akgranerUbuntu Leadership Team Meeting: Monday, September 26, 2011 @ 1800 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on freenode.net01:59
akgranerClosed the poll that was the most popular time01:59
=== akgraner changed the topic of #ubuntu-leadership to: Topic for #ubuntu-leadership is: Welcome to the Ubuntu Leadership Team - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuLeadership | Mailing List: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-leadership | Meeting Date: Monday, September 26, 2011, at 1800 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting
valorieyikes, early for me, but I'll try to make it02:11
valorieI kept meaning to figure out the UTC but never did.....02:11
akgranerfor me it's like 1300 EDY02:18
akgranerI'll make it work for me - I'm more concerned with it fitting as many other people's schedule as possible..02:18
akgranervalorie, I have the time zones on my wall02:18
akgranerso I don't have to keep checking dateandtime02:19
Cheeseheadvalorie: Try the command "date -d "Sep 26 18:00 UTC 2011""02:19
CheeseheadIt should return your local time equivalent02:20
Cheesehead(Sorry for any quotation-mark confusion, in that command the UTC date should be in quotes)02:21
valoriethank you Cheesehead02:27
valoriei'll try that02:27
valorieoh good, we'll be back on regular time by then02:27
valorienot so early02:27
akgranerI'm just lazy plus multiple clocks on my wall with various time zone labels look all cool and artsy :-)02:28
akgranerok and a little nerdy and military-ish :-)02:28
valorieI had my computer clock displaying UTC for awhile02:29
valoriebut it went back to local time for some reason02:29
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DarwinSurvivorvalorie: I have a second time in UTC under my regular clock in my conky config03:55
valorieyes, it's there when I hover03:56
valoriebut it used to be the main time03:56
valoriehelped to be able to see both at a glance, all the time03:56
valorieclock to my left, UTC a bit to my right03:56
YoBoY<Cheesehead> Chapter 8: Money. Are there any LoCos with their organizational funds, bank accounts, and fundraisers? << ubuntu-fr have an account and money and a webstore ^^"05:57
valoriehow do you secure those funds, YoBoY?06:04
YoBoYsecure ?06:04
YoBoYwe have a voluntary association, it's allowing us to have an account, we have also a paypal account to  receive donations and for the paiment in the webstore06:06
valoriesuch as Treasurer giving reports, and someone to check on those06:07
valoriehaving dealt with a theft from an account, I know how much that can destroy a group06:08
valorieeven small amounts destroy trust, so it's worthwhile to ensure the safety06:08
YoBoYyes we have that :) the association is registered we have our president (huats) our tresorer (kinouchou) a secretary (me) and we all have a look into that06:08
valorieso no auditor?06:09
YoBoYthe emails from paypal are received on a private mailing list where some other trusted people are registered06:09
valoriethat's fine as long as someone systematically looks at the books and verifies the accounts06:09
valorievery good06:10
YoBoYwe make each year a repport on all our activities, it's an obligation of the association we registered06:10
valoriegood deal06:11
YoBoYit's not perfect but so far we are lucky with the people ruling the association, i'm only here since last year ^^06:13
YoBoYto make good promotion we need money, it allow us to make our livecds, tshirts, stickers, tatoos, ...06:15
valorieI understand06:15
valoriebut luck should NOT be relied upon06:15
valoriehiring an auditor is not a large cost, if the books are prepared well for inspection06:16
YoBoYyes, if our profits reach a certain amount it's an obligation to have a certified accountant06:18
valoriecool, I'm glad France is on the ball06:18
YoBoYlike a business06:19
* YoBoY back with coffee06:38
YoBoYI don't know for other locos but we receive some donations from users, I don't of they think we are linked to canonical/ubuntu in some way, but it help.06:39
valoriewe've gotten a few too06:41
valorieat LinuxFest, etc.06:41
valorienice for buying more CDs to burn and give out06:41
YoBoYnot official cds ?06:42
bkerensavalorie: Will be going to Linuxfest :) got someone to volunteer for roadtrip :)06:42
YoBoYpeople are less afraid of "manufactured cds", seems more real, and less "hacker thing"06:42
valoriewe didn't get nearly enough this year06:44
valorieour LoCo isn't Accepted06:44
valoriethey watched us make them as they wanted them06:44
valoriewe worked hard all weekend06:44
bkerensavalorie: UnApproved LoCo's can apparently get CD's (I guess although that depends on who you ask)06:44
bkerensaSomeone from Council said we dont and that the Wiki is outdated however the person responsible for conference packs at Canonical said we do get them.06:45
bkerensaI think there is likely some miscommunication somewhere but Canonical did ship us two cases of CD's06:45
valoriewe got some06:45
valoriebut not nearly enough06:46
bkerensaI also had some long talks with people from Canonical06:46
valorieLFNW is in April, so there is always lots of interest06:46
YoBoYwell, "canonical cds" are just goodies here, it's great to have them, but it's clearly not enough ^^" we produced around 10000 live cds for the last releases06:47
bkerensaThey wanna do more for and with loco's but I guess nobody is reaching out and they also discussed like regionals Canonical/LoCo mailing lists06:47
bkerensabut then again this was just a group of Canonical employees so they were going to pass the idea along06:47
bkerensa10k :P06:47
bkerensaI have had little demand for CD's on the local level in fact everyone asks for USB's :P06:48
valoriein previous years we've gotten like 4 cases06:48
valorieand ended up with like 506:48
valoriethis year we got one case06:48
valorieand no Kubuntu at all06:48
bkerensaalthough FreeGeek just got in touch and said they have an epic amount of CD's they need to get rid of06:48
* bkerensa is trying to keep FreeGeek shipping Ubuntu but atm I dont know if its going to be a win and FreeGeek is a major player in getting Ubuntu spread throughout the country06:49
bkerensaThere issue is Unity will not run on their hardware going forward and they dont seem to like the other variants xubuntu or kubuntu06:50
valoriethat sucks a bit06:51
valorienow there is lubuntu as well06:51
YoBoYwe are thinking on a live usb too, but it's too expensive06:51
bkerensaimho Canonical should be trying to help with this... FreeGeek has offshots throughout the country now and the main branch alone distributes hundreds of free computers running Ubuntu all the time06:52
valorieyes, unless you can get small USBs for almost free06:52
valoriewhich you can't06:52
bkerensayou can06:52
valoriesure, that too06:52
YoBoYwe already produce a live usb with another floss group here in france06:52
* bkerensa needs to pass some contacts to akgraner.... I meet someone from NC who didnt even know there was a LoCo06:53
bkerensaYoBoy: Yeah... I'm considering looking into finding a sticker company to make replacement  Ubuntu key stickers soon06:53
* bkerensa is hoping to find a good deal and have a box or two of rolls made 06:54
valorieask Mark Dude about where they got them06:54
* bkerensa asked System76 if I could just buy in bulk from them but ehh they said they need all theirs06:54
valoriethey're a hit for sure06:54
bkerensavalorie: He got them from System7606:54
bkerensazareason also makes them but they use them for their computers and such idk06:55
bkerensaBut if I find a economical way of having them made I will be sure to ship some up to you guys06:58
valorieor we can pitch in for a part of the order06:58
valorieCali might be interested as well06:58
bkerensaPuppetConf was interesting06:59
YoBoYbkerensa: stickers like this : http://www.enventelibre.org/produit/pack-de-5-stickers-ubuntu-fr ?06:59
bkerensasomeone from MarkDude's camp (Fedora Project) decided to post some random thing on Mark Shuttleworth's blog and made reference to Ubuntu Oregon06:59
bkerensaYoBoy: Nah the small circle windows key replacement stickers...07:00
bkerensaYoBoY: http://i.imgur.com/dkwmW.jpg <--- there is one on this07:00
YoBoYbkerensa: ha ok ^^07:00
bkerensaYoBoY: Thats not the original design :P it was some random company logo and I painted over in black and put the ubuntu sticker on it.... Its a USB drive :)07:01
YoBoYI have one on my laptop from the official stickers07:01
bkerensaoh cool07:02
valoriecase badges are cool too07:09
YoBoYcase badges ?07:10
valorieI <3 my Kubuntu one07:10
valorielike your stickers, YoBoY07:10
valoriesometimes they are metallic, too07:10
YoBoYwhat's the differences ?07:10
valoriethe little ones are for your "windows" key07:11
* YoBoY always searching for new ideas of goodies :D07:11
bkerensagnight all07:18
YoBoYgood night bkerensa07:20
YoBoYsome of you have ideas for goodies ? we need some new stuff to please our community07:31
valoriekubuntu jewelry07:34
YoBoYnot enough kubuntu users ^^" but jewelry can be a good idea08:13
head_victimKeyrings and case badges always do well08:14
valorieright, I know we are a minority08:17
valoriein both the Ubuntu community, AND the KDE community08:17
head_victimAs long as it ends in "buntu" we're all the same majority ;) I've used them all on a daily basis over the years depending on my requirements of the time.08:19
YoBoYvalorie: I also have lot of difficulties to find people to do conferences on kubuntu / KDE :]08:20
valoriewe have lots of French KDE people08:23
valoriealso some Kubuntu ones specifically08:23
valorieI will poke them to talk to you about that08:24
YoBoYyes I know that, it's why it's frustrating :)08:24
valoriethe packagers and developers are sorta busy08:25
valoriebut then -- aren't we all!?08:25
YoBoYseems the great people behind all the free softwares want to stay in the shadow ^^08:25
valoriewell, some people would rather hang out in IRC than see people face to face08:25
valoriesocial anxiety, etc.08:25
YoBoYi'm one of them :D08:26
valorieI love the conferences08:26
YoBoYI love to organise them, but don't ask me to do one ^^"08:26
valoriewell, I need to develop some talks08:27
valorieso I get sponsored to come, or at least to stay08:27
valorieI enjoy giving talks08:28
valorieand staffing booths08:28
YoBoYI love booths :)08:29
YoBoYand webcafé :D08:29
YoBoY3 years now we are holding a free internet acces point at a music festival, it's really awesome :)08:30
valoriethat is so cool -- I will think about talking to my loco about doing that as well08:31
valorieI love music festivals, so it's a natural08:31
valoriehow do you get the connectivity?08:32
YoBoYhttp://yoboy.fr/images/P1010192.JPG << :D08:32
YoBoYthe festival provide the network and everything, we provide the computers and the volunteers08:32
valorieoh wow!08:33
valoriemore and more interesting08:34
YoBoYwe are using 2 computers with zephyr to have 12 station08:35
valoriewhat's zephyr?08:36
valoriewell, not important08:36
valoriewe have people who could DO THIS08:36
valoriei just need to get the festival connection08:36
valoriehow did you make that?08:36
YoBoYit's a xorg module to allow use mutliple desktop on one computer08:40
YoBoYsorry wrong name :p08:40
YoBoYhttp://yoboy.fr/5d214b74e322860b09f7c3b606287171/14/P1010124.JPG another great photo from this summer08:42
valorieso they provide the tent and everything?08:43
valorieand why do you want multiple desktops on one computer?08:44
valorieseems like it would be cool to team up with freegeek or somebody who could lend some computers for the day/weekend08:45
YoBoYyes they provide everything08:45
YoBoYeasier to bring only 2 computers and 12 screen thant 12 complete computers ^^"08:46
valoriehow did you connect to the festival?08:46
valorieoh, I see08:46
YoBoYthe IT of the festival love ubuntu and free softwares, the first year they ask mozilla to have a booth, mozilla ask us to share and do a webcafe, since then, we have the both and they love us and the service we provide ^^08:48
valorieI'll have to do some research08:49
YoBoYthe tent is bigger each year ^^"08:49
valoriethat could be such a great project for our loco!08:49
YoBoYthe fun part is they talk about us on other festival organisators and now we are invited in 2 music festivals, perhaps next year 3 :D08:49
valoriethat is great08:50
valoriewe have so many around08:50
YoBoYit's lot of work, this cost us some money too (material, transport, food, tatoos and stickers)08:51
YoBoYbut it's cheaper than the festival entrance, and we can see all the concerts08:51
YoBoYhttp://www.vieillescharrues.asso.fr/edition-2011/programmation << this year08:52
YoBoYand we can stay behind the scenes to take some pictures http://yoboy.fr/5d214b74e322860b09f7c3b606287171/15/DSC_0239.JPG :D08:52
valorieKaiser Chiefs!08:53
valoriethat's the two I know, besides Snoop Dog08:54
valoriewho might be fun too, for free08:54
YoBoYhttp://yoboy.fr/5d214b74e322860b09f7c3b606287171/17/DSC_0314.JPG << our best volunter for the photos :D08:54
valoriewhich one is you?08:55
valoriewould you mind me sharing the links with my loco?08:56
valoriethe photos and such08:56
YoBoYhum... private share ?08:57
YoBoYhttp://yoboy.fr/5d214b74e322860b09f7c3b606287171/14/14072011497.JPG << i'm on the left08:58
valoriecool, it's nice to know what people look like08:59
valorienot all the links, but the two of the inside and outside the tent, and the festival lineup09:00
valorieand the zephyr09:00
YoBoYyes you can, take what you want, but don't use direct links09:00
valoriedirect links?09:01
YoBoYlinks to my server09:01
valorieoh, so I need to put them into a imageshare?09:02
valorieI'll do that09:02
YoBoYsomething like that yes, or I can do a folder for you, just make me a list in that case09:02
valoriemaking them now09:03
valoriejust two09:03
valoriehuh, I guess it is waiting09:06
valorieI dragged the photo down to the pastebin widget, and now it says "yoboy.fr contacted. Waiting for reply....09:07
valorieI've not gotten that before09:07
valorieI'll shut it down and use something else09:08
YoBoYsomething goes wrong :)09:08
YoBoYgive me the links to the photos if it's only two I can make the copy :)09:08
YoBoY(don't know if pastebin can work with files)09:09
valorieand http://yoboy.fr/images/P1010192.JPG09:09
valorieI've used it with screenshots before09:10
valoriemaybe this is different09:10
YoBoYeverything in my images folder is free to link, free to download, free to share, licence ccbysa if you want one ;)09:12
YoBoYI have to go, I have a meeting to organise our next ubuntu party (lot of work too ^^")09:14
valoriethank you!09:14
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akgranerI'm  giving an open week session today12:35
akgranerand I'll add the resource list to a google doc -- and we can also make it available12:36
akgranerit's about contributing to the community12:36
akgranerand it's a list  I wish I would have been given when I started out in the community12:36
akgranerI thought we could add to it12:37
akgranerthis way people have one place with tons of reference links about navigating community contribution12:37
head_victimakgraner: want me to have a play on the wiki?12:42
head_victimStart setting up meeting, links and anything else you want sub pages?12:43
akgranerSure can we have it set up like this - /LeadershipTeam/Meetings12:44
head_victimYeah and /Links ?12:44
head_victimAnd whatever else you like?12:44
head_victimI'll try to knock up a bit of a header bar as well jst for navigations sake.12:44
akgranerwell need a Meetings/Agenda  and Meetings/Logs pages as well12:45
akgraneryes a header bar would roack12:45
akgranerI love the Ubuntu Women Header12:45
akgranerand the way their meeting pages are organized but if you find something better   feel free to make it work12:46
akgranermake sense?  I know you know you're doing :-) have fun with ti12:46
akgranerdang it  - I can't type today12:47
akgranerhead_victim, Thank you!12:47
head_victimI was thinking a /Meetings with upcoming meetings agenda which are then moved to /Meetings/11/Sept26 or something when minutes and details area vailable12:47
head_victimBut I'll go look at the UW as well for inspiration12:47
akgranerthat's fine look at the Kernel Team pages theirs is organized as well12:47
head_victimThat's my most complete effort12:47
akgranerCool - here's the link to the kernel team wiki - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting12:49
akgranerwhatever you think is best just want to get it organized as much as possible12:49
akgranerwe also need a /Projects page with a link from the header12:50
head_victimAh, yeah I was going to do like that but when the meetings are completed I was thining of just adding a link to a subpage with details so it's just not one huge list12:50
head_victimLike team reporting is done12:50
akgranerPast Meetings12:51
head_victimI'll knock something up and you can let me know how it looks :)12:51
akgraneryep - a /Past Meetings page is a great idea12:51
akgranerI like the team wikis you did as well12:52
akgraneryou know what you're doing  - just set it up :-)  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam it looks good but I was thinking since we aren't a loco team that using another project team wiki would be good to - can you take the best parts for yours and the best (different parts from teams like kernel and UW and incorporate  them)12:53
akgranerTHANKS A MILLION :-) You rock12:53
head_victimYep, I'll have a hack to at least get it started12:53
head_victimIs there a team icon yet?12:53
akgraneryeppers - I was going to work on that tomorrow - but I am so glad you are getting started - you made my day12:54
akgranernot yet12:54
akgranerI've put the word our that we need one12:54
akgranerThe design team is busy with development stuff - but I'll ask them as well12:54
akgranerhowever if you know someone please ask them to design something for us :-)12:55
akgranerI'll also ask jud kite to come up with something - killerkite productions12:55
akgranerhead_victim, but if you know how to do that as well :-)  (hint hint( have at it))12:56
head_victimNope, was just seeking icons for headers ;)12:56
akgranerteasing the wikis will be awesome if you can do those :-)12:56
head_victimI'm about as artistic as a square mouthed shovel.12:56
head_victimThat's why I'm good on wikis, there is only so much art you can use.12:57
akgranerbbiab..we can always change out all that later :-)12:57
head_victimakgraner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuLeadership/Meetings is a start13:14
head_victimIt's got some notes in there as "howto"s for keeping the page up to day13:15
head_victimI'll have a quick crack at a ContactUs and a header13:15
head_victimhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuLeadership/ContactUs - is that all we have at the moment?13:21
head_victimhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuLeadership/Links I hope that's vaguely what you had in mind13:30
Cheeseheadhead_victim: I quite like them13:37
head_victimAnd that's the header I just knocked up13:40
head_victimCheesehead: cheers13:40
head_victimOHHH Forgot the Projects Page13:40
Cheeseheadhead_victim: I would have reminded you13:41
Cheeseheadhead_victim: Thanks for doing all that wiki work.13:46
head_victimJust added the projects page to the header13:47
head_victimI tried to use all the same type of icons13:47
head_victimSo if people like it enough we can just add an include to all the pages13:48
Cheeseheadhead_victim: I think your use of icons and graphics was spot-on. Not too much, not too bare.13:48
CheeseheadAnd internally consistent13:49
head_victimBugger it, I just whacked the header on there to see ;013:50
CheeseheadLooks good. Looks ready to add to the others.13:54
head_victimCheesehead: thanks for checking it out13:55
head_victimFeel free to add stuff, it's a wiki after all13:56
Cheeseheadhead_victim: I will. I usually wait until the initial enthusiasm burst subsides a bit.13:56
CheeseheadThen I come in and edit and rescale to reality.13:56
Cheesehead(Not saying anyone is unrealistic. Not at all. Simply that a new team may head in a direction unexpected upon the first day)13:57
head_victimYep, I don't know all the details so really those pages are mainly placeholders13:58
head_victimBut you gotta start with something13:58
CheeseheadI thing you've given us a great skeleton to flesh out.13:58
head_victimI've also found that if you're expecting others to add stuff (like agendas and links, etc) then it's always useful to have examples so I've put some comments in that hopefully make some sense.13:59
CheeseheadThey do (to me)13:59
head_victimSweet, cause it's midnight here so sanity checks are always good14:00
head_victimOkay, just playing now, but has the header been improved or complicated beyond useful? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuLeadership/Header14:14
head_victimI added a bulletin bar14:14
head_victimakgraner: Well I will probably be off to bed soon. I hope I've done some useful work, feel free to modify it in any way, I won't be offended or anything like that. If you want stuff tweaked but running out of time just let me know and I'll see what I can do.14:17
Cheeseheadhead_victim: I like the bulletin bar. (I'm usually pretty difficul to please about such things)14:21
head_victimThanks, it is "just another one of those things to update" but I've found it useful for some teams14:22
akgranerThank you!15:31
akgranerLove the WIki pages :-)17:03
akgranerthanks head_victim17:03
bkerensaakgraner: I met soemone from NC I got his biz card and he said he didnt know there was a active loco in NC17:20
NRWlionevening from a german autobahn :D18:28
CheeseheadAre you driving distracted?18:29
NRWlionCheesehead: nope its a bus18:29
NRWlioni am sitting in the last row18:29
CheeseheadHow are you driving the bus from the back row? Your arms must be amazingly long.18:30
NRWliontotally bored of a group of like 10 women at the age around 60+18:30
NRWlionCheesehead: i am not driving18:30
NRWlionwe are going to freiburg in Germany to visit the catholic pope18:31
CheeseheadAh, I read something about that.18:32
CheeseheadHow long is the bus trip?18:32
NRWlionthe next 10 to 12 hrs18:33
NRWlionakgraner: ping18:33
CheeseheadQuestion: Who is the proponent of User Days? I'm curious if there will be an After Action Review (or equivalent).18:41
akgranerCheesehead, yet there is a survey22:44
Cheeseheadakgraner: Survey. Thanks for the info.22:59

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