andrejzhello! for a couple of days now translation of documentation at translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-docs/ and translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu are not synced06:31
andrejzI am wondering which version ends up being used in ubuntu help in the end so I know which one to translate06:31
valorieandrejz: have you filed a bug about that?06:36
valoriewould be useful if there isn't one yet06:36
andrejzyes, dpm has already handled that06:36
* valorie assumes that the sysadmins have overlooked it, or a script stopped running, or something06:37
andrejzbut until is fixed i would prefer to translate the "right" branch06:37
andrejzsince the non langpack translation deadline is very close now06:37
valorieagreed -- might be good to put the bug # in the chan here then06:38
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