wrstbinarymutant: !!!!00:17
wrstpace_t_zulu: I've got him on facebook00:18
binarymutantwrst: hello :D00:18
wrstbinarymutant: long time no see how are you doing?00:19
binarymutantgood, just fixing my irc client00:20
wrstawesome, you back to stay? :)00:20
binarymutantya :D00:20
binarymutantthis channels on autojoin again lol :D00:20
wrstgreat, what client you setting up?00:21
wrsthardcore, Unit193 will be proud00:21
Unit193Autojoin, the thing in your head going "Now what window was next?" ?00:25
Unit193I just set mine up not long ago, used it once and it's wrong now :P00:26
wrstbinarymutant: anything exciting going on with you?00:35
binarymutantalright, irssi and bitlbee setup. I'm rocking again00:35
wrstbinarymutant: cyberanger just got me into bitlbee, had not idea how handy that is00:35
wrstnow I have irc and IM all in quassel all on my server and can access it anywhere00:36
* Unit193 is still stuck on finch00:36
binarymutantwrst: it's awesome, although having to get a script for the facebook names is slightly lame (but do-able)00:36
wrstbinarymutant: haven't tried facebook00:36
wrstUnit193: finch is better, but its handier :)00:36
wrstand irssi is a much better client than quassel but I like my mouse00:37
Unit193Is that what that black thing is?00:37
wrstyes ;)00:37
Unit193Naa. I use the mouse all the time00:37
wrstbut irssi is a far better client as far as clients go00:37
binarymutant"is that what that black thing is" lol00:38
Unit193As you can tell, cyberanger and I get along real well. wrst too00:38
wrstha ha yeah i have to put up with both of you Unit193 :P00:39
wrst_weechatahh yes I do remember how!00:40
Unit193Aye, that you do! Just when you started feeling at ease with him, another comes along00:40
wrst_weechatha ha00:40
Unit193weechat isn't my favorite though00:40
wrstUnit193: i like it for having a nick list easily viewable00:40
Unit193wrst: Yep, that's one of the things I like about it most that irssi is missing (Although, to check if someone is here you just use tab kay or /anames)00:41
wrstyeah but it kinda messes up your chat00:41
binarymutanttook me a sec. to remember00:41
wrstwhen you do that but its good still00:42
Unit193Scripts I have loaded, but I don't use them all "usercount gtrans autorejoin away_hilight_notice mangle chanshare adv_windowlist anames hilightwin scriptassist seen topic_diff cap_sasl trackbar autobleh"00:43
Unit193autorejoin is for two channels where they have kicked for fun (Or was that just me?)00:44
binarymutantanames seems useful, with the color00:45
Unit193It is! A fun game for servers that support halfop, try to kick the other person off before they op/halfop up :D00:46
linuxman410wrst u here00:51
wrsthey linuxman41000:52
linuxman410wrst how r u00:52
Unit193wrst: Dang close to that 30 top bar...00:53
wrstgood linuxman410, you?01:02
linuxman410wrst doing good back on the ubuntu band wagon i bought a netbook to run ubuntu and my laptop runs xubuntu and desktop runs ubuntu01:03
wrstcool linuxman41001:05
wrstUnit193: have you seen the windows 8 uefi stuff?01:05
Unit193wrst: I've seen some of that info, MS claims that it'll leave it up to the OEM and the OEM will leave it up to us :P01:06
wrsti don't think it will be a big deal but interesting news01:07
Unit193I'm sure I told you I got W8 installed and I do not like01:07
Unit193I do like how fast the Kubuntu key repeat is though01:09
wrstUnit193: i don't think the new interface is going to be a winner for them, just think how many linuxers complained about gnome 3, and they are supposedly "enlightened" about things01:11
binarymutant25800 chrisplu  20   0  108m  84m 6464 R  100  4.2 223:58.13 php02:24
binarymutantmediawiki takes forever02:25
Unit193Now I'm going to have to go find myself a guide to iptables :P02:32
wrstUnit193: i have a good one, its called cyberanger02:33
Unit193wrst: Ahaha! That's a good one alright! I get checked by proxyscan.freenode.net when I connect and I'm going to block that and a few others. I get to make a list of people that connect, I already have you :D02:34
wrstha ha02:35
Unit193I think the arch wiki has to be good...02:36
binarymutantarch wiki is awesome02:36
wrstUnit193: if ubuntu had documentation like arch, it would be mighty hard to beat02:37
Unit193Normally it's awesome02:37
Unit193wrst: You don't say! Ubuntu has the live support, but arch takes all the wiki support (And tells the users to RTFreakingM)02:38
binarymutant^ arch does things the old linux way02:39
wrstbinarymutant: yes they do and if you have the patience its hard to beat02:40
binarymutantwrst: their wiki is def. hard to beat. Ubuntu's is great too but lacks a lot of the advanced programs02:40
Unit193I've only linked to their pages while doing support because it's not all that liked when you do that :P02:41
Unit193And it's not updated02:41
wrstbinarymutant: i don't think ubuntu's is particularly good really02:42
wrstits scattered many times out dated02:42
binarymutanthttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo  both should have iptables though since it's a core component02:42
binarymutantit might be outdated but that sort of stuff hasn't changed in the last 10 years02:44
wrstbinarymutant: no that hasn't but oh say grub2 documentation is horrible in ubuntu and confusing02:44
wrstarch's well its still slightly confusing but much better02:45
* wrst thinks grub 2 is a little confusing02:45
binarymutant<- doesn't know what grub version he's on now02:46
Unit193This doesn't seem half bad either http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Network/IPTables02:46
wrstbinarymutant: i have arch win 7 ubuntu 11.10 beta and linux mint on this laptop so I have to get into grub a little bit :)02:47
binarymutantwrst: wowza thats a lot02:47
Unit193wrst: os-prober is your friend :P02:47
wrstthen i run a few vm's also02:47
wrstUnit193: well yes and no02:48
Unit193Sounds close to here02:48
wrstubuntu's tweaked version doesn't work well for me but arch's vanilla does02:48
wrstbut that's not really ubuntu's fault because they had it working well from the start when it wasn't so great02:48
* wrst prepares to install 11.10 beta 202:49
binarymutantarchwiki rules because it has a dwm page, ubuntuwiki and centos wiki don't have stuff like that :D02:49
wrstha ha and everything on the arch wiki is all cli, while not new user friendly it works regardless of gui02:50
binarymutantso true ^02:50
Unit193And it's great for me :D02:50
Unit193GUI stuff doesn't help as I'm using everything but stock Ubuntu02:51
wrstbinarymutant: and that's one of my complaints with ubuntu i think their docs are a little different in some show cli some show gui some a mix, and sometimes thats required but I think ubuntu would be better suited to show gui when at all possible02:52
Unit193It's really up to the person that's editing/updating it though02:52
binarymutantwrst: Agreed, Ubuntu should focus on gui. I think they're trying to02:53
wrstyes but when you change gui's that is a little bit of an issue i suppose :)02:53
Unit193It's now officially supporting KDE, Gnome/Unity, LXDE. and Xfce02:54
binarymutantshould stick with vanilla ubuntu, but they keep changing it so that's why there's so much confusion on the docs/wiki02:54
wrstyeah but I think the main thing with them is unity02:54
wrstexactly binarymutant, multiple personality desktops02:55
binarymutant* but if they just stick to gui & stock ubuntu then they force ppl like me to use another distro's wiki ala arch :D02:56
wrstwell crud i downloaded the 64 bit MAC image!02:56
wrstbinarymutant: maybe have gui then have cli instructions too?02:56
binarymutantidk, those are some hard choices that I'm glad don't fall into my lap lol02:57
wrstjust wish they had one or the other02:58
wrstor both woudl even be better02:58
wrstbut i used the arch wiki a lot before i ever considered running arch02:58
binarymutantspeaking of wiki's, my import is done (after hours)03:01
binarymutantit's soo slow, anyone know how to speed mediawiki up? memcached or something like that?03:05
wrstwell about to install the beta 2 on bare metal... wish me luck :)03:18
Unit193Good luck and happy breakage ;)03:19
wrst:) about to reboot!03:20
wrstgot my irc setup in case I need help I'm good to go03:20
wrst_onericok Unit193 i'm all text like you now :)03:28
Unit193wrst_oneric: Great! But you don't have my awesome config ;)03:29
wrst_onericha no Unit193 and I'm using weechat03:29
wrst_onericthat deal with the web cam coming on during the install still freaks me out03:34
binarymutantwrst: it's usb-core powering it on when it loads03:35
wrst_onericUnit193: its for your little user icon it will snap a pic03:36
wrst_onericor you can use some that come with03:36
binarymutantoh nm03:36
wrst_onericha ha well this will have to complete while i'm asleep good night all03:38
jfenn2199afternoon all17:09
wrsthowdy jfenn2199!17:14
jfenn2199how goes wrst17:17
wrstwell jfenn2199 things been going ok with you?17:17
jfenn2199going great now17:18
jfenn2199I just moved into a local co-op house about a month ago gonna be able to start saving instead of just surviving17:19
jfenn2199and I'm the official in-house tech-guru and have free range over our network systems17:19
jfenn2199good news is all the house computers are already Ubuntu :-)17:20
wrstjfenn2199: that didn't take long? :)17:21
jfenn2199haha they were already that way when I got here I've been hanging out at this house for over a year now and my geekdom was a part of my application so my next goal is to set up a media server hack a wii to use as the thin client for the tv :-D17:22
wrstcool jfenn219917:23
jfenn2199yeah it's a fun place this is actually the house that inspired me to start writing the library software which I am finally almost finished with17:25
jfenn2199then when I'm finished with that I'm gonna port it over to Accounting software17:29
jfenn2199well wrst I'm about to be off to work I'll catch up with ya later and let the rest know I said hello17:33
xpistos_Hello all18:20
=== xpistos_ is now known as Xpistos
wrstXpistos: how's quassel working?18:34
wrstwb binarymutant19:31
wrstwb again binarymutant21:52
wrstwb again binarymutant :P22:25
Unit193wrst: I think he's trying to hide from you ;)22:27
wrstUnit193: i think so22:29
wrsthe has forgotten how much of a pest I am :)22:30
Unit193Yep, must have. Just wait 'til he finds out how much of one I am!22:31
wrstha ha and when we cobine forces!22:33
Unit193Oh, there will be no end!22:34
wrstyes and why can I not download an album from amazon with out their stupid downlaoder?22:35
binarymutantI'm here for the minute. Ty again wrst22:52
binarymutantbe back tommorow see y'all23:26
linuxman410anyone here23:59

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