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head_victimsagaci: you're happy with your planet feed?08:15
head_victimbenonsoftware: you'll be happy if the main page is changed, is everything else correct?08:15
sagaciyep, looks to be fine08:16
head_victimCool, I just wanted to have to send all the corrections at once so I don't hassle them too much 08:16
jaddi27head_victim, We are now down to 98742 strings for translation12:02
jaddi27I think this calls for a celebration12:02
head_victimjaddi27: indeed :) I'm also hoping to know how the team application went soonish12:02
jaddi27That is good to hear. What have they said so far?12:02
jaddi27or do they keep it to themselves?12:03
gorillaand is head_victim allowed to say it.12:04
head_victimthey've asked some questions and awaiting feedback from them now12:05

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