Mousasalam Alikom00:56
Mousais there anybody here?00:58
elacheche_anissalam Mousa00:58
Yoda`w Alikum Al-Slam00:58
Mousai have problem in installing Ubuntu00:58
elacheche_aniswhat problem!00:59
Mousain setup . Format phase read Hard Drive Unallocated space00:59
MousaIn my laptop HP00:59
elacheche_anisHave you a Windows 7 installed!!??00:59
elacheche_anisThe problème is in Windows 7.. I have the same problem once01:00
elacheche_anisdon't be verry happy XD01:00
elacheche_anisWinBug 7 sucks :/01:01
Mousabut i installed Ubuntu many times on my PC and having win7 installed01:01
elacheche_anisMousa, I don't know where is exactley the problem!! Because I installed Ubuntu with WinBug 7 many time too without any problems.. May be it's problem with some updates/patchs of WinBug 701:02
Mousaok Thanks elacheche_anis :)01:03
elacheche_anisBut I'm sure that the problem is because of WinBug7 not Ubuntu because a friend from this channel asked me the same question in the same day that I found the proble01:03
elacheche_anisdo you want to know what solution I got!!01:03
Mousatell me01:04
elacheche_anisInstalling Ubuntu in the HD, then re-install Win7.. Then repairing the GRUB.. It's not a perfect solution, but I don't find any other solutions :-/01:04
MousaI think that's what I'll do01:05
elacheche_anisok :)01:05
elacheche_anisYoda`, have you any informations about that!01:05
Mousaok :) thnaks for ur help01:06
a3DmanIf only Windows has an option not to install a bootloader :)01:34
elacheche_anisyeh.. "IF"01:35

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