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NitzWhy are version control software so unintuitive?16:31
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Phantomasdoes bzr as a project use a shared repository with repository branches or just standalone branches?20:51
Phantomaswhat should I use for my project?20:53
jelmerPhantomas: it's a thing you can decide on a personal basis, there doesn't have to be a project policy on it20:55
jelmerPhantomas: as a bzr developer, I use shared repositories locally, but bzr itself uses a standalone repository (living at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-pqm/bzr/bzr.dev, along with the branch)20:56
Phantomasjelmer: oh, it doesn't make any change if I upload it to launchpad?20:56
jelmerPhantomas: yep, it doesn't make a difference.20:56
Phantomasjelmer: ok so to be sure, if I do  bzr init-repo project  and then  bzr init project/trunk  and push it to launchpad it would be the same with bzr init trunk  and push20:58
jelmerPhantomas: yep20:58
Phantomascool :D20:58
Phantomasjelmer: something else: I read everything about the "Lockstep Development", and understood that it uses checkouts, but has this anything to do with the initialization of the branch?21:00
PhantomasI mean do I need a different process from bzr init-repo ... bzr init ... ?21:00
Phantomasjelmer: documentation doesn't mention such a thing... but then how could you be sure that developers use checkouts and the "Lockstep Development" instead of just a normal branch clone?21:02
Phantomasor this is also a personal choice?21:03
jelmerPhantomas: checkouts are also just a personal choice, it means all commits you do locally automatically go upstream21:03
PhantomasPerfect... jelmer thanks a lot... you have been very helpful :)21:03

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