akgranerpleia2, +1 one on that decision02:07
akgranerjust saw that in my email and was going to do the same02:08
pleia2oh good :)02:14
akgranerI think they have limited access but still02:16
pleia2yeah, they can't do anything, but they do make a mess of the users page02:17
pleia2and my inbox :)02:17
akgranershould we clean those up02:27
akgraneror just leave them as is02:27
akgranerwe can delete them and send them a note about joining the news team02:27
pleia2I just deleted them02:30
pleia2they didn't look very real, all of them were randomword54@gmail.com02:30
philipballewCan I add my blog to the newsletter?02:30
pleia2I already did02:31
pleia2it's in the loco teams section02:31
philipballewyour to good to me :)02:33
pleia2it was a good post :)02:34
philipballewHey! Thanks!!! I figure if it is gonna be on the planet it needs to have good substance02:34
* nlsthzn lurks16:30
philipballewsummeries needed?16:58
nlsthznnot sure16:59
nlsthznhaven't checked yet :p16:59
nlsthznpleia2: philipballew: Hi :) ... will try and get a few done tonight... good timing seeing as I am working the whole of it :p17:06
pleia2cool, thanks17:06
nlsthznThere we go... the mail to signal all to start...17:23
* holstein knocked out a few summaries :)20:37
* nlsthzn hasn't yet... been to busy enjoying the user days and fighting of trolls on the forums :/20:45
* pleia2 gives nlsthzn a new troll-slaying sword20:45
nlsthznpleia2: so it gets +5 vs trolls then... sweet :D20:45
* nlsthzn does still think a troll-banning-hammer-of-Thor would work better...20:48

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