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senseThe topic still says it's a Bug Day. It's not 8 September anymore!16:44
jbichasense: howdy, is every day a Bug Day?16:45
senseNot that I'm aware. ;)16:46
senseIf I'm correct there is one every week.16:46
jbichaok I see the link's outdated too16:48
hjdI think bug days are each Thursday.16:50
penguin42are you saying it's a bug that it says it's a bug day?16:55
senseLets call it a mistake. ;)17:11
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txomonhi, I think I found a very strange bug when installing minimal installations21:23
txomonat least in VM. You do a normal installation, and when you end, i21:24
txomoninstead of choosing some packages, you check for installing later21:25
txomonwhen you reboot, the machine doesn't open the login console21:25
txomonim saying without any X stuff21:25
txomonjust term login21:25
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txomonso no one?21:28
penguin42sorry, can you explain it a bit more?22:30

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