cjohnstonphillw: I'm wondering if bug #857887 has something to do with my not being able to get past the 'Bluetooth OK' thing..  I'm taking off, but I'll be back later if you have responded.00:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 857887 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 (Ubuntu) "nvidia-173 173.14.30-0ubuntu6: nvidia-173 kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85788700:18
Unit193cjohnston: He already went to sleeo00:24
cjohnstonthanks Unit193.. you don't have any idea by chance do you?01:13
* POOPLE pushes the big red button01:13
POOPLEwhy is my nickname poople01:13
Unit193cjohnston: What 'Bluetooth OK' thing?01:15
Unit193POOPLE: I don't happen to know, but you can change it with   /nick MyNick01:15
cjohnstonUnit193: When booting into beta 2 (and beta 1, and the daily from a few days ago) the system is going through its checks, * Starting NTP server ntpd [OK]  * Starting Bluetooth [OK]01:16
cjohnstonThen it hangs01:16
POOPLEit's not working, must be a glitch01:16
bazhang /j #freenode01:16
POOPLEeh whatever01:16
Unit193cjohnston: Do you happen to have bluetooth in the computer?01:17
cjohnstonI'm not sure if my keyboard is BT or not01:18
Unit193I just installed Lubuntu and didn't have this issue, but I don't have builtin (or plugged in) bluetooth01:20
Unit193cjohnston: Wish I could help01:23
cjohnstonThanks Unit19301:23
Unit193All I can think of is to try taking out all bluetooth adapters and see if it still gets triggered. Since this is livecd I could check it with my adapter now01:24
cjohnstonI booted fine from the LiveCD..01:25
cjohnstonand bluetooth says ok...01:26
cjohnstonI'm wondering if its the issue that is reported in the bug where nvidia isnt installing correctly01:26
Unit193What changed?01:26
cjohnstonRestricted drivers afaik01:26
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etfbWhen I try opening a directory (folder) from within a program, it opens in Google Chrome.  How do I make it open in the file manager program?05:03
KM0201hang on... thats happened to me before05:04
KM0201etfb: u still here?05:06
etfbYes, KM0201.05:07
KM0201do this..05:07
KM0201open a terminal05:07
KM0201at the terminal prompt05:07
KM0201type     pcmanfm05:08
KM0201that should open up file browser in your home folder05:08
KM0201once in your home folder05:08
KM0201right click any folder, and choose "Open With"05:08
KM0201on the next window, go to Accessories/File Manager... and at the bottom, check the box that says "Set selected application as default"05:08
KM0201then click OK05:08
etfbOK. Testing now.05:09
etfbDidn't work for the program I was using (Deluge bittorrent tool) - clicking Open Folder still calls up Chrome.  Tried restarting the program; perhaps I should try rebooting?05:10
KM0201if it didn't work, then you did something wrong.05:11
KM0201you're using LXDE, right05:11
etfbYep, recent installation of Lubuntu 11.04, no weird changes.05:11
etfbDeluge doesn't have the same problem in Ubuntu 11.04 (using Unity) so I don't *think* it's directly related to that.05:12
JohnDoe_71Rusetfb: try reinstall deluge05:12
KM0201i don't use deluge.. so.. i dunno.. do other folders open up normally?05:12
KM0201i don't think reinstalling deluge is gonna fixthis05:13
etfbThink of another program with a similar option. I can't think of one. I suppose I can take a look at the source and see how they implement that menu option...05:13
KM0201what are you talking about?05:14
KM0201well, gotta go, i'm tired05:15
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apandahow can i manage (delete) entries in the startmenu?09:31
me-1hi...if I use 10.04 what should i expect from 11.04..?14:09
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