holsteinedinny: depends13:44
holstein4gb's should be plenty for audio13:44
holsteini could imagine *not* liking waiting around on it for video or compiling13:45
holsteinbut, that wont have much to do with the ram13:45
holsteinthese says ram is so cheap, you can just max a box out usually for $100 US or so13:51
holsteinif its not a waste of resources13:51
holsteini spent like $150 on 8GB's of ram for a machine recently13:51
holsteinbut, i got the machine for free, so i felt i could justify the purchase13:52
edinnyMy motherboard takes a max of g gigs...maybe I bought the wrong MB!13:56
holsteini mean, audio production doesnt take much13:59
holsteini did everything i wanted to do with a p4 with 1 gb of ram13:59

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