lynxmansmoser: one of the AWS guys openly praised cloud-init in an awesome talk at puppetconf, thought you would like to hear it00:01
gibbsHi. I've used rsync to copy over Maildir email accounts to a new server. Will email clients re-download emails from the new server? I am not too clued up on email00:39
patdk-lapgibbs, that depends on many things00:49
patdk-lapwhat server do you use?00:49
gibbsubuntu 10.04 LTS00:50
patdk-lapdoesn't sound like an email server to me, but an os00:50
gibbsI'm just concerned clients are going to get flooded with old email00:50
gibbsoh sorry lol, its late00:50
gibbsand postfix MTA00:50
patdk-lapand the old server was using?00:51
gibbsthe same00:52
patdk-lapthen as long as you copied all the dovecot.* files, and configure it the same your ok00:52
Jasonnqman__: You around?00:52
patdk-lapyou need the UID's to stay consistant00:52
gibbsah that's ideal. thanks for the lead patdk-lap.00:52
patdk-lapya, that is for non-dovecot to dovecot though00:53
patdk-lapdon't see a dovecot to dovecot one, cause I think it's assumed you read the manual :)00:53
patdk-lapbut it's simple :)00:53
gibbsi haven't encountered any problems. just on the look out for "gotchas" :)00:54
patdk-lapya, I converted all my maildir's to mdbox00:54
patdk-lapand was forced to redo all my uid's00:54
gibbsyeah I had to do that but vice-versa at one stage00:55
jseongtae76__Hello, everyone01:06
jseongtae76__My, apparmor.d has a problem01:06
jseongtae76__I was change mysql directory01:07
jseongtae76__error message is .: 35: Can't open /lib/apparmor/functions01:07
Jasonndo you have permission to open it?01:12
Jasonnjseongtae76__: ^01:12
Jasonnqman__: You around man?01:12
jseongtae76__Jason, Do you want die?01:17
jseongtae76__Jason, Hey, comeon01:17
jseongtae76__Jason, Hey, come on01:17
jseongtae76__Jason, hey, fucker01:18
jseongtae76__Jason, hey come on yo01:18
jseongtae76__Jason, fucker bye01:18
Jasonnsaving HIS ip01:27
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koolhead17hi all08:43
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DulcinHow are the rights a user has when using SFTP set?09:44
wooyHi, I dont have ubuntu question, rather server hw oriented. My favourite bittorrent tracker just announced they are going to buy new server for $14,000. It seems pretty expensive, considering they are serving (not more than) 200,000 users. They run only tracker, website and forum. Lot of small http requests and no big data transfers. Is it reasonable price?12:06
Dulcinno its not12:08
Dulcin200,000 active users?12:08
wooy200k registered users, i think they wont have more than 150k active users.12:10
Dulcinwell its hard to say, but they can buy a reasonable server for 14k12:16
Dulcinso perhaps they expect to grow12:16
wooyWell maybe, from what i can say, there is not much space to grow. They are getting in performance troubles just once a day in the highest peak, and thus they decided to buy new server (just for the peak). I am wondering if they took a look at amazon web services or similar...12:25
Dulcinwell it makes sense if your server cannot handle it you are going to buy a new service12:42
Dulcinand amazon's web services aren't all that either12:42
Dulcinwhy is it a problem12:44
Dulcinare they asking to donate?12:44
Dulcinthat's about $0.10 per active user12:45
Dulcinnot bad :)12:45
wooyIve just read that admin is thinking of blade server from IBM. Yeah they ask to donate and I could get rid of feeling he's going to buy the server and new car for him  as a bonus :D12:51
Dulcin:) maybe so, but who cares if they are the guys keeping the community running?12:51
Dulcin14k for a blade server seems fair btw12:52
wooyAnyway, he sells 1 year subscription for $1. What price is that? If he set  it bit higher he could earn fortunate and new server... :)12:53
Dulcinwell if there's 150k active users, with 150k a year he should be able to afford it easily :)12:54
Dulcinand his new car, salary and house :P12:54
wooyright?! :D12:55
Dulcinbut is he reselling something?12:55
Dulcinmaybe he loses a lot in data traffic12:55
Dulcinbecause 1$ per user is not that much taken over a year12:56
wooyreselling what for example? He pays approximately $1200 for internet connection.12:56
wooyWell no one would blame him to rise the price above $5. For some reason, he doesnt want to.12:58
Dulcinusers are more easily convinced to register for 1$12:58
wooyI know, but if i were the admin i would not try to get as much users as i can, but rather as much profit as i can.13:01
wooyWell i guess he got his reasons... Thx for the chat.13:01
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padhuMiniHOWTO is needed for simple & easy mail server configuration on ubuntu 10.04 for private LAN16:43
ikoniapadhu: please don't cross-post, I've already responded in #ubuntu with help16:43
padhuikonia: sure, but it is server, That's why :-)16:44
ikoniapadhu: sure, but I've already responded with help, so no need to cross-post it16:45
padhuikonia: Is iti suitable for LAN network. My need is 15 to 100 users, 2MB attachment. That's all16:47
padhuwhat is the combination?16:47
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creatorbriQuestion: My server was hacked a few days ago and a large volume of data appears to have been downloaded, based on Linode activity logs. Is there some way to figure out what was actually downloaded?18:56
qman__creatorbri, not with any certainty19:23
qman__if they used HTTP it may still be in the logs, but otherwise, it's probably unlogged19:23
qman__proper auditing is resource heavy, so it's not usually set up19:26
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creatorbriqman: thanks20:01
Davieysmoser: around?20:28
tarvidi want to build a vm like my Ubuntu 10.4.3 web server which I can hand to coients for use to backup and as a sandbox for their websites20:29
tarvidcurrent thought is virtualbox 256MB 4.7GB disk 32bit20:29
tarvidDoes that make sense?20:30
tarvidthe goal is to run on the most ubiquitous host machine20:31
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vilhodoes anyone have an explanation why pppd throws up these errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/696353/ - I'm using version 11.04 (32 bit)21:52
KM0201well, it looks like its saying /dev/ppp does not exist21:54
spacechickenhi - I'm trying to install 10.04 server. I keep getting a setup failed error on the set up users step. Can anyone help with that?21:54
efxhoydescribe your problem?21:55
KM0201you're getting a "failed" on setting up users?... .thats a first22:00
spacechickenyeah - I've spent a fair bit of time getting the partition table all set up (RAID, LVM, the lot) and now I keep getting this error22:06
spacechickenI am asked if I want to set up shadow passwords, then root user config, then normal user config then it fails out with a red screen22:06
spacechickenthen drops me back to the main menu22:06
KM0201root user config?.. are you installing ubuntu server?22:07
spacechickenI've tried using and not using shadow passwords, allowing and not allowing root user login, creating and not creating normal users - all the same result22:08
spacechickenI am installing ubuntu server22:08
KM0201i dunno, i'd say you'r edoing something wrong22:08
spacechickenany idea what?22:10
efxhoyim no pro but why don't you finish the install with just one user and add more users later?22:17
spacechickenIf I could get past that step I would22:22
efxhoyfaulty install media maybe?22:23
DeltaEpsilonhow do I create an admin account on my ubutnu serber?22:44
koolhead17DeltaEpsilon: ?22:45
TheEvilPhoenixkoolhead17:  he needs to create a user and give them sudo access22:45
TheEvilPhoenix(to translate into Linux-speak)22:45
koolhead17DeltaEpsilon: man sudoers and then do changes in /etc/sudoers22:46
koolhead17TheEvilPhoenix: :D22:46
TheEvilPhoenixkoolhead17:  he's not sure of how to add the users  though22:47
TheEvilPhoenixhe's probly a CLI newbie or smth22:47
TheEvilPhoenixor just doesnt know enough CLI22:47
TheEvilPhoenixi dont even know the syntax offhand22:47
TheEvilPhoenixthey'll need a guiding hand ;P22:47
koolhead17TheEvilPhoenix: in that case should not jump to servers :D22:47
TheEvilPhoenixkoolhead17:  +122:48
TheEvilPhoenixin any case, they need help ;P22:48
* TheEvilPhoenix is busy fixing KDE so meh22:48
* koolhead17 loves kde22:48
PiciDeltaEpsilon: just drop the user into the admin group to grant them sudo access.22:48
koolhead17hey Pici22:49
DeltaEpsilonis it a good idea to use svn for backup purpose?22:49
koolhead17Daviey: am going to trouble you in understanding role based access control in case am stuck, #openstack22:50
TheEvilPhoenixnever use version control systems for backups, in my opinion22:50
TheEvilPhoenixalways make physical backups22:50
DeltaEpsilonwhy not? it is good to have sevral verison so you can nroll back22:50
TheEvilPhoenixeither .tars or actual clones of the system22:50
TheEvilPhoenixDeltaEpsilon:  svn is inherently insecure22:50
TheEvilPhoenixyou know, i'm too busy to explain, but IMHO you should never use version control for backups22:51
DeltaEpsilonTheEvilPhoenix, svn over ssh is secure22:51
koolhead17DeltaEpsilon: man rsync22:51
TheEvilPhoenixits too much like Windows22:51
TheEvilPhoenixwhich is a crappy system as it is22:51
DeltaEpsilonTheEvilPhoenix, what do you think? svn over ssh22:52
TheEvilPhoenixi told you my opinions22:52
TheEvilPhoenixbtw, trying to change my opinion wont help you22:52
TheEvilPhoenixit'll just annoy me ;P22:52
koolhead17gudnyt guys!!22:53
TheEvilPhoenixif you 100% tunnel your connection via SSH then MAYBE22:53
efxhoyis it possible to clone a running system with dd? I've done it from a live-cd but never from inside the running system. I used dd then22:53
TheEvilPhoenixbut only use an svn server you run yourself22:53
DeltaEpsilonjust bought a vps 50GB storage for 5usd a mmonth23:18
DeltaEpsilontoo cheap?23:18
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DeltaEpsilonsvn over ssh is really slow23:49

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