jo-erlendnice! Desktopcouch works again :)02:17
JamesTaitMorning all!08:30
ryeDirectory browsing is broken at the moment on the web ui, we are aware of this issue09:40
ryesame on edge09:41
=== muffinre` is now known as muffinresearch
j0nr_hey ho... does copying files into UbuntuOne directory via commandline (i.e. cp) work?10:41
j0nr_or does it have to be via GUI?10:41
=== j0nr_ is now known as j0nr
karnij0nr: It does work. U1 does not care if you paste it with mouse or cp10:48
j0nrcan I start the daemon remotely via ssh? if I try u1sdtool --start it looks like it is erroring about X11...10:59
j0nrdoes this mean it is running?:11:00
j0nrps aux | grep ubuntu11:00
j0nrjonr      1715  1.0  3.6 130036 37364 ?        Sl   Sep20   9:04 /usr/bin/python /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon11:00
karnij0nr: you're talking about headless ubuntuone? That's a very different question.11:18
karniI'm not sure what's are the possibilities for headless u1.11:18
j0nrkarni: not headless, just accessing my home computer remotely, so only have ssh access11:27
karnij0nr: I see11:29
gatoxralsina, ping12:36
ralsinagatox: pong12:36
gatoxralsina, good morning, how are you?12:36
ralsinagatox: fine, but with my kid at home because he was sick last night, so I don't know how much I will be able to work12:36
gatoxralsina, oops.... ok....12:36
gatoxralsina, i'm fighting with the .ico........ i tested several things... but, the problem seems to be with png2ico or windows... because the .ico file looks ugly, is not related to u112:37
ralsinaok, we can build the ico using something else, surely12:37
gatoxralsina, i'm trying to generate the ico with something else to test if the problem is in the program or in windows12:37
ralsinawe could even try just putting one lare icon in the .ico12:37
ralsinalarge icon12:37
gatoxralsina, yes, because the program will scale it....12:38
ralsinajust put a 128x128 and see what happens12:38
gatoxralsina, yep12:38
gatoxralsina, looks ugly...... let me try with another program12:40
gatoxralsina, i was able to generate a .ico that looks really nice with gimp... i will try to put it in the installer now and look how it is resized12:42
ralsinagatox, dobey, alecu: standup in 10'12:50
gatoxralsina, ok12:50
ralsinagatox: you have a MSDN, right?12:52
gatoxralsina, mmmmmmmmm nop....12:53
ralsinagatox: ok12:53
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
* ralsina is about to start calling all developers phones 5 minutes before standup13:02
gatoxralsina, i think today there isn't much people around :P13:02
ralsinamandel is on a plane, I think, nessita is on vacation, noone else has excuses ;-)13:02
ralsinathanks dobey!13:02
ralsinagatox: go13:02
gatoxLearn how to generate the installer. Some work with application icon.13:03
gatoxKeep fighting with application icon and another UI bugs.13:03
gatoxralsina, go13:03
ralsinaDONE: reviews, proposed a branch for notif. icon, lots of IRL, mgmt call, lots of bug triaging13:03
ralsinaTODO: more of the same, start packaging13:03
dobeyλ DONE: fixed #791736, some gtk3/twisted debugging/hacking13:03
dobeyλ TODO: bug #854754, bug #85118713:03
dobeyλ BLCK: None.13:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 854754 in ubuntuone-client-gnome (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Share dialog has extremely small contact selection widget (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85475413:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 851187 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Progress bar does not appear on launcher (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85118713:03
ralsinaBLOCKED: no13:03
ralsinadobey: precocious13:03
ralsinaalecu, go!13:03
dobeyralsina: you switched from single line mode! cheater.13:04
ralsinadobey: I was typing it :-)13:04
ralsinadobey: also, shows you don't actually *read* standups ;-)13:04
dobeyi'm not a manager :)13:04
dobeyalso, knowing everyone else on my team is working on windows, doesn't really help me much :)13:05
ralsinadobey: standups are not just for managers. They are also a way for peers to know what the rest of the team is doing, and offer/ask assistance13:05
ralsinadobey: then there is that ;-)13:05
dobeyand launchpad spams me with mail for bug/branch changes13:05
ralsinadobey: yes, there has been a lot of churning these last few days. It should settle eventually13:06
ralsinadobey: do you have access to the canonistack tarmac? It seems to be stuck13:06
gatoxralsina, the icon looks ok, if it doesn't contain several png insides... but, once it is resized begin to looks ugly... i think that maybe we can choose the most common size and make the .ico in that size... to ensure that is going to be pretty in *most* cases...13:06
ralsinaand sidnei is not here yet13:06
ralsinagatox: make it look pretty on 713:07
ralsinaI think that's 64x64 or maybe 48x4813:07
alecuDONE: made syncdaemon run IRL when the clock is wrong, with a storage-protocol branch for review; found a few more places to fix like this13:07
alecuTODO: finish sso branch with this fix, work on control panel and sd webcalls (create shares, public files)13:07
alecuBLOCKED: it's more work than anticipated13:07
alecuNOTE: happy spring!13:07
gatoxralsina, yes, i will try with those13:07
gatoxralsina, really bad management of icons on windows...13:08
alecuralsina, so, mandel should be 4 hours on his first flight already13:08
ralsinaalecu: I think so, yes13:08
ralsinaalecu: take it easy on the clock/oauth, I am dropping it from tomorrow's release. Do it right, and aim for next week's13:09
ralsinaalecu: also, could you check if I did the right diagnosis on bug #85551313:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 855513 in ubuntuone-client "unexpected keyword argument 'n_bytes_read' (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85551313:10
alecuralsina, ok. I'm already trying to do it right, because I know it's sensitive13:10
dobeyralsina: i do13:10
ralsinaalecu: yes, I am just taking away the time pressure ;-)13:10
ralsinadobey: could you take a quick look? We have a few branches waiting to merge13:10
dobeywell, i did, before the instance apparently died :)13:11
ralsinadobey: that explains it ;-)13:11
dobeyssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host13:11
ralsinaSo, it's "wait for sidnei's puppet" time!13:11
alecuralsina, from what I see, it seems that the above bug will happen on linux too13:13
dobeyralsina: when did windows get symlinks?13:13
ralsinaalecu: I thought it was that the windows notification stub lacked arguments13:14
ralsinadobey: they have .lnk files13:14
ralsinadobey: except for they not working from CMD, it's the same concept13:14
dobeyit's the same concept if symlinks on unix were .desktop files13:15
alecuralsina, hmm... it will be safely ignored, but we won't see detailed progress on downloads13:15
ralsinadobey: it serves the same purpose.13:16
ralsinaalecu: ok, so let's queue that one up for linux too13:17
dobeymy truck also serves as a key for locked gates, but just because i can open those gates, doesn't mean i drive around smashing through gates to unlock them :)13:17
ralsinadobey: that's just because the zombiecalypse is not here yet. How about "for a regular windows user, a .lnk serves the same purpose as a symlink serves for a regular linux user"?13:18
dobeyi have to disagree. a) i see zombies everywhere i go, and b) "Confucious say, do not use cannon, to kill mosquito."13:20
dobeywtf? how is bug #855419 even possible?13:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 855419 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "Multiple instances of ubuntuone-syncdeamon are running, extremly slowing down system (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85541913:23
ralsinadobey: it's weird and unusual13:24
ralsinamy guess is, his dbus session is broked beynd belief13:24
dobeyralsina: will the ssl certs in ubuntuone-storage-protocol having unix line endings break on windows?13:27
ralsinaI mean, I don't know13:28
ralsinaI would be surprised if it broke because of that, though13:28
dobeycan we test that?13:29
ralsinalet me convert mine13:29
dobeywell, the new openssl apparently broke because they have DOS line endings :)13:29
ralsinadobey: one of the certs was DOS the other was UNIX13:32
ralsinadobey: the original certs usually have unix EOLs13:32
ralsinadobey: that's why it would surprise me if it broke :-)13:32
dobeyhmm, ok13:34
ralsinaseems to work ok13:34
ralsinaI converted them to unix EOLs and was able to login13:34
ralsinastarting sync now to see if that's ok too13:34
dobeyyeah, syncdaemon is the big one. i don't think control panel/sso/wahtever uses them13:36
dobeyalthough given that one of the certs is already unix EOLs, i suppose it does work13:37
dobeyor syncdaemon just hasn't worked on windows ever :)13:37
gatoxralsina, i have 2 branches that are not landing... and they have commit message.... do you know what can be happening?13:38
dobeygatox: tarmac died13:38
gatoxdobey, ahhhh jeje ok13:38
gatoxralsina, SSO is not working for me..... ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/694472/ ), i'm going to try to restore the vm to see if i broke something14:10
ralsinagatox: no, don't14:10
ralsinagatox: that's because you never ran the installer14:10
gatoxralsina, ahhh ok...... i'll do that and then uninnstall it14:11
ralsinait sets two keys in the registry, with the paths and command lines for SSO and syncdaemon14:11
ralsinaif you uninstall the keys go away :_)14:11
gatoxralsina, ahhhhhhhh okok...... thanks!14:11
ralsinajust run it and then ignore it :-)14:11
dobeylunch; bbiab15:07
ralsina_alecu_: I could really use a second review here: https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/no-icon-without-arguments/+merge/7612915:21
alecu_ralsina_, sure15:21
ralsina_alecu_: thanks15:21
ralsina_Argh, I am going to kick manuel's ass tomorrow15:22
ralsina_i set a needsfixing on his branch yesterday morning, and no comment from him whatsoever15:22
ralsina_blah, I'll put a try/catch on the release code. CRAP15:27
ralsina_gatox: do you have the large icon png handy?15:31
gatoxralsina_, yes15:36
gatoxralsina_, let me upload it15:36
ralsina_gatox: thx15:36
gatoxralsina_, this one is the .ico in 256: http://ubuntuone.com/01MQHJolJVT2XF7TeWf6Gm15:38
gatoxralsina_, and this is the png: http://ubuntuone.com/2nmlUPxNgzqctuOhV7NW9x15:38
gatoxralsina_, ping15:44
ralsina_gatox: pong15:44
gatoxralsina_, i'm looking at this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-windows-installer/+bug/84573715:44
ubot4Launchpad bug 845737 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "When entering email to reset password, errors are not highlighted (affects: 1) (heat: 22)" [Medium,In progress]15:44
gatoxralsina_, which shows the error in the top of the window like this: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/79437286/error-not-highlighted%20.png15:44
gatoxralsina_, it says that is not highlighted... but i also think that the error should appear at the bottom of the window as everything else...15:45
gatoxit's a really easy fix15:45
gatoxbut i wanted to check with you15:45
ralsina_go ahead then15:45
gatoxralsina_, thx15:45
ralsina_but how many branches do you have "in progress" right now?15:45
gatoxralsina_, 8....... this is one of them...... and 2 are waiting for tarmac to go live again to merge that branches15:46
ralsina_that's waaaay too many. But anyway, I have to stop for lunch, so, go ahead, we'll talk and prioritise when I come back15:46
gatoxralsina_, okok15:47
=== ralsina_ is now known as ralsina_lunch
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
ralsinaalecu, gatox, did you see the failing merges?16:55
gatoxralsina, nop16:55
ralsinagatox: ok, you have one ;-)16:55
ralsinagatox: lp:~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/83415216:55
* gatox looking...16:56
gatoxwowwww...... what happend there.......16:56
alecu_ralsina, I did not16:56
alecu_ralsina, btw: I've approved your icon branch16:56
ralsinaalecu_: it's the sso branch16:56
ralsinaalecu_: saw it, thanks!16:57
alecu_doh, a pylint issue! dumb me.16:58
* alecu_ will fix that after moving the bed, desk and chairs to the office.16:59
* ralsina has let down the spirit of nessita by not pylint-checking before approving. Seppuku is required.16:59
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
ralsina_Seppuku suspended because I couldn't find the katana unit test.17:04
gatoxralsina_, i need a review please: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/reset845737/+merge/7645217:10
ralsina_gatox: looking17:11
ralsina_gatox: that's the reset password page?17:12
gatoxralsina_, the name of the branch is wrong...... is forgotten password page really17:12
ralsina_gatox: it works and everything, but it breaks at least one test in ubuntuone-windows-installer17:16
ralsina_specifically: ubuntuone_installer.gui.qt.tests.test_gui.MainWindowTestCase.test_forgotten_password_controller_error17:16
ralsina_So you will have to do a small branch on -installer too17:16
gatoxralsina_, on installer?? ok, on it!17:16
ralsina_gatox: here's the pastebin http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/694613/17:16
* gatox fixing...17:17
ralsina_gatox: confirmes that works against sso trunk. So you seem to have changed some bit of API17:18
ralsina_if you could keep the API the same instead of doing a fix n -installer it may be saner17:19
dobeyoh wow, sunlight17:19
ralsina_alecu: after the unicode-usernames branch lands, could you ask gatox to do an installer and pass it onto elopio so he can test it on his brazillian XP?17:23
ralsina_I want to be sure that bug is really gone, and the SSO logs end in the right place17:24
elopiowindows installation will complete in approximately 33 minutes. That's saying since approximately 34 minutes.17:31
elopioI just hope it's enough to set it on portuguese, and not to download the portuguese installer.17:32
dobeyso it seems this issue likely won't be fixable for another 6 months :(17:32
ralsina_elopio: I suspect it's not enough, but let's try it :-(17:32
ralsina_elopio: in any case, create a user called something like "çáéñ" and that should have the same effect17:33
elopioralsina_, that should have been easier :)17:33
elopioanyway, I'll leave the download during lunch, so we have the image if required again.17:34
ralsina_elopio: cool. We probably will. On Windows_pt the system folders are non-ascii. And I know no other windows with that "feature" and a language I kinda can read :-)17:34
elopiobtw, I have access to a lot of downloads through msdn , in case you need something. My prices are cheap.17:35
gatoxralsina_, sorry....... should i made an installer for elopio ?17:37
ralsina_gatox: after alecu's unicode name branches land17:37
gatoxralsina_, ok17:37
* ralsina_ is delegating!17:37
gatoxralsina_, re-review: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/834152/+merge/7602617:53
ralsina_gatox: on it!17:59
ralsina_gatox: set to approved again18:02
gatoxralsina_, ok18:02
ralsina_I have to go babysit now, mail me review requests if needed, will be back in one hour18:06
=== gatox is now known as gatox_away
jo-erlendif the Ubuntu One folder is always synced, that means it'll automatically be recreated as soon as I log into U1, right?19:13
jo-erlendI don't want to sync everything, but I would like to keep all the synced stuff in one hierarchy. Any ideas how to achieve that without having two different Ubuntu One folders?19:13
dobeyuhm; that depends on what ou mean exactly by 'recreated'19:14
dobeyyou simple disconnected and deleted it?19:14
dobeyjo-erlend: we don't sync symlinks; so you could put the stuff you don't want somewhere else, and symlink to it i guess19:14
jo-erlendI haven't done that yet, because I have several gigabytes of data that I don't want to up and download lots of times as an experiment.19:15
dobeybut that will break/work differently, if we ever sync symlinks19:15
jo-erlendI'm a musician and I store my projects in ~/Music. I have 150GB of data there, and I don't want to store that on U1. But I also have other music in ~/Music that I do want to sync, and I do want them to be available in ~/Music on the other computers. I also don't want a very large list of folders to select when adding a new computer.19:17
jo-erlendbecause if I choose to sync ~/Music/Nellie_McKay and ~/Music/The_Doors, then they will get their own top-level folders on U1, right?19:23
dobeyjo-erlend: if you don't want to sync your project files, maybe move them to ~/Music Projects/ or something instead, that isn't synced?19:26
jo-erlendyes, that works. But I might want to sync Nellie McKay on all my computers, but not Frank Sinatra, for instance. Then that would become two different hierarchies.19:31
jo-erlendsomething like ~/Synced Music/ and19:32
jo-erlend~/Unsynced Music/19:32
jo-erlendthat's not elegant, to say the least.19:32
j0nrhey.... ok, so I drag a folder to another U1 synced folder and it starts syncing. Before it finishes I change my mind and pull it back out... what happens??19:35
j0nrThe folder I pulled back out still looks like it is trying to sync19:36
j0nrand something is uploading19:36
j0nrok maybe its not uploading... but it still has the 'refresh' sync in progress symbol on the folder19:39
ralsinaj0nr: eventually, everything in the folder will be removed from the server19:42
ralsinaj0nr: at least that's what's supposed to happen19:42
j0nrralsina: but would it have to all upload if i removed it before it finished uploading?19:46
ralsinaj0nr: no, it should finish whatever file it was uploading then start deleting. More or less.19:47
dobeyjo-erlend: i can't think of any solution to that, which would be elegant, really; if you *actually* want to sync only some of your music library19:47
j0nrsomething seems to have got it stuck. the U1 panel says sync in progress, but theres nothing uploading19:47
jo-erlenddobey, I do. I would like my music to be available, but I might not want to stay connected for weeks before my favorite music became available.19:50
=== gatox_away is now known as gatox
jo-erlendI wish synced folders would retain their parents. That would solve the whole thing.19:50
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
dobeyjo-erlend: move everything out of the way temporarily; make an empty folder ~/Music; synchronize it; add only your favorite music; wait for it to sync; add everything else19:51
jo-erlenddobey, what does that mean?19:51
dobeywhat does "retain their parents" mean?19:51
dobeyjo-erlend: it means your "favorite" music will sync first, and you will have all your music synced after19:52
jo-erlendlet's say I'm spending the weekend at my fathers house. So I get an account at his desktop and I log onto my u1 account so I can listen to some music. I now have to either download 50GB of music in order to listen to one album, or use the web interface and download files one by one.19:52
dobeyor get music streaming, and just stream the songs19:52
jo-erlendis there any chance that Ubuntu one will support filesystem hierarchies in the near future? A flat structure like this is very difficult to deal with.19:54
j0nrdobey: are yoiu referring to the Android app? Is there a desktop ap to stream music?19:55
jo-erlendit's not really a problem for me to copy and paste directories as I need them, but it does mean deleting and redownloading those directories on all my computers each time. It's currently impossible for me to sync my music folder to my laptop since it has a small SSD.20:00
dobeyjo-erlend: what did you mean by "retain parents"?20:00
jo-erlenddobey, that ~/Music/Nellie_McKay should be synced as ~/Music/Nellie_McKay and not as Nellie_McKay20:01
dobeyi think it is20:01
dobeyam pretty well sure it is, in fact20:02
dobeyand easy enough to test20:02
dobeymkdir -p foo/bar; synchronize foo/bar, go to other computer and subscribe to foo/bar20:02
j0nronce a new music file is uploaded, how before I could expect to see it in U1 music on android20:05
dobeyj0nr: between 0 and infinity seconds20:06
j0nrheh ok.20:06
dobeyj0nr: if it's on the server already i'd guess it should show up pretty soon20:07
dobeybeuno: ^^ how often do new files get scanned?20:07
ralsinagatox: ping20:07
j0nrfollowing u1sdtool --current and uploads seem to be restarting?20:08
dobeyhrmm, my sd is "waiting for connection to end" :(20:09
jo-erlenddobey, ah, it just took some time before I was notified that I could get those directories. Thanks.20:09
dobeyjo-erlend: mind, syncing all those directories will get you lots of folders in the subscribe list, that you will have to individually subscribe to on each machine20:10
jo-erlenddobey, yes, but it's far quicker than manually creating the folders and downloading file by file, and certainly _much_ faster than downloading everything, even if that was possible.20:11
dobeyjo-erlend: well, as i said before; you could just subscribe to music streaming, and you wouldn't have to bother with either of those; you could just pick which songs you want to listen to in the streaming app20:12
jo-erlendI don't know how to do that.20:12
jo-erlendwhere can I get it?20:12
jo-erlendand does it allow to play offline? Because I pay 4 euros per megabyte when I'm on the laptop away from home20:13
jo-erlendoh, I thought that was only for Android and iOS.20:13
dobeyyes it does; the android/iphone apps have caching20:13
dobeywell, android does have an emulator thing that runs on linux, so you could use it on a real computer too20:14
jo-erlendI don't want to install Android on my laptop. I want to keep using Ubuntu.20:14
gatoxralsina, pong20:14
ralsinagatox: on https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/forgotten845737/+merge/7646220:14
ralsinagatox: why are you removing the overlay.hide?20:15
dobeyi'm not suggesting not using ubuntu; just saying it is possible to run the android app on top of ubuntu20:15
jo-erlendoh, I didn't know that was possible.20:15
gatoxralsina, because now the overlay is executed always in the critical method (before that method wasn't called), so it is no longer neceessary there, and it was called twice20:15
ralsinaok, +1 then20:16
ralsinagatox: but considering the time, I don't think any more branches are getting in this package20:16
dobeyjo-erlend: a bit complex, but definitely possible20:16
ralsinaunless you can get a review from alec-u and I do the build late at night20:17
dobeyjo-erlend: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Run-Android-Applications-on-Ubuntu-115152.shtml20:17
gatoxalecu, are you free  for a review?20:17
alecugatox, always for you, mister20:17
jo-erlenddobey, but if I only sync those albums I want to have everywhere, that'll only be a few dozens. Except for the UI in the client, is that a problem?20:17
gatoxalecu, that's the spirit!20:17
beunodobey, fairly instanty20:18
jo-erlendI mean, I'm completely fine with having to check the boxes for each album on each computer.20:18
dobeyj0nr: ^^ "fairly instantly" it is :)20:18
gatoxalecu, https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/reset845737/+merge/76452  -  https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/forgotten845737/+merge/7646220:18
beunodobey, 5 minutes wouldn't surprise me, there's a 4 minute cache20:18
gatoxralsina, is the sso branch ok?? i saw you just approve the installer one20:18
dobeybeuno: cool, thanks20:18
ralsinagatox: have not checked that one yet20:18
gatoxralsina, ok20:18
dobeyjo-erlend: you can do that; i'm just making suggestions that might be easier for you in the long run.20:19
ralsinaalecu: how is the lint fix for the sso unicode-usernames branch going?20:19
alecuralsina, uh, I totally forgot about that. I pushed and was waiting for launchpad to rescan. Let me set it to approved again.20:20
ralsinaalecu: ack20:20
ralsinabecause after that we still have to merge the other one :-)20:21
ralsinagatox: approved the sso branch, but I feel I am doing crappy reviews today, I hardly slept last night :-(20:21
gatoxralsina, wow :S .... well you'll have a few days to relax and change the air at pycon20:23
ralsinagatox: puking kids wake me up, what can I say.20:24
jo-erlenddobey, ok. I guess I'll figure it out somehow. If I now make ~/Music synced and move all files from ~/Ubuntu One/Music over to ~/Music, will that cause me to have to download everything again, or will it handle that properly?20:26
dobeyi don't think that will result in more downloads; moving files out should result in them being "deleted" on the server in that location; you might want to copy, then delete after everything gets synced though, instead of straight move; if you have the available space in your quota20:29
* alecu will be offline for 10minutes, moving the router around20:36
dobeyhave a good evening all20:49
jo-erlenddobey, it did upload :(20:50
ralsinabye dobey!20:54
alecuralsina, gatox: I need to run to pick up amelia because her mother needs to do some errands20:54
ralsinaalecu: ok20:54
alecugatox, I'll finish the review in an hour or so.20:54
gatoxalecu, ack20:54
gatoxalecu, np20:54
ralsinaok, then I will stop for a couple of hours so I can start putting the binaries together after that20:55
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
alecugatox, double approval!21:39
gatoxalecu, awesome! thanks21:39
alecugatox, I've already set to "approved" the sso branch21:39
gatoxalecu, thanks!21:40
alecugatox, should we wait for it to land before setting approval on the installer branch?21:40
gatoxalecu, no need21:40
alecugatox, cool, then I'm setting the second branch to approved too.21:40
alecunow, let's see about my branches pending land...21:40
gatoxalecu, are you anxious about BG game?? jeje21:41
ralsinaalecu: ping21:45
ralsinaalecu: I am not sure how far away the oauth branch is but, ahem, there is not as much time as I had in my mind21:46
ralsinaalecu: basically, we need it to be ready by monday noon or so21:46
ralsinaalecu: do you think it can be done tomorrow?21:46
alecuralsina, I'll try21:47
ralsinaalecu: cool, that's as much as I can ask for :-)21:47
alecuralsina, I still have some work hours today ahead21:47
alecuralsina, also, I'm not coming on monday :P21:47
ralsinaalecu: I know, that's why I ask for it for tomorrow :-)21:47
alecuralsina, right. It's that or it's working on friday night, and letting gatox play BSG without me.21:48
alecuralsina, and I would not let that happen!21:48
ralsinacan I join the BG match? ;-)21:48
alecuralsina, sure!21:49
alecuralsina, then I think we are almost full... it's a 5 or 6 player game I think, and facundo already reserved spot.21:50
ralsinaI can also not play if someone with more boardgame experience wants to jin21:50
alecuoh, and x-ip as well21:50
ralsinaI suspect I will be dead busy doing my saturday talk on friday night21:50
alecuralsina, it's a diplomacy and backstabbing game, so no board game experience needed.21:50
ralsinaOh, I am good at diplomacy and backstabbing21:51
* ralsina brings his backstabbing knifes to Junin21:51
* alecu remembers he needs to finish his friday morning talk :P21:51
ralsinaI have to start my friday talk, too21:51
ralsinaand my lightning21:51
gatoxalecu, i have to finish one of my friday talks too......21:51
ralsinaand think about the panel21:51
gatoxwe're very responsable21:51
alecuok, I'm grabbing a bite, then I'll keep working too.21:51
ralsinawe are busy people21:52
alecugatox, it's the windows port!21:52
gatoxof course!21:52
alecuit's sucking our life away!21:52
* ralsina is taking a shower, and then probably building binaries21:52
ralsinaand tomorrow up at 5:30 to push the signing RT21:52
ralsinaand then all over again on monday/tuesday21:52
ralsinabut I am not doing all the bug triaging next wednesday dudes ;-)21:53
alecutarmac is not picking the latest sso version: https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/unicode-usernames/+merge/7614521:53
alecuI'll try again.21:54
alecuIt won't pick it up, it probably gets it from the nightlies.21:55
alecuralsina, houston21:55
alecuralsina, my -client branch depends on the changes on the -sso branch21:56
alecuralsina, and it seems tarmac is not picking those -sso changes when running the tests for -client21:56
alecuralsina, my guess is tarmac is using -sso from packages.21:57
alecuprobably nightlies21:57
toodida I just set up Ubuntu one with a shared folder, how to make a friend to download file from my share folder? Do he need an account?21:58
toodidais there someone experience with ubuntu one setup?21:58
ralsinaalecu: ping sidnei quckly21:58
ralsinaalecu: if that doesn't work, I will have to merge them manually21:58
ralsinain the release, I mean21:59
ralsinatoodida: you can publish the file (and anyone with the URL can get it), or yes, he needs to create an account21:59
alecuralsina, there's no sidnei around :-(21:59
toodidagot that ralsina.....yesterday, I uploaded 6 files in the shared folder, but Ubuntu One did not show or update any file.....is there a bug or something wrong?22:02
toodidaralsina,,,,,another question: once you had the ubuntu one account setup....Can you upload your data/file from any computer/system or must strictly upload from only one system?22:03
toodidaare U still around ralsina?22:05
elopiothis windows world is so not funny. There is no unicode characters on brazilian portuguese version. It has "Meus documentos".22:24
elopioralsina, I created a user with a unicode name. Please let me know if that will do, or if should I look for another weird language.22:25
toodidaelopio....do you want another LANG in mozilla/firefox or in another Application?22:28
elopiotoodida, I wanted a weird character in the path to the user documents and settings. Not related to the language.22:30
toodidathen you should look at the application of the Doc Property to if there are fonts/Chars.....What kind of this Doc App?22:32
elopiotoodida, about your question, you will be able to synchronize files from and to any device connected to your account.22:33
elopioI didn't understand what you have just said.22:33
alecutoodida, re: your question above: you should be able to upload from any system22:34
toodidacan you explain clearer what you try to accomplish?22:34
alecuelopio, ditto.22:35
toodidaalecu, yes I've done it, but more than 24 hrs....those files were not updated, not land into the folder....does it mean that I have to SYNC after uploading?22:36
elopiotoodida, I'm not trying to accomplish anything. Just doing some tests on the windows client, and I was complaining because I hate windows. That's it :)22:37
alecuelopio, lol on the "meus documentos". You should be able to create a weirdly named folder as a sibling of that folder, and make a UDF out of it.22:37
alecuelopio, it should work as well for the purposes of these tests22:37
alecutoodida, you should not have to sync after uploading, no.\22:38
alecutoodida, it should happen automatically.22:38
ralsinaelopio: we are having trouble merging the branches to test that, so don't worry, you can test it tomorrow before the release22:38
toodidaalecu, then why there is none of the file upload? is there a bug of Ubuntu One?22:38
alecutoodida, if you try uploading "new" files thru the web (one.ubuntu.com), are they downloaded to the "Ubuntu One" folder?22:38
elopioalecu, that sounds good too. I'll try with that and a weird name. But your branch is refusing to land anyway.22:38
alecuelopio, yup, it's still refusing to land :-(22:39
elopioralsina, sure. Using the weird name and the weird sibling of meus documentos seems like a good test. I'll be pending on the new installer to verify it.22:40
toodidaalecu, I did try to upload it from one.ubuntu.com, during the upload there is no error at all....but nothing in the folder!22:40
ralsinaelopio: ack22:40
alecutoodida, sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Do you mean "upload it *to* one.ubuntu.com"?22:41
toodidayes, alecu22:41
alecutoodida, and that file shows up on the folder on the web?22:41
toodidathat what I meant22:42
toodidalooks like U miss understood my question earlier Alecu22:42
toodidado you actual use Ubuntu One?22:42
alecutoodida, that's very weird, I've never seen anything like that.22:43
alecutoodida, yup, I work on it.22:43
toodidawell....look like you don't have experience yet....just start learning?22:43
elopiojeje. Funny guy.22:44
elopiotoodida, so, you are trying to upload a file to a shared folder using the website, right?22:44
elopiohave you tried reloading the page and opening the folder again?22:45
alecutoodida, no, it's been a year and a half. But I'm not a native english speaker, so I sometimes have trouble understanding some people22:45
toodidacorrect elopio22:45
toodidahow long have U been using UbuntuOne, alecu?22:46
alecutoodida, more than two years. What about you?22:46
toodidajust 2 days22:46
elopiotoodida, have you tried reloading the page and opening the folder again?22:46
toodidaelopio/alecu.....nothing showed even refresh the page!22:51
elopiotoodida, is weird. I have just tried to do it and I got my files uploaded. There is a small issue with the reload, though.22:51
elopiotoodida, can you give me the steps to reproduce your problem?22:52
elopioperhaps I'm doing something different.22:52
toodidaelopio: here is the basic step: 1) login to your ID + pwd at one.ubuntu.com -- 2) under Files -> upload file: select it and it open a browser for the user to select file to upload --3) after select the specific file, choose open , then it starts to upload..--4) the upload processing shows the blue/green bar on the screen until it disappear without error....That's it...The user supposes to see the file in the share folder.....Why22:58
toodidadon't you try to reproduce it and let me know?22:58
toodidaI think Ubuntu One QA Engineer failed to test this basic feature!22:59
toodidait's just a baby toy --- non professional tool23:00
toodidait's a crab23:00
elopiotoodida, jeje, you are right. I'm a QA Engineer and I failed to test that :)23:00
elopioI'm sorry.23:00
toodidawell what does the QA lead to release it?23:01
elopiobut I did what you said. And then refreshed the page, and the file is uploaded. I'm reporting the bug about the refresh.23:01
elopiotoodida, it's kinda complex, but we are working on improving the process so this things don't happen again.23:01
toodidacan you allow me to take a look of your shared folder, elopio?23:01
elopiotoodida, sure. What's your email?23:02
toodidaok elopio, toodida@gmail.com23:03
elopiotoodida, shared.23:04
toodidaIt's so glad to know you are the QA Eng.....do U think it allows to upload the entire folder or multiple files at one?23:04
elopiotoodida, I think I haven't fully understood your question.23:06
elopiofrom your computer, if you move an entire folder to your Ubuntu One folder, it will upload the entire folder contents, one file at a time.23:07
elopiotoodida, your issue #855973, in case you want to subscribe to follow the status.23:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 855973 in ubuntuone-servers "uploaded files are not shown (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,New]23:09
toodidaok....but if you are travel and using different system, but you already had the entire folder, can you do the same?23:09
toodidaThanks for the bug ID.23:10
jameswhello, how can i synchronize another folder other than the Ubuntu One folder?23:10
elopiotoodida, still don't understand. If you are in another system, and connect to your ubuntu one account, it will download all the files you have uploaded.23:10
jameswthe context menu item doesn't seem to work23:10
elopioand they will be kept synchronized.23:10
toodidagot it and Thx elopio23:11
elopiojamesw, what operating system are you using?23:11
elopiojamesw, let me update and check.23:12
jameswi am trying to synchronize a folder in .Private but it is completely ignored23:12
toodidaelopio, one more basic question for you: How did you send the share folder to friend to access just like you just send a "test" folder to me?23:13
elopiotoodida, from the website, theres a link "More" next to your browser. Open it, click share and enter your friend's address.23:13
elopiotoodida, or you can do that from nautilus too.23:14
toodidaok....elopio....let's me test it and send it to you to see if you can get it...can you let me know you email pls?23:16
elopiotoodida, test5@elopio.net23:20
toodidaok...elopio....can you confirm whether you can see a mp3 file in there? it23:24
toodidait's pretty slow, elopio23:24
elopiotoodida, it depends on your upload speed.23:25
elopioI haven't received any share notification yet.23:26
toodidaelopio, this file is only 21mb, but still load the email to you....more than 1.3 mins23:26
toodidahmm....still load....sorry for the slowness23:27
toodidado you receive it yet elopio?23:30
elopiojamesw, sorry for the delay. I don't have nautilus integration either. Will investigate...23:55
jameswi have the integration23:56
jameswi tell it to synchronize and it doesn't give any feedback and the folder does not appear in the u1 control panel23:56
elopioah, I found my integration.23:58
elopiojamesw, I could synchronize a folder outside ubuntu one. And I see it on the panel and on the website.23:58
elopiodo you have any other issues? can you adding a file to the ubuntu one folder and check for it on the website?23:59

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