rwwgods, Rurd2di's still hopping in and out of ##f_y_c since I banforwarded them from -unregged. Some peoples' clients.03:27
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bullgard4rww: ping05:41
rwwbullgard4: Howdy. As I mentioned in PM, ikonia banned you from #ubuntu and #ubuntu+1 earlier today for crossposting between the two channels.05:42
bullgard4rww: I know that.05:42
rwwI'm guessing at some point in the past, you've read our IRC Guidelines. They do say not to do this, and you've probably seen us say in #ubuntu a lot that #ubuntu is for support with released versions of Ubuntu and #ubuntu+1 is for the current devel release.05:43
rwwThat rule is in place because getting support in two different channels at the same time duplicates our helpers' efforts and causes confusion.05:43
rwwAccording to ikonia, you've also been told not to do this several times over the past few weeks.05:44
rwwGiven all the above, please explain why you continued doing it?05:44
bullgard4rww: The statement: "causes confusion." in general is not true. I t may be true in some special cases.05:46
rwwbullgard4: I disagree with that. Regardless, it's the reason why the rule is in place, and is based on the experience of our IRC team. If you disagree with that reason, you may bring it up at an IRC Council meeting, but you may not ignore it while it's in effect.05:47
bullgard4rww: I'd like to bring it up at an IRC council meeting. How can I do this?05:48
rwwbullgard4: The agenda for the IRC Council meetings is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/MeetingAgenda . You'd add it there, and the meeting information is on that page05:49
Myrttisisters moving day... if theres anything that needs specifically my attention, I most likely wont be online05:59
Myrttijust as FYI05:59
rwwMyrtti: k05:59
bullgard4rww: I cannot be online at  that time because I have an obligation in a social project in real live in my home town. Reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil/MeetingAgenda, I did not understand  i.) Are these meeting public onlin? ii.) Where do they meet in cyberspace iii.) Can I make an agenda proposal in advance to the next meeting on the coming sunday although I cannot take part?...06:02
bullgard4...iv.) Can you explain what means the line 'Fixed Action Items' > Send meeting minutes to 'ubuntu-irc mailing list'?06:02
rwwbullgard4: i) yes, see irclogs.ubuntu.com ii) #ubuntu-meeting, iii) that wouldn't be useful, since nobody agrees with you on the crossposting rule who will be attending afaik, iv) fixed action items are actions that take place every meeting06:03
rwwyou could email irc-council at lists.ubuntu.com instead if you wanted them to go over it with you outside of a meeting, I guess06:03
bullgard4rww: Thank you very much for your information.. I need more time to think the matter over. At this moment I am sympathetic to email irc-council at lists.ubuntu.com at some later date.06:09
IdleOnebullgard4: if there is nothing else please don't idle in this channel.06:30
bullgard4rww: I will leave now this channel.06:31
ubottuMeanEYE called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:52
bazhangnow in #freenode07:53
topylii think bullgard might be best served by writing a (good) email to the irc list with such policy change suggestions. if the team likes the suggestion, it might be easier to push through in a meeting07:55
topyli(not this particular suggestion though)07:55
ikonianothing wrong with making a request07:55
ikoniaI don't think allowing cross-posting for stable/non-stable in #ubuntu/+1 is a good suggestion personally either.07:56
bazhangoverturning the crossposting rule? is that even remotely likely to happen?07:56
ikoniato be honest, I don't think it's a genuine request07:56
ikoniaI think he's just trying to argue as he won't stop doing it07:56
ikoniaI spoke to him a few times and he understand and said he's stop doing it,07:56
topylibazhang: nope, i was just musing on the general idea of suggestions and how to best go about them07:56
bazhangtopyli, ok thanks07:57
topyliikonia: heh, more likely07:57
ikoniajust my opinion, he's finally got busted, so he's trying to argue it07:58
bazhangs0126h trolling ##linux earlier seems similar now08:17
ikoniathanks bazhang08:19
ikoniahis last question/comment seems to confirm that too08:19
bazhang<s0126h> does linux run better on intel or amd   etc etc etc08:20
ikoniayeah, I saw it08:20
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1433 users, 2 overflows, 1435 limit))08:25
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1433 users, 2 overflows, 1435 limit))08:25
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1431 users, 2 overflows, 1433 limit))08:25
bazhang<Amaranth1> Hello all. I am a new user to Ununtu, and need some help, anyone free?08:27
rwwAmaranth1 != Amaranth08:27
ikonia09:27 < Amaranth1> Hello all. I am a new user to Ununtu, and need some help,08:27
ikoniaahhh beat me to it08:27
bazhangyep odd though08:27
rwwNot really. It's a word :)08:27
rwwMaybe both of them really like Nightwish :308:28
* rww runs08:28
ikoniathey must be the only two08:28
elkyit's also a pretty purple crystal08:29
Amaranthstupid nightwish stealing my name08:29
Amaranthit means immortal, leave me alone :P08:29
rwwso what you're saying is you can't be /killed08:30
elkyit's also a type of grain08:30
rwwikonia: recently unvoiced in #defocus for chatting about the same thing, btw.08:55
ikoniata, he's had his warning08:56
ikonianetsplitting has messed up my channel list again08:56
ikoniarww: just hit ##slackware with it despite being told not to08:57
pythonsnakeCan I get an unban for #ubuntu ?09:45
pythonsnakeCould I get an unban for the channel #ubuntu please ?09:51
bazhangpythonsnake, why were you banned in the first place09:52
pythonsnakebecause of bad helping and mocking09:52
pythonsnakeI'm sorry09:52
pythonsnakedoes that mean a "no" ?09:55
LjLpythonsnake: he's probably just looking up things in the logs09:55
pythonsnakeah ok10:06
bazhangpythonsnake, lets be 100% clear on this10:06
bazhangif there is a continuance of the past mocking/bad advice etc the ban will be much longer term10:07
bazhangpythonsnake, please read the code of conduct and the guidelines for the ubuntu channels10:08
bazhang!coc | pythonsnake10:08
ubottupythonsnake: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct10:08
bazhang!guidelines | pythonsnake10:08
ubottupythonsnake: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:08
pythonsnakebazhang: I won't do it again10:19
LjLpythonsnake: see if you can rejoin10:20
pythonsnakeThank you & have a nice day10:21
ikoniapythonsnake: sorry, that was totally my fault10:29
pythonsnakeikonia banned me for ban dodging10:29
pythonsnakeah okay10:29
ikoniait was totally my mistake, very sorry, please re-join with appologies10:29
pythonsnakeNo problem10:29
ikoniathank you10:30
ikoniapythonsnake: you're welcome to leave this channel, again with applogies10:30
ikoniabecause there is a no idle rule in this channel, as you know.10:31
LjLpythonsnake: people are not supposed to idle here10:31
pythonsnakeah this channel? SOrry10:31
ikonia(sorry chaps) he joined with a different nick and changed to his other nick as I came back to my desk, didn't see LjL remove the ban10:35
elkyBecause the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "linux from scratch" is ubuntu...11:06
ikoniaI didn't help him in LFS ans he was just spamming the channel with11:07
ikonia12:04 < firas> Kernel.org is down so i cant install some packages11:07
ikonia12:04 < firas> Kernel.org is down so i cant install some packages11:07
ikoniaover and over again11:07
ikoniaand he's just rejoined and started again so I'll ban him11:07
ikoniathe book even gives him the urls11:08
ikoniahe's not going to get very far....11:08
jribso backtrack logs you in as root and the irc channel bans root as ident... that's somewhat amusing...11:11
rwwI find it hilarious, personally.11:12
ikoniajrib: that's changed in the currect dev release.11:12
ikonia(so obviously a target for the next release)11:12
oCeanwas pythonsnake's ban removed?18:27
oCeanIt seems he's still ban dodging, right?18:27
IdleOnelast i checked it was removed18:28
IdleOnethis is about 12-15 hours ago18:28
oCeanhm, by LjL apparently?18:28
IdleOnehmm maybe a little less, more like 8 hours ago18:28
oCeanbut BT says ikonia removed him for ban dodging, after that18:29
IdleOne<ikonia> (sorry chaps) he joined with a different nick and changed to his other nick as I came back to my desk, didn't see LjL remove the ban18:29
oCeanaah, ok18:30
oCeanIdleOne: thanks. Let's see how that goes18:32
ikoniadaddy_ pm'ing me with abuse19:36
ikonia@mark #ubuntu daddy_ tried to talk to stop in channel abuse, responded with pm abuse19:37
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:37
bazhangcheck Logan_ 's quit message? excessive, or OK23:57
* rww shrugs23:57

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