XubuntuKrisHow would I go about creating an uncompressed .zip file?02:31
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ToZXubuntuKris, look at '-Z store' option (man zip)03:08
In-Vent-ive Hello, I have some problems with my monitor or video card. Following happens: I see a lot of lines.  I'm using Xubuntu Desktop 10.04  (It's like some TV, but with the distorted signal)... I'm currently working on Centrino Duo with ATI Mobility X2300. The screen is generic.03:39
In-Vent-iveI Also add this commands sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa03:39
In-Vent-ive'cause propietary drivers aren't working too03:39
In-Vent-ivemy apologies my english is poor, somebody can help me?03:39
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GridCubeI can't seem to figure out how to install all the locales for xubuntu15:50
GridCubei still have firefox in english15:50
GridCubewill try to manually install the locale15:51
GridCubebut I shouldnt have to15:51
GridCubethis is really weird16:47
GridCubei can't close windows16:47
GridCubei clic and clic16:47
GridCubebut they dont16:47
GridCubeand they just stop working16:47
GridCubei have to manually kill the process16:48
GridCubehow can i see whats hapening to that window?16:48
GridCubecharlie-tca, ?16:48
GridCubeim using natty16:48
charlie-tcalook in task manager to see what's stealing the keypresses?16:49
GridCubeits the taskman16:49
GridCube 8263 casa      20   0 38068  14m  10m S    6  1.0   0:35.64 xfce4-taskmanag16:49
GridCubethat the one thats not closing16:49
GridCubei killed it16:50
GridCubeand then launched it from a terminal16:50
GridCubeand now i closed it and it closed16:51
GridCubebut its not the first time thishappens16:51
charlie-tcaoh, it stays open unless you click on "quit", too16:51
charlie-tcaIt just minimizes to the panel16:52
GridCubei figured that16:52
GridCubebut even if i clicked quit16:52
GridCubeoh well i can repeat it16:52
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mecklenHas anyone gotten NoMachines nxserver running on xubuntu?  Apparently, it *really* cares if you're running gnome/kde/xdm and the xdm entry doesn't work.  Googling indicates that people have gotten it to work in the past by running either xfce4-session or startxfce4 with past xubuntu releases, but none of them work on my 11.04.18:04
charlie-tcaIf you installed Xubuntu 11.04, you are using gdm, not xdm18:05
mecklenThanks for that info.  The gdm entry doesn't work either.18:05
mecklencharlie-tca: Oops, I misspoke.  The "gnome" entry doesn't work.18:06
skcudWhat is the easiest way to know which changes were made in the last update?18:54
skcudI'm looking at the dpkg.log at the moment.18:55
genii-aroundskcud: For ongoing tracking, I like to use apt-listchanges18:56
skcudokay, I'll try that one.18:57
skcudWhat's happening is that the last time I shutdown my system, it got stuck in the screen with xubuntu logo. I pressed the power button and it shutdown safely, not forced. When I booted up my system today, it seemed different. Fonts and the menu were changed too.18:58
skcudI'm trying to figure out if there was an update on some thing that is used to control those stuff. I'm pretty new to xubuntu.18:59
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