ScottKslangasek: Is this issue relevant to a non-upstartified DM?00:00
slangasekScottK: only in the sense that a non-upstartified DM won't get pretty splash on shutdown00:01
slangasekthe nodm init script could also call initctl emit, though, without itself being upstartified00:01
ScottKIt doesn't.00:01
ScottKMost of the point of nodm is to be invisible anyway, so sounds like it doesn't matter.00:02
ScottKdoko_: Please retry python-omniorb in the rebuild now.  It builds for me locally with the newest dh_python2.02:40
ScottKbarry: ^^^ I'm rejecting your upload too.02:40
doko_ScottK, python-omniorb did build07:36
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koudHello, I am loking for pointers on where to discuss input methods in ubuntu14:01
ScottKdoko_: Cool.14:22
ScottKbarry: ^^^ - Win.14:23
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barryScottK, doko_ thanks.  i was worrying about what to do with the version numbers for omniorb, but now i don't have to. :)18:16
koudhas there been anywork done for creating a unified input method experience with ubuntu?18:26
koudwhat group should I get incontact with to discuss input methods?18:27
koudah maybe papercuts18:29
Laibschkoud: no, that's not a papercut18:43
koudok where should it be discussed?18:44
koudit seems like a simple usability problem to me18:44
koudproblem is there are both keyboardlayouts and then there are inputmethods under language support18:45
Laibschwhich makes sense, doesn't it?18:45
koudmaking many layers of changing keyboard language18:45
koudit does not18:45
koudyes I can give example18:45
Laibschdo you even know what you are talking about then?18:45
koudI use swedish and english18:45
koudI can change to swedish keyboard layout18:45
koudand then I can type swedish18:45
koudif I change to korean keyboard layout18:45
koudI cant type in korean18:46
koudthen I need inputmeathod18:46
koudbut inputmethod include both english and korean together18:46
koudso then I suddenly have 2 english18:46
koudthere is 3rd layer of changing layout18:46
koudwindows also does this way18:46
koudmac does not18:46
koudopensolaris does not18:46
koudthose are only two I know that has easy keyboard language setup18:47
LaibschI suggest you take this up with the person doing whichever GUI config tool it is you are using18:47
koudI am using default ubuntu change keyboard layout18:48
Laibschwhat you are describing is a GUI choice issue18:48
Laibschenough of you18:48
Laibschwelcome to ignore18:48
koudoh thats openminded of you18:48
koudto let me explain18:48
LaibschI simply don't like your style of discussion18:49
koudok I am sorry18:49
Laibschyou don't know what you are talking about but insist on your position firmly18:49
koudhow can I find out who is responsible for the GUI?18:50
koudI will take your suggestion and ask that person18:50
kouddo you use multiple keyboard languages?18:53
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zone51what this channel about?21:20
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic21:21
shnatselcjwatson: hello again. I have "dpkg-gencontrol: warning: Depends field of package elementary-minimal: unknown substitution variable ${germinate:Depends}" errors in recipe builds despite germinate being installed. It produces packages with blank dependencies. How do I fix it? Full log: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/80824082/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-i386.elementary-seed-meta_1.242-0%7E300%7Eoneiric1_BUILDING.txt.gz22:34
shnatselcjwatson: ok, nvm, I've figured out that it's caused by an invalid metapackage map22:50

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