* gnomie ponders the advance of technologies.. solid state societies! :o00:01
MrFishermanim logging in as root automatically for some reason on 11.1001:29
bjsnidersounds like you're at the wrong runlevel01:30
MrFishermanwhats that?01:30
bjsniderlook it up01:30
MrFishermanim googling the prob as we chat01:31
bjsnideryou're kind of in a troubleshooting mode01:31
MrFishermanis their a terminal command?01:31
MrFishermansudo passwd -l root01:32
bjsniderif you init 1 or 2 or whatever, you will reboot as root01:32
MrFishermanwill that perminantly disable my root acess?01:32
gnomieyou are root01:33
gnomiesome linux folk would consider that bliss01:34
MrFishermanwell on 11.10 when it happens the full desktop fails to load01:36
MrFishermanim preatty stuck01:36
MrFishermani tried to reconfig lighdm an gdm01:37
MrFishermanwhen lighdm come up for example, an i choose KDE, an empty session of unity comes up with only the unity panel.01:42
MrFishermanone question, whats the command to start KDE from terminal?01:43
MrFishermanWARN  2011-09-23 20:46:35 glib.glib-gobject <unknown>:0 instance of invalid non-instantiatable type `(null)'01:46
MrFishermanWARN  2011-09-23 20:46:36 glib <unknown>:0 Unable to fetch children: Method "Children" with signature "" on interface "org.ayatana.bamf.view" doesn't exist01:46
MrFishermanwhen i attempt to turn off auto login with system setting i get that errot01:47
funkyHatflash appears not to be using pulseaudio, and it looks like an amd64/multiarch related issue. Anyone else noticed this?02:07
jbichafunkyHat: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=296817702:11
bjsniderit uses pulse through alsa here02:22
bjsniderthat bug only talks about recording, not playback02:24
bjsnideramusing that adobe says it doesn't have time to fix the bug, though02:25
kilraeoneiric is getting me down02:31
kilraeit's hanging on DHCP during install unless i remove the network cable02:33
kilraeand installing the nvidia drivers broke the entire system02:33
* kilrae bashes his computer a little more02:33
funkyHatYep that will sort it02:34
kilraesometimes it helps02:34
kilraeshow it i'm serious, you know?02:34
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dooglusI just tried updating from 11.04 to the 11.10 beta using update-manager -d03:18
dooglusnow I can't boot the system :(  are there known bugs?03:18
kilraei saw one about updating on the website, something about it not working03:19
kilraei think for amd6403:19
doogluswhere might I find that?  which website?03:20
urlin2udooglus, what happens when you try to boot?03:21
dooglusurlin2u: for a long time now, I've been puzzled as to why I get a blue screen with 'kubuntu 11.04' on it when I boot03:21
dooglusurlin2u: I never found a way to get back to the black ubuntu 11.04 boot screen03:21
dooglusurlin2u: and now when I boot I get the same kubuntu 11.10 screen, for a long time03:22
urlin2udooglus, what is the graphic chip/03:22
dooglusurlin2u: then it says "waiting for network", then "waiting up to 60 seconds for network", then "booting without network", then nothing03:22
dooglusurlin2u: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)03:22
dooglusor maybe 00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)03:23
dooglusnothing special, anyway03:23
urlin2udooglus, there has been an broken in distro update for the last two days, this besides any previous problems may be part of this03:24
dooglusI have booted a live USB - the first that came to hand was CentOS 6, but I doubt it matters03:24
urlin2uhard to say though for myself.03:24
dooglusurlin2u: I expect I can chroot into my hdd from the live USB and update or tinker - but don't know what to tinker with...03:24
dooglusurlin2u: do you have a URL refering to the 'broken in distro update'?03:25
dooglusafter a while I can ctrl-alt-f2 and get a login prompt, but no networking03:26
urlin2udooglus, it has been all over this channel, and is on the ubuntu forums I'm sure hard to find the exact syntax to search with.03:27
dooglusurlin2u: I'll scroll back through the logs then, thanks03:28
urlin2udooglus, np.03:29
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kilraei'm getting really good at typing my decryption passwords at least03:50
kilraeok nvidia 17303:56
kilraeok, no crash, good stuff03:58
kilraeno dual monitors either though04:05
kilraeseems to be a pre-existing bug with 17304:05
kilraehowever current crashes things, so it might not be a good choice04:05
kilraei find it weird that 173 is the old version offered instead of 175, which worked04:06
bjsniderthere is no 17504:07
bjsniderthere was a 27504:08
bjsniderwhat hardware is this?04:08
kilraegeforce 950004:08
kilraei thought current was 18004:08
kilraeand google informs me that it has a memory bug of some kind04:09
bjsniderwitht hat hardware you should be using nvidia-current04:09
kilraei tried it04:10
bjsniderit will work04:10
kilraei'm going to try again in a few minutes04:11
kilraethe computer is restarting04:12
bjsniderkilrae, did it work or not?04:18
kilraerestarting again, the prior restart was for updates04:18
bjsniderbefore you do that you can run a couple of commands to test it04:19
kilraeit's already booting04:19
kilraeso far no crashy04:20
kilraewhat commands did you have in mind?04:21
OnlyodinBeta 2 released yesterday?04:24
kilraeexcellent, dual monitors04:27
teamcoltraIs http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8284273 still the best guide for removing pulseaudio and using only ALSA?05:33
FoolishOwlHello, folks. I'm on 11.04, and considering the upgrade. I know my system is using grub-uefi, and is a dual-boot system -- I gather that may complicate things. Is that true?05:43
FoolishOwlI'm unclear on how UEFI works.05:47
macer1First, do a backup, OK?05:49
macer1grub-efi will not be a problem05:49
dooglusI managed to get the network up, but still can't get any kind of GUI up.  am stuck in a virtual console05:50
doogluswhen I ran 'ifup wlan0', the network came up, but got an error message that /run/network/ doesn't exist05:51
FoolishOwlmacer1, thanks. Is that from experience?05:51
dooglusdoes /run/network/ exist for anyone else?05:51
macer1FoolishOwl, well, yes. I am running grub-efi on my macbook :)05:51
FoolishOwlIt had me a bit puzzled -- at some point with 11.04, the updater kept asking to replace grub-efi with grub-pc, so I had to keep declining that upgrade.05:54
macer1this is interesting...05:55
macer1I was installing 11.10 beta clean btw. because it contained many efi fixes, including not bricking macs :D05:56
FoolishOwlThat's good. I saw a note that the 3.0 kernel has some uefi fixes.05:57
FoolishOwlI've had annoying problems with reboots and shutdowns, and I've seen suggestions that it's connected to UEFI.05:57
macer1FoolishOwl, my was kernel panic when trying to reboot or shutdown06:01
macer1fixed in kernel 3.0 ;)06:01
FoolishOwlAlrighty, then. I'll do the upgrade tomorrow.06:03
doogluscan someone give me a URL to a beta2 i386 ISO please?06:04
FoolishOwlI'm glad Thunderbird is finally the default.06:04
rwwdooglus: see the links on http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/06:06
rwwwhich is straight from the URL in the /topic06:06
rwwwhich you should read, because yay release notes06:06
dooglusrww: I don't have a web browser06:08
dooglusrww: since upgrading to 11.10 I can't run X, so want to reinstall06:08
rwwdooglus: you want Ubuntu rather than Kubuntu or Xubuntu or something, I take it?06:08
dooglusrww: I run xubuntu, but usually start with the ubuntu iso06:09
rwwdooglus: http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ubuntu-11.10-beta2-desktop-i386.iso06:09
rwwdooglus: ps, w3m is a command-line browser that I find useful in situations like that :)06:09
dooglusrww: I've been struggling to use links206:09
dooglusin a probably-unrelated incident, all my odd-numbered function keys have stopped working06:12
dooglusF2 through F12 are ok, F1 through F11 are broken.  does this make any sense at all?06:12
dooglusthat's what I thought06:12
dooglusescape is broken too06:12
dooglusright next to F106:12
dooglusall other keys are fine06:12
dooglusI see packages usb-creator-gtk and usb-create-kde.  is there a command-line alternative?06:14
rwwdooglus: you can use dd for oneiric ISOs. sudo dd if=/path/to/file.iso of=/dev/sdX06:16
rwwdooglus: where X is your USB stick's ID, see dmesg when you plug it in06:16
dooglusrww: I'll check06:21
rww(I note that dd only works on ISOs for oneiric (and higher, in the future), not <= natty)06:21
dooglusrww: sdb1?06:21
rwwdooglus: it'd be sdb06:21
rwwdooglus: but yeah, that sounds reasonable if you have one hard disk06:22
dooglusrww: I'd prefer to fix my existing install if possible...06:22
rwwI wouldn't be the person to ask about that, Xorg confuses me :(06:22
dooglusrww: I think the problem is that the upgrade failed to update samba, and quit part way through06:23
dooglusrww: I completed it using apt-get dist-upgrade, but I think there must be more steps to do06:23
dooglusrww: lots of commands I run complain about "Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: Connection refused"06:24
macer1dooglus, looks like dbus is not started06:25
dooglusrww: you're sure I dd to /dev/sdb not /dev/sdb1?06:25
rwwdooglus: yes06:25
macer1dooglus, try sudo service dbus start06:25
dooglusmacer1: what do I use to restart it?06:25
macer1or restart06:25
dooglusdoesn't seem to change anything06:28
macer1dooglus, maybe because package is not installed correctly06:30
dooglusmacer1: I've tried reinstalling dbus06:31
dooglusI tried removing the system_bus_socket too06:32
dooglusbut now it complains the file doesn't exist06:32
dooglusI wonder what makes it06:32
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shankyhi, I have just upgrade to Beta 2, on a 64bits system and now flash plugin is not working, on some pages it said is missing on other is just displaying a black/blank image where a flash should be appeared08:33
shankyseems that flash aid addon should help me08:38
icerootshanky: reinstall the package "flashplugin-downloader"08:40
shankyiceroot: thanks, but that did not work, although flash-aid addon did :)08:48
luboszhi folks09:06
luboszwhat is happening here? http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/481523/09:07
luboszalso, i removed lightdm (it wasn't launching any session). now i have to start GDM manually every login, but the boot log shows that GDM and lightdm start (yes i removed lightdm). how do i make gdm to start by login?09:08
icerootlubosz: source ~.bashrc && wine09:08
icerootshould say "command not found"09:08
icerootsource ~/.bashrc09:09
luboszi guess the bashrc is loaded when i start the terminal session anyway09:09
luboszso the first command would not do anything?09:09
luboszbut lets try09:09
lubosznothing happened09:10
luboszsource loads the env values from bashrc. which is loaded anyways09:10
luboszwine is obviously in the path09:10
icerootlubosz: its relaoding PATH imo09:10
Amaranthlubosz: try dpkg-reconfigure gdm09:13
luboszAmaranth: thx i try that09:14
Amaranthlubosz: what do you get for ls -l /usr/bin/wine?09:15
luboszowned by root, no symlink09:16
luboszits from the wine1.3 package from the winehq ppa09:16
luboszi guess09:16
luboszi hope its a 11.10 package09:16
icerootlubosz: dpkg -S /usr/bin/wine  will tell you the package09:16
luboszyeah, i did that09:16
luboszhm it does not say if its a 11.10 package09:17
luboszi cant spell the freaking release name09:17
Amaranthlubosz: i was hoping to see if /usr/bin/wine was executable09:18
lubosz-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 9688 2011-09-16 06:49 /usr/bin/wine09:18
luboszyes it seems so09:18
Smedleshi all - since a few weeks ago, my 11.10 system is not recognising the mac address of the NIC - so no network at bootup09:20
Amaranthlubosz: do you have anything in your .bashrc, .profile, or .bash_aliases that changes wine?09:20
SmedlesI can fix using ifconfig eth0 down; ifconfig eth0 hw ether <mac address>; ifconfig eth0 up09:20
icerootSmedles: ifconfig -a  is not showing eth0 with a mac?09:20
Smedlesbut it's a pita09:20
Smedlesmac is showing as ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff09:21
luboszi do only have a custom bashrc, but it should not change anythin wine related09:21
Smedleswhich is clearly incorrect09:21
luboszi try another user09:21
luboszsame thing for the root09:21
icerootSmedles: if you enable pxe-boot at start-up is there a correct mac shown?09:21
icerootSmedles: at the pxe-boot-part09:22
Smedlesiceroot: pxe-boot in the bios you mean?09:22
icerootSmedles: correct, also called network-boot09:22
Smedlesor how do I enable pxe-boot09:22
luboszthe bashrc is preetty much vanilla ubuntu09:22
icerootor netboot09:22
Smedlesok will try that from the bios09:22
icerootSmedles: maybe also the mac is shown in bios09:22
Smedlesneed to reboot for updates anyway09:22
Smedlescouldn't see the mac shown in bios09:22
icerootSmedles: also have a look at /etc/udev/rules.d/ for the persistent-netrules things if there is something set to the wrong mac09:23
icerootSmedles: udev is setting the eth-names depending on the mac, also you can set the mac to something else there09:23
Smedlesit has:09:24
Smedles# PCI device 0x10ec:0x8168 (r8169)09:24
SmedlesSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="1c:6f:65:c6:1d:b8", ATTR{dev_id}=="0x0", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth0"09:24
Smedleswhich is the mac of the onboard nic09:24
icerootSmedles: that means that this mac always will be eth009:24
icerootshanky: if you have another nic with a different mac it will never be eth0, also if its the only nic, it will never be eth009:25
icerootshanky: wrong nick09:25
icerootSmedlesTP: ^09:25
SmedlesTPI am using the onboard nic with that address09:26
SmedlesTPhmmm pxe boot shows the client mac addr as ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff09:26
SmedlesTPso seems my problem is hardware related :/09:26
icerootSmedlesTP: yes then its a "hardware" issue09:27
icerootSmedlesTP: i know some cases where aq bios-update was setting the4 mqac to an incorrect value09:28
icerootsorry, eeepc keyboard...09:28
SmedlesTPwill check gigabyte website for bios updates09:31
SmedlesTPlet's see if the reflash of bios helped, rebooting now09:42
SmedlesTPnope - guess I'll contact gigabyte09:44
luboszcan i install 32bit dev dependencies on a 64bit system? the thing ia-32 did last time?09:50
luboszi think you all the 32bit09:53
jtaylordepends, if the dependencies are multiarch same, elso no09:55
luboszjtaylor: how would you recommend to install the wine dependnecies? http://paste.pocoo.org/show/481538/09:56
jtaylorinstall it in a 32bit chroot09:59
luboszalso. do you think these are my drivers, or does the gnome packaging need some love? http://i.imgur.com/0emST.png10:01
luboszgnome 3.0 worked fine with the same nvidia driver on 11.0410:01
luboszgnome 3.1 works fine with the same driver on archlinux10:01
SmedlesTPiceroot: thanks for your time - a bios reset did the trick - as in short the jumpers on the mainboard10:05
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icerootSmedles: great :)10:38
Fen-fluxbox works on 11.10 ?11:14
gnomiedon't know what's going on but system is freezing up on me. apport isn't catching anything; system monitor reports 100% cpu but all processes seem quiet. TOP isn't seeing anything either but only sys monitor reports 100% cpu; regarless, system is unstable. expecting to freeze over anytime soon...11:47
penguin42when you say freeze does anything respond - e.g. capslock, can you ping it on the network?11:48
gnomiefrozen like dead penguin11:48
gnomieno response11:48
penguin42hmm - anything in the logs ?11:49
gnomieam afraid to even open nautilus to check11:49
gnomiethere is a couple crashes in unity-2d-places and gtk-logout-helper [which i know has been reported already]11:52
gnomie"apport: report /var/crash/_usr_lib_indicator-session_gtk-logout-helper.104.crash already exists and unseen, doing nothing to avoid disk usage DoS"11:53
gnomiethat sounds like a good one to blame11:53
gnomiewhatever is in /var/crash is stuff already reported by apport12:00
gnomiei mean, whats the difference between /var/crash and /var/log12:01
penguin42 /var/crash is only where something has figured something has crashed - it's almost external to the thing that crashed; /var/log is just logs of some things that happen - not necessarily crashes12:02
* gnomie searches launchpad for usr_lib_gnome_settings_daemon 12:06
gnomiei got something on that12:07
gnomiei suggest to back up often.. ubuntuone is working out fine so far, use it12:09
gnomieha! there are like a hundred dups of the gtk-logout-helper bug12:11
gnomie'medium importance'  0.o12:12
gnomieit affects quite a lot of folk, on both 386 and x86_64 architectures12:14
gnomienone seem to have proper debugging symbols tho12:14
gnomiebug 85234312:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 852343 in indicator-session (Ubuntu) "gtk-logout-helper crashed with signal 5 in __libc_start_main()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85234312:15
gnomiesike. still here. cool12:33
BluesKajHowdy all12:36
gnomiethis isn't looking good for deadline12:36
BluesKajgnomie, just arrived so what isn't looking good for deadline?12:40
gnomie11.04 was pretty decent on this hardware here. this is nothing short of horrible from a usability standpoint [by comparison]  :(  my current confidence in oneiric isn't improving today. at least i was able to successfully install, so there is some hope12:41
jcook_5xdatais any one having problem with Atheros AR285 when It ry to connect to wireless it crushes my whole system12:44
gnomiethunderbird has some interface issues in its plugin section, although everything does work .. if you can get past all the flickering12:44
SirFunkanyone know why apt is giving me all kinds of errors like: W: GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com oneiric-updates Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>12:53
gnomiejust ran a youtube video [flash started working again] but everything on screen is going at 10 frames per second. and i mean not just the video12:54
Fen-i cant install my wireless drivers after update 212:57
Fen-* beta 212:57
Fen-it gives me the driver but wont let me install it12:57
Fen-broadcom STA12:57
Fen-any hints ?12:57
Stanley00SirFunk: try follow this link http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-75813.html12:57
Fen-annoying >.<13:00
Fen-says its blacklisted13:01
Fen-in log13:01
Fen-worked extremely well13:05
Fen-hello ? :p13:16
gnomiei know what it is.. it's the y2k12 bug! :o13:28
gnomiethose mayans, i tell ya13:29
FernandoMiguelguud afternuun13:52
BluesKajhey FernandoMiguel13:56
pythonsnakedoes 11.10 have a break effect when windows is closed ?13:57
bazhanga break effect?13:57
pythonsnakelike glasses13:58
bazhangwhich means what?13:58
pythonsnakeor it's a custom effect?13:59
koudwill the updated kernel with powerregression fix be released for testing in beta?14:00
koudor do I need to add some ppa?14:00
necreothe 11.10b1 failed for me today (didnt start the network manager indicator) so I reformated and installed 11.10b214:01
necreothis one doesnt boot for me however14:01
Ian_Cornesomething is dragging in gnome-session-fallback14:01
Pilif12pWere all the music stores removed in Ryhthmbox in 11.10?14:20
robotti^how to install ubuntu without ubiquity_14:22
penguin42robotti^: Use the alternate install CD14:23
Ian_CorneI think you can install a plugin Pilif12p14:23
Pilif12pIan_Corne: any idea which one?14:24
robotti^penguin42: there is no means to install from cli14:24
* Pilif12p likes that store which he can't remember the name of that has free indie music on it14:24
robotti^I just must download alternate install cd14:24
robotti^is it so14:25
Ian_CornePilif12p: they're in banshee now14:25
penguin42robotti^: I'm not sure, there is a 'debian installer' package that might do it, never tried it though14:25
robotti^penguin42: just type debian installer14:26
* Pilif12p sighs14:26
Pilif12pand i have another question...14:33
Pilif12pWhy does Firefox open a new window when I click a link anywhere, that's not in Firefox or Thunderbird14:33
Pilif12pJust a new window with my homepage14:33
Basomisdoes mousekeys work in 11.10 b2?14:36
charlie-tcaAs far as I know, it does. I use sticky keys here.14:37
Basomishow do I enable them?14:37
charlie-tcaYou have to open the dash, then search for accessibility14:38
rigvedrobotti^: there is the Ubuntu minimal CD. it will only install the CLI. After that, you can boot into the CLI and install more stuff as you want.14:42
Stanley00rigved: alternate cd do14:42
Stanley00rigved: or if you have internet, use net boot CD14:43
rigvedrobotti^: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:43
rigvedStanley00: robotti^ asked for a cli way, so i suggested the minimal cd. i think that it is the same as the netinst cd of debian or what you were suggesting.14:44
Stanley00rigved: sorry, my bad ;)14:44
rigvedStanley00: np :)14:45
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roastedanybody know how to change the top window border in gnome shell?15:21
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BluesKajwhat's the command to change keyboard's location/country ?15:24
Ian_Cornethere's setxkbmap15:24
Ian_Corneand there for tty's dpkg-reconfigure15:25
BluesKajIan_Corne, what follows the setxkbmap command15:26
Ian_Cornebe give azerty15:28
Ian_Corneen_us gives qwerty15:28
Ian_Corneonly things I know :p15:28
bjsniderroasted, you can change theme settings in gnome-tweak-tool15:34
roastedwhats what I thought, but Im not seeing the option I remember. I just found a hit on reddit within gnome tweak so let me check it out...15:35
roastedah, yup. does nothing :(15:37
roastedso all of my windows are ambiance except the title bar15:37
roastedthe title bar is this ugly windows 95 looking thing15:37
roasteddoesnt seem as if ubuntu has alt F2 functionality anymore to restart the window manager??15:38
roastedfor run program"15:38
rigvedroasted: Alt+F2 has been integrated into the dash.15:39
roastedrigved, what do you mean the dash? I'm in gnome shell15:47
rigvedroasted: oh. sorry my mistake. i was talking about unity.15:49
roastedrigved, yeah... no unity here :P15:49
roastedalthough unity is mighty nice this time around, but still quite clunky for my liking15:49
roastedits nice having both gtk3 based, I can swap between both15:50
roastedso how would I do that now? the alt f2 for gs?15:50
freedoi have gstreamer-ffmpeg and gstreamer-ugly installed but i still cannot play m4b files with aac audio15:53
freedowhat can i do about that?15:53
freedops: i'm using banshee15:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 856884 in unity (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #845653 Running unity --reset breaks metacity keyboard shortcut defaults" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:54
roastedhope this obvious (yet easy) thing gets fixed15:54
roastedalt f2 shouldn't have been messed with15:54
roastedand yet somehow alt f2 still doesnt work even though I just bound it15:55
roastedlunch time! thanks guys15:56
rajeshj hi i have installed ubuntu 11.10 and finding difficulties to add my programs on the launch short cut16:30
rajeshjon launch pad16:31
rajeshjthat is what we see at the left pane16:31
rajeshjcan someone help me please16:32
rajeshjany body there?16:33
ikonianot at the moment, quiet16:33
jtaylorrajeshj: start your application, then it shouldshow up on the launcher, rightclick -> keep in launcher to gkeep it there16:36
rajeshji am seeing only eclise  and quit options only16:37
rajeshjsorry typo mistake eclipse16:38
rajeshjlet me tell you what is my requirement16:38
rajeshji have my version eclipse source jars which i have extracted to /opt/eclipse16:39
rajeshji need to add an icon to launcher for this program i.e., /opt/eclipse/eclipse16:39
jtaylorI think you need to add a .desktop file for that16:40
jtaylorcopy some template from /usr/share/applications, modifiy it and install it with desktop-file-install16:40
rajeshjok let me try sir16:41
jtayloror place it in .local/share/applications if you ahve no admin rights16:41
rajeshjsir it worked16:46
rajeshji have sudo access16:46
rajeshjthanks alot for your help16:47
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dooglusI reinstalled ubuntu and kept my /home partition.  How do I now add my user back and have it use my existing home folder?17:33
koudby default homefolder has same name as the user17:39
dooglusI think I found out: "sudo addgroup --gid 1010 chris" then "sudo adduser --no-create-home --uid 1010 --in-group chris chris"17:43
tomodachidooglus: sounds advanced17:45
tomodachiid just creat the user again, and manually copy over the stuff from the old home I wanted.17:45
yofelhe would still have to reown the files if his UID changed17:45
tomodachisome folders with . in front of them you might not want to copy since they can containsettings you no longer wish17:45
tomodachiyes changing permissions, but thats a lot shorter command me thinks17:46
dooglustomodachi: you'd get a different userid and groupid, and it would be a pain to get everything how it was before17:46
dooglustomodachi: also, the home folder was encrypted with the ecryptfs stuff, so I wouldn't want to mess with individual files17:47
dooglusis it safe to update and reboot now?17:47
dooglusI heard tell of a 'bad update' recently17:47
dooglushmm - I waited 30 seconds and nobody spoke up - what could possibly go wrong??? ;)  brb17:48
tomodachidooglus: but the username is the same as the foldername i presume, you dont need to know the uiser gid then.17:50
tomodachisimply put chown username:username /home/username17:51
dooglustomodachi: that would change all the files inside too.  some are owned by root17:51
dooglusupdating and rebooting seemed to work17:53
FoolishOwlDuring the upgrade, I was prompted whether to replace /etc/network/interfaces. I accidentally clicked to keep the existing version. How can I force the replacement?17:56
dooglusFoolishOwl: I can show you mine and you can copy it over yours?17:59
dooglusFoolishOwl: or you may find there's a /etc/network/interfaces.new or some such that it left there17:59
dooglusFoolishOwl: the default one has 3 lines: "auto lo"  "iface lo inet loopback"  ""18:00
dooglusFoolishOwl: remove the double quotes18:00
FoolishOwlHuh. I'd tried previewing the changes, and I thought there was something else.18:01
FoolishOwlThanks, anyway.18:01
k4r1manyone having weird dependencie issues with beta 2?18:05
dooglusk4r1m: I don't think so.  what's the problem?18:07
dooglusFoolishOwl: that stuff is done by NetworkManager these days, so the file is pretty empty18:07
FoolishOwlYes, that's true. I was surprised to see a change.18:08
FoolishOwlIt paused during the first boot for "network configuration", which apparently failed.18:09
k4r1mdooglus: I can't install a lot of packages… just a sec let me check the my logs18:09
FoolishOwlLooks okay now, though.18:10
k4r1mone example is when I was trying to install flashrom which depends on a few libs one of them being libftdi1 which is a core package but I don't have it and I can't get it from apt.. had to install it manually18:12
k4r1manother example is chromium-codecs-ffmpeg18:13
k4r1mwhile installing chromium… no where to be found18:14
darthanubisk4r1m: no issues, kubuntu beta218:21
thoegerHey folks; I cannot get Unity to run, only UNity2d. I get the error message containing the line : Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0". My Unity and compiz workd fine in Natty. Any help as to how I can troubleshoot?18:23
urlin2uthoeger, was this a upgrade or fresh install, and what s the grpahic chip18:30
thoegerurlin2u, sorry should have said. Upgrade from Natty, intel graphics chip18:32
urlin2uthoeger, have yo looked on additional drivers to see if one is available.18:33
urlin2uthoeger, a upgrade will not carry any drivers if there was a setup you made in natty.18:33
dooglusFoolishOwl: I upgraded and couldn't get it to boot - it hung waiting for 'network configuration' too.  I ended up installing from scratch18:33
FoolishOwlHuh. It eventually went ahead and finished booting.18:34
dooglusk4r1m: chromium-codecs-ffmpeg is in 'universe', which you may not have enabled?18:34
dooglus!info chromium-codecs-ffmpeg18:35
ubottuchromium-codecs-ffmpeg (source: chromium-browser): Free ffmpeg codecs for the Chromium Browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 13.0.782.215~r97094-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 263 kB, installed size 888 kB18:35
k4r1mit's enabled but I think it was my source18:35
k4r1mI was using the "fastest" source and I think that was the problem18:35
k4r1mit's all good now thanks18:35
dooglushere's a weird one: since I upgraded my escape key and all 6 odd-numbered function keys have stopped working18:35
thoegerurlin2u, I have dual graphics card (intel and nvidia) on my lappy, but disabled the nvidia one cpmpletely because the linux kernel cannot really deal with dynamic switching of graph chips anyway... There is a proprietary driver for the NVidia chip that I already have installed, but it doesn't really matter as I'm running the intel chip...18:36
edgyHi, I just bought a new laptop with ati 6770M and Intel graphics, installed fglrx and now $ fglrxinfo18:37
edgyX Error of failed request: BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)18:37
edgymany programs crashes. what's the recommended way to proceed?18:37
thoegerWa rather thinking . is there any commands to check what card I am using, or see if I can manually enable the correct xorg extensions, or something?18:38
thoegerurlin2u, Was rather thinking . is there any commands to check what card I am using, or see if I can manually enable the correct xorg extensions, or something?18:38
penguin42thoeger: Check /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see what X thinks it's doing18:39
urlin2uthoeger, one your using not sure, is this set up like it was in natty with the nvidia disabled18:39
thoegerpenguin42, Anything specific to look for? It's a quite long file...18:40
thoegerurlin2u, not sure I understand you there?18:40
penguin42thoeger: If you put it into a pastebin I'll have a look18:40
xgt001hello guys i reported this bug in Ubuntu 11.10 can anyone help me mark Oneiric as the affected project https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/85840618:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 858406 in Ubuntu "in oneiric, unity dash is too slow when using ATI fglrx drivers in Maximum battery mode in powerplay settings" [Undecided,New]18:40
urlin2uthoeger, when you had the natty working 3d was the nvidia disabled?18:41
thoegerurlin2u, yep, running just on the Intel card18:42
thoegerpenguin42, http://pastebin.com/Cv9sH6XN18:42
yofelxgt001: it's filed against 'Ubuntu', so without a release task it's tracked against the devel release, which currently is oneiric18:42
penguin42thoeger: It says (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)18:43
penguin42thoeger: It sounds like you still have bits of the Nvidia drivers hanging around on your install18:43
yofelyay, intel driver with nvidia liblgx ^^18:43
xgt001yofel: so it will be tested against Oneiric right? :) in natty i dint face this issue18:43
yofelxgt001: what would be more important is to assign it to the right package. I'm not sure either though what's the correct one18:44
xgt001yofel: me too... is it fglrx or unity or xorg i am not sure... :( how to know whats causing it?18:45
urlin2uthoeger, there are two graphic driver PPA's xswat and xorg-edgers/ppa  the first is more stable you might look to see if theses help the sandybridge needs a bit of tweaking I believe.18:47
thoegerpenguin42, yeah drivers there are... Do they interfere with the intel drivers? And can I make sure it picks the right ones?18:48
penguin42thoeger: Looks like it18:48
penguin42thoeger: I don't think the Nvidia stuff is as clean as just a driver, they replace other bits as well and get in the way18:49
thoegerpenguin42, ahaaa... So are you saying fresh install here?18:49
penguin42thoeger: If you installed it using the Ubuntu hardware drivers/jockey system that uninstall it in the same way - if not you're going to either have to track it down or reinstall18:50
thoegernvidia drivers?18:50
thoegerlet's see if I dare ;-)18:52
thoegerIs there any command for me to check that I am indeed using the INTEL card?18:52
thoegerThe gnome settings system info tab is blank under "graphics"...18:53
penguin42thoeger: The problem is that you've actually got the intel driver but bits of the nivdia package as well18:54
edgypenguin42: are you talking to me?18:59
penguin42edgy: No!18:59
edgypenguin42: you are trying to help someone else in x issues related to ati?19:00
edgypenguin42: I am facing the same problem almost19:00
penguin42edgy: I'm helping thoeger in X issues relating to Intel and Nvidia19:00
edgypenguin42: I have Intel and ATI and in desperate need for help, can you lend a hand, please?19:01
thoegerpenguin42, yeah I get it... So should I uninstall the proprietary NVidia drivers, then reinstall the intel ones? Or...=19:01
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penguin42thoeger: First uninstall the Nvidia drivers, if you're lucky that will do the trick; if not then it's some other part of X that needs reinstalling - but I'm not exactly sure which bit - it's not likely it's actually the Intel drivers itself19:02
penguin42edgy: OK I'll bite what exactly is your problem - if you're quick19:02
edgypenguin42: is this hybrid supported?19:04
edgypenguin42: should I install fglrx or just radeon?19:04
edgypenguin42: how can I tell which card is working? I am completely new to this?19:04
penguin42edgy: Well what do you mean by hybrid - I don't think dynamically switching is - but tell me exactly what you've done - is this a laptop that has both?19:04
edgypenguin42: yes, it's a dv6-1685ex with ati and intel19:05
edgypenguin42: I just installed the ati driver and I get errors like $ glxinfo19:06
edgyname of display: :019:06
edgyX Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)19:06
penguin42edgy: OK, so pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:06
penguin42edgy: It sounds a similar problem19:06
edgypenguin42: I don't care about dynamic switching, I just want my ati card to work19:07
edgypenguin42: http://pastebin.com/wwBXJSpQ19:09
penguin42edgy: And how exactly does it fail - does X start?19:09
=== TerminX_ is now known as TerminX
edgypenguin42: yes, X starts well but if I launch cheese e.g I get Gdk-ERROR **: The program 'cheese' received an X Window System error.19:10
edgypenguin42: also glxinfo and fglrxinfo both gives errors19:10
penguin42edgy: So your error is [   234.170] (EE) GLX error: Can not get required symbols.19:10
edgypenguin42: yes19:11
edgypenguin42: at least this is what X thinks the error ;)19:11
edgypenguin42: if I launched catalyst I get: There was a problem initializing Catalyst Control Center Linux edition.  It could be caused by the following.19:12
edgyNo AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly.19:12
edgyPlease install the AMD driver appropriate for you AMD hardware, or configure using aticonfig.19:12
penguin42edgy: OK, go back - what did you do so far?19:12
edgypenguin42: I installed oneiric, installed the fglrx-amdcccle and here I am19:14
penguin42edgy: Do you know which radeon card you've got, and how exactly did you install fglrx ?19:14
edgypenguin42: I have radeon 6770M and installed it via apt-get install fglrx-amdcccle19:15
edgypenguin42: jockey shows two options, ATI Fire GL and ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver, the one installed is the second19:17
penguin42edgy: Ah, I think amdcccle is just the control centre19:17
edgypenguin42: yes and it installed fglrx as a dependency if I can remeber properly19:17
dooglushow do I turn off 'focus follows mouse'?  It doesn't seem to work well with unity19:17
penguin42edgy: Let jockey install the driver and see what happens19:17
edgypenguin42: ok I will remove and install, do I need a reboot in between?19:18
penguin42edgy:  Probably best19:18
edgypenguin42: I will reboot now and if I didn't come then a disaster happened. Wish me luck19:18
thiebaudeanyone having problems dropping an icon into the launcher?19:20
thiebaudei can put icons in there except the xchat icon, hmm19:23
thoegerpenguin42, Yay! Simply removing the proprietary NVidia drivers and rebooting made it all work, yay!19:24
thoegerpenguin42, thanks a lot!19:24
penguin42thoeger: No problem - the tip is always to look for lines with EE in the Xorg.0.log19:24
g30they fix ubuntu yet? 32 bit stuff? muliarch?19:25
thoegerg30, what are you thinking of?19:25
penguin42g3o: Multiarch works now!19:25
thoegerAh OK19:25
nilzieis it better to to download if i want to try the beta: the daily image or the beta 2 one?19:30
IdleOneeither should be fine.19:30
nilzieIdleOne: if i dont want unity, and if i want gnome 3 shell instead, is there such a version to download?19:32
ubottuTo use GNOME Shell on Oneiric, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place a new entry in the Sessions dropdown on the login window.19:33
trismmight be better to suggest installing gnome-session-fallback instead of gnome-panel since the xsession is only a recommend of gnome-panel, but gnome-panel is a dep of gnome-session-fallback19:36
jbichabut recommends are installed by default19:36
trismtrue, but it could be installed with --no-install-recommends (was just a thought)19:37
jbichagnome-panel is now a recommends of gnome-shell too since it's gshell's fallback19:40
Siekaczhi all19:41
jcook_5xdataany one know how to install wireless backport on 11.1019:42
* Siekacz has a serious problem with fglrx - after installation aticonfig --initial shows: aticonfig: No supported adapters detected19:42
Siekaczradeon 6630M19:43
Siekaczif it is important, i have Dell vostro 345019:43
OerHeksjcook_5xdata, my guess is sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-wireless-oneiric-generic ?19:44
Siekaczof course drivers doesn't work, nor switching using switchlibGL/glx19:44
jcook_5xdatahey that what I thought I try did not find any19:44
jcook_5xdataJust did the  last update and it vroke my wireless19:45
OerHeksi see19:47
=== Shadows` is now known as SoulShadow
Siekaczjcook_5xdata: isn't your problem related to recent (fixed) bug in oneiric?19:48
Siekaczsomeone forgot to include some library to some package and network management was completely broken19:49
jcook_5xdataNot sure???19:50
Siekacztry to connect to web using eth cable and ifconfig :)19:51
Siekaczand do update19:51
Siekaczand switch servers to main19:51
jcook_5xdatanot sure how to switch server to main19:52
SiekaczSoftware sources19:52
Siekaczand now19:52
Siekaczhas anyone any experience with fglrx and oneiric?19:53
Siekaczopensource drivers works almost awesome19:53
jcook_5xdataI can not boot to the desktop once the wireless kick in the dsktop crashes19:53
Siekaczbut it burns my battery in  1;30h19:53
jcook_5xdataI am in recovery (root)19:54
Siekaczconenct to the internet using cable19:54
Siekaczand do manual update and upgrade19:54
jcook_5xdataI just did none to upgrade19:54
Siekacznot good19:55
Siekaczwhat abiut adding a new user?19:55
bindiwhy is there no classic gnome theme anymore? forcing unity is a bad idea19:56
jcook_5xdatanope I can reinstall it and it will work till I upgrade or I can back to natty till it sorted out. Or I can install windows 7 make on :P lol19:56
Siekaczbindi: because GNOME 2 is deprecated?19:57
Siekaczjcook_5xdata: so back to natty is currently the best idea19:58
jcook_5xdatabindi, try XFCE if you like that desktop leyout it really good19:58
bindiSiekacz: gnome 3 without the shell then..?19:58
Siekaczbindi: have you evere used "fallback mode"?19:59
bindiSiekacz: what's that?19:59
Siekaczgnome-panel in gtk3 version19:59
bindihow do I get that19:59
jcook_5xdatayea, now that I been using 11.10. It will hurt :(19:59
bindilogin screen gives me ubuntu and ubuntu 2d as options19:59
jcook_5xdatasudo apt-get install gnome-shell gnome-panel20:00
bindignome-shell I do not like either20:00
bindithese new "innovative" designs have no idea of usability20:00
jcook_5xdatayou need it for gnome-panel20:00
jcook_5xdatawhen it all install you will have gnome fall back and another one 2d i think choose fall back20:01
bindiyep, gnome classic20:02
jcook_5xdatasorry, yup20:02
bindistill said it's in fallback mode20:03
bindiunable to edit any panel settings :<20:03
IdleOnetry gnome-tweak-tool20:03
IdleOnethat might let you do what you want.20:04
bindii mean all the add to panel stuff20:04
trismbindi: alt+right-click20:07
bindiremoved top panel and everything went nuts :D20:08
mongyits a bit much when you need a tweak tool to adjust fonts :(20:09
nilziemongy: agreed but i hope as gnome 3 matures it will include such a thing by default20:11
nilziemongy: you can do it without the tweak tool by editing settings files20:12
mongyits a bit much when you need {insert lots of work} to adjust fonts :(20:12
bjsniderit's exactly the same amount of work required in gnome 220:17
krnlynghi, i just tried to upgrade my system and now it won't boot (as in blackscreen and modemmanager fails to start (probably other things too but thats what i see in dmesg)) some packages are marked as half-install (i don't know why, update-manager -d did not report any error) so i tried dpkg-reconfigure -a but it quits with the message: "dpkg-maintscript-helper: error: couldn't identify the package" how do i determine which package th20:25
krnlyngor better... how do i repair my system^^?20:25
krnlynggetting networking to run would also be nice so i could try some apt-get stuff...20:26
krnlyngany ideas would be really appreciated20:30
krnlyngor workarounds...20:30
mongyyou right click desktop, choose fonts and change them.. how is installing a seperate app with its gnome-shell and other deps, or using a gconf or whatever style way the same as that?20:35
Siekaczinstalled fglrx again20:40
Siekaczwhole system to be reinstalled20:40
Siekaczany solution?20:44
RoastedGS is so beautiful with 11.10.20:44
Roastednot gonna lie20:44
Roastedgnome shell20:45
mongynot a fan really20:45
Roastedunity is kinda nice too20:45
Roastedit's like. semi usable now?20:45
RoastedI dig it.20:45
DERMANNShould i stay with 11.04 until 11.10 is released and not to use usb 3.0 or should i install ppa kernel in 11.04 or what20:51
mongyI thought usb3.0 was already in kernel20:52
DERMANNyes but not drivers20:52
DERMANNor i do not know20:52
mongywell, I would install 11.10 regardless, as its a 1000% improvement over 11.0420:53
mongyif you're a compiz freak like me anyway :)20:53
Peter_Bilttell me someone how to disable the 3d stuff?20:54
Peter_Bilti can't find anything to disable the unuty 3d stuff20:54
jbichaPeter_Bilt: log out and choose Unity 2D when you login20:54
jbichause the gear button next to your name on the login screen20:55
RoastedI'm hesitant to put 11.10 on my desktop20:55
RoastedasI rely on it heavily20:55
Roastedbut so far 11.10 on my atom netbook has been beautiful20:55
DERMANNCan i already install Beta 2?20:55
Roastedbut then again I never did an ubuntu install with an existing mdadm array, but IA ssume if I fire up ubuntu 11.10 and install mdadm I'd be good20:55
Roastedhey question while we're talking about the beta of 11.1020:55
Roastedits on my laptop now - when 11.10 is finalized, can I run a command to bring me to final?20:56
DERMANNCan i upgrade it fo final or should  i reinstall tehn20:56
ubottuIf you install a development version of Ubuntu Oneiric and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 11.10 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.20:56
DERMANNCan i already install Beta 2?20:56
Roastedthanks jbicha20:56
Siekacznoone wants to help with fglrx?20:56
Peter_Biltroasted: yes some monks do not add mdadm as default for unknow reasons20:56
jbichaDERMANN: yes, beta 2 is installable but it's beta so if you don't know how to fix your computer if things go wrong, you should wait a few weeks20:57
RoastedPeter_Bilt, well hey, if instalilng mdadm makes my array instantly accessible, no big deal for me :P20:57
DERMANNibicha: did you missunderstand me ?20:57
Peter_Bilti think i got still a ton of problems with dpkg fsync is extremly slow, and xorg is unstable on sandy20:57
hasenjfglrx ..20:57
hasenjI use the open source driver20:58
DERMANNDERMANN: i meant is it usuable or is it very crap20:58
DERMANNi know that it is installable20:58
jbichaDERMANN: it's usable but it still has bugs that are being fixed20:58
DERMANNahhh do you meant that20:58
DERMANNby saying it is instalable20:58
DERMANNahhh do you meant that20:59
DERMANNby saying it is instalable20:59
jbichaUbuntu 11.10 is nice & works pretty well but I'm not going to recommend average people use a beta OS that's still being worked on20:59
Siekaczhasenj, opensource driver is useless for my laptop20:59
DERMANNyes i know20:59
DERMANNahhh do you meant that20:59
DERMANNyes i know20:59
DERMANNby saying it is instalable20:59
Siekacz 1:30 of battery life20:59
jbichaDERMANN: stop repeating yourself21:00
hasenjSiekacz, why? for me it was the other way around. the closed driver was half-assed21:00
h00kDERMANN: are you repeatedly asking a question, or making a statement?21:00
RoastedI would think 11.10 might be a good candidate for my HTPC I'm setting up... not like it'll get used THAT hard :P21:00
DERMANNahhh do you meant that??21:00
DERMANNby saying it is instalable?? jbicha21:00
h00kIt is installable.21:00
Siekaczhasenj, no power management and no games on it21:00
DERMANNjbicha: you said:21:01
DERMANN[20:57] <jbicha> DERMANN: yes, beta 2 is installable but it's beta so if you don't know how to fix your computer if things go wrong, you should wait a few weeks21:01
DERMANNdo you mean installable = usuablew21:01
h00kIt does install, but you may run into usability issues at it is a beta.21:01
mongyI find beta2 now quite ok to use21:01
jbichaDERMANN: stop asking the same question over and over, I already answered it by saying Ubuntu 11.10 works pretty well21:01
Siekaczhasenj, anyway i want to get back to the opensource driver21:03
Siekaczand even if i uninstall fglrx with purge21:03
Siekaczit still looks for libGL.so21:03
hasenjSiekacz, hm, I'm no expert on that .. I just followed the wiki page for completely removing it21:04
hasenjit was a bit weird21:04
hasenjbut i ran the commands a few times21:04
hasenjand somehow it got purged completely21:04
hasenji had to restart at least once ..21:04
Siekacz how?21:04
hasenjI don't remember .. it was quite a long time21:05
hasenjbut do you know the wiki page I'm talking about?21:05
jbichaafter changing your graphics driver you need to restart or at least restart X21:05
Siekaczyes i know21:06
Siekaczbut even after rebooting it's broken21:06
hasenjmaybe try to run the commands again after rebooting21:06
icerooti dont know exactly what is causing this apt-get error. maybe you can have a look so that i can create a bug about the correct package http://pastebin.com/b9apqEwu  i treid to translate the important parts from german into english. also i reinstalled python-virtkey and removed it after, no error21:07
Siekaczhasenj, i dont know this wiki page21:08
hasenjSiekacz, gimme a sec21:08
Siekaczi have switchable graphics21:09
hasenjSiekacz .. (well, he left) .. I think this was the wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/FglrxInteferesWithRadeonDriver#Problem:%20%20Need%20to%20fully%20remove%20-fglrx%20and%20reinstall%20-ati%20from%20scratch21:13
iceroothttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/858507 thats the one i have created for the paste i did some minutes ago21:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 858507 in apt (Ubuntu) "apt-get autoremove is showing Usage: apt-get [options] command at the process-stage" [Undecided,New]21:14
Siekacznow even unity 2D dowsn't even run21:23
Siekaczsecond solution21:23
Siekaczlets try21:23
=== winut_ is now known as winut
dooglusevery time I log in, I get a robot voice say "welcome to orca".  how can I stop that?21:31
IdleOnego to orca settings and disable from starting on boot21:33
Siekaczhasenj: thaks! it worked :)21:35
Siekacznow i'm back to power-hungry radeon driver21:35
Siekaczbut i have workind 3D acceleration21:36
Siekaczfglrx has to be fixed before Ubuntu 11.10 release21:37
hasenjSiekacz, cool! you're welcome21:39
Siekaczas i thought the've overwritten some symlinks21:40
Siekaczand reinstallation deosn't revert them back to the default value21:40
danielei have a problem with 11.10 nvidia gfx card gt54021:41
Siekaczanother one :D21:41
danieleno compiz effects are loading21:41
danielegnome-shell dropping to default gnome21:41
Siekaczfirst question21:42
Siekacznouveau or nv?21:42
danielenvidia drivers correctly loading with joker21:42
mongyhaving trouble linking contacts in empathy, anyone else/21:42
Siekaczgo to the settings21:42
Siekaczsystem settiongs of course21:42
danielemongy, empathy has missing certificates.... does even here21:42
danieleSiekacz, ok21:43
mongyI put a tick in the other account for that user, and link, and, nothing....21:43
Siekaczdaniele: system information21:43
danieleSiekacz, nothing there21:43
Siekaczand turn off forced fallback mode21:44
danieleSiekacz, there is nothing there to turn off21:44
danielesays driver21:44
danieleand nothing else21:44
Siekaczdunno what happened21:45
danieleloading the nvidia settings says to run sudo nvidia-xconfig... so i did that but after booting freezez up before lightdm21:45
Siekaczbut now i'm using my intel HD :)21:46
danieleon intel is  ok21:46
Siekaczno it's not ok21:46
Siekaczbecause my vostro is still hot21:46
Siekaczfan is running on it's full speed21:47
danielethat is ok here21:47
danieleso noone knows ?21:50
Siekaczdaniele: it seems that gnome shell is incompatibile with Gs21:51
g30hows oneiric comeing along?21:57
g30any idea?21:57
g30gnome 3 has to be the worst gui ever21:58
mongyg30, mine too22:00
g30ha im back lol22:04
g30HI all22:04
g30I love linux22:05
g30Its the best OS22:06
bjsniderSiekacz, gnome-shell is incompatible with what?22:09
Siekaczmaybe nvidia dviver?22:09
g30nvidia works perfect with gnome22:11
Siekacznot always22:11
bjsnidernvidia can easily drive any of the composited desktops22:11
g30sure it does22:11
g30not only do you have generic but nvidia actually suppports linux22:11
g30and they have there own drivers for it22:11
g301 min22:11
Siekaczdunno what happened22:12
Siekaczbut now im using my intel hd graphics22:12
Siekaczbut i want fglrx with radeon!22:12
bjsniderif that's a hyrib laptop, that technology is not well-supported in linux22:13
Siekaczit's a hybrid22:13
g30I love linux did I say that?22:13
bjsnideryou will have to permanently switch the radeon chip on in the bios22:13
Siekaczi wanted fglrx22:13
Siekaczand im with intel :)22:14
g30Siek you have problem with Graphics card?22:14
Siekaczbjsnider: i have UFI22:14
Siekaczdo there is no option like that22:14
bjsniderthat's fine, there are settings you can change in it22:14
Siekaczno, i've checked22:14
bjsniderwell, that's unfortunate22:15
Siekaczi can only turn on/of some peripherials like camera, fingerprint reader22:15
Siekaczit's a new dell vostro 345022:15
g30siekacz what version ubuntu you run?22:16
bjsniderhybrid is really trendyy right now, and it will take linux awhile to catch up22:16
Siekaczg30: think, why i'm here?22:16
g30thats your problem22:16
Siekaczi have 11.10 installed on my lappie22:16
g30your runnning a fake debian, just get Debian from debian or a real linux distro like SUSE?22:16
g30I am just being honest22:17
g30please dont be mad22:17
g30Siekacz what kind of video card are you haveing trouble with?22:18
Siekaczradeon 6630M22:18
g30there is no genereic driver?22:18
Siekaczyes there is22:19
Siekaczbut it eats my battery in 1:3022:19
g30chipset above r600?22:19
Siekaczdefinately :)22:20
g30ati makes a driver for debian your in luck as you can use it on ubuntu22:20
g30and vice versa22:20
penguin42don't use the debian instructions though22:21
Siekaczit's the same22:21
penguin42Ubuntu has a thing called Jockey to do it for you22:22
Siekaczi've been using ubuntu since 7.10, i'm not stupid ;)22:22
g307.20 interesting22:22
g30just come out22:22
penguin42we have lots of people on here who get into a mess after not using jockey22:22
Siekaczpenguin42: i've just used it22:23
bjsniderit won't work because of the gpu switching issue22:23
Siekaczand it broke everything completely22:23
Siekaczi could only run unity 2d22:23
Siekaczand the libGL.so was still missing22:23
g3011.10 many trouble22:23
SiekaczI bet it is related to the multiarch support22:23
g30that to22:24
g3011.10 ruined after update hope soon to fix when release22:24
g30I like unity unlike most people22:25
g30especially in 11.1022:25
penguin42g30: It's getting less buggy with age22:26
g30I understand and 11.10 much better with lightdm22:26
g30imps are cool22:26
penguin42yeh the new greeter used with lightdm is very pretty22:27
Siekaczi think 11.10 can be a good relese22:27
Siekaczbut they need more time to polish22:27
g30still not much works besides the basics just like in 11.422:27
Siekaczbecause there are so many incompatibilies!22:27
g30I hope it will be good for beginer22:27
g30very clean22:27
penguin42the graphics drivers normally cause problems up before release22:28
g30Actually they ran great atleast for me22:28
g30on 11.10 just using ccsm on 11.4 messed all up22:28
SiekaczUnity is for computer users22:28
g30unity is great a lot bettter in 11.10 more uniformed n my opinion22:29
Siekacznot bored nerds who think that they are wizards, knowing Hidden Knowledge for Chosen about using linux :)22:29
g30i prefer gnome 2 myself lol22:29
g30but it looks nice the thing is will it work with apps?22:29
Siekaczgnome 2 is a code rubbish22:29
Siekaczslow, buggy, inconsistent22:30
g30ever try openshot? or compiz settings with unity?22:30
g30what is? gnome 2?22:30
Siekaczi'm prod of canonical developers22:30
g30they make a preety gui22:30
Siekaczg30: there is a lot of rubbish in the GNOME 2/GTK2 stack22:30
Siekaczgnome panels applets22:31
g30is great22:31
Siekaczwhich crash..22:31
g30never not once22:31
Siekaczchenge their position22:31
g30in ubuntu yes22:31
g30other no22:31
SiekaczGNOME 2 was a huge recycle bin22:31
Siekaczwhich now  was thrown away22:32
Siekaczand they are doing it like APple/MS22:32
g302.32 is the best gnome22:32
Siekaczdesigned, consistent, for users22:32
g30gnome 3 no good22:32
g30you really have trouble with gnome 2?22:33
Siekaczi don't have any additional forces for arguing about that22:33
g30are you talking about gnome on ubuntu?22:33
Siekaczg30: GNOME 2 was a usability and design crap22:33
g30because thats different from say on opensuse22:33
g30well i respect your opinion but disagree22:34
g30gnome 2.32 is best most stable gui out22:34
g30kde is nice to plasma22:34
Siekaczwell, i like KDE technically22:34
Siekaczit's grat22:34
Siekaczbut the design in my  ompinion sucks22:35
g30yes preety and functional22:35
Siekaczit's still a DE for nerds22:35
g30kde 4? lol22:35
Siekaczi want to change desktop theme22:35
Siekaczi need to22:35
ArnoldNot quite X11 friendly either. Most users who tried the Windows version out said it's performing much better than on Linux.22:35
Siekaczchange: icons, plasma style, widget style, screensaver, walpaper, and even fonts sepsrstely22:36
g30i respectfully submit try it out on something other than ubuntu nothing against ubuntu but if you want to run say kde use opensuse22:36
g30best implimentation of kde in my opinion22:36
Siekaczg30: I was a KDE 4 fan22:36
Siekaczuntil 4.422:37
g30I dont use it myself dont like it much to many bells and whistles22:37
Siekaczmee to22:37
Siekacz*me too22:37
Siekaczi just want clean, easy, and fast dektop22:37
g30gnome 2.32 lol22:38
g30= lightning22:38
Siekaczit's not fast22:38
g30sure it is22:38
g30 are you talking on ubuntu?22:38
Siekaczit has a LOT of unused libraries22:38
jtaylorI also wouldn't call gnome 2 fast22:38
g30a lot faster than kde22:38
jtaylorits fine with modern hardware but not with older22:38
g30on any distro22:38
g30i agree with that22:38
Siekaczjtaylor: with newer it is sluggish too22:39
g30older hardwarre I agree22:39
g30Siekacz NOT lol22:39
g30are you kidding?22:39
Siekaczi put in my password22:39
jtaylorI used xubuntu with my old machine, that was quite good22:39
Siekaczand unity is there in 3-5 secs22:39
jtaylorheard lubuntu is also good but never tested it22:39
SiekaczGNOME 2?22:39
Siekacz30 secs22:39
g30Siekacz the problem you are having is not gnome itself but ubuntu's implimentation of it22:40
Siekaczwe can run basic gnome22:40
g30they want you to use unity22:40
Siekaczthey want me to USe unity22:40
Siekaczyou're right22:40
g30dont get me wrong i love unity in 11.10 it is beutiful22:40
g30just lots of bug now22:41
Siekaczand i want them to make unity better and better22:41
Siekaczbecause it's young22:41
Siekaczvery young22:41
g30have you tried to run say openshot yet?22:41
Siekaczbut the progress is lighting fast22:41
Siekaczthey made a usable DE from sratch in?22:42
Siekacz1 year22:42
g30maybe thats the problem lol22:42
g30whats his namme mark shaffer of ubuntu says they will get it right in 11.1022:42
Siekaczim using unity now22:42
Siekaczand i don't experience any bugs22:42
g30have you tried to change any compiz settings yet ? lol22:43
g30with ccsm?22:43
g30I dare you22:43
Siekaczg30: what for?22:43
g30just remember /etc/umm/gnome/sessions22:43
g30because if you make any change to compiz will break entire interface22:44
Siekaczg30: i don't wand any ridiculous effects like dektop cube22:44
Siekaczbecause they're useless22:44
g30then why use 3d?22:44
g30why not 2d?22:44
Siekaczi want a usable DE22:44
grant99929can someone help me? i cant login in 11.1022:44
Siekaczbecause i Wan it to be hardware accelerated22:44
g30my point is ubity is far from  stable in my opinion22:45
Siekaczgrant99929: what happens when you try to login?22:45
g30what vide hardware you run if you dont mind me asking22:45
grant99929it dumps me back to the login screen22:45
grant99929but i can still login using the guest account22:45
g30login 2d22:45
Siekaczgrant99929: so22:45
g30grant tried to change compiz settingss im betting22:46
g30is this true grant?22:46
grant99929i havent changed anything22:46
grant99929i just updated like 10 mins ago22:46
g30but if you make user account u can log in fine22:46
Siekaczg30: Unity is not to mess around with stupid compiz settings!22:46
g30what happend was your sessions config got messed up somehow22:46
grant99929umm ok...22:47
grant99929i dont know what that means...22:47
urlin2uSiekacz, you can have the cube if you know how.22:47
Siekaczbut what for?22:47
g30you need to go into i forget ummm /etc/gnome/sessions/sessions and look at the code be sure it say gnome-panel for default22:47
urlin2uesier for using t for me .22:47
Siekaczi prefer desktop wall with expo22:48
g30or if you dont know howto sudo into that folder you can always just make a new user account22:48
grant99929ok lemme try a new account22:48
g30by logging in as root you will need to sudo passwd first to make root active22:48
grant99929i cant seem to use sudo from the guest account22:48
grant99929its not working22:48
g30Siekacz this is what happends when you try to mess with the effects of unity whether they admit it or not22:49
g30can u open a terminal?22:49
g30 type su root22:49
g30or sudo passwd22:49
Siekaczgrant99929: other way22:49
Siekaczlisten to me care fully22:50
g30sudo passwd root22:50
=== kilrae_ is now known as kilrae
g30type that22:51
grant99929i cant sudo anything22:51
grant99929it wont accept my password22:51
g30is it installed on machine and not live rite?22:51
g30logout of guest and login unity 2d try?22:51
g30you know how?22:52
grant99929i have tried normal ubuntu, 2d and recovery. none worked22:52
g30what terminal u use22:52
grant99929i dont understand22:52
grant99929i use the normal one22:52
g30when you type sudo what it say/22:53
g30be sure low case in letter22:53
grant99929usage: sudo -h | -K | -k | -L | -V usage: sudo -v [-AknS] [-g groupname|#gid] [-p prompt] [-u user name|#uid] usage: sudo -l[l] [-AknS] [-g groupname|#gid] [-p prompt] [-U user name] [-u             user name|#uid] [-g groupname|#gid] [command] usage: sudo [-AbEHknPS] [-C fd] [-g groupname|#gid] [-p prompt] [-u user             name|#uid] [-g groupname|#gid] [VAR=value] [-i|-s] [<command>] usage: sudo -e [-AknS] [-C fd] [-g gro22:53
grant99929thats what it says22:53
g30type sudo passwd root22:53
grant99929guest-cLIAuN@grant-R480:~$ sudo passwd root [sudo] password for guest-cLIAuN:  Sorry, try again. [sudo] password for guest-cLIAuN:  sudo: 1 incorrect password attempt22:54
g30it should then ask to create new password22:54
DeviceZer0is anyone in here using virtualbox ON 11.10? Im wondering whats the best way to install it22:54
grant99929it wont accept my password22:54
DeviceZer0just use the 11.04 deb?22:54
grant99929sudo doesnt work22:54
urlin2uDeviceZer0, shouldn't be a proble,22:55
jtaylorDeviceZer0: virtualbox is in the oneiric archives22:55
DeviceZer0jtaylor, hmm. yea. but isnt there a diff between OSE and the one from oracle?22:55
urlin2ugrant99929, do you have acccess to the original sudo account?22:55
g30can u su root?22:55
g30or actually su your user name22:56
jtaylorDeviceZer0: maybe but is it significant for you?22:56
g30then run sudo passwd root22:56
g30yes that will work :)22:56
DeviceZer0jtaylor, maybe? lol22:56
jtaylorfor the non ose version you will have to hope the 11.04 works, as its not ose nothing anybody can do about it22:56
DeviceZer0hmm wait22:56
DeviceZer0we are both wrong!22:57
DeviceZer0Before version 4.0, there were two editions of VirtualBox: a full binary containing all features and an "Open Source Edition" (OSE) with source code. With version 4.0, there is only one version any more, which is open source, and the closed-source components have been moved to a separate extension pack.22:57
urlin2ugrant99929, you can reset the password out of the OS if that is the login problem.22:57
grant99929SUDO WORKS!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you22:57
DeviceZer0seems they changed it22:57
g30 be sure you run sudo passwd root then create new user22:57
g30that is the biggest problem with unity22:59
jtayloryou usually don't want to add a password to the root user23:02
jtaylornot needed when you use sudo23:02
g30blame unity23:02
jtaylorunity enables the root account? not on my machine23:03
g30but unity does disallow you to login if your compiz settings are messed up23:03
g30and if someone dont know commands it is very hard for them to make new user from command and add groups23:04
jtaylorah ok23:04
g30much easier to login root gui23:04
jtaylorsry didn't follow the whole discussion23:04
urlin2unever have seen that on the IRC or on the web or forums, anything is possible I guess.23:06
g30see what?23:06
=== __mikem is now known as mmiller235
coz_anyone know if the mini iso is available yet?23:06
urlin2uno login due to compiz23:06
urlin2uunity and compiz work together though23:07
g30yea have you tried to mess with compiz?23:07
g30with like ccsm or something?23:07
g30happends all the time  hope they fix23:07
urlin2ug30, why yes I have no problems here cube and a bunch of plugins working23:07
yofelhe could've started with purging his compiz settings?23:07
g30yofel yes23:08
g30and simply reseting /etc/gnome/sessions as well but newbie is hard to do from command line23:08
g30urlin2u thats great, i myself have dont it many times to duplicate the bug which is the only reason i know what to do23:09
yofeland trying to enable the root account isn't? He could've just logged in as root from recovery mode23:09
grant9992929i still cant login...23:09
g30grant did you sudo passwd root ?23:09
urlin2upeople loose the desktops as they have no window manager restart regularly, but the login is strange23:09
g30when u logout but in other user type root then the password you make23:09
urlin2uunity reset in the classic should reset compiz23:10
g30good luck my friend23:10
grant9992929but is it possible to log back into my account?23:10
g30but you will need to reset compiz23:10
g30you can just make new user much easier then copy home23:10
grant9992929will i need to reset some settings then?23:11
g30you will need to gointo /etc/gnome/sessions/sessions'and edit that file23:11
g30but if you login as root then create new user23:11
g30just loginto hte new user account and copy your old home23:12
g30i suspect you will have some trouble using root edit from command line and if you emss something up in root its all over :)23:12
g30from lightdm login manager23:13
yofelwhy not first try to get rid of the compiz settings in the home folder? I don't use gnome though so I don't know where those are23:13
g30type root put password then loginto open control make new user23:13
g30login new user then come back23:13
grant9992929yah i can log in to root fine now23:13
g30can u make new user?23:13
grant9992929i did23:13
g30with the gui23:13
g30ok login that user23:13
grant9992929but i would rather fix my old accont23:13
g30and you have unity back?23:13
g30does unity now work on new user?23:14
g30then you can just copy /olderuser/home to your new /home and bam!!!~23:15
g30of course you can reset compiz but wont work if its to messed up23:15
gnomiedooglus: "< dooglus> here's a weird one: since I upgraded my escape key and all 6  odd-numbered function keys have stopped working" ; i have heard that one before.. odd indeed23:16
g30i just try to give most easy way23:16
grant9992929could u describe how to do it the hard way? i want to keep the settings on my old account23:17
g30but be advised if you mess up 1 thing with root power your machine = MicroS$%^&23:18
grant9992929i can just use the new account and sudo everything tho23:18
g30with that said, are you sure you just dont want to copy your old home to the new account?23:18
grant9992929well the new account will have a different name...23:18
g30does the gui work in new account23:18
grant9992929yes it does23:18
g30never use sudo unless you must23:19
g30you can now just goto /users/oldusername and copy all home /dir to new /home23:19
g30most easy way23:19
grant9992929but i want to keep my old user name23:19
grant9992929could i delete my old account and create a 2nd new one with the same name?23:19
g30but be sure23:20
g30if you have anythiung you want save23:20
g30then copy from od home23:20
g30home **23:20
g30and im not sure if you can edit user accounts under user power now, last i checked they were greyed out23:20
grant9992929ill try that then  THANK YOU g30, YOURE THE BEST :)23:21
g30you may have to login root again and use user manager that way23:21
g30anytime friend23:21
yofelif a new user isn't in the admin group he doesn't have sudo permissions23:21
g30may the force be with you23:21
grant9992929pew pew23:21
g30yofel even if in admin group i still don tthink you can use user manager try for me and see im not use ubuntu23:21
yofeljust run 'adduser <newuser> admin' as root or with sudo from the old account23:21
yofelthat will add it23:21
g30but he need copy23:21
yofelg30: I'm not in gnome either, I'm in KDE23:22
g30try to make easy for him23:22
g30im using opensuse23:22
g30i dont use ubuntu23:22
g30but i love all linux23:22
yofelthat would explain why you're trying to enable a root account that's disabled by default in 'buntu...23:22
g30he had to do it23:23
g30because he could not login user account23:23
g30your right though, he could have done it via shell23:23
yofelnot really, he could've rebooted into recovery mode and logged in as root from there, without password23:23
g30but its hard23:24
g30and 1 slip as root and its Gnite23:24
g30im a noob23:24
g30ive been booted out of here a few times for mentioning suse so i try not talk about it to much23:25
g30i love all linux and i think ubuntu is great bring more people to the dark side LOL23:25
yofeltrue, that's for -offtopic23:25
g30u run kubuntu?23:25
g30let me ask something kmenu when u put search does it work?23:26
g30for apps?23:26
yofelsearching in kickoff? works fine here23:26
g30how you llike kde?23:26
leniosif 'sudo passwd root' works, then sudo -i or sudo -s should work the same way to login as root without having a root password set23:27
g30ok friends gotta go23:27
g30hope evewrything works23:28
g30take carfe23:28
leniosyou can also use "sudo passwd -l root" to unset the password, then restoring the state you had before23:30
* gnomie doesn't believe in "lightweight", ubuntu (main, regular, unity.. whatever its called these days) should work on ANY computer >:(23:30
urlin2uthat was a ridiculous fix, besides the rhetoric on the various linux distros that are hardly differnt .23:34
yofelfor 'buntu it was a crazy way indeed, but with other distros setting a root password during install people invent creative ways to do things23:35
gnomiewhich brings me to think, is ubuntu's phylosophy to disregard hardware specs for pre-2002 computers? why do i get a feeling ubuntu is in some kind of race... and some wanted to argue about rolling releases.. what for? progress isn't about going fast, but about getting there, which implies there is a goal. is there..?23:47
penguin42gnomie: I think it's mostly a case of wanting to support latest hardware and also wanting funky looks/features and if that doesn't work on old machines so be it - there is always xubuntu/lubuntu for lower spec machines23:48
gnomieso it's about trend? sigh..23:49
gnomiehow sad23:49
* penguin42 checks what he wrote - nope, didn't say that23:49
OerHeksyou can save yourself a new machine, compare the power-usage of pre-2002 & recent hardware :-)23:50
Siekaczpower usage on windows or linux? :)23:51
Siekaczit's a differene23:51
gnomiealso, supporting latest hardware is the kernel's job; when i read "unity was made from scratch in a year" i parse 'new trend'. whatever happened to linux for human beings? if what OerHeks holds true, then the motto should change to linux for the priviledged23:53
urlin2ugnomie, problem with your argument is that most of the drivers are not provided by the manufacturers for linux, so ones that haven't been provided, have to be engineered to wok.23:53
urlin2uwe are lucky to have what we do to be honest23:54
OerHeksunity runs on atom ULV to Bulldozer 8-core ..23:54
OerHekscritical is your GPU, true23:55
urlin2uIT is worth way more then its actual cost in so many ways you just have to know how to fix it or find a distro that runs your ghardware23:56

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