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nardevsomething like this http://lh4.ggpht.com/_B0CuCDv4i18/SckLBmN4HHI/AAAAAAAABAI/bBcx51pLCo8/desktop-list[11].png something like this: http://lh4.ggpht.com/_B0CuCDv4i18/SckLBmN4HHI/AAAAAAAABAI/bBcx51pLCo8/desktop-list[11].png14:48
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charlie-tcaMaybe it's me, but I can't find any method to shutdown/log off Ubuntu after installing using beta217:43
charlie-tcaI did change the text size to large, maybe that causes the menu to change?17:44
charlie-tcaIt does cause it to change. When the text is made large, the gear thingy moved so far to the right it is gone until after a restart. The retart had to be done from terminal using 'sudo shutdown -r now', since there is no other way to do it without the gear.17:48
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brodercharlie-tca: is that what happened? i figured that indicator-session just crashed21:52
charlie-tcabroder: for me, yes, enlarging the text pushes the last thing on the panel off to the right, since the text grew bigger in front of it22:35
charlie-tcalogging out or restarting allows the text to reposition on the panel, which lets that thing come back to the left22:36

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