bjsniderno more tearing in gnome-shell after the 3.1.92 update01:22
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hmhello everyone 11:06
hmI have a question 11:07
hmsomeone can help me please please11:08
hmI m running on this laptop the kernel 2.6.35, and everything work great, including 3D aceleration and efects, but when I select from the GRUB the new 2.6.38 just the screen is turning BLACK and the OS start with black screen11:10
hmmy videocard is the Intel mobile 4 series (915) family11:10
soreauDoes it work if you boot with nomodeset?11:12
hmHi soreau11:12
hmhow can do it ?11:12
soreau/msg ubottu nomodeset11:13
soreauif you are in a channel ubottu is..11:13
hmwait wait....hehe now I m confusing,...11:13
hmshould I type it from my console terminal ? isnt ?11:14
soreauhm: You might also try asking in #intel-gfx11:14
soreaunomodeset is a kernel parameter. /msg blah blah is something you type here on IRC11:14
hmhmmm... I will try it11:14
shadeslayeri was getting this last night : http://paste.kde.org/126601/11:14
soreau<ubottu> A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:14
shadeslayeri was trying to boot kubuntu under EFI mode, with nomodeset and blacklisted the fglrx/radeon driver ( Macbook Pro 8,2 )11:15
shadeslayerany ideas how to fix? ( I think i need to recompile my kernel with the dual channel lvds patch )11:16
soreaushadeslayer: blacklisting fglrx is not enough11:17
shadeslayersoreau: ok, what else?11:17
soreauyou need to uninstall it completely for radeon to work11:17
shadeslayerno no, i don't want to power on discrete graphics :)11:17
soreaualternatively, you can disable the intel chip if its an option in your bios11:17
shadeslayersoreau: don't have a BIOS :P11:17
shadeslayerMacbook's have EFI11:18
soreauOh mac11:18
soreaugood luck with that then11:18
shadeslayerheh :P11:18
shadeslayerwell, i've figured everything out, i get it to boot and everything, can't bring up X tho11:18
hmI m reading that article that u posted soreau11:21
soreauGood, because that is what its there for :P11:22
hmand asking the same thing one the intel-gfx channel too11:25
hmSoreau , are u still there ?11:43
hmwell, I just started on the OS using the nomode set from the grub11:43
hmwith the 3.0 kernel now11:43
hmand it started with graphics11:44
hmno acceleration11:44
hmno compiz11:44
hmno 3D11:44
hmhello ?11:49
hmwhat I should do now ?11:53
soreauhm: You likely wont get 3D without kms11:56
soreaubut you can tell them what you've found in #intel-gfx11:56
soreaushow them the output of lspci|grep VGA11:57
soreaugive them dmesg from the failed session11:57
hmyeah I got it11:57
soreauand X log if you can get it11:57
hmsadly...no one is answering on there 12:01
soreausadly, you havent asked anything yet..12:02
soreauAre you sure your messages are reaching the channel? (is your nick registered?)12:02
soreaubecause I can tell you the answer to the first question is no12:03
hmif u can read me on here...well I suppose it work on there too12:03
soreauThats not always how it works. Some channels require your nick to be registered to speak12:04
soreaudue to spam and other reasons12:04
hmaahhh ...ok12:04
hmshould I ask to the operator above on that issue ?12:04
soreauoperator above?12:05
soreauyou dont have to say a prayer.. just use a registered nick :P12:06
soreau<ubottu> Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:07
hmwell assuming all these last issues with this OS, I ve to be very religious to make to work that :-)12:07
soreauMan, why is ubottu not in this channel12:07
soreauhm: heh, maybe it will help after all ;)12:08
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mdeslaurany known workaround for bug 858450 ?19:29
mdeslaurLP #85845019:30
mdeslaurdid the bot die?19:30

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