c7pgodbyk: ping20:20
godbykc7p: pong20:24
c7pwhat's up ?20:27
c7pgodbyk: what do you think, should we start looking for new authors, editors ?20:31
godbykc7p: I haven't looked at your latest document yet, but if we have a good list of tasks sorted out already, then I think we can start looking for authors and editors.20:37
c7pyeah the list is ready20:37
c7pgodbyk: i guess we should edit the getting started pages first, as authors won't use bzr etc20:40
c7pmaybe remove it ?20:41
c7pnow that i see http://ubuntu-manual.org/jobs , we only have to add the list of tasks and we're ready for spreading the word20:44

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