akgranerjussi, ping01:59
akgranerI'm starting a new drinking game - every time jono uses the word "keen" in any form you have to take a shot...02:20
akgranerthe whole community will be drunk in no time flat02:20
* AlanBell likes akgraner's plan07:13
nigelbakgraner: haha09:31
czajkowskisame goes for jcastro and AWESOME09:34
akgranerczajkowski, yep /me adds jcastro and awesome to the list as well12:34
jussiakgraner: pong (and how are we supposed to get things done when we are drunk as skunks?)13:43
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akgranerjussi pong15:32
jussiakgraner: o/15:39
akgranerjussi, you back home?15:40
jussiakgraner: not yet, about 600k to go and my flight is delayed!!15:40
jussi*shakes fist*15:40
jussiakgraner: but almost home15:41
akgraneroh good15:41
jussiand much better to happen in helsinki than CDG (that airport is hell)15:41
akgraneryou know I am just glad no one has to drink when I say y'all....we would all be hurting15:55
jussiI should so suggest that... :P15:57
nigelbactually, we should have a drink when someone pronounced jussi name wrong.15:58
jussinigelb: youll get alcohol poisoning...15:59
nigelbjussi: haha16:00
nigelbjussi: same for me as well.16:00
nigelbI listen to about 5 different variations of pronounciation because people get my name wrong *all* the time.16:01
AlanBellspd-say -l fi jussi16:02
jussiAlanBell: hrm, might have to install spd-say just to see how that sounds :P16:03
AlanBellspd-say -l pl czajkowski16:03
nigelbits probably installed by default16:03
AlanBelljussi: it is default16:03
jussiAlanBell: nigelb: in kubuntu?16:03
AlanBelloh, default on the *real* ubuntu :p16:03
mhall119how do people get "nigel" wrong?16:04
AlanBellmight be there in kubuntu16:04
nigelbmhall119: maco was suprised about that as well.16:04
nigelbA lot of people pronounce the g, like "go" instead of like "gel"16:04
mhall119who gets it wrong, westerners or indians?16:04
AlanBellspd-say -l in nigel16:04
nigelbwesterners *always* get my name right :)16:04
mhall119ok, well I can see that, it is a very british name16:05
nigelbexcept for the last name.16:05
mhall119that's still not a complicated one16:05
mhall119I mean, as far as Indian last names go, that's about as simple as they come16:06
nigelbheh, truue16:06
AlanBellspd-say is the command line interface to speech dispatcher, by default it uses the espeak synthesiser, but you can swap in other speech engines16:07
jussibut the a could have several different sounds, as could the u...16:07
popeyindian dude who sits next to me calls me "poppy", malasian woman who sits behind me calls me "pop-eye" (with a delay), everyone else calls me popey. (poh-pee)18:03
czajkowskipopey: nobody calls you alan at work eh :)18:09
mhall119who's alan?18:15
* pleia2 points to AlanBell18:23
popeyczajkowski: nope18:33
czajkowskiit;s odd how my name changes depending on what group I'm in, my close uni mates call me Laurs, work Laura oss folks who can say my name say czajkowski or Laura Cz18:35
AlanBellI call my sister Laura "Lowly Worm"18:36
czajkowskialways amazed when cjwatson comments on my blog that he's taken the time to read a post18:37
czajkowskiot that I don't hold popey in the same esteme18:37
czajkowskiAlanBell: one of my mates in dublin used to attempt to call me la la he used to get a punch when he did that18:37
AlanBellI will save that one for my little sister then18:40
AlanBellwho is older than you :)18:40
* czajkowski is getting older soon 18:40
* pleia2 is getting older sooner18:40
czajkowskipleia2: date?18:41
* popey is 40 next year ⍨18:41
* Pendulum is getting older after pleia2, but before czajkowski 18:41
pleia2czajkowski: yeah18:41
popeythinking of having a big party18:41
czajkowskipleia2: yeah I still find this hard to believe18:41
pleia2I turn 30!18:41
czajkowskipleia2: piss off18:41
* AlanBell will get popey a pipe and slippers18:41
czajkowskipopey: neither looks nor acts his age18:41
pleia2it meant I couldn't qualify for the "young professonals" rate at my new gym, I was very sad18:41
* czajkowski hugs pleia2 18:42
* pleia2 hugs18:42
pleia2I don't actually mind getting older, that was a bummer though :)18:42
* czajkowski is reading up on disc surgery 18:42
czajkowskipleia2: tbh neither do I, but I hate fuss of it18:42
czajkowskias in the mothership just phoned asking was I flying home fo rthe weekend18:43
czajkowskihadn't any plans, she sounds as upset now as when I told her I was fecking off to canada for my 30th18:43
pleia2heh, the weekend following my birthday I'm going to a memorial service :(18:43
pleia2thursday birthday, friday I get on a plane18:43
pleia2no big 30th birthday bash for me18:44
pleia2but at least I'll get to see some family I haven't seen in a while :)18:45
* Pendulum hugs pleia2 19:08
* pleia2 hugs19:08
PendulumI just found the Department of Labor guidelines for unpaid internships in the US. I'm starting to think most unpaid internships are actually illegal...19:14
mhall119I'm pretty sure they're all immoral19:22
czajkowskihey at home in ireland you should see slave.ie19:31

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