr13F3ro: use the loop option.19:05
F3roloop option?19:05
hagusSo that looks different from what I was getting before anyway.19:05
glebihanhagus, looks like it worked19:06
usr13F3ro: mount -t iso9660 -o loop,ro /home/somebody/foobar.iso /mnt/cdrom19:06
BunnyLustI have some more questions if you guys don't mind19:06
hagusI take it that the rebuilding of dictionaries was a good sign.19:06
BunnyLusthow would I go about using dual screens?19:06
glebihanhagus, try installing the postgresql package and see how it goes19:06
BunnyLustI've tried stuff before, but no good results19:07
japrohi, so apparently i'm to stupid to get to a console session19:07
usr13japro: Ctrl-Alt-F619:07
tuzlodo I need Samba to share a printer?19:07
* BluesKaj cdurses alsamixer default mute settings ...always a problem...wonder why the devs in all their wisdom would choose mute as a default setting. I'm constantly amazed at the negligence in this matter19:07
usr13tuzlo: With a MS Windows machine?  Yes.  With another Linux PC  no.19:08
tuzlocrap I hate Samba and windows19:08
scarleoBunnyLust: Whats your GPU?19:08
hagusglebihan: http://www.pastie.org/2570004 - I think it worked!19:08
BunnyLustAti Radeon19:08
BunnyLustalso I'd like to try XGL or something, but I don't have my heart set on it19:09
glebihanhagus, yep, it did19:09
scarleoBunnyLust: Sorry, no experience with that, just nvidia19:09
usr13tuzlo: Sorry, we can't fix your emotions.  :)19:09
japrousr13, hmm, ok what i actually want is shut down X19:09
tuzloshould I install samba or smbfs19:09
BunnyLustno worries, thanks anyway19:09
hagusThank for all your help, glebihan :)19:09
qinjapro: sudo service gdm stop19:09
glebihanhagus, you're welcome :)19:09
Dan48pHi I am having trouble installing Ubuntu as a dual boot.  The installer does not recognize my windows 7 installation and says there is no operating system on the drive.  I19:09
usr13japro: sudo service gdm stop19:09
japrousr13, qin, thx19:10
usr13Dan48p: How many drives do you have in it?19:10
mrstibbonsmy girlfriend is running ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition and her internal microphone is not working in skype. funny thing is that i can hear her music and sound effect. sounds for me like the wrong signal is sended to skype and i am wondering where i can "rewire" it?19:10
scarleoDan48p: It is correct, W7 is just a bad excuse for an OS ;)19:10
Dan48puser829385, just one19:10
cvanceHello, I was working with a company that had a really nice vnc access portal. Each workstation was running a little daemon. When the machine was on, it would connect to a central management server, and when IT wanted to remotely control a workstation, they would log into a web portal on the lan, and it would have a listing of all active computers on the network.19:11
cvanceDoes anyone know of a open source software which kinda does the same thing?19:11
usr13cvance: Well, you could just have launchers for each system  on your network.19:12
cvanceusr13: can you elaborate a little bit more please?19:12
Dan48pscarleo, i have done this before and have not had any problems.  i usually shrink the windows partition from within windows and then the ubuntu installer allows me to install in the unallocated space.  This time however it does not recognize that anything is on the disk.  The same thing happens with debian and xubuntu installers.19:12
qincvance: Machines can "register" on website using curl (any language would be ok).19:13
scarleoDan48p: I know, I was just kidding, I've done it too although it was a long time ago. Not sure about how to fix your problem19:14
usr13cvance: Well, there are a number of ways you can do it, but if you have everyone on static IPs it would be easy to have launchers for each system, just hame them appropriately and click on the one you want and a VNC window just pops up.19:14
cvanceusr13, yeah, I have static ip's assigned, I just being lazy and seeing if anyone knows of some neatly prepared package that does what i'm looking for.19:15
usr13cvance: I just use tightvnc  and   x11vnc19:15
cvanceIf not, no sweat, I can just run the servers and connect because I assigned static ips19:15
cvanceI forgot what my last employer used, but it was kinda neat but very expensive.19:16
F3rouser13, it didn't work...19:16
cvancetightvnc or realvnc or ultravnc?19:16
cvancewhat do you guys like?19:16
F3rois there a video player that wil play an iso straight fromthe hdd without making a disk?19:17
usr13cvance: I prefer just using IP addresses.  When I do Ctrl-F2 the run box comes up and when I type vn it autocompeltes to vncviewer 192.168.1.   and I just type in the last number or two and I'm there.19:17
BluesKajF3ro, vlc19:17
F3rovlc will do that?19:17
F3rokewl, i will try it, tyvm19:17
cvanceah, i forgot to mention that I am running windows on the workstations19:17
usr13cvance: But if you like names instead of numbers, just fill in the hosts file with them and they can be c1, c2, c3, c4   etc.19:18
scarleomrstibbons: install pavucontrol, on input pull right channel down to 0, untick allow skype to automatically adjust my volume settings in Skype settings19:18
usr13cvance: Doesn't matter.19:18
cvanceI have the machines on my dns server, resolution is not a problem.19:18
cvancemore like, I'm looking for suggestions. They would all work fine I think, but wanted a little opinion or two.19:18
usr13cvance: So just create launchers for each.19:18
mrstibbonsscarleo, thanks19:19
netman86ubuntu using 100% cpu (process syslogd) after a recent upgrade. Is this a common issue?19:19
usr13cvance: Again, there are a number of ways to make it convenient and easy, just depends on how you like to do it, (and if you will always access them from the same PC or not).19:19
bagelswhere is my calibre program installed? I can't find the plugins folder19:19
japroso i tried to install cuda drivers on 11.0419:20
usr13netman86: Most likely not.19:20
qinbagels: dpkg -l calibre19:20
qinbagels: Also (may help): man calibre19:21
japroapparently removing nvidia-current wasn't enough19:21
plouffeI've had this behavior for a while now. My windows randomly switch focus. E.g. I am reading in the browser and suddenly a pdf pops to the foreground without me even touching the mouse or keyboard. Any ideas what's causing this?19:21
scarleobagels: or: sudo updatedb && locate calibre19:21
netman86plouffe- are your hads over the keyboard?19:21
=== Hacker is now known as Guest92290
macer1does sabdfl come on #ubuntu sometimes?19:21
netman86then I'm out of ideas19:21
usr13plouffe: Does this happen at any particular time of day?19:21
plouffeusr13, not aware of it, why?19:22
usr13plouffe: Do you have mischevious (teen-aged) childeren, or friends?19:22
plouffeusr13, I think it happens at any time19:22
plouffeusr13, no one else uses this computer19:22
usr13plouffe: One explanation is a cron job.  Look at crontab -l19:23
qinmacer1: sabdfl has blog, if this help.19:23
bagelsqin, scarleo, all I get is a list of files, or not the info I need.  There seems to be just a huge pile of folders.19:23
plouffeI made a cronjob for switching my wallpaper. But I've had this longer than the switching windows19:23
macer1qin: yes I know that19:23
usr13plouffe: Is it the same pdf file each time?19:23
scarleobagels: ok, do locate calibre | grep plugin19:24
plouffeusr13, no, any windows, could be I'm reading a pdf and it pops up totem19:24
scarleobagels: you were looking for the plugin folder, right?19:24
bagelsscarleo, yes19:24
aLeSDhi all19:24
aLeSDI am cosing a software .. how to make it included in ubuntu repo ?19:25
bagelsaha, there it is19:25
aLeSDhere I am19:25
usr13plouffe: What application comes up?  (I thought you said that a pdf file was being displayed on the screen.)19:25
bagels^ scarleo19:25
ubunmordof: thank you so much. i fixed it. that link help solve part of it. then i did sudo apt-get install nvidia-current and bingo it worked thank you so much. (very valuable time saved)19:25
scarleobagels: np19:25
plouffeusr13, it was an example. Basically randomly a window pops to the foreground19:25
mordofubun: you're quite welcome :) i'm glad i could help ^-^19:25
=== cmjohnson1 is now known as Guest40306
usr13plouffe: That is not what you said at first.  You said that "a pdf pops to the foreground"19:26
plouffeusr13, I said "for example"19:26
frhodes_anyone know how to make w3m display images?19:31
h00kfrhodes_: it doesn't, it's a text-based browser19:32
warmax26so i need some help19:33
zebastianortisproblem i logged into linux and the wireless isnt working19:33
iofrhodes_: it supports images on certain Terminals. h00k19:34
zebastianortiseven if i plug it directly19:34
iohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W3m, ask me no more19:34
zebastianortisthe led light that indicates signal reading is red which should be blue19:34
zebastianortisif i press on the button itdoesnt change either19:34
variousWhats better? running pvcreate on a partition "/dev/sda1" or on a whole disk "/dev/sda"?  Does anyone know?  And why?19:34
ironhalikHmm, could someone tell me, why natty lost half it configs, themes and small things like theme notifiers after a casual reboot? :>19:35
warmax26so i installed ubuntu to my windows pc and i deleted the reg entry for wubi19:35
warmax26and now i want to uninstall it19:35
warmax26but im getting an error message saying that i need a disk in drive 119:36
h00kfrhodes_: apparently you can try w3m-img19:36
=== setiamon is now known as SetiAmon
warmax26does anyone know what i can do?19:36
=== chat is now known as Guest12512
SetiAmonSo what compiz doesn't come with ubuntu anymore?19:37
DarkenvyI have zip archives of daily backups. Is there a compression that will save the original + changes? (incrementally?)19:37
xanguaSetiAmon: it does19:37
F3rodid u make a backup of ur windows hdd before you installed, ubuntu?19:37
KacoDarkenvy: switch to macosx ;-)19:37
Darkenvyzip/rar simply throw everything into a file19:37
Darkenvykaco, I run osx, windows and linux.19:37
Darkenvykaco my backups are of my game server19:38
F3rou could just rstore ur backup and try again, or not...19:38
warmax26but if i try intalling wubi again will it recognize that its installed and that it needs to uninstall a previous version?19:38
variousDarkenvy, look into rshapshot19:38
warmax26or does it need the reg entry to be able to do that19:38
KacoDarkenvy, yeah i was joking, because that is what Time Machine does in macosx :)19:38
F3roif u made a backup, it would still be there...19:39
h00kDarkenvy: consider checking out Deja Dup19:39
Darkenvyvarious this doesnt help because I already have the 400GB of abckup data to consolidate19:39
h00k!backup | Darkenvy19:39
ubottuDarkenvy: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning19:39
Darkenvyhook dont call ubottu19:40
DarkenvyI already have the backup files!19:40
warmax26im running windows now tho19:40
DarkenvyI am purging old information. I mean the game folder only increases by 4MB/day19:40
warmax26i need to uninstall ubuntu from my comp19:40
variousWhats better? running pvcreate on a partition "/dev/sda1" or on a whole disk "/dev/sda"?  Does anyone know?  And why?19:40
Darkenvythus, I should be able to only compress the first backup of the month and have the other 29 backups be only 4MB each19:41
h00kDarkenvy: yeah, you should check out duplicity or deja-dup, those backup systems will do differentials as well as encryption if you want19:41
leepingoh sorry! :)19:41
hook`Darkenvy: ill call ubottu any time i want19:41
Darkenvybut those programs will only starting today. not consolidate my current files?19:41
F3rodo u not have ur ubuntu disk?19:41
Darkenvythats obviously a different nick :P " hook' "19:41
h00kDarkenvy: correct19:42
h00kDarkenvy: or you could write your own rsync/tar.gz cronjob or something19:42
Darkenvylook im not interested in starting something new19:42
=== jtrucks is now known as jtrucksbot
DarkenvyIm loooking for a compression tool to consolidate existing backups :S19:42
BluesKajtoo many hooks spoil the fish'19:42
=== jtrucksbot is now known as jtrucks
Darkenvyall these programs make new files from archives changing now :S19:43
F3rotar won't do that?19:43
DarkenvyI think I tried tar19:43
h00kDarkenvy: check out the man page of tar, there's a differential flag19:44
Darkenvyand it didnt say 'hey both these files are only 4MB different! perhaps I should consoludate'19:44
Darkenvydo you know the flag h00k?19:44
=== Guest91659 is now known as epzil0n
h00kDarkenvy: -d will do diff, -A will append, -u will update19:45
h00kDarkenvy: check out the man page, you may find something there if that helps19:45
Darkenvyso ide probably: create tar with first file. add new file to tar with -d ?19:45
F3ro-r will append19:46
Darkenvyappend isnt what needs to be done19:46
Darkenvyappend would change the file to the new state19:47
netman86so we've got this ubuntu netbook recently updated from 9.x or 10.x to 11.04, and now whenever the rsyslog service starts it immediately eats as much available cpu cycles (all cores) as it can. Any thoughts?19:47
=== Mud is now known as Guest98708
h00kDarkenvy: curiousity, would it be bad to start over with something like duplicity or dejadup?19:49
h00kDarkenvy: or you have some reason not to?19:49
DarkenvyI have 8 months of abckups19:49
h00kDarkenvy: gotcha.19:49
DarkenvyI need to consoludate and keep these files (yes I go back t them sometimes)19:49
Darkenvyim reading the man of tar and -d seems like it only 'checks' for differences19:50
Odaymthere's a problem with my sound..it just disappears sometimes, and I don't have the volume control icon on my panel ever since I purged pulseaudio, thinking it was causing this abrupt interruption in sound at random intervals19:51
OdaymI fell back on ALSA, but still the same problem19:51
Odaymand, there's no volume control applet in the gnome-applets either19:51
Odaymbut I can access the sound from System > Preferences > Sound19:51
OdaymI press on Test Speakers and that application (for sound) crashes19:52
Odaymhow primitive19:52
htpcsup all19:55
htpcquick question19:55
htpcbluetooth + Plantronics Voyager Pro+19:55
bagelsCan someone do me a favor?19:55
PyDonme too :)19:56
htpcskype doesn't recognize device19:56
aLeSDhow could I create a deb package from source code ?19:56
PyDoncan anyone help me? how many bytes are 1 Kilobyte on CentOS?19:56
htpcusing blueman19:56
PyDonor on Ubuntu19:56
PiciAethec: Take a look at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide19:56
PiciPyDon: The same number of bytes that are in any kilobyte.19:57
ioaLeSD: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide19:57
PiciaLeSD: sorry, that was for you: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide19:57
PyDonso what value exactly?19:57
llutzPyDon: per definition a kilobyte is 1000 byte, kibibyte = 1024 byte19:57
htpcany clue ?19:57
PyDonllutz: yes, same on linux?19:57
PyDoni know windows fails here19:57
Odaymthis is a better source, aLeSD : http://lmgtfy.com/?q=create+deb+package+from+source19:57
llutzPyDon: should be same19:58
PiciOdaym: No it isn't, and lgmtfy is not appreciated here.19:58
PyDonllutz: ok, great, thx19:58
icerootPyDon: its always the same, the only problem is that some programs are showing KByte but mean KiByte19:58
PyDoniceroot: yes..19:59
PyDonhow would you handle this platform independent?19:59
icerootPyDon: just use the standard19:59
icerootPyDon: thats a reason a standard exist19:59
htpcaaaa this shit annoys me so bad19:59
Picihtpc: Please mind your language here.20:00
EddieI just upgraded to natty, anyone know how I can ditch this whole new launcher etc and get my old panels / virtual desktops etc back?20:00
pythonsnakehtpc: or you'll be banned.20:00
htpcmy bad /b/ro20:00
Pici!classic | Eddie20:00
ubottuEddie: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".20:00
pythonsnakeEddie: yes20:00
pythonsnakeEddie: at login screen20:00
icerootPyDon: but a file is not bigger on linux than on windows or the other way (but there are differences when using different filesystems)20:00
htpcim just so angry when things don't work as they're desinged t20:00
icerootPyDon: or different block-sizes20:00
EddieThanks folks, feels a little too netbookish for my taste20:00
lloowen_Hello all. I have a live cd of Kubuntu 10.04. Is there a way I can install this using the cli only? I don't have a monitor for my pc just an old TV so the graphical install does not work. If I can install it using the cli, then I can install nvidia and hey presto! I cannot get the nvidia driver to work on the latest kubuntu or xubuntu :(20:01
PyDonI just wonder if I display the amount of used memory on windows and Linux20:01
PyDonthe windows app show the same as linux, but on both systems the mean something diffferent20:01
htpcim out for a sec20:01
pythonsnakelloowen_: search for cli kubuntu installer20:01
PyDonso if there is " 3.5 GB" in memory.. the most people might think that their computer runs out of memory20:02
PyDoneven there are real 500 MB left20:02
warmax26i have a question20:02
iceroot!ram | PyDon20:02
ubottuPyDon: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html20:02
pythonsnake!ask | warmax2620:02
ubottuwarmax26: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:02
warmax26if i delete the ubuntu folder that contains ubuntu on my windows 7 computer will that get rid of ubuntu?20:02
PyDoniceroot: yes, for sure, i Know20:03
PyDon-K + k20:03
PyDonjust for users20:03
warmax26wait so if i just delete the folder it will be gone?20:03
pythonsnakewarmax26: the question is stupid - will you delete ubuntu if you delete ubuntu ?20:03
pythonsnakewarmax26: delete root = no more ubuntu20:03
icerootwarmax26: maybe the wubi-bootloader still exists, i dont know wubi very well20:04
=== bitmonk_ is now known as bitmonk
zykotick9warmax26, you probably want to use the Uninstall tool to get rid of bootloader etc.20:04
icerootwarmax26: if you are talking about wubu20:04
warmax26i deleted the reg entry20:04
warmax26so wubi doesnt know its there20:04
warmax26and i cant use the unintaller because theres no reg entry20:04
warmax26i get an error saying that i need to insert disk20:05
warmax26so where do i go to get rid of the bootloader20:05
pythonsnakewarmax26: hmm.20:05
pythonsnakerm -rf /boot20:05
Myrttier, no20:06
zykotick9warmax26, ask in ##windows how to reinstall the MS bootloader20:06
Piciwarmax26: It should just be as easy as removing the entry from the Windows bootloader, but I forget where that menu is these days.20:07
warmax26if i knew i could do it20:07
pythonsnakeno one here use google ? :/20:07
Picipythonsnake: This is a support channel, we're here to solve support questions, not point people to a search engine.20:08
pythonsnakeat least search a bit before asking20:09
warmax26problem is20:09
warmax26my problem is unique20:09
llutzeverbodies problem is ...20:10
=== root is now known as unknown_huk
warmax26not always20:10
synackfinhow do I get dpkg to display the time the package was installed?20:10
unk@unknown_huk: hey20:10
unknown_huk@unk: hey20:11
zykotick9synackfin, see if the package is listed in No video cards found..20:11
zykotick9synackfin, sorry paste fail there - check /var/log/dpkg.log20:11
WinDu1965hello, i installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a HP Elitebook 6930p, but on playing video, i get a audio error, "failed to initialize audio device"  need some help with this please20:11
SetiAmonis there a reason ubuntu software center keeps coming up as a grey box20:11
synackfinzykotick9: thanks20:11
complexity00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE20:12
pythonsnakeWinDu1965: whay app ?20:12
complexityanyone have any ideas how to get that video card working better20:12
complexityi can't even get in full screen20:12
pythonsnake!details | WinDu196520:12
ubottuWinDu1965: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:12
=== Jasonn is now known as Jasonn|NotHere
=== Jasonn|NotHere is now known as Jasonn
neverbluei would like to copy the contents of PCs/Macs HDs to a network location, can I do that with a Live Ubuntu USB stick ? is there an easier method ?20:12
SetiAmonComplexity:activate restricted drivers20:13
japroso the program i'm trying to run fails to open "libcudart.so.4" which is in /usr/local/cuda/lib20:13
complexitySetiAmon, how so?20:13
japroso i added that to LD_LIBRARY_PATH20:13
japrobut it still doesn't find it20:14
japrodo i have to set some right's so it can use the lib?20:14
complexityeverything has changed so much20:14
SetiAmonI should say20:14
complexityi think i checked that already and had nothing20:14
SetiAmonso far i think ubuntu is a regression20:14
WinDu1965pythonsnake , with any app, tried vlc, dragonplayer, XMBC20:14
complexitySetiAmon, no proprietary drivers are in use on this system, and I can't enable them20:15
pythonsnakeWinDu1965: mplayer ?20:15
pythonsnaketry aslamixer20:15
ScatterBrain I just updated my laptop with the newest Kernel - came in as a software update.  When I rebooted, EVERYTHING is slower now.  Booting, Starting Gnome everything except for typing is slower.  Anyone know of a problem with the newest kernel?20:15
htpcsup all20:16
sphearionanyone here familiar with Tesseract-ocr?20:16
htpcdid anybody got Plantronics Voyager Plus working with Skype ?20:16
SetiAmonComplexity:what graphics card?nividia?20:17
SetiAmonso far i think ubuntu has been regressing since jaunty20:17
pythonsnakeWinDu1965: what is your audio card?20:17
ikoniaSetiAmon: you've said that, do you need technal support or are you just going to keep repeating that20:17
complexitySetiAmon, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE20:17
Jcook_5xDatacomplexity, this may help you http://janvandevoort.wordpress.com/2010/03/27/ubuntu-9-10-with-vga-intel-82845gglbrookdale-gge/20:18
WinDu1965pythonsnake, hang on, need to check this20:18
SetiAmonsorry been up for more then 24 stright.Didn't realize i said it once20:18
SetiAmonthought i was just thinking it20:18
SetiAmonat least i got my graphics issues resolved.now i got to fix the sound.sound plays then echos/static/distortions20:18
soldermanjust testing new package and apps20:19
BarkingFishSetiAmon, You'll probably think a lot more clearly if you go and get some sleep :)  Nobody works well under pressure, especially when they're tired!20:19
WinDu1965pythonsnake: a ADI SoundMAX AD1984A20:19
SetiAmonI'm On afterburn right now.20:20
SetiAmonits how i learn best20:20
SetiAmonSo sound plays,but then there is a hanging on,like distortion/echo effect that echo's on for awhile.anyone know how i can fix this20:20
SetiAmonX-FI soundcard20:20
monkdhi, I installed postfix + dovecot. I can receive emails but not send them. i got 250-starttls and 250-auth plain login when I ran telnet localhost 25, ehlo localhost20:20
warmax26so the ##windows ppl helped me out20:20
monkdwhat's the problem?20:20
Myrttiwarmax26: awesome20:21
Piciwarmax26: good to hear20:21
netman86does anyone know offhand what $klogpath is in /etc/rsyslog.conf?20:21
warmax26i deleted the entry from the bootloader20:21
neverblueif you run Ubuntu in VMware, can you install the tools ?20:21
Jcook_5xDatamonkd, what ISP you on?20:22
monkdJcook_5xData: sonera in finland20:22
pythonsnakeWinDu1965: maybe module?20:22
Jcook_5xDatamonkd, more then likely you ISP is blocking smtp port20:23
monkdJcook_5xData: so I should change the p25 to something else?20:23
WinDu1965pythonsnake: how do you mean20:23
new2netmy ISP blocking stuff.... better not be20:23
Jcook_5xDatamonkd, try this http://bookmarks.honewatson.com/2008/04/20/postfix-gmail-smtp-relay/20:23
Jcook_5xDataI have to because comcast block that port20:24
sam555hello all!20:24
sam555trying to find better instructions then here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN on how to actually use openvpn20:25
sam555it stops at creating the client20:25
pythonsnakeWinDu1965: do you have asla driver?20:27
WinDu1965pythonsnake: dont know20:29
ZiberI'm running into a problem with apparmor, despite having uninstalled it its still complaining about not letting bind write to its master zone files20:29
WinDu1965pythonsnake: have bien looking on the net found a page ons this, with a solution    sudo echo "options snd-hda-intel model=laptop" >> /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf20:30
pythonsnakeWinDu1965: it worked ?20:30
WinDu1965pythonsnake: nope, -bash: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf: Permission denied20:31
pythonsnakeWinDu1965: try with su20:32
cpglsnhi again, i'm in remote with ssh. Can you tell me the package name of nvidia drivers ?20:32
pythonsnakeput your pass20:32
pythonsnakeand echo foobar20:32
ZiberI'm running into a problem with apparmor, despite having uninstalled it its still complaining about not letting bind write to its master zone files. Error: http://paste.ziber.org/6446720:33
WinDu1965ikonia ???20:33
edbiancpglsn: there are many: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia&searchon=all&suite=natty&section=all20:33
ZiberI'm on ubuntu 11.04, server.20:34
ikoniaWinDu1965: the guy is giving you incorrect advice20:34
lindenle_Can I write a resource rule with an array like this file{ "/test/${array}": ensure=> directory}20:34
cpglsnedbian: i only need the last20:34
ikoniaWinDu1965: if you try running it with "sudo"20:34
lindenle_I am getting a directory with all the array entries merged instead of multiple directories.20:34
lindenle_Which confuses me20:34
WinDu1965ikonia: ok ,but with sudo su no eror20:34
PiciWinDu1965: echo "options snd-hda-intel model=laptop" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf20:34
ikoniaWinDu1965: whoaaa, don't do that20:34
ikoniaWinDu1965: follow Pici20:34
sam555anyone want to help me out with openvpn?20:35
cpglsnedbian: the problem is this: i'm preparing on vb a customize kubuntu for a school, so i can't test the nvidia driver, but the card they have is20:35
cpglsnGeForce 8400 GS20:35
Zibermight anyone be able to help me? i have to leave in a few minutes.20:35
cpglsnZiber: what problem ?20:36
ZiberI'm running into a problem with apparmor, despite having uninstalled it its still complaining about not letting bind write to its master zone files. Error: http://paste.ziber.org/64467 (Ubuntu 11.04, server)20:36
PsiKloPxanyone know of a program that won't allow anyone to log into a computer without a certain USB key plugged in?20:37
popeyPsiKloPx: yubikey?20:37
cpglsnPsiKloPx: without a usb ? i think you have to script a bit with lsusb20:37
cpglsnZiber: sorry, no idea20:38
Zibermakes two of us20:38
SIFTUPsiKloPx: http://www.techienote.com/2011/03/lock-unlock-ubuntu-desktop-using-usb-drive.html20:38
PsiKloPxI had a windows program years ago that locked the computer without the usb connected...just can't remember the name....I'll check out yubikey20:38
WinDu1965pici, did it your way, system rebooting20:38
huarangit has encription too20:38
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PsiKloPxThanks cpglsn and SIFTU....looks like that's the ticket....laters20:41
htpcsup all20:41
PolahPsiKloPx: Encrypt data and put the file containing the information needed decrpytion on a USB drive and make a symlink to it on the actual drive. Thus, without the USB drive plugged in, the drive cannot be decrypted.20:41
htpcthats me again20:42
htpcsorry for bugging20:42
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htpcbut it kills me20:42
htpcanybody had a successful try to connect bluetooth headset to 11.0420:42
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jargonTwitter #BLOC14 @OccupyWallSt #ourwallstreet #takewallstreet20:45
htpcit's like a 3rd day20:46
rwwjargon: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support, not random silliness, thanks.20:46
jargonburning at 18.4GHz on four processors20:47
htpcso just in case anybody tried it before20:48
htpcdevice connected to the bluetooth adapter20:48
LaWU@rww: LOL...20:48
htpcset as a A2DP device20:48
Polah!enter | htcp20:48
ubottuhtcp: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:48
htpcubottu sorry.20:48
htpcdevice paired, set as a2dp, but no new sound devices in pulse/alsa/skype20:49
Locker537Does anyone have "the best" solution for installing and running multiple version of Python on ubuntu 10.04? The default (2.6.5) has bugs which have been fixed in newer versions.20:49
rubbsHow can I get notified if there is a terminal bell in Unity? It seems like I'm being hit by this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/76931420:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 769314 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "System bell broken in Natty/Unity (despite heroic...)" [Undecided,New]20:49
LaWUAnyone have a decent guide on how to set up a email sever on Ubuntu?20:49
WinDu1965pici: thx for the help20:53
MonkeyDu1tmy ps -e shows a lot of processes with k in front, among which kworker, it corrupts my pc, hints & tips?20:53
PiciLaWU: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html should be able to get you started.  postfix is pretty simple to setup.20:53
toddnineHi guys.  I'm looking for a vmware workstation replacement.  Can kvm with the virtual machine manager run windows ?20:56
genii-aroundMonkeyDu1t: http://askubuntu.com/questions/33640/kworker-what-is-it-and-why-is-it-hogging-so-much-cpu20:56
LaWU@Pici: Sorry for the delay (I was AFK). Thank you, I'll check it out.20:57
rubbstoddnine: yes, so can virtualbox20:57
SIFTUtoddnine: yeah go virtualbox for desktop stuff20:58
rubbstoddnine: in the case of windows you may or may not see better performance with virtualbox20:58
MonkeyDu1tgenii-around: that's for kde, i use gnome20:58
toddninerubbs: Does virtual box have an option for auto starting virtual machines on startup?20:59
rubbsMonkeyDu1t: if you read it has an answer that is independent of gnome/kde20:59
rubbstoddnine: to be honest I'm not sure. a google search might help you though.20:59
AshexHave there been any updates to networking in the past few days?21:00
AshexUpdates/Changes that it21:00
SIFTUtoddnine: it has a headless mode and you can start it up in scripts21:00
rubbstoddnine: is this for desktop or server purposes?21:01
rubbstoddnine: and what are you planning on running in the windows VM?21:01
SIFTUtoddnine: if you are doing graphical desktop stuff then virtualbox, headless server stuff kvm21:01
glebihantoddnine, there is an option for that21:03
MonkeyDu1tgenii-around: what's the catch, i don't find the line with the answer21:03
glebihantoddnine, VirtualBox --startvm vmname21:04
AshexSo, any updates?21:04
AshexCan anyone answer that for me?21:04
glebihanAshex, depends on what you call "networking"21:05
AshexWell, I'm not entirely sure myself. Essentially I've got a bunch of people who use Ubuntu, since Monday they've been having trouble logging in to their machine with network accounts21:06
AshexIt looks like the ethernet interface doesn't get an address until they login with a local account21:06
toddnineglebihan: Can that be headless as well, I.E. set it to start with cron and the @reboot time21:07
zykotick9toddnine, VBox lack of a native way to boot VMs on machine startup is a big failing, in my opinion.21:07
Noobsaucehello, I got some super nooby questions.21:07
GinoManshoot Noobsause21:08
yeatsNoobsauce: go ahead - we can take it ;-)21:08
SIFTUAshex: are they wireless?21:08
AshexSIFTU: nope, all wired21:08
Noobsauceis there a way to have sudo rights and run programs via the gui ?21:08
MonkeyDu1tNoobsauce: gksudo21:08
GinoMangksudo <command>21:08
yeats!gksu | Noobsauce21:08
ubottuNoobsauce: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)21:08
AshexI had someone who does manual updates update their computer and they're also experiencing the problem21:08
glebihantoddnine, I don't think so, I think VirtualBox needs a gui to run, but I'm not sure21:08
zykotick9toddnine, KVM requires your CPU to have virtualization support - but it does seem to have the fastest CPU speed of any of the VM software out there21:08
Noobsaucewhere do i set that?21:09
AshexSo this leads me to believe something in networking was recently updated and I'm trying to confirm21:09
MonkeyDu1tNoobsauce: alt-f221:09
GinoManyou could also do nohup gksudo <command> 2>/dev/null >/dev/null21:09
toddnineI am running vmware-server as a workstation21:09
toddnineI may give KVM a try21:09
fructoseWhy do you have to login to view posts in ubuntuforums?21:09
devishwhat is this linux-image-generic2.6.38 in update21:10
fructoseAnd who can I rage at about this?21:10
devishhas anyone any idea aboyut21:10
zykotick9toddnine, kvm is very cool, i wasn't so impressed with libvirt - BUT many of the features you probably want are from libvirt21:10
Noobsauceok more ??  sorry I'm learning linux.  now I have the run program window what do I do with it.21:10
yeatsdevish: it's the linux kernel21:10
GinoMandevish: it's the kernel21:10
GinoManya, that21:10
devishso why its in the update21:10
devishi laready compiled the new one21:11
yeatsdevish: because the kernel is updated from time to time21:11
MonkeyDu1tNoobsauce: what do you want to do?21:11
yeats!kernel | devish21:11
ubottudevish: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)21:11
devishyeats, the kernel.org was down today all the time21:11
devishis it not the compromised one21:11
NoobsauceI want to be able to run programs thru the gui with sudo. click them like windows.21:12
yeatsdevish: the update is from Ubuntu, not kernel.org21:12
MonkeyDu1tNoobsauce: do NOT do that21:12
devishyeats, yeah21:12
genii-aroundMonkeyDu1t: kworker is not a part of kde or gnome or any other dekstop. It is a kernel process which schedules jobs to be processed.21:12
NoobsauceI'm sorry I mean run installations21:12
rubbsNoobsauce: always use gksu to run your graphical things at root. But keep in mind running normal things as root is frowned upon.21:12
MonkeyDu1twin is vulnerable to malware, because of admin access21:12
yeatsdevish: not sure what you're asking...21:12
zykotick9Noobsauce, it's MUCH better to learn to use GNU/Linux properly.  Although it's a struggle at first.  Don't run everything as sudo.21:13
rubbsNoobsauce: by normal things I mean firefox etc.21:13
MonkeyDu1tNoobsauce: now you want admin access in linux21:13
fliebelWhy doesn't Ubuntu support the screencast feature baked into Gnome 3?21:13
NoobsauceI know I miss spoke I mean when I need to install something I want to just click it and run the install without command line typing everything21:13
devishyeats, i am not asking anything just i am worried see this http://kernel.org/21:14
zykotick9fliebel, because ubuntu doesn't use Gnome3 could be one reason21:14
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.21:14
fructoseCan anyone tell me what this says... I am locked out of ubuntu forums because I failed my password 5 times... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22212721:14
MonkeyDu1tNoobsauce: if you want a system that works like win, then use win21:14
devishyeats, and also this linux.com21:14
zykotick9MonkeyDu1t, +1 ;)21:14
Polahfliebel: Because it doesn't support GNOME3 yet.21:14
yeatsdevish: that issue doesn't really have anything to do with Ubuntu - kernel.org (as you mentioned) was compromised...21:14
Noobsauce@Monkeydult oh......   if it's like that then why is there a fancy gui ???21:15
fliebelOh, right... I somehow associated Unity with Gnome 321:15
devishyeats, but for me ubuntu is after linux21:15
Polahfliebel: Nope, based on GNOME2. GNOME3 will be supported with 11.1021:15
devishyeats, i hope you are getting me21:15
yeatsdevish: nope - not understanding ;-)21:16
PolahNoobsauce: To make the system a bit easier to use.21:16
fliebelalmost there... :) So will it be Unity based on Gnome 3, or just plain Gnome 3?21:16
Noobsaucewell that is what i'm asking.  I'm trying to learn not get hated on.21:16
devishyeats, thats what was talking about G>n21:17
Polahfliebel: Well GNOME will stop shipping with 11.10. 11.10 will only ship with Unity from then onwards, but GNOME3 will be available in the repositories. Unity is based on either GNOME2 or 3 actually, I only know it's based on GNOME.21:17
xanguafliebel: unity runs on top of gnome21:17
MonkeyDu1tNoobsauce: here's my advice,  get used to the password, it's part of the linux way21:17
yeatsdevish: sorry - I'm still not understanding - might just be me though - ask the full channel your question and maybe someone can help21:17
fructoseCan anyone please tell me if this thread provides an answer why mono apps suddenly fail in Ubuntu...http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22212721:18
fructoseI am trying to deal with a time-sensitive problem21:18
bindiWhy do so many posts on the ubuntu forums require you to be logged in?21:19
NoobsauceI'm not afraid of the password. I'm trying to learn linux and I found out from around the net that you can run installs from the gui. I'm just asking how. I would like to paly around in a familiar setting while I venture forth on learning command line21:19
fructoseApparently the forums tell web crawlers not to cache the content and then require login. I have no idea why anyone in the Ubuntu community would be stupid enough to think that is a good idea21:19
MonkeyDu1tNoobsauce: it's called update manager21:19
bindiyeah well.. i've had answers on google, required me to log in.. went back, took cached version, and worked wonders :-)21:19
zykotick9Noobsauce, ubuntu-software-center or synaptic will allow GUI installs of software from the repository21:19
MonkeyDu1tNoobsauce: zykotick9 is correct21:20
NoobsauceThanks zykotick9, the first non sarcastic answer.  I can see i better get my knowledge from somewhere else21:20
MonkeyDu1tNoobsauce: trial and error is the best way, it's how we all learned21:21
Noobsaucewhatever!  out.21:21
BluesKajsarcastic ???21:23
tom_bombadilhi, is it possible to install a minimal Ubuntu Gnome 11.04 system without Unity?21:23
BluesKajhis definition must be different than mine21:23
synackfinhow do I get rid of the motd when folks ssh in?21:23
synackfinI tried editing /etc/motd but it keeps getting overwtitten by an Ubuntu banner21:24
Polahtom_bombadil: Install from the minimal ISO and build up21:24
tom_bombadilhi, is it possible to install a minimal Ubuntu Gnome 11.04 system without Unity?21:24
jorgedonde puedo encotrar libros sobre ubuntus gratis21:24
tom_bombadilPolah: It won't install Unity with gnome automatically?21:24
jlstewtom_bombadil: you can disable Unity at the login screen21:24
Polahtom_bombadil, no.21:24
BluesKaj!es | jorge21:24
ubottujorge: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.21:24
tom_bombadilcool, thanks guys21:24
jorgehey i need books on ubuntu21:25
jorgecan any one help me21:25
Polahsynackfin, there's an option in the ssh config file for setting showing the motd to yes/no21:25
GreekFreakHi. I had a dual bool Ubuntu 11.04 with Win7. I subsequently formatted (through Windows) the Ubuntu partition, and now the laptop does not even load the LiveCD so I can start the install. Simply a black screen. Any ideas?21:25
synackfinPolah: sshd_config already has "PrintMotd no"21:26
synackfinPolah: I think ubuntu is printing it in bashrc21:26
jlstewjorge -- a book on ubuntu specifically or one geared towards linux in general?21:26
SIFTUsynackfin: what files is your /etc/ssh/sshd_config referring to it's usually /etc/issues.net etc21:26
Polahsynackfin, have you restarted ssh since?21:26
jorgelinux in general21:27
SIFTUsynackfin: ah could well be .bashrc21:27
synackfinPolah: Ubuntu ships with PrintMotd=no in sshd_config21:27
jlstewjorge -- 'Running Linux'21:28
jlstewi also have 'Linux in a Nutshell' as a quick reference21:28
jkeithanyone happen to be an expert in the area of epoll?21:29
jlstewotherwise, there are great online resources21:29
synackfinSITFU/Polah: I tried searching for "motd" in all the bashrc and profile scripts, can't find it21:29
synackfinI don't know how/where it's being motd21:29
jkeithcrap, wrong channel21:29
synackfinI'd like to just be able to clear /etc/motd; but it's constantly being regenerated21:29
halsafarUnity bar on a two monitor twinview setup.  If the second monitor is left of the main monitor and the unity bar is on the left of the main monitor then maximized applications ignore the unity bar and draw under it.21:30
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ethern0tsynackfin: you has to change it somewhere else not /etc/motd21:31
ethern0ti am gonna check where hang on a sec21:31
SIFTUsynackfin: you looked in the /etc/.bash* files and /etc/.profile?21:31
=== tomaw is now known as 5EXAAAB0J
synackfinSIFTU: I looked at grep -ri motd /etc21:32
synackfinSIFTU: and grep -ri motd ~/21:32
kmdmHi guys, any ideas what the problem might be if I'm doing a xen amd64 netboot install of 11.04, but in the installer if I hit 'Execute shell' I get 'Illegal instruction' ? (The xen dom0 and netboot are amd64)21:32
SIFTUsynackfin: lol ok21:32
=== 5EXAAAB0J is now known as tomaw
synackfinSIFTU: I think it's being printed by PAM21:34
synackfinSIFTU: rather than not printing out /etc/motd, I just want to clear out the contents of /etc/motd21:34
synackfinSIFTU: I have a blank /etc/motd on Fedora, but on Ubuntu it keeps getting created by something21:35
ethern0tsynackfin: still there ?21:35
ethern0tsynackfin:  /var/run/motd change here21:35
nixmaniackhow to _flush dns cache_ in Ubuntu?21:35
GreekFreakhi again. My LiveCD boots to a black screen. Can anybody help? I've used the same CD to install ubuntu in the last 2 weeks21:36
SIFTUsynackfin: update-motd --disable21:36
SIFTUsynackfin: hmm that might be temporary21:36
PolahGreekFreak, are you sure it's booting from CD and not the drive?21:37
GreekFreakPolah: yes. The drive takes me to Rescue grub, because I formated the Ubunut partition from win721:37
qinWhat is downside of removal of console-kit-daemon?21:37
SIFTUqin: Some of the most common usages of consolekit is allowing non-root users to mount removable media and suspending/shutting down the computer through common desktop applications21:38
synackfinSIFTU: ah, I found out -- it's from /init/mounted-run.conf , it clobbers /etc/motd and is called by upstart21:39
qinSIFTU: Thank you, none then ;)21:39
SIFTUqin: you dont shutdown with a normal user?21:40
little_bithi, i wanted to know how to copy the found files that i have searched in the console to my destination21:41
little_bithi, i wanted to know how to copy the found files that i have searched in the console to my destination21:42
qinSIFTU: Not really. I am rather afaid that my logs start grow with misterious errors from less known services, well fist will test it on one box.21:42
SIFTUlittle_bit: with find? did you look at -exec21:42
qinlittle_bit: find . -name xxx -exec echo cp {} /where/to/copy \;21:43
little_bitSIFTU: ah ok21:43
qinlittle_bit: remove echo after testing21:43
little_bitSIFTU: isn't there something with a $ sign to work with?21:44
trismsynackfin: you can disable the motd printing on ssh login by commenting out the pam_motd line in /etc/pam.d/sshd21:44
SIFTUlittle_bit: qin gave you the command21:44
qinAlmost felt ignored. little_bit {} represents argument21:45
little_bitqui: ah ok now it works thanks21:45
qinlittle_bit: cp also accept regex, so: cp *xxx* /there/ ; will also work.21:46
synackfintrism: thanks, that worked21:46
toodidahello ....does anyone here using Ubuntu Cloud?21:51
toodidaor anyone experience with Ubuntu Cloud?21:52
toodidaOne Ubuntu?21:52
qintoodida: Meaning: Ubuntu One? Ask specific question, may work better.21:53
toodidaqin: I just set up Ubuntu one with a shared folder, how to make a friend to download file from my share folder? Do he need an account?21:55
emAre any of you interested in web design and development?21:56
toodidaqin: or I have to give out my pwd to him to access my shared folder?21:56
qinem: /join #web21:56
qintoodida: Well, Ubuntu One isnot exactly sharing service, One moment.21:58
toodidahmm....it's a cloud service....what do U mean?21:59
kasiI seem to have broken my ubuntu install: sudo  apt-get purge  "libreoffice*"21:59
qintoodida: Apparently you can give your friend link to your files *stored* on Ubuntu One service.21:59
kasiNow I can't print anymore; it btw also deleted /usr/bin/google-chrome for no reason whatosever21:59
savidHi, I'm trying to start a development webserver on port 8000, and it's saying the port is in use.  What's the best way to find out what process is using aport?   I've tried  "lsof -i :8000", but get no results.21:59
kasihow do I get cups to print again?22:00
toodidaqin....i understood that, the friend needs the pwd and ID to access?22:00
Polahsavid: Why 8000? Why not 80 or 8080?22:00
qintoodida: This will be source of my knowledge: http://edigitales.org/file-sharing-on-ubuntu-one/22:01
savidPolah, because that's the port that's in use.  I want to know what's using it.22:01
Polahsavid: Use a different port?22:01
savidPolah,  that's not my question.22:01
savidPolah, I want to know how to find out what is using that port.22:01
Polahsavid: netstat can show open ports. However, it would be simpler (and for a webserver make more sense, since HTTP uses 80 and 8080) to use another port22:02
nixmaniackhow to *flush dns cache* in Ubuntu?22:02
Polahkasi: look in /var/log/dpkg.log for the programs uninstalled from that command then reinstall them22:03
savidPolah,  django's default web develeopment port is port 8000,  also known as http-alt22:03
kasiPolah, but how come it deleted /usr/bin/google-chrome ??22:03
Polahsavid: 80 is standard http, 8080 is alternate, not 800022:03
synackfinhow do I get a list of files installed in a package?22:03
qintoodida: Usually you do not give your password to anyone. "Usually" you ought to translate as "Never"22:04
kasiPolah, dpkg still said that the package is installed, but the binary was missing22:04
Polahkasi: Because you gave it a wildcard and thus it probably removed a lot more than you wanted it to22:04
synackfinsimilar to rpm -ql (pkg) but for dpkg?22:04
toodidaqin.....did you ever actually use ubuntu one?22:04
Polahkasi: purge with aptitude (aptitude --purge packagename, then reinstall. Configuration files will be removed by purging, mind22:04
BunnyLustweird shit22:04
BunnyLustI updated22:04
qinsynackfin: dpkg -l package22:04
BunnyLustand now everything seems to lag22:04
GreekFreakI have "grub rescue" and my LiveCD does not boot. Does someone know how I can at least boot my windows partition?22:04
BunnyLustvideo is chopp22:04
kasiPolah, did it purge  more files or more packages? because as I said, the package was still reported as installed22:04
qintoodida: NOt much.22:05
FerretWithASporkIs it possible to have one portrait monitor and one landscape monitor while retaining the ability to drag windows between the two?22:05
BunnyLustand pressing up in the terminal makes it take like 3 seconds for th previous command to appear22:05
Polahkasi: was it removed or is it just nonfunctional?22:05
rypervenchePolah: Don't even need the --, "aptitude purge packagename" works just fine :)22:05
Polahrypervenche: Ah, good to know.22:05
kasiPolah, it was *removed*22:05
savidPolah, well,  NMAP reports it as http-alt.  Either way, does it matter?   it's the standard for Django.22:05
kasiPolah, uninstalling the printer and reinstalling it now made it work again22:05
Polahkasi: You could try forcing reinstall.22:05
oakmanhow do i copy multiple files in a directory using  xfs_rtcp?  big reward22:05
kasiPolah, yes, I know how to fix that ,but I now wonder whether apt-get did delete some other random stuff, too22:06
Polahsavid: I'm just saying the standard for http is 80, or 8080 sometimes. Since your 8000 is being used by something, it would be better to just configure the webserver to use another port rather than stop whatever is using 8000 which if you want to maintain over time if it's a service, you'll need to reconfigure that anyway22:06
qinoakman: for i in *; do xfs_rtcp $i /new/path/; done;22:07
savidPolah,  I've been using Django for 3 years.   Port 8000 is not generally used by anything else.  I'm assuming my current problem is that there's another django webserver running somewhere.   Hence the reason I would like to find the process and kill it.22:07
toodidaqin: do you know how many group in #ubuntu chat? how to check it? I want to ask the specific question in a specicfic group?22:08
Polahsavid: Look in service --status-all, and ps -A for the process. If so, perhaps use that webserver instead of a new one, assuming Django can host multiple sites.22:08
qinoakman: Or maybe disregard. Just went to xfs_rtcp man page.22:09
savidPolah,  it's a development server, not a system-wide service.22:09
iotoodida: did you want a list of #ubuntu- channels?22:09
Polahkasi: It could've removed them due to you having broken their dependencies. It may also have matched package descriptions as well, for example I just simulated apt-get remove libreoffice* and it lists python-uno as well.22:09
toodidayes qin.22:10
qintoodida: There is no  groups, just channels, like: #ubuntu-offtopic, #xchat, #deforma. #etc22:10
io!irc > toodida22:10
ubottutoodida, please see my private message22:10
savidRegardless, I just need to know what process is using the port22:10
BunnyLustso uh22:10
toodidayes, I meant channels22:10
BunnyLustalso firefox seems to run at full speed22:10
BunnyLustwhile other applications22:10
iotoodida: see the private message from ubottu22:10
BunnyLustlike video lag lots22:10
BunnyLustalso it appears to take a long time to boot22:10
BunnyLustknown issue?22:10
savidPolah, nm, finally found it.22:11
Loshkitoodida: if you ask you question here, we may be able to answer it, or direct you to a more appropriate channel...22:11
Polah!details | BunnyLust22:11
ubottuBunnyLust: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."22:11
BunnyLustubottu: I just ran the update to the version that comes before 11.0422:12
ubottuBunnyLust: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:12
BunnyLustand video appears to lag now22:12
BunnyLustas does the terminal22:12
BunnyLustbut irefox appears to run smoothly22:12
PolahBunnyLust: Still not enough information. What other processes are running, are any processes using a lot of processing time or memory according to top? What are you using to play video?22:12
BunnyLustVLC for video22:12
qintoodida: If you ask question regarding other, not supported here thing, you will be advised what channel to join. But there is !alis22:12
BunnyLustI'll ps | aux and look for anything rogue22:13
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*22:13
qinBunnyLust: ps aux (no pipe there)22:13
BunnyLustsome xce plugins seem to be running22:14
BunnyLustand Thunar22:14
BunnyLustthat appear to use lots of ram22:14
BunnyLustno idea what they are22:14
BunnyLustthere's nothing aside from firefox using more than 3% of memory22:14
komputesWhat ever happened to /var/log/messages? I would like to tail the file that will give me details on error mounting/unmounting.22:15
Palace_Chanif I have -L in the compile commandline do i still need to have the path in LD_LIBRARY_PATH?22:15
blognewbwhat do the two dots mean here: ../somefolder/ ?22:15
BunnyLustthe directory before the one you are in22:16
BunnyLustor the one referenced22:16
qinblognewb: One step towart /22:16
blognewbqin one step above?22:16
BunnyLustalso I think it may be something to do with video drivers or something22:16
BunnyLustbecause now avidemux doesn't appear to be able to read my video files correctly22:17
blognewbBunnyLust is there something with just one dot? ./folder22:17
qinblognewb: Yes, change to directory above current.22:17
blognewb./ ../ .../22:17
Polahblognewb: . is current directory, .. is the directory above, there is no ... as far as I am aware22:18
BunnyLustso uh22:18
BunnyLustmaybe updating to the latest version will help?22:18
PolahBunnyLust: What version are you on now?22:18
BunnyLustlet me check22:19
blognewbthank you polah22:19
blognewboh he left22:19
qinblognewb: Try: cd /; pwd; cd ~; pwd; cd ..; pwd;22:20
randomseedbash: cd: .../: No such file or directory22:20
=== babaei_ is now known as babaei
blognewbhey guys is there a nice opensource dreamweaver for ubuntu22:22
savidblognewb, vim ^_^22:22
b3rz3rk3rim pretty sure dreamweaver is a commercial product22:23
toodida question: once you had the ubuntu one account setup....Can you upload your data/file from any computer/system or must strictly upload from only one system?22:23
savidblognewb,  http://alternativeto.net/22:23
blognewbsavid thankyouuu22:23
linux-beginner-h what is more secure? a cryptsetup XTS container or a symmetric encrypted tar.gz file with gnugpg? or maybe both in one?22:24
b3rz3rk3rtoodida, its an account.. works like Dropbox does, if you have ever used that?22:24
b3rz3rk3rblognewb, can I PM you?22:24
blognewbb3rz3rk3r im a noob22:25
zsublognewb: have you tried using wordpress?22:26
julioalguien aqui?22:26
toodidawell....I uploaded many files up to Ubuntu-One sharefolder from another system, there is nothing update at all22:26
b3rz3rk3rblognewb, check your private message (flashing window)22:27
blognewbzsu ?22:27
b3rz3rk3rtoodida, have you logged into Ubuntu One correctly? It can take time to sync as well22:27
zsuie, signing up for an account on wordpress.com and availing yourself of the tools therein.22:27
blognewbyou guys yse aptana?22:28
toodidaof course I was logging to UbuntuOne22:29
toodidado you mean that after uploading files from any system, you MUST sync? That meaning is uploading file/data can be any where any box? do I understand correctly?22:30
b3rz3rk3rtoodida, are they any files on the web interface?22:32
toodidaThere was only the 1st file that I uploaded 2 days ago, but the recent ones22:33
tracy_Hello all I have a question22:34
zsuask it.22:35
tracy_Can I run andriod app in ubuntu 11.04?22:35
AlanBelltracy_: not really, you can run it in a phone simulator in the android SDK, but I suspect that isn't what you are asking for22:38
tracy_Yes .. will I am looking for a police scanner app22:38
shellcodei receving no sound22:39
tracy_thanks Alan22:39
w0_how do I make a keyboard shortcut in unity to run a single bash line?22:41
shellcodei have no sound22:42
shellcodeno device in sound input22:42
fm_shellcode, you might want to look at alsamixer22:43
w0_maybe macro is the word  I should use .. I like to make a macro that would run one line of bash code .. preferably without showing bash.  anyone? much thx!22:43
shellcodeinstall alsamixker22:43
jen__on my virtualbox, how do I get it to be full screen instead of in the center of my screen?22:45
jen__if its important, its windows XP virtualbox on natty nutwal22:46
w0_sorry I'm a dumb butt.  figured it out .. still not completely used to unity! =P22:46
jen__lol dumb butt22:46
jen__or is everyone busy?22:47
w0_jen__ what OS do you run, and what OS are you trying to install?22:48
w0_(install IN vb that is)22:49
camilleqcoi want to go from dual boot windows7/ubuntu to single boot22:50
camilleqcothis makes it sound all so simple - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=bcf16f3bc7929b107a5e14e05d08294d&t=1455212&page=222:50
camilleqcobut i cant just delete the windows partition22:50
jen__okay im not trying to install anything22:50
jen__my virtualbox is not in full screen22:51
camilleqcoand it wont let me unmount it other22:51
jen__and i want it to be22:51
camilleqcopresumably because it is currently running?22:51
shellcodeu gotta change your resolution22:52
shellcodeif u want virtualbox to be full screen22:52
=== camilleqco_ is now known as camilleqco
w0_jen__: hmmm.. what I'm trying to ask is what window are you wanting to be full screen?  winbloze? linux?22:52
w0_jen__: have you installed the 'guest additions' yet?22:53
jen__my windows XP VB22:53
jen__not ubuntu itself22:53
w0_jen__: what's your primary OS?22:53
ChoHagCan you make ubuntu stop bitching whenever you call a script in /etc/init.d directly?22:54
=== Cream is now known as derp
ChoHagI've done it that way as long as I can remember, it works perfectly well and, most importantly, I don't fucking care.22:54
w0_jen__: yerp confused me. hahah have you installed guest additions yet?22:54
jen__guest additions?22:54
Logan_!language | ChoHag22:55
ubottuChoHag: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.22:55
w0_chaching .. lemm get you a good link22:55
MaxHeadRoomHello, I installed the slmodem driver fo my laptops winmodem (dialup), the modem is recognized, and seems to dial with gnomeppp but I get no carrier, any ideas to make it work?22:55
ChoHagSwearing is professional.22:55
ChoHagI work with Linux so I swear all the time.22:56
jribChoHag: /etc/init.d is deprecated, use the service script instead22:56
ChoHagIt works. I don't care. I want to stop it complaining.22:57
w0_jen__: check this out -- www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html22:57
jen__i think i got it22:57
jribChoHag: well ubuntu is moving to upstart and init.d will die eventually, not sure what you are looking for.22:57
w0_jen__: I'd walk you through it but I gotta go to class22:57
jen__i have restart my VB first though, its glitching22:57
w0_cool ;)22:58
jen__thanks anyways22:58
w0_I'm pretending your name is jennifer.22:59
ChoHagI am looking for a flag which says "You are not my mum you are a computer. I know you're breaking this perfectly stable feature in the future now stop bitching because I don't do things the way you like."22:59
urlin2uChoHag, what release are you running, and what are the complaints?22:59
ChoHagComputers should do what they're told, not tell me.22:59
jen__what on earth?22:59
ChoHagThe one before Unity came out and ruined everything,22:59
ChoHagM I think.22:59
ChoHagOr is it N?22:59
w0_well hey all gotta jet.  keep linux cool!23:00
Knuxgeni really loved 11.04 interface23:00
Knuxgeni really don't like 11.10 interface23:00
Knuxgenfirst it looks like it tries to copy win, then mac23:01
Knuxgenbut whatever, i'm very grateful for the system23:01
oakmanhow do i copy multiple files in a directory using  xfs_rtcp?  big reward23:03
jribChoHag: you get the warning because in fact the script you are trying to run is already an upstart script in /etc/init23:04
=== mquin_ is now known as mquin
jen__its still doing it23:06
micheal242424sorry if this isnt the place to ask but can anyone help a total noob install the linux drivers for his asus wireless n pci card?23:06
micheal242424anyone willing to help its the native linux driver my commandline knowledge is just non existant23:08
jen__can someone help me make my virtualbox full screen?23:09
jribjen__: #vbox23:10
jen__what do you mean?23:11
flodinemicheal242424 you mean you have no wireless23:12
jen__jrib, what do you mean?23:12
jribjen__: ask in channel #vbox23:12
jen__ohhhh okay23:12
micheal242424currently im connected via ethernet asus has a official linux driver ive downloaded but have no clue how to use23:13
jrib!wireless | micheal24242423:13
ubottumicheal242424: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:13
SpiderFredanyone knows good cli calendar or todo manager that I can easily transfer and sync and more machines?23:13
jen__haha seems as if no one is there23:16
micheal242424the driver i got from asus was a .tgz i just have no idea how to install it and i need wireless...23:16
SetiAmonanyone here able to help me with sound in ubuntu23:18
SetiAmonits very strange.music plays but is overlayed by staticy distortions.Sometimes like at the end before i stop it it will play perfect then echo on like distorted after i stop the sound23:20
SetiAmonI have a 20k1 x-fi soundcard23:20
toddnineSetiAmon: I had the same problem, have you tried killing whatever is using pcm?23:20
toddninelsof |grep pcm23:21
toddninethen kill the process, that should restart the sound driver and hopefully fix your issue23:21
micheal242424can someone please help me out with installing the linux driver for my wireless i just dont know command line...23:21
SetiAmontoddnine how do i find out whats using pcm?I just installed linux after  2 years off so i need some help23:21
toddnineSetiAmon: See the next message "sudo lsof |grep pcm"23:22
SetiAmonpulseaudi 1737   setiamon  mem       CHR              116,6                6135 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p23:26
SetiAmonpulseaudi 1737   setiamon   33u      CHR              116,6      0t0       6135 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p23:26
SetiAmonplugin-co 5121   setiamon  mem       REG              252,1    27168    6558557 /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_pcm_pulse.so23:26
SetiAmonThats the complete list23:26
FloodBot1SetiAmon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:26
SetiAmonflash player is using pcm but i am loading a youtube video to test my sound23:26
KeNzi11hello there23:28
KeNzi11any body here ?23:28
KeNzi11hi zimmer23:28
htpcsup all23:28
KeNzi11hi there23:28
KeNzi11welcome guys23:28
zimmerI recently restarted ubuntu and now when I boot up the screen is purple (later for a second it shows the loading screen) and neither the panels or dock show up on logging in23:29
oakmanwhat is best OS to  do "XFS partitions/volumes"23:29
htpcquick question. Plantronics Voyager Pro+, paired & trusted, set as a2dp device but not seen at alsa/pulse23:29
schultzaok i know this is more like a homework question, but I'm stumped... I'm to find the display the 2nd occurrence of a pattern... what command am I suppose to be looking at?23:29
schultzais it something like >> grep /pattern/ | sed -n '2'?23:29
KeNzi11lol, I dont even know what you are talkin about23:30
SIFTUschultza: ask in #sed or #awk23:30
schultzaSIFTU: thanks.23:31
hexacodei created several symbolic links...where can i go to view them? and how do i remove some?23:31
kristerHi! Im planning to set up a NAS do it exist any known software packing to do this easy? With gui and so on?23:31
zimmeranyone know my problem basically the desktop enviroment doesn't show wether it is the new or old gui23:31
oakmanwhat is best OS to  do "XFS partitions/volumes"23:32
KeNzi11I think I know whats the problem23:32
zimmeryay :-)23:32
htpcoakman any livecd + gparted23:32
SIFTUkrister: check out openfiler or freenas23:32
kristerSIFTU: thank u. But isnt that dedicated distros?23:32
SIFTUoakman: any linux distro has XFS support, some maybe newer than others23:32
KeNzi11zimmer, log out and befor you log back in u chose your login screen from the bottom of the screen and choose ubuntu23:33
KeNzi11it will work23:33
SIFTUkrister: yeah.. i see you want just a gui.. I'm not sure of any23:33
zimmerKeNzi11: kind of (that is what I am doing now)... there is still no panel or "dock" but I can say press WIN+T to get terminal23:33
htpcubuntu + bluetooth headset anybody ?23:33
SIFTUkrister: not sure if webmin can do what you want23:34
KeNzi11Zimmer, you need to log out what I told you to do you need to do it in the login screen, before you even log in23:34
kristerSIFTU: ok thank u, i will look in to it :)23:34
KeNzi11did you set your root PW or did u use it b4 ?23:35
dratonxCan anyone tell me where I can go to get a bug fix for the "reuse slide" function in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 running under wine?23:35
SIFTUdratonx: try winehq.org23:36
sam555how does one untar a .tar.xz file?  Apprently ubuntu netbook os doesn't have the ability23:36
dratonxok cheers bro23:36
SIFTUsam555: did you try tar xvvf <file>23:37
quintwhen i connect to ssh and execute a gui i get "cannot connect to x server"23:39
SIFTUquint: do you have a GUI installed on the remote server.. or at least the libs23:39
shellcodeim getting no sound23:39
quintyes, i am able to do this via xming/putty on a windows machine23:39
shellcodei reinstal the os and nothing23:40
zimmerStill no desktop enviroment just window manager and icons on desktop but no panel and no loading screen on boot up23:40
SIFTUquint: does your /etc/ssh/sshd_config allow X forwarding, and are you connecting with the23:40
SIFTUquint: ssh -X option23:40
quintlower case x23:40
islamis there any other rooms ?23:40
jribquint: according to ssh man page: -x      Disables X11 forwarding23:40
zimmerislam: like for different languages23:41
quinthad that backwards23:41
SIFTUquint: well thats your problem23:41
quintoops :P23:41
islamzimmer, its me KeNzi1123:41
islamI'm new to the IRC23:41
quintthanks for the help though23:41
islamspecially on the terminal23:41
quintappreciate it :)23:41
islamI'm trying to learn more23:42
islamand if there any real chat23:42
zimmerI would just say google things you want to learn23:42
zimmerand now23:42
SIFTUislam: also youtube23:42
oakmanwhat is best OS to  do "XFS partitions/volumes"23:42
SIFTUoakman: I already answered that23:43
islamI tried and thats how I'm here, but I dont know if there any more things to do here23:43
=== islam is now known as Islam
SIFTUoakman: any distro has XFS support.. some may have newer older versions.. depends on what you are after23:44
oakmansiftu you said "ANY"  i just used opensuse and even doing xfs copying it froze23:44
Islamby the way guys I tried to connect through a diffrent link and I came here again !23:44
IslamI dont understand tha23:44
Islamfirst time I connected through irc.freenode.org23:45
Islamand now I'm connected through irc.ubuntu.com23:45
Islamand through the 2 of them I'm still here !23:45
shellcodeu are in the network23:45
shellcodeof freenode but the channel is ubuntu23:46
SIFTUoakman: well I cant help you with that sorry23:46
Islamnot the channel23:46
shellcodeim not asking u,im telling u23:46
rwwIslam: irc.ubuntu.com is an alias for chat.freenode.net, just like irc.freenode.org is23:46
=== X_ is now known as FreeNET
quintokay, so i changed the option to -X and i am able to enter my password for the remote machine. my wireless disconnects immediately after attempting to authenticate with the remote machine23:46
shellcodeu want to join a different network???23:47
Islamahaaa, thanx rww23:47
IslamI wanna try any thing diffrent thats all23:47
shellcodewhat network23:47
shellcodeu want to get into??23:47
IslamI've no Idea lol23:47
IslamI'm noop lol23:47
Islamok I've another q if I may ask, #ubuntu is a room here, is there any other rooms, and how am I supposed to know them ?23:48
quintafter entering my password for a remote machine via ssh -X my wireless immediately disconnects23:48
qinIslam: /join #ubuntu-offtopic23:49
Islamok I've another q if I may ask, #ubuntu is a room here, is there any other rooms, and how am I supposed to know them ?23:49
SIFTUIslam: try /list23:49
qin!alis | Islam23:49
ubottuIslam: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*23:49
Islamwow, you are the greatst guys23:49
tensorpuddingIslam: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:50
Islamthanx mate23:50
qinSIFTU: hehe23:50
tensorpuddingIslam: a list of all ubuntu-related channels23:50
SIFTUqin: :)23:50
=== Chiliblue_ is now known as Chiliblue
quintis anyone able to help me out?23:51
SIFTUquint: it doesnt sound related.. I have never seen wireless disconnect establishing ssh.. check /var/log/auth.log on both systems23:51
sam555how does one untar this http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Networking/NetworkManager-openvpn-43340.shtml23:52
SIFTUsam555: why would you install it from tere23:52
zimmerOk I tried to manually start gnome-panel and the computer freezes, then I try reinstalling gnome-panel (after hard reboot) and still broken... what do I try now?23:53
sam555SIFTU: I've downloaded the program as a .tar.xz, but don't know the command to untar it23:53
qin!resetpanel | zimmer23:53
ubottuzimmer: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »23:53
sam555SIFTU: this http://www.pendrivelinux.com/how-to-open-a-tar-file-in-unix-or- did not work23:54
zimmerhey it works now :-) thanks23:54
SIFTUsam555: tar xvvf worked for me http://dl.dropbox.com/u/906920/screenshots/screenshot-20110921165420.jpeg23:54
IslamI love terminal23:55
zimmerwhy didn't reinstalling gnome-panel fix that?23:55
htpchi all can anybody help me with my bluetooth headset ?23:55
qinzimmer: Reinstall to not reach configs if you wont purge first.23:55
nuclearwormhello , i would like to install ubuntu on an usb pen drive however23:55
zimmeroh ok23:56
SIFTUsam555: do you have xz installed?23:56
qinnuclearworm: unetbootin (from any OS) or, usb-creator-gtk (?) from Ubuntu.23:57
htpcthere is unetbootin version for ubu23:57
qinhtpc: Yes, in repos.23:58
SIFTUhtpc: yeah I think ubunut comes under "as OS"23:58
SIFTU*any OS too23:58
nuclearwormhello , i would like to install ubuntu on an usb pen drive, however my old computer boot  only fat16 partitioned usb pen drive. is there a way to solve this issue?23:58
sam555SIFTU: no, ok, so that's what I need. Thank you.23:58
Nickeli'm relatively new to ubuntu, installed it on my laptop a week ago, and i'm in love with it, anyone want to tell me some packages that they recommend? or tweaks i should do, etc ?23:58
htpcSIFTU my bad im sleepy enough so i've accidentally read "any other" my bad23:59

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