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h00khuh, internet must have disconnected me again15:00
CheeseheadI suppose so15:02
h00kPlaying some Deus Ex.15:02
CheeseheadI'm trying to think of an easy way to import the event listing onto the wiki page.15:05
CheeseheadEvent listing from http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/events15:05
CheeseheadSo far, I can only think of uneccesarily comlicated or silly ways.15:05
h00kI also considered that for the web site15:07
h00kwhich, I don't know if anyone even uses it, analytics says not really, but whatever15:08
CheeseheadI suspect it's chicken-and-egg.15:08
CheeseheadBut it is one of the pages a *new* entrant will find first15:09
CheeseheadAdded a Data page to the wiki to contain strings and dicts that change frequently15:10
h00kI mean,15:10
CheeseheadLike meeting dates and reports15:10
Cheesehead(Easily undo-able if it doesn't work out)15:10
h00khmm, yeah, I don't know how to update the wiki automagically, but I think the wordpress page could just be a cronned scrape on...15:11
h00kthere is an iCal15:14
h00kI could parse that for the site15:14
h00kFound an RSS.15:14
CheeseheadI think I'll put it on the back burner, and simplify the reports first15:14
CheeseheadSince that's all wiki-internal15:15
h00kRight, yeah.15:15
CheeseheadMaybe a feature-request for the loco site? To add moinmoin readability, so wiki pages can include vents?15:15
CheeseheadIt's a bit silly to have both wiki and loco and they cannot talk to each other15:16
CheeseheadQuiet today23:12
CheeseheadIdea for your feedback: Anyone interested in starting a twice-a-week IRC bug group? Something like Tue/Thu 8:00-8:30, work a couple bugs together?23:38
CheeseheadOpportunity for people to learn, to test, to get to know each other.23:38
Cheesehead(Really, just a pretext for more talk in this channel)23:38
CheeseheadOr perhaps packaging? I'd love to learn that under a mentor...23:39

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