h00kSo...is it in the plans to have events on loco.ubuntu.com RSS'd?15:13
h00kI see there's an ical15:13
h00kOH. Found it.15:14
h00kAre there any integration plans with the moinmoin wiki and loco.ubuntu.com?15:17
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mhall119h00k: sort of16:06
mhall119it won't be a full wiki, but we're planning on allowing wiki markup in some of the large text fields, list descriptions16:07
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bkerensaPaultag: I sent a little update to ML for you and others22:01
paultagbkerensa: thanks, man!22:01
paultagbkerensa: mail went through :)23:12
bkerensaYeah :) I'm tidying it up into a post for Ubuntu-us.org23:13

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