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sven_hi everybody. i am having prouble with the audio on pandaboard a2 running ubuntu 10.10. could anyone help me?18:30
sniperjo_hello, anyone know if there are there any repos for mplayer ?19:11
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afmanyone in here playing with the [h,j]acked up ubuntu on the motorola bionic?19:37
sniperjo_where is the best place to get mplayer?21:16
infinitysniperjo_: apt-get install mplayer?21:44
infinitysniperjo_: It's in universe.21:44
sniperjo_infinity: i couldn't find it21:44
infinityDo you have only main enabled?21:45
infinitycat /etc/apt/sources.list21:45
sniperjo_yeah i do21:45
infinityIf it only lists main, or main+restricted, add universe and multiverse to that, apt-get update, and enjoy.21:45
sniperjo_i ended up putting a debian source in to find it, but its not working great!21:45
infinityYeah, don't do that. :/21:46
infinityDebian and Ubuntu are source-compatible, not binary-compatible (this is true on all arches, not just ARM).21:46
sniperjo_infinity: ah great thanks, i guess i should apt-get remove --purge them before i install it again21:47
infinityIt probably pulled in a bunch of dependencies too.21:48
infinityYou can learn about apt pinning to forcefully sidegrade out of the packages from Debian, or look at /var/log/dpkg.log to sort out what new stuff you got when, and remove those.21:48
sniperjo_but if i know what packages i installed after adding debian, i suppose i can just remove them with dependancies ?21:49
infinityIf you know all the packages you installed, yes.21:50
infinityHence my dpkg.log suggestion.21:50
infinityThough, if you still have a terminal with apt saying "will install X Y Z", that's the simplest. :P21:50
sniperjo_infinity: ok great, and just out of interest, I have angstrom on a device which i have chroot'ed with ubuntu, is there any way to automatically chroot into ubuntu and run something, (as I've been unsuccessful in installing ubuntu straight out )21:52
infinityNot sure precisely what you mean.21:54
infinityYou can certainly do command line things like "chroot /chroot/ubuntu /path/to/command", but if those things require DISPLAY to be set, or sockets in the root filesystem, you need to do some clever tricks to futz with your environment or bind-mount files.21:56
sniperjo_infinity: yeah i have managed to do that, i was just wondering if i had to chroot and run stuff manually!21:57
sniperjo_infinity: still no mplayer,  I'm on deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports lucid main universe multiverse , gave me a notice about unmet dependancies22:03
infinityI'm using oneiric here, not lucid.  It's definitely installable in oneiric.  I'd be surprised if it wasn't in lucid, though.22:12
infinityDo you still have Debian sources in your list?22:12
infinity(It's also possible you still have Debian packages installed that are causing unresolvable conflicts)22:13
sniperjo_infinity: ive just just added the maverick to the sources and its there now22:14
infinityFWIW, I just debootstrapped a lucid chroot and mplayer installs fine.22:20
infinitySo, yeah, you probably had some newer libraries or something (from Debian) that were causing a bit of a dependency issue.22:20
infinityBut if maverick solves it for you, whatever. :P22:20
infinityAnyhow, I'm off to do weekendy things.  Have fun fiddling.22:21
sniperjo_infinity: out of interest, what video driver do you use ?22:22
sniperjo_infinity: ok!22:22
sniperjo_infinity: thanks for your help22:22
brandiniis there a mongodb build for ubuntu on armel?23:02
infinitySeems to be only on x86.  Though I'm not sure why.23:09
brandiniI did find one bug report just now though it seems to be resolved23:15
brandinithis pandaboard makes a great webserver for webapps written in go :)23:19
infinityThe mongodb server depends on both little-endianness and unaligned23:19
infinitymemory access, which I believe means it can only work on i386 and23:19
infinityamd64, so yes, we're not portable beyond those.  (It has compiled for23:19
infinityme in the past on powerpc, but it won't run there.)23:19
ubot2Debian bug 570076 in mongodb "mongodb - Arbitrary architecture specification" [Serious,Fixed]23:20
brandiniI'll have to use a real live database :)23:20
infinityOr sqlite.23:20
infinityOr BDB.23:21
infinityOr any number of file-based approaches that aren't an annoyingly large RDBMS.23:21

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