hazmatSpamapS, no re test broken, it was an lxc provider test that broke, fix queued for the next branch to merge00:17
SpamapShazmat: Ok cool I think i mis-copied/pasted that test that failed.. the lxc provider tests are the ones failing for me.00:23
_mup_juju/local-unit-deploy r390 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com01:45
_mup_update machine agent to use global settings to determine provider type01:45
_mup_juju/trunk r360 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com01:57
_mup_merge local-unit-deployment [r=niemeyer][f=855146]01:57
_mup_Deploys service units on the local machine with lxc.01:57
hazmatniemeyer, interesting zk competitor, experimental http://www.osrg.net/accord/02:02
niemeyerhazmat: Pretty interesting indeed03:37
niemeyerhazmat: Wow, and it has transaction support03:57
niemeyerOn the other hand a few other areas are on the weak side04:00
koolhead17hi all08:06
koolhead17hi all08:52
niemeyerMorning all12:23
niemeyerWe have an empty review queue!14:05
_mup_juju/go r7 committed by gustavo@niemeyer.net14:50
_mup_Merged the go-formula-config branch [r=hazmat]14:50
_mup_            14:50
_mup_This is the initial support for parsing of config.yaml in the Go port.14:50
_mup_juju/go r8 committed by gustavo@niemeyer.net14:51
_mup_Merged go-formula-config-validation branch [r=hazmat]14:51
_mup_This complements the initial config.yaml handling with validation support.14:51
_mup_juju/go-formula-dir r22 committed by gustavo@niemeyer.net15:02
_mup_Bundle filepath.Rel as filepath_Rel while the submission upstream15:02
_mup_doesn't go in (http://codereview.appspot.com/4981049).15:02
_mup_juju/go r9 committed by gustavo@niemeyer.net15:05
_mup_Merged go-formula-dir branch [r=hazmat]15:05
_mup_This introduces support for handling formula directories in the Go port.15:05
_mup_This includes the bundling of them, needed for the store.15:05
_mup_Bug #858267 was filed: Bundling and unbundling must support perm bits in the Go port <juju:In Progress by niemeyer> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/858267 >15:08
_mup_juju/go r10 committed by gustavo@niemeyer.net15:10
_mup_Merged go-formula-bundle branch [r=hazmat]15:10
_mup_This introduces support for formula bundle files in the Go port.15:10
_mup_There's an unhandled review point in this branch regarding formula bits15:10
_mup_that will be addressed in a follow up branch coming soon.  The problem15:10
_mup_was described in bug #858267.15:11
_mup_juju/go r11 committed by gustavo@niemeyer.net15:22
_mup_Applied the juju/charm renaming to the Go code base.15:22
_mup_Dropped need for the silly "header" field in metadata.yaml.15:22
_mup_Bug #858282 was filed: support for wireless USB modems <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/858282 >15:28
hazmatniemeyer, the lxc-library-clone stuff is ready for another look17:12
hazmatniemeyer, awesome re review queue17:12
niemeyerhazmat: Awesome, thanks!17:12
hazmatniemeyer, also i wanted to talk about the placement stuff17:12
niemeyerhazmat: Sure17:12
* hazmat is preparing to be in airports for 28hrs starting in a few17:12
niemeyerhazmat: Ugh indeed17:12
niemeyerhazmat: Do you want to talk now about it?17:15
hazmatniemeyer, sure17:15
hazmatniemeyer, so the get_placement_policy on the provider is to ensure that the provider gets final choice on the placement policy.. the user currently has two options for selecting the policy, environment, command line, and then failing that most providers default to unassigned except local which always picks local17:16
hazmatthe 'preference' value is basically the user's cli preference if specified, but the  provider is responsible for returning the actual value, which is why it delegates there and for the base provider implementation does if preference: return preference17:17
hazmatelse the base provider consults the environment, and failing that returns the default17:18
hazmatah ic17:18
hazmatso the reason to not push the if preference is none check to the calling site, is that some providers (local) only support a single policy17:19
niemeyerhazmat: Still, the way we figure the actual preference feels a bit convoluted17:20
niemeyerhazmat: The provider shouldn17:20
niemeyer't be responsible for analyzing the user preference and failing out17:20
niemeyerhazmat: The current implementation also makes this more obvious since all it's doing is returning the provided value without any analysis17:22
niemeyerhazmat: I suggest having a get_placement_policies() in the provider interface instead, ordered by the provider's preference17:23
hazmatniemeyer, but then the user can't do a cli selection17:23
niemeyerhazmat: Why not?17:23
hazmatniemeyer, un moment on phone with bcsaller17:24
niemeyerhazmat: Ok.. will get some coffee meanwhile..17:24
hazmatniemeyer, so it should be doing some analysis at least to validate the user option17:25
hazmatand it does when it goes to place the unit17:25
hazmatniemeyer, i don't really understand your suggestion, doing an intersection against the provider policies to the user preference at the call site?17:26
hazmatie.. get_supported_placement_policies on the provider, intersect to the user preference and environment section at the call site?17:27
niemeyerhazmat: The user selection shouldn't be a "preference"17:27
niemeyerhazmat: Either it is supported by the provider, in which case it should be honored17:28
niemeyerhazmat: or it's not supported, in which case the request should error out17:28
niemeyerhazmat: DOing this is the responsibility of the command line management17:28
niemeyerhazmat: Not the provider17:28
niemeyerhazmat: The provider simply has a list of supported placement policies17:28
niemeyerhazmat: Which the user request must be compared against17:29
hazmatniemeyer, sounds good17:29
niemeyerhazmat: We don't even need to default to unassigned17:29
niemeyerhazmat: If the user request is None, pick the first entry from the provider's list17:29
niemeyerwhich will generally be unassigned17:29
hazmati also think the placement stuff shouldn't be in state, but just in machine or provider package, but that's a different topic17:29
hazmatniemeyer, okay.. i'll restructure that a bit then17:30
niemeyerhazmat: That's tricky.. either we support a user selection when the provider has multiple options, or we don't17:30
niemeyerhazmat: If we do, we need to store the option somewhere17:30
_mup_juju/unittests r8 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com17:31
_mup_Use proper path for build between butler and churn17:31
niemeyerhazmat: I'm on the unix permission stuff, btw17:31
niemeyerFixing Go's archive/zip17:31
niemeyerWell.. improving17:31
niemeyerThere's no bug.. just doesn't support it yet17:31
hazmatniemeyer, so current local-dev plan is bcsaller's going to do some work merging the two endpoints (lxc-library-clone w/ local-provider-config), and add support for cloning containers into local unit deploy. i'm going to use that as a base for doing the public/private address stuff in the unit17:32
niemeyerhazmat: Sounds awesome17:32
bcsalleryeah, applying updates relative to branch evolution since the sprint17:33
niemeyerbcsaller: Heyo17:34
=== medberry is now known as med_out
hazmatmy son's first web game.. http://src.objectrealms.net/kaleb/web-asteroid-defense/17:40
_mup_juju/unittests r9 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com17:43
_mup_Clean pyc before running unittests17:43
niemeyerhazmat: Indeed, quite neat17:50
niemeyerhazmat: Good trigonometry lessons I bet :)17:51
hazmatbcsaller, can you push, and let me know the name of the branch that merges18:09
bcsallerhazmat: I haven't tested it all yet, but I can push it18:12
hazmatbcsaller, sounds good, i just want to have the origin of my merge point to have your branch an ancestor18:13
hazmati'm going to be heading out in about 30m, and will have spotty connectivity till i get to the sfo lounge18:13
hazmatin about 6hrs18:13
ejatkim0: how to set juju using micro instance .. and changing the region19:50
bcsallerhazmat: still around?19:53
SpamapSejat: in .juju/environments.yaml   default-instance-type: t1.micro20:08
SpamapSejat: it needs to be indented at the same level as 'type: ec2'20:08
SpamapSejat: to change the region, do 'region: xxxxx'20:09
ejatdefault-instance-type: t1.micro type: ec220:13
ejatmean like that ?20:13
ejatbefore or after the type ?20:14
ejatregion in which line ?20:14
SpamapSDoesn't matter where, just that its indented the same20:19
ejatowh okie20:19
SpamapS  sample:20:19
SpamapS    type: ec220:19
SpamapS  sample:20:19
SpamapS    type: ec220:19
SpamapSejat: so if that were the first few lines of your environments.yaml .. then anywhere after sample: you just add20:20
SpamapS    default-instance-type: t1.micro20:20
SpamapSNote that once you deploy something, the service will always have that instance type even if you change it and do add-unit20:20
ejatowh okie .. this is for the testing purpose ..20:24
ejatbut if without it .. it will default using small instance right ?20:25
ejatWARNING: Charm is using obsolete 'str' type in config.yaml. Rename it to 'string'.20:34
ejatis it from the charm ?20:34
ejatmediawiki charm20:34
ejatSpamapS: i cant view my mediawiki after i lunch it .. is it because of the security group policy ?20:43
SpamapSejat: yes21:07
SpamapSejat: you need to expose it21:07
SpamapSejat: juju expose name-of-mediawiki-service21:07
ejatowh .. okie21:07
SpamapSejat: if any charms in your repo have 'str' instead of 'string' you will get that warning. Its one of my TODO's to fix them all.. feel free to submit merge proposals :)21:07
ejati just destroy the environment .. means that .. we need to expose the services ?21:07
SpamapSejat: sorry, what?21:08
ejatill try later ... sleepy .... :)21:08
ejatSpamapS: will ya be at UDS ?21:08
ejatu need to fix all the charm ?21:09
SpamapSejat: yes I'll be at UDS.. quite a few of us will be. Are you coming?21:09
SpamapSejat: yeah we need to fix all the charms that use 'str' to use 'string'21:10
SpamapSbut warnings < failures ... so failures first.. :)21:10
ejathopefully .. .. need to renew my passport n make the visa ..21:10
SpamapSejat: its in just over 1 month.. do it *soon*21:11
ejatSpamapS: yeah .. thanks for the reminder .. a lots of todo starting next week need to be done ..21:11
ejatcoz . its my 1st time joining the uds ..21:13
* ejat a lot of thing need to be learn n catch up .. 21:13
hazmatbcsaller, i'm here21:43
_mup_juju/provider-determines-placement r392 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com22:16
_mup_add an error for invalid placement policies22:16
ejatanyone can help me?23:04

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