* ChinnoDog makes a peep00:56
rabidDuckjedijf: no just one of those slip things00:57
rabidDuckyou know?00:57
rabidDuckthey zipper on and such00:57
MutantTurkeynothing to see here... move along01:01
ChinnoDogMutantTurkey: Whats new?01:08
MutantTurkeyChinnoDog: trying to do some C string manipulation, I suck at it01:22
MutantTurkeyI need to copy the last X chars from a string01:22
MutantTurkeydoesn't seem to be anything for it in strings.h01:22
ChinnoDogI forget how to do that. It has been years.01:24
ChinnoDogIf there is no left() then use a mid() or substr() or whatever its C function is and supply a calculation for the start and end positions01:24
MutantTurkeyI was thinking I would be able to do function(destination, src, start pos, end pos); doesn't seem to exist01:26
waltmanWell, I guess my brother's off riding.11:02
JonathanDit's not raining.11:03
waltmanSo I see.11:03
JonathanDI think I'll have a chicken and spinach cheesesteak for breakfast.11:04
waltmanNice. I think I'm going to have a bagel, and save the stromboli for dinner.11:04
JonathanDIt's calling my name.11:05
waltmanDid I mention that I'm my brother's support driver today? I've got to get to Pacto's Woodcrest Station, pick up his Expedition, drive it to Ocean City, and drive him and his bike back to Woodcrest.11:06
jedijf**reminder** #ubuntu-classroom begins today NOW ****13:28
jedijfthat's user days ^^^13:28
pleia2thanks jedijf :)13:30
rmg51wow, pleia2 is up already and the sun isn't even out ;-)13:41
pleia2crazy, I know13:41
jedijfbusy working13:41
pleia2I've never even seen this early in the morning before13:42
pleia2(just kidding, mostly)13:42
jedijfalways working the party angle13:53
waltmanthe sun's not particularly out here in Philly, either...13:56
waltmanAnyone know if they'll accept a septa trailpass on patco?13:58
waltmanI'm thinking not, but it doesn't hurt to ask.13:58
jedijfwaltman: nothing ventured, nothing gained13:58
waltmanI'm taking the R5 + patco to Woodcrest to pick up my brother's Expedition, then driving it out to OC.13:59
jedijfjohnson's popcorn!14:03
jedijfwaltman: ocean city is home to johnson's caramel popcorn...get some14:24
MutantTurkeywant my laptop now :|16:58
MutantTurkeyit's in kentucky16:59
* ChinnoDog yawns19:43
rmg51somebody forgot there is no PennBot :P21:19
ChinnoDogI didn't forget21:20
ChinnoDogI have PennBot's life in my logs. I could bring up a supybot and replay the log to create PennBot's zombie.21:53
waltmanjedijf: I never even made it up onto the boardwalk :(22:09

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