philipballewa hd thats probably formated in hfs isnt mounting on my system. any help having it do so?03:50
philipballewhere is a dmesg output http://paste.ubuntu.com/695976/03:53
zkriessesheroazura: hi03:54
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argenkHi, can anybody help me?16:15
argenkI can't change my screen resolution. I have a big monitor (23") and I can't make it work in 1920x1080 : /16:16
philipballewargenk, what did you do so far16:21
philipballewhi Petskull17:41
PetskullI'm sorta killing my 11.04 desktop by enabling Compiz cube17:42
PetskullI've lost some functionality- can you help?17:42
lisianoCan you tell us what happens? Like it flashes and everything is without window borders.17:43
philipballewemabling the cube takes a bit of hacking17:43
philipballewPetskull, i have the cube on mine and ill show you yhe guide i followed17:43
Petskullthanks, man17:44
Petskullbut- right now I'd like to get back to 'titlebars working'17:44
Petskull'alt-tab working'17:44
philipballewbut in the mean time we need to fix what you broke17:44
philipballewso what is exactly wrong with it?17:46
philipballewtell me if unity --reset helps17:46
Petskullwell, I'm on Ubuntu Classic now17:47
Petskulltry it anyway?17:47
Petskullmy titlebars are no longer working, I cant't drag/resize windows, etc17:47
Petskullnot even with alt-drag17:48
Petskullcan't alt-tab at all17:48
PetskullI managed to alt-space X, so I can fullscreen my windows17:48
PetskullI can click on the bottom panel for the windows17:49
philipballewid try to see what you have enabled in ccsm and not17:52
Petskullhold on17:52
philipballewif you tell me what you have enabled i can tell you how it compares to mine17:52
PetskullI was gonna send you screenies, but apparently bayimg is blocked from here17:56
PetskullThis site was categorized in: Photo sharing, Nudity, Pornography17:57
Petskullman, I dunno17:58
Petskullok- lemme see what I can do here17:58
philipballewwhatever works18:00
urlin2uphilipballew, have you checked out displex18:01
urlin2uit is a app that will do alot of what the fusion-icon did do previously, including restarting compiz pretty cool.  http://sourceforge.net/projects/displex/files/18:02
philipballewah. i see18:05
nlsthznReWom: shoot away with your issue and/or question ;)18:05
Petskullnow what?18:06
philipballewwhat exactly cant you do pedro300518:06
philipballewph crap18:06
pedro3005i can't do lots of things, man18:07
pedro3005i wish i could do everything18:07
philipballewpedro3005, If you find a way to make something appear from nothing, let me know18:08
Petskullphilipballew, whatcha got?18:10
philipballewPetskull, what cant you do on unity?18:10
Petskullmy titlebars are no longer working, I cant't drag/resize windows, etc18:10
Petskullcan't alt-tab at all18:10
PetskullI managed to alt-space X, so I can fullscreen my windows18:11
PetskullI can click on the bottom panel for the windows18:11
philipballewlook at window managment18:11
Petskullall that stuff from up there18:11
philipballewtry resize window foe sure18:11
philipballewyou need to fidle with it18:13
PetskullI think I'll just make a new user and delete this one18:15
philipballewdo what you want18:16
Petskullhah!! that link you gave:18:22
Petskull"etting the cube wasn’t easy the way that I did it. I can’t adequately describe the screen crash-storm that simply clicking on Desktop Cube created."18:22
PetskullHAHAHAH!!!  That's soo me right now!!18:22
Petskulldude I must've messed this up real bad..18:34
philipballewPetskull, NICE!!!18:34
philipballewdid unity --reset do anything18:35
philipballewi was being sarcastic18:35
Petskulllemme try is now, can't hurt any worse!18:35
Petskull... except my Alt+F2 no longer works18:35
Petskullhey! I can alt+drag windows again!18:36
Petskullwell, it brought unity into my setup18:37
Petskullnot the best18:37
Petskullstill no window borders18:37
Petskullbut I can alt-tab and switch desktop18:38
urlin2uyou have to have a restart windows manager switch with compiz in natty the refresh rate is not solid, you can make a launcger for the fusion icon or the displez ap works even better. That link explains this conundrum.18:38
Petskullyeah, I read the whole thing18:39
PetskullI can't believe they shipped this like this18:39
philipballewPetskull, it works great when not tampered with18:40
philipballewbut its not a lts release18:40
urlin2uit is not the OS, it works fine if you don't enable the cube. It also works fine if you do and know how to do it. :D18:40
Petskullhmm... loged out and logged back in18:42
philipballewhows it workin Petskull18:42
Petskullselected 'Ubuntu Classic' but I get the left-hand panel18:43
PetskullI also have the bottom panel... weird18:43
Petskullbut it's pretending it never happened- so it's all good18:43
Petskullman, I wish I could install 10.1018:43
philipballewtry 11.1018:44
Petskullis it this same crap?18:45
philipballewits unity improved18:47
philipballewunity works nice. you juse messed it up18:47
Petskullyeah, I've been trying it for a few days to see if it's just change-shock18:47
Petskullbut I don't think so18:48
Petskullwe'll see18:48
Petskullbut for now I just feel embarrassed in front of all the people I've recommended Ubuntu to over the years18:48
philipballewif you lived near me id give you a run down of it in person, but I doubt that18:48
Petskullyeah, I doubt I'm close18:49
Petskullwhere are you?18:49
philipballew san diego CA18:50
PetskullI'm in Afghanistan18:50
philipballewnice! how long you lived there?18:50
Petskullyou gonna take the bus or you wanna meet at a mall in between18:51
Petskullheh- a few months18:51
philipballewnice!!! though, seriously. I can get unity working again for you if you need18:52
Petskullforget the run-down, man..  if I'm a computer guy and I bang on this, can you imagine my mother trying to grok this with me on the phone?  Nah..18:52
philipballewyeah, thats why their getting it polished before 12.0418:53
philipballewthats the stable version18:53
PetskullI've been running *nix for 10 years... ubuntu for about 5...18:53
PetskullI'm all for cheerleading the linux.... but this is crap... and shame on us as a community if we lie to ourselves about it18:54
philipballewhow so?18:54
Petskullubuntu's awesome because thing's rarely break..18:55
FanshaweI left a message earlier about Evolution, any responses?18:55
Petskullthey even got a little window for installing the NVidia drivers, which used to be a pain18:55
philipballewvery true, Unity is new. like I said, 11.04 is not intended to be a super stable release18:56
philipballewthey now that18:56
philipballewand they are working out all bugs till 12.0418:56
Petskulla lot of things 'just work'.. what is Unity trying to *be*?18:56
Petskullit's not a windowing system..18:56
Petskullit's not that it's buggy18:57
philipballewits a desktop gnome shell18:57
philipballewyou can try xubuntu or kubuntu or lubuntu18:57
Petskullheh- I got it18:57
Petskullyeah, I know that18:57
philipballewhop on over to #ubuntu-classroom18:57
Petskullthis is like GiMP syndrome18:57
philipballewin 2 minutes someone's giving a session on them18:57
Petskull'the problem is people have trouble learning it'18:57
philipballewgimp is just different18:58
philipballewlinux is not windows18:58
PetskullI know xubuntu and kubuntu- what's lubuntu?18:58
Petskullphil- preaching to the choir, man18:58
philipballewI know im preaching to the chior :)18:58
philipballewits a lxde version of ubuntu18:58
Petskullthere's a reason I ditcher Mandrake for Ubuntu- I get it18:58
ubot2lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.18:58
Petskullnever heard of lxde18:59
philipballewits a lightwaight desktop enviorment18:59
* Petskull hunts around gor the damn firefox icon so he can look it up18:59
* Petskull is, ironically enough, proving his point18:59
philipballewyour right there19:00
philipballewI need to go grab some lunch now19:00
philipballewpeace out Petskull19:01
Petskullbon appetite!19:01
Petskullthanks for the help!19:01
FanshaweOkay, I think I'll put it up again. Hey all, Evolution seems to be delivering duplicate messages in the 'On This Computer' account. Also, after backing up and restoring, my Contacts and Memoes give me errors, and only going back to even earlier backups can fix it.19:03
FanshaweIs there anything I can do to fix all that?19:03
starcraftmanFanshawe: Sorry, not really an expert on configuring Evolution. When I hear duplicate messages getting delivered almost sounds like you have two accounts pointing to same email and both pulling same messages.19:06
starcraftmanFanshawe: Can you check the accounts setup?19:06
starcraftmanPetskull: philip said you had trouble with Unity? Not a fan?19:07
Petskullstarcraftman, yeah- not a fan19:07
Petskullhe seems to think it's because I don't -get it19:07
Petskullnice guy, though19:08
starcraftmanPetskull: Well tbh, I immensly dislike the new Unity and Gnome 3 UI designs as well.19:08
starcraftmanIt's a preference thing, I use KDE.19:08
Fanshawestarcraftman: I have three accounts, the one that's configured to default isn't the one listed under 'On This Computer'. The one that's duplicating is my third account, a university account.19:08
Petskullnothing personal, I just hate things that suck19:09
starcraftmanFanshawe: could it be the that the Uni account is forwarding email to one of the other two?19:09
Petskullsince Breezy, Ubuntu's never really sucked19:09
Petskulluntil now19:09
starcraftmanif you disable first two accounts, send an email to third does it still duplicate? Fanshawe19:09
starcraftmanPetskull: Well, it's just the desktop environment, have you tried Kubuntu or Xubuntu?19:10
Fanshawestarcraftman: I'll try that right away19:10
pleia2Petskull: tbh, this is a support channel and it really isn't really the place to insult ubuntu19:10
pleia2most of us aren't developers, we're users volunteering our time for support19:10
Petskull*sigh*... I wish people would stop saying that...19:10
Petskullpleia2, yeah, sorry19:10
PetskullI actually came here for some help... now I'm just sort of here + disappointed.. hence the bitching19:11
PetskullI'll stop19:11
pleia2thank you19:11
starcraftmanPetskull: if you want to try others installing the kubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop packages will get you different environments19:12
Fanshawestarcraftman: There's another part to this problem, I'm afraid. It seems to be duplicating EVERYTHING in the account, from the earliest e-mails I have. So 1000+ e-mails is becoming 2000+ e-mails.19:12
starcraftmanPetskull: Xubuntu/XFCE is clossest to old GNOME UI.19:12
PetskullI've tried other WM/DE's.. thanks, though19:12
PetskullI know a little about them19:12
starcraftmanPetskull: ok then.19:12
Petskull'ppreciate it, though19:14
starcraftmanFanshawe: hmmm, definitely sounds like some sort of duplication.19:14
Fanshawestarcraftman: Yeah, but I can't really figure out where. It hasn't done that until recently, maybe a week or two?19:14
starcraftmanFanshawe: Remember doing anything in particular at that point?19:15
Fanshawestarcraftman: Hate to say it, but I haven't messed around with its configuration at all. It was running just as I wanted it too before this, I had no reason too.19:16
FanshaweI think ideally I'm looking for a way to reset the 'On This Computer' account and just re-add the duplicating account as something separate19:19
starcraftmanFanshawe: hmmm, sorry, not sure, not really expert on evolution. You might want to use other resources, I did just have a nice little session on finding help for Ubuntu see here :19:19
starcraftmanFanshawe: See pastebin at bottom, got my whole speech.19:20
Fanshawestarcraftman: Thanks, I'll take a look19:20
starcraftmanFanshawe: I'm thinking Launchpad Answers in particular might help, Evolution/Ubuntu.19:20
starcraftmanFanshawe: Or another means, lots of options.19:20
ReWomHello again! I'm kind of a noob, and I have a problem with booting my new operating system. I can boot it fine with 2.6.38-8-generic (kernel?), but when I try to boot with 2.6.38-11-generic, I receive the following error: "VFS: Cannot open root device... or unknown block..."19:21
ReWomBut the UUIDs for both menu entries in grub.cfg are the same. One works, the other one doesn't.19:22
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Fanshawestarcraftman: Perhaps I could ask another question? I've managed to 'reset' the On This Computer account. Is there any way of adding another account without it defaulting to the On This Computer account? That seemed to be what caused the problem19:28
starcraftmanFanshawe: you just want to reset all of Evolutions settings? You can just move the ~/.evolution folder19:32
starcraftmanThat would indicate to evolution on next startup to do a fresh config.19:32
starcraftmanIf you back it up to different folder then ya can restore if it doesn't work.19:32
starcraftman~ = your home folder.19:32
FanshaweGot it. Thanks for your help. I've moved it and it seems that activating my university account again makes the On This Computer account fetch all my messages from there. This time, though, it seems to be fetching the right amount (~1000 rather than ~2000)19:33
starcraftmanFanshawe: Huzza. Tip, most programs store their configs in such .name folders.19:35
starcraftmanFanshawe: when not present, program assumes clean install :)19:35
starcraftmanFanshawe: glad that helps, I'm off now.19:35
Fanshawestarcraftman: Appreciate it. Later, then19:36
philipballewmy session starts!20:00
nlsthznphilipballew: good luck :)20:00
jls2Anyone know how to get cut and paste working for images between Ubuntu and a Citrix session (Windows)?22:10
urlin2ujls2, citrix is a virtual is this correct.22:13
urlin2uis it a server between the two or on the same computer?22:16
urlin2ulike virtual box I'm not familiar with citrix22:16
jls2Ah.. so Citrix is basically like Terminal Services22:17
jls2Sets up a server so multiple users can login and get a windows desktop and use the applications on that server22:17
jls2Citrix has a app to connect to the server22:18
jls2Citrix ICA22:18
urlin2unot sure but it turns out there is this as well #Citrix22:18
urlin2uthey might have some idea, no problem. :D22:18
ramsrambo My frontech webcam model : e-cam JIL 2214 is not working on 10.10 any help?23:34
urlin2uramsrambo, have you checked if cheese is installed I believe it was in maverick as well.23:35
urlin2uhold on I will look on the web.23:35
ramsrambothanks for the reply23:36
ramsrambocheese is installed23:36
ramsrambobut does not display the video23:36
ramsramboThis webcam use to work on ubuntu 9.10 without a problem earlier now when I upgraded it stopped working23:37
ramsramboI know it is the driver I need to be looking23:38
ramsrambourlin2u : I checked the ubuntu community wiki's I am not sure of the driver that i need to install23:40
urlin2uramsrambo, the only thing I found was an old bug so I'm not sure.23:40
ramsrambowhat bug?23:40
ramsrambothis same webcam worked earlier without a problem23:41
ramsrambourlin2u: u r on the other chat room also huh23:44
urlin2u7 in all23:44
urlin2uramsrambo, old bug though not running now,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/24216823:46
ubot2Ubuntu bug 242168 in linux "frontech webcam "e-cam" doesnt work with hardy" [Undecided,Expired]23:46

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