cdunlap Quick question for anyone listening.00:47
cdunlapI know that I can use a package as a template.  Is there one in particular that is a good example to use or will pretty much any of them help me learn?00:48
jbichalook at packaging that is similar to what you're working on00:49
jbichafor instance if it's a GNOME app, look at other GNOME apps' packaging00:49
jbichaif it's Python, look at other Python packaging00:49
cdunlapThank You jbicha.  That is a good rule of thumb.  I appreciate it00:50
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nonix4Is the process for fixing regressions in universe packages caused by things like python-2.7(+) upgrade documented somewhere? As in assuming I'm using natty, howto for installing oneiric vm for devel as well etc? Bug #576504 seems trivially fixable for example.10:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 576504 in singularity (Ubuntu) "Menu pops up repeatedly during game (w/savegame)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57650410:13
jtaylortag python2.7 I think10:15
jtaylorfix looks simple so no special process should be required for oneiric for natty you need to follow: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates10:16
jtaylorbarry: you know if there will be anything changed in python for http://bugs.python.org/issue10379, it seems one cannot fix it so it works in 2.6 and 2.7 without ugly hacks11:02
jtaylorok only for the format-string + %% case, other cases work in 2.[67]11:36
asogani"bzr branch ubuntu:gnupg gnupg.dev" gives an error13:56
asogani"bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/asogani/src/gnupg/ubuntu:gnupg/""13:57
asoganiCould someone explain why? I'm an Ubuntu newbie trying to create a bzr branch by following http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/udd-getting-the-source.html#branching13:58
sergio91ptasogani, bzr thinks you're trying to branch a local branch called ubuntu:gnupg14:04
Laneyuse lp:ubuntu/gnupg14:05
sergio91ptdo this instead: bzr branch lp:ubuntu/gnupg gnupg.dev14:05
asoganithanks Laney, sergio91pt !14:07
asoganimaybe that webpage needs correction as well?14:07
jtaylorif you do the init-repo step as said on the page it works14:37
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hyperairjacob: ping.16:44
hyperairjacob: i've recently tried using your business card template, but for some reason, inkscape refuses to print or export it to a non-bitmap format with the background intact. do you happen to know why?16:45
jacobhyperair: it's because the background is a mask, and inkscape doesn't know how to export that properly for other formats (or the other formats don't support them). I've had good experience with a PNG at 300 dpi for printing, though.16:47
jacobI'll see if there's any way to flatten that background to make that easier in any case.16:47
hyperairah, i figured as much. for the gradient effect, eh?16:48
hyperairthanks for the info.16:48
jacobyeah. it was either gradients or masks (or both) that wouldn't export correctly16:48
gilbertwhat up ohio :)16:51
jacobyo gilbert16:51
hyperairjacob: aha, thanks for the information.16:58
jacobhyperair: no problem. i just checked to see if I could flatten out that background, but inkscape doesn't provide a way to permanently apply masks -- so i'd have to rasterize it, which would bring us back to square 1. :P16:59
jacobbut in any case, you'll get a really high quality print by exporting at >= 300 dpi anyway17:00
hyperairjacob: yeah, i'll just have to deal with this anal printer.17:00
* hyperair sighs17:01
hyperairjacob: 01:07:28 <su-v> it's a known bug (mask is on a layer with a transform)17:31
hyperair01:08:04 <su-v> create a new layer, move the dots (group in layer Background Grid) onto the new layer, save a copy as PDF17:31
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Q-FUNKwhat do we mean by "unseeded fixes" ?18:10
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alkisgI'm trying to find a python package that uses launchpad for translations, to see how it moves po/*.po to /usr/share/locale/*.22:05
alkisgI checked jockey first, but I didn't see any translation-related code... is that because it's in main, so its translations go to langpacks, so the maintainer didn't have to care about .po installation?22:05
jbichaalkisg: it might be automatic with setup.py and python-distutils-extra22:14
alkisgjbicha: thank you, that's probably it, reading...22:14
jbichathat's how we do it with gui-ufw, the install is nearly automatic22:14
alkisgI also just found a good non-python-distutils-extra tutorial in http://wiki.maemo.org/Internationalize_a_Python_application#Include_translations_in_your_installation22:15
jbichadistutils-extra will automate that, I don't know if there's a tutorial for it though22:16
jbichait looks for files in certain locations and automatically puts them where they should go22:17
* alkisg apt-get source's gui-ufw... :)22:17
alkisgLaunchpad also pushes .mo files in the branch? Not just .po ?22:20
jbichaI don't know how Launchpad does translations yet22:20
alkisgI saw .mo files in the source of gui-ufw and I got confused :)22:21
* alkisg wishes he had read about python-distutils-extra 2 days ago, sounds like it would have saved me a lot of work :)22:38

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