kbmonkeywelcome nlsthzn 04:51
nlsthznHey kbmonkey (Wes)... how are things?04:52
kbmonkeyi hope to go find a nice koffie somewhere soon :)04:53
kbmonkeyhow's things that side of the net04:53
Kilosmorning all05:10
kbmonkeymoring kilos05:17
Kiloslo kbmonkey hows the packing going05:18
kbmonkeyKilos I'm throwing out so many old cd's lol. its just insane05:18
kbmonkeyrecycle i mean05:18
Kiloslol how do you recycle them05:19
kbmonkeyonly clothes and then my desk/pc left05:19
kbmonkeyi take them to the recycle bins, they're plastic after all :D05:19
Kilosah thats good. you getting excited05:19
Kilosthats a cold funny place05:20
kbmonkeyhey if you type 'eject' in a terminal my pc opens my koffie cup holder, neat! XD05:20
Kilosrains the wrong time of the year and the wind can blow you off your feet at times05:20
kbmonkeyi adapt fine in weather. the cold is a good reason to have some body to hug you warm!05:22
kbmonkeysilver lining ;)05:22
kbmonkeyi need coffee. will need to go find some, soon!05:23
kbmonkeysee we dont have instant, only that stuff you brew on the stove top. so didnt buy new since im leaving, and now i suffer. eisha!05:24
kbmonkeybut i have green tea.05:24
Kilosbut the brew coffee much nicer05:24
Kilosunless you got nescafe classic or gold05:25
kbmonkeyyes. the tea only wakes you up because it tastes so bad :P05:25
Kilosvery healthy but not as lekker05:25
kbmonkeythats okay I'll go meet my sussie at the koffie shoppe :)05:25
Kilosi only use green tea if i dont feel too good05:25
kbmonkeyi have discs and discs of old windows drivers and setups. lol, no chance ill ever need those again!05:26
Kiloslol i have many as well05:28
Kilosfrom win 9505:28
Kilosneeded separate drivers for everything05:29
Kiloseven with xp the sound didnt work on this pc05:29
Kiloshad to get other drivers05:29
Kilosand for the usb card05:29
Kilosubuntu sees everything05:30
kbmonkeyremember your idea to note the ubuntu-za site with cd's? well i wrote the url on a few and gave them to some it people :_)05:32
Kilosthat will help05:32
kbmonkeyi gave away old spares and hardware to charity and such and included some ubuntu cd's05:32
nlsthznkbmonkey, oh fine fine... got distracted by breakfast05:32
Kiloshi nlsthzn 05:33
kbmonkeyim having honeyed bread :)05:33
nlsthznKilos, hey uncle Kilos ...05:35
nlsthznkbmonkey, nice (not that I can have any honey/sugar :'( ) ...05:36
kbmonkeyawe :(05:36
nlsthzn... was getting going very well with LPIC and then I got distracted by the Ubuntu Forum... now I have to try and find more time in my day05:43
kbmonkeyi need to try make some time too05:46
kbmonkeytried making a live centOS usb so I can learn during next month. 05:46
Kiloslol hiya superfly 05:52
Kiloslong night05:53
superflyyou could say that05:54
* superfly goes to see if he can have a shower05:54
kbmonkeyhello again friends13:06
superflyhi kbmonkey13:06
Kiloslo superfly kbmonkey 13:07
superflyhi Kilos13:07
kbmonkeytoday i found out how i can recharge my 3g modem sim directly from linux. lol :)13:08
Kilosyeah kinda a apin having to put sim inna fone everytime hey13:10
kbmonkeyyup. blackberries literally take 5 minutes to turn on, thats why they dont turn off :)13:20
Kilosthem things make for delicate women and delicate men15:38
Kiloswith tiny skinny fingers15:38
* superfly starts the release process of his open source app15:46
Kilosbut seem to work well as hello/goodbye machines15:47
Kiloswhat app superfly 15:48
superflyOpenLP, oom15:48
Kilosrelease to where?15:49
Kilosthe unthinking world15:49
Kilosthat church software superfly ?15:55
superflyKilos: yes16:04
Kilosin english?16:04
Kiloswhat does it do?16:05
kbmonkeyI had a look at the openLP site recently, it is lyrics projection sounds like. very nice superfly :)16:05
Kilosthats good. i thought maybe like esword16:06
superflyKilos: it takes the place of something like powerpoint to show the words of songs using a computer and a data projector16:06
Kilosoh on a screen in the front so everone can sing the right words16:07
superflyKilos: yup, that's right16:07
kbmonkeyassuming everyone can read :) lol16:08
Kiloswell done16:08
superflybut it's got all sorts of bells and whistles, like you can still use PowerPoint (or LibreOffice) and control it through OpenLP16:08
kbmonkeysorry my brain is so tired :]16:08
superflyand it's got Bibles, and videos, and other fancy things16:08
kbmonkeyis it written in Python superfly ?16:09
superflykbmonkey: yep, Python and Qt416:10
kbmonkeyoh nm, I will browse the site some more :)16:10
Kilosand a signature in the bottom corner saying written by who-da-fly16:10
Kiloshi nlsthzn 16:30
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos 16:30
superflyhi nlsthzn17:17
nlsthznsuperfly: hey, how goes it?17:18
superflynlsthzn: good thanks, busy with the latest release of OpenLP, my biggest open source app17:19
nlsthznsuperfly: awesome, you developing it?17:20
superflyamongst others, but yes, it's "my" project17:20
nlsthznsuperfly: awesome... good luck with it :)18:01
nlsthznsuperfly: this is the app you takled about on your blog recently right (I recall something like that...) for the churces etc...?18:04
superflynlsthzn: that is correct18:06
nlsthzncool, seems like a nice project18:07
inetprogood evening18:09
Kilosevening inetpro 18:10
inetproKilos: hiho18:10
Kilosall well there inetpro 18:10
inetproKilos: no problemos, net so bietjoe koud vandag18:11
Kilosja en dit het net begin lekker warm word18:11
inetproKilos: at least it didn't stop us from having ice cream today18:13
Kilosha ha18:13
inetproice cream with mulberries18:13
Kilosice cream lekker in winter too, you warm up after eating it18:13
inetprofresh from the garden18:13
inetprovery yummy indeed18:14
Kilosyou got ripe mulberries already18:15
nlsthzninetpro: hello, mulberries... that like moerbeie?18:15
inetproKilos: yep18:15
Kilosours are still tiny and green18:15
Kilosin n boom18:16
* inetpro just read on wikipedia "The fruit and leaves are sold in various forms as nutritional supplements. "18:16
inetpronlsthzn: that's it18:16
nlsthznawesome... has been years since I had any (and now I am not allowed to anymore :'()18:16
inetpronlsthzn: not allowed?18:17
Kilosaw 18:18
Kilosdo they also affect diabetics18:18
nlsthznYup... only fruit I am allowed must be green and sour >.<18:19
inetpronlsthzn: that is sad18:20
nlsthznFunny how you don't miss something like this until you release you can't have it...18:20
Kilosvery , life without fruit must be tough18:20
nlsthznNah, it is all good... all and all I have very good health and I am very thankful :)18:21
* Kilos cant think of green fruit other than apples18:22
nlsthznKiwi's... some mellons...18:23
* superfly is watching The Angel, the Bicycle and the Chinaman's Finger18:23
inetprosuperfly: while releasing your software?18:23
Kilosoh ya18:23
nlsthznI love red apples and hate green apples... irony :)18:23
superflyinetpro: they don't call me superfly for nothing ;-)18:24
inetprosuperfly: ahh, ok18:24
Kilosapples are what led us all into the world of probs18:24
inetprosuperfly: is it an automated process?18:25
superflySome of it is, some of it isn't. Currently waiting on the Windows and  OS X builds. The announcement only goes out tomorrow.18:26
nlsthznone of those 5% of the time writing code, 95% of the time waiting for it to compile :p18:26
inetpronlsthzn: yikes, that bad?18:31
nlsthzninetpro: was actually asking if that is superfly 's reason for watching a movie while working on his project :p18:33
superflynlsthzn: no, I have other people doing my work :-P18:34
nlsthznhehe... 18:34
inetprosuperfly: is the ubuntu version done?18:42
superflyinetpro: yup, you can install it from the PPA18:43
* inetpro goes looking18:44
superflyinetpro: https://launchpad.net/~openlp-core/+archive/release18:45
inetpronot sure why I don't have that in my repos anymore18:45
superflybwahahaha! "It might kill you, but if I catch you dying, you'll be dead!"18:55
inetproBTW when is the latest Ubuntu being released?19:07
inetproahh... "Oneiric Ocelot" is the code name for Ubuntu 11.10, scheduled for release on 13 October 2011. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot19:10
inetprohighvoltage: are you ready with your next release of edubuntu?19:10
inetprosomebody was asking me for local edubuntu references the other day19:11
inetprodo we still have locals running edubuntu?19:12
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:47
superflyinetpro: very few if any, no doubt.19:49
inetprosuperfly: why?19:50
superflyinetpro: just because SA is very Microsoft-centric.19:51
inetprovery sad19:51
kbmonkeyindeed it is19:55
kbmonkeygn folks, i'll catch you on the morrow.19:56
highvoltageinetpro: it's not ready for release yet, but all the edubuntu-specific parts for this cycle are done20:25
inetprohighvoltage: heh, how are you doing?20:28
inetprohighvoltage: where do I point a new user showing interest in Edubuntu?20:30
inetproan educator 20:30
inetproI guess I should just download Edubuntu for her an hand her the CD so she can try it20:32
* inetpro has not tried Edubuntu for a very long time20:32
highvoltagehey inetpro, doing good thanks20:46
highvoltageyep downloading it would be good20:46
highvoltage11.04 is kind of tough since we had to remove 3 of the admin tools since they don't work anymore due to all the gnome 3 + unity changes20:47
inetprohighvoltage: do you have a dedicated CD these days?20:47
* inetpro is lazy to go and look 20:47
highvoltageinetpro: yeah, dvd20:48
inetproahh, ok20:48
inetproperhaps I should wait for the new release?20:48
highvoltageyep, it's just another month or so20:49
highvoltageoops, and I meant 11.10 not 11.0420:49
inetproahh, I was wondering20:51
inetprohighvoltage: will it be ready?20:51
inetproor do you think it will be delayed20:52
highvoltagethere's currently no reason for it to be delayed, here's the release schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule20:52
inetpro13 October seems to be the day20:53
inetprothat is just less than three weeks from now20:54
highvoltage(wow time flies)20:54
inetproyou can say that again20:54
inetprohighvoltage: good luck there, am glad to see that you are still involved20:55
highvoltagethanks :)20:55
inetproI hope that we will see a better cycle this time around20:56
* inetpro wonders how the KDE version is shaping up20:57
inetprosuperfly: have you tried the new release yet?21:00
inetprosuperfly: I mean the beta21:00
superflyinetpro: you mean kubuntu 11.10 beta 2 or something?21:01
superflywell, I'm constantly upgrading, so I figure I must be almost there if I'm not there already21:01

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