JoseeAntonioRHi! Someone here knows what happened with Classbot?03:09
PerfieMSo what is this channel used for?03:14
JoseeAntonioRPerfieM This is the channel where IRC operators can discuss.03:15
PerfieMDiscuss what they did over the weekend?03:16
PerfieMA chance to build a friendship?03:16
PerfieMGet advice from a fellow IRCer?03:16
rwwPerfieM: It's like #ubuntu-ops except for non-core Ubuntu channels.03:22
PerfieMrww: Wow, fancy meeting you here!03:22
rww(The core channels are https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/Scope )03:23
PerfieMrww: But I can idle in here RIGHT?!03:23
rwwPerfieM: yes03:23
PerfieMI mean, I wont get kicked or anything like that right?03:23
rwwPerfieM: not for idling in here, no03:23
PerfieMWhat will I get kicked for?03:23
rwwPerfieM: You'd get kicked if you broke our guidelines, same as our other channels.03:24
PerfieMvery interesting03:24
PerfieMI'll keep that in mind, chief03:24
Unit193Takes the fun out of it if you *can* idle?03:29
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