bkerensavalorie: Did you hear about Windows 8 and the UEFI boot thing?07:01
valorieoh god yes07:01
bkerensacould cause issues for Linux07:02
valorieit WILL cause issues07:02
bkerensaif OEM's are forced to make UEFI hardware then Linux is kinda hit07:02
valorienot only for us07:02
valoriebut for Windows users too07:02
valoriethey won't be able to replace a video card!07:02
bkerensaI thought it will only effect Linux07:02
bkerensayeah but its a win for OEM's and Microsoft07:03
valorieMS will be fine07:03
bkerensaOEM's get more hardware sales07:03
valorieonly untill people need to replace some hardware07:03
bkerensaand MS gets to slowdown linux growth by making hardware options limited07:03
valoriethen they are um..... effed07:03
valorieOEMs will be hurt by the backlash too07:04
bkerensaimho when I get wind of OEM's implementing this I will buy the newest non UEFI laptop I can and hope it lasts a long time07:04
valoriecan you imagine buying a box where you could NOT get root?07:04
bkerensaidk they will still have to do something because even the server market would be effected07:04
bkerensaand I dont see Google moving to Windows :P07:04
bkerensaor any thousand other companies07:04
valoriedunno what's going to happen07:05
valoriebut it looks like I won't be paying the windows tax again07:05
bkerensalol :P07:05
bkerensaanyways looks like I get to design some more shirts for Ocelot release07:05
bkerensaEucalyptus has agreed to sponsor a box of shirts07:06
bkerensaanyways valorie puppetconf was intense07:06
bkerensapeople were major trolling Canonical07:06
bkerensaand even one breakout session Canonical held got intense for a bit some guy asked some serious questions and Canonical's people kinda struggled07:07
valoriewell, Mark has gone out on a few major limbs07:08
valorieI sort of don't pay attention to a lot of it because I use Kubuntu07:08
valoriedon't deal with Unity and/or Gnome307:08
valorieexcept on the community level07:08
bkerensayeah :)07:09
valoriebottom line: it's his money07:12
valoriewe either go along or we don't07:12
valorieso far, so good for me07:12
valoriebut I'm active in KDE as well as Kubuntu and my Loco07:12
bkerensaI think though when Community Council members are blogging negatively about the state of things and such that its not so good07:13
valorieif Kubuntu stops being a fun community and Kub. stops being the best KDE distro07:13
valorieI'll find a better place to be07:13
bkerensathere is some definate weird things... A Canonical employee in London who has contributed for 5 years was denied membership07:13
valorieMark's not in my corner, and i'm not in his07:14
bkerensaTux is in my corner07:14
valorieI believe in freedom07:14
valorieand responsibility -- so I'm giving back07:14
bkerensaRight now the Ubuntu community is as close to that as it gets for me07:15
bkerensaI just think certain things could be improved but honestly do not feel there is much of a way for members or contributors to have a stake in the decision process07:15
valoriewell, come to UDS07:16
valorieget an a board07:16
valorieyes, we do have some influence07:16
valoriebut when Mark decides something, and fights it out with people, and makes the final decision07:16
valoriethat's is07:16
valorieit's his money07:16
bkerensaYeah but its generally financially unfeasible for a contributor to pay to go to UDS just to have a say.... Even the Canonical employees at PuppetConf said they agree07:17
bkerensayeah true07:17
valorieright, but I've been sponsored before07:17
bkerensawell I need sleep I have been doing PuppetConf all week from 5am to 11pm :P07:17
valoriesleep well07:18
bkerensaYeah :) I hope in the next year or so I will apply for sponsorship to UDS07:18
valorieI sort of wish I had this time07:18
valoriebut I didn't07:18

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