balyozhello, do you answer questions?00:35
well_laid_lawnif someone knows the answer they''l respond if you ask balyoz00:36
balyozI am using kubuntu, window decoration is oxygen, desktop theme is oxygen,widget is oxygen. Is it possible to increase the width  of the scrollbar?  thank you00:38
balyozalso, i tried editing /usr/share/themes/oxygen-gtk/gtk-2.0/gtkrc file , but it didn't work. Which parameter should I change?00:39
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well_laid_lawnbalyoz: if no one here knows you could try in #kde 'cause I don't know00:46
balyozok thank you00:46
zothera o00:55
SubCoolwhy does my VNC connection flicker?01:08
SubCoolif i dont move the mous for like 2 seconds it goes black..01:08
mark__Hi, my Skype isn't showing in my capture streams, and I can't get my mic to work with it. Can anyone help me?01:54
BenPAHi all ... can someone tell me how to delay the startup of the lcd weather station ... it seems to startup before the wireless connection then errors out02:00
SubCoolcould somoene assist in a Vnc issue02:06
SubCoolis there a IRC section?02:06
BenPAHi all ... can someone tell me how to delay the startup of the lcd weather station widget... it seems to startup before the wireless connection then errors out02:07
BenPAHi all ... can someone tell me how to delay the startup of the lcd weather station widget... it seems to startup before the wireless connection then errors out02:25
SubCoolwhere is everyone?02:26
BenPAgood question02:27
BenPAwell it is Friday night lol02:27
SubCoolHey, someone help me with VNC. its acting weird. The screen goes black after two seconds. Its a very fast screen saver.02:30
avihaySubCool: you can try changing the rendering backend. other then that I have no leads02:49
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:07
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bkovacsAny one try Kubuntu 11.10 b204:20
bkovacsI wonder if Kubuntu 11.10 will include 4.7.0 or 4.7.104:23
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jmichaelxbkovacs: i wouldn'y be too thrilled about either one04:31
bkovacsWhy is that04:32
jmichaelxfor my hardware, 4.7.0 brought with it a large number of bugs04:33
jmichaelxthe most annoying of which are still around in 4.7.104:34
bkovacsWhat kind of bugs?.04:34
jmichaelxakde overall is great, but like always, quality control is severely lacking04:35
jmichaelxbkovacs: the most annoying bug of all, is that usually icons stay in the task manager after windows are closed04:35
bkovacsI tried Linux Mint Debian Edition (Gnome), everything was perfect except my printer was not recognized even with drivers installed.04:37
jmichaelxi have been a loyal kde fan for years, with the exception of the 4.0-4.2 era04:37
jmichaelxbkovacs: hmmm, that is strange04:38
bkovacsI'm running 11.04 with 4.6.5 and so far so good04:38
jmichaelxi have been tempted to switch permanently to xfce, but it can be buggy, too04:38
bkovacsYeah it is strange. and the Main edition has an applet error which has yet to be fixed.04:38
bkovacsXFCE is ok, but has less features04:39
jmichaelxbkovacs: yea, 4.6.5 also had some annoying bugs, but i got along with it much better than with 4.7.... i am getting tired of how shoddy kde can be qualitywise04:39
bkovacsWhat should happen is that gnome should include a claasic desktop until Gnome 3 has become stable04:40
bkovacsPretty much allot of the new distros coming out seemed to be rushed.04:40
bkovacsEven PCLinux OS has a hanging problem during install. And Chakra also has a installer problem.04:41
jmichaelxbkovacs: well, since they are applying unity to the underlying gnome code, they continue to update as new versions of gnome come out. with the advent of gnome shell, they could not keep updating if they continued to support gnome classic04:42
bkovacsI may just keep running 11.04 for another year.04:42
jmichaelxbkovacs: the whole world of linux is fraught with huge issues with (a stunning lack of) quality control04:42
bkovacsgmone and unity are not that bad. But simple things like a menu being visible are damm right annoying.04:43
jmichaelxbkovacs: i have never been much of a gnome user, and have done nothing more than briefly play with unity04:43
bkovacsIn unity you have to maximize every application to de your edit menu04:43
jmichaelxbkovacs: that would suck04:44
bkovacsEveryone seems to praise Arch as a KDE distro. but the installer is just plain time consuming.04:44
jmichaelxi've also never used arch04:45
jmichaelxi don't mind time consuming, as long as there is something gained from it04:46
naftilos76hi, does anybody know a proven-to-be-reliable way of somehow importing a tree of Kmail folders containing emails as well as other folders containing other emails and so on into Evolution in an automated way through a bash script ?05:47
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WVP8400Hello, I hav eproblems installing a programm called Xmipp06:55
WVP8400when I type in the functions06:56
WVP8400xmipp_protocols I get: /usr/bin/env: csh No such file or directory06:57
tsimpsonWVP8400: it wants the csh shell, you should install the "csh" package06:58
WVP8400I'll try this06:59
WVP8400and it is solved07:02
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ahoxHi, how do I burn an udf image to a dvd? k3b complains that it is an unknown image.09:54
ArchangelSe7enahox, there is a slight chance that iat would support it09:57
ArchangelSe7enhave you tried it ?09:58
ahoxno, thnx, I will try that09:58
hmhello everyone10:10
hmhello ?10:10
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hmis someone on here that can help me to explain me why the new stable kernel 3.0 wont activate my X video card (Intel Mobile 4 series ) please ?10:13
hmplease hellpppp10:21
hmhola a todos10:26
well_laid_lawnhm: tried the X log to see what's up?10:27
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:28
well_laid_lawngood luck hm10:30
hmso I have to ask on here ?10:30
hmI very confuse10:31
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hmI m running on the kernel 2.6.35 , with my videocard Intel Mobile 4 series (915), works everything great, but when I select from the GRUB the new version kernel 2.6.38 or 3.0, just a black screen come up10:34
hmI ve even upgrade  my PPA repositories from Intel from the original drivers, but anyway it still dont working10:37
hmI dont see any answers...  :-(10:38
shadeslayerhm: i'm stuck on the same thing10:46
hmyeah ?10:46
shadeslayerhm: i think you need the dual channel lvds patch for the kernel10:46
shadeslayernot entirely sure, can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?10:46
hmI ll try....hold on10:47
hmby the way...thank u for interesting on my case10:47
shadeslayeri was trying to get kubuntu booted under EFI last night, and apart from the problem that X does not start up, everything works10:47
shadeslayerno problem :)10:48
hmjust a second...trying to get the teminal commands10:48
shadeslayerhm: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit10:49
hmbe patient please please, it is installing the program pastebint10:53
shadeslayeryep, i'm still here :)10:54
hmdid it say something for u ?10:55
shadeslayerhmm .. not really10:56
shadeslayerhm: do you get a terminal after you boot or just a blank screen?10:57
shadeslayerand what kubuntu version is s10:57
hmI ve installed the original Intel mobile drivers from the ppas but anyway10:57
shadeslayerwhich ppa?10:57
hmI got just blak screen10:57
hmand even I can hear these sounds of the OS starting up, but anything at all on the screen , just black10:58
hmthe ppa or repositories recommended on the intel linux sites10:59
hmthis case is very strange10:59
shadeslayercould you provide me the exact link?10:59
fontisI'm on KDE 4.7 now11:00
fontisand wow, it's so slick11:00
hmhow if everything works greats under the 2.6.35 why shouldn work on the better ones laters11:00
fontiskudos Kubuntu team!! Great job11:00
shadeslayerfontis: wohoo11:00
hmyes , wait I will chek out these links , please just a second11:00
hmplease just a second11:00
fontisshadeslayer: sorry, I'm a bit of a novice with quassel11:01
fontisaccidentally dc'ed instead of connecting to the 2nd network11:01
hmhere there are11:02
hmadd-apt-repository ppa:glasen/intel-driver11:02
hm add-apt-repository ppa:gma500/psb11011:02
hm add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa11:02
hmthese supposly be the original drivers providers for this news kernel11:02
hmI mean supposly11:03
shadeslayerwell, xorg-edgers are experimental drivers11:05
shadeslayerso they might/might not work11:05
shadeslayerhm: best bet, ask in #ubuntu-x11:05
hmaha okey11:05
hmI m that channel righ now'11:06
fontisbtw anyone here with a HP laptop? the newer generations that is11:06
hmsorry I have the emachines cheap chinese laptop, but works great11:07
fontisI'm trying to salvage my sanity with this trackpad shizzle, it's broken :(11:07
shadeslayerfontis: cursor keeps jumping around?11:08
fontisno, the "left click" button doesn't work, the "disable trackpad" button and it's LED doesnt work and it's so sensitive11:09
fontistyping and accidentally sliding the trackpad is fubar compared to win11:09
fontisi gotta type like a burgler lol11:09
shadeslayerstart xev from a konsole and try those actions, and see the konsole output, if its detected, you can change the settings in systemsettings11:10
hmthank u shadelayer for the tips11:11
hmabout my X problem11:11
hmI m currently on the X channel, asking the same thing11:12
fontisso I guess noone with a hp laptop who had their synaptics sorted then?11:12
fontisI think there ARE drivers out for it by HP, but iirc they are packaged already, .rpm file for suse11:13
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fontisno luck? :P11:21
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user_Hi...why does the brightness hotkey not work on kubuntu 11.04?11:57
fontisuser_:  maybe its the FN key that need to be pressed12:03
user_fontis: actually...the BIOS is set so that I do not need to press the fn key12:04
user_the brightness slider does appear but no change in brightness occur12:05
fontisHmm.. try pressing the fn key and doing it in case it works12:05
fontisah, no idea, im having similar issues12:05
fontisbut my brightness is just superlow at boot12:05
user_I have search the net and it seems to be a common problem12:05
user_what happens to your brightness after logging in?12:06
user_could it have something to do with this dmesg output? http://paste.kde.org/126793/12:14
fontisuser_:  I have no idea mate12:17
BluesKajHowdy all12:36
nacionalanyone around here?13:06
nacionalI need some help13:12
BluesKajnacional, ask your question13:17
nacional Hello BluesKaj I  installed ubuntu live CD with windows like it says on their website, and now i want to connect to windows again and the username\password screen stays black and i cant see the HomeScreen of windows 713:17
BluesKajdid you install ubuntu or kubuntu , and what website?13:19
nacionali installed ubuntu (seems iḿ in the channel of another linux distro sorry for that)   http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer from here BluesKaj13:20
BluesKajok  nacional , so you used wubi to install ubuntu...when you ask a question about it you should mention the kind of installtion sinc a wubi is quite differnt than a normal ubuntu installation .13:23
nacionalsorry, i was just trying to see if i can deal with it has a starter :x  my bad.13:24
nacionalor a noob if u want lol :s13:24
mikeshuttcan i get assistance on ubuntu in this channel?13:28
mikeshuttsome asshole ubuntu op banned me13:29
nacionalprobably the main reason is the fact that u think that u can speak like that to ppl that is helping u13:29
BluesKajnacional , do you get the grub menu bootloader page after booting ? It list the opreating system kernels , including your windows installion13:30
mikeshuttno my evaluation is that the op is a power-tripped asshole13:30
mikeshuttand i feel it is accurate13:30
nacionalyes, and i choose windows 7 and then it starts and when it show the Login Screen shows only the pointer of the mouse nothing else , everything goes black13:31
BluesKajmikeshutt, take it easy ..that kind of language won't help solve your problem13:31
BluesKajnacional, does ubuntu boot when you choose it ?13:32
nacionalyep, iḿ using it right now13:32
BluesKaj!pm | mikeshutt13:32
ubottumikeshutt: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.13:32
mikeshutt!pm | BluesKaj13:33
ubottuBluesKaj: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.13:33
BluesKajnacional, ok open nautilus, it's the file manager...is windows listed in the places list ?13:34
nacionalis it this13:36
nacionalNautilus actions is an extension for Nautilus, the GNOME file manager. It allows the configuration of programs to be launched on files selected in the Nautilus interface.13:36
FloodBotK1nacional: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:36
nacionalit sems i have to install it13:37
BluesKajnacional, did you install ubuntu in windows using wubi or directly from the live cd13:38
nacional_i installed it using a pen drive but ON WINDOWS directly now i dont need a pen or a CD to use it13:38
nacional_ok i installed the program BluesKaj13:41
nacional_i guess i've done some serious **** no BluesKaj ? :x13:43
BluesKajnacional_, ok open a terminal ,,it's also called the console ..type or copy and paste theis command , sudo fdisk -l13:47
BluesKajnacional_, look for ntfs partition13:47
nacional_/dev/sda1   *           1       59650   479135736    7  HPFS/NTFS13:48
nacional_/dev/sda2           59650       60802     9248792    7  HPFS/NTFS13:48
nacional_this ?13:48
BluesKajyes , ok13:48
nacional_i made something right lol13:49
meirhi , how to we install the Adobe flash player into Firefox .. ? if any one can help13:50
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BluesKajnacional_, when you boot your machine hit F key that indicates  "rescue" , but you will probly get better advice in the ##windows chat13:53
BluesKajmeir, sudo apt-get install flashplugin installer in the terminal13:53
pythonsnakeanyway to get 3 ?13:53
nacional_BluesKaj:  should i say them the same i told you  here?13:54
ikoniapythonsnake: get 3 of what ?13:54
pythonsnakeof KDE13:54
BluesKajmeir correction : flashplugin-installer13:54
ikoniapythonsnake: it's dead now pretty much13:54
meirThank you .. I am going to try that13:55
BluesKajnacional_, yes describe what you told me13:55
nacional_i dont want to lose all my videos and pics :s damn me i should try this with a cd not like this now i messed it up lol13:56
pythonsnakehmm I see13:57
BluesKajnacional_, hit F11 key to go into your windows rescue mode13:59
BluesKajnacional_, then let the #windows chat help you from there13:59
nacional_i read some Portuguese guy saying, its a Problem with the Grub Recovery14:00
nacional_whats that BluesKaj ?14:00
BluesKajnacional_ , grub doesn't need recovery but it the windows mbr that isn't loading that's why you need to the ##windows ppl14:03
nacional_iḿ talking there BluesKaj waiting now :x to see if anyone helps14:04
madbovinehey I have a problem...I have update available in 11.10 but when I go to install them I get a message saying there's another package manager running but I can't find where it is running in system monitor15:03
madbovinecan anyone help?15:05
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »15:10
FSHeroHello; I recently installed Kubuntu 11.04 using the alternate-installer on the DVD. I chose the language to be en_GB, but at the terminal screen (Alt+F1) the keyboard layout is incorrect.15:16
FSHeroe.g. pressing shift+2 should type a " but instead it types a @ (like US keyboard layout).15:16
FSHeroMy /etc/default/locale is seen at http://paste.ubuntu.com/696191/15:17
FSHeroCan anyone advise please?15:17
BluesKajFSHero,this command,  setxkbmap gb -print | xkbcomp - $DISPLAYtry15:30
BluesKajFSHero, correction ,  setxkbmap gb -print | xkbcomp - $DISPLAY15:30
FSHeroBluesKaj: ok thx15:31
BluesKajit also sets it in Xconfig15:31
FSHeroDid not work; it said "Cannot open display "default display""15:32
FSHerohm... could it be because I'm running an X-Server -- i.e. KDE right now?15:33
BluesKajmaybe sudo ?15:33
* FSHero <grins stupidly>15:33
FSHerooops, forgot to sudo15:33
FSHeroBluesKaj: hi, it didn't work. Once again had that same "could not open default display" error.15:39
FSHeroNevermind, i'll sort it out another day.15:39
FSHeroBluesKaj: hey, I recognise your name from a few years ago!15:40
FSHeroYou still frequent the Kubuntu/Ubuntu IRC?15:40
BluesKajFSHero,  it might require a tty (ctrl+alt+F1) , then sudo service kdm stop,  do the command then start kdm , and ctrl+alt+ F7 or F815:40
FSHeroBluesKaj: I also stopped the KDM and tried to run the command, but to no avail.15:41
BluesKajyes FSHero . I'm here a lot15:41
FSHerolol -- I stopped signing into15:41
FSHero#kubuntu as I became too distracted!15:41
FSHeroLike now.15:41
BluesKajFSHero, perhaps in system settings/input devices/hardware , change the kb model15:42
FSHeroBluesKaj: done that in KDE, and it works okay when i'm logged into KDE.15:43
FSHeroIt's just a minor niggle I suppose; I rarealy use the Ctrl+F1 TTY.15:43
BluesKajwell time to try the new soundcard ....bbl15:47
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marcusdavidushow to delete icon name from plasma icpn frpm desktop pls16:05
marcusdavidusanyeone here?16:26
ikoniaquiet at the moment16:27
CrellHi all.  I'm having an issue with flash video on Kubuntu 11.04.  It had been working last week, but recently I tried playing something and I am now getting a message in my browser that flash is not installed.16:30
ikoniaCrell: whats changed ?16:31
CrellSame thing in Firefox and chrome.  However, the flashplugin-installer package is still installed and showing no errors.16:31
ikoniaCrell: is it all flash sites, or just one specific one16:31
Crellikonia: I think I ran an aptitude upgrade somewhere in there, but I don't rightly recall.  (I don't use flash daily.)16:31
CrellMultiple.  Right now I'm looking at YouTube.16:31
ikoniaI wouldn't be surprised if an update broke it,16:32
CrellAny idea how to fix it?16:32
marcusdavidushow to remove icon name from icon pkpls in plasma desktop16:32
CrellI thought aptitude-upgrade was the safe one. :-)16:32
ikoniaCrell: the easy quick test is to just remove the flash plugin package (and library) and then try a re-install16:32
ikoniaCrell: that is the safe method, but as adobe controls the actual flash application, updates can sometimes make it incompatible16:33
CrellJust flashplugin-installer package?  Purge and reinstall?16:33
ikoniaCrell: worth a try16:33
CrellI suppose it can't break anything that's not already broken...  (Famous last words...)16:34
ikoniaCrell: I understand your frustration though16:34
CrellI had flash working all pretty in Kubuntu 10.04.  Then moved to SuSE for a while to try to make something else work, which broke fullscreen flash.  Now back to Kubuntu, and Flash... did work, now it doesn't. :-)16:35
CrellIs HTML5 video universal yet?  Please?16:35
ikoniadon't think so, getting there though16:36
* Crell sighs.16:36
* Crell is a web developer, which makes it extra frustrating.16:36
CrellOK, uninstalled and reinstalled.  Now restarting browsers.16:37
ikoniawe can only hope16:37
CrellSeems to work for Chrome.16:39
ikoniawell, that's a start16:39
CrellAnd there's firefox.16:41
ikoniasounds like an update did something stupid like overwrote it, or something just as silly16:42
ikonianice job Crell16:42
CrellThanks, ikonia.16:43
CrellGrr... Adobe.16:43
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pvivehi i am not able to configure my mic . Would be really glad if someone can help me out16:54
pvivehow to enable mic ?16:56
winutcat /proc/asound/cards16:59
winutpaste the result16:59
winutmaybe it is muted in alsamixer?17:00
winutopen terminal and type alsamixer17:01
winutpvive: i guess hat has fixed it then?17:04
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pvivenet connection problem17:25
pvivewinut : Opened terminal and typed alsamixer. Headphone volume is full17:26
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pvivevideo comes differently with blue shades in linux17:46
pvivein dragon player17:47
Peace-   pvive17:53
Peace-pvive:  ati / nvidia ?17:53
Peace-pvive: you could think to install vlc or .. disable kwin effects  (i guess blur could be enough but... i am not sure so disable them all)17:54
pvivehow to disable kwin effects?17:56
shane2peruwhy is it every time I click on Dolphin even though I'm using my computer, it seems to stutter, and stammer, and then reacts, the computer fan kicks on, like it is waking up every time I need to use Dolphin??  Do I need to give it a little coffee?17:58
winutpvive: isn't it microphone your having trouble with?18:37
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mudassardoes any body know about GLPK package ? anybody who knows formulation in ILP and solving in glpsol ?19:18
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ArathI'm trying to install a wireless usb driver, however i need to install make first, but i can't cause i can only connect with wireless. Is there some repository i can download the synaptic or apt package and take it over on an usb stick?19:38
EuathlusHi, could someone help me installing Kubuntu 11.10 beta 2?19:40
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radovan_hi, if i not configure /etc/X11/xorg.conf in kubuntu its use some file,  and i dont know what its writen in this file need know it, somebody knows where is this file? or what its writen in?20:38
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BarkingFish!xorg | radovan_20:55
ubotturadovan_: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution20:55
dashavooHey, is there a known issue that involves KDE (apparently) ignoring mouse clicks and failing to either start, or draw, applications?20:58
dashavoothe mouse moves around, and I can do alt+F2 to bring the command launcher up, but I can't click on anything, and applications I try to launch from the launcher do nothing21:00
dashavoowell, I see the mouse pointer change as if something will happen, but then nothing does21:00
user___is it possible to configure X so that it always uses the discrete graphics card?21:22
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drbobbhello, sound from the flash plugin stopped working for me, meaning no sound from youtube, grooveshark etc. - is this a known issue?21:52
well_laid_lawnwhat did you change/install/remove/edit?21:53
drbobbnothing, just applied updates as they come up21:55
well_laid_lawnsounds like a config file was overwritten somewhere, you'll have to redo whatever you did to have sound work in flash before21:57
drbobbdon't recall having to do anything special21:57
well_laid_lawnI don't remember having to do anything to get sound working in flash either21:58
drbobbI googled but all I found refers to old releases21:59
drbobboh and I tried to switch youtube to html5, but that didn't give me any sound either22:01
drbobbbtw using google chrome22:01
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drbobbdesktop audio players do play sound though22:01
well_laid_lawnare you using adobe flash or flashplugin-nonfree?22:04
TheEvilPhoenixcan I ask a KDE specific question here?  Not a Kubuntu question, but a question related to KDE on Ubuntu systems.22:06
TheEvilPhoenixor should I ask in #ubuntu or elsewhere?22:06
well_laid_lawnI don't use chrome but maybe try to reinstall the plugin or try a different plugin22:06
Kimlaroux!ask TheEvilPhoenix22:09
KimlarouxTheEvilPhoenix, just ask your question, if anyone got the answer, they'll give it22:10
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  sorry, got d/c'd.  so far, the answer is being given in #ubuntu, i'll stop by if they get stumpted though22:10
drbobbwell I found a ppa with a flashplugin64-installer22:10
TheEvilPhoenix... like now :P22:10
TheEvilPhoenixi'm running KDE in a standard Ubuntu installation.  I installed kde-standard to get KDE in.  The system does not load any type of network management item like the standard GNOME system loads (networkmanager).  Is there a way to get such a network management applet to load in KDE?  As it stands now, the system doesnt load internet connectity when using KDE22:12
drbobbreplacing the flashplugin did not help22:12
TheEvilPhoenixdrbobb:  you might need to install the flash plugin for chrome manually...  i ran into that with Chromium (the non-google version of chrome)22:13
TheEvilPhoenixiirc, flashplugin-nonfree nor flashplugin-installer contain chrome plugins22:13
drbobbthe plugin is working, it just doesn't produce sound22:14
KimlarouxTheEvilPhoenix, I use Wicd. I simply added it to the "apps to launch at each session" in KDE settings22:14
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  as i'm fairly new to the KDE environment, and as I dont have it loaded just now, you'll have to specify the steps to take to load it22:14
Kimlarouxdrbobb, Chromium comes with flash... you don't need to install it22:14
TheEvilPhoenixs/it/some program on boot/22:14
drbobbI am using Chrome from google's repo22:15
* TheEvilPhoenix is, unfortunately, a Unity/Gnome user22:15
TheEvilPhoenixdrbobb:  did you happen to try chromium-browser?22:15
TheEvilPhoenixits already in ubuntu's repos and it comes with flash22:15
TheEvilPhoenixdrbobb:  google's repos dont autoinclude the flash plugin22:15
TheEvilPhoenix... for anything22:15
drbobbyes I used it in the past but google's edition worked better for me22:15
TheEvilPhoenixand by not loaded, i mean i'm logged into the gnome environment because KDE didnt load the internet.22:16
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  ^22:16
Kimlarouxwell KDE used Knetworkmanager22:17
Kimlarouxbut I find it unusable, so i purged it and installed Wicd22:17
Kimlarouxas most people do I believe22:17
TheEvilPhoenixis there a network manager applet or something i can utilize in kde?22:18
TheEvilPhoenixi've tried wicd and it doesnt work very well with my card22:18
drbobbthe knetworkmanager works fine for me22:18
Kimlarouxit's either knetworkmanager or wicd22:19
TheEvilPhoenixalright, i'll go see if either of those will work,  and if not, i'll show up again22:21
* TheEvilPhoenix shall let his ZNC lurk here in the mean time22:21
drbobbstill googling but all the advice I find is obsolete22:23
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TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  knetworkmanager worked strangely enough, stupid computer...22:26
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  after a reboot it responded correctly22:26
Kimlarouxyeah reboots tend to do this nowadays22:27
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  recommended KDE IRC clients?  ones that work with ZNCs, preferably.22:43
TheEvilPhoenixKVirc doesnt like loading all the channels lthe ZNC is connected to22:43
JontheEchidnaI'd recommend Konversation22:45
drbobbstill no fix for lack of sound from flash22:47
winuthave you tried the 64bit ppa?22:47
winutassuming your on 64bit22:47
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winuthttps://launchpad.net/~sevenmachines/+archive/flash possible workaround22:48
drbobbyes, it did not help22:50
TheEvilPhoenixwow, i'm surprised i havent used KDE sooner22:52
TheEvilPhoenixits a ton more pretty than GNOME :P22:52
KimlarouxTheEvilPhoenix, yeah KDE is more sexy than gnome... think of the PC Vs mac apple ads ;)22:54
drbobbwell too bad youtube has no sound22:54
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  the only issue I am running into is slight lag22:54
KimlarouxI always used X-chat, people seem to like Quassel too22:54
TheEvilPhoenixdrbobb:  reboot your system22:54
drbobbI did22:54
TheEvilPhoenixdo  it again or use FFox22:54
drbobbthis is not a browser issue, it's a fflash plugin issue22:55
TheEvilPhoenixthought it was a Chrome issue :P22:55
Kimlarouxdrbobb, I think I ran into this problem too once... if I remember right, I had to link the flash files to the chrome working directory22:55
drbobboh and I noticed that since some time it is no longer possible to paste text into (some) java applets22:56
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  is there any way to, in a sense, de-lag KDE?22:56
winuti use firefox nightly, works fine22:56
TheEvilPhoenixit just hangs for about 15 seconds when switching windows22:56
Kimlarouxyes, just turn off as many desktop effects as you can22:56
drbobbKimlaroux: the plugin does load, it just doesn't produce sound22:56
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  under...?22:56
TheEvilPhoenixremember, i'm used to Unity / GNOME22:56
drbobbvideo does play though22:56
TheEvilPhoenixnot KDE :P22:56
Kimlarouxdrbobb, I know, it's a known bug22:56
winutdrbob, do you have pulseaudio installed?22:57
drbobbKimlaroux: so is booting into windows the only workaround?22:57
KimlarouxTheEvilPhoenix, well I run kubunt-desktop, so the settings might be different, but look into System settings > Look & Feel > Desktop > Desktop Effect23:00
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  yeah, found it23:00
drbobbyeah I got pulseaudio, it's installed by default isn't it23:00
TheEvilPhoenixhad to figure out which "system settings" applet to use - kde-standard installed the KDE one and also left the GNOME one :P23:00
TheEvilPhoenixi just disabled a bunch of the settings, its working now23:01
TheEvilPhoenixalthough my CPU is throttled back atm due to low battery23:01
drbobbI have no problem playing sound files, over my speakers or even bluetooth23:02
drbobbjust flash emits no audio23:02
Kimlarouxyeah the dual system settings actually made the devs of gnome and kde fight like kids over candies23:02
Kimlarouxdrbobb, running 64 bits?23:02
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  lol23:03
drbobbKimlaroux: aye23:03
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  well installing KDE caused the ffox fonts to be defaulted to the KDE fonts23:03
Kimlarouxyeah there's your problem... the built-in flash plugin is 32bit23:03
TheEvilPhoenixwhich look nice, but only in the GNOME environment23:03
KimlarouxOh nice, they fixed it in the last chrome package23:04
Kimlarouxchromium, I mean23:05
drbobbKimlaroux: it did work until a couple weeks ago23:05
Kimlarouxmaybe an update messed it up?23:05
drbobbnow I installed 64bit flash and audio doesn't work either23:05
Kimlarouxactually, chorme doesn't care if you install flash or not23:06
Kimlarouxit won't use it23:06
Kimlarouxdrbobb, in about:plugins , click on +details23:07
drbobbKimlaroux: done that already, all seems fine23:07
Kimlarouxwhat does location says?23:07
drbobbsays /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so23:08
drbobbas expected23:08
Kimlarouxmine says Location:/var/lib/flashplugin-installer/npwrapper.libflashplayer.so23:08
drbobbyou probably use the 32bit version23:09
Kimlarouxthat would be disturbing, considering I have a 64 bits system23:10
drbobbno it's not23:10
drbobbit's the default23:10
KimlarouxThat's interesting, seems like I was wrong, Chromium does use the plugin installed from the flashplugin-installer package23:13
* drbobb is not at all surprised23:13
KimlarouxI think you have a conflict on your system, you said you were using firefox too, no?23:16
drbobbno I didn't23:16
drbobbok my googling indicates nobody has a clue how to work around this issue23:19
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* Kimlaroux downloads Adobe's flash plugin 11 RC 64 bits just to try it out...23:22
yofelKimlaroux: works fine here, there's also https://launchpad.net/~sevenmachines/+archive/flash if you want a PPA way of installing it23:38
jmichaelxKimlaroux: i would love to hear how it works for you. i gave it a try recently, and was surprised at how bad it was (on my system)23:38
yofelheh, no issues here, at least not with firefox ^^23:38
jmichaelxyofel: it was horrible here.. i went right back to the last 64 bit 'square' preview23:39
KimlarouxI think I tried it a few month ago before I reinstalled... iirc it crashed and failed to load too often to be used23:39
Kimlarouxcan you install a 63bit stable release?23:39
jmichaelxKimlaroux: yea... for me, it crashes, and flash video do very badly when played full screen, or in HD streams23:40
yofelIIRC there is no 64bit stable release, all betas, correct me if I'm wrong23:40
Kimlarouxyeah adobe's website confirms it23:41
jmichaelxnothing for me has ever worked as well in 64-bit as the last square preview (using and nvidia ion2 gpu)23:41
Kimlarouxhow do I find chormium's folder?23:44
Kimlarouxwhereis doesn't know23:44
jmichaelxKimlaroux: if you just put the plugin in a firefox plugin directory, chromium should be able to find it23:45
Kimlarouxthat's dirty =P23:45
jmichaelxKimlaroux: i think that is just normally how it's done23:45
jmichaelxyes... what i meant to say is that it is normally done the way i described, when you have both FF and chrome/chromium installed23:46
jmichaelxi *believe* the same goes for most any other browser, as well (opera, konqueror, rekonq, etc)23:47
Kimlarouxyeah it would be more efficient if you had multiple browser... but I only have Chromium23:49
jmichaelxKimlaroux: yea, and i should have asked about that instead of assuming23:49
Kimlarouxweirdly enough, I still have /opt/firefox23:50
jmichaelxKimlaroux: had yyou installed a binary from mozilla at some point?23:50
Kimlarouxyeah I tried the last one23:51
jmichaelxKimlaroux: ok... i doubt that uninstalling that binary would necessarily remove the directory23:51
TheEvilPhoenixKimlaroux:  does firefox integrate well into KDE?23:51
Kimlarouxno, the mozilla binary just doesn't work23:52
Kimlarouxyou have to use the ubuntu branding23:52
jmichaelxTheEvilPhoenix: eh... it's alright... there is a package that is supposed to help with the KDE integration, but it is pretty crappy23:52
TheEvilPhoenixthought so23:52
Kimlarouxjmichaelx, that's weird, the directory is actually full23:52
jmichaelxKimlaroux: how did you install it, and how did you uninstall it?23:52
Kimlarouxhow do I cleanly remove it?23:53
KimlarouxI think I used the installer23:53
Kimlarouxnot sure though23:53
jmichaelxKimlaroux: i imagine you could just delete the directory23:53
Kimlarouxoh yes, I remember... there is no installer, I created this directory23:54
jmichaelxKimlaroux: Kimlaroux  i didn't even know that they had an installer23:54
jmichaelxok, yea23:54
KimlarouxAdobe's folder has files in the same folders that they are on my system, can I do cp usr/ /usr/ ?23:57
jmichaelxKimlaroux: you lost me there23:58
Kimlarouxthe archive I downloaded from Adobe has folders, starting from usr/ onward and containing the files you have to copy to your system, in the same hierarchy23:59

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