bkerensahi ethan07:06
ethanhi there!07:06
bkerensaand hi Odysimus (saw you joined earlier was busy :P)07:06
Odysimusyea i'm one of those OSU LUGers07:07
bkerensawe love OSU07:07
ethanyeah, OSU OSL!!07:08
ethanSalem, OR here07:08
ethanwill be starting work soon to revive the LUG here07:08
Odysimusnice, I'm from Stayton07:08
ethanoh cool!07:09
ethanmy project partner (John Razor) had mentioned that Ubuntu Oregon had gotten in touch with him07:09
ethanhe's in charge of the Salem LUG Meetup group at the moment07:10
ethanand has the salemlug.org domain07:10
bkerensaethan: cool yeah I had e-mailed someone... We have some Ubuntu people in Salem and Keizer areas who are looking to hook up with the LUG07:10
ethanso, the group seems to revive and keep dying07:11
ethanin large part because of a lack of focus07:11
ethanwe want to give it a service-oriented focus07:11
ethanin the spirit of FOSS07:11
ethanand philosophy of ubuntu :)07:11
bkerensaWell my e-mail is bkerensa@ubuntu-oregon.org so feel free to idle and when you get a irc channel going I will idle and we can look into working together07:12
* bkerensa needs some sleep (been at a conference all day)07:12
ethansounds great!  i will be in touch soon07:12
ethanour IRC is #gstep07:13
ethanit stands for Greater Salem Technology Equity Project07:13
ethani will be in touch via email soon07:13
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bkerensaPhoto of Canonical Guys & Ubuntu Oregon Guys at PuppetConf: http://bit.ly/mOVSHN21:36

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