guawhich is better http://tinyurl.com/classes-ca or http://tinyurl.com/classesca  ?00:42
guain terms of speaking it out loud00:42
philipballewDarkwingDuck, So whats all this with ubuntu Leadership?03:32
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philipballewCan someone help me mount a external harddrive that wont mount04:32
guaphilipballew: sure04:34
guaphilipballew: what have you tried?04:34
guaand what fs is it?04:34
philipballewgua, ok, well Its my brothers and its from his mac04:34
guaand os/distro04:34
philipballewi tried nothing so far04:34
philipballewosx snow leapord04:34
guaphilipballew: so you plug it in and it doesn't pop up?04:37
guaand you're trying to read it on a mac with snow leopard?04:37
philipballewno. im trying to read in on ubuntu 11.04 gua04:37
philipballewis shows something was pluged in in dmesg04:38
guaphilipballew: hmm04:39
guaphilipballew: that's happened to me before a few times. try to mount it manually04:39
philipballewhow do i do that?04:39
guasudo mount /dev/sdx1 /mnt04:39
guareplace the x in sdx with what you see in dmesg04:39
philipballewlet me show you the output of dmesg04:40
guanote, you can only read hfs+, not write, unless you disable journaling (which is usually on by default). but it also could be fat32 or ntfs04:41
guadmesg | head -n 200 | pastebinit04:41
guaer tail rather. but anyway04:42
guaphilipballew: what line do you see it saying something got plugged in?04:43
philipballewim not sure, Nut i assume its in there somewhere04:44
philipballewi think i saw it earlier04:45
guaphilipballew: do you have pastebinit?04:45
guaif you don't, sudo apt-get install pastebinit04:45
philipballewwhats that?04:45
guait easily pastes stuff from the terminal04:45
philipballewits installing04:45
guathen do      tail -n 100 /var/log/syslog | pastebinit04:47
guaphilipballew: it's a usb drive?04:47
philipballewyeah. external hd04:47
guawell usb as opposed to firewire04:48
philipballewah, true04:49
guaphilipballew: when you plug it in, do any lights on the drive come on?04:49
guasince i'm not seeing anything in those that would indicate a drive being plugged in04:49
philipballewhum. ill just not worry about it i guess04:50
philipballewit seems to not be working right now i guess04:50
guaok then04:50
guagood to hear04:50
guaglad to help ;P04:50
philipballewThanks :)04:50
philipballewits 10 on a friday night, ill see what fun things i can go do04:51
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guaso i went to dvlug but got there an hour late05:12
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nhainesYay in 12 minutes I'm talking about how to switch from another OS to Ubuntu in #ubuntu-classroom.21:48
philipballew is http://wireless.kernel.org/ down for anyone else?22:25
guaphilipballew: not loading here. kernel.org, linux.com and the linux foundation site have all been down for a while now after a big attack22:26
guasadly that includes a lot of stuff mirrored on kernel.org22:26
philipballewbut how can I patch my wifi card to inject packets into my router ...22:27
guaphilipballew: find another mirror :)22:27
guapeople around /r/linux on reddit were discussing places to find kernel.org stuff. iirc one person mentioned that arch linux maintains a kernel.org mirror22:28
philipballewah, im jusy trying to set this up  is http://wireless.kernel.org/ down for anyone else?22:29
philipballewthis up22:29
philipballewbut i guess i could look for a mirrior22:29
philipballewarch linux is nice22:30
guai'm looking for some good mirrors now and it's not the easiest thing to find22:31
guai'd feel better about arch if there were more people working on it. it takes them a long time to implement kinda basic stuff.22:31
philipballewthat seems like how they like it somewhat22:32
guaphilipballew: http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/klbxn/with_kernelorg_down_where_can_i_find_the_last_few/22:33
guawell package signing was/is the big thing. to play with in a vm sure, but i'm going to give it quite a few years before looking at it as a desktop or server distro22:34
philipballewim always told its the true choice of geeks22:34
guadunno about that22:35
philipballewi dont beleive them myself22:36
philipballewits debian based somewhat isnt it?22:36
guai don't think so. wikipedia has something on its origins22:43
guaiirc it's from scratch but inspired a lot by some other distro22:43
rwwArch has nothing to do with Debian.22:50
rwwThey're also claiming that package signing is coming sometime soon. We'll see.22:50
rwwWell, I won't. I'm fine with Debian <322:50
* bkerensa gets to go see master.kernel.org soon22:58
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