charlie-tcaAll new images are bad; if you are running oneiric, do not update for a couple of hours or you lose networking... :(00:54
charlie-tcawhen new images are posted, updating will be okay again.00:54
charlie-tcaNew images will be dated 2011-09-2100:55
Unit193Will do, boss!00:57
Unit193I have not synced them for today anyway (I don't get a backlog of CDs like you seem to)00:57
charlie-tcaheh, being beta2 test day, I keep an eye on them, and sync every spin00:59
charlie-tcaAlso, I am running Oneiric, so things like updating daily is important00:59
GridCubegood night people02:49
GridCubei just figured out how to make the Zend Gdata software to work :D02:50
GridCubeit doesnt seem it will be that hard actually, to save to a google spreadsheet :D02:50
charlie-tcaGood morning12:17
madnick_morning :)12:22
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charlie-tcaNew alternate images; need all tests run again13:42
charlie-tcaDesktop images are still waiting for fixes13:42
charlie-tcadesktop imges dated 20110921.2 are ready for testing14:53
charlie-tcaNew images are out, need to test them for beta215:17
charlie-tcaresults go to the ISO tracker at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/15:17
charlie-tcalightdm defaults to unity-greeter on upgrades15:19
charlie-tcaRespinning the desktop images again, for the software center fix19:42
GridCubeso i zsync now20:21
Unit193He said that soon after I finished20:22
GridCubeoh 100% so nothing to sync20:22
GridCube676MB :D thats way under 700, we could add a few wallpapers :P20:23
micahgGridCube: yeah, I want to add another language after beta 2 at least for the alternates20:27
GridCubethat sounds a lot better actually20:27
* micahg wants to audit the CD for next cycle (LTS should be pristine if possible :))20:28
micahgcharlie-tca: also something to consider, so we want a Xubuntu DVD (do we have one already?)20:28
charlie-tcaGridCube: there are new desktop images being made, so the ones we have now are no good20:29
GridCubei use alternate20:29
charlie-tcaOMG, no, I don't want a DVD. It is that much more to try and test20:30
micahgheh, ok20:30
charlie-tcacheck the server for the new image, it will be dated 20110921.3 or higher20:32
* Unit193 would say something about having uptimed installed by default, but it's not exactly needed20:32
charlie-tcaI thought that was part of the kernel20:35
Unit193!info uptimed20:38
ubottuuptimed (source: uptimed): Utility to track your highest uptimes. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:0.3.16-3.1 (natty), package size 44 kB, installed size 212 kB20:38
Unit193There is a D on the end of that one20:38
charlie-tcaand we install that by default?20:38
Unit193Nope, I do. It's not something we are going to put in though (Not necessary/needed)20:39
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charlie-tcaOlbi: waiting for new desktop images to test20:57
Olbidownload: oneiric-desktop-amd64.iso  21-Sep-2011 14:43  685M  Desktop CD for 64-bit PC (AMD64) computers (standard download)21:00
charlie-tcanot valid21:00
charlie-tcaYou have to wait for the next one21:01
charlie-tcaThat's the old one now21:01
Olbihmm, when will be next one?21:07
charlie-tcaHopefully within an hour, but no promises21:09
Olbiok, w8ting21:10
OlbiI cant contact with translate team from polish :P21:10
Olbisome strange it is :)21:10
Olbiwant help with language packs21:10
micahgOlbi: which language packs?21:11
micahgOlbi: sorry, meant Ubuntu or Xfce21:12
OlbiI mean Xubuntu translating21:12
Olbior it is Xfce :]21:13
micahgOlbi: well, some stuff we get from Ubuntu, some stuff from various upstreams, some stuff from Xfce21:13
micahgOlbi: is there a specific app that you wanted translated?21:14
Olbiwhen I copy files, it isnt translated21:14
micahgOlbi: I think a new thunar was just released21:15
Olbiis it in this beta or next?21:15
micahgwell, we have to see if there's any integration work, I think mr_pouit is working with Debian on it21:16
charlie-tcamaybe contact jannis in #xfce to help with their translations21:16
charlie-tcahe isn't there today, though21:17
charlie-tcajpholman ? is it?21:17
charlie-tcaor jpohlman ?21:18
micahgfrom 1.2.3 changelog: - Translation updates: Basque, Chinese (China), Dutch (Flemish),
Italian, Kazakh, Korean, Malay, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Castilian),
Olbino mine21:19
micahgOlbi: well, if you start now, we can probably get the new translations in for 4.10 with the LTS next release21:19
micahgOlbi: https://translations.xfce.org/21:20
GridCubefor the past!!21:20
micahgGridCube: I shouldn't promise 4.10, that depends on when upstream releases21:20
charlie-tcano, 10 is higher then 821:21
micahgXfce 4.10 :P21:21
charlie-tcaOh, yeah, that too21:21
charlie-tcastill waiting for the new images21:21
micahgOlbi: pjotr worked hard to get Dutch updates, maybe can advise you21:22
Olbimicahg: ok21:30
GridCubei cant seem to figure out how to authenticate against google docs22:01
GridCubeit seems like you need to use a dynamic authentication, eveytime you want to use the thing22:02
GridCubeoh... http://code.google.com/intl/es-AR/apis/accounts/docs/RegistrationForWebAppsAuto.html22:03
GridCube:/ this is far over my head22:03
madnickSeems a bit complicated :)22:05
GridCubeoooh :D New Plymouth at boot on vbox!22:08
GridCubestill we have a "guest account"22:08
madnickThere are new images?22:09
madnickoh yes22:09
charlie-tcano, no new desktop images yet22:10
charlie-tca madnick : those images are the 21.2 image, they are old22:11
GridCube:) updated the tracker!22:20
GridCubecan't we at least make the pink blue? or black?22:22
GridCubeits scary22:22
charlie-tcait's kind of going to be pink for beta222:35
GridCubei figured that much22:36
GridCubebut i still wonder, if we can not get a lightdm theme, at least we can change it to black?22:37
GridCubeit wont look so scary then22:37
charlie-tcaGridCube: try the 64 bit images. they are blue22:44
GridCube:( i can't install 64b22:45
GridCube:P but its bright blue? or BSOD blue?22:45
charlie-tcaum, kind of dos blue22:46
charlie-tcayou know the old DOS blue?22:46
micahg64 bit images?22:46
micahgoh, heh, right, arch, not format :)22:47
charlie-tcaexcept they are not cd's until someone burns them, right?22:48
micahgcharlie-tca: I thought you mean image as in .png not image as in .iso22:50
charlie-tcaI know, hehe22:51
charlie-tca  New images are out23:35
charlie-tcaI am told the 20110921.2 is the latest image we will get23:37
charlie-tca20110921.3 is the latest23:37
charlie-tcaAnyone waiting for the latest desktop images should be syncing now23:40
charlie-tcaWe only have 8 tests to run, let's grab them23:50

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