computerxI'm a fairly advanced bash scripter, I just forgot about the path environment, I'll call php with the full path and that should fix it, thanks jrib00:00
wolfe213_pn: I swear I just saw libvte python in there when I was looking through emulators earlier00:00
jribcomputerx: could be nohup as well00:00
JasonGriffeeSIFTU: now line 4 has issue00:00
jribcomputerx: if you have an mta, you should get mail from cron when it fails.  If you don't want an mta and the script is still not running correctly, add a redirection to the end of your crontab line so you can view the output00:01
wolfe213_pn: meh, nope.. guess not.. heh.. they got it for ruby not python.00:01
computerxjrib: Really? Won't it just log to wherever's necessary? Well, I'll just add signal handling to the PHP script if it still doesn't work. No biggie.00:01
pni have been up and down the synaptic00:01
computerxjrib: I removed the mta due to "other issues", so yeah, I'll add the redirect. Thanks again00:01
wolfe213_pn: I'm a bit curious what you are planning with that..00:02
pni cant run terminal or terminator00:02
petesteris there an easy way to have my computer automaticly update twitter with my public ip?00:02
pnsome how python modelus calling the windows for that program00:02
a111yes pestilent00:03
a111curl -u yourusername:yourpassword -d status="Your Message Here" http://twitter.com/statuses/update.xml00:03
computerxjrib: I'm also using cd $(dirname $0) - could dirname not be in the path?00:03
computerxjrib: It's in the same location as php, so yeah, that'll break it too00:04
wolfe213_pn: that sounds strange.. are you perhaps having your shell set to python instead of bash or dash?00:04
wolfe213_I mean even that wouldnt do it00:04
pnno its bash00:04
wolfe213_I see no reason you need a python binding for libvte to get a terminal00:04
jribcomputerx: you could just update PATH in your crontab00:04
wolfe213_no part of the terminal in ubuntu, the shell, or anything in between involves python00:05
computerxjrib: That's just far too sensible ;)00:05
pnbut i think terminal and terminator and also other GUI forms of calling the shell depends on that python modulous in libvte00:05
wolfe213_the terminal points to gnome-terminal (standard ubuntu desktop) which is written in c using gtk3 and libvte but there is no python involved at all00:06
wolfe213_terminator on the other hand is entirely written in python by the look of it00:07
computerxjrib: Can I make cron think it's on start without restarting, to test this?00:08
wolfe213_and it depends on python-vte which voila is the python vte module00:08
wolfe213_which explains why I didnt find it because I was looking for libvte00:08
jribcomputerx: I'm not sure, you could try restarting cron and see00:08
MasterOfMinutiaIs anyone familiar with changing outgoing packet TTL's on 11.04?00:08
computerxjrib: I did, didn't work00:08
NathanWWdoes anyone know Is it posible to setup kerrighed to be disk bootable insted of pxe?00:09
computerxjrib: I'll trace the rc.d/init,d quickly. Thanks again00:09
pni have to use the terminal in Geany to make commands to the shell00:09
noahk11How do i properly install ubuntu/xubuntu to a partition on a external drive that i can actually boot to?00:10
urlin2uNathanWW, not Ubuntu you might try #linux00:11
computerxnoahk11: I guess that all depends if grub can see you external drive00:11
urlin2unoahk11, use the custo instal=something other point grun at the external.00:11
computerxnoahk11: If it can, it should be trivial00:11
noahk11I know the generall install process i just HATE grub00:12
noahk11to much tinkering00:12
urlin2unoahk11, it is fairly easy you just have to point grub to the external mbr00:13
petestertwitter no longer supports cURL .. .. any ideas of alternatives for auto-updating my public ip?00:13
urlin2unoahk11, you can unplug all other drives and install as well.00:13
pnany solution00:13
noahk11Umm i cant really remove my internal drive00:14
noahk11Whitch drive do i install GRUB to while installing?00:14
urlin2unoahk11, you have never custom installed?00:15
noahk11I have i just dont know the correct drive00:15
noahk11to install grub 200:15
KM0201how can you hate "grub"?  you se it for less than 5sec on each boot?00:15
urlin2unoahk11, the mbr of the external sudo fdisk -l will tell whcj=h it is or gparted.00:15
petesterwin hide 200:16
noahk11Well i mean will i install grub to the partion on witch xubuntu is installed or a different drive00:16
geth022alkafoo: I think i screwed up :(00:16
atomicfusionDoes Xvfb ever make use of a graphics card?00:17
spacebug-how can I temporarily change so that I don't need to enter a password? Autologin my user that is. I only want to do this for one reboot to test upstart time then change back to normal again.00:17
urlin2unoahk11, the normal OS grub files will install to the the OS, the grub bootloader goes to the n=mbr= sdX00:17
geth022alkafoo: i added the two lines of code at the bottom of the text file it said to, and now alsamixer is no longer in a directory00:17
Islamdoes any body know how to remove the wine prog ? I already tried the apt-get remove but it says somthing is already in use. and I really need to remove it. its making alot of errors00:18
urlin2unoahk11, you g=havwe to use the something else option to do this.00:18
scwizardI don't want people with access to server A to be able to access to server B if they don't know the password. I want to write a script on server A that will perform automated tasks on server B. Is this a legimate reason to use a tool like this? http://sourceforge.net/projects/sshpass/00:18
noahk11im not very linux savy so what is n=mbr= sdX00:18
scwizardbecause I'm assuming there's a good reason ssh forces interaction for password authentication00:18
stepnjumphi, I have a new installation here 11.04 and would like to install a HP OfficeJet 4500.  Do I need to download HPLIP?00:19
urlin2unoahk11, miss spells mbr=sdX  X is the drive letter no partition number00:19
Islamis there a force remove command to remove a pack ?00:19
noahk11So i install grub to my main drive but make it point to the partition that has xubuntu on it?00:19
yaerkinscwizard: Depends on what you mean by access.00:20
urlin2unoahk11, you would point grub at the externals mbr the mbr is the sdX of the HD.00:20
G0Rscwizard: why not just use ssh keys?00:20
urlin2unoahk11, this will make the external self booting, I think that is what yo want.00:21
yaerkinscwizard: I'd create a particular user for the purpose and use key authentication.00:21
SetiAmonAnyone know why my screen savers arn't working?graphics and compiz are working00:21
scwizardG0R: "don't want people with access to server A to be able to access to server B if they don't know the password"00:21
scwizardyaerkin: would I have to create the user on server B?00:22
G0Rscwizard: what password?  keys use a passphrase (once, if you setup ssh-agent) that is not the same as the root password00:22
G0Rscwizard: basically passwordless secure access00:23
urlin2uSetiAmon, could you give more details on what you have done to come to this conclusion00:23
wildbatsciwizard it is generally a bad idea to have a user account share with more then 1 user.00:23
scwizardG0R: the passwordless bit is the problem, it would mean that someone with ssh access to server A could ssh to server B from server A00:23
Islamhow can I force remove a pack, every time I use apt-get remove it says its running,00:23
urlin2uSetiAmon, the release and desktop helps as well.00:24
yaerkinscwizard: Root access?00:24
angel56Islam: you need to stop the process first before you try to remove the package00:24
=== Islam is now known as Islam_
Chief-WolfCan anybody recomend a good Adobe After Effects replacement I can use on 11.04?00:24
Islam_I cant stop the process and I dont know how00:24
G0Rscwizard: then i misunderstood.  i thought you wanted secure passwordless access00:24
Islam_its the wine pack to run exe00:24
a|ihow to set env variable HOME for user 'nobody'?00:24
angel56Islam_: you can't have it both ways. Either you can't stop the process, or you don't know how00:25
wildbatIslam_:  wineserver -k  or sudo killall wine00:25
Islam_thanx I'll try it00:25
yaerkinscwizard: You can make that work fine.  The user with ssh access to server A just can't have read permission for the key file.00:26
NathanWWcan anyone recomend Single System Image operating system for clusters that uses ubuntu?00:26
scwizardyaerkin: ahh, I see00:26
Islam_it says its not wine: no process found00:26
scwizardso the result would be that you can only ssh to server B if you're root on server A00:26
urlin2uNathanWW, you mean a clone?00:27
Islam_but when I try to remove it thats what it says : E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)00:27
Islam_E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?00:27
Chief-WolfIslam_ I can fix it, restart, try the APT again00:27
SIFTUNathanWW: did you ask in #ubuntu-server00:27
Chief-WolfIslam_ That's how I fix it when I mess it up00:27
SetiAmonGnome.basically i set it up in password under admin or what not.everything is set.but when it goes to timeout it just goes to black untill i log back in.i am using twinview dual monitors if that is relativent00:27
Islam_I tried to logout and it didnt work even from the root account00:27
Chief-WolfIslam_ Reboot not Logout00:28
Islam_thanx I'll try it  Chief-Wolf00:28
urlin2uSetiAmon, did you choose a scren saver?00:28
NathanWWurlin2u: for instance this "Kerrighed is a Single System Image operating system for clusters. Kerrighed offers the view of a unique SMP machine on top of a cluster of standard PCs." however Kerrighed does not support 32bit machines or disk based booting it all has to be done with pxe, and id like to use disk based insted also ill be using some older hardware thats not 64bit00:28
Chief-WolfIslam_ it works for me, but if it doesnt fell so kind to you, come back in and I'm sure we c- and he left00:28
urlin2uNathanWW, this is ubuntu.00:29
NathanWWyes Kerrighed runs on ubuntu. as a cluster or way of smp acrost a cluster.. its all relative. i need another way to do what i want using ubuntu and disk based booting on 32bit hardware..00:30
MoonstarHello To All, just wondering if there is an app to format dvd's, I am using ubuntu 11.04.00:30
Chief-WolfSo can anybody tell me some good Motion Tracking software or Editing I can use in Ubuntu 11.0400:30
urlin2uNathanWW, people would help otherwise if they new I think.00:30
SetiAmonyes urlin00:30
angel56Moonstar: you don't format dvd's00:30
urlin2uSetiAmon, not sure really, soory.00:31
scwizardyaerkin: hmm, it assumes that the people we'd give root to server A are the same we'd give some access to server B but I guess that's a fine assumption to make, considering that anyone w/ root ot server A could just install a keylogger and get the ssh password to server B that way00:31
urlin2umoonsrstar for data?00:31
Moonstarangel56, thanks for the reply, even if the dvd is a r/w ?00:32
angel56Moonstar: are you talking about trying to use it as a hard drive?00:32
Gentoo64Moonstar, ubuntu should come with brasero, just click erase disk00:32
Moonstarurlin2u, only for data00:32
bazhanghttps://wiki.edubuntu.org/EasyUbuntuClustering/UbuntuKerrighedClusterGuide NathanWW this may prove relevant00:32
urlin2uMoonstar, yeah brasero can00:32
Gentoo64or are you on about something else00:32
Moonstarthanks, i was going to use the dvd as a back up for the system.00:33
starpwnageHey, i just installed ubuntu server 11.04 with lamp.. Now i want to install a gui and the help thing says 'First you nee to make sure you have enabled Universe and multiverse repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list file'... how do i do that?00:33
starpwnagei can use the comands but it failes to fetch data00:34
noondayhi everyone, people complain about the voice distortion in my Linux version of Skype  but the same microphone has no such distortion in Windows. Any ideas of what to do?00:34
urlin2uMoonstar, use remastersys Single System Image  or you can clone it with clonezilla00:34
pnyes fix it great00:34
urlin2uMoonstar, sorry http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/00:35
pnjust installed and upgraded python-vtk and python-vte00:35
Gentoo64starpwnage, why not just install ubuntu desktop00:35
Moonstarurlin2u, thanks, i will have a look at both of these.00:35
zrzerenatocan any body give little hand ?00:35
urlin2uMoonstar, remastersys is pretty cool.00:36
starpwnageGentoo64, if i do that can i still install all the stuff i need for phpmyadmin and have sql databases and all that stuff?00:36
yaerkinscwizard: Anyone with root access to server A can pull the credentials out of the script, no matter what kind of credentials you use.00:36
Gentoo64starpwnage, id assume so yes00:36
zrzerenatoim trying to have , 2 NTFS partitions 1 swap and 2 Ext4 .. in same HD00:36
scwizardyaerkin: well duh, but the idea is that the credentials wouldn't be hardcoded00:36
yaerkinscwizard: One possibility would be to do the automation on server B and push/pull as necessary.00:36
scwizardbut yeah what you proposed makes a lot of sense00:36
scwizardthank you very much for your help00:37
Moonstarurlin2u, just wanted to get things organised in case  something happenned00:37
JusticeZeroHaving problems getting updates (10.04LTS)00:37
qinstarpwnage: Do you want to install ubuntu-desktop ?00:37
wildbatzrzerenato: just do it ~what help you need?00:37
Gentoo64Moonstar, download partedmagic it includes clonezilla works good00:37
starpwnageqin, i wanted to set up a server with everything in it like mysql databases, php, apache and everything for a website, i think its the desktop im trying to install through the server00:38
JusticeZeroGetting this: (sudo apt-get update) >W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 5A9A06AEF9CB8DB0 Launchpad PPA for Ubuntu Wine Team >W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-wine/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release00:38
starpwnagehttp://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-serverinstall-gui-and-webmin-in-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex-guide.html is what im trying to do00:38
qinstarpwnage: How do you try to install desktop? (and isit Natty)00:39
bazhang!webmin | starpwnage00:39
ubottustarpwnage: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.00:39
djQuerydid they remove the console from the System menu?00:39
islam__I cant get my webcam to work, my laptop is dell, and its not working, I have another webcam that is not working neither, what should I do00:39
starpwnagehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91E7rhnsyCw that guy done it :P00:39
geth022alkafoo: It didn't work :(((00:39
JusticeZeroany suggestions how to get updates again? :p00:40
bazhangstarpwnage, still not supported00:40
starpwnageOk, well what should i do then to install everything i need? Just download and install the desktop version?00:40
urlin2uJusticeZero, this will get the key sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 5A9A06AEF9CB8DB000:41
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal   <---- starpwnage00:41
Gentoo64starpwnage, is it going to be your desktop too?00:41
MoonstarGentoo64, I have not seen partedmagic before, looking on the web now.  and for urlin2u just downloaded remastersys00:41
kasi_how can I configure the number and layout of workspaces in the ubuntu natty classic mode?00:41
Gentoo64Moonstar, partedmagic is really useful. has all the disk related stuff you need00:42
islam__any body knows how to get the driver to my webcam, and the dell doesnt have a driver for ubuntu00:42
JusticeZeroDidn't work.00:42
starpwnagegentoo64, no im running it off a sepreate box00:42
urlin2uMoonstar, both work graet clonezilla will just make a image of the whole thing, including all the extras like music, docs....etc00:42
MoonstarGentoo64, just found and iso image to download...gather this is the correct one.00:43
islam__how to get my cam to work, I dont have a driver to it and its a dell cam that is supported in windows00:44
urlin2uislam__, can you identify the cam?00:44
Gentoo64Moonstar, http://goo.gl/tyLKU00:44
islam__a builtin cam in a dell laptop00:44
JusticeZerosaid 'no ultimately trusted keys found' and a new update got the same error00:45
urlin2uislam__, more exacting is needed, actual cam model, probably.00:45
Moonstarurlin2u, all understood, just like to know what options are available to do things. thanks for the link Gentoo64 .00:45
geth022HEY! I need help with my alsa because my laptop 9is having issues with the soundcard00:45
urlin2uJusticeZero, is that wine PPA?00:46
Gentoo64geth022, whats wrong with it00:46
starpwnagebazhang i cant do that either, it keeps saying failed to fetch urls00:46
wolfe213_uh.. dont run tasksel to remove mythtv.. heh.. it installed a buncha crap like xfce so I wanted to get rid of it all and well.. it deleted a whole lot more than mythtv.. deleted just about everything on the system00:46
JusticeZeroi'm not sure..?00:46
islam__how can I know more about it ?00:46
urlin2uis it*00:46
wolfe213_luckily I had gnome-terminal, chrome and screen+irssi running already00:46
geth022Gentoo64: it will play off the speakers but not off an output jack00:46
wolfe213_oh shit.. its even removing aptitude00:47
Gentoo64geth022, have you looked at the volume in alsamixer?00:47
zakidinehi any one?00:47
JusticeZeroW: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 5A9A06AEF9CB8DB0 Launchpad PPA for Ubuntu Wine Team>W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-wine/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release00:47
zakidinei have a probleme with the ubuntu gnome bar00:47
IdleOnewolfe213_: Please mind the language.00:47
geth022Gentoo64: yeah, i checked the levels, there are none that seem to muted that can be00:48
sytheSorry, wrong channel00:48
urlin2uislam__, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam  have you installed cheese?00:48
zakidinethe "sound-user" part00:48
zakidineon the right00:48
JusticeZeroNot a clue what signature that line noise goes to.00:48
zakidinedisapeared, i don't now how :( or why00:48
islam__no I didnt install cheese, and I dont know what is it00:48
islam__should I install it ?00:48
Chief-Wolfso i'm about to Dual Boot between Ubuntu and Windows 700:49
urlin2uislam__, take a look at the link it shows how. :D00:49
redragon_so have ubuntu doing a weird thing with networking and I've run into an impass00:49
Chief-WolfI am gonna format my secondary drive and put W7 on that so I can do editing00:49
redragon_thats the route and ifconfig info00:49
Chief-WolfAnything I should know before I do this?00:49
islam__thanx, brb00:49
redragon_but if I try to ping it is trying to send it out eth0 instead of eth100:49
Gentoo64Chief-Wolf, not really00:49
Chief-Wolfwait shit.. I cant have two OS's on two diffrent drives and still DB can i?00:49
geth022Gentoo64: i have an address for my alsa info, u want me to pm u with it or something?00:49
starpwnage'ping -c 4 google.com' bring up unkown host, is that bad?00:49
Gentoo64geth022, if the vilumes look ok then im not sure. i dont know anything about laptops :(00:50
IdleOne!language | Chief-Wolf00:50
ubottuChief-Wolf: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:50
Chief-Wolfoh.. heh.. sorry00:50
wolfe213_so I can do apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and get most of that back.. but is there another package for like base stuff, cause it removed tasksel, aptitude..etc00:50
allowoverridei wish everyone followed that rule, even the ops00:50
Chief-WolfAll profanity aside, can I dual boot in such a manor? or do they both have to be on the same drive?00:50
Gentoo64starpwnage, can you ping
JusticeZeroergh.. Any brute forcey ways to force an update, then?00:51
Gentoo64Chief-Wolf, no they can be on seperate drives00:51
starpwnagenetwork is unreachable :/00:51
wolfe213_Chief-Wolf: you can dual boot with two drives, yes00:51
urlin2uChief-Wolf, yeah you can have OS's on different drives.00:51
hanasakiwhat will show how much network is being used by each program?  the gnome network monitor shows a lot in use and I need to find what program is using it and where it is communicating too00:51
Gentoo64starpwnage, what does ifconfig show?00:51
yaerkinredragon_: What does 'ip route' give you?00:51
Chief-WolfOkay than, I'm going to put windows 7 on the 250 gig, Ubuntu is on my 75 and is more of a leasure tool :300:51
starpwnagegentoo, it has like 13 lines of text00:52
geth022AYO, someone can help me with my ALSA difficulties? Got speakers on my laptop that will play, but no outputjack00:52
wolfe213_thats pretty crazy I thought I was being slick rolling back install of mythtv with tasksel I didnt know it was gonna remove the whole system00:52
DeLorean731Where would I go for windows MBR help?00:52
urlin2uChief-Wolf, is the 75 gig a slave?00:52
zakidineokay i'll ask again00:52
Gentoo64DeLorean731, ##windows00:52
Chief-WolfUrilin2u, It is the slave, the 250 is the primary, ubuntu is on the 7500:52
zakidinehow can i recover the "user-sound" that disapeared from my gnome bar00:52
DeLorean731thank you00:52
urlin2uChief-Wolf, yo may have problems if you want grub to boot both, I would put both in the master.00:53
Moonstarthanks for your help...hope you all have a good day or evening00:53
starpwnagegentoo64, what part of the text do you want? it mainly has stuff like rx packets :0, trhen with tx00:53
Chief-WolfAh, I'm gonna have to do a Full System Whipe and go BACK to w7 before I put ubuntu back on the 75 than?00:53
starpwnagethen there is interrupt: 40 base  adress 0x600000:53
Gentoo64starpwnage, it should say your local ip like 192.168 etc00:53
redragon_yaerkin, there is a new paste with ip route output00:53
redragon_fpaste doesn't like me sometimes :)00:54
Gentoo64Chief-Wolf, no. if you dont use ubuntu much you can select what drive to boot from when you turn the pc on00:54
urlin2uChief-Wolf, not sure what you mean basically you can't boot with a slave where grub would be in the mbr.00:54
starpwnagegentoo64, the closest thing is
Gentoo64starpwnage, do you use dhcp? if not then youll need to manually set an address00:54
geth022Hey, is there a dedicated channel for alsa problems?00:54
ninwaIs it possible to get a program's description via apt-get or some similar command without checking it through the ubuntu software center? I may have overlooked, but I've checked apt-get help and man 8 apt-get for any clues.00:54
Chief-Wolfi'm about to reformat with everything on the Master, wish me luck~00:54
urlin2ugeth022, in ubuntu yes00:54
starpwnagegentoo64, i think the installer autometically set up dhcp00:55
JusticeZeroI'm waiting for 11.10 because 11.04 apparently has driver issues with my new laptop that are cleared up in the new edition. plus I can't seem to get it to install off of the stick grrrr..00:55
geth022urlin2u: cool, what is it?00:55
Flannelninwa: apt-cache show packagename, or apt-cache showpkg packagename  (they each give similar, but different, info)00:55
yeatsninwa: apt-cache search <package>00:55
Gentoo64geth022, its this channel00:55
Gentoo64geth022, but its not an alsa problem00:55
ninwaah, thank you guys, I wasn't aware of apt-cache, I should have tab-completed on "apt- " honestly.00:55
geth022kaaaay, what would it then be?00:55
Gentoo64geth022, the usual.. a laptop problem lol00:56
Gentoo64with ubuntu00:56
islam__guys you are just great00:56
blsh0pwill skype for 10.04 work for 11.0400:56
starpwnagegentoo64, would 'sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces' be the commnand i use and then enter the stuff like shown in a tutorial? including address, broadcast, mask e.t.c?00:56
islam__linux is the BEST00:56
geth022other people with my laptop have kindof had the same problem and had the issue fixed, i don't understand what's "different" about my computer00:57
blsh0pwill skype work for 11.04?00:57
urlin2uislam__, cam up and running?00:57
islam__now I'm not going to log in to windows again forever00:57
wolfe213_blsh0p: skype is in the software center under partners or whatever00:57
yaerkinredragon_: That's really weird.  Try 'ping -I eth1' (that is a capital i)00:57
=== X_ is now known as FreeNET
Gentoo64starpwnage, yes you can change it to static00:57
blsh0pbut it says its for 10.0400:57
islam__urlin2u: yes and thanx to you bro00:57
wolfe213_blsh0p: well install it and find out I guess00:57
urlin2uislam__, I was just guessing cool>00:57
blsh0paffirmative, wolfe21300:58
zhcblinux by YLMF is the best00:58
islam__now I can run the exe files, webcam, and every thing is better than windows, never gonna login to windows again00:58
JusticeZeroaargh hate windows.. still at a loss how to get updates though!00:58
islam__thanx to you mate, n you guys are the BEST00:58
starpwnagegentoo64, do i keep auto lo00:58
Gentoo64islam__, enjoy no viruses00:58
starpwnageiface lo intet loopback00:59
redragon_yaerkin, whats even weirder is that both machine exhibit the same issue00:59
islam__is there any where I can recommend you guys or some how to say thank you ?00:59
Gentoo64starpwnage, yes00:59
islam__or help linux be number one in the world ?00:59
starpwnagegentoo64, thanks and once i finish typing the stuff into the file, how do i exit and save? i couldnt work iut out last time :S00:59
jseongtae76_Hello, everyone01:00
Gentoo64starpwnage, press esc to exit insert mode, then type :x01:00
JusticeZeroto help it be number one get more people using it. the more users the faster it improves.01:00
jseongtae76_my apparmor has error01:00
Gentoo64starpwnage, or use nano, its just ctrl+x with nano01:00
jseongtae76_How I solve this error01:00
redragon_yaerkin, in all my years i've not seen a box blatently disreguard routing like that01:00
jseongtae76_error message:.: 35: Can't open /lib/apparmor/functions01:00
islam__I'm allready doing that on facebook and twitter01:00
jseongtae76_I was change mysql directory01:00
JusticeZerook, gonna try the forums, this is beyond annoying.01:01
islam__by the way the best thing about ubuntu is you guys, you are making every thing just easy01:01
geth022Anyone have any idea what i can do to get my output jack working? Toshiba L655D01:01
neil_mgroup hug?01:01
urlin2uJusticeZero, are you using wine?01:01
wolfe213_islam__: yeah, uninstalling my whole system just a few minute ago by accident was real EASY01:02
JusticeZeroI do..01:02
lakcajHello.  Does anyone know of a gmail notifier that supports multiple accounts and is actually working right now?  The firefox extension I usually use as well as all the gnome gmail notifiers I've tried won't log in anymore.  Suggestions?01:02
=== wolfe213_ is now known as wolfe213
JusticeZeronot at the moment, mind..01:02
Gentoo64wolfe213, unlucky lol01:02
calimike20Hi, I am a new user to the distro and am using 11.04. I am trying to get the original terminals to show up. I used to do this in Slackware and Red Hat by escaping out using ctrl-alt F1, then toggling around using the F-keys. Any thoughts?01:02
wolfe213yeah well how was I suppose to know running tasksel and unselecting mythtv would uninstall everything01:02
islam__wolfe213: you can do every thing easily by asking those marvilas ppl here01:02
urlin2uJusticeZero, go to the wine ppa and make sure the key is correct and your apt/get sources.list ois correct.01:02
JusticeZeroI have no idea what signature goes to wine, and nothing said *wine* anywhere.01:02
Gentoo64calimike20, should be the same ctrl alt + f101:03
wolfe213I kinda figured it would only remove the mythtv stuff and leave the standard ubuntu base and desktop01:03
wenexxhey there01:03
starpwnagei still cant ping anything :(01:03
Gentoo64starpwnage, did you reoot?01:03
yaerkinredragon_: Are you 100% certain that the interface names correspond to the NICs you think they do?01:03
calimike20Gentoo, I can escape out, but I only see a blank black screen01:03
islam__wolfe213: just come here any time and ask the guys here they already helped me with a thousand issues already01:03
calimike20no login prompt.01:03
Gentoo64calimike20, tried all the f's?01:03
zakidineokay, i manager to restore the user name on the gnome bar01:03
redragon_yaerkin, what do you mean?01:03
urlin2uJusticeZero, may bne in .etc/apt/sources.list.d01:04
zakidinebut the "sound icon" is still disapeared01:04
zakidinehow can i get it back?01:04
calimike20Gentoo, I tried them all.01:04
Gentoo64calimike20, no idea :s sorry!01:04
starpwnagerestarting now01:04
yaerkinredragon_: You've got 2 interfaces.  Are you absolutely sure that eth0 is the card you think it is?01:04
petesterwhat's the best way to make my computer automatically check it's public ip and then email it or twitter it or whatever?01:04
yaerkin(and vice versa)01:04
redragon_eth0 is working fine01:05
Gentoo64starpwnage, you can bring up / down the net interface but i just reboot after changes01:05
wolfe213islam__: yeah well I'm familiar with the process.. been using debian for like 12 years and I'm linux+ certified01:05
petesteri think curl stopped working like 2 years ago01:05
calimike20Can someone remind me which file in etc was responsible for displaying the login terminal tty (like for f1 to f12)?01:05
redragon_I show links, if I do arping to the 100 subnet it returns the mac of the 104 subnet01:05
starpwnagestill unkown host01:05
Gentoo64wolfe213, how did you manage to "uninstall" ubuntu by accident?01:05
geth022Anyone have any idea what i can do to get my output jack working? Toshiba L655D. I can give you my alsa info01:06
Gentoo64starpwnage, maybe you did the net config wrong? does lspci show the network card?01:06
wolfe213Gentoo64: uh cause in debian 1) there is no mythtv in tasksel, and 2) if there was it would not uinstall everything down to the tasksel program itself just by unchecking it.. heh01:06
starpwnagegentoo64, http://pastebin.com/Rw61J4Ep01:06
JusticeZeroSeemed to be in order..?01:06
wolfe213nor would it have just restarted gdm while I had the reinstall running in an xterm01:06
lakcajSo nobody is using a gmail notifier right now that actually works?01:06
Gentoo64starpwnage, theres no lo in there01:06
Gentoo64wolfe213, ah ok01:07
wolfe213if I knew that would happen I wouldve had it in screen.. now I gotta start it back up.. in debian it won't restart any services unless you confirm first01:07
JusticeZeroIn any case, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa did not help it to update, and that's the command line from winehq01:07
starpwnagegentoo64, i left the other stuff in there, its further up, not in that document though01:07
starpwnagegentoo64, and it does show the ethernet controller which is what im using01:07
Gentoo64starpwnage, can you ping the router?01:07
starpwnagegentoo64, if i can find the ip for the router01:08
urlin2uJusticeZero, you have it installed already you can save the key that is in the ppa in a gedit in home and add it to software sources.01:08
Gentoo64probably or 0.101:08
=== Auriel__ is now known as Auriel
starpwnagegentoo64, it would be defult gateway in cmd right?01:08
JusticeZeronot sure I understand what you mean by that.01:09
starpwnageok, it says network is unreachable01:09
redragon_yaerkin, further the udev rules show the same mac for the respective output from ifconfig01:09
Gentoo64starpwnage, is your cable plugged in? lol01:09
urlin2uJusticeZero, is this the ppa your using?01:09
qinlakcaj: What notifier?01:10
urlin2uhttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wine/+archive/ppa JusticeZero01:10
Gentoo64starpwnage, is this on the server? can you paste the ifconfig -a01:10
geth022Where could i go to get more specific help?01:10
JusticeZeroit should be?01:10
Gentoo64geth022, in the system settings somewhere theres sound options have you played with that?01:10
starpwnagei have my main pc which im using now (windows) and the server connected to the rotuer via ethernet cable01:10
urlin2uJusticeZero, this I think is the correct without really knowing to be honest. http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppas/601:11
geth022Gentoo64: yeah, i checked the only available option in hardware and there wasn't much i could do01:11
JusticeZeroWine has been installed for some time without issues. I do the install as directed on winehq (as the Ubuntu repositoryu has been known to be wonky)01:11
geth022Gentoo64: would there be another channel with more help like what i'm looking for?01:12
Gentoo64geth022, maybe try making a forum thread on it if no one has any clues here01:12
wenexxdo someone know how to find/enter the nautilus channel? I have some ideas like mindcontrol and stuff like that ;-)01:12
bazhangwenexx, nautilus channel?01:12
urlin2uJusticeZero, I am always amazed people use wine at all to be honest seems likw a hassle when you can just dual boot.01:12
Gentoo64geth022, not sure tbh, a lot of specific channels are very quiet01:13
starpwnage_im back, sorry01:13
JusticeZeroand it's been installed for a couple months. It's only recently that I became unable to get any Ubuntu updates.01:13
=== dill is now known as DILL
geth022where are the most commonly used forums hidden at?01:13
starpwnage_ifconfig x packets and tx packets seems like they were sent, no errors or none dropped01:13
JusticeZerodual booting is a huge hassle.01:13
Gentoo64geth022, just google ubuntu forums01:13
Gentoo64youll find it01:13
wenexxyeah. I posted some ideas in ubuntu.brainstorm and they told me I may should try the irc.gnome.org #nautilus channel/room, but I am new in irc and was alone there, or wrong?01:14
urlin2uJusticeZero, really  have 7 OS's on one Hd it is easy once you know hopw, two are windows.01:14
Gentoo64why on earth? lol01:14
Gentoo64id consideer that bloat01:15
urlin2uGentoo64, why not8 actually counting the virtual01:15
xanguawenexx: irc.gnome.org is not irc freenote01:15
JusticeZeroyeah, it's not strictly -difficult- so much as -annoying- to close up everything, shut down, reboot, have the clock go off, to run one program, then shut down and reboot to do anything else.01:15
urlin2uGentoo64, it is nice to know how how other OS's run if you want to help.01:15
qinJusticeZero: You need to discover virtualization yet.01:16
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
starpwnage_gentoo64, would i be able to just setup a webserver using ubuntu desktop? then install mysql, apache and other stuff?>01:17
JusticeZeroi'm using a netbook, here01:17
=== richtr0ye is now known as richtroye
Gentoo64starpwnage_, yea of course01:17
wenexxxangua thanks so I try empathy again...01:17
Gentoo64starpwnage_, tbh youll prob find it easier if your not comfortable with cli01:17
Gentoo64starpwnage_, that way youll have the gui for all the network stuff etc01:17
starpwnage_gentoo64, well i might just try that for now then, and come back to this if i ever get more experince01:18
=== cash is now known as Y2FzaAo
StelpaHey, I am having a bit of trouble with my command line... i screwed something up a long time ago, and never bothered to fix it, but it is bugging me; whenever i start up my command line, it begins with the following text;01:18
Stelpamkdir: cannot create directory `/dev/cgroup/cpu/user/7957': No such file or directory01:18
Stelpabash: /dev/cgroup/cpu/user/7957/tasks: No such file or directory01:18
starpwnage_thanks for all the help though01:19
Stelpaany idea how i can fix that?01:19
=== Y2FzaAo is now known as Cash-san
=== Cash-san is now known as Cash-dono
Gentoo64Stelpa, it means its not there01:19
StelpaGentoo64: what's not there? it prints this message every time i start up the terminal01:20
Gentoo64it means that dir doesnt exist01:20
Stelpawhat directory?01:20
Stelpai haven't typed anything yet when it prints this01:21
Stelpaso i should make it?01:21
Gentoo64dont know why its saying that01:21
Stelpaneither do i :<01:21
Gentoo64i dont know what you messed up before :s01:21
Gentoo64a long time ago...01:21
Stelpalol, i dont remember :s01:21
Stelpai will try making the directory, to see what it does01:22
Stelpawho knows :p01:22
Gentoo64it may get rid of the error01:22
Gentoo64you might get a new one01:22
Gentoo64either way, somethings wrong01:22
bzbeesladen: ATTENTION: #caretown has moved to #gnaa01:22
bzbeeZethrok: ATTENTION: #caretown has moved to #gnaa01:22
bzbeeSmedles: ATTENTION: #caretown has moved to #gnaa01:22
bzbeelahwran: ATTENTION: #caretown has moved to #gnaa01:22
bzbeeDreamer3: ATTENTION: #caretown has moved to #gnaa01:22
FloodBot1bzbee: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:22
Stelpai did it, Gentoo64; the error changed01:24
Stelpait is now:01:24
Stelpamkdir: cannot create directory `/dev/cgroup/cpu/user/8229': Permission denied01:24
Stelpabash: /dev/cgroup/cpu/user/8229/tasks: No such file or directory01:24
sladenbzbee: that's nice01:24
Gentoo64Stelpa, your not gona be able to fix it by manually making all them files01:25
Stelpawhat can i do then, Gentoo64?01:26
Gentoo64i dont know, if it was ages ago you messed something up and its bothering you then maybe reinstall?01:26
MrFisherman11.10 help?01:27
Gentoo64ubuntu+1 i think01:27
MrFishermanim logging in as root automaticallfor some reason01:27
StelpaGentoo64: !01:28
StelpaGentoo64: i proved you wrong!01:28
Stelpai fixed it manually by making all the files!01:28
Stelpalol :P01:28
Gentoo64good for you :)01:28
Bustinis there a bug with realtek ethernet cards within linux?01:28
Stelpai just changed the permissions on the files so access wasn't denies, and yay! :D01:28
Corey!oneric | MrFisherman01:28
ubottuMrFisherman: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:28
Stelpano reinstall required ^_^01:28
Gentoo64Bustin, 8168?01:28
Stelpaty Gentoo64 :)01:28
Bustinhow to solve this crap01:28
Gentoo64Bustin, yes there is01:28
Gentoo64buy a new NIC if you're serious01:29
Gentoo64kernel dont support 8168 properly01:29
Gentoo64i bought an intel nic to replace my onboard 816801:29
Bustinwondered why I couldn't get a secure connection to any mirrors with any distro01:29
Gentoo64not just that, it ocmpletely cuts out forcing a cmos reset01:29
Gentoo64you can install the driver01:29
Bustinso it's pretty much pointless installing Ubuntu until I replace the card01:29
Gentoo64but good luck with updates01:30
Bustinupdates as in for the driver, or ubuntu itself?01:30
Gentoo64Bustin, you can install it, then replace the card. it uses the 8169 driver01:30
Gentoo64Bustin, kernel updates, and dist upgrades01:31
Gentoo64well they broke my downstairs comps connection anyway, even with the driver installed. its just a dodgy card on linux01:31
Gentoo64Bustin, id buy an intel one tbh youll have no problems ever01:32
BustinGentoo64: was looking @ this - http://ncix.com/products/?sku=15706&vpn=PWLA8391GTBLK&manufacture=Intel01:33
scwizardwhen I passwd myname it also changes the root password, what's going on here?01:33
Bustinanywho, thanks.01:33
Gentoo64yes theyre all good. i use the CT but theyre all 100% supported in linux01:33
dr_willisscwizard:  root password? You mean the password you give to 'sudo01:34
dr_willis ?01:34
scwizarddr_willis: yes01:34
Gentoo64scwizard, thats not root pass that user01:34
dr_willisscwizard:  t hat makes perfect sence.. since the sudo password is theusers password.01:34
Gentoo64sudo allows users to do any command01:34
dr_willisif differnt users had sudo rights. they each give their own password.01:34
scwizardhow do I make it so that myname doesn't have sudo rights?01:35
dr_willisYou have other users with sudo rights?01:35
scwizarddr_willis: no01:35
scwizardjust one user total actually01:35
Gentoo64why do it then?01:35
scwizardlet me create another tho01:35
dr_willisscwizard:  then you DONT want to do that. :) :P01:35
webservferfirefox wont let me save web pages :.(01:35
Gentoo64good luck doing ANYTHING lol01:35
scwizarddr_willis: kk, I'm going to go and create another user with sudo rights01:35
Flannelscwizard: deluser myname admin01:36
dr_willisnewly made users would not have sudo rights by default scwizard01:36
scwizardyes by default01:36
Gentoo64scwizard, are you trying to make it like windows with a limited user?01:36
dr_willisscwizard:  why are you doing all this?01:36
Gentoo64the point of sudo is that you dont HAVE t use it01:36
Gentoo64ie everything is done as limited user01:36
scwizardbut if I do adduser new_user --system01:36
scwizardthen they do right?01:36
notverygoodatthihello everyone, I could use some help regarding installing ubuntu studio to dual boot alongside windows 7. I attempted to install from a USB stick using unetbootin , then accidentally passed the stage of installation where you select additional packages without having selected anything. When I went back to that step and selected the packages I wanted, the installation failed, and the syste01:36
notverygoodatthim got stuck in fsck with an error. Since then I've tried reinstalling (wiping the partition in the process) several times, and whenever I get to the step where you select packages it only shows the ones I selected during the first installation, then fails in the same ways. I even reinstalled the installer on the USB drive, to no avail. I have no idea what to do. help please?01:36
FloodBot1notverygoodatthi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:36
notverygoodatthiwhew, wall of text=01:36
Gentoo64notverygoodatthi, it shouldnt have messed anything up if it didnt begin installing01:37
BustinGentoo64: any chance in the near future a fix will be released for that issue?01:37
webservferhow do i change permission on folder and files01:37
Gentoo64Bustin, i doubt it tbh its been around for years01:38
Gentoo64maybe one day...01:38
DeLorean731No one seems to be able to help me in ##windows... would any help be available to fix a windows boot sector via ubuntu live disc or something?01:38
notverygoodatthiit was in the process of installing01:38
wildbat!permession | webservfer01:38
BustinOH, one of those bugs.01:38
CluelessPersonWould it work if I put the linux installation on my usb hard drive as a boot disk, then put that hard drive inside my netbook, to boot and install ubuntu onto it's own internal drive it's booting from?01:38
Gentoo64DeLorean731, google fix windows mbr01:38
Gentoo64youll find it,01:38
wildbat!permission | oops  webservfer01:38
ubottuoops  webservfer: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions01:38
DeLorean731I have, I've tried a number of solutions01:38
notverygoodatthiwhen I went back, it was at the final "hey you need to reboot" message but with an option to go back01:38
Gentoo64Bustin, yea, no idea why its not been fixed01:38
Gentoo64notverygoodatthi, so what happens when you boot the livecd and go for anotheri nstall?01:39
dr_willisCluelessPerson:  you can do that i imagine.01:39
Bustinthere hasn't been any successful work-arounds that you know of as well? I mean if it's been years... someones had to have had some success lol01:39
webservferpermissions tap does nothing it just reverts back to defaul01:39
Gentoo64Bustin, yes, theres a driver you can manually install01:39
Gentoo64Bustin, but it breaks on updates01:39
webservferi can't change anything01:39
BustinGentoo64: alright, so new NIC card it is, thanks. Lol01:40
Gentoo64so i wouldnt recommend it, the 8168 does work, but badly. so id use it as it is until you get a new card tbh01:40
scwizarddr_willis: I want to change the name of the user with sudo rights01:40
Gentoo64if you get any problems reset the cmos01:40
notverygoodatthiwell it's not a liveCD, just the installation thing, and like I said, when I try to reinstall, even if I wipe the ubuntu partition, it still show only those packages which I selected the first time as options, then fails to install regardless of whether I choose to install them or not01:40
scwizarddr_willis: and I want the user that previously had sudo rights to be a regular user01:40
Gentoo64notverygoodatthi, how does it fail?01:40
webservferjust install it next to windows it so much easier01:41
scwizardso right now I have one user: Abe, Abe has sudo rights01:41
scwizardI want two users, Abe and Beth, where Beth has sudo rights and Abe doesn't01:41
oldschoolhi can anyone help me out am use ubuntu desktop 10.04 and am getting this error here (failed to run/usr/sbin/synaptic '--hide-main-window'--non-interactive'' '--parent-windoiw-id '41943082''-o' 'synaptic::closezvt=ture--progress-str' 'please wait, this can take some time.' '--finish-str' 'update is complete' '--set-selections-file' '/tmp/tmp7sztg' as user root. unable to copy the users xauthorization file)01:41
dr_willisscwizard:  why does it really matter. :)  but thats should be easialy doable.01:42
notverygoodatthiit goes through the process, then tells me that the "select and install software" has failed, and brings me to the menu for different steps01:42
dr_willisscwizard:  just be sure to make the 2nd admin user first.. then remove rights from the first one.01:42
webservferscwizard the just set ade to not need a password to log in01:42
Gentoo64scwizard, what does it say when you run groups01:42
qinscwizard: man adduser; man deluser01:43
notverygoodatthiif I try to complete the installation regardless, when I try to boot ubuntu it runs fsck then gets stuck with an error that I can't remember01:44
scwizardqin: so to change Abe from a user with sudo rights to a user without sudo rights, I need to delete and recreate the user?01:44
notverygoodatthiI think it was "disconnected from plymouth"01:44
Gentoo64scwizard, why dont you want sudo rights?01:44
webservferso I'm locked out of downloading files from firefox and changing things doesn't seem to be going well. permissions is lock me out. it just goes back to setting that were all really given so I'm at a loss01:44
Gentoo64scwizard, has someone else got your password or something?01:45
qinscwizard: I think: sudo deluser Abe admin01:45
qinscwizard: Let me check01:45
scwizardGentoo64: nono, I just want the user that doesn't have sudo rights to be named "Abe"01:45
Gentoo64lol ok01:45
urlin2uwebservfer, any errors you like to pastebin, and be more exacting in the despription01:45
Gentoo64scwizard, they can both have sudo rights you know01:46
scwizardGentoo64: duh, but I want there to exist a user named abe that doesn't have sudo rights01:46
Gentoo64webservfer, do you use apparmor?01:46
qinscwizard: All would be, as Abe: sudo adduser Beth; sudo adduser Beth admin; sudo deluser Abu admin;01:46
notverygoodatthianyone? I'm at a loss here, I don't even understand how there's any memory stored of those options I selected the first time01:47
scwizardI dun get why people are so curious why I want to do what I want to do :/01:47
webservferGentoo64, apparmor?01:47
scwizardthaks qin01:47
webservferi guess not01:47
Gentoo64webservfer, ok dw01:47
qinscwizard: Last part may need to be run as Beth.01:47
webservferNo not getting the error anymore and firefox is letting me write files now, but still i can't change a thing in permissions tap01:48
* redragon_ slaps the server around until networking begins to work properly01:48
urlin2uscwizard, we don't like to waste time and want to make sure a user actually knows what there doing.01:48
scwizardno urlin2u you mean they're01:49
urlin2uscwizard, oh thank you mister know it all.01:50
wladstonguys, looking for info on how to update ubuntu from 10.04 to 11.04 on an openvz vps.01:50
urlin2uwladston, you have to go up[ per distro01:51
notverygoodatthican no one help me with my thing?01:51
wladstonurlin2u: the thing is .... when I do a dist-upgrade, I break the box01:51
Gentoo64thats quite normal01:52
oldschoolhi can anyone help me out am use ubuntu desktop 10.04 and am getting this error here (failed to run/usr/sbin/synaptic '--hide-main-window'--non-interactive'' '--parent-windoiw-id '41943082''-o' 'synaptic::closezvt=ture--progress-str' 'please wait, this can take some time.' '--finish-str' 'update is complete' '--set-selections-file' '/tmp/tmp7sztg' as user root. unable to copy the users xauthorization file)01:52
wladstonurlin2u: I was hoping someone here is familiar with running ubuntu on those cheap vps01:52
scwizard"Abe is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported." Abe's gonna get arrested :O01:52
Gentoo64scwizard, heh is that what it says now?01:53
urlin2uwladston, you can only go from LTS to LTS or up by distro, why it is breaking wil need more info.01:53
Gentoo64scwizard, the gona get arrested bit?01:53
Gentoo64ah ok :p01:53
Gentoo64theres some script that says funny stuff with sudo01:54
wladstonurlin2u: right.. thanks :)01:54
IbisGentoo64: Fortune?01:54
wladstonurlin2u: what kind of info would help ?01:54
Gentoo64Ibis, idk what its called. on gentoo if you enable offensive when you install sudo it says insults01:54
wladstonurlin2u: the box just doesn't bring the network or any service up01:54
IbisSpeaking of that, I recently switched from linuxmint and already missing it.01:54
Gentoo64when you enter wrong password etc01:54
IbisCan you give me a sample?01:55
Gentoo64i dont have it enabled any more01:55
Gentoo64no swear words though01:55
Gentoo64just silly stuff01:55
urlin2uwladston, any errors for the distro upgrade probably, not really an area will have much comment in I never upgrade, just fresh installs here.01:55
FlannelGentoo64: Gentoo64, Ibis: sudo visudo, then edit the line that says "Defaults" and add ,insults to the end of it01:56
Gentoo64ah ok01:56
wladstonurlin2u: right. the dist upgrade runs cleanly. the problem probably happens because this vps don't have a REAL kernel01:56
Gentoo64lol never really looked into it01:56
BustinGentoo64: A bit OT, is there a way to replace unity with gnome 3? I am not a big fan of unity.01:57
wladstonurlin2u: it's like a virtual kernel ... and I have to idea how to debug it01:57
Bustinbut I do love gnome 301:57
Gentoo64Bustin, it breaks ubuntu apparently01:57
Gentoo64not upposrted01:57
Gentoo64Bustin, i think the onl way is another distro for gnome 3 atm01:57
Bustinaka Fedora01:58
qinBustin: 11.10 is gnome3 based, just wait couple of weeks.01:58
rwwBustin: There's an unsupported and unstable PPA for 11.04, and GNOME 3 is in 11.10 (which comes out next month).01:58
Bustinor arch, and manually install01:58
{-_-}Bustin: you can use gnome-shell 2.32, it;s in the repos01:58
notverygoodatthiI don't mean to be a nuisance but I could really use an answer to my question, idk how long you're supposed to wait before reposting01:58
{-_-}Bustin: it's01:58
urlin2uwladston, not really sure with vps either never ran one, 10.04 is longterm I would stay there really I gues.01:58
Gentoo64notverygoodatthi, make a forum thread on it youll get more focus that way01:59
wladstonurlin2u: I would like to keep 10.04 too. the problem is that the 10.04 package of the software I need to run has a bug01:59
Nautiluswhat is /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini.ucf-dist ?01:59
webservferhow would i go about elevating user privileges?01:59
Gentoo64webservfer, what do you mean?02:00
Gentoo64use sudo?02:01
macer1Win7 and Ubuntu breaked at the same time, they are stack at splash screen in bootloader. OSX boots...my hard drive breaked :(?02:01
webservferGentoo64, i don't have the privileges needed to gain access to some files, such as my grub config file02:01
Gentoo64webservfer, use sudo02:02
webservferjust sudo?02:02
Gentoo64or gksudo for gui02:02
Gentoo64like gedit02:02
FishsceneGreetings. I recently purchased a song on the "Ubuntu One Music Store" and the wrong one was given to me. On top of that, I am now unable to view the album that holds the song I want to purchase, but I can view other albums. How would I open a support ticket?02:02
webservferwell i tried but i need to open the file with sudo in the command line right?02:02
Gentoo64webservfer, yes02:03
Gentoo64webservfer, use sudo vim/nano on the config or gksudo gedit on it02:03
macer1Fishscene: what client do you use? banshee? rhytmbox?02:03
webservferok so sudo gedit then the file name?02:03
FishsceneI bought it on Banshee, but I'm now at home on Rythmbox02:03
Gentoo64webservfer, yes, or the full path to the file name if you're not in the directory. use gksudo for anything thats not in the command line02:04
webservferok thanks so much02:04
Gentoo64sudo will work but gksudo is the proper way02:04
webservferGentoo64, just did a check in my user settings I am not administrator can you help?02:05
Gentoo64what does groups say02:06
qinwebservfer: Try: lsb_release -sc02:06
webservfergin, what should i do that for?02:07
webservferI'm running in bash shell, idk how that effects me02:07
qinwebservfer: To know what version are you running.02:07
webservferoh natty of course :)02:08
macer1no help with my question? my hard drive breaked?02:08
qinwebservfer: Is it remove server?02:08
webservfermacer1, how02:08
rasustohello i would like to know why my mac address changes to the default whenever i connect to a network02:09
FishsceneDoes anyone know how to file a support request for purchasing music from the Ubuntu One Store?02:09
macer1webservfer: how what?02:09
Praet0riansup all02:10
webservfergin, no words of wisdom?02:10
JeruvyFishFace: you should do that  https://one.ubuntu.com/help/contact/02:10
a4I'm running Ubuntu 11.04, I read a guide on installing Amarok (despite not running KDE) and it told me to enable the kubuntu backports repository and now when i check for updates it tells me i need to do a "partial upgrade". This isnt going to switch me to kubuntu is it?02:11
=== anthony is now known as Guest84316
Nautiluscan anyone tell me the size (and maybe date) of the default /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini in 10.04LTS ?02:11
Guest84316cant find you....02:11
Fishsceneok Thanks02:11
Jeruvya4, no but you'll still have a lot of KDE installed so you probably could :)02:12
a4what will this "partial upgrade" do then Jeruvy? Put me on 11.10 beta?02:12
=== smackpotato is now known as register
Jeruvya4 think of partial upgrades as broken, since they have a high likeliness of doing that02:13
=== register is now known as sma
soreauGuest84316: See private message..02:13
Jeruvya4 determine which package(s) are causing it and see if you can resolve those02:13
=== sma is now known as smackpotat
webservferJeruvy, do you know what the bash shell is?02:14
a4well its suggesting about 30 packages relating to kde libs and amarok files Jeruvy02:14
urlin2ua4, Amarok is in the ubuntu repo's02:14
Jeruvya4, most of them should be fine.02:14
bjvWhat package is required for userspace support of LVM?  I just installed oneiric yesterday, and none of my old LVM partitions show up in File Browser?02:14
a4yes i did sudo apt-get install amarok and a guide said i needed to enable the kubuntu backports on top of that urlin2u02:15
bjvi could see them all when i did the advanced set up in the Installer?02:15
webservfera4, well you should do it02:15
urlin2ua4, okay than, never used itjOpBnaZvsN02:15
upgrdmani was using an onboard ati video card. i just upgraded to an nvidia card. at first x wouldn't start so i uninstalled the catalyst packages and used a backup of my xorg.conf. now x starts. system > admin > additional drivers no longer shows anything. how can i install the nvidia drivers?02:16
Praet0rianIbis, why the ctcp02:16
IbisJust to see what chat client you use.02:17
Praet0rianI use BitchX usually but I cant turn off socks usage in it lol02:18
Praet0rianthats why I have to use this crap02:18
webservferupgrdman, so you need the drivers? is that what your asking02:18
starpwnage_Hey, when i boot into ubuntu, i get a white screen with black lines, and then white with weird black things and lots of brackets... whats going on?02:18
upgrdmanwebservfer, yes. i tried using apt-get to install the package but then x won't start because it cant find the nvidia module.02:18
webservferupgrdman, did you try the synaptic package manager?02:19
upgrdmanhow would that be any different than apt-get?02:19
webservferupgrdman, sometimes i have better luck with it and it will download the dependences need for the package02:20
upgrdmanwebservfer, i tried it too, same deps. same problems :(02:20
webservferupgrdman, what about the addition drivers program?02:21
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
w0_hi.  running 11.04, unity -- what do you call the bar that pops up on the left? quicklaunch?02:22
upgrdmanthat's what i mentioned earlier. "system > admin > additional drivers no longer shows anything"02:22
webservferupgrdman, can you download the package you need?02:22
upgrdmanwebservfer, i tried using nvidias package. it has problems, the image gets scaled and looks like analog vga despite using dvi02:23
w0_shoot.  whatever it's called, how do I add/del programs on it?02:24
webservferupgrdman, well i don't know much about hardware and linux, but i do know that not every graphic card will run on the kernal02:24
webservferdid you check for support?02:24
Raveni'm having an issue with a new install of server 11.04.  trying to set up static ip but it wont access internet afterwards.  I can access local network but nothing outside.02:25
qinupgrdman: Have you update/upgrade and tried to use nouveau?02:25
webservferRaven, problem with modem?02:26
mikeypizanohey quick question, on 10.10 whats the command to start x shell? it booted to command line02:26
Jordan_URaven: Have you set a default gateway?02:26
qinmikeypizano: startx02:26
Ravenmy config is # This file describes the network interfaces available on your system            # and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5).                                                                                              # The loopback network interface                                                 auto lo eth0                                                                     iface lo inet loopback02:26
w0_what do you call the bar of icons that pops up on the left when I hover my mouse on the upper/left corner?  how do I add/del options?  much thx02:27
mikeypizanoi get "/bin/sh/: startx: not found02:27
Ravendidn't paste all02:27
Ravenset up is:  iface eth0 inet static                                                                   address                                                                 netmask                                                            broadcast                                                             network                                                                 gateway
qinmikeypizano: sudo service gdm start ? or: xinit -- :1 vt802:27
Jordan_U!pastebin | Raven02:27
ubottuRaven: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:27
Ravenok sorry all02:28
mikeypizanosudo not fount02:28
Ravenfile config is http://paste.ubuntu.com/695949/02:28
mikeypizanogoing to try rebooting, its the livecd btw02:28
qinmikeypizano: lsb_release -a02:29
mikeypizanosorry i already rebooted02:29
mikeypizanoi have a feeling it will boot to ash again though02:30
wolfe213how do I restart samba in ubuntu?02:30
SubCoolHey, someone help me with VNC. its acting weird. The screen goes black after two seconds. Its a very fast screen saver.02:30
Nautilusanyone here running 10.04 with the default php.ini files?02:31
Ravenif i switch back to dhcp there is no problem02:31
mikeypizanoyep, booted back to busybox built in shell02:31
qinwolfe213: sudo service smb restart (or s/smb/samba)02:31
Ravenwolfe213 use command restart smbd02:31
mikeypizanoqin, tried the lsb_release, same command not found02:32
wolfe213did a dpkg -L samba and figured that out.. heh02:32
wolfe213in debian its still "samba" that restarts both smbd and nmbd02:32
qinmikeypizano: echo $SHELL02:32
Ravenanyone have any idea why I can't access outside net?02:32
wolfe213Raven: I'm in your network?02:33
mikeypizanohold on qin, im trying to reboot again and hit esc02:33
mikeypizanosee a getpwuid_r() failed error02:33
madbovinehey guys...quick question...I have the latest flash installed on my computer but can't get it to work in chromium...anyone have any ideas?02:33
wolfe213madbovine: how did you install flash?02:33
mikeypizanosays failed due to unknown user id 0)02:34
scwizard"By default, the Root account password is locked in Ubuntu." if you unlocked root by mistake, how do you relock it?02:34
madbovinewell I'm using joli os....was supposed to come installed...shows that its installed in synaptic02:34
Ravenwolfe213 you can't be no external ip was given02:34
mikeypizanoecho $SHELL does nothing02:35
qinscwizard: man passwd, -l --lock02:35
wolfe213Raven: well then how am I seeing what you type if you cannot access the outside and I'm not in there?02:35
scwizardach and I swear I was just looking at man passwd02:35
scwizardI need to work on my reading skills02:35
Ravenwolfe213 i can access just not from that machine02:36
madbovinecan anyone help?02:36
mikeypizanodoes 10.10 have a safe mode or anything?02:36
XeronixMan I'm having trouble beyond belief. How would I get Ubuntu to recognize/probe for a new network device?02:36
=== yakeb-brb is now known as yakeb
aeon-ltdmadbovine: ask away, don't ask to ask02:37
madbovineI did ask02:37
angel56Xeronix: find out exactly what network device you have, find out what module(s) support that device, insert the modules (modprobe) and then configure the device02:38
Ravendoes anyone have any idea why this server isn't getting outside access when static ip is assigned?02:38
ThomasB2kHow can I make 720p video in VLC use less memory? I don't care about quality, just performance.02:38
w0_raven: what port?02:38
angel56Raven: did you define a default route and gw?02:39
Ravenangel56 yes i did02:39
w0_raven: just htought I'd say, my ISP blocks all my good ports. =\02:39
XeronixI modprobed for it02:39
angel56Raven: did you define dns servers in /etc/resolv.conf?02:39
Ravenw0 the machine isn't hitting the internet at all02:39
qinThomasB2k: reencode or framedroping (but it will rather help cpu than memory)02:39
Ravenangel56 yes i did02:40
XeronixIt's the ATH9K_HTC driver, but how the heck do I "configure the device"? It's like an Atheros 9281 USB wireless dongle02:40
angel56Raven: can you ping the gateway address?02:40
Xeronixnot too sure on that model number02:40
Ravenangel56 yes02:40
jrod2does anyone know what in 10.04 would cause my ssh/connections to get blocked to my server?02:40
angel56Raven: can you ping google.com?02:40
Praet0rianjrod2, elaborate02:41
Ravenno angel56 i can't02:41
angel56Raven: can you ping
Praet0rianRaven, run nslookup google.com and tell me what it says02:41
aphixehey guys i followed this guide, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153935         and well it worked once but when i rebooted it does not work anymore. i tried modprobe on step 4. but it said it needed to be ending in conf. and so i renamed it to bttv.conf and still no luck. how can i get bt878 to work.? always02:42
cipherboy_locjrond2 I might be having similar issues. When I try to connect from my laptop to my desktop via SSH, or from my iPod to my desktop it reports key exchange error.02:42
cipherboy_locExcept I am running 11.04.02:42
synackfinhow do I make it so that `apt-get install (pkg)` doesn't install the service to auto-run and kick it off?02:42
RavenPraet0rian nslookup is not installed at the moment02:43
Praet0riancipherboy_loc, you'll have to remake yhour sshd private key btw when you upgrade02:43
Ravenno angel56 i can't02:43
angel56Raven: then there is a problem getting through the gateway02:43
Ravenangel56 http://paste.ubuntu.com/695949/ this is my config02:44
angel56Raven: that doesn't look right. .254 is the broadcast address for the network. The gateway is the hub address, which is usually .102:45
angel56Raven: and your static ip should be something 'normal' I usually start my static IPs at 150 or 200.02:45
angel56Raven: you need to make sure you don't use a static ip that the hub might reassign as dynamic to someone else.02:46
Ravenangel56 that is the way I have it configured and have no problems with any other machine02:46
angel56Raven: you have broadcast and gateway the same?02:46
Ravenangel56 my dhcp has certain ip's blocked out for static assignment that is one of them02:46
tonsofpcsreally? what kind of network is using .254 for broadcast?02:47
Ravenit wont let me change the broadcast for some reason02:47
angel56Raven: well, if that works it is magic I never saw before02:47
angel56tonsofpcs: most networks use 254 for broadcast02:47
Ravenit has worked for me for 5 years now02:47
SubCoolHey, someone help me with VNC. its acting weird. The screen goes black after two seconds. Its a very fast screen saver.02:48
Tinybirdususally, .254 is used as a net gate.02:49
tonsofpcsangel56: erm... .255 is broadcast in a /2402:49
angel56tonsofpcs: maybe it is 255 usually...been a long time. But he has both broadcast and gw on the same ip02:49
Nautilustonsofpcs: hey there02:50
starpwnage_When i booted ubuntu 11.4 from a disk, it had the programs on the top and like a windows type bar along the bottom, how can i change to that on the installed version?02:50
tonsofpcshi Nautilus02:50
Nautilusoops, afk moment02:51
Raven.255 for broadcast does not work02:51
TinybirdRaven: try .002:51
tonsofpcsRaven: what are you trying to do?02:51
allowoverridex.x.x.255 is broadcast C class02:52
Raventinybird still no luck02:52
TinybirdRaven: Emm, I really have no idea about that.02:53
allowoverrideas in what you put for your default network settings in /etc/network/interfaces when setting as static02:53
allowoverrideif your on someone's network, not yours, then just set to dhcp02:54
aphixehey anyone know how to get bt878 working? i followed http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153935 but it only worked once02:54
allowoverrideaphixe: whats bt878?02:55
Ravenwell its bed time ty for trying all02:56
allowoverrideraven what was the question?02:56
aphixeallowoverride, it is a tv tuner card.. also known as a haupagge wintv card with chipset bt87802:58
allowoverrideaphixe: are you on ubuntu 7.1003:01
allowoverridedid you modprobe -v bttv?03:01
allowoverridewhat did that yeild?03:02
KMNsadfacehas anyone used RESCTUX to repair Grub2 and MBR?03:03
=== Praet0rian is now known as `Shadow`
allowoverrideaphixe: is wintv on the HCL list? did you check?03:06
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:07
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=== sagaci_ is now known as sagaci
allowoverridewintv sounds like you have to be  a wizard and write your on driver/mod03:07
roger21hi, i have a debian here (don't what exactly) and the ls displays the directory content size, i don't have that on my ubuntu (no alias) somebody knows how come03:07
nullwirecan anyone tell me how to change the boot order of my operating systems with ubuntu 10.04?03:07
=== Jens is now known as Guest21038
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
allowoverridei give03:08
roger21also corutils is 6.10-6 on the debian and 8.5-1ubuntu6 on ubuntu03:08
KMNsadfacehas anyone used RESCTUX to repair Grub2 and MBR?03:08
`Shadow`who runs this server any way03:08
qin`Shadow`: #freenode03:09
=== Freejack is now known as Guest20937
=== `Shadow` is now known as Praet0rian
redragon_yaerkin, it was networking not the servers03:17
rocktop_this is iptables -I INPUT -m geoip --src-cc CN -j DROP for drop all connections incoming from China how to use same to block all countries except  FR and US ?03:19
redragon_i would say have an allow for FR and US then a general drop03:19
=== Moosebar is now known as netyire
loganhoupI'm currently have problems attempting to get a proprietary driver running for my computer with an nvidia geforce 6150se graphics card. Can anyone help me? Unity works but I keep having random crashs03:20
rocktop_redragon_: what is the syntax I should to use ?03:20
redragon_iptables -I INPUT -m geoip --src-cc US -j ACCEPT03:21
redragon_iptables -I INPUT -m geoip --src-cc FR -j ACCEPT03:21
redragon_iptables -I INPUT -j DROP03:21
redragon_thats backward03:21
w0_us since you speak english03:21
redragon_so do this03:22
redragon_iptables -I INPUT -m geoip --src-cc US -j ACCEPT03:22
redragon_iptables -I INPUT 2 -m geoip --src-cc FR -j ACCEPT03:22
w0_sorry you're helpin someone else. my bad03:22
redragon_iptables -I INPUT 3 -j DROP03:22
loganhoupI'm currently have problems attempting to get a proprietary driver running for my computer with an nvidia geforce 6150se graphics card. Can anyone help me? Unity works but I keep having random crashs where I get random video noise across my screen at an angle :/03:22
loganhoupThe system also locks up completely and I have to restart.03:22
loganhoupThank you in advance for anyone who can help me out.03:23
redragon_sorry loganhoup i'm not super at desktop stuff :)03:24
redragon_rocktop_, that make sense?  do the last 3 i put in03:24
redragon_rocktop_, that way it will accept from US, and FR but drop everything else03:24
rocktop_redragon_: what about this iptables -P INPUT DROP03:24
rocktop_iptables -I INPUT -m geoip ! --src-cc FR,US -j DROP03:25
redragon_no exp with geoip but that may work if it accepts multiple src-cc03:25
loganhoupI'm currently running the "nvidia highly experimental 3d driver" and it's working but it kind of scares me. I've only been using it a few minutes so I'm not sure what to expect yet03:26
notverygoodatthihello people of #ubuntu03:27
zakidinehello notverygoodatthi03:27
redragon_rocktop_, http://fpaste.org/rUR9/03:27
rocktop_redragon_: because I have too many countries I want to accept I can use one rules for that ?03:28
notverygoodatthiidk if it's kosher to link to a problem posted elsewhere, but I haven't gotten any forum responses yet here : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184914403:28
notverygoodatthiand I could really use some help03:28
zakidinei have a question, weeks ago, i found some pictures of an ubuntu-gnome desktop that has the same board as MacosX03:28
zakidinethe menu of the opened window shown on the board03:28
rocktop_redragon_: what 2 and 3 mean on that rules ?03:28
zakidinedoes anyone know where i can get that?03:29
jtruckshas anyone used SpiderOak with ubuntu?03:29
loganhoupnope. Screen scrashed. Just blank white screen this time...03:29
=== eric_ is now known as talntid
redragon_insert it as rule 2 or 303:30
=== Ibis is now known as Ubuntusawr[xD]
redragon_without a number -I inserts it as rule 103:30
rocktop_redragon_: look like id ?03:30
w0_what's the best editor for the launcher bar?03:31
Ubuntusawr[xD]w0_: GUI or CLI?03:32
w0_gui -- unity03:32
Ubuntusawr[xD]I like using gedit.03:32
Ubuntusawr[xD]w0_: Gedit.03:32
w0_what files should I edit?03:32
redragon_rocktop_, huh?03:32
Ubuntusawr[xD]Whatever file you should be editing.03:33
w0_not to confuse you == sorry03:33
Ubuntusawr[xD]w0_: Follow a tutorial on how to do this, and it will mention exactly which file you want to edit.03:33
Ubuntusawr[xD]What are you trying to achieve?03:33
w0_the launcher bar that appeasrs when I float my mouse on the left ..03:33
Ubuntusawr[xD]If you don't mind me asking.03:33
w0_how do I change what programs are on there?03:33
w0_sorry for the mis-comm03:34
zakidinei found some pictures of an ubuntu-gnome desktop that has the same board as MacosX03:34
Ubuntusawr[xD]Ah that's easy.03:34
zakidinethe menu of the opened window shown on the board03:34
zakidinedoes anyone know where i can get that?03:34
notverygoodatthihas anyone taken a look at the thread?03:34
Ubuntusawr[xD]w0_: Click on an icon. Then HOLD your mouse click button.03:34
Ubuntusawr[xD]It will sorta "pop" and enable you to move them around.03:34
=== winut_ is now known as winut
w0_ubuntusawr[xd]: k.  that will let me remove items, how do I add?03:35
w0_(cool nick btw)03:35
=== b0nghittr is now known as b0nghitter
Ubuntusawr[xD]w0_: To ADD more icons to it, you can open up a program of your choice, then on the Unity launcher bar, right-click, THEN select "Keep in  luancher". and it will stay there.03:35
Ubuntusawr[xD]Thankies. ^_^03:35
Ubuntusawr[xD]w0_: You remove items by right clicking.03:35
w0_that was easy03:36
w0_thanks!! =)03:36
Ubuntusawr[xD]You MOVE / Change the order of icons by "Left clicking ONCE AND HOLD". Click and hold. Then you move the icon up or down.03:36
w0_am I a wierdo for saying I like unity? =P03:36
Ubuntusawr[xD]Now push and hold "SUPER" button on your keyboard. (the windows logo)03:36
Ubuntusawr[xD]And you'll see numbers on them icons.03:37
zakidineso no answer for me :'(03:37
w0_right.  got that.03:37
loganhoupI'm currently have problems attempting to get a proprietary driver running for my computer with an nvidia geforce 6150se graphics card. Can anyone help me? Unity works but I keep having random crashs where I get random video noise across my screen at an angle :/03:37
rocktop_redragon_: hi please check this is correct http://pastebin.com/UDr7TN9g ?03:37
Ubuntusawr[xD]Push that number and it instantly luanches, or UN-minimize your minimized programs03:37
w0_ubuntusawr[xd]: very nice.  I do appreciate it!03:38
=== TuRnc04tZ is now known as ChaosBringer
Ubuntusawr[xD]w0_: Unity Launcher is the correct term. You can call it the task bar, but I like the new "Unity Launcher" term better.03:38
Ubuntusawr[xD]You're welcome.03:38
notverygoodatthisome help please? again, question thread at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1849144 which I link because it's a long enough story to be a nuisance in chat03:38
Ubuntusawr[xD]I'm in love with Unity.03:38
xangua!repeat | loganhoup03:38
redragon_rocktop_, if you have no iptables to start with you can drop the numbers and change -I to -A and your good03:38
ubottuloganhoup: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:38
w0_wtf is up with 'wayland'?03:38
redragon_otherwise just do -I on the ACCEPTS and -A on the DROP and your good03:39
Ubuntusawr[xD]w0_: 'wayland'? Where do you see that at?03:39
alfplayerHello. Where does Gnome 2 or 3 store per-directory configuration "Arrange Items" (Manually, By Name, By Size, etc.)?03:39
sianhulopeps, ubuntu has a firewall(by default)03:39
redragon_rocktop_, like that03:39
alfplayerthat's a Nautilus config03:39
sianhuloi've tried 3 apps than need port forwadding and neither of them worked03:39
w0_hmmm  ubuntusawr, maybe it's old newz that fizzled..  supposed to be a replacement for x1103:40
=== eric_ is now known as LLStarks
MasterOfMinutiaHow does one change the default TTL on 11.04?  (sysctl is ineffective so far)03:41
rwww0_: Wayland is a replacement for Xorg. It's not going to be in Ubuntu any time soon, it's a rather long-term thing.03:41
Ubuntusawr[xD]w0_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Wayland          <------ Case sensitive URL here.03:42
w0_wehat browser are you using that is case sensitive? =)03:42
w0_nm I feel dumb03:43
Ubuntusawr[xD] w0_: http://wayland.freedesktop.org/smoke.png <---- Looks cool.03:43
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w0_ubuntusawr[xd]: very nice. =)03:44
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zakidinei'll ask my question again, it's the third time !!!03:45
w0_sup zakidine03:45
zakidine(calm down) okay, hum03:45
sianhulosomebody knows if ubuntu has a firewall that unable port forwadding?03:45
zakidinew0_,  hi, my question, i've seen some weeks ago a board (macosx like) of an ubuntu gnome desktop03:46
renancoelhoHi there, is there a simple command to upgrade minitube to its latest version? Vids aren't working on it for me...03:46
zakidinethat has the menu of an opened page on it03:46
zakidinejust like macosx style03:46
xanguarenancoelho: add minitube ppa03:46
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: Link or example please?03:46
zakidinei'm lookin for it, can't remember it name03:46
w0_what about it seems like a mac?03:47
Ubuntusawr[xD]Haxers/themers usually jsut has skills to make their desktop look like mac.03:47
zakidineUbuntusawr[xD],  if i had a link, i wouldnt be here03:47
rocktop_redragon_: itdosn't work with me03:47
w0_(I just got used to the top buttons on the left!! [yes, I know how to change that.])03:47
zakidinew0_,  yes but it's not a dock, like people answer me03:47
Ubuntusawr[xD]It's a Global Menu bar.03:47
Ubuntusawr[xD]With notifications.03:47
zakidineUbuntusawr[xD],  humm a link?03:48
Ubuntusawr[xD]Which I find rather sexy. Now if only we can make that appear at the botton. and WINDOW TITLE bar appears at the bottom too.03:48
misaqhello. how can I recover all my linux partitions and update my boot menu?03:48
jtrucksanyone have an estimate on how long an 8.04 LTS system upgrade to 10.04 LTS might take? (machine is on a pretty fast pipe and though a bit older isn't super pokey)03:48
jtruckslike... 2 hours? 4 hours?03:48
w0_jtrucks >1hr03:49
renancoelhoxangua: Thanks!03:49
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: Menu bar at top: http://cdn.ubergizmo.com/photos/2010/10/unity-ubuntu-one.jpg03:49
rwwjtrucks: Depends on the package set. Does it have a desktop installed or is it server? Bunch of extra packages or no?03:49
jtrucksrww: headless server. no X03:49
misaqhow can I recover my Linux partitions?03:49
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: So what are you really here asking for? A mac-like theme for Ubunut?03:49
zakidinetoo small  i can't see it03:49
renancoelhoxangua: but how do I add that?03:49
jtrucksrww: a fair number of extra packages, yes03:49
zakidinenot a theme gosh, i'm lookin for that bar03:49
zakidinei want it03:49
xanguarenancoelho: google add minitube ppa03:50
misaqhow can I recover my Linux partitions if I had Ubuntu and then installed Red Hat Linux 9 on it?03:50
renancoelhoxangua: ok, thanks!03:50
rocktop_redragon_. the rules that you give me doesn't work , I have iptables -I INPUT -m geoip --src-cc CN -j DROP work pretty much03:50
xanguazakidine: if you mean a dock there are plenty of them, explain clear03:50
rwwjtrucks: I'd guess an hour, two tops. Assuming the download is going to go quick and the installation is what will take up time.03:50
xanguadocky, cairo dock, avant zakidine03:50
misaqcan anyone help me?03:50
jtrucksyeah, I get 1 - 2 MB/s on this machine.03:50
jtrucksthanks folks.03:50
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: http://lh3.ggpht.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TM7jBzUdJqI/AAAAAAAACOM/D9ASdp59330/ubuntu10.10screenshotappmenufullscre.png03:51
Ubuntusawr[xD]That top bar.03:51
misaqjtrucks: do you know how I can recover my Linux partitions?03:51
rwwjtrucks: doing it remotely or locally?03:51
jtrucksmisaq: If I knew, I would have answered.03:51
jtrucksrww: remote, w/ console access if needed.03:52
zakidinexangua, why do you guys hate me, i'm not talkin about a doc, nor a theme03:52
almoxarifemisaq: you wrote over the partition and now want to restore what you wrote over?03:52
rwwjtrucks: good good03:52
jtruckslast time I upgraded was a looong time ago, and I couldn't remember how long iit took.03:52
KMNsadfacehello, has anyone used Rescatux to recover either Ubuntu/linux or Windows?03:52
misaqjtrucks: thanks.03:52
zakidinehumm Ubuntusawr[xD]  i disabled unity (not too much into it) should i unable it so i can have that?03:53
jtrucksrww: should I edit the grub menu before rebooting? I assume if I use the old kernel with new userland it won't boot, no?03:53
loganhoupI'm currently have problems attempting to get a proprietary driver running for my computer with an nvidia geforce 6150se graphics card. Can anyone help me? Unity works but I keep having random crashs where I get random video noise across my screen at an angle :/03:53
xanguazakidine: then explain clear like I said03:53
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: It's redundant to have that in Unity anyway. Unless you're willing to Either use "Gnome Classic", or remove the unity Launcher tray.03:53
sianhulosee guys, i have tried 3 apps than need port forwadding, neither of them worked and 1 of them have upnp function, but still doesn't work03:53
sianhulois ubuntu somehow blocking por forwadding?03:53
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rwwjtrucks: Ubuntu should try to do it itself. If you have your own GRUB stuff going on, then yeah, I'd check on it.03:53
rwwjtrucks: wouldn't surprise me either way on it working or not03:53
misaqis there a tool to Find Linux partitions and update the boot grub?03:53
jtrucksrww: this is stock on boot.03:54
jtrucksnever mucked with it03:54
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: The point of the Launcher tray on the LEFT side is like a windows 7    Task Bar.03:54
rwwjtrucks: it should automatically switch it over then03:54
jtrucksthat's what happened on the last several upgrades...03:54
redragon_rocktop_, post your rules real quick03:54
jtrucksthis box has been around a while.03:54
jtrucksthanks for the tips03:54
misaqcan anyone help me?03:54
redragon_i'm packing up to go home wee03:55
jtrucksmisaq: perhaps you should clarify what you mena by 'recover your partitions'03:56
misaqthe name of tool?03:56
zakidinei don't know03:56
zakidineanyway thanks03:56
zakidinei'll go look for that by my self03:56
zakidinelike a grown man, thank you guys again03:56
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: I know you can not have that "mac bar", without a dock or some program that does that.03:56
zakidinebonne nuit!!03:56
misaqjtrucks: where is that tool?03:56
jtrucksmisaq: I meant you should explain more what it is you are trying to do.03:57
jtrucksmisaq: for what?03:57
Ubuntusawr[xD]Or some weird Desktop Environment.03:57
jtrucksyou haven't clarified what it is you are trying to do... are you trying to recover the data that was overwritten with the new install? are you trying to mount old partitions that are not part of the OS?03:57
jtruckssoemthing else?03:57
zakidineUbuntusawr[xD],  i think i can, the page i had read did not talk about docks03:58
KMNsadfacei had a tri boot Win7, WinXP and ubuntu.. i no longer wanted XP so i deleted the partition and resized my Win7 and Ubuntu and now i can't access any of them; my Win7 says unknown under Gparted.. what can i do to fix this03:58
misaqjtrucks: I had Ubuntu and XP on my system. then I installed Red Hat Linux 9 and now I can just boot Red Hat and XP. I want Ubuntu with them.03:58
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: Yea, that's what they would do sometimes.03:58
_cbWant to install ubuntu desktop and ubuntu server on a 40gb hard drive. Starting with desktop. Choose advanced partitioning utility. Do I make a 20 gig ext2 partition and install there?03:58
Ubuntusawr[xD]Not mention it, they're creating an illusion.03:58
jtrucksmisaq: fix your boot loader, perhaps.03:59
jtrucksis it grub?03:59
misaqjtrucks: yes. \how?04:00
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: When you do find it, please post the link here. :)04:00
ex0syea booting ubuntu and redhat or fedora for that matter is difficult i was trying a few months back, ended up just using the grub boot diskk to access my ubuntu partitions04:01
zakidineyes i will :D04:01
zakidinethank you Ubuntusawr[xD]04:01
zakidinemerci!! j'y vais04:01
redragon_okay time to go home04:01
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TechnicusI have a very bizzar situation . . . A friend brought me a HP Netbook Mini 1030nr.  The machine has a fresh installation of Ubuntu 10.04.  When X starts the screen becomes pixilated.  I am looking for a way to possible cure this.04:10
zakidineUbuntusawr[xD],  http://lh5.ggpht.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TAAoVoa2p2I/AAAAAAAABHs/7o9mQfzI1g0/s800/Desk%201_017.png04:10
loganhoupI'm currently have problems attempting to get a proprietary driver running for my computer with an nvidia geforce 6150se graphics card. Can anyone help me? Unity works but I keep having random crashs where I get random video noise across my screen at an angle :/04:10
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto04:11
KM0201dump 3D crap.... problem solved.. :)04:11
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: That's Unity menu.04:11
loganhoupActually, even without the 3d stuff it crashes04:12
loganhoupand does the same thing...04:12
starpwnagecould someone test and see if they can connect to my server:
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: The Global Menu I mentioned earlier.04:12
loganhoupIt's definitely more than just a 3d issue04:12
Ubuntusawr[xD]Yea, it's mac-ish. That's a default feature. In fact, that's what Unity Is.04:12
Name141Anyone know if I should be able to use a 4670 pretty well in Ubuntu ?04:12
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: What version of Ubuntu are you using? This is available in Ubuntu 11.0404:13
Mokilok@name141 You can download their ISO and boot it to test how it runs before installing.04:13
Ubuntusawr[xD]Name141: 4670?04:14
Ubuntusawr[xD]starpwnage: Why not just proxy it?04:14
Name141Mokilok: I had to RMA it, deciding to make this computer Ubuntu since the new machine is the gaming machine, so on so on.. Long story short, I'm wondering if I should keep the nVidia 8300 GS in the machine or switch back to the refurbished 4670 when it gets back ?04:14
jtrucksrww: hmmm 581 packages are going to be upgraded. (download will be ~3min apparently... I like my new colo location!) so, couple hours?04:15
Name141Ubuntusawr[xD]: ATi card04:15
lakcajHello.  Does anyone know of a gmail notifier that supports multiple accounts and is actually working right now?  The firefox extension I usually use as well as all the gnome gmail notifiers I've tried won't log in anymore.  Suggestions?04:15
rwwjtrucks: I'04:15
rwwjtrucks: I'd still say one or two.04:15
jtruckscool thanks.04:16
Ubuntusawr[xD]starpwnage: It works!04:16
jtruckshere goes!04:16
leaveHello,everyone.Who can tell me if i remove .thumbnails frequently will damage my system? Thank a lot04:16
loganhoupI'm currently have problems attempting to get a proprietary driver running for my computer with an nvidia geforce 6150se graphics card. Can anyone help me? Unity works but I keep having random crashs where I get random video noise across my screen at an angle :/ With default drivers and Unity off it still crashes too...04:16
starpwnageubuntusawr, thank you for testing it for me :D!04:16
Ubuntusawr[xD]starpwnage: Is that a plain and simple apache?04:16
starpwnageIt means ive finally set up my old computer as a server04:16
starpwnageubuntusawr[XD], it has phpmyadmin installed as well as mysql and php504:17
Ubuntusawr[xD]starpwnage: http://www.litespeedtech.com/             <--- Heres what I been using as of lately and I like it. (php and apache on crack).04:17
Ubuntusawr[xD]A learning curve to it, but nice.04:17
Ubuntusawr[xD]starpwnage: You can just stick to what you have though.04:18
starpwnageyer, thanks though :D04:18
starpwnagei wish i could install cpanel :(, but its costly o.004:19
Ubuntusawr[xD]Name141: What about that ATI card?04:19
Ubuntusawr[xD]starpwnage: Use ISP Config.04:19
Ubuntusawr[xD]It's free.04:19
Ubuntusawr[xD]It works. I use it on a remote server my friend owns.04:19
Name141Ubuntusawr[xD]: Basically, I'm wondering if there is still the "Use nVidia when using Linux" war ?04:19
starpwnagealright, thanks for that to :P04:20
Ubuntusawr[xD]starpwnage: Theres even an ISPconfig demo. So destroy as much as you like there ;)04:20
MokilokName141: I'm running ATI 5870's with proprietry drivers fine. There was an initial dual display issue that was easily rectified04:21
Mokilokplenty of ATI /AMD support from what I can see04:21
Ubuntusawr[xD]Name141: I have no idea. Although I was mentioned something about nVidia. YOu could always just try it. If Unity that's installed by default doesn't work out for you. Use: Unity-2d      (another desktop environment just like Unity and Classic Ubuntu is).04:21
Name141Mokilok: Alright. I'll pop the refurbished card in when it gets here then.  If I want long lasting , and not much hassel , I imagine I want LTS' ?04:22
Ubuntusawr[xD]So far, I'm enjoying my Unity. (It's 2d, but eventually, that other Unity will finally have that bug fix for me).04:22
MokilokName141: Depends on the GUI you want. 11.04 is VERY windows 7'ish feel. I find it easier as a beginner04:23
Ubuntusawr[xD]<------------------- Enjoys this 11.0404:24
Mokilokname141: I'm also not having much hassle with 11.04 but your call04:24
Ubuntusawr[xD]I have no hassle here.04:24
Mokilokname141: perhaps check out HCL's for both distro's. (Hardware Compatibility list)04:24
Ubuntusawr[xD]Mokilok: How can I do that?04:25
Name141Mokilok: That's something else, ever since after Hardy (intrepid?) my internal NIC wont work properly.  Even with Windows 7 it doesn't.  Must be something fishy with it.04:25
Ubuntusawr[xD]Oh nvm04:25
Ubuntusawr[xD]Dumb question.04:25
zakidineback, humm Ubuntusawr[xD]  have you seen the picture?04:25
Name141I have to rm e1000e, modprobe e1000e over and over till it 'connects'.  or in Windows7 , disable/reenable04:25
Name141er.. rmmod ?04:26
Name141(I forgot, it's been a while)04:26
MokilokName141: If it doesn't work in windows with the latest drivers i'd start to suspect hardware. I mean it's always possible theres an IRQ conflict or something but the likelyhood of that on modern hardware is meh.04:27
MasterOfMinutiaAnyone here know iptables halfway decently?  I simply wish to change my outbount packet TTL.04:28
Name141Mokilok: it looks like everyone has an issue with it04:29
Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: Yes. Read my response?04:29
Name141Mokilok: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/nic-intel-82562v-2-10-100-not-recognized-e1000-may-be-the-correct-module-631734/ , might have a solution though ?04:29
zakidineUbuntusawr[xD],  no, i had a connexion bug04:30
zakidinewhat was the answer ?04:30
zakidine(sorry my english is not good)04:30
SubCoolHey, someone help me with VNC. its acting weird. The screen goes black after two seconds. Its a very fast screen saver.04:30
Name141Mokilok: looks like some sourceforge people made up some new 'drivers' ?04:30
SubCoolsomeone suggested something, but i wasnt around to ask him about it..04:31
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Ubuntusawr[xD]zakidine: I queried you. (Private message).04:31
Name141Mokilok: I guess I could just put in the Microsoft PCI NIC.  It uses Tulip and never messed up.04:31
MokilokName141: Might be an idea, I'm a bit out of my depth when  it comes to compiling drivers but it looks like that's what they are suggesting on the forum. They have a link to the source code.04:33
Ubuntusawr[xD]Name141: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport?action=show&redirect=HardwareCompatibility04:33
starpwnageIF IM hosting a server off ubuntu, which i have set up and i can login to myphp, were would i place the index.html file for my website?04:33
Name141Mokilok: I might as well put in the microsoft NIC when I open up the case.  The microsoft NIC is setting in a Pentium2 box and collecting dust doing nothing.04:34
rwwstarpwnage: /var/www/04:34
Akuma_sGood night04:34
starpwnagerww, thank you :D04:34
MokilokName141: That would be my bet. That atleast gives you network connectivity to troubleshoot your issue.04:34
Akuma_sJust a question, my users-admin stalled, is any other way to modify users and groups?04:35
Name141Ubuntusawr[xD]: I don't see the Intel 82562V-2 listed.04:35
BlackDalekIs there anyone here who knows their way around Open Office Writer? My question - is there any shortcut key for "indent from here" similar to Apple's "Command+\" shortcut (used in InDesign for example)04:35
Ubuntusawr[xD]Name141: You should just try this anyway. If you got a free drive, that will be nice.04:36
MokilokName141: Not every piece of hardware that works will be listed.04:36
Name141Mokilok: oh.04:36
Ubuntusawr[xD]It helps to have people submitting test results and such.04:37
MokilokName141: I would just suggest booting off their ISO or USB to test all your hardware. If there are any issues you'll know about it there04:37
MokilokAlso gives you the oppertunity to test 10.4 LTS vs 11.04 and see which you prefer04:37
Ubuntusawr[xD]Name141: And the Narwhal looks cutes. How can you resist such a thing.04:39
Ubuntusawr[xD](My real reason for switching, but don't tell anyone that).04:39
urist_I totally love Narwhals04:39
Akuma_sDarn, was so easy :S04:42
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Ubuntusawr[xD]Yea urist_! You tell em!04:43
Akuma_sThis channel make me focus hehe04:44
urist_what's 11.10? I've never heard of that animal04:44
Akuma_sSee ya and thanks04:44
Ubuntusawr[xD]I wondered about that animal too.04:44
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:44
KM0201rww: fingers are crossing tonight.. :)04:44
urist_Ocelot... that just reminds me of Lancelot04:44
Ubuntusawr[xD]http://www.poshpelts.com/images/cute-ocelot.jpeg             Yey a kitty!04:45
Ubuntusawr[xD]Reminds me of a leopard.04:45
Ubuntusawr[xD]Or Lynx it was?04:45
urist_now I actually have a question... do you guys know why on my laptop sometimes I maximize stuff to full screen and they just become blance?04:45
Ubuntusawr[xD]urist_: Hmm, lag issue?04:46
Ubuntusawr[xD]That's all I can think of from the top of my head. xD04:46
Ubuntusawr[xD]urist_: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+question/15548804:47
Ubuntusawr[xD]You had to shrink it for anything to show, right?04:47
urist_not sure it is lag, cause it doesn't become normal even if i wait...04:47
urist_that's right Ubuntusawr04:48
Ubuntusawr[xD]Then that must be it.04:48
urist_i can only make it so big04:48
urist_after a certain size my browser and other windows blank out04:48
Ubuntusawr[xD]urist_: Try unity-2d?   I'm on unity-2d because there is a weird bug where logos on icons inside Unity launcher tray would be invisible.04:49
urist_I'm actually using the "classic" gnome on my 11.0404:50
urist_unity was a bit too heavy for my piece of crap laptop04:50
loganhoupI'm currently have problems attempting to get a proprietary driver running for my computer with an nvidia geforce 6150se graphics card. Can anyone help me? Unity works but I keep having random crashs where I get random video noise across my screen at an angle :/ With default drivers and Unity off it still crashes too...04:50
UbuntuBrandonHello all.04:51
urist_Hello UbuntuBrandon04:51
UbuntuBrandonHow is everyone?04:51
urist_not too bad, yourself?04:51
devishUbuntuBrandon: f904:51
UbuntuBrandonPretty good. A little tired.04:51
urist_loganhoup, what version of ubuntu are u using?04:51
devishUbuntuBrandon: go to sleep04:52
UbuntuBrandonLol, i've work to do. but i needed a little break.04:52
Ubuntusawr[xD]urist_: I thought unity was actually lighter in comparason. (In my own experience). For this reason. Metacity in Ubuntu Classic seems to bloat up once in a while. Getting heavy for some weird reason. It has gotten so bad, it ended up @ well over 400MB of memory and when I saw this in System Monitor, I decided it has gone way too far enough and then immediately killed the program.04:52
Ubuntusawr[xD]Then I just started metacity again. (Things went all well afterwards).04:53
Ubuntusawr[xD]Hi there mamakin.04:53
mamakinI am a new user starting up with ubuntu 11.04, trying to resurrect a dell inspiron 600m04:53
UbuntuBrandonI actually really like Unity. It is a lot better looking that the classic interface.04:53
mamakini see many old problems with broadcom BCM430904:53
Ubuntusawr[xD]mamakin: Cool beans.04:53
devishUbuntusawr[xD]: impressive04:53
mamakinI'm having a lot of trouble finding a more recent info on getting the wireless working...04:53
urist_Ubuntusawr[xD], I started off with Unity, but after going back to classic I noticed a major improvement in performance04:54
mamakinany links/ideas?  All the old files / news links are from 2007, etc.04:54
UbuntuBrandonThough, the directiong that 11.10 is going, I dislike how they moved the dash button to the launcher opposed to atop the screen.04:54
mamakindon't seem to apply, most reference ndsiwrapper04:54
Ubuntusawr[xD]mamakin: Okies. Maybe I can be of assistance.04:54
mamakinis there a more recent solution/etc?04:54
urist_Ubuntusawr[xD], I use Unity on my desktop, and I have to say I love unity, but it just doesn't work as nicely with my laptop atm04:54
Name141Ubuntusawr[xD]: Narwhal ?04:54
Ubuntusawr[xD]I'll need a memoment though.04:54
Ubuntusawr[xD]Name141: Yes.04:54
mamakini'm currenyl on puppy, which interestinyl works wonderfully04:54
mamakininstantly found card, wireless, .. very nice04:55
Name141Ubuntusawr[xD]: what narwhal ?04:55
Ubuntusawr[xD]Name141: 11.0404:55
mamakinis that what you mean?04:55
mamakin(i'm still learning as I go here)04:55
urist_UbuntuBrandon, you can change the launcher if you want. You can put the bar on the bottom, sort of a mac look if you want04:55
loganhoupurist: 11.0404:55
UbuntuBrandonTechnically there is only one Narwhal. lol04:55
Ubuntusawr[xD]mamakin: It's a cool Code name for versions of Ubuntu. They go by names of animals, paired to a nickname of that animal that matches the first letter of their name.04:56
loganhoupUrist_:11.04 natty narwhal04:56
Name141I thought this was Charlie the Unicorn 3 for a min.04:56
chirag_d_gr8when i installed ubuntu 11.04 using wubi, i saw boot time error like Bad LUN Bad numbers_1-10)04:56
UbuntuBrandonI know, I just hope there is infact a way to move the dash button back to the panel in 11.10.04:56
Ubuntusawr[xD]Example: Mawerick Meercat. Natty Narwhal. Next version is Oneiric Ocelot (alphabetical order).04:56
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rhin0what kernel does 11.04 have -- I'm reading this: Ubuntu 11.04 Upgrade Linux Kernel to  & wonder if the standard install with updates gives you (or later) ... mouse cursor freezing issues with inspiron (dell) m5010 and 11.04 thinking to upgrade kernel as: http://ubuntuguide.net/ubuntu-11-04-upgrade-linux-kernel-to-2-6-39-004:56
urist_loganhoup, I've heard of some driver issues with people using 11.04... I get the impression they released a few too many new visual changes and it might not have been as polished as we'd like04:57
rhin0not on machine in question04:57
Ubuntusawr[xD]UbuntuBrandon: Dash buttons? I'm a bit new to that term.04:57
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest49425
xangua!info linux | rhin004:57
mamakinUbuntusawr[xD]: so yes, natty narwhal04:57
UbuntuBrandonUbuntusawr[xD] the button, like the start button for windows.04:57
ubotturhin0: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)04:57
urist_Ubuntusawr[xD], I dont know the names of the bars either :P04:58
rhin0so I stand a chance by upgrading the kernel04:58
rhin0because natty is that 11.04 has 2.6.38 and 2.6.39 is available04:58
henningvis  I am not alone at last  Ubuntusawr[xD]04:58
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: Yes. I'm on Linux 3.0 kernal.04:58
Name141Seems I only have 10.04.2 downloaded on a disk.  What features would I be missing out with if I use the LTS vs the 11.04 ?04:58
Ubuntusawr[xD]henningvis: Hehe, havin fun?04:59
urist_UbuntuBrandon, I have to say, after experimenting a bit with the lenses, I much prefer the unity search box over the windows start button... I think it's more of a matter of getting used to it04:59
rhin0what should I upgrade to to get rid of a cursor freezing issue on 11.04 with inspiron laptop m5010 - cursor freezes rest of system ok -- what kernel is stable etc Ubuntusawr[xD]04:59
rhin0i'm running out of ideas04:59
henningvisstaring and learning --also new to this world and it is facinating04:59
Name141Anything spectacular on 11.04 I would miss ?04:59
=== eric is now known as Guest16689
UbuntuBrandonurist_ I love the Unity interface. The dash lenses are excellent, by far my favorite UI of any OS.05:00
urist_UbuntuBrandon, amen... I think they are onto something. 11.10 looks even better from the pictures I saw05:00
UbuntuBrandonName141: Tons.05:00
Ubuntusawr[xD]mamakin: TBH, for finding out recent info on WIFI, I usually just simply google that. Or jsut upgrade until it works.         I used to have a wifi problem, and I followed a tutorial for my wifi card to work.05:00
Name141UbuntuBrandon: so it's worth downloading the other ISO?05:01
rhin0maybe I go to 3.0 Ubuntusawr[xD]05:01
Ubuntusawr[xD]What's the name of the wifi-card in question? Is that used on a desktop or a laptop?05:01
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: Sure thing.05:01
loganhoupUrist_ Well, my problem seems to persist without any visual effects at all.05:01
qinName141: Oneiric looks even better, you canskip Natty.05:01
rhin0whats the recommended stable latest pls Ubuntusawr[xD]05:01
UbuntuBrandonurist_ I am onlt afraid that since they moved the Dash button to the launcher instead of on the panel bar, that we cant move it back05:01
Name141qin: That's in Beta05:01
qinName141: Soon05:01
rhin0this is all good gives me hope05:01
UbuntuBrandonName141 Go to Natty. Oneric is in beta and not safe to really use until Oct. 13.05:02
rhin0i've wasted a day05:02
Name141qin: How soon? like 2 weeks soon ?05:02
starpwnagehow do i copy stuff to my /var/www folder in ubuntu? how do i get the permission?05:02
qinName141: Something like this.05:02
rhin0sudo cp stawpwnage better to do it from /var/www05:02
rocktopwhen I use this rules I couldn't ping : http://fpaste.org/rUR9/05:02
rocktopanyidea ?05:02
Name141qin: I might just wait then.  Since I'm on limited bandwidth (425 MBs per rolling 24 hours)05:02
urist_loganhoup, not sure I know how to help you05:02
starpwnagewhat do you mean rhin0?05:02
rhin0good grief Name141 that must be hard05:02
UbuntuBrandonqin, Oneric is set for Final Release on October 13.05:03
mamakin_sorry, I was waiting for ideas on BCM4309 for natty narwhal05:03
Name141rhin0: 1-6 AM is 'open'.  Doesn't count towards the limit, but only can get 1.8-2.0 GBs in.05:03
rhin0you get a command shell cd to the /var/www then cp (source directory path)/*  (destination directory path)05:03
mamakin_puppy works well, but firefox crashes a lot :)05:03
urist_UbuntuBrandon, oh i see. Well even if that's the case, I'm sure something will come out so that we can modify that too...05:03
starpwnageok thanks05:03
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: http://techtimely.wordpress.com/2011/08/19/install-linux-kernel-3-0-on-ubuntu-11-04/05:03
rhin0the cp command is "copy" starpwnage05:03
Ubuntusawr[xD]I followed that tutorial.05:04
UbuntuBrandonName141 You really should get 11.04 (Natty) so when Oneric comes out, you will understand the new interface.05:04
rhin0you need sudo starpwnage because the /var/www directory is protected05:04
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: If it fails the first time. Do not panic, and use: sudo dpkg -i linux-*05:04
UbuntuBrandonurist_ I am sure. lol05:04
Name141UbuntuBrandon: I have the 64 bit version of that downloaded, but not the 32 bit.05:04
rhin0sudo gives you super user rights05:04
Name141UbuntuBrandon: This machine only has 2GBs of RAM05:04
rhin0ty very much Ubuntusawr[xD]05:04
UbuntuBrandonname141 do you only have a 32 bit processor?05:04
Name141UbuntuBrandon: Probably, E2160.  but it's slow.05:05
UbuntuBrandonName141 2gb is plenty.05:05
mamakin_Ubuntusawr[xD] did you have a suggestion?05:05
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: Is it really necessary? And don't mind me, I got a case of SNS..  Shiny New Shit Syndrome05:05
zelozelosi compiled freedroidRPG and installed it via make install, unknowing that i may need it, i deleted the source files such and now i want to remove it b/c its not working correctly, what do i do?05:05
Name141UbuntuBrandon: Windows 7 64bit would use 1.5GBs doing nothing.  So I'm basing the 64bit vs 32bit off of Windows 7's useage..05:05
starpwnageso i have cd'd to the destination05:06
rhin0gr8 Ubuntusawr[xD]05:06
starpwnageso then i do cp /folder1/folder2/text.php /* /var/ww05:06
Ubuntusawr[xD]mamakin_: Using "Broadcom BCM4309 802.11a/b/g"?05:07
urist_  anybody here knows of a good software for doing statistics on linux?05:07
rhin0no ... starpwnage : cd to the /var/www  then from that directory type cp /pathname of files you want in varwww/* <- /* gets them all then a .  but put "sudo" before it05:07
rhin0you must learn how to use the cp command really starpwnage and learn a bit about cp and then learn about file access rights ls -l gives you the access rights of the files05:08
rhin0if you are manipulating files05:08
UbuntuBrandon_sorry, internet pooped.05:08
UbuntuBrandon_Name141 you see what i said?05:08
rhin0never done this through nautilus (gui) not sure if it is possible starpwnage05:08
Name141UbuntuBrandon_ : Windows 7 64bit would use 1.5GBs doing nothing.  So I'm basing the 64bit vs 32bit off of Windows 7's useage..And fuctioning05:08
rhin0copying files can be DANGEROUS with sudo starpwnage05:08
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: And do not remove the old kernel please. (apt-get / update manager will eventually say something about "packages that should be removed etc".)   Just don't remove. Lol.05:09
UbuntuBrandon_name141 your processor is 64 it, and with that and 2gb of ram, Natty would (should) run fine.05:09
rhin0ok ok05:09
rhin0i look forward to my shiny new kernel05:09
Name141UbuntuBrandon_: Perhaps I will boot it LIVE and test it first?05:09
xaviergmailHey I need a fresh start, I'm going to dual boot Natty and windows 8 beta, I've had some loading issues when I tried to do that last time. I was told to install one before the other. Do I install Ubuntu before or after windows?05:09
UbuntuBrandon_Remember though, live boots will always run slower than install.05:10
zelozeloswin 1st05:10
Ubuntusawr[xD]urist_: System Profiling and Benchmark05:10
Name141UbuntuBrandon_: Also, if you are talking about Unity, I hate it.05:10
xaviergmailzelozelos: Thanks!05:10
Ubuntusawr[xD]UbuntuBrandon_: I love Unity for the records.05:10
rhin0xaviergmail: not an expert on this but I personally would install ubuntu after05:10
hans_how to shared folder on virtual box. im using mandriva as host and xp as guest05:10
UbuntuBrandon_name141 you can use classic interface.05:10
=== jtrucks is now known as skynet
Fudgeguys wanting to remove ubuntu off my netbook to sell with win7 still onit, whats easiest way without a win7 rescue cd05:11
Name141UbuntuBrandon_: Only for Natty, the next release is said not to have it.05:11
=== Ttech is now known as The_Doctor
rhin0wow this is busy tonight05:11
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: I know right?05:11
UbuntuBrandon_name141 but there will be a way to use it. lol05:11
=== skynet is now known as cyberdyne
=== cyberdyne is now known as jtrucks
Fudgeor could i install grub to the  mbr after resizing the win partition to use all hdd05:12
=== The_Doctor is now known as Ttech
Name141UbuntuBrandon_: OK.  I just don't see the reason for me to install this one when the next one is coming out in 2-3 weeks.05:12
urist_Ubuntusawr[xD], those are for statistics? strange names... thanks though, I'm going to look them up05:12
zelozelosFudge just use win partition manager to remove the linux partitions, then expand the win partition05:12
UbuntuBrandon_Well if you want to wait, name141 then by all means :)05:13
Fudgezelozelos  will windows see the ext4 partitions or doesnt it matter05:13
Fudgeunknown file system05:13
UbuntuBrandon_Windows will only install onto NTFS05:13
zelozelosFudge, then load gparted, delete the linux parts, then expand the win05:14
mamakinI am hoping someone can help me find a reference / article on getting ubuntu 11.04 to find broadcom BCM4309 card05:14
Fudgezelozelos  im not sure if you can resieze a partition in indows whilst using it05:14
UbuntuBrandon_Back to work. Bye, all.05:14
Fudgemamakin  goto additional drivers in system administration menu05:14
mamakinall my search results are 2007 with outdated references05:14
zelozelosFudge you can dl a program to do it from cd/dvd startup but i dont remember whats it called05:14
mamakinbcm 4311 and up, I will look again...05:14
zelozelosFudge i think it will work on any start-able media05:15
xaviergmailThis might not be the rirhg place to ask, but is windows8beta.com the real site for windows 8 beta?05:16
Ubuntusawr[xD]mamakin: It might be supported. That's what happened to me, my card became accepted in the latest versions of ubuntu.05:16
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:17
henningvisI  need help to increase my swap..it is 4 Gb now and i want it 8gb.. Windows 7 first and then 11.04 dual boot. I am very stupid with this so please be patient05:17
bullgard4What does this response mean: '~$ sudo dhclient eth0; RTNETLINK answers: File exists.'?05:17
urlin2uhenningvis, what is your ram amount/05:18
Mokilokxaviergmail: That is not a legitimate windows beta website, the legitimate site will be a microsoft.com address I would guess05:18
bullgard4!swap | henningvis05:18
ubottuhenningvis: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info05:18
avoideri need some help installing adobe flash for youtube.05:19
urlin2uhenningvis, so generally the swap just needs to be equal to the ram you have 4 gigs now, just curious why you want more.05:20
avoideri follow setps but get no where.05:20
xaviergmailMokilok: got it from #windows, msdn.microsoft.com :)05:20
=== Guest16689 is now known as LLStarks
henningvisso that is good? read an article that 8gb is better05:20
urlin2uavoider, you can just install the firefox addon flash aid and use the wizard to install05:20
Mokilokurlin2u: right click the power button top right corner, select "system settings" open Ubuntu software center05:20
henningvis10 things to do after installing...blabla05:20
Mokiloktype in "flash installer plugin" and install that05:20
Mokilokthis installer works on amd64 11.0405:21
avoiderurlin2u: i have05:21
avoiderurlin2u: does not work05:21
MasterOfMinutiaAnyone at all wish to take a stab at changing default packet TTL?05:21
urlin2uavoider, what is distro your running?05:21
urlin2uMokilok, why?05:21
Mokiloksorry i meant that to Avoider05:21
avoideri use ubuntu05:21
urlin2uavoider, if you download the deb from adobe it will run through the software center.05:22
urlin2uhenningvis, your swapi s fine.05:23
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)05:23
=== yakeb is now known as yakeb-brb
rhin0!kernel 11.0405:23
henningvisnext question. Everything was working perfect after install, then I went and stalled some plug in for Banshee for ipod and that removeda whole lot of files.05:23
=== RefaelAlats is now known as RaHorachty
henningvisNow my openshot adn morph etc does not word.,...does not even start05:24
SetiAmonhow do most people feel about this new interface?I tried it for awhile then went back to gnome classic05:24
urlin2uavoider, you running 64 bit?05:24
MokilokSetiAmon: I love it. I'm used to Windows 7 so the concept of pinning items is very similar.05:24
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: How's that kernel?05:25
rhin0havent' been that fast Ubuntusawr[xD] will try it in the next day its 6:30am05:25
avoiderurlin2u: yes, ty i have got it to work05:25
rhin0not on the target machine05:25
SetiAmonI just went back to linux just 2 days ago after about a year of windows 705:25
urlin2uavoider, cool. :D05:25
avoideri was using the yum command in terminal05:25
avoiderso used to fc05:26
SetiAmonFrankly i hate it.it seems to just get in the way,isn't very impressive if it was meant to be flashy05:26
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: It's quick though.05:26
raj-darkmysteryguys need some guidance05:26
rhin0yes but the machine is elsewhere .... I get the freezeup (mouse freezes system is not frozen) after a day or so anyway so i wouldn't know if it has worked Ubuntusawr[xD]05:26
raj-darkmysteryhow can i get the details of incoming and outgoing traffic in mysql05:26
Ubuntusawr[xD]raj-darkmystery: What's on your mind?05:26
Shirakawasunaanyone here know of a good gtk (not gnome) alternative to k3b that would let me rip a movie/show DVD and then automatically compare md5sums05:27
rhin0ever seen that on 11.04 (dell inspiron m5010 laptop) where the mouse freezes but the system is not locked up Ubuntusawr[xD] ??05:27
rhin0any ideas05:27
teamcoltraIs http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8284273 still the best guide for removing pulseaudio and using only ALSA?05:29
teamcoltra(for ocelot)05:29
xangua!oneiric | teamcoltra05:29
ubottuteamcoltra: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:29
teamcoltra:P Yeah but I was debating on how to spell oneiric so I figured to go with ocelot, unless you are referring to the fact that I am asking for advice on a release that isn't out yet05:30
rwwteamcoltra: Yup. #ubuntu is for <= 11.04 right now. See #ubuntu+1.05:31
Shirakawasunateamcoltra: what they mean is that you want to go to #ubuntu-1 for that question05:31
Shirakawasunaerr #ubuntu+105:31
raj-darkmystery how can i get the details of incoming and outgoing traffic in mysql?05:32
rhin0oneiric means "dreamy"05:33
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: You're better off doing this in terminal then.                Make a new folder named kernel.          cd into that kernel folder you  JUST made.       wget  download the three kernel files.              Then  use the command that installs the kernals.05:34
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: Oh wait, duh, you were JUST using the terminal. Lol, silly me05:34
bullgard4What does this response mean: '~$ sudo dhclient eth0; RTNETLINK answers: File exists.'?05:34
Ubuntusawr[xD]Oneiric? Why Oneiric?05:34
rhin0its not a problem Ubuntusawr[xD] i'm completely re-installing (not locked up now) (blanked)05:34
Ubuntusawr[xD]I was hoping for an octopus or something.05:35
Ubuntusawr[xD]C'mon now...05:35
rhin0oneiric means "dreamy"05:35
ShinkaI really like Unity but I prefer the standard Gnome Shell, since Ubuntu is moving to Gnome3 for Ubuntu 11.10 will it be easy to get Gnome Shell running ?05:35
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: Okay. But I still wish for a sea creature, something more unique.05:35
SubCoolcould someone assist me, its been a while.05:35
rhin0whats up subcool05:36
teamcoltra:) I am glad it's named ocelot otherwise I would have never known of the creature... then again... now that I do I want to capture one and make it my pet because their are so F'ing sexy...05:36
Ubuntusawr[xD]Shinka: Unity is based on Gnome 3.05:36
bullgard4!ask | SubCool05:36
ubottuSubCool: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:36
rwwbullgard4: may I PM you about something, please?05:36
rhin0we're all going to have to LEARN unity ... np.  is better anyway05:36
bullgard4rww: Yes, please.05:36
Ubuntusawr[xD]rhin0: Agreed.05:36
SubCoolrhin0, i just installed ext4, Twiligtzone Kernel, SyndicateROm onto EPIC, but now that it is on, for some reason is says my Phone STorage is full.05:37
rhin0way out of my understnding of packages sorry subcool ask somone else05:37
SubCoolk- thanks...05:37
rhin0dunno what any of that is05:37
rhin0there is a way to get disk space on a device by typing "df" on the mount SubCool05:38
rhin0then you could look around and see if the mounted device is actually full (and of what)05:38
SubCoolrhin0, it says full05:38
rhin0maybe it is05:38
SubCoolit cant be05:38
SubCoolits a fresh install05:38
SubCooli just got hte phone back from Samsung05:38
fnordzso there's something tweaky w/ my g/f's lenovo ideapad and ubuntu, the laptop has both a hard and soft wifi kill switch of sorts, can w/ f key press, or an actual switch on laptop… somehow though seems to indicate the hard switch is off every boot though, even when it's on05:39
ShinkaI wonder how stable is the second beta. I might try it on my laptop :P05:39
SubCooli also dont have a cmd prompt for it05:39
c4pthi i am trying to kill a process with kill -9 5680 (but the process wont quit)05:39
c4ptwhen i type ps ax | grep dpkg (i see the process again at 5680 with Ds ? )05:40
SubCoolc4pt, try 1505:40
c4ptSubCool: didnt work05:40
SubCoolc4pt, 7?05:40
c4ptSubCool: i tried kill -15 5680 it still shows it05:40
SubCoolwhats the package?05:40
SubCoolwhats it doing?05:41
c4ptapt-get install unrar05:41
SubCoolits hanging on an install?05:41
c4ptits trying to unpack unrar but its stuck so i hit crtl-Z05:41
SubCoolwell ya- u threw it into the background05:41
c4pthow can i kill dpkg ?05:41
SubCoolbg 105:41
c4ptkill -9 and kill -15 isnt working05:41
SubCooli doubt u wanna kill it- otherwise ur package manager will be locked05:41
c4ptyou mean fg 105:41
SubCooltype bg05:41
ActionParsnipInstall unp unrar rar p7zip-full p7zip-rar   and you'll be fine :-)05:42
c4pt(foreground 1)05:42
SubCoolubuntu bg works for me05:42
c4ptSubCool: i killed %1 when i hit crtl-z :/05:42
c4ptSubCool: so its not in bg or fg anymore05:42
SubCoolso u hung it05:42
c4ptSubCool: but the process is still running05:42
SubCoolreboot and hope ur package manager isnt locked05:42
c4ptSubCool: :( cant reboot i have two guest operating systems open and my host is doing tons of shit05:43
SubCoolgotta wait then05:43
SubCoolu ghosted the installed05:43
SubCoolits doing the work and no longer has a PID to refer too.05:43
SubCoolchild or parent..05:43
ActionParsnipSubCool: it will lock the packages if you reboot during updates05:43
SubCoolu have to reboot- there might be a way to clear it otherwise, but thats not my turf05:43
Ubuntusawr[xD]Anyone mind telling me how many Channel Ops are on the access list? (Nothing special, I'm only curious).05:44
SubCoolActionParsnip, you would know better, he killed an updated. but no longer has control of it- its just hanging and taking up cpu05:44
ActionParsnipUbuntusawr[xD]: 3 when I joined about 5 mins ago05:44
Colin969_Since every other IRC channel I have any real  knowledge of is dead or ignorant. In Java, would I use Runtime.getRuntime().exec("Commands"); For Linux still?05:45
jtrucksis it normal for a release upgrade to pause for a few minutes during the setting up stuff and conig file installs?05:45
ActionParsnipSubCool: if its hung for sure, kill it. Could try foreground by PID to see whats going on05:45
SubCoolActionParsnip, thats the thing, he did kill it- and now its really hung.05:46
Colin969_Great, so nobody here knows? =/05:46
naftilos76hi, does anybody know a proven-to-be-reliable way of somehow importing a tree of Kmail folders containing emails as well as other folders containing other emails and so on into Evolution in an automated way through a bash script ?05:46
c4pt_SubCool: i closed all my open terminal windows and reopened a terminal window and kill -9 and kill -15 worked this time05:47
=== c4pt_ is now known as c4pt
SubCoolc4pt, ya, u killed the parent by killing the terminal... cool05:49
raj-darkmysteryguys need help, how can i get the details of incoming and outgoing traffic in mysql05:53
=== sysadamin is now known as sysadamin|away
ActionParsnip!away > sysadamin|away05:54
ubottusysadamin|away, please see my private message05:54
=== Hiz is now known as Guest95942
ActionParsnipHi koa05:58
koacan you help me with something plz :)05:58
ActionParsnipAsk and see :-)05:59
SadlyMistakenwhat's happending? a problem?05:59
koaallright i wanna make a kernel for my i7 to get better performance05:59
koahow can i do that in easy way ?05:59
koa:F <<<05:59
ActionParsnipKoa: could compile it with better options and remove features you don't need.06:00
koayes that how  can i do it ?06:01
ActionParsnipKoa: if you wa06:01
koahow do i compile it ?06:01
ActionParsnipWant a better desktop performance you can use a lighter desktop like xfce or lxde06:01
koaT_T i love gnome06:02
jtruckscan /var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-server-5.1.postinst take a long time during the upgrade, or is it possible there is a curses screen that ought to be displaying that isn't?06:02
ActionParsnip!kernel | koa its not a06:02
ubottukoa its not a: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)06:02
ActionParsnipIts not an easy task but its a great skill to have06:02
ActionParsnipKoa: you can use gnome apps in other DEs without issue. Lighter DEs free up the CPU more as they06:04
koabtw  more question i have non-open nvidia driver will this compile effect it ?06:04
koaok here is the thing lol >< i played with kernels06:04
ActionParsnipNeed less speed to run, this allows CPUs to clock down and use less power06:05
koai fear it will effect my wine games06:05
ActionParsnipKoa: you have the ker06:05
koacos i'm runing them all nice06:05
koahere is my kernel06:05
koakernel linux
ActionParsnipKernel headers which are needed. I've not built a kernel with proprietary drivers. Have a go. Could be fun06:06
koaXD i'll give it a try06:07
ActionParsnipKoa: so what is your actual issue? Why do you want to mess with the kernel?06:07
koacoz hmm more more i want more lol ><06:07
koai never know when to quit XD06:08
ActionParsnipKoa: how much ram do you have?06:08
KMNsadfacehi, im having problems booting into Windows and my ubuntu; im on tri-boot and it only allows me to get into my Backtrack5 R1..06:08
ActionParsnipKoa: look at sysctl.conf  for setting vm.swappiness   set it to about 10. You can also use the file to make the web a bit quicker06:09
koaalready did that06:10
koabut i put it to 006:10
koai don't want it to use swap06:10
koanever mind it i guess it rlly good i try wheni shold stop06:11
koa1 last question06:11
ActionParsnipKMNsadface: you should ask in the backtrack channel then06:12
koahow can i back up the whole ubuntu06:12
koawith the programs and etc06:12
ActionParsnip!backup | koa06:12
ubottukoa: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning06:12
KMNsadfaceActionParsnip: backtrack is working fine.. win7 and ubuntu wont boot though06:12
rocktopI use this rules then I couldn't ping to anything http://pastebin.com/1Nfvq1Sv anyidea how to allow outgoing traffics ?06:13
Ubuntusawr[xD]koa: 4GB of ram?06:13
Ubuntusawr[xD]Are you mad?06:13
koalol why06:13
Ubuntusawr[xD]Kernel should be the last thing you should ever be touching unless it's to do with hardware and what not.06:13
Ubuntusawr[xD]I'm using 1GB of ram here.06:14
Ubuntusawr[xD]And yes my puter is very old.06:14
koathere is 1 down side with my ubuntu :/06:14
koaevern thro i have nice spec06:14
Ubuntusawr[xD]koa: o_O what would that be?06:14
koais the boot time i tryed everything06:14
koais still 45 sec to log screen06:15
Ubuntusawr[xD]Is that bad?06:15
koathe rest run perfectly06:15
koanot rlly just wanna show up with my boot time XD06:15
learner420am i visible?06:15
koahello yes you are06:15
learner420thanks koa :)06:15
koahey guys good new :D for gamers06:15
koai run company of heros  on full perfectly06:16
koayou welcome06:16
koathanx for the help guys )06:16
koacya . ^^06:16
ryoohkiis there a channel for "ubuntu software center"?06:18
learner420i love the font ubuntu ...06:19
rwwryoohki: no, just ask for help with it in here06:19
learner420i mean font in ubuntu06:19
SadlyMistakenIf i create with OpenOffice a pdf which docummet use UBUNTU FONT, someone in another computer, for example someone with normal windows.. will be reading my pdf with another font? I mean... Does OpenOffice embebed the font?06:21
learner420what i have to type after pressing alt + f2 to open console06:23
learner420i used to remember it , but i forgot06:24
SadlyMistakenwhen you press ALT + F206:25
learner420on the desktop06:26
SadlyMistakena new windows will pop up06:26
SadlyMistakenthen write: gnome-terminal06:26
learner420oh yes yes ..06:26
learner420thanks sadly mistaken ...06:26
SadlyMistakendid you work?06:26
learner420yes it worked :)06:27
SadlyMistakenI think you can configurate keyboards to open directly a terminal06:27
propmanctrl alt T06:27
SadlyMistakenthanks a lot propman06:28
urlin2uhas to be enabled in Natty compiz though06:28
SadlyMistakenI didn't know that06:28
SadlyMistaken(i use maverick)06:28
SadlyMistakencan someone answered me about the "embebed" font in openoffice when i export to pdf?06:29
SadlyMistaken(sorry for my bad english)06:29
SadlyMistakenhello pander06:31
joel135hello #ubuntu! how do I configure my desktop to translate "example" to "google.com" when using ping, firefox etc?06:33
urlin2uSadlyMistaken, I see with a quick web search that there can be problems, you might test this your self, there are shared font.06:33
joel135so that ping example would give me the ip, for example06:34
SadlyMistakenurlin2u i don't find any explanations when i did a web search of the problem. Thanks a lot anyway06:35
Loshkijoel135: you can add entries to /etc/hosts (which maps names into ip addresses)...06:36
PetskullHey guys, I want to download some packages after my roomie steps out in about 3 hours.  How do I do that?  Do I have to set up a cron job or something?06:36
joel135Loshki: thanks! I'll look into it06:37
Petskullbasically I want to run 'sudo apt-get install xchat' at a certain time06:37
FlannelPetskull: for one-time things like this, you can use 'at'06:38
FlannelIts sort of like cron, but only does it once06:38
Petskullat what?06:38
Petskullat <time>?06:39
=== ubuntu_ is now known as taty
tatyhow to install adobe flash player from LX terminal_06:40
TrDhi all06:40
TrDho to set up static ARP entry please ?06:40
urlin2uSadlyMistaken, ttf-mscorefonts-installer is I believe installed if you install the restricted-extras these are the Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts06:41
SadlyMistakenI have installed restricted-extras....06:42
SadlyMistakenBut i only want to be sure the pdf is going to embebed the font inside.06:42
FlannelPetskull: sudo at now+3hour, then type your command, enter, ctrl-d.06:42
SadlyMistakenok, don't worry urlin2u, thanks a lot for everything06:42
Petskullok, I just tried "ls|at 11:12" and I got "warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh; job 1 at Sat Sep 24 11:12:00 2011"06:43
Petskullbut nothing happened at 11:1206:43
deepak_ninwa where you from ?06:43
FlannelPetskull: it won't run it in your shell, it'll just run it.06:44
Petskullah, duh06:44
Petskullshoulda seen that coming06:44
FlannelPetskull: after you add something, you can see it with 'atq'  (or sudo atq if you've added it to root's queue)06:44
MyrttiPetskull: try 'touch foobar' or something06:44
Petskullok, trying again06:44
PetskullI was gonna try gedit06:45
joel135what does ::1 in /etc/hosts mean?06:45
deepak_:( am i visible or not , and by which name ? huh isnt there anyway to find out myself , if i am connected or not06:45
FlannelPetskull: gedit won't work.  It's not connected to 'you' at all.06:45
Myrttideepak_: hi06:45
domino14i want to give my computer a static ip; what do i use for the gateway and DNS?06:46
domino14i was just using my router ip, but this doesnt seem to work06:46
deepak_oh thanks Myrtti , u just lessen my frustration06:46
Tom_I thought xchat was a program comparable to mIRC06:46
Flanneljoel135: that's IPv6s version of
domino14oh nevermind, it works now...06:46
Flanneljoel135: (loopback address)06:46
Petskullum.. Flannel what do you mean?06:46
Tom_I thought xchat was a program comparable to mIRC06:47
MyrttiTom_: yes?06:47
FlannelPetskull: You can't do anything that interacts with the user.  Because it doesn't know which xserver to connect to, or which tty, etc, etc.06:47
deepak_what is tty and etc ?06:47
Tom_should I just find a way to download issri?06:48
Tom_wine fails with my mirc for some reason06:48
FlannelPetskull: that'll work.  Although I'd give both commands an absolute path.06:48
deepak_my some button is not working in my keyboard , is there any software through which i can change the keybaord config?06:50
Petskullwhen I run it, it executes immediately06:51
Petskullas opposed to waiting until the time06:52
FlannelPetskull: What exactly are you doing?06:52
hellofoowhen i execute ls -alh the folders displayed are just 4.0K big when they contain files that add up to several MBs, why so ?06:52
henningvis_Some of my apps are not working after i added the ipod ext to banshee. Software Centre said that x amount of files would be deleted and now openshot, jacamorph, frets on fire etc does not even want to open ...newby here ..SIGH06:53
PetskullFlannel, I have this long line of packages I want to install on my new ubuntu machine.  I've used this line of apt a lot before06:54
Petskullbut the internet's slow here, and I have a roomate06:54
Petskullso I want to set it to start after he leaves06:54
PetskullFlannel, does this make sense?06:55
FlannelPetskull: No, no, what are you doing with at?06:56
PetskullI'm trying to use 'at' to run this 'sudo apt' line at a certain time06:57
Petskull...like you suggested06:57
FlannelPetskull: What exactly are you doing (with your test case) to enter the line into at?06:58
soreauPetskull: Why not just use a quick-n-dirty method such as logging in as root, then running sleep 65000; apt-get install blah blah blah06:58
Petskullls>/home/petskull/file.txt|at 11:2206:58
MeanEYEHaha, just read that guys comment on Xchat :)... had to laught.06:58
Petskullthat could work06:58
Petskulllemme try06:58
Petskullthat 65000 is millisecs, right?06:59
soreauPetskull: sleep --help06:59
soreaumight be useful here06:59
Petskullgotcha- should just man sleep before asking06:59
tsaknorrishmm i know something about aliases, but i dont understand why him in this example put them to this own folder. because they have to be always under .bashrc to work right?07:00
FlannelPetskull: That command works fine here to adding it to the at queue.07:00
soreauPetskull: You'll also want apt-get --force-yes -y install blah blah blah07:00
dollarcrabis it possible to tell my laptop "yes you are plugged in" so that it will let me charge the battery?07:00
Flannelsoreau, Petskull: you never want --force-yes07:00
soreauFlannel: Sure you do ;)07:00
Flannelsoreau: No, you don't.07:01
Petskullyeah, I read up in the apt forcing07:01
FlannelPetskull: No.07:01
soreauFlannel: If you *never* want that option, it would have been removed from apt-get's code07:01
Petskullwhy not?07:01
FlannelPetskull: Unless you feel like coming home to a broken system tomorrow.07:01
Petskullum... no07:01
soreauFlannel: How could it possibly break something?07:01
Petskullthat would be bad07:01
FlannelPetskull: If you have to force it to yes, it's asking if you really want to do something you shouldn't.07:01
tsaknorrissoreau: it install new kernerl etc...07:02
Flannelsoreau: How would --force-yes be useful?07:02
tsaknorrissoreau: kernel :D07:02
Petskullno- I just need to bypass the confirmation as I won't be here07:02
amin`how could I start dzen with icon set?07:02
soreauFlannel: -y alone does not work.. it will fail with 'you didnt say --force-yes'07:02
Petskullhow would I do that?07:02
FlannelPetskull: that's what -y does07:02
Petskullit's gonna ask me..07:02
MokilokHow do I change the Icon of a link?07:02
LoshkiPetskull: instead of forcing yes, how about using -d instead to do the download unattended, then do the actual install when you're there later....07:02
Petskullok, gonna try it with just -y07:02
Petskullhey- that's not a bad idea07:03
Flannelsoreau, Petskull: from the man page (regarding -y): Automatic yes to prompts; assume "yes" as answer to all prompts and run non-interactively. If an undesirable situation, such as changing a held package, trying to install a unauthenticated package or removing an essential package occurs then apt-get will abort.07:03
Petskullexcept the install is pretty lengthy on its own07:03
MeanEYEMokilok: Well icons are mainly detected by extension and in some cases by content. So rename it. :D07:03
FlannelSo, there's your few examples of things that --force-yes will do, which will not make you a happy camper.07:03
Petskullyeah, that makes senc07:03
MeanEYEMokilok: unless the link is a directory in which case there isn't really anything you can change :D07:04
tsaknorrisso  now i need the answer why to put aliases own folder and not to .bashrc where they will work if you restart the shell etc...07:04
soreauFlannel: Well ISTR -y failing with '-y given without --force-yes. aborting' but that no longer seems to be the case07:04
jtrucksoh god.07:04
soreauFlannel: It's been awhile since I used it07:04
tsaknorrisis there secret stuff what i dont know or is he just pointing to that folder under .bashrc?07:04
* soreau sits corrected07:04
MeanEYEtsaknorris: There is no difference in that. It's only a matter of organisation. They'll work either way.07:05
MokilokThe link is for Heroes of Newerth x64 executable. The game opens fine but the link is a plain gray Ubuntu Icon. When I select the Emblems tab in properties the default HoN icons are not one of the selectable options07:05
MeanEYEMokilok: Then you want to create a .desktop file and define icon there.07:05
jtruckswhat do I do with my system when this happens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/696032/07:06
tsaknorrisMeanEYE: hmmm not automaticly. .bashrc is only place atleast in my system? because i opened new shell and it doesnt work there.07:07
MeanEYEjtrucks: Seems to me that your /etc/apt/sources.list file is corrupt or has a bad format. Check that first.07:07
jtruckssources.list: symbolic link to usr/share/man/man1/mactime-sleuthkit.1.gz'07:07
jtrucksseems like a problem there, eh07:07
jtrucksso how do I fix that and have the upgrade pick up where it left off?07:07
jtrucksis that possible?07:07
MeanEYEjtrucks: sources.list should be a plaintext file.07:08
MeanEYEtsaknorris: Can you give me that link again. I just dropped in without actually looking what that guy said.07:08
Petskullok, my line is this:   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras vlc mplayer mencoder build-essential xchat frozen-bubble banshee libxine1-ffmpeg xchat-gnome wine openarena stellarium celestia blender bootchart sysv-rc-conf compizconfig-settings-manager emerald barrage hedgewars chromium pacman pingus warzone2100 snes9x-gtk transmission code-blocks geany libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev ubuntu-tweak07:09
MeanEYEtsaknorris: Ok, now repeat the question if you don't mind. :) Just to make sure I don't give you an stupid answer.07:10
tsaknorrisMeanEYE: wait. i dont have same name folder i have just .aliases. does it really have to be same name .bash_aliases?07:10
Petskullhey- what's the name of the ubuntu-tweak package?07:11
Petskulldid it change?07:11
jtrucksMeanEYE: where can I find a correct copy of the sources.list file? I assume my original is no longer correct, which it copied to sources.list.distUpgrade.07:11
urlin2uPetskull, you have to add the ppa07:11
rwwPetskull: ubuntu-tweak isn't in Ubuntu's repositories and isn't supported here.07:11
Petskulloh... I know what happened07:11
PetskullI added it, but I didn't update my cache07:11
MeanEYEjtrucks: Your upgrade failed?07:12
jtrucksMeanEYE: yes.07:12
MeanEYEtsaknorris: It's not a folder, it's a plain text file.07:12
jtrucksthat paste was the output of the failure notice :(07:13
tsaknorrisMeanEYE: yeah i ment that :D sorry my folder is just text file, but still can you get it to work?07:13
Farghgood morning07:13
LoshkiPetskull: you forgot the -y ....07:13
jtrucksso first I need to get the correct file. then I have to figure out how to restart this process (hopefully where it left off)07:13
Petskull"Need to get 822 MB of archives."... Jeez, that's gonna take days..07:14
MeanEYEjtrucks: Then original should have .distUpgrade appended. Before renaming check if the original is ok. Do an update first before upgrading!07:14
Farghanyone here wanna help me with fixing apt ?07:14
MeanEYEtsaknorris: Give me a moment please.07:14
PetskullLoshki, I know, I just wanted to make sure all the packages were good07:14
* jtrucks got 409MB earlier in about 4 min.07:14
tsaknorrisMeanEYE: ok, maybe easiest way is to make line to .bashrc what points to that own alias file. hmm but that it would work without .bashrc is weird :D07:15
Farghwhen installing any package i get the following message : E: File does not exist: /usr/share/cli-common/packages.d/policy.2.6.gtk-dotnet.installcligac07:15
Farghanyone has an idea ?07:16
CoreyFargh: Yeah, hang on...07:16
Farghdpkg: error processing libgtk2.0-cil (--remove):07:16
urlin2uFargh, can you run a update?07:16
Farghupdate yes07:16
MeanEYEtsaknorris: tsaknorris: Ok. Inside of your .bashrc you have something that looks like `if [ -f ~/.bash_aliases ]; then`. That's the line that loads the .bash_aliases file. You can change it to whatever you want. I'd suggest reading http://stefaanlippens.net/my_bashrc_aliases_profile_and_other_stuff as it has some nice explanations and examples.07:17
Farghapt-get -f install  <-- fails07:17
CoreyFargh: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166631207:17
Petskull21hours... this is almost a moot point..07:17
Farghdoesnt work Corey ... tried that already07:17
tsaknorrisMeanEYE: thanks :)  im just confused coz i made that .bash_aliases and it didnt still work :D lol wait i will check everything twice and thank you :)07:18
MeanEYEjtrucks: If the .distUpgrade file is Ok, meaning it's a plain text file with a bunch of lines starting with deb and deb-src... All you need to do is rename existing souces.list to something like sources.list.invalid and rename .distUpgrade file to original file name. Do apt-get update and upgrade. Then you can just restart distribution upgrade without problems.07:18
MeanEYEtsaknorris: Don't mention it. If you still have problems let me know.07:18
jtrucksMeanEYE: oh, cool. I'll try that.07:20
MeanEYEjtrucks: Just don't remove any files. Renaming them is enough. Just in case you need to revert something back.07:20
Petskullgetting rid of openarena and warzone kicks it down to 'just' 411MB which should about halve the ETA07:20
jtrucksyeah, I copied them.07:21
Petskullok, leaving this working- thanks, guys!07:21
jtrucksthe problem turns out that sources.list was, inexplicably, a link to some man page gz file.07:21
LoshkiMeanEYE: tsaknorris: my 10.04 .bashrc doesn't contain any such statement, and my bash man page doesn't say anything about .bash_aliases. What version are you guys running?07:21
CoreyI have ubuntu in a weird half-configured state.  Hangs indefinitely when removing gdm.07:22
CoreyHow do I forcibly remove it?07:22
Petskullthanks guys!!07:22
* Petskull *gone07:22
MeanEYELoshki: am on Mint at the moment. It's really a distro specific thing. URL I gave describes how to set aliases in external file. So, in my .bashrc I have few alises and I don't have .bash_aliases file. :D07:23
MeanEYECorey: Do you have a different DM? Like LightDM?07:23
CoreyMeanEYE: It's headless, should have nothing. :-)07:24
MeanEYECorey: Did you try aptitude?07:24
CoreyMeanEYE: Yes.07:24
CoreyHangs forever on Removing gdm ...07:25
jtrucksMeanEYE: so I do: apt-get update; apt-get upgrade; do-release-upgrade07:25
MeanEYEjtrucks: Yes. If I remember correctly do-release-upgrade is a python script so it directly depends on a state of python interpretter. Hence the reason for upgrade first.07:25
rabbi1can't i skype from pidign ?07:25
rabbi1* can't i skype from pidgin ?07:25
jtrucksso, will this have to do everything all over again?07:25
MeanEYErabbi1: No, skype is a proprietary code. No OSS there.07:26
LoshkiMeanEYE: but the web page claims to be for ubuntu, so it would be nice if it worked on the current ubuntu LTS, or if not, a note to that effect might be less confusing.07:26
MeanEYEjtrucks: Except for downloading already downloaded files. If you want that cleaned you have to apt-get clean07:26
rabbi1MeanEYE: thx, :(07:26
MeanEYErabbi1: Google talk can be called using pidgin... with video/audio.07:26
MeanEYErabbi1: And to be honest my advice would be to get rid of Skype. Spyware is not something we need in Linux community. :D07:27
jtrucksMeanEYE: so if all the packages are alrady installed, it will skip the install? This was at the very end of the upgrade process.07:27
rabbi1MeanEYE: yeah, i am using it... :)07:27
rabbi1MeanEYE: can't help for few client communications07:27
jtruckshellofoo: Open Source Software07:27
MeanEYELoshki: Ubuntu can change from version to version so don't rely too much on it. If you don't see that file executing add that line (source file)07:28
MeanEYErabbi1: I feel your paing although everyone has a GMail account today and Google+ being open you have a nice free conferencing software which is not closed and not forced down your throat.07:28
MeanEYEjtrucks: Hm, yeah. I think. With previous upgrade, did it download everything and crashed after that or it didn't even get the chance to download them ?07:29
LoshkiMeanEYE: thanks, I'll take care of it...07:30
rabbi1MeanEYE: can's ask them to use  :) .07:30
MeanEYELoshki: Basically if [ -f file ] means if file exists. The line `source ~/.bash_aliases` means include this file.07:30
MeanEYErabbi1: I know. Sadly not all people are flexible.07:31
jtrucksMeanEYE: it downloded everything, went through the upgrade process through installation, then was doing the 'setting up' series of stuff, then it said it was searching for obsolete software, then it had the crash in the paste I first posted.07:31
jtrucksMeanEYE: so, should I s/hardy/lucid/ in sources.list and then do update && upgrade?07:31
rabbi1Every time i run this update manager, google-chrome-stable loads about 20 MB. what will be there to update so much in chrome every time ?07:31
MeanEYEjtrucks: Hm, weird. Then .distUpgrade file is not valid anymore. But am not exactly sure what happened.07:31
MeanEYErabbi1: In difference to microsoft Google patches a number of bugs and always introduces new features. Version 14 has NaCl in it and hardware acceleratorion.07:32
shivenstupid question time; i've managed to get wpa_supplicant set up, but i have no idea on how to make it automatically connect on ubuntu; any pointers? (10.4)07:32
ikoniashiven: there is a tick box in gnome-network-manager to say "connect automatically"07:32
jtrucksMeanEYE: so, I will s/hardy/lucid/ in sources.list, then apt-get update; apt-get upgrade; perhaps?07:32
MeanEYEjtrucks: You could try renming sources.list file and try upgrading again in hope everything will go through this time, but I never had upgrade crash at that point.07:33
rabbi1MeanEYE: yeah? but for 20 MB file for upgrade, every time ... sounds weired07:33
ikoniajtrucks: no07:33
ikoniajtrucks: that is %100 way to break your system07:33
shivenikonia: sorry, i forgot to mention no gui07:33
ikonia!upgrade | jtrucks07:33
ubottujtrucks: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade07:33
ikoniashiven: why are you not using a gui ?07:33
jtrucksikonia: I was following that.07:33
MeanEYErabbi1: In windows they are doing the diff download. In linux due to packaging rules they have to give full package every time. It's not that much of a download for benefit of security.07:33
shivenikonia: development (server) system. Not interested in the waste of resources07:33
jtrucksit broke.07:33
shivenit just needs wifi, and ssh really07:33
ikoniashiven: then you have to set everything up in the interfaces file so that when the interface is brought up, all the settings are there, which will force it to connect07:34
ikoniajtrucks: define "it broke"07:34
rabbi1MeanEYE: or i can skip 1 or 2 upgrades in btwn07:34
MeanEYErabbi1: You can but there's no reason to do so.07:34
ikoniarabbi1: if an update is offered, it's wise to take it07:34
shivenikonia: any idea where the interfaces file is? i have no issue setting it up, its just everything is in different places on ubuntu07:35
ikoniashiven: what distro are you used to ?07:35
jtrucksikonia: from earlier: http://paste.ubuntu.com/696032/07:35
shivenikonia: gentoo / funtoo / sabyan07:35
jtrucksand sources.list: symbolic link to usr/share/man/man1/mactime-sleuthkit.1.gz'07:35
MeanEYEikonia: jtrucks has problem with do-release-upgrade it broke before finishing last task od setting up all the packages. Perhaps reconfigure all could work.07:35
ikoniashiven: the file is in /etc/network07:35
shivenikonia: thank you07:35
MeanEYEshiven: You can see interface name by issuing ifconfig -a :)07:36
rabbi1ikonia: my laptop prob din't solve,,, it's out for repair...07:36
ikoniajtrucks: obviously without knowing the details thats a serious error, however the last line that it can't read the sources file is interesting07:36
ikoniarabbi1: I told you 10 times it would not work and that it needed to go back for hardware repair07:36
shivenMeanEYE: i'm configuring my wifi; ifconfig is somewhat useless...07:36
Farghanyone ideas for my issue ?07:36
jtrucksikonia: somehow it managed to link the sources.list file to usr/share/man/man1/mactime-sleuthkit.1.gz07:37
ikoniajtrucks: what the devil.......07:37
ikoniajtrucks: I have never seen anything like that07:37
ikoniajtrucks: (what's mactime - pleaes don't say part of the macbuntu theme)07:37
MeanEYEshiven: I know, but it will give you interface name. Oh, sorry I didn't read your question correctly.07:37
rabbi1ikonia: :)07:38
=== Stanley|00 is now known as Stanley00
shivenMeanEYE: tis all good, i'm nearly configured; quite a bit faster than my last 10 installs anyway07:38
jtrucksikonia: so I need to figure out how to go on from here... however, it is possible that I need to backtrack some after attempting to fix this based on what we were trying to figure out above...07:39
jtrucksikonia: mactime is part of sleuthkit. forensics package07:39
jtrucksthis is a headless server.07:39
tsaknorrisMeanEYE: lol i didnt know about that source command :D i was already thinking to make loop what goes with grep all the alias lines and make them alias commands  :) so much easier whiuh!07:39
MeanEYEtsaknorris: Please don't :D07:39
ikoniajtrucks: I think you're in for a tough ride07:40
jtrucksikonia: I had a bad feeling that was the case.07:41
jtrucksit finished doing all the 'setting up' stuff, then this broke.07:41
MeanEYEjtrucks: ikonia: I still don't get how the heck man file ended up being linked to the source.list07:41
jtrucksMeanEYE: I have no idea either.07:41
llutz_corrupted filesystem, bad RAM07:42
ikoniajtrucks: out of interest, where is the sources.list pointing now ?07:42
ryoohkiis there a channel for "ubuntu software center"?07:43
jtrucksikonia: oh, I removed the symlink and copied sources.list.distUpgrade, then did s/hardy/lucid/ in the file.07:43
jtrucksbased on someone's suggestion07:43
rwwryoohki: as I already told you, no.07:44
henningvisgonna try one more time: I have software that just wont work : Sonwriter and Javamorph...any suggestions to a solution/07:45
hellofoohi, i am trying to understand something. why does ls show 4.0K for directories ?07:46
shiventhanks guys, all working07:46
Ins3rtmore brazilian peoples?07:46
ikoniaIns3rt: #ubuntu-br07:46
Ins3rtthxs ikonia07:46
jtrucksand now mysql is broken due to having a mix of hardy and lucid packages, I think.07:46
llutz_hellofoo: those 4k are the size the dir itself uccupies + some space reserved for information on contained files. once the number of files exceeds that reserved number, the dir-size increases with every file07:48
MeanEYEhellofoo: which flags did you use with `ls` command?07:48
=== eyes_ is now known as EyesIsServer
jtruckshow can I tell apt to not try installing a package? it's complaining about trying to install an older package when a dependency is newer... I just want it to stop trying to do that.07:49
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto07:49
ikoniajtrucks: slightly side tracking, do you have any PPA's or 3rd party repos installed ?07:49
hellofooMeanEYE: ls -alh07:49
hellofoollutz_: dir is itself a fle., yeh ?07:50
llutz_hellofoo: yes, special kind of file. unix = all is a file :)07:50
MeanEYEhellofoo: Files and directories are inodes.07:50
hellofooso it occupies like 4kb ? :O07:50
MeanEYEhellofoo: Something like that.07:51
jtrucksikonia: looks like the only one in the file that doesn't use ubuntu.com is deb http://packages.dotdeb.org oldstable all07:51
jtrucksikonia: should I remove that?07:51
ikoniajtrucks: %100 remove external stuff before upgrading07:51
Markus__check it out here #pornchat07:52
ikoniajtrucks: I'm wondering if that's causing the dependency issue,07:52
jtrucksi didn't even realize it was there.07:52
ikoniaMarkus__: please don't post that sort of thing07:52
bazhangMarkus__, stop that07:52
ikoniaMarkus__: the topic is ubuntu support only, please keep to that.07:52
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, or rww!07:52
MeanEYECan we have some moderation please?07:52
ikoniaMarkus__: he's been told07:52
MeanEYEikonia: Ok.07:52
ikoniaMeanEYE: he's been told, you can see us telling him, use common sense07:52
MeanEYEikonia: Didn't know you are opperator. :)07:53
ikoniaMeanEYE: people (anyone) can tell him to stop,07:54
ryoohkirww: didn't see it07:54
ikoniaand he has07:54
ryoohkirww: thanks!07:54
hellofoollutz_: thanks, yout explanation was really nice :#07:54
llutz_hellofoo: a directory entry needs to store information about files being saved in it. so it reserves more space a common empty file does.07:54
jtrucksikonia: oh, i think I know where that dependency problem came from. earlier it was suggested I replace the distUpgrade file after removing that weird symlink, then doing apt-get update; apt-get upgrade... which I believe started breaking mysql.07:54
ikoniajtrucks: that sort of makes sense, I can see how that could happen07:54
ikoniajtrucks: I'm curious to your repos as I'm tempted to try that update to see if it fails as yours did07:54
jtrucksI'll pastebin what I have in the file. old and new if you like.07:55
ikoniajtrucks: I wouldn't mind a look07:55
jtrucksold list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/696040/07:56
jtrucksnew list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/696042/07:57
ikoniajtrucks: it's worth my trying an upgrade to see if that repo cause the crazy symlink07:57
jtrucksso what exact part of the process do I use?07:58
jtrucksand it looks like it might be that repo that caused my mysql issues.07:58
ikoniajtrucks: honestly, don't know due to how your system is07:58
ikoniajtrucks: my opion is, manually resolve each dep conflict as best you can, then re-try the upgrade07:59
jtrucksso perhaps I should remove all my mysql stuff that snuck in from that other repo.07:59
ikoniajtrucks: this may involve removing some packages and re-installing them from the sane repo07:59
ikoniajtrucks: keep in mind I'm flying blind on this, so it may not be solid advice07:59
ikoniabut that's how I'd deal with it07:59
jtrucksoh, I know. :)07:59
ikoniaany packages from the deb repo that conflict with packages from ubuntu, or supply newer/different versions, swap out with ubuntu packages08:00
jtrucksI much appreciate the help.08:00
=== rich3kr0w is now known as richtroye
ikoniajtrucks: I am very interested/worried about what caused that symlink issue though08:00
jtrucksso, what I don't know is what package command to use to force remove those as it's still trying to install these client packages so I can't do anything until I can get that part fixed.08:00
ironhalikHmm could someone tell me08:01
ironhalikwhy theres no hdx drives in my /dev/ dir?08:01
ikoniaironhalik: libata now presents them as scsi08:02
ikoniaironhalik: look at /dev/sdx08:02
jtrucksikonia: once I get this fixed, I can out in a report or otherwise supply anyone who is intersted with the logs from the failure08:02
ironhaliknope - /dev/shm or /dev/snd :/08:02
ironhalikonly dirs on s08:02
ikoniaironhalik: can you please pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l"08:03
ironhalikim trying to locate my thumbdrive08:03
ironhalikkk sec08:03
ActionParsnipironhalik: run:  sudo fdisk -l   to see partitions08:03
ikoniajtrucks: it would be interesting if you could spend a little time with me and see if we can re-create it08:03
jtrucksikonia: Unforuntaely, I don't have that time.08:04
ikoniajtrucks: I don't mean at this moment, when it's fixed/running08:04
jtrucksoh, that's possible....08:04
ironhalikikonia: http://pastebin.com/PG2GJzL308:04
ikoniaironhalik: ls -la /dev/sda08:04
ironhalikroot@Grouchy:~# ls -la /dev/sda08:05
ironhalikbrw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 0 2011-09-23 14:35 /dev/sda08:05
ironhalikroot@Grouchy:~# ls -la /dev/sda08:05
ironhalikbrw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 0 2011-09-23 14:35 /dev/sda08:05
ikoniaironhalik: ok - so there you go, there are /dev/sdx devices08:05
ikoniaironhalik: you said there was not, yet there clearly is08:06
ikoniaironhalik: your usb device is /dev/sdb08:06
ironhalikyeah but its not visable there :>08:06
ikoniaironhalik: it has one partition which is /dev/sdb108:06
ironhaliksoz, sec, wrong paste08:06
TheWrongTurnHello.  Does the 64 bit version of Ubuntu use more RAM than the 32bit ?08:06
ikoniaironhalik: it is visible, you've just shown me the device files08:06
ikoniaTheWrongTurn: realistically, no08:06
ironhalikroot@Grouchy:~# cd /dev/sdb108:06
ironhalik-bash: cd: /dev/sdb1: Not a directory08:06
rwwironhalik: correct, it's not a directory.08:07
ikoniaironhalik: you can't do that, it's a device file, you need to mount it08:07
ikoniaironhalik: it should be auto mounted in /media08:07
ironhalikwell, I want to use it with 'dd' tool08:07
ironhalikshould it be visable with 'dir'? :>08:07
ikoniaironhalik: what are you trying to do - what's your end goal08:07
TheWrongTurnikonia: So I could use the 64bit version with 2GBs of RAM only ? And then later toss 2 more GBs in and max out the RAM slots (and RAM) ?08:07
ikoniaTheWrongTurn: sure.08:07
TheWrongTurnikonia: rather than having to upgrade to the 64bit OS later?08:08
ikoniaTheWrongTurn: you can't upgrade to 64bit from 32bit08:08
ikoniaTheWrongTurn: install 64bit now, and add more ram later08:08
TheWrongTurn(when I install the RAM)08:08
ironhalikikonia: oh, ls -al lists is, thats my bad - ill try to burn the img now - thanks for the help :>08:08
MeanEYETheWrongTurn: What ikonia means is there's no upgrade process. Just a fresh install.08:08
s0126his it true that if you forget root password in ubuntu, it makes no difference08:10
ikonias0126h: there is no root password08:10
llutz_s0126h: you cannot forget something not exisiting08:10
ikonias0126h: so you can't forget it08:10
MeanEYEs0126h: You shouldn't have root password in the first place.08:10
s0126hcan you even set root password then?08:10
MeanEYEs0126h: Yes you can, but shouldn't08:11
ikonias0126h: you can but it's unwise and un-needed08:11
llutz_s0126h: no need to do it08:11
MeanEYEs0126h: That's why `sudo` is there.08:11
jtrucksikonia: so, I think it's file system corruption. I just found another file that is whacked out.08:11
TheWrongTurndamn thing disconnected08:11
ikoniajtrucks: if that's the case, what rotten timing08:11
jtruckswhile trying to fix these messed up packages08:11
s0126hMeanEYE how do i set root password08:11
ikonias0126h: if you don't know, you shouldn't do it08:12
ikonias0126h: why do you want to do that ?08:12
llutz_s0126h: tbh, if you have to ask that, you shouldnt do it at all08:12
=== Abhijit is now known as `Abhijit
s0126hbecause i don't like this "sudo nonsense"08:12
MeanEYEs0126h: I agree with ikonia. You really don't need root password. It will only hinder your security.08:12
MeanEYEs0126h: Even if you do set it, a lot of applications won't run if you are logged in as root so there's no sense in doing that.08:12
IamTryingI am getting this error when building from source. e.g: configure: error: no gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10 >= (GStreamer Base Plugins) found  configure failed08:13
s0126hmeaneye why would application not run08:13
ikonias0126h: then use "sudo -i" and be root08:13
jtrucksdoes anyone recall off the top of their head how to delete/unlink a file by inode?08:13
ikoniaMeanEYE: that's not true08:13
s0126hwhat is the difference between "su root"  and "sudo -i"08:13
ikoniajtrucks: ls -li to get then inode,08:13
ikonias0126h: sudo -i sets the environment correctly08:13
jtrucksikonia: yeah, I got that:)08:13
MeanEYEikonia: Hm, yeah those that do run with sudo, will work either way. I though he wants to be logged in as root all the time.08:14
jtrucksoh, find might help me do this.08:14
s0126hsudo is confusing08:14
llutz_jtrucks: find ... -inum -exec rm...08:14
ikoniaMeanEYE: that won't change applications from working/not working08:14
ikoniajtrucks: hang on, I'll get the rm option08:14
ikonias0126h: in what respect08:14
s0126hwhy does sudo -i  work  when i don't even know root password08:14
ikonias0126h: because you know your own sudo password08:15
MeanEYEikonia: am pretty sure some of them didn't want to work :/ oh well... probably a minority08:15
ikonias0126h: and your user is authorized08:15
ikoniaMeanEYE: no, you are incorrect08:15
jtruckshmm. find . -inum 9193214 -exec rm {} \; didn't work08:15
s0126hikonia i don't like that system:  i like system where i have to know root password to get super priviledegt08:15
jtruckshere's the real problem: -????????? ? ? ? ?                ? GalleryRepositoryIndex.class08:15
jtrucksnice, eh?08:15
llutz_jtrucks: fsck08:16
ikonias0126h: you don't like typing sudo -i, but you so like typing su - to be root08:16
ikonias0126h: is that really what you're saying08:16
jtrucksllutz_: I was hoping to avoid that... as this is the root partition.08:16
s0126hikonia  yes sort of ;  because to do  "su root" you have to know root password08:16
ikonias0126h: what does it matter if you know the root password ?08:16
s0126hi just prefer that system08:17
ikonias0126h: then use it, good luck.08:17
llutz_jtrucks: stupid not to do. you cannot know all the stuff being broken08:17
Farghguys, whats the solution when you get No apport report written because MaxReports is reached already ?08:17
s0126hwhat is the difference between "su -"  and "su root"08:17
MeanEYEs0126h: In that case, sudo -i  and then passwd.08:17
ikonias0126h: one sets the environment, the other sets the id08:17
s0126hikonia i dont' get it08:17
ikoniaMeanEYE: please stop talking if you can't follow the discussion08:17
ikonias0126h: possibly why you should be using sudo then08:18
s0126hmeaneye and whose password do i type after "sudo -i"08:18
MeanEYEikonia: wasn't his question how to change root password? You are really in a bad mood today.08:18
ikonias0126h: you know what you're doing - so either do it or don't08:18
ikoniaMeanEYE: no. Please follow the conversation08:18
llutz_setting root-password isn't supported here and this should be EOD08:19
ikoniallutz_: yes, you're correct.08:19
ActionParsnips0126h: very little but it will fail as no root pass is set, or should be set08:19
s0126hllutz  that's silly08:19
bazhangs0126h, lets move on08:19
llutz_s0126h: if you don't agree with ubuntu-style, don't use it08:19
MeanEYEikonia: I did, but whatever. Not going to argue because of that.08:19
ActionParsnips0126h: after: sudo -i   type you users password you log in with08:20
s0126hllutz  is "sudo -i" ubuntu style?  other distro does not use this style?08:20
IamTryingI am getting this error when building from source. e.g: configure: error: no gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10 >= (GStreamer Base Plugins) found  configure failed08:20
ryoohkiis there a procedure to fix ubuntu software center?  i already tried "apt-get purge software-center ; apt-get install software-center"08:20
llutz_!sudo | s0126h08:20
ubottus0126h: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:20
jtrucksmy worry on this systems is this: if I take it to single user and fsck it, will it even boot since it never finished the upgrade process...08:20
s0126hActionParsnip  i see;  i don't comprehend that system nor i want to use it08:20
ikoniajtrucks: it's worth (if you can) fo an fsck on the file system - but set -n so it doesn't auto fix, that way you can see the errors08:20
ikonias0126h: don't use it then,08:21
s0126hActionParsnip  because all you doing is retyping the password you logged in with08:21
ikonias0126h: read the documentation ubottu has provided08:21
jtrucksikonia: without rebooting to single user you mean? it might be wort the risk now...08:21
ActionParsnips0126h: the default is to keep root locked down for security, when you need exta access, simply prepend the command with sudo and use your password to authenticate, this gives greater control of whom can use admin commands08:21
ikoniajtrucks: nah, don't do it on a mounted file system08:22
ikoniajtrucks: sorry, I see what you're saying that you don't want to boot at all08:22
ActionParsnips0126h: it also stops users from running stuf like irc clients and web browsers as root, which is a really bad idea08:22
jtrucksI don't understand how linux kernels and userland stuff works well enough to know whether I'll remotely have a working system, however, it did update grub and I tink install the new kernel, too...08:23
s0126hactionparsnip why would that be better security;  the user is only re typing their own password to get root access08:23
ActionParsnips0126h: there are plenty of good reasons why ubuntu is set as it is.08:23
ActionParsnips0126h: the user must be in the 'admin' group to be able to use sudo08:23
bazhangs0126h, lets move on, you have repeated enough. check the links.08:23
ikoniajtrucks: it maybe worth booting from a livecd (if you have the guts) and try to resolve it from that point if it won't boot08:23
ActionParsnips0126h: so users whom are not may attempt to use sudo but they will be denied access08:23
ikoniajtrucks: I'm sure (I think) we can get this booting again if you have a problem08:24
qins0126h: Rootless linux is quite common, it is not only Ubuntu...08:24
s0126hqin not 5 years ago08:24
s0126hqin who started this trent08:24
jtrucksikonia: this machine is 2600miles away from me.08:24
qins0126h: Stay in '90 then.08:24
ikoniajtrucks: ok, so that's a real issue08:24
bazhangqin, hes gone08:24
llutz_jtrucks: no rescue system?08:25
ActionParsnips093294: think about the guys who maintain and code for ubuntu, and how much they know....08:25
jtrucksI have console08:25
ikoniajtrucks: give me a minute or two to think08:25
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* jtrucks goes to verify08:25
ActionParsnips093294: you are free to do as you wish, but it is advised to use sudo08:25
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qinActionParsnip: bazhang has finnished this topic 2 minutes ago08:26
=== 16WAAETMD is now known as werdan7
rgb247is there anyone to help me to remap some keys in ubuntu?08:26
ActionParsnipqin: gotcha08:26
Amaranth1Hello all. I am a new user to Ununtu, and need some help, anyone free?08:27
MeanEYEAmaranth1: Just ask the question and someone will pick it up.08:27
ActionParsnipAmaranth1: ask and see08:27
jtrucksso, this particular file is an issue right now because it is trying to uninstall gallery2 (I have no idea why exactly and don't care as it's not actively used on the system). if I can just stop it from trying to do that i can get the system to reboot with higher degree of confidence that it is at least bootable08:27
rgb247I want to play Dota on ubuntu, and on windows I had dotakeys which remapped my keys, for example(a=f, q=k, w=n, e=t, etc..)08:28
rgb247this app doesn't work anymore on ubuntu08:28
ikoniajtrucks: can you run fuser against that file08:28
Farghthanks for all the support guys.08:28
MeanEYErgb247: Are you running WC3 using wine?08:29
Amaranth1 I have installed Unbuntu on my laptop, have all the updates done. I installed Thunderbird, and the Enigmail plugin. I am trying to get the bloody thing to import my key, and everytime I try, I get the error "Error-Encryption Command Failed"08:29
rgb247MeanEYE: yes08:30
llutz_Amaranth1: gnupg is installed?08:30
jtrucksikonia: yeah: Specified filename GalleryRepositoryIndex.class does not exist.08:30
shankyHello, is there an specific channel for ubuntu betas ?08:30
rwwshanky: #ubuntu+108:30
shankyrww: thanks08:30
ikoniajtrucks: thats interesting, so it must be able to read it's info from a different inode08:30
rgb247MeanEYE: do you know any solution?08:31
MeanEYErgb247: Check this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9742275 thread out.08:32
ActionParsniprgb247: did you check the appdb?08:32
rgb247ActionParsnip: I checked in synaptic but I don't found any app for key remapping08:33
rgb247MeanEYE: thanks you08:33
MeanEYErgb247: NP08:33
jtrucksso, I moved the directory it was in (which the package manager was trying to remove anyway) and left it somewhere else to fix later, now I can get mysql installed.08:33
jtrucksso mail will work :P08:33
jtrucksthen I can see if there's anything else left for the upgrade.08:34
jtrucksthen risk a reboot.08:34
jtrucksmeanwhile, I cannot for the life of me remember how to get to the console of the OS from HP iLO 10008:34
ikoniajtrucks: not a bad trick08:34
linuxxxxis padsp available in all versions of linux with pulse audio08:34
linuxxxxall versions of ubuntu* in particular08:35
Amaranth1Anyone have any experience with the plugin I am trying to use? Becuase no matter what I seem to do, I get errors08:35
ikoniajtrucks: not all ilo's support console, and some have to be licensed, some only allow LOM08:35
icerootwhat is a process in "ps aux" containing [] like [/usr/bin/termin]08:35
jtrucksoh, so, I'm installing the mysql pacakges again... will it recognize that mysql-server used to be installed and ask me before it nails my existing setup? (I don't care about my.cnf, I didn't customize it - but auth tables etc I do)08:36
ikoniajtrucks: shouldn't touch the data08:36
jtrucksthought so.. but tonight I"m tired and paranoid :)08:37
llutz_iceroot: means" no more options/parameter for this process known"08:37
llutz_iceroot: so only the processname is shown in []08:39
icerootllutz_: so that means if i start "df" it would be shown as [/bin/df] and if i use "df -h" it would be shown as "/bin/df -f"08:39
jtrucksokay, mysql works now.08:40
jtrucksnow I can get back to figuring out what's left of the upgrade and/or whether it's safe to reboot08:40
ikoniajtrucks: you're getting there,08:40
llutz_iceroot: no, afaik those processes mainly are kernel-/system-procs where the kernel has no info how it was called exactly. user-procs like "df" are known with path and all08:40
icerootllutz_: ah ok, thank you08:41
llutz_iceroot: you'd better do some googling about it ;)08:41
icerootllutz_: hard with "[]"08:41
icerootllutz_: i guess "man ps" should be better08:41
llutz_square brackets    or how are they called in english?08:41
icerootllutz_: that was to easy to think about :) thanks08:42
icerootllutz_: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/ps-process-names-in-brackets-644364/08:43
iceroot[] = kernel-process08:44
icerootbut strange is that "terminator" (like gnome-terminal) has [] also but i am calling it myself08:45
=== yakeb is now known as yakeb-away
jtrucksso, now using lucid repos in sources.list, I do apt-get upgrade and the only thing it says is that it held back xinetd and "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded."08:45
jtrucksso, any suggestions what I should check now?08:46
ikoniayou can live with that08:46
icerootjtrucks: dist-upgrade08:46
jtrucksiceroot: oh, thanks.08:46
jtruckssame result08:46
ikoniaxinetd isn't a deal breaker08:46
jtrucksyeah, I can live without that. :P08:46
llutz_iceroot: kernel or system-threads... but terminator... no idea why08:46
icerootllutz_: also its shown as /usr/bin/termin instead of /usr/bin/terminator...   [/usr/bin/termin] <defunct>08:47
tularisi aquired a lenovo 121e one week ago, i installed ubuntu natty 64bit from usb and recently i had a big freeze08:47
ActionParsnip!away > yakeb-away08:47
ubottuyakeb-away, please see my private message08:47
tularisfrom that day i can't boot or finish an install08:48
ActionParsniptularis: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?#08:48
jtruckslooks like it installed the kernel, too, and updated menu.lst08:48
tularisActionParsnip: no but I installed it on 3 other computer at work, and those computer work fine for 4 weeks08:49
jtrucksso, what am I missing now?08:49
ikoniajtrucks: you look in an "ok" place08:49
jtrucksbtw, you folks rock, especially you, ikonia08:49
jtrucksikonia: well, I guess I ought to try a reboot, eh?08:49
jtrucksall the services seem to be working.08:49
MeanEYEjtrucks: Fingers crossed! :D08:49
ikoniajtrucks: going to have to jump soon.08:49
tularisI think problem come maybe from the x121e (amd processor)08:49
ActionParsniptularis: I suggest you test the RAM too08:50
jtrucksso, here's the best part: I"m using that server right now to be here, so hopefully I'll be back with good news soon.08:50
ikoniajtrucks: did you eyeball the menu.lst/grub.conf to make sure it matches up to files that are there08:50
ikoniajtrucks: including the initrd etc.08:50
ActionParsniptularis: there is an option on the USB, once booted, to MD5 test all the files on the USB08:50
blinkhi. what's a good application to convert .avi videos to another formats? because i can't play .avi videos on my honeycomb.08:50
tularisActionParsnip: how can I test the ram if i don't have spares08:50
tularisActionParsnip: i'm actually on a live session08:50
tularisActionParsnip: what should I do ? (thx for helping)08:51
jtrucksikonia: yes. :)08:51
ikoniajtrucks: time to test ?08:51
jtrucksvmlinuz and initrd are both correct.08:51
FloodBot1jtrucks: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:52
ikoniajtrucks: I think it's as good as it's going to get08:52
jtrucksoops... didn't mean to type that many messages so quickly :P08:52
tularisActionParsnip: md5sum / ? ^^08:54
NinksCheck out this grief forum.08:54
ikoniaNinks: please don't post that08:54
ikoniaNinks: this channel is for ubuntu support only. Please keep to that08:55
ActionParsnip!md5 | tularis08:55
ubottutularis: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows08:55
Ninksikonia: ok.08:55
ikoniaNinks: thank you08:55
tularisActionParsnip: i don't have the iso anymore08:55
Ninksikonia: lots of men over there grieving very seriously though08:55
tularisActionParsnip: i'm actually on the live boot of the usb stick08:55
ikoniaNinks: not intersted - please stop discussion about it08:55
jtrucksapparently it works ;)08:56
MeanEYEjtrucks: Yay!08:56
tularisActionParsnip: processing ...08:56
ikoniajtrucks: pleased.08:56
ninjaaronI have some questions about packaging.08:57
jtrucksikonia: thank you sooooooo much for all your time.08:57
ikoniajtrucks: you sorted yourself out, credit to you08:57
ninjaaronI created a font, and I'm distributing it via github at the moment, but someone has requested a launchpad ppa.08:58
jtrucksnow to make sure mail is flowing both ways before staggering to bed :)08:58
ninjaaronI'm not really sure how to create a deb for a font.08:58
ninjaaronor for anything else, for that matter.08:58
ActionParsniptularis: the USB can test it's own health08:58
Asad2005I had to replace motherboard, AGP and cpu, i have ubuntu 11.04 installed on hard disk. would it be possible to preserve installed system. dpkg-reconfigure failed ?08:59
PereeeHello! I really need help with a 11.04 server installation. I have 4 discs that i want to turn into a RAID array and install the system on. Anyone RAID-MASTER? :)08:59
PereeeRAID10 array that is08:59
blinkhi. what's a good application to convert .avi videos to another formats? because i can't play .avi videos on my honeycomb.08:59
ActionParsnipAsad2005: should be able to simply transfer the drive, remove proprietary drivers if you installed any08:59
ikoniaPereee: the server install has a raid tool08:59
ActionParsnip!raid | Pereee08:59
ubottuPereee: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto08:59
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PereeeActionParsnip: Yes indeed it does.. the installation works fine and i have checked the links posted. The problem in my case is maybe partitioning09:00
Asad2005ActionParsnip: IS there an alternative to sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg command09:01
Pereeeinstallation works fine except when i boot it does not find GRUB09:01
Someguy2Guys does Ubuntu supprts dual Graphics card09:01
Pereeeend up int grub error>09:01
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Someguy2casue when i have my gamimg machine, i wanna install ubuntu on it09:01
ikoniaPereee: you need to have /boot on a non-raid partition or a mirrored raid partition in this case09:01
jtrucksyup, everything working.09:01
* jtrucks waves and goes to bed.09:01
ikoniajtrucks: nice job09:01
Someguy2Ubuntu is kinda faster than Windows09:02
Someguy2but it did hang on me one time09:02
jtrucksas it turns out, the telnet console is only good for power cycling or I can't figure it out either :P09:02
jtruckstime to set up tunnels to get to the console.09:02
jtruckssince it's not on public space.09:02
Ironsightsomeguy: you mean SLI/Crossfire?09:02
Someguy2k now i have a question09:02
ikoniajtrucks: lom settings only09:02
ActionParsnipAsad2005: not had to use it, I'd imagine not though09:02
jtrucksNOW to bed.09:02
jtrucksikonia: thanks.09:02
jtrucksikonia: yeah :(09:02
ActionParsnipSomeguy2: ask away09:02
Someguy2is ubuntu really good at gaming09:03
IronsightYou will probably need to install propietary driver09:03
ActionParsnipSomeguy2: depends which games09:04
Pereeeyes i have read that.. but im not sure im doing it correctly. I have my four discs. On all four i create a /swap, / and a /home partition. All these i create raid arrays from (mdx). On the first drive i create a /boot partition that is only on the first drive and marked as bootable. Is that wrong?09:04
ActionParsnipSomeguy2: I've played many games on Ubuntu09:04
ikoniaSomeguy2: ubuntu has few native games, and running windows games on ubuntu is not a usable solution for every game09:04
ikoniaSomeguy2: if you have windows software...use windows,09:04
ikoniaSomeguy2: because they are designed for windows, ubuntu is a totally different operating system09:04
IronsightTo be honest I just boot win 7 for games09:05
Someguy2Well, WIne is useful09:05
ActionParsnipSomeguy2: because games makers use a LOT of directx and windows guff (proprietary), so its difficult to make work09:05
ikoniaSomeguy2: not for everything09:05
ActionParsnipSomeguy2: thats why not all apps work in wine09:05
ikoniaSomeguy2: a game can work "ok" one work, and not work at all tomorrow depending on updates09:05
ikoniaSomeguy2: some stuff does not work at all and never will, so it's not a reliable solution.,09:05
Someguy2Well, there is a reason why WUBI exist09:05
doxinhttp://www.junauza.com/2011/04/lady-gaga-goes-gaga-over-ubuntu.html , how much of it is true?09:06
ActionParsnipSomeguy2: there are some native games and some game developers, like ID software, make native Linux installers for their games09:06
ikoniaSomeguy2: wubi has nothing to do with wine09:06
Someguy2k problem solved09:06
Pereeeikonia: yes i have read that.. but im not sure im doing it correctly. I have my four discs. On all four i create a /swap, / and a /home partition. All these i create raid arrays from (mdx). On the first drive i create a /boot partition that is only on the first drive and marked as bootable. Is that wrong?09:06
Someguy2No I mean09:06
ActionParsnipSomeguy2: wubi is different to wine09:06
Someguy2I know that09:06
Someguy2can i finosh my sentence?09:06
IronsightWine just barely works, and I don't dig the hassle of wine09:06
ActionParsnipSomeguy2: why press ENTER if the sentence wasn't finished?09:06
n4dspwhere can one go to get support for Evolution Mail?09:07
Someguy2Meh, Its a manarism09:07
ikoniaPereee: what you've descbribed sounds fine. however you need to make sure that your /boot partition is on the drive it's trying to boot from and that your system is looking at /boot on the drive rather than the raid array09:07
ActionParsnipSomeguy2: then you will be misunderstood09:07
ActionParsnipn4dsp: here09:07
Someguy2Ubuntu is really good09:07
Someguy2almost never got a problem with it09:08
n4dspwhenever I click on a pdf or a jpg which is on my desktop and want to send it in an email as attachment and put the email address in the box , ,,,09:08
Someguy2n4dsp could be a bug or a human error09:08
n4dspevolution mail opens but the email to that person with attachment doesnt open up.09:08
n4dspbug i think09:08
IronsightSabayon to me is more geared to gaming since they install propietary drivers by default angd have a nice gaming edition09:09
tularisshould i have a special version of natty for amd cpu ?09:09
ikoniatularis: no09:09
Pereeeikonia: ok. Sounds good then.. In the end of the installation i get a question to were i want to install grub.. if i want to install it in the MBR of the first drive or anywhere else. I have tried both but my guess is to /dev/sda1 (that should be my /boot partition)09:09
ActionParsniptularis: no, any will run (except ppc)09:09
ikoniaPereee: no, masterboot record09:09
Someguy2BTW is Ubuntu Ultimate a ilgeal release?09:09
Pereeeikonia: well that does not work either..09:09
Someguy2I have a Ubuntu Ultimate CD09:10
ikoniaSomeguy2: no, it's re-spin that's not supported here as it's not official09:10
tularisk thx09:10
Ironsightillegal ??09:10
ikoniaPereee: you have a raid 10 array, is that software or hardware raid (I'm assuming linux software by your description)09:10
ikoniaIronsight: no09:10
Someguy2What are the reasons Ubuntu hangs?09:11
Someguy2It did hang last summer09:11
Pereeeikonia: yes.. i create a software raid manually during installation09:11
Someguy2the window that are open is firefox09:11
ikoniaSomeguy2: you're using ubuntu ultimate eddition, ask their support09:11
ikoniaPereee: ok, and it's a raid 10 containing 4 disks ?09:11
ikoniano ?09:11
Pereeeikonia: yes09:11
ikoniano what.09:11
Someguy2Not Ultimate09:11
ikoniaSomeguy2: , sorry, I thought you just said you had ultimate09:12
csenger41hey guys :)09:12
csenger41anyone online?09:12
Someguy2yeha but that was for my desktop09:12
dpnuxHi. I am trying to install astah .deb using Ubuntu Software center and it hang. My ubuntu is 10.10 64 bit. I tried to cancel it but no response. What can I do to cancel it?09:12
Someguy2my laptop has Ubuntu 11.04 offical09:12
ikoniaPereee: so, you also have 1 disk with /boot on09:12
ikoniaPereee: is that correct ?09:12
ActionParsnipSomeguy2: Ultimate is offtopic here09:13
csenger41i'd need some help with flash games freezes09:13
Someguy2But Ubuntu 11.04 Offcial09:13
Pereeeikonia: no.. i only have four discs im afraid.. And what im trying to do is to have the /boot partition on the first drive and not included in any raid array. Maybe thats not even possible?09:14
csenger41it happens when im moving my cursor and when i stop it, it keeps working again09:14
Someguy2Ubuntu 11.04 offcial did hang on me once and i want to know the reason why09:14
ikoniaPereee: that should be fine, so you have 4 disks, but 1 disk has 2 partitions on,09:14
Pereeeikonia: basically 4 partitions, /boot /(root) /swap and /home. All three except /boot is raid arrays that exist on all four drives09:15
ActionParsnipSomeguy2: Canonical releases are supported here (plus Lubuntu when Oneiric is out)09:15
Pereeeikonia: or should i only do a /boot and a / partition?09:15
ikoniaPereee: you have 1 disk that has 2 partitions on, 1 partition for /boot, the other partition is included in the raid array09:15
tularisActionParsnip: md5 checksum is OK09:16
ActionParsniptularis: sweet, ok so the USB boots. What happens next?09:18
Pereeeikonia: well.. im not sure.. Like this: I start up with 4 empty drives. On all those four i create /swap, /root, /home (and on the first drive a /boot) partition. With the raid "tool" i then create md0, md1 and md2 that is a /swap RAID, /root RAID and /home RAID09:18
tularisActionParsnip: i got a full access to a live session, but on the other hand if i try to install09:18
ikoniaPereee: ok, I think you're a little confused on how it works, I'll try to explain, stop me if you get lost09:18
Pereeeikonia: thanks! I was afraid of that :)09:19
tularisat 2/3 of files copy, the install crash and send me to a frozen command black screen09:19
ActionParsniptularis: is the drive healthy? You can fsck the partition from terminal09:19
ikoniaPereee: you need to create 1 partition on each of the 3 disks in the raid array, that are "full disks", mark the partitions as "raid", you need to create 1 primary partition on 1 disk for /boot and then a partition that is also raid, mark that partition as raid09:19
tularisActionParsnip: i launched the drive check from the boot manager09:20
ikoniaPereee: you then make meta devices for each file system (apart from boot) out of the 4 raid partitioned disks09:20
tularisdisk was healthy09:20
z3ro3xI tried to format a flash drive to fat32 and mistakenly clicked on a 500 GB hard drive with lots of data I'd like to get backigional file system was ext4.  Gparted shows it as fat32.  I tried to use testdisk to restore it and it told me to reboot after the changes.  But after the reboot gparted still shows it as fat32.  What's the deal? The or09:20
Pereeeikonia: ok, im with you.09:21
z3ro3xOps.  I mean "Original file system was ext4"  Sorry, typo.09:21
ikoniaPereee: ok, or you can make one meta device, and partition it09:21
tularisi'll try the install another time09:21
tularisand i'll copy you the frozen command screen09:21
ikoniaPereee: eiter way will work fine, as long as you have 1 partition that is totally excluded from the raid setup.09:21
ikoniaPereee: does that help at all ?09:22
Pereeeikonia: Yes i think i get it.. What i think confuse me is what i should do with /swap and /root partitions?09:22
n4dspguess its a tough question on the evolution mail problem09:22
Pereeeikonia: i don't need to care about that?09:23
ikoniaPereee: swap and root can be on the raid partition, no problems there09:23
ikoniaPereee: it's only /boot that needs to be %100 away from raid09:23
Pereeeikonia: ok, but i should create them after i have created the "raid"09:23
ikoniaPereee: it doesn't matter onthe order of creation, as long as the end result is /boot - seperate partition, everthing else = raid09:24
ikoniaPereee: it's useful to put /boot at the start of the first disk though09:24
ikoniaPereee: first partition on the first disk.09:24
tularisPanic occured09:25
tularisswitched to text console09:25
Pereeeikonia: sorry if my questions are stupid.. Ok i will try but for me it sounds like i have done exactly that..09:25
ikoniaPereee: they are not stupid at all.09:25
tularisActionParsnip: i got a blackscreen with a list of system call09:25
ActionParsniptularis: ok kick off the install without web access, keep it all local. Is it ok?09:25
tularisActionParsnip: and the screen finish by panic Occured, switched to text console09:26
tularisActionParsnip: i did09:26
tularisWithout web access09:26
tularissame result09:26
ActionParsniptularis: i see, have you tried the alternate ISO, it installs in text mode09:26
The_BROSanybody uses google docs in Ubuntu?09:26
tulariswhat is the alternate iso ActionParsnip09:26
tularisyes i see09:26
FloodBot1tularis: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:26
KartagisI've got two 11.04 installations; one at home, one at work. the one at home can't play video files ie plays only the first frame then continues without video. this happens under totem. what to do? please don't tell me to use another player09:26
tularislet me try09:26
ikoniaKartagis: are the video cards different09:27
tularisWhere can i check the version of my usb live ubuntu ?09:27
tularisI don't remember if it's a desktop or an alternate ><09:27
Pereeeikonia: im trying to install now so we will se how it goes.. But your recommendation is to write grub to MBR of the first drive?09:28
ActionParsniptularis: it install a desktop OS, just in text mode. There will be a text file or twon on the USB stick you can read, it will tell you the release09:28
Kartagisikonia: could be, I'm not sure. can't check now because the one at work is off09:28
ikoniaPereee: correct, and make sure your bios is set to boot from that device09:28
ikoniaKartagis: worth checking,09:28
Kartagisikonia: and if they are?09:29
ikoniaKartagis: well, that's where I'd start investigating09:29
Kartagisikonia: what codecs can I install here?09:29
ikonia? codecs......I said video card09:29
KartagisVGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter <--- the one here ikonia09:30
ikoniaKartagis: is that the one thats working (I bet not)09:30
tularisActionParsnip: before trying alternate, i should maybe try a more recent release, shouldn't I ?09:31
Kartagisikonia: that's the one failing09:31
ActionParsniptularis: there is only Oneiric which is in beta, could try it. may just be silly enough to work09:31
ikoniaKartagis: SIS video card, terrible, lots of problems. Not surprised it's failing09:31
tularisok :P i try alternate09:31
ActionParsnipKartagis: you'll more than likely need an xorg.conf for that chip, they do fine 2D display but no 3D under Linux09:32
KartagisActionParsnip: where can I get such a xorg.conf? x.org?09:34
ZimskyHow would I configure apache to serve as a proxy for a service running on port 3989?09:34
KartagisZimsky: #httpd09:35
mobalit is possible to get w or wo framebuffer high resolution in grub2? like full hd?09:36
damnohow do I stop start up scripts that are executed by init?09:38
Pereeeikonia: Now im trying to install.. i need to create a /swap, where do you recommend i put that09:39
Ubuntusawr[xD]damno: Control Center (Or something to do with system) -> Start Up Applications09:39
ActionParsnipKartagis: you will find samples online using your GPU chip name in websearches09:41
ActionParsnipmobal: its a boot loader, why bother?09:41
mobalActionParsnip: very ugly :<09:43
ActionParsnipmobal: its on the screen for less than 2 seconds..09:43
mobali know09:44
mobalActionParsnip: i know, but if possible to get full hd res. than i want to try it09:44
ActionParsnipmobal: you can set the res in /etc/default/grub09:45
IamTrying#apt-get install libvisual0.4-dev ; No package found how can i install it?09:46
mobalActionParsnip: i know, but Framebuffer 1920*1080 is unsupported by NVidia09:46
ActionParsnipmobal: sudo apt-get install hwinfo; sudo hwinfo --framebuffer09:47
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ActionParsnipmobal: will show the available resolutions09:47
ActionParsnipmobal: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/   may help, I've used that to make plymouth load under proprietary drivers. Its really a worthless effort, but if you need to occupy yourself, why not09:48
mobalActionParsnip: yes. 1920 is unavaliable. i know. but it is possible to get resolution without framebuffer? like with a driver or etc?09:48
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mobalActionParsnip: i think if 1920 is not supported, i cannot get that resolution :(09:51
ActionParsnipmobal: not if you use proprietary drivers, they don't load fast enough so you probably get no boot splash. That link is all I know of grub configs as its not of any value09:51
ActionParsnipmobal: maybe others can advise09:53
doxinhttp://www.junauza.com/2011/04/lady-gaga-goes-gaga-over-ubuntu.html , how much of it is true?09:55
bazhangdoxin, its offtopic dont paste here09:56
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distant_voiceHow do I use gconftool-2? I know the command I want to run, but when I do, I get another promt where I don't know what it wants of me09:58
mokilokCan someone please help me with a problem? I'm trying to mount a remote ntfs share using samba from bash but I don't know the command and i'm having trouble getting the one i've found to work.09:59
hudekiWould there be a problem with uninstalling evolution on 10.04?09:59
MAREK_BENC_NetBkudeki: No problem at all10:00
mokilokIs "sudo mount -t smbfs // /media/windows_share -o username=Guest,password=10:00
mokilokthe correct syntax?10:00
MAREK_BENC_NetBkudeki: But if apt-get wants to remove your desktop, you'll need to install aptitude, and run 'aptitiude keep-all'10:01
hudekiand from synaptic?10:01
hudekisame storry?10:01
MAREK_BENC_NetBi think10:01
MAREK_BENC_NetBI haven't used GUIs for installing in years, so IDK10:02
bazhangMAREK_BENC_NetB, that is not correct10:02
bazhangMAREK_BENC_NetB, ubuntu-desktop is a meta-package no harm done in removing it10:03
ArthurIs there a way to make a partition in Xubuntu? I installed it on my comp and I want to also install Windows 7, but it forces me to delete the current partition because it has all the space focused on it, any idea :/ ?10:03
distant_voicerunning "gconftool-2 -s /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/gomcmd/command /home/jan/start_gomplayer %s' --type String" doesn't work, it doesn't exit back to the prompt. Does anybody have experience with gconftool-2?10:03
MAREK_BENC_NetBYes, but if it's removed, apt will think all other packages are useless, and will prompt you to delete them with apt-get auto-clean10:04
bazhangMAREK_BENC_NetB, thats not correct10:04
distant_voiceArthur, I think in general it's easier to install windows first and then install Ubuntu10:04
ArthurBut I've already installed a lot of things in Linux, distant_voice, isn't there a way to make a new partition using some of the current space in my Linux so I can install there Windows :s ?10:05
distant_voiceArthur, there might be, but it's probably a pain in the ass compared to doing things the other way around. the problem is that windows will break GRUB in the process of uninstalling and if you don't know your way around fixing that it's be  a real hassle10:06
ActionParsnipdistant_voice: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=197195&currentpage=10   has some sample commands you can steal10:06
MAREK_BENC_NetBArthur: It's an easy fix, actually.10:06
ActionParsnipdistant_voice: you could put start_gomplayer in /usr/bin instead of $HOME, it's a bit neater10:07
MAREK_BENC_NetBArthur: I can help you with this10:07
MAREK_BENC_NetBArthur: All that happens, is that windows overwrites the Boot sector, so it boots instead of GRUB, which is the Boot loader for Ubuntu10:08
MAREK_BENC_NetBAs long as you have a LiveCD, you can simply fix it10:09
ArthurMAREK_BENC_NetB: Thanks, I once installed Linux when I had Windows 7 and it was easy because it gave me the option of installing it with Windows 7, but Windows 7 only displays me two partitions (since I've got nearly all the GBs focused in one) and it doesn't let me continue the installation, what should I do? I'd install Windows 7, but I have some important things like Skype which were hard to me to install when I started on Linux :/10:09
ArthurSome options I mean.10:09
ActionParsnipArthur: skype is downloadable from the skype site easily10:10
ArthurActionParsnip: I know, but I had some problems finding ways to make the microphone on cam works well.10:11
ArthurWell anyway, it's true, I should install Windows 7 and then use Xubuntu Live CD again, it'll hopefully let me install it with Windows 710:11
MAREK_BENC_NetBArthut: So, what's your current status, you want to install Windows?10:11
ActionParsnipArthur: yeah skype can be a pain to get nice10:11
ActionParsnipArthur: install Windows 7 to a percentage of the drive and you wont need to mess around with resizing partitions10:12
almoxarifeubuntu > virtualbox > win7 <-- problem solved10:13
blinkybwhat's a good application to extract audio from mp4?10:13
MAREK_BENC_NetBblinkyb: FFmpeg works! But it's a text app10:14
almoxarifeblinkyb: ffmpeg does have a gui,10:14
ActionParsnipblinkyb: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=112261110:14
MAREK_BENC_NetBffmpeg -i name.mp4 name.wav10:14
blinkybalmoxarife, it doesn't.10:15
blinkybMAREK_BENC_NetB, what about file location?10:15
deanHey all I was wondering if anyone in here is knowledgeable with devede?10:15
ActionParsnipdean: ask and find out10:16
MAREK_BENC_NetBJust 'cd' into the directory, where you have your .mp4 file10:16
MAREK_BENC_NetBAnd i think almoxarife ment WinFF.10:16
deanActionParsnip, I am wondering if it is possible to convert 2 movies. I know how to convert 1 but trying to do 2 for my little boy lol10:17
almoxarifeMAREK_BENC_NetB: no, I meant ffmpeg in ubuntu, I am trying to find it now,10:17
blinkybMAREK_BENC_NetB, i copied the file to desktop, what's my path gonna be? i want the converted file on desktop as well. mp3 format10:17
MAREK_BENC_NetBblinkyb: cd Desktop, in terminal, and then type 'ffmpeg -i name.mp4 name.wav'10:18
MAREK_BENC_NetBI don't know how to convert it to mp310:18
almoxarifeMAREK_BENC_NetB: that's it, you right10:18
blinkybMAREK_BENC_NetB, 'cd desktop' it says: bash: cd: desktop No such file or directory.10:19
MAREK_BENC_NetBWith capital 'D'10:19
deanblinkyb, What are you trying to do convert mp4 to mp3?10:19
MAREK_BENC_NetBdean: yes, he is10:20
deanblinkyb, Is it a video file?10:20
blinkybMAREK_BENC_NetB, now it's working10:20
blinkybdean, a concert dvd which i want to extract audio from for my ipod10:21
deanblinkyb, Ah I see I was gonna suggest sound-converter if it was just audio lol10:21
ActionParsnipMAREK_BENC_NetB: the link I gave does it all for you.....10:22
almoxarifeblinkyb: check out arista10:22
blinkybMAREK_BENC_NetB, how do i know the progress? i mean how much time left10:22
MAREK_BENC_NetBblinkyb: What is it showing?10:23
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:23
piotr__how are You ?10:24
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:24
deanHey does anyon know how to convert more than one file using devede?10:25
Gentoo64havent used that program in ages since it broke10:25
soreaudean: What do you mean?10:26
deansoreau, I am trying to convert 2 avi files to dvd using devede I know how to do it to make one dvd film10:26
Gentoo64dean, just add them both to the list10:26
Gentoo64then adjust disc usagge10:26
soreaudean: I know but do you mean to files in one dvd or two separate files to two separate dvd isos at once?10:27
deanGentoo64, How do I make 2 seperate titles to click on so I can play either?10:27
=== pythonsnake is now known as Python
deanIn convertxtodvd you can put 2 films on one disc and you can choose which film to play10:27
Gentoo64dean, cant remember. theres title options in there10:27
soreaudean: You just make two separate titles and add a file to each IIRC10:27
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iCappyHi guys10:28
deansoreau, Will the title link to the correct avi file and also make one iso?10:29
soreaudean: Yes10:29
soreauikonia: meant iCappy?10:29
deansoreau, Ok I will give it a go I have read tutorials but only shows you how to convert one file lol10:29
soreauthought he was a known troll..10:29
ikoniasoreau: no, it was my fault/mistake10:29
soreaudean: Its pretty simple. You can only make one dvd at a time. Each title you add should have options for title text and video entries10:30
blinkybMAREK_BENC_NetB, dean, almoxarife, sorry guys I had a phone call. so far it worked like a charm, now lemme extract the specific song from the concert and upload it to my ipod, i hope it works. thanks a lot ppl.10:31
Justinfohi, how to stop cron ?10:31
deansoreau, On the left hand side you add the title and on the right hand side you add the video files but didn't know if it would be intelligent enough to figure it out you see10:31
Element9I've got the session saver plugin for gedit it just doesn't save the session. Anyone had a problem like that?10:31
soreauJustinfo: I dont think you should have a reason to..10:31
Justinfoi have to stop right now10:32
soreauJustinfo: probably service cron stop10:32
Justinfopoluting my mailbox10:32
Justinfoi receive every sec new mail10:32
almoxarifeElement9: not in 11.04, no10:32
deanThanks for the help anyway soreau10:33
soreaudean: It is.. but if you add more than one file to a single title, it will just put them all together without an option to select either10:33
deansoreau, Thats what I was thinking thats why I needed to find out if I added the 2 titles and then 2 files it would put them in the right order if that makes sense I am confusing myself typing lol10:34
Justinfostop: Unknown instance:10:34
soreaudean: Well, you have to select the title you want to add the file to. In your case, you want one file per title10:34
Justinfofor service cron stop10:35
soreauJustinfo: Which version of ubntu?10:35
Element9almoxarife: yeah I'm using 10.1010:35
deansoreau, Ok thanks I appreciate the help anyway10:35
soreaudean: no problem10:35
Justinfoubuntu lucid10:35
deansoreau, I just wish the quality was as good as convertxtodvd but prefer linux any day lol10:35
JustinfoUbuntu 10.04.2 LTS \n \l10:36
soreauJustinfo: Try sudo /etc/init.d/cron stop10:36
Justinfoboth are not working10:36
Justinfo◊Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)10:36
Justinfoutility, e.g. service cron stop10:36
soreaudean: In my experience, devede takes a long time but produces excellent quality. I think there are some settings for quality too10:37
dirtycookiehi i want to make my indicator plugin transparent so that it fits in my transparent pannel can someone tell me how10:37
dirtycookiei use xfce10:37
dirtycookievariant of ubuntu10:37
soreauJustinfo: It should work..10:37
deansoreau, I use the default settings I wouldn't know how to configure for better results thats probs why it aint as good as convertxtodvd imo lol10:37
soreaudean: When you add the video file, there is an advanced drop down area IIRC10:38
=== FreeNET is now known as Guest17337
Justinfoi say not10:38
Justinfothat's the problem10:38
soreauJustinfo: Maybe try killing the cron process?10:38
Justinfokill -9 cron10:39
deansoreau, Yeah there is but you have to configure it which I would struggle with lol anyway thanks I am gonna go and try and convert them now10:39
dirtycookie1hi i want to make my indicator plugin transparent so that it fits in my transparent pannel can someone tell me how10:40
fmaurojoin #c++10:40
soreauJustinfo: sudo chmod -x $(which cron) && sudo killall cron10:41
soreauJustinfo: That is really a brute force method.. note that sudo chmod +x /usr/sbin/cron should set the executable flag back10:41
ChotazHey everyone, whats the best multiprotocol IM messenger for Ubuntu 11.04?10:43
mokilokChotaz: Pidgin seems to be the most popular.10:43
MAREK_BENC_NetB!best | Chotaz10:44
ubottuChotaz: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:44
Chotazmokilok: I might take a look-10:44
Justinfono cron process found soreau10:44
=== olderyoungfan is now known as alterKerl
soreauJustinfo: Then one of those commands probably worked, Go ahead an set the executable flag back10:45
mokilokcan someone help me with the Syntax to Mount remote ntfs shares through smb?10:45
Justinfoi also checked my mailbox there is no mail10:46
Justinfoi think is woring10:46
Justinfothanks soreau10:46
soreauJustinfo: No problem. I suspect the /etc/init.d command worked, despite the warning it gave. Use the same command with start to enable it again10:47
Justinfowhy i have to enable it ?10:48
ActionParsnipmokilok: could add it in /etc/fstab10:48
mokilokActionPartsnip: Yeah I had read that I could add it in their for automount of shares upon startup but I need to understand how to do in manually streight from bash10:49
ActionParsnipmokilok: http://opensuse.swerdna.org/susesambacifs.html10:50
soreauJustinfo: I was just telling you, in case you wanted to restart itafter its fixed. It will start on next boot if the executable bit is set..10:51
TheGuyWhoNeedsHeHello guy!10:51
=== TheGuyWhoNeedsHe is now known as lolcakez
lolcakezi kinda need some help. will someone have some time to help me?10:52
jriblolcakez: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)10:52
lolcakezi get this error when booting to install - unexpected error  0x000910:53
=== JEEBcz is now known as JEEB
jriblolcakez: you are trying to install ubuntu and you receive that error when you attempt to boot from the install cd?10:53
ubuntufriendim testing some programs i wrote and i want to time them, how would i do that??10:53
jriblolcakez: without the cd, you do not receive the error?10:53
lolcakezi do10:54
jribubuntufriend: "time" command10:54
jriblolcakez: at what point do you receive the error?10:54
ActionParsniplolcakez: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?10:55
lolcakezwell, when i boot, the ubuntu menu comes up, i select the language, i select "install ubuntu" and i get the error10:55
lolcakezMD5 test?10:55
lolcakezsorry am huge newb at this10:55
jriblolcakez: erm, and when do you get the error without the cd?10:55
Sidewinder1!md5sum | lolcakez10:55
ubottulolcakez: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows10:55
Ubuntusawr[xD]lolcakez: That means to right click on a file, and select MD5 option.10:55
kawbhello, im having problems with my boot; im not sure what sda should be boot, i accidently changed it the other day and forgot where it was; http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/827/screenshot1fpf.png/10:55
Ubuntusawr[xD]lolcakez: As a result, you'll get something similar to this:  0cc175b9c0f1b6a831c399e26977266110:56
ActionParsniplolcakez: you haven't tested the file you downloaded, so you have no way of knowing it is complete and error free10:56
Ubuntusawr[xD]lolcakez: You then check and see if ot exactly matches the MD5 found on the Ubuntu website.10:56
MonkeyDustkawb: type df -h to check10:56
ActionParsniplolcakez: MD5 test isn't Ubuntu specific, so being new to Ubuntu is moot10:57
ismailovhii pllese join linux-bg.org in facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/linux-bgorg/16583441200410:57
jribkawb: well you only have one linux partition that's not swap10:57
Night-hacksim on 11.04 with gnome 2.32 , some rendering problems, sometimes some parts of screen renders badly ?10:57
jriblolcakez: what do you mean "without the cd I get it when it just starts to install itself"?  When what starts to install itself?10:57
Ubuntusawr[xD]Night-hacks: Unity did that? is that the reason you're on Gnome now?10:57
kawbMonkeyDust: http://pastebin.com/eZSw96T810:57
Ubuntusawr[xD]Night-hacks: You might want to try unity-2d then. That is what I am using now.10:58
lolcakezokay so what i need to do? i really cant understand10:58
ActionParsnipkawb: you are using backtrack which isn't suported here10:58
MonkeyDustkawb: where's swap and /home?10:58
Night-hacksUbuntusawr[xD]: how to try unity2d ?10:58
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: spot the backtrack wallpaper dude ;)10:58
lolcakezokay so what i need to do? i really cant understand10:59
Ubuntusawr[xD]Night-hacks: Open up terminal. Then type in: sudo apt-get install unity-2d10:59
ActionParsnipkawb: you OS is supported in #backtrack-linux   not here10:59
ujjainWhat torrent software is controlled from a web interface like sabnzd?10:59
MonkeyDustkawb: u using backtrack?10:59
Ubuntusawr[xD]lolcakez: Sure, I will tell you  in a bit. What operating system are you on right now?10:59
kawbMonkeyDust: uhh idk :s lol - but i do have ubuntu installed aswell..10:59
lolcakezim on windows 7 ultimate10:59
kawbActionParsnip: im also using ubuntu.10:59
ubuntufriendwhat does rm -rf do?10:59
ActionParsnipujjain: transmission, rtorrent, ktorrent and utorrent are 4 I can think of fast10:59
Night-hacksUbuntusawr[xD]: but what about gnome ? can i fix it ?10:59
ActionParsnipkawb: you are using bactrack now, that isn't supported here11:00
Mikey^kawb: uname -a, paste it here11:00
Ubuntusawr[xD]lolcakez: What's the name of the software you will use to burn a CD.            (Will you install using a CD, or your USB flash drive? CD is the popular way to go).11:00
kawbActionParsnip: yes, but im having ubuntu problems aswell..11:00
ActionParsnipubuntufriend: forcefully removes a folder and its content, it is to be avoided unless ABSOLUELY necessary11:00
ujjainutorrent in ubuntu, interesting11:00
lolcakezI installit on a CD with usual Windows CD burner, im on safe mode(at windows 7).11:00
Ubuntusawr[xD]Night-hacks: How exactly did you download the Ubuntu CD?11:00
ActionParsnipujjain: it isn't packaged, so installing isn't graceful but it can be used11:00
kawbMikey^: Linux bt #1 SMP Wed Aug 17 21:42:30 EDT 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:01
ubuntufriendso i better not run it then11:01
Night-hacksUbuntusawr[xD]: the one canonical suggested11:01
ActionParsnipkawb: you are also not using an ubuntu kernel11:01
ujjainActionParsnip: thanks :)11:01
Ubuntusawr[xD]Night-hacks: Can you please show me that webpage?11:02
kawbActionParsnip: ahh fair enough.11:02
Night-hacksUbuntusawr[xD]: not sure, it's about 2-3 months ago11:02
lolcakezWhat now, Ubuntusawr[xD]?11:02
pythonsnakeUbuntu is a great OS !11:02
Ubuntusawr[xD]Night-hacks: Oh sorry, that question was suppose to go to lolcakez.11:03
Ubuntusawr[xD]lolcakez: How exactly did you download that Ubuntu CD?11:03
lolcakezI downloaded ubuntu iso file from ubuntu home-page and burned it to a cd.11:03
ActionParsniplolcakez: you need to test the ISO11:04
lolcakezaight, how do i do that11:04
Ubuntusawr[xD]lolcakez: Exact software name please?11:04
Ubuntusawr[xD]That you used for burning.11:04
lolcakezwindows cd burner, the program what windows has from the start11:05
firasHi guys, I'm a developer. Kernel.org is down , where can i download some linux packages like iproute2 ?11:05
ikoniafiras: that's not really an ubuntu issue11:05
ikoniafiras: or are you talking about ubuntu repos ?11:05
Ubuntusawr[xD]lolcakez: Did that verified? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=windows7_burn.jpg11:05
firasI know but I can't find anyone on linux from scratch IRC11:06
ikoniafiras: that's not our problem11:06
Mikey^firas: did you try kernel.org mirrors11:06
firasOk Thanks11:06
MAREK_BENC_NetBkernel.oeg is down11:07
Ubuntusawr[xD]lolcakez: Use this software to check the MD5 of your CD: http://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/checksum_control_portable11:07
pamwe_cheteis there a command line application that can covert pdf files to html?11:07
cutiyarthere is any app to let me create video with mp3 ?11:07
pythonsnakeHmm. hmm.11:07
pythonsnakexev doesn't detect my fn+f911:08
LjL!info poppler-utils | pamwe_chete11:08
ubottupamwe_chete: poppler-utils (source: poppler): PDF utilities (based on Poppler). In component main, is optional. Version 0.16.4-0ubuntu1.1 (natty), package size 74 kB, installed size 308 kB11:08
pythonsnakeI'm using 10.0411:08
ActionParsniplolcakez: also try cdburnerxp or some other free app (will use standard burning stuff)11:08
Ubuntusawr[xD]It's a portable app, so... What this means is that a "Portable App" doesn't really install into your system. It just create a "small" folder where you can just  Open and use the program Right-out the Box!11:08
kaweActionParsnip: did you ban me?11:08
ActionParsnipkawe: no11:08
ActionParsnipkawe: I'm not an op11:08
kaweActionParsnip: odd.. i cant join backtrack-linux and i dont think ive ever been there..11:08
rwwkawe: *!~root@* is banned from there11:09
Ubuntusawr[xD]kawe: Change your IDENT11:09
Ubuntusawr[xD]Or USERNAME11:09
kaweUbuntusawr[xD]: how do i do that11:09
Ubuntusawr[xD]kawe: Or simply, don't login to chat as root.11:09
Mikey^kawe: dont ever irc as root11:09
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition11:09
megalomixguys I read that TLS 1.0 is buggy, how could i use TLS 1.2 i think it is supported by openssl no?11:09
ActionParsnipyeah it is #backtrack-linux11:10
kaweUbuntusawr[xD]: , Mikey^  its bt im forced as root lol11:10
ActionParsnipI just joined, 183 users are in there11:10
Mikey^kawe: useradd -m kawe; passwd kawe11:11
pythonsnakeis there anyway to get 2.6.35 ?11:11
pythonsnakewith 10.0411:11
ActionParsnipkawe: no, you aren't. your distro insists on you logging in as root (bad idea) so you launch your irc client as root (worse idea) and tries to use that username in irc11:11
Mikey^kawe: I guess you are using xchat11:12
kaweMikey^: irrsi11:12
Mikey^Hmm, use -n kawe11:12
kawe-n kawe11:12
Mikey^hmm, I mean create a user and then use irrsi. Most channels block root11:12
kaweafter i create my account how do i log in instead of root11:13
kawe-n: command not found11:13
Mikey^kawe:  on the commandline, su - kawe11:13
* ActionParsnip shakes his head11:13
Ubuntusawr[xD]kawe: Type this command in irssi Terminal chat client:              /set user_name someuser11:14
Mikey^Ubuntusawr[xD]: isnt that the nickname used at irc or?11:14
pythonsnakeWhat is the latest LTS linux kernel ?11:15
Ubuntusawr[xD]Mikey^: IDENT/Username            Most people ends up having root for user/ident on IRC (internet relay chat). So I asked him/her to change it. Some chat rooms bans  *!root@*11:16
helihi does anyone know how to execute bas command as root before  user login?11:18
pythonsnakeHow to get in root ?11:19
LjL!root | Python132011:19
ubottuPython1320: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo11:19
=== Flea86 is now known as Valentin|Flea86
LjLpythonsnake even11:19
Colin969_Anyone know any Java specific IRC Channels?11:19
LjLColin969_: ##java11:19
pythonsnakeRoDiMuS-X: what is pass11:19
ActionParsnipheli: add it in /etc/rc.local  above the exit 0 line11:19
RoDiMuS-Xdo, sudo chpasswd11:19
Gentoo64pythonsnake, use sudo -i to get a root terminal11:19
Valentin|Flea86Anyone know any homebrew PC /retro channels?11:19
RoDiMuS-Xset it to what you want11:19
RoDiMuS-Xthen su11:20
ikoniaValentin|Flea86: no11:20
ActionParsnipValentin|Flea86: #hardware possibly...11:20
Valentin|Flea86thanks for the replies :)11:20
LjL!noroot | RoDiMuS-X11:20
ubottuRoDiMuS-X: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.11:20
RoDiMuS-XAnyone know where update-manager stores a log file?11:20
Gentoo64why do you not "support" root password btw?11:20
pythonsnakefound it!11:21
pythonsnakesudo su11:21
Mikey^Gentoo64: because ubuntu defaults to sudo11:21
MonkeyDustGentoo64: too dangerous, security etc11:21
LjLGentoo64: because sudo can be used to access root just fine11:21
Mikey^and locks the root user by default11:21
Gentoo64i know, just wondered11:21
pythonsnakeLjL: sudo su :)11:21
LjLpythonsnake: sudo su is silly, use sudo -i11:21
pythonsnakethanks :-D11:22
RoDiMuS-XThats like saying you can't root or jailbreak your phone11:22
LjLRoDiMuS-X: nonsense.11:22
pythonsnakehow can I get 2.6.35 ?11:22
LjLpythonsnake: not same, sudo su doesn't set up the environment properly, sudo -i does11:22
heliActionParsnip by adding it to /etc/rc.local it gets executed at the end of every level? how can i run it just once?11:22
pythonsnakeLjL: ah ok11:22
BBopBonjour, j'ai une pièce avec 4 PC dedans, j'ai un pc relié par CPL avec ma Box, j'aimerais connaître un moyen de duppliquer la connexion Internet pour l'offrir aux autres PC, que puis-je faire ?11:23
LjL!fr | BBop11:23
ubottuBBop: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:23
RoDiMuS-XSo I take it nobody knows where update-manager stores its log files?11:23
Mikey^RoDiMuS-X: check in /var/log11:23
Mikey^should be there somewhere11:23
RoDiMuS-Xits not in there11:24
ActionParsnipheli: just before the login screen (or prompt) shows, it runs11:24
pythonsnakesudo apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-backport-oneiric linux-headers-generic-lts-backport-oneiric11:24
RoDiMuS-Xthere is term.log but that just shows the packages that were installed11:24
ActionParsnipRoDiMuS-X: /var/log/dpkg.log11:24
pythonsnakeE: Couldn't find package linux-image-generic-lts-backport-oneiric11:24
pythonsnakeany ideas ?11:24
RoDiMuS-XI am looking for error log11:24
ActionParsnippythonsnake: ask in #ubuntu+1 for oneiric11:24
RoDiMuS-Xlet me check that thank ActionParsnip11:24
pythonsnakeActionParsnip: it's not oneiric, but lucid11:24
pythonsnakeActionParsnip: backports of kernel11:24
pythonsnakeas you can see11:24
helibtw code i wanted to run is:echo "10" > "/sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness"11:25
ActionParsnippythonsnake: then what you are doing is not supported either. Mixing packages between releases is not advised11:25
helii ve noticed it worces only once11:25
helido you think it would  work before login?11:25
heliit's supposed to set backlight level11:26
Colin969_Will Terminal ask for a password when trying to delete a file?11:26
LjLColin969_: no11:26
pythonsnakehttp://askubuntu.com/questions/47796/can-i-update-the-kernel-of-my-10-04-lts-to-the-latest-kernel ActionParsnip11:26
Colin969_Ah, good.11:26
dirtycookiehi i need some help plz11:26
ActionParsnippythonsnake: its in the kernel ppa http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/packages/show/364792   use at your own risk11:26
LjLColin969_: but you'll need to use "sudo" (which does ask for a password) if you want to delete files not owned by you11:26
Gentoo64Colin969_, you can use rm -i for confirmation11:26
pythonsnake!ask | dirtycookie11:26
ubottudirtycookie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:26
ActionParsnipColin969_: not if you don't use sudo11:26
Colin969_Oh, so I cant delete the contents of /tmp without a password.11:27
dirtycookiei have freshly installed xubuntu and i want to change the fore- and background color of my indicator plugin11:27
dirtycookiehow can i do that11:27
Gentoo64Colin969_, why woud you11:27
Gentoo64some are X stuff11:27
Gentoo64tmp isnt all owned by user11:27
=== kaiser is now known as Guest47794
Mikey^Colin969_: It will be done on boot11:27
lnghi! I have latest Ubuntu on my laptop, but it has classic Gnome UI. How to switch to that modern one?11:27
Colin969_I pressumed that was the Temporary folder o_O11:28
Gentoo64Colin969_, it is11:28
Gentoo64gets cleared on boot11:28
lngdirtycookie: what a nice nickname! ;-)11:28
ActionParsniplng: log of, select Ubuntu from the session menu and log in11:28
dirtycookiei know :p thx11:28
RoDiMuS-Xlng: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell11:28
Gentoo64gnome 3 is bad though on ubuntu is it not?11:28
lngActionParsnip: k11:28
RoDiMuS-Xlng: yes11:29
Mikey^lng: what version of ubuntu do you use?11:29
dirtycookielng: named my laptop littlebit11:29
pythonsnakeActionParsnip: xev doesn't detect fn+f9, after googling, I discovered that it's a 32 bug and it's fixed at 35. is there any supported way to upgrade ?11:29
dirtycookielng: since it is a eeePC11:29
Gentoo64Python1320, be easiest to use a newer ubuntu11:29
RoDiMuS-Xlng: if you are running natty, http://www.dreamingisdigital.com/2011/05/28/gnome-3-and-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal/11:29
Mikey^dirtycookie: what model?11:29
pulse00hi all. anyone knows how to find the partition a specific directory is mounted in?11:30
ikoniapythonsnake: no, there is not11:30
dirtycookieMikey^: 4g11:30
Gentoo64pulse00, type mount11:30
Gentoo64or df -h11:30
Mikey^dirtycookie: what? your eeepc11:30
pythonsnakeikonia: ah ok11:31
dirtycookieMickey^: yes that is what i found on the back of the eeePC11:31
Gentoo64RoDiMuS-X, afaik gnome 3 isnt supported. even in the link it warns it could break11:31
Mikey^Hmm, ok11:31
pythonsnakeso I have to use it at my own risk :-)11:31
RoDiMuS-XYeah I wrote it11:31
lngRoDiMuS-X: cheers!11:31
Gentoo64good luck lol11:32
dirtycookieMikey^: i think it is a 90111:32
lngRoDiMuS-X: is it stable?11:32
RoDiMuS-XI am using it11:32
RoDiMuS-XI have been since May11:32
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
RoDiMuS-XThere are some bugs11:32
lngRoDiMuS-X: I am Gentoo user - hope it will not be too hard11:32
Gentoo64but people come in here saying "I installed gnome 3" now i got to reinstall11:32
RoDiMuS-XIf you are comfortable with restoring, then I don't recommend11:32
Odaymgnome 3 must die11:32
lngOdaym: ^11:33
Odaymwhy not?11:33
Gentoo64gnome 3 is nice. but bloated11:33
RoDiMuS-X11.10 is running on Gnome 311:33
lngGentoo64: hey!11:33
Mikey^You can always use the classic gnome by using fallback mode11:33
Mic1Because it's not what I'm used to and I'm afraid of change and such and tired of learning11:33
MonkeyDustor use Mint11:33
Gentoo64lng, hi11:33
zeroedoutwoot gnome 3!11:33
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:33
RoDiMuS-Xlng: if you like Unity, that Gnome 3 install will break it11:33
lngGentoo64: I have Gentoo as well11:34
RoDiMuS-XIf your like me, and dislike Unity then no problems11:34
Ubuntusawr[xD]RoDiMuS-X: I thought that's Unity BASED on Gnome 3.11:34
pulse00Gentoo64: my actual problem is that i need to enable acl for the partition in /etc/fstab. however, the ubuntu system is running in a virtual machine at my hosting provider. i'm having fear of f*cking things up ;) this is the /etc/fstab: https://gist.github.com . not sure if the partition for the acl setting is already in there11:34
RoDiMuS-XThis is correct11:34
Ubuntusawr[xD]RoDiMuS-X: Woah woah woah, why the hate?11:34
Bartzyroot is limited to max number of open files as defined in /etc/security/limits.conf , or only to ulimit shell limits ? Are those two connected ?11:34
RoDiMuS-XNo hate I dislike11:34
dirtycookie i have freshly installed xubuntu and i want to change the fore- and background color of my indicator plugin, does anyone know how to do this??11:35
lngGentoo64: I have mutiple PCs11:35
Ubuntusawr[xD]It's like the sexiest change I've seen in Ubuntu.11:35
Ubuntusawr[xD]RoDiMuS-X: Well I mean to say, why the dislike. xD11:35
lngGentoo64: for laptop - Ubuntu. for home pc - Gentoo11:35
lngGentoo64: for servers - Debian11:35
Gentoo64lng, ok. i think itss offtopic11:35
RoDiMuS-XUbuntusawr[xD],  it does not function in an efficient manner for how I do things.11:35
ActionParsnipfor laptop - xpud :)11:35
dirtycookiei have freshly installed xubuntu and i want to change the fore- and background color of my indicator plugin, does anyone know how to do this??11:36
lngGentoo64: I don't kare11:36
=== heather is now known as Guest1103
IdleOnelng: Please start11:36
lngIdleOne: pardon?11:36
RoDiMuS-XUbuntusawr[xD], I like to customize, I like how Gnome-Shell has extensions that can be written using JavaScript11:36
IdleOnelng: start caring about our channel guidelines.11:37
Ubuntusawr[xD]RoDiMuS-X: As in what terms? is it slow? o_O    In my experience, Unity performed better for me than Gnome 2 (metacity), sometimes, metacity would "bloat" in memory size from time to time. Oftenly, near 100MBs, and ont time, it has gotten to like 400MB of ram :S11:37
IdleOne!guidelines > lng just in case you haven't read them.11:37
ubottulng, please see my private message11:37
Ubuntusawr[xD]RoDiMuS-X: Ah, I se. Awesome.11:37
lngIdleOne: I already told you.11:37
RoDiMuS-XUbuntusawr[xD], Not speed, Tweakiness :D11:37
RoDiMuS-XUbuntusawr[xD], I will admit the lens feature is pretty cool but I like having no dock and Unity docks to the left11:38
xgt001hello... i installed kde in my default ubuntu install... but now the chromium and firefox browser fonts look kde style even in unity... please tell me how to revert to default ubuntu look11:38
pythonsnakeI've added ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa repo but linux-lts-backport-oneiric11:38
Ubuntusawr[xD]RoDiMuS-X: But it at least autohides. But I see your point.11:39
pythonsnakeI've added ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa repo but it doesn't find linux-lts-backport-oneiric package11:39
RoDiMuS-XUbuntusawr[xD], Thats the awesome thing about Linux, so many choices, So I never say I hate something because I know people put in hard work to create11:39
Gentoo64xgt001, installing more than 1 de is a mess. youll get stuff autostarted, and config files changed all over the place11:39
Mikey^xgt001: you can configure how gtk apps look in kde in the kde control center11:40
ikoniapythonsnake: remember the bit "not supported" - this is it11:40
pythonsnakeeven repo related problem ? ikonia11:40
Gentoo64Python1320, why dont you use a newer ubuntu where the kernels get updated?11:40
ikoniapythonsnake you'll find that packages for a distro that isn't stable/released won't get backported too11:40
pythonsnakeGentoo64: 11.04 ?11:41
Gentoo64afaik 11.04 hasnt got 2.6.3211:41
Gentoo64so yes11:41
pythonsnakeikonia: what do you mean ? I don't undersand your last statement11:41
ikoniapythonsnake: 11.10 isn't released/stable yet, so why would people backport packages from it11:41
ikonia!info linux-image natty11:41
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)11:42
ikoniathere you go 11.04 has 2.6.3811:42
pythonsnakehttp://www.ubuntuupdates.org/packages/show/364792 ikonia11:42
RoDiMuS-XLinux 2.6.38-11-generic #50-Ubuntu11:42
fireprinthi guys. i like my setup as is, on natty gui. But now that im "done".. id like my server to close down gui, but keep network settings and what not. Any way to do this?11:42
ikoniapythonsnake: I can see it.11:43
toumboPlease check those links http://pastebin.ubuntu-gr.org/d6b33a27e11:43
testis anyone knows how i can get the network utilisation statistics from zabbix database?11:43
Mikey^fireprint: are you using ubuntu-server ?11:43
fireprinti know how to boot up without gui, however my network is not saved. And having it wpa i am having serious issues trying to get the network working.11:43
Ubuntusawr[xD]Mikey^: Apparently not.11:44
fireprintmikey^ no sir.11:44
Mikey^Mikey^: you can try using wicd11:44
ActionParsnipfireprint: add the boot option: text11:44
pythonsnakewhen will 11.04 support be dropped?11:45
fireprintActionParsnip, i've done that. However when it boots directly from grub into text.. my wifi on the server wont connect. having trouble with wpa.. which works just fine on guimode.11:45
jribpythonsnake: 11.04 + 1.06 = 12.1011:45
fireprinti've had *nix for 3 days now, so sorry if my explaining is a bit off.11:45
Mikey^fireprint: Use wicd11:45
ActionParsnipfireprint: +1 for wicd11:46
fireprintMikey^, oh i can use wicd in termina?11:46
Mikey^It has a commandline connetion utiliy11:46
Mikey^fireprint: yes you can11:46
Mikey^fireprint: wicd-cli11:46
ActionParsnipMikey^: it is a GUI app and also has wicd-ncurses11:46
fireprintohh.. nice. that might actually do the trick. I thought that was only for gui. thank you botjh ActionParsnip and Mikey^11:46
ActionParsnipfireprint: ^11:46
Mikey^ActionParsnip: yes, I know11:46
ActionParsnipMikey^: wrong target, my bad11:46
xgt001Mikey^: where to find it? in system settings in kde ?? sorry i am a kde noob11:47
fireprintagain.. thanks guys! appreciate the help.11:47
Mikey^xgt001: Sorry, you have to install a package to get that option11:47
pythonsnakeso 10.04 support will be dropped before 11.04 ?11:48
ikoniapythonsnake: no11:48
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)11:48
Ubuntusawr[xD]pythonsnake: I believe @ 12.10.11:49
Ubuntusawr[xD]jrib was hinting at time.11:49
Mikey^xgt001: the package name is kde-config-gtk-style11:49
Martin_I can connect to my server but it seems to have issues with outgoing connections11:49
Martin_sendspacedev:~# curl -i
Martin_curl: (7) Failed to connect to Network is unreachable11:49
Sidewinder1pythonsnake, Please see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_%28operating_system%2911:49
Martin_that's twitter.. any ideas what would cause it?11:49
ikoniapythonsnake: so 10.04 = 04/2010 + 3 years support for desktop, 5 for server11:49
ikoniapythonsnake: 11.04 = 04/2011 + 18months support for desktop+server11:50
xgt001Mikey^: could u please tell that package name?11:50
xgt001thanks :)11:50
gahmehgahmehhahey there pythonsnake11:50
Milosshhello. When I want to create an archive, split into volumes options are greyed out11:51
Milosshwhat's wrong?11:51
StevenRMartin_: looks like a network routing problem11:52
fireprintMikey^,  quick question about wicd. It seems to just do "rename failed" any quicfix for this or do i need to check into it.11:52
pythonsnakegahmehgahmehha: sup11:52
Martin_~# curl -i google.com11:53
Martin_curl: (7) Failed to connect to Network is unreachable11:53
Zerpyhis everyone, does anybody knows a tool, to benchmark web-applications with? etc. Scalability?11:53
Martin_StevenR: nope.. :)11:53
pythonsnakeikonia: thanks11:53
Martin_it's definitely an issue with my configs or something.. it's a vbox image11:53
StevenRMartin_: well. feel free to provide more information11:53
Martin_StevenR: like what? I can ssh into it and i can view the http server running on it11:53
Martin_it just seems to have issues connecting to anything11:53
Martin_it has 3 network interfaces all setup via a bridged network adapter on my mac11:53
Mikey^fireprint: You should run only one, either wicd or network manager. I think you need to stop and disable network manager first11:54
fireprintah i see. probably due to the fact that im still in gui.. thanks again!11:54
StevenRMartin_: ok. pastebin the output of ifconfig -a  and route -n   then.11:54
fireprintlogging off now. be back on my laptop upstairs. freakin cold down here in the basement. hehe11:54
Martin_StevenR: http://pastie.org/private/nmsgf59onx9ljbhtcxnmnq11:55
StevenRMartin_: you have no gateway configured11:55
xgt001Mikey^: should i login and logout to make the changes effective?11:56
Mikey^xgt001: I dont think so11:56
StevenRMartin_: the routing table has no entries to allow it to work out what to do with addresses that aren't 192.168.0.x11:56
RoDiMuS-XZerpy: You can use firebug or Chrome SpeedTest11:57
ZerpyRodiMus-X: So I can test for concurrent connections, and so on?11:57
Martin_StevenR: how do I add one? /etc/network/interfaces I guess?11:58
StevenRMartin_: yes11:59
StevenRMartin_: under the main interface stanza, do gateway 192.168.0.x  (using the IP of your router of course)11:59
RoDiMuS-XZerpy: I use Chrome developer tools for that11:59
RoDiMuS-XZerpy: on the client side12:00
Martin_StevenR: yep got it... ifdown/ifup and now it's working12:00
Martin_thanks for your help12:00
RoDiMuS-XZerpy: on the server side, I look at my httpd logs12:00
Sidewinder1Milossh, Since no one else answered, I'll take a guess; perhaps you need to create the archive first, then split into volumes? Just a guess.12:01
ZerpyRoDiMus-X: That I mean is like, how much requests/s I can get if I have etc. 100 "users" loading the site at same time, like scalability testing12:01
MilosshSidewinder1, nope. I found out it doesn't work with default set of archive types. Works with rar though12:01
djangohey, can someone help me locate the evolution plugins folder?12:01
TheGuyWhoNeedsHedoes anyone have some time to help me12:01
Milosshbut thanks Sidewinder112:01
RoDiMuS-XZerpy: Do you have a test server setup12:01
=== TheGuyWhoNeedsHe is now known as lolcakez
Sidewinder1Milossh, My pleasure.12:02
ZerpyRoDiMuS-X: Yeah12:02
RoDiMuS-XZerpy: you running Apache, PHP MySQL setup on the test12:03
Mikey^django: /usr/lib/evolution/12:03
ZerpyRoDiMuS-X: yep12:03
djangothanks Mikey^12:03
RoDiMuS-XOk I think I might have the tool for you12:04
ZerpyRoDiMuS-X: nice!12:05
RoDiMuS-XZerpy: Jmeter12:05
Mikey^django: but you can also use it in your own home dir12:05
Mikey^check .evolution/12:05
RoDiMuS-XZerpy: http://jakarta.apache.org/jmeter/12:06
ZerpyRoDiMus-X: Thank you!, I will look into it12:06
soreauubottu: ping12:07
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...12:07
mike-wi compiled a program and install it, but now i want to uninstall it. how can i accomplish this?12:11
fireprinthi again guys. grub in text mode and wicd still tells me rename was faulty. So ill just stick around here incase i need to ask something :)12:11
fireprintwill network manager run eventhough its on textmode and not gui?12:13
Mikey^fireprint: yes, stop the service12:14
Mikey^disable it, so it wont run on boot up12:14
Sidewinder1fireprint, I could be totally wrong and perhaps I didn't understand your original question but, couldn't you just boot into normal GUI, then hit "Ctrl-Alt-F1" to 'blow' GUI and get to command line/12:14
fireprintthank you again Mikey^ ..12:14
Kiriori have a 1TB HDD that i lost all m files on and the Ubuntu cannot see the whole size (onl about 15GB is visible) is there an program i can use to recover and fix it?12:15
Mikey^Sidewinder1: GUI still runs, he doesnt want that12:15
KiriorSidewinder1: hi how are ou?12:15
fireprintsidewinder1: yeah what Mikey^ said. hehe trying to cut down on recources on my server as its a old computer. ;)12:15
Sidewinder1Mikey^, Figured that was too simple of an answer. :D12:15
ANDruidany hotkey for workspace switcher??12:15
Mikey^Sidewinder1: :D12:15
Sidewinder1Kirior, Mornin'.12:16
KiriorSidewinder1: how ou been? me letter no working :P12:16
todd_I am looking for a command that I can execute that will take a single picture from my webcam, BUT I want it to prompt the user with a preview so they can be sure its in frame... help!?12:16
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Ubuntusawr[xD]IdleOne: Are you here by any chance?12:19
todd_I am looking for a command that I can execute that will take a single picture from a webcam, BUT I want it to prompt the user with a preview so they can be sure its in frame... help!?12:19
IdleOneUbuntusawr[xD]: yes.12:20
Ubuntusawr[xD]Mind if I show you something real quick in private. (It's not my issue, but it's relating to ubuntu)12:20
IdleOnesure thing12:20
KiriorSidewinder1: m last endovours were complete disaster :P12:21
OerHekstodd_,  use cheese12:22
=== lukaszg_ is now known as lukaszg
KiriorSidewinder1: almost completl messed m grub and bootloader after installing that distro i mentioned12:22
todd_DerHeks: How do you run cheese to take a single picture? I cant seem to find the man pages for command line arguments?12:23
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras12:23
soreau!info cheese12:23
ubottucheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.0-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 62 kB, installed size 260 kB12:23
todd_ubottu: I read that, not much help on the single pic issue.12:24
ubottutodd_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:24
todd_I am looking for a command that I can execute that will take a single picture from my webcam, BUT I want it to prompt the user with a preview so they can be sure its in frame... help!?12:24
OerHekstodd_, why commandline if you want to show it afterwards, makes no sense ..12:24
xgt001in synpatic, mark for complete removal refers to sudo apt-get purge right?12:24
OerHeksuse a mouse like everybody ?12:25
Kirioran one here know a program to recover lost files and messed tables in external HDD? (it was 1TB now it sees onl 15GB or less)12:25
xgt001Kirior: testdisk is very good12:26
todd_DerHeks: No I want to take 1 and only one pic, but I only want it taken when the persons face is in frame, not 1/2 off the screen12:26
joel135xgt001: I've always thought that12:26
todd_DerHeks: Make sense?12:26
soreau!info streamer | todd_12:27
ubottutodd_: streamer (source: xawtv): television capture tool (images/movies). In component universe, is extra. Version 3.95.dfsg.1-8.1ubuntu2 (natty), package size 46 kB, installed size 160 kB12:27
Kiriorxgt001: will it fix that small part that loads before bootloader that is responsible for overseeing the whole size of hdd? (i hope its clear enough)12:27
soreautodd_: streamer -f jpeg -o /path/to/image.jpeg then script it to show you the image and do what you want12:28
todd_soreau: No streamer takes a picture immediatly, so the person Im taking a pic of is probably 1/2 out of frame, is there a way to get it to wait till the person is in frame?12:28
OerHekssoreau you re-invented cheese :-D12:28
bj0rn2how long does it take from a package version is released until it's available in the repository?12:29
joel135todd_: you can save pictures using mplayer: http://www.infohit.net/blog/post/taking-snapshots-from-a-webcam-under-linux.html12:29
soreautodd_: There is no program to do that. You just have to take the pic, open it to view it and decide if its acceptable then delete and repeat if not etc12:29
xangua!latest | bj0rn212:29
ubottubj0rn2: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:29
soreaujoel135: nice12:30
joel135todd_: I'd suggest you write a small script12:30
todd_joel: mplayer has the same issue... it takes a picture immediatly, so the person Im taking a pic of is probably 1/2 out of frame, is there a way to get it to wait till the person is in frame?12:30
soreautodd_: You need to write a script to suit your needs12:30
todd_joel135: This was no problem in windows, :-(12:30
todd_soreu: OK how?12:31
bj0rn2xangua: that's not what I mean, I mean a fix for a package. example gnome-shell 3.1.92-0ubuntu1 was released a few days ago but in repo I get the previous
joel135todd_: make mplayer open a video stream from the camera in a window. when the window is closed, next command will be run. that command should save the image to a filesystem.12:31
xanguabj0rn2: sounds like that is what you mean12:32
soreautodd_: take pic, open it to view, if acceptable, enter y, else enter n and have it delete the image and start at step one12:32
todd_joel135: ICK! really? close the window to take the picture, not real intuitive is it?12:32
joel135todd_: so: display video from device; take picture12:32
bj0rn2xangua: yeah you are right :) but it's in oneiric repo so upgrades are released12:33
joel135todd_: you could write a small application to do it if you don't think it's too much of a waste of time12:33
todd_Come on people, its such a simple thing, a command that will take a picture of something, not just take a picture... there has to be something???12:33
OerHekstodd_, there is, cheese ..12:34
soreautodd_: You are making this way more difficult than what it is12:34
soreautodd_: There are a plethora of tools and ways to do this. Get creative.12:34
iridiumtodd_, it takes 2 seconds to capture or what?12:35
todd_soreau: OK simplify it for me... please :-)12:35
soreautodd_: In one word? Cheese.12:35
todd_soreau: OK how do I know when the picture was taken with cheese?12:35
jcook_5xdataI have a problem. I bought a Lenovo G575 and ubuntu does not work well on it. If I turn on the wireless it crush the whole OS and AMD driver just suck on the 6310. I can not deiced if I should return can get some thing different or wait and use the crappy OS till they catch up​12:35
soreautodd_: You will have to try it and find out for yourself12:35
soreauI dont use webcams12:36
BluesKajHowdy all12:36
robinbowesupgrading just one package? "apt-get upgrade xtrabackup" seems to want to upgrade everything.12:36
todd_soreau: ok so you are giving me advice about something you really do not know about,... thanks :-(12:36
ActionParsnipjcook_5xdata: which release have you installed? lsb_release -sc    will tell you12:36
soreaujcook_5xdata: First thing, probably should remove the AMD driver and use the default open radeon one12:36
ActionParsniprobinbowes: they are deps12:37
ujjainCan somebody help me find out why my Ubuntu does not shut down? http://images.codepad.eu/vi-23MciW.jpg12:37
robinbowesActionParsnip: nah, they're not!12:37
soreautodd_: The point is that you need to try things and figure it out. My do a web search with google about exactly what you want12:37
todd_DerHiks, joel135: Sorry where were we?12:37
jcook_5xdataActionParsnip,  11.1012:37
ubuntufriendhow do i recalibrate my output buffer matrix?12:37
todd_soreau: Obviously, and I did that, I would not waste your time on something I did not try and research first12:38
ikoniaubuntufriend: got a real question ?12:38
ikoniaubuntufriend: if not join #startrek12:38
jcook_5xdatasoreau, will that drive a second monitor12:38
soreautodd_: You arent the first one to use a webcam on linux12:38
soreaujcook_5xdata: Second, what wifi chip is it?12:38
ubuntufriendhow do i kill a module12:39
ubuntufriendit keeps telling me it's in use12:39
ikoniaubuntufriend: what sort of module12:39
ubuntufriendbut i hink its stuck12:39
ActionParsnipjcook_5xdata: then ask in #ubuntu+112:39
MonkeyDustyou will be assimilated12:39
ubuntufriendfor my wireless12:39
raven_after distri-upgrade to 11.04 no graphical desktop any more - stops at "starting timidity++ alsa emulation" on tty7 - any solution?12:39
FloodBot1ubuntufriend: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:39
todd_soreau: obviously, and I dont appreciate being talked down to12:39
ikoniaubuntufriend: you need to rmmod it,12:39
ikoniaubuntufriend: or reboot12:39
iridiumubuntufriend, you only need an optronic relay laser12:39
joel135todd_: to know when the picture was taken: http://www.econowics.com/linux/258/show-image-properties-meta-data-from-cli-linux/12:39
ActionParsnipjcook_5xdata: I suggest you use natty12:39
robinbowestodd_: I suggest you get a thicker skin12:39
jcook_5xdatasoreau, Atheros AR28512:39
ikoniairidium: please don't help him troll12:39
ubuntufrienddont wanna reboot and it told me i have to set some variable when i compiled my kernel12:40
ubuntufriendbut i already installed12:40
ikoniaubuntufriend: then you will need to reboot if you need to recompile your kernel12:40
soreaujcook_5xdata: Yes it will drive multiple monitors and atheros should work great..12:40
ActionParsnipjcook_5xdata: #ubuntu+1 is support for Oneiric until it is released, the latest release supported here is Natty12:40
joel135todd_: use grep etc on that output. look for line lines   Exif:DateTime*12:40
soreaujcook_5xdata: at least from my experiences, atheros wifi works well with the ath*k drivers12:40
MonkeyDustubuntufriend: with ksplice, there's no need to reboot after a kernel upgrade12:40
ubuntufriendno i don't wanan recompile my kernel12:40
ubuntufriendcan i do that12:41
ActionParsnipubuntufriend: sure#12:41
todd_joel135: ok but what the heck should I use for yourpicture.jpg???12:41
soreaujcook_5xdata: If you are on 11.10, use #ubuntu+1 please12:41
ikoniaMonkeyDust: is that enabled in ubuntu....is it setup12:41
ubuntufriendhow do i recompile my kernel and how do i set its settings12:41
cjsWhat's a good program to automatically (at night or whatever) download new podcasts for me from a bunch of RSS feeds?12:41
ubuntufriendi thought compiling kernel is something you do once when you install the OS12:41
ikoniaubuntufriend: please show me the document you are following12:41
ikoniaubuntufriend: it is, please show me the document you are following12:41
jcook_5xdataActionParsnip, soreau, ok12:41
joel135todd_: the picture that contains the information that you want12:41
todd_joel135: If i remember correctly cheese saves anywhere on the filesystem12:41
cjsIdeally something that's already available as a package for 11.04.12:41
robinbowesActionParsnip: it seems that "apt-get install xtrabackup" did the trick12:42
ikoniaMonkeyDust: is ksplice installed/configured/usable in Ubuntu ?12:42
MonkeyDustikonia: ksplice is now property of Oracle, so it's a serious thing12:42
jpmhcjs: i like gpodder12:42
ubuntufriendim not following adocument you said i need to reboot to recompile my kernel12:42
ikoniaMonkeyDust: that's not what I asked12:42
todd_joel135: so I am a bit confused on your post???12:42
ubuntufriendso the document is you ikonia12:42
MonkeyDustlemme check12:42
soreauubuntufriend: Why do you want to roll your own kernel?12:42
ikoniaubuntufriend: please show me the document you are following that tells me you need to recompile your kernel12:42
ikoniaMonkeyDust: "no, it's not"12:42
ikoniaMonkeyDust: hence why I'm wondering why you are blindly recommending it12:42
cjsjpmh: Thanks.12:43
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MonkeyDustikonia: what are you saying?12:43
joel135todd_: Cheese stores your pictures in a folder called Webcam inside the XDG-Directory set for Pictures (in most distributions its ~/Pictures/Webcam)12:43
ubuntufriendthere exists not a document that tells you or me to recompile my kernel. the only interaction i have had pertaining to the recompiling of kernel comes from a user in this very channel by the name of : ikonia12:43
ikoniaMonkeyDust: you've just suggested he use a technology that's not available currently in the distro he's using and that isn't in production use by any real distros at this time12:43
todd_joel135: really?? let me check that? I did not see that in the man pages, or the info pages12:44
ubuntufriendwho is this ikonia guy why is he booting me12:44
ubuntufriendwhat an asshole12:44
ikoniaubuntufriend: I did not tell you to recompile your kernel12:44
ubuntufriendyou did12:44
ikoniaubuntufriend: I said you have to reboot if you need to compile your kernel12:44
soreauikonia: Kernel kompiling is hard on ubuntu.. why would you suggest that ;)12:44
ubuntufriendyou said i would need to reboot12:44
ubuntufriendto recompile my kernel12:44
larsduesingHmm.. ok.. there is a new source-package for oneiric since yesterday, but no new bin-packages. *wait or compile by myself?12:44
ikoniaubuntufriend: you will need to reboot to recompile your kernel12:45
todd_joel135: cool! thanks man, you are a lifesaver!12:45
ubuntufriendthere you go12:45
ubuntufriendyou said it again12:45
joel135todd_: it's in their faq: http://library.gnome.org/users/cheese/stable/faq.html.en12:45
ikoniaubuntufriend: so I'll ask you one more time, where is the document that said you NEED to compile your kernel12:45
ubuntufriendand i would say one more time12:45
ubuntufriendthere is no such document12:45
joel135todd_: np12:45
ubuntufriendand i do not want to recompile my kernel12:45
ikoniaubuntufriend: who told you to recompile your kernel12:45
todd_joel135: the man page should link there, IMHO12:45
raven_after distri-upgrade to 11.04 no graphical desktop any more - stops at "starting timidity++ alsa emulation" on tty7 - any solution?12:47
soreauraven_: Does an 11.04 live session work?12:48
ActionParsnipraven_: uninstall timidity maybe.12:48
ChotazAnyone that can help me with uShare?12:48
raven_soreau, yes12:48
soreauraven_: Maybe something went wrong with the upgrade. Do you see anything of interest in dmesg output? or /var/log/syslog? or does it hard lock?12:49
MeirDI just created a new user. How can I add permission to this user to be able to change (write) files on a specific directory?12:49
Stanley00MeirD: chown that dir to that user, or chmod o+w for that dir, I recommend the first one ;)12:50
raven_soreau, dmesg shows several "ext4-fs sda1: re-mounted Opts: ...."12:51
Mikey^fireprint: hey did it work?12:51
usr13MeirD: Best solution depends on what and where the directory is.12:52
ChotazI'm trying to create a Media Server to stream music and video to my xbox360 with uShare, I created a folder caleld XBOX360 inside my user folder and shared it through the media server. Everything works fine, the xbox detected such folder but only doesnt display the files(*.mp3) inside of it.12:53
MeirDok thnx!12:53
soreauChotaz: Possibly a configuration/software problem on the xbox side?12:54
raven_soreau, dmesg shows several "ext4-fs sda1: re-mounted Opts: ...."12:55
soreauraven_: that may or may not be an issue12:56
soreauraven_: Particularly, you would want to find an error message..12:56
soreauraven_: Does the machine hard lock or X just wont start?12:56
raven_soreau, what do you mean by hard-lock?12:56
alex-How can I mount a network share in ubuntu server?12:57
soreauraven_: I mean capslock/scrolllock/numlock doesnt toggle leds on the keyboard and you cant switch ttys12:57
usr13!nfs | alex-12:57
ubottualex-: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.12:57
raven_soreau, you mean kernel panic? no all works fine but the graphical environment12:58
bazhangJackneill, wrong channel for that12:58
soreau! ot | Jackneill12:58
ubottuJackneill: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:58
usr13alex-: Usually, we'll create a fstab entry for it, (so that it is perminately mounted.12:58
alex-I dont want permanent mount12:58
Jackneilli didnt know for amsg12:59
Jackneillxchat write all networks12:59
Teh_Lemon!info kate12:59
Jackneilli wanna that only 1 network :/12:59
lizzi don't remember a password for freenode12:59
FloodBot1Jackneill: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:59
ubottukate (source: kdesdk): K Advanced Text Editor. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.6.2-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 976 kB, installed size 6420 kB12:59
lizzplease help me12:59
ikonializz: talk to the guys in #freenode12:59
lizzok thanks13:00
Chotazsoreau: i searched everywhere, there nothing wrong with both sides,13:01
raven_soreau, i also have no boot image like on shutdown - its only text13:01
soreauraven_: Ok.. does X even try to start?13:02
lax1234someone there?13:02
usr13alex-: Basically yuo create a mount point for it and do something similar to:  mount -t nfs  /home/alex/videos13:02
raven_soreau, i try to find out13:02
soreaulax1234: hi13:03
soreauraven_: Does it work if you try sudo service gdm restart ?13:03
sampialenew here13:03
soreauhi sampiale13:03
raven_soreau, "gdm start/running, process 2199"13:03
sampialelearning so will sit quietly and watch13:04
soreauraven_: But it doesnt go to a login screen on tty7?13:04
raven_soreau, right13:04
thauriswulfaHELP: my cdma modem just not working, its showing disabled ,I tried enabling mobile broadband and nothing is happening please help13:04
hippydadoohow do i remove a module when rmmod says the module is in use?13:04
raven_soreau, and a ctrl-alt-print-k prints "sysrq : SAK" without effect13:04
soreauraven_: huh.13:04
Gentoo64hippydadoo, rmmod -f13:05
usr13hippydadoo: What is it for?13:05
ActionParsnipraven_: under keyboard settings you can re-enable CTRL+ALT+BackSpace13:05
soreauhippydadoo: You either unload the module that is using it or you reboot. Some cant be removed, especially drm or graphics modules13:06
soreauraven_: Man, sounds like your upgrade went wrong somewhere.. what kernel is reported by uname -r?13:06
raven_soreau, 2.6.38-11-generic13:06
soreauActionParsnip: Obviously you havent been paying attention to his issue ;)13:06
Gentoo64hippydadoo, then forced module unloading is probably disabled in kernel (as it should be)13:06
soreauraven_: Well Im not sure.. does /var/log/Xorg.0.log show anything of interest?13:06
ActionParsnipsoreau: half13:07
thauriswulfaHELP: my cdma modem just not working, its showing disabled ,I tried enabling mobile broadband and nothing is happening please help13:07
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: if you run:  lsusb; lsb_release -a    can you pastebin the output please...13:07
soreauActionParsnip: try 1/16th ;)13:07
raven_soreau, oh - no drivers available, no screens found, fatal server error ..........13:07
soreauraven_: Ah ok, that may be a start.. what is the output of lspci|grep VGA?13:08
usr13ActionParsnip: I think you need to move that ; over a space13:08
=== seemawn__ is now known as seemawn
raven_soreau, vga compatible nvidia c51 gforce go 6150 reva213:09
soreauraven_: Does /etc/X11/xorg.conf exist?13:09
raven_soreau, yes13:10
soreauraven_: Try removing it and rebooting13:10
ActionParsnipusr13: it'll still work ;)13:10
ActionParsnipusr13: try it13:10
alex-Why isn't python working on ubuntu?13:11
soreaualex-: What makes you think it isnt working?13:11
alex-I get output of the script on my website13:11
alex-"#!/usr/bin/python """A python script web-"13:11
alex-that's on my website13:11
alex-shouldn't be there13:11
alex-I did13:12
alex-sudo apt-get install python2.613:12
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: http://standy.blog.ugm.ac.id/2010/02/09/how-to-set-up-or-install-zte-mg880-usb-modem-in-ubuntu-jaunty-9-04/13:13
raven_soreau, yes it works again lots of tnx ;)13:13
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: little easier http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-linux/160878-how-connect-reliance-netconnect-zte-cdma-1x-ubuntu-9-10-karmic.html13:13
alex-soreau: ^13:13
soreaualex-: Im pretty sure you arent giving enough context for anyone to understand why you think python isnt working13:13
soreauraven_: Awesome :)13:14
thauriswulfaActionParsnip: But this modem already works and I am using since two years and this problem just occured today13:14
soreauraven_: Basically you just need to reinstall the nvidia driver now13:14
raven_soreau, ok i'll do13:14
thauriswulfaActionParsnip: It just showing "not enabled" today13:14
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: if you reboot is it the same?13:15
alex-It outputs the script on my website instead of running it soreau13:15
usr13ActionParsnip: Ok, well, maybe it will now but I've seen systems where it didn't.13:15
thauriswulfaActionParsnip: yep13:15
soreaualex-: The first word in that sentence needs explaining13:15
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: hmm, does it randomly drop off?13:15
farhad2161in ubuntu server i drop some ips in iptable but after a few minute,iptable got empty!what is the problem?13:15
alex-soreau: why?13:15
thauriswulfaActionParsnip: no13:15
tommyangeloHi, I'm tying to install Ubuntu server over the network (no cd and usb boot doesn't work)13:15
soreaualex-: See my previous comment before last13:16
tommyangelobut I can't seem to get the dhcpd configuration right13:16
thauriswulfaActionParsnip: it just went off permanently and I tried creating new connection but it didn't work13:16
oldschoolhi am useing ubuntu desktop 10.04 and am getting this error here (failed to run/usr/sbin/synaptic '--hide-main-window'--non-interactive'' '--parent-windoiw-id '41943082''-o' 'synaptic::closezvt=ture--progress-str' 'please wait, this can take some time.' '--finish-str' 'update is complete' '--set-selections-file' '/tmp/tmp7sztg' as user root. unable to copy the users xauthorization file) anyone know how to fix this13:16
alex-soreau: what context do I have to give more?13:16
nacional installed ubuntu live CD with windows like it says on their website, and now i want to connect to windows again and the username\password screen stays black and i cant see the HomeScreen of windows 713:16
soreaualex-: You are starting a sentence with a pronoun that has no prior reference13:17
alex-I dont understand you13:17
soreauthank you and good morning :P13:17
ikoniaalex-: what's the issue ?13:17
usr13ActionParsnip: Just tried lspci;uname   and it works.  That just goes to show  you, you learn something every day!  (I stand corrected)13:18
alex-ikonia: I have a python script on my website, but it just outputs the script on my website instead of running it13:18
ikoniaalex-: you need apache setup to "execute" python, otherwise it just treats it as a text file and displays it13:18
usr13ActionParsnip: But I venture to say "things have changed".13:19
alex-how can i setup apache to do that?13:19
ikoniaalex-: you'll have to check the apache http documentation on using mod_python (I think it's called) or using python as a cgi script13:19
soreaualex-: Try #httpd13:20
soreauBe careful, it can be pretty strict in there though13:20
Caternami have a vga problem: on live-cd 10.10 i had low res, but it worked fine (GeForce gtx460) - on 11.04 live-cd the resolution goes up, but the screen goes blank every few secs as if the graphiccard resets. So I just wanted to ask where I can read about editing the disc-image, just need to know what I have to edit.13:20
alex-soreau: what do you mean?13:21
soreauCaternam: Most likely a bug in the nvidia driver. Try different settings in nvidia-settings or a different version of the driver13:21
soreauCaternam: Also, try to see if disabling/enabling compiz helps13:21
Caternamit blanks, goes black, then comes back13:21
soreaualex-: Quit trolling me please13:21
alex-soreau: i'm not trolling, i just dont understand what you mean with 'strict'13:22
nacionalhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer I installed this on my computer, and now i want to go to my win7 version , and i cant pass through Username\Login screen, because it goes black and i can see nothing13:22
soreaualex-: Get a dictionary. Its an english word13:22
soreauthis is #ubuntu not #grammar13:22
ikoniaalex-: he means it has strict rules on content, check the /topic when you join13:22
soreauAnd considering the questions you are asking, you probably wont last a few minutes in there13:23
soreauif that one guy is around :P13:23
gulzarhow to make compiz work on LXDE(lubuntu) ? Only Knoppix seems to be doing it... Any idea?13:23
soreaugulzar: compiz --replace13:23
mlncnLenovo T420, newly installed Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity enabled.  Freezes seemingly at random, every couple of days.  Firefox is usually at the fore and Skype usually running, if i'm looking for scapegoats.  No ctrl-alt-fn-sysreq or any other key combination, including random jamming of keys, breaks me into terminal or anywhere else i can actually do anything.  Recommendations?13:23
xanguagulzar: not much sense in using a 'light desktop' with compiz13:23
mlncnHere is what i've researched so far: http://data.agaric.com/ubuntu-1104-unity-freezing-new-lenovo-thinkpad-42013:24
soreauxangua: compiz is only as heavy as the plugins you enable13:24
soreauxangua: It makes perfect sense13:24
xanguagulzar: you would need minimun besides have compiz installed, install metacity, emerald or kwin13:24
gulzar<xangua> yes but still.. How to do it? That's the challenge...13:24
mlncnwalking me  through / pointing me to docs for getting the log files after a complete system freeze would help a great deal13:24
xanguagulzar: whatever you choose to use in compiz and then run: compiz --replace13:24
soreauxangua: That is simply not true. You do not need kwin nor emerald nor metacity to run compiz13:24
xanguanot a big challenge13:25
Caternamregarding my screen blanking problem, is there anything else I should look on apart from Compiz?13:25
soreauxangua: You got that one right, compiz --replace (but I already told him that)13:25
gulzar<xangua> No dear. Compix in lxde crashed badly. No solution from google. Only knoppix is wotking so far.13:25
xanguasoreau: well you would have compiz withount a windows decorator ;)13:25
soreauxangua: Wrong again. There is gtk-window-decorator13:25
soreauincluded in compiz-gnome package13:26
xanguasoreau: that is metacity...13:26
soreauxangua: wrong.13:26
ujjainDoesn't GNOME-2 have buttons like changing sound etc?13:26
soreauxangua: metacity is the default window manager of gnome13:26
meditatorhello.. can anyone please help me out?  i'm having a little trouble with vsftp - I have set it up alright - have created a separate user account for scans to go to the ftp server directly via a network scanner (network scanner logs on the ftp server with username and password). however, the file is created with permission 0600. So no one else can read it. Is there some way of specifying the default file permission to 0660 ?really a13:26
meditatorppreciate your help13:26
nacionalhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer I installed this on my computer, and now i want to go to my win7 version , and i cant pass through Username\Login screen, because it goes black and i can see nothing13:26
Sidewinder1Caternam, I'm guessing that 10.10 uses a different driver than 11.04?13:26
soreauxangua: gtk-window-decorator is a decorator for compiz that is capable of using metacity themes13:26
ujjainHow do I get sound etc back at the right top of my GNOME?13:27
soreauujjain: Try adding indicator applet..13:27
xanguasoreau: sounds like it has been a long time since i used compiz on another desktop neither gnome or kde ;)13:27
CaternamSidewinder1: yeah, I can guess that too, but would like to keep the high res without the frequent screen blanks - so am trying to find a workaround13:27
RobinJis there ONE decent video editor for linux/ubuntu? i just need to cover/blur a spot on a video13:28
RobinJhavent found a single program that can do it13:28
xanguaRobinJ: openshot, cinelerra13:28
xanguapitivi comes by default in ubuntu13:28
RobinJopenshot? how? openshot cant do a thing13:28
RobinJpitivi can do even less13:28
RobinJcinelerra fails to install13:28
RobinJkdenlive can only cover/blur the WHOLE video in stead of only one spot13:29
ActionParsnipxangua: not from oneiric onwards13:29
soreauxangua: probably best to not try and offer support if you are not sure about what you are saying13:29
ActionParsnipRobinJ: http://techcityinc.com/2009/02/04/top-10-free-video-editors-for-ubuntu-linux/13:29
xanguasoreau: i am sure, but i am not using latest software13:29
ujjainsoreau: Where can I find GNOME2 applets?13:29
DakkusCould anyone lend me a helping hand sharing my internet connection wirelessly to my other laptops?13:29
soreauujjain: right click on the panel and select add to panel13:29
Caternamthx for the help13:29
ubottuScreenlets are little widgets for your !desktop. Note you must have a compositing window manager such as !Compiz Fusion, xcompmgr, or KWin to run them. You can get them at http://www.screenlets.org/13:30
soreauujjain: Its either indicator applet or notification area13:30
soreauDakkus: So you connect through hard wire and want to share wirelessly?13:30
DakkusI'm connecting through an UMTS modem, but otherwise yes.13:31
DakkusSo, my internet connection's on ppp0.13:31
Sidewinder1Caternam, Editing the disk image would be quite a challenge. Why not install the version that works best for you; then you can add/change video drivers, to your hearts content.13:31
soreauDakkus: On recent versions of ubuntu, simply click on the network/wifi icon in the panel and select create new wireless network13:31
DakkusThat's how I used to do it in the past.13:31
soreauDakkus: Enter the information and it will create an ad-hoc connection and share it13:31
DakkusBut on this installation that option doesn't exist.13:32
D_Russhello all13:32
soreauDakkus: Which version of ubuntu?13:32
DakkusThis is a 11.04 installed by installing 10.10 and upgrading it right away.13:32
D_Russi think i just broke compiz. i made a change to a setting and now i cant get it to open13:32
Dakkus(I didn't have any empty CDs around, so this was the least unfeasible way)13:32
soreauDakkus: Well you could do it manually with hostapd..13:32
Dakkussoreau: Ok, how?13:32
ge2xHey people! How do I get my NTFS drives to automount on my 11.04? :)13:33
soreauDakkus: Very carefully ;)13:33
DakkusUh-oh :)13:33
soreauDakkus: You will have to do a lot of reading and setup dhcp etc etc13:33
ActionParsnipD_Russ: run:   gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz; compiz --replace13:33
ActionParsnipge2x: ntfs partitons ;)13:33
ActionParsnipge2x: how did you install Ubuntu?13:33
D_Russthanks ActionParsnip13:33
LTLTLTLTLTLTIf I install 11.04 over my old root partition, but I've got a seperate /home/ directory will that be fine? Will I be able to access the files from my old username?13:34
soreauDakkus: Might even be easier to try and install Natty from a live session13:34
soreauDakkus: Does wifi work otherwise?13:34
=== jsjgruber is now known as Guest43408
ActionParsnipLTLTLTLTLTLT: mark the current system partition for formating and to be used for / and then set the /home partition as /home but to NOT be formatted13:35
ge2xActionParsnip: I installed Ubuntu into my IDE drive and my NTFS patitions are on a SATA drive. They mount ok, but I need them to mount on startup. Should I edit fstab or is there a "pretier" way?13:35
Dakkussoreau: Haha, seems you found my coffee cup holder...13:35
=== Guest43408 is now known as jsjgruber
Dakkussoreau: I just switched on the WIFI on this machine, let's see if anything happens ;)13:35
LTLTLTLTLTLTActionParsnip: thanks will do that13:35
soreauDakkus: nice13:35
DakkusOk, the menu item's there and I am officially an idiot.13:35
soreauDakkus: Congrats, you are welcome. Here is your sign ;-)13:36
DakkusThanks for enabling me to notice this without fighting with howtows for half a day :)13:36
* Dakkus bows and thanks13:36
ujjainsureau: I am new to Ubuntu, where can I edit applets/notifications area on GNOME?13:36
soreauujjain: When you right click on (a blank area in) the panel, you should see an option that says Add to Panel..13:37
soreauujjain: Then it should open a window with a list13:37
ujjainthanks so much13:37
ge2xI installed Ubuntu into my IDE drive and my NTFS patitions are on a SATA drive. They mount ok, but I need them to mount on startup. Should I edit fstab or is there a "pretier" way?13:37
soreauno problem13:37
ActionParsnipge2x: then you will need an entry in /etc/fstab to mount them13:38
soreau3 successes and the only losses werent since they were trolls13:38
robotti^I do not like ubiquity13:38
* soreau calls it a day13:38
silver_star_iriI drop 3 ips in iptables by iptable command , but after a few minutes ip tables get empty (ips disapears!) , why ?13:39
robotti^it does not work for me13:39
bazhangRobinJ, http://tutorials.downloadroute.com/video-167213.html   <------ Lives13:39
meditatorhello.. can anyone please help me out?  i'm having a little trouble with vsftp - I have set it up alright - have created a separate user account for scans to go to the ftp server directly via a network scanner (network scanner logs on the ftp server with username and password). however, the file is created with permission 0600. So no one else can read it. Is there some way of specifying the default file permission to 0660 ? really13:39
meditatorappreciate your help13:39
ActionParsniprobotti^: have you updated it before you use it?13:40
usr13RobinJ: cinerella requires13:40
usr13Cinelerra requires a52dec, libsndfile, imlib2, libdv, faac, faad213:40
usr13x264, lame, libavc1394, libiec61883, and mjpegtools.13:40
usr13(May be a dependency not being picked up.13:41
D_RussActionParsnip, how long should that command prompt take to finish?13:41
silver_star_iriI drop 3 ips in iptables by iptable command , but after a few minutes ip tables get empty (ips disapears!) , why ?13:41
ActionParsnipmeditator: D_Russ as long as it takes13:42
bazhangRobinJ, its in the repos13:42
D_Russdoesnt appear to be doing anything right now.13:43
oldschoolcan anyone help me am useing ubuntu desktop 10.04 and i am runing a xrdp session to one of my computer and for some reason13:43
oldschooland does not show me as admin13:43
francesco_oldschool you dance jumpstyle??13:44
bazhang!ot | francesco_13:44
ubottufrancesco_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:44
nacional_please help me :s13:45
ActionParsnipmeditator: all I can suggest is to cron a job to recursive chmod the folder every 10 seconds (or so) to set the files up. Could ask in #vsftp if it exists13:45
ArielOtilibiliAnHelp you for what ?13:45
stishello ^^13:45
ArielOtilibiliAnnacional: Help you for what ?13:46
nacional_ArielOtilibiliAn:  I installed this version of ubuntu http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer with a PEN on my windows then i booted the computer i tried and now iḿ trying to go back to windows and i cant pass from the login screen goes black and i only see the mouse pointer13:46
D_Russthat thing is telling me this failed, that failed,13:47
D_Russholly crap13:47
silver_star_iriI drop 3 ips in iptables by iptable command , but after a few minutes ip tables get empty (ips disapears!) , why ?13:47
meditatorActionParsnip, Thanks for the suggestions13:47
ActionParsnipmeditator: not pretty but its a quick and dirty fix til yuo find something more graceful13:48
silver_star_iriI drop 3 ips in iptables by iptable command , but after a few minutes ip tables get empty (ips disapears!) , why ?13:48
=== dj is now known as Guest53861
stishow do i change text color??13:49
Guest53861hey i have problem with my theme13:49
D_RussActionParsnip: should the terminal be spitting out things like this.13:49
pythonsnakeCan we get GNOME 3 for natty ?13:49
ActionParsnipstis: in what?13:49
D_RussGLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handler_disconnect: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)' failed13:49
bazhang!gnome3 | pythonsnake13:49
ubottupythonsnake: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.13:49
=== Guest53861 is now known as dinu
ikoniapythonsnake: totally unsupported13:49
ikoniapythonsnake: the PPA can cause a lot of issues13:49
ActionParsnipD_Russ: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc13:49
dinuproblem with my thheme13:49
stiscolor of chat13:49
ActionParsnipstis: which client?13:50
monotoniaI set up setupcon, but I must enter "setupcon" command every time I enter tty, to have my settings. I used setupcon --save, but nothing changed. WHat to do?13:50
dinusome setings hve been changed13:50
stisi do no13:50
ActionParsnipmonotonia: could add it to ~/.bashrc13:50
dinui am not able to move apps13:50
ActionParsnipstis: well, what do you type or click on to run your irc client?13:50
stisi do not know13:50
pythonsnakeWhat will be default DE of 11/10 ?13:51
ikoniapythonsnake: unity13:51
D_RussActionParsnip, whats that command again13:51
ActionParsnippythonsnake: Gnome3 is the default DE in Ubuntu13:51
dinui am not able to resize and move the windows13:51
ikoniapythonsnake: be aware the unity is built on gnome 3 - so the enviornment will be gnome3, but the user shell is unity13:51
dinui m using ubuntu13:51
stisi see #ubuntu13:51
ActionParsnippythonsnake: KDE 4.7 is default DE in Kubuntu13:51
monotoniaActionParsnip where it is, to change it globally?13:52
dinucan ny1 help me please13:52
ActionParsnipD_Russ: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/09/how-to-reset-gnome-panels-compiz.html13:52
ikoniadinu: you need to ask a question13:52
dinui askd13:52
pythonsnakeAh ok13:52
ActionParsnipmonotonia: /etc/environment  I believe13:52
bazhangdinu, what theme, give us a link13:52
dinui am not able to move windows13:52
dinuand cant even resize them13:52
DeltaEpsilonis it just me or the scrollbar in Ubutu Natty gnome classic really small??13:52
ActionParsnippythonsnake: LXDE 0.5 will be default DE in Lubuntu13:52
bazhangdinu, stop repeating please and give us a link13:53
Colin969_Since #Java seems to be dead, doesnt know, finds me retarded, or are plain Ignorant, can someone tell me if Runtime.getRuntime().exec("sudo apt-get install chromium-bsu",password,"y"); would work?13:53
ActionParsnippythonsnake: XFCE 4.8 will be default DE in Xubuntu13:53
pythonsnakeActionParsnip: and XFCE is default in Xubuntu13:53
dinuwhat link13:53
DeltaEpsilonbazhang, can u plz answer my question?13:53
bazhangdinu, link to the theme13:53
dinusome setings got changed in compiz13:53
dinuand now i can move windows13:53
ActionParsnippythonsnake: yes, so asking what the default DE in "100.10" is a none-sensuical question13:53
ActionParsnip100.10, tahts waaay down the line13:53
dinucompiz setings hve prblm13:54
ActionParsnipdinu: run:  ccsm   and enable the move plugin13:54
dinuits due to compiz setings13:54
dinuok i will check13:54
monotoniasecond thing, how to prevent tty from checking updates on login?13:55
Teh_Lemonwhat is teh actual difference from apt-get and aptitude?13:55
Teh_Lemonor its teh same just ppl love to call it aptitude13:55
auronandace!aptitude | Teh_Lemon13:56
ubottuTeh_Lemon: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide13:56
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: its a different app, essentially it achieves the same end13:56
Teh_Lemonsame commands, same effect. ill stick to apt-get13:57
ActionParsnipTeh_Lemon: there are differences, if you are comfortable with apt-get then use it13:57
ActionParsnipI use apt-fast :)13:57
usr13Teh_Lemon: Yes, basically same, you relly don't need both.  Many would aruge that point but ... no big deal.13:57
koudwhere can I find developer channel?13:57
koudand what team is responsible for inputmethods?13:58
Teh_Lemonwhats apt-fast13:58
Teh_Lemonwell... after all13:58
usr13!dev koud13:58
usr13!dev | koud13:58
ubottukoud: Interested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment13:58
Teh_Lemonthey all interact with same repositories, its not a hassle :D13:59
BasomisWhere can I find keyboard shortcuts in 11.10?13:59
auronandace!11.10 | Basomis13:59
ubottuBasomis: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:59
Teh_Lemon11.10 is unity too? :(14:00
D_RussThanks ActionParsnip but i am still getting errors and still not able to open compiz settings14:00
fireprintI thought 11.4 had issues with compiz.. working awesome on my 10.4 but on my server it got buggy.14:01
fireprintserver being natty14:01
D_Russi made a change14:01
D_Russand it started freaking out14:02
D_Russnow i cant open it14:02
D_Russit was working ok before the change i made14:02
auronandacefireprint: you run compiz on a server?14:02
fireprintnot the server edt. just a regulare 11.4 and wanted to check compiz on it.. however its buggy and weird.14:03
fireprinton my 10.4 though it works flawlessly.14:03
usr13Basomis: System Settings -> Hardware -> Keyboard Settings -> ???  someplace in there I think.14:03
Basomiscan't find hardware in system settings14:04
=== Chiliblue_ is now known as Chiliblue
fireprintthe reason my "server" is on regulare natty is because, well.. its stored away with only wifi connection.. and setting up wpa on wireless is a pain to me. Never got it to work from other than gui... still working on it though, made the transition from windows to *nix three days ago hehe14:04
D_Russcan i uninstall compiz without it freaking out?14:05
D_Russthen reinstall14:05
D_Russhopefully to fix the problem?14:05
fireprintguess you can try desktop effects?14:06
ActionParsnipD_Russ: the config will still be the same, you will need to delete the compiz config folders14:06
SadlyMistakenhello Everybody, i would love to know if... "Wireless Broadcom Driver to Linux" will be incorporated into Ubuntu Ocelot14:06
SadlyMistakenI would love my wireless will be detected...14:06
Basomisusr13, found it, thanks14:06
usr13Basomis: I was wrong....14:07
oCeanSadlyMistaken: Oneiric/11.10 is not yet released (still beta). Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion14:07
D_Russwhere can i find that folder? and if i uninstall compiz will it total screw things up or just go back to defaults14:07
ActionParsnipSadlyMistaken: its in there, the firmware is proprietary so cannot be. There are tools to install which will cut the firmware out and allow you to use it14:07
usr13Basomis: System Settings -> Hardware -> Keyboard Shortcuts14:07
ActionParsnipSadlyMistaken: those tools have been in ubuntu for a long time14:08
D_RussActionParsnip, is it .compiz that i need to delete?14:08
fireprintD_Russ, are you in gui or in terminal?14:08
D_Russi have terminal open14:08
mia158I've ordered additinal RAM for my Dell Latitude D630. I currently have 2GB but I am upgrading to 8GB. I'm running ubuntu 10.10 32 bit. Should I do anything to the OS after adding the RAM?14:08
ActionParsnipD_Russ: makes sense, look in ~/.config too  I suggest you move the folder rather than deleting14:08
fireprintah ok. thought perhaps you got into the gui. hmm not sure, i can try and locate a howto for you.14:08
SadlyMistakenoCean and ActionParsnip. Ok. Thanks a lot.14:08
ActionParsnipmia158: install the PAE kernel14:09
Name141ActionParsnip: Will PAE just use 3.25 GBs with a 1GB video card like in XP32 ?14:09
D_Russohh boy i have a bad feeling about this. lol14:09
mia158ActionParsnip: thanks, I'll research that now.14:09
Linux4UnMehowdy ubuntu community14:10
=== Bry8Star{GB is now known as Bry8Star2g
D_Russim going to give it a try now wish me luck if i dont come back its a good thing. lol14:10
usr13ActionParsnip: At what point is the PAE kernel useful?14:10
fireprintD_Russ,  hope to not be seeing you soon then, ;)14:11
ActionParsnipName141: if that's how the BIOS is set, then yes. PAE allows 32bit OS to access up to 64Gb RAM but only allows 3Gb RAM per process14:11
ActionParsnipusr13: 8Gb ram in Ubuntu 32bit14:11
=== mix is now known as Guest79498
Name141ActionParsnip: Can you comment on if that's also how XP works ?14:11
compdocyou wont find many 32bit motherboards that support 64Gb of ram14:12
Name141or all PAE enabled OS' ?14:12
usr13ActionParsnip: So anything less than 8G, it is not needed.  Right?14:12
ActionParsnipName141: not used XP in any huge way in years, so unsure. the settings will be pulled from the BIOS14:12
ActionParsnipusr13: anything more than 4Gb and you are looking at PAE, idealy use 64bit14:12
usr13ActionParsnip: So >4G, not useful.  Ok.14:13
sliptteesubuntu support afp file shared protocol?14:13
mia158ActionParsnip: Sounds like I'd be better off installing 64bit OS.14:13
Name141ActionParsnip: So since I have 4GBs and it's using 3.25 , I might check somewhere in the BIOS ?14:13
Linux4UnMewow. been a while since i been here... pretty damn active community14:14
ActionParsnipslipttees: http://www.cognitivecombine.com/2009/12/diy-ubuntu-nas-with-afp-smb-dlna-and-itunes/14:14
silver_star_irihow knows iptable !14:14
ActionParsnipName141: 3.25Gb is max for 32bit without PAE14:14
Linux4UnMewho else14:15
usr13silver_star_iri: Just ask14:15
silver_star_iriI drop 3 ips in iptables by iptable command , but after a few minutes ip tables get empty (ips disapears!) , why ?14:15
Name141ActionParsnip: I'll move to windows since this isabout XP14:15
usr13silver_star_iri: We would have to see the exact rule you entered.14:17
sliptteesActionParsnip: thx14:17
mia158ActionParsnip: What flags determine 64 bit capabality in /proc/cpuinfo? I want to make sure I can run 64 bit OS on Dell Latitude D630.14:17
usr13silver_star_iri: See my pm14:17
raven_any one knows about the presonus faderport?14:18
aksarHi, i have downloaded ubuntu iso. I want to use usb-creator. But when I click on it and select the iso, nothing happens14:20
usr13mia158: There is a fuzzy line there.  Some processors will actually run a 64bit kernel but won't do all it can do with a truely dual core processor. Basically what  you are looking for is a truely dual core processor, (It shows up in /proc/cpuinfo as two processors).14:21
=== administrator is now known as Guest56720
aksarHi, i have downloaded ubuntu iso. I want to use usb-creator. But when I click on it and select the iso, nothing happens. By nothing happens I mean that no iso is selected in the program. Is there a fault in the program. I am using win XP SP 214:24
deanHi all I am currently using a external dvd drive and I am trying to use asunder but it's not picking up my drive is there a way of typing in the destination for it?14:24
BasicXPHello everyone! I need some help with the following. Is it possible to turn off the server via a web interface (HTTP)?14:24
mia158usr13: thx, i sgould be good then. I have cpu 0 & 1.14:24
BasicXPaksar: First apply all the updates, including the Service Pack 314:24
aksarBasicXP: ah sorry, I have already updated to SP314:25
ActionParsnipmia158: appears to be a http://ark.intel.com/products/29760/Intel-Core2-Duo-Processor-T7300-(4M-Cache-2_00-GHz-800-MHz-FSB)14:25
BasicXPI need that to quickly turn it off without a need of a computer with an SSH client14:25
ActionParsnipmia158: Instruction Set 64bit14:25
diskinhi all, if I have an ubuntu, and want to install LXDE, I will get some duplicates in menu in any case?14:25
BasicXPdiskin: for that you might want to use Lubuntu instead14:26
BasicXPit has LXDE preinstalled14:26
destinyhackHello guys. :D14:26
aksarThe usb crator doesn't show the iso image if I select "Disk Image" the iso image is not shown in the file list14:27
diskinBasicXP, yes, but ubuntu i already installed, and I want to be able to remove LXDE at some point14:27
ActionParsnipaksar: try unetbootin14:28
BasicXPdiskin: if you install lxde along gnome, you will have a choice of Gnome and LXDE at system startup14:28
Teh_Lemonif anyone knows... does trickle limit speed on process only if you run it with it, or works with already oepned processes too14:30
kendiskin; once installed, it becomes difficult to remove an added desktop. If you just want to try it, better to use virtualbox first.14:30
boxiciHello i need some help!14:30
Fen-mental ?14:30
=== GNUdog_ is now known as GNUdog
boxiciI am new to ubuntu and i installed it on a virtualbox, so my primary OS is win 714:31
Marnehi, I have this issue: when I try to open Synaptics, this error occurs... Underlying GIOStream returned 0 bytes on an async read. Any help?14:31
boxiciI installed apache2 and http server on ubuntu and i would like to know how can i access localhost from my primary OS14:31
cromagboxici: are you dualbooting ?14:32
ActionParsnipboxici: sure, set the network to be bridged and you can access it like another PC on your LAN14:32
boxicino i have ubuntu on virtualbox14:32
CluelessPersonThe ubuntu 64 desktop installation isn't detecting my windows partition...14:32
CluelessPersonThis concerns me, because I definitely don't want to write over it.14:32
cromagoh - sorry - ActionParsnip has info :)14:32
usr13mia158: ... but to tell the truth, even if you have a dual core processor, you really should have a specific need for a 64bit OS before going to the trouble of installing it.  The standard Ubuntu system sure is nice on a dual core processor and you will not see any noticable performance increase in normal desktop use. (In other words, there are only certain instances where you would take full advange of the 64bit OS.)14:32
D_Russi swear i am creating more problems for my self. My compiz still wont show :(14:33
BluesKajCluelessPerson, ntfs not showing up in nautilus>places?14:33
TnudI got a strange problem with my new ubuntu 11.04 installation.. It won't connect to my ethernet and this new interface is confusing me haha. Where do I see if the ethernet card is even installed?14:33
boxiciActionParsnip, i tried that but ubuntu doesnt connect with bridge14:34
diskinken, exactly! I'm asking because I have already tried :). So, no clean solution except virtual box?14:34
ActionParsnipboxici: so you shutdown the vbox and change the network to bridged, then powered it up14:34
Amdpcboxici : Have you installed Guest Additions ?14:34
CluelessPersonbluebomber, I'm not sure if it's nautilus but at installation is shows a list of partitions and etc14:34
D_Russanyone know how to completely remove compiz or restore it to defaults?14:34
usr13Tnud: YOu should see a little triangle looking thing at top.  It's just an outline and top is rounded.14:35
CluelessPersonbluebomber, So I just booted backup into windows and defined the raw partitions to install linux on.14:35
TnudI see that14:35
sliptteesActionParsnip: done, work perfect :D14:35
ActionParsnipboxici: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQq4hGCIYEvvYVqps6Zm-YjOPXcqXfZsNtSEoBKATfgpilocBjoMC7M5ZezyQ14:35
ActionParsnipslipttees: np :)14:35
usr13Tnud: Otherwise, open a terminal and type ifconfig  and hit enter. If you only see section for lo  then yea, your NIC is not in use.14:35
CluelessPersonI might be back, I'm going to see if this works.14:35
sliptteesActionParsnip: but, ubuntu have this service default14:35
usr13Tnud: If you click on that little image, you should see your network settings.14:36
Tnudsorry, wrong keyboard.. checking now14:36
boxiciActionParsnip,  i'm not sure, but i will give it another try... also if you can tell me after i set it to bridge do i have to setup the IP's in ubuntu?14:36
sliptteesubuntu default afp file share protocol14:36
ActionParsnipboxici: i'd ask in #vbox too14:36
ActionParsnipslipttees: why, why not use samba or sshfs, its standardized14:36
TnudNo, I have an eth0. I assume that is a working ethernet hardware14:37
sliptteessamba sucks =]14:37
ActionParsnipboxici: http://r3dux.org/2009/09/how-to-make-virtualbox-use-your-routers-dhcp-to-get-an-ip-address-in-linux/14:37
D_Russslipttees: i agree14:37
Amdpcboxici : Yes..u need a IP14:37
sliptteesafp work nice, never problem here14:37
D_Russlost 2 days of my life trying to get it to network an ntfs hdd14:37
TnudMight be my routher then.. hmmmm14:38
boxiciOk, thank you very much14:39
usr13Tnud: Did you tell it to connect to a wired network?14:39
usr13Tnud: You can try (at terminal):  sudo dhclient eth014:39
Tnudthat worked14:40
TnudDO I have to do that everytime I boot it up?14:40
usr13Tnud: Yes, you have to tell it to connect, won't just do it on it's on, not the first time anyway.14:40
usr13Tnud: If you do it via the network-manager, it will "remember"14:41
ActionParsnipslipttees: sure but usr13 add it in /etc/rc.local  above the exit 0 line14:41
TnudI don't see a wired connection in the manager tho, just the auto echo14:41
D_Russyou know what i just realized. compiz is open, but i changed a setting somehow (i think) that made the entire window completely transparent.14:41
D_Russhow do i undo a setting on a completely ransparent windo?14:42
usr13Tnud: Well, I don't know why the network-manager is not showing the available wired network.  But, you should do updates now.14:42
usr13Tnud: run update-manager14:42
Tnudapt-get update14:43
sliptteesActionParsnip: ?14:43
usr13Tnud: Yes, and then apt-get upgrade14:43
ActionParsnipslipttees: wrong nick, sorry14:43
ActionParsnipTnud: sure but usr13 add it in /etc/rc.local  above the exit 0 line14:43
sliptteesActionParsnip: okay bro… no problem14:43
usr13Tnud: sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get  upgrade14:44
Tnudoh right, forgot about rc.local14:44
thedoctarhey does anyone know what type of portscan is the portscan in networktools?14:44
TnudI've been on my remote server in the terminal for so long I've forgot how to use the gui14:44
joel135D_Russ: you disable visual effects so that you can see what you're doing, change it back, and enable visual effects again14:44
D_Russjoel135: how do i do that?14:45
bodybodylet's give a try to the new website !!!!14:45
FloodBot1bodybody: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:45
thedoctarwhat's flooding14:45
D_Russim tempted to click the spam lol14:45
usr13ActionParsnip: Waht are you saying?  He should add a dhclient command to rc.local?14:46
ActionParsnipusr13: sure, it will run just before the login screen and the nick has come up14:46
fireprintnot sure if this falls under the ubuntu help. However in ubuntu, when i ssh from this laptop to my server.. log in and work a bit. it lags up abit once in a while. this does not happen if i am locally on the computer. and im ssh'ing a local ip. Any ideas?14:46
usr13ActionParsnip: Oh, ok.14:46
CluelessPersonSo I'm in ubuntu now, but via boot disk14:47
usr13Tnud: Add line:  dhclient eth0   to /etc/rc.local  (above exit 0 )14:47
CluelessPersonAnyone know why ubuntu install isn't any of the partitions I've already set up?14:47
ActionParsnipCluelessPerson: if you run:  sudo parted -l   do you see Ext4 partitions?14:48
D_Russhow do i turn off visual effects without compiz?14:48
rigvedfireprint: this looks like a problem with your server. run top and check if any process is causing this.14:48
CluelessPersonActionParsnip, I haven't made ext4 partitions yet, but sure, I'll look14:49
fireprintrigved, eventhough this does not happen when i am at the computer?14:49
CluelessPersonActionParsnip, in the past, ubuntu would detect windows partitions, allow me to make more, resize, etc14:49
rigvedfireprint: there might be some process that is causing the sudden increase in processing %. if no, then more investigation is required regarding this.14:50
usr13CluelessPerson: I know... It seems that the [new] partitioning screens are a bit less intuative (to me it is anyway).14:51
fireprintrigved, ah ok i see. well i have 102 tasks.. cpu at 0.3 at highest..mem is 0.0 up to 1.4.. 101sleeping i dont know what is. Does this say anything to you sir?14:51
CluelessPersonActionParsnip,  I have a weird message.  "/dev/sda" contains GPT signatures, indicating that it has a GPT table.  However it does not have a valid fake msdos partition table, as it should.  Perhaps it was corrupted - - possibly by a program that doesn't undersatnd GPT partition tables.  Or perhaps you deleted the GPT table, and are now using an msdos partition table.  Is this a GPT partition table? yes/no?"14:51
ge2xI installed Ubuntu into my IDE drive and my NTFS patitions are on a SATA drive. They mount ok, but I need them to mount on startup. Should I edit fstab or is there a "pretier" way?14:51
CluelessPersonusr13, the new one askes me if I want to install in the whole 31GB o my 32 GB SSD14:52
Polahge2x: Add their IDs and options to your fstab14:52
CluelessPersonI have clue what it's asking exactly, thus google! What is a GPT partition table?" :p14:52
Nickelhow do i turn the brightness up? i'm looking through system settings and not finding it :X14:53
CluelessPersonActionParsnip, I think it's a yes14:53
CluelessPersonNickel, system -> preferences -> monitors?14:53
compdocge2x, fstab is the best way14:54
CluelessPersonNickel,  herm, I dunno14:54
rigvedfireprint: not really. are you experiencing a lag right now?14:54
fireprintrigved,  99.3%id.. dunno what that is though,14:54
D_Russis there anyway to disable visual effects without compiz?14:54
NickelCluelessPerson, i see monitor settings, but no brightness controlls14:54
fireprintrigved, well it seems to refrsh every 3 sec. having something called messageb come up once in a while.14:54
CluelessPersonActionParsnip,  Well, I ran your command, and no ext partions are reported, but I hadn't made any yet14:55
CluelessPersonActionParsnip,  The problem is that it's not reporting the 3 partitions I already made on it.14:55
ActionParsnipD_Russ: log off an log into Ubuntu Classic session instead14:55
fireprintrigved, and seeing that this does not happen locally either on this laptop nor on the server.. only from putty. im abit out of ideas hehe14:55
ActionParsnipCluelessPerson: not sure then , very weird14:55
CluelessPerson20GB NTFS for windows, 5GB storage, 5GB for linux RAW14:55
openvoidubuntu classic - no effects14:55
D_RussActionParsnip, thanks14:55
CluelessPersonThis is an SSD14:55
Nickeldoes anyone know how to change brightness?14:56
usr13Nickel: In most rooms, there is a lightswitch on the wall over near the door.14:58
usr13... sorry, couldn't resist.14:58
usr13Nickel: Is this a laptop?14:58
Nickelusr13, yessir14:58
Nickelusr13, silly goose.14:59
usr13Do you have  f-key for it?14:59
fireprintNickel, if its a laptop you should have some FN buttons to up the bright..14:59
Nickeloh yeah? nice.14:59
rigvedfireprint: messageb = Message Bus ( needed for dbus ) <-- got this off the internet. so this does not tell us much either. are you experiencing a lag right now?14:59
fireprintoh sorry usr13, didnt see you helping out. sorry for buttin in :)14:59
Nickelusr13, no, not sure what that is14:59
MokilokHow do I kill a process once I have the process ID?14:59
usr13What, the switch on the wall?14:59
ActionParsnipMokilok: run:  kill PID15:00
Stanley00Mokilok: use kill PID15:00
Nickelusr13, lol, i'm not sure what f-key is15:00
fireprintrigved, no not really.. its just when i type, say commands in terminal or whatever.. it all of a sudden stops.. and then returns after 6-7sec.15:00
ActionParsnipMokilok: if it refuses to die and you REALLY want it dead:  kill -9 PID15:00
Nickelsomething i need to download in apt15:00
usr13Nickel: Oh, I meant fn  key15:00
Nickeldo i have function keys? o.o yes15:00
ActionParsnipMokilok: if the process is owned by another user, use: sudo kill PID   etc15:00
The_BROSwhere to find the list of different radio podcasts for Banshee?15:01
MokilokIt was my process, VLC had crashed and wouldn't close. I got it now guys, thank you.15:01
Nickelusr13, they don't seem to do anything though15:01
g0rshas anybody used evolution with pgp?15:01
usr13Nickel: Does it change when you plug or un-plug power cord?15:02
fireprintrigved, the thing is, it gets the packets sent and recieved without issues. Could it be putty?15:02
ActionParsnipMokilok: np man15:02
Nickelusr13, i found a menu i'm looking into o.o15:02
Polahg0rs: Evolution supports the use of GPG keys for signing15:02
rigvedfireprint: you will need to check the internet for any bugs with the version that you are running.15:02
CluelessPersonubuntu's gparted isn't detecting my partitions on my SSD, so I can't install ubuntu.15:03
fireprintrigved, version of putty you mean?15:03
usr13Nickel: I'm also thinking that the keyboard map may not have been set right during install, (but usually, the defaults get it right most every time).15:03
Nickelusr13, o.o apparently it's 100% it seems kinda... dull.15:03
ActionParsnipCluelessPerson: tried updating gparted?15:03
g0rsPolah: it doesn't have inbuilt pgp security decryption features15:03
Nickelusr13, it's set to US lol15:03
CluelessPersonActionParsnip, I haven't, I just downloaded this iso this morning, and I haven't installed ubuntu15:03
usr13Nickel: Yea, but if the FN keys don't work, I don't know what's up with that.15:04
ActionParsnipCluelessPerson: you can update apps in the live environment15:04
fireprintrigved, just been pinging for a while.. no lag. it just appears when it pleases. Oh well.. ill look into putty issues. Thank you kindly sir. Appreciated.15:04
usr13Nickel: Can you turn it down with the FN key combination?15:04
CluelessPersonActionParsnip, I just did sudo apt-get update15:04
CluelessPersonActionParsnip, that correct?15:04
Nickelusr13, what combination?15:04
usr13CluelessPerson: If you are into post-install mode;  You should now do  apt-get upgrade15:05
rigvedfireprint: putty@projects.tartarus.org <-- here. you can send an e-mail to this address, giving details about your session and problems. you could include relevant parts of /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages.15:05
CluelessPersonusr13, I'm just on liveusb now15:05
rigvedfireprint: you are welcome.15:05
usr13Nickel: Well, I don't know, I can't see your keyboard.  Turn the lights on.15:05
usr13CluelessPerson: Oh, ok15:06
rethushow can i see which xserver version i have on natty15:06
jack009y ubuntu 11.04hey guys where can I find vlc install package in my15:06
fireprintrigved, awesome!.. thanks15:06
CluelessPersonusr13, alright, upgrading15:06
Nickelusr13, i'm confused, i don't know what you mean by combination15:06
Nickelusr13, i suppose i'll google it15:06
usr13CluelessPerson: There you go.15:06
jack009hello there15:06
usr13Nickel: No, you would see it there on the keyboard.15:06
ActionParsnipCluelessPerson: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install gparted; sudo apt-get clean15:06
usr13Nickel: Just a second,I'll look at my wife's laptop15:07
ActionParsniprethus: apt-cache policy xorg15:07
Nickelusr13, you're trolling me? i don't know what you're saying. :P they keyboard layout is... like a normal layout.15:07
ActionParsnip!info xorg natty15:07
ubottuxorg (source: xorg): X.Org X Window System. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.6+4ubuntu3.1 (natty), package size 1 kB, installed size 44 kB15:07
Nickelanyone know if you can install adb via apt?15:07
Nickelwhat the package is called if so?15:07
ActionParsnip!info adb15:07
ubottuPackage adb does not exist in natty15:07
ActionParsnipNickel: may need a ppa15:07
rethushow can i see which xserver version i have on natty15:07
Nickel!info adb15:08
Nickellol. :(15:08
jack009where is vlc package installed on my 11.0415:08
NickelActionParsnip, what is a ppa, sir?15:08
ActionParsniprethus: I already told you, why ask a question if you are going to ignore responses?15:08
ActionParsnip!ppa | Nickel15:08
ubottuNickel: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa15:08
xanguajack009: sudo apt-get install vlc15:08
rethusActionParship: i don't see your answer15:08
NickelActionParsnip, thank you!15:08
rigvedfireprint: also, make a note of the time that you sent a packet from your laptop, the time that it was received on the server and the time that you got a reply back. you can get this info from /var/log/messages, if you have enabled ufw-logging.15:08
CluelessPersonActionParsnip, the upgrade is still going15:09
ActionParsnipjack009: it has libs all over the OS, the main binay is /usr/bin/vlc15:09
jack009thanks ll chjeck it out15:09
usr13Nickel: On the wife's laptop, it is F6 and F7, (F6 is lower and 7 is raise brightness) and the markings are a little down arrow and a circle with little lines pointing outward all around, (kind of like a drawing of the sun).15:09
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa15:09
ActionParsnipNickel: if someone has built a package for it, you can add the PPA to your system and install from it15:09
fireprintrigved, ayeh im doing that. however i just thought of another thing.. i can just ssh from terminal instead of using putty. if problem continues its not putty.. doh, right? hehe15:09
farhad2161|2my iptables got clear after a few minutes,why?!!!15:09
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com15:10
ActionParsnipjack009: tbh, as a user its not really important where apps are15:10
ActionParsnipjack009: you can find which binary is run with any command using the 'which' command15:10
ActionParsnipjack009: e.g.   which gedit     will return: /usr/bin/gedit15:11
usr13Nickel: F6 is lower and 7 is raise brightness and the markings are a little down arrow  (on the F6 key) and a circle with little lines pointing outward all around, on the F7 key the arrow points up. (The round circle thing is kind of like a drawing of the sun).15:11
rigvedfireprint: yes, do that.15:11
usr13Nickel: And you hold the FN key while striking the brightness UP and brightness DOWN keys.15:11
jack009ActionParsnip: yes got ur point15:12
jack009but where r the packages15:12
CluelessPersonActionParsnip, still upgrading >.>15:12
CluelessPersonI do love the speed of my ssd15:12
CluelessPersonI do wish it were larger though, 32 is abysmal.15:12
jack009vlc package, scattered,15:13
Stanley00jack009: do you mean .deb file?15:13
CluelessPersonI'll deal with it though, this is a netbook, I'll just store things on the server15:13
fireprintrigved,  no lag what so ever.. pheew!.. Thanks again for helping out man. appreciated15:13
CluelessPersonI already do, just haven't stored everything15:13
jack009Stanley00 yes15:13
Stanley00jack009: they are all in /var/cache/apt/archives15:13
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jzoccolooking for some help, I have a ton of music in my /home/.../music directory some are wma and I need to convert them to mp3. I need a utility that will recursively go through my Music folder and convert any wma to mp3. Any suggestions15:15
rigvedfireprint: good. you should consider filing a bug to the e-mail adress that i mentioned. it's upstream. or you can file a bug with ubuntu.15:15
CluelessPersonI've never had any issue with linux before like this.15:15
CluelessPersonthis is irritating15:16
jack009Stanley00 thanks15:16
jack009got it15:16
Stanley00jack009: you are welcome :)15:16
fireprintrigved yeah i was thinking about doing that, however i want to run it a day or two just to see if it sticks or not.15:16
jack009just one more thing what vlc may be named as15:16
rigvedfireprint: ok.15:16
usr13jzocco: Here is what I've done with wav files http://pastebin.com/q14xfv8B  You may find something similar for wma15:17
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Stanley00jack009: try find *vlc* file, but it's usually need more then one deb file to install a prog,15:18
jzoccousr13 thats very helpful thanks15:18
Stanley00jack009: what exactly do you want to do then?15:18
jack009Stanley00 install vlc on other computer where internet is not available15:19
Nickelso i set a startup command up =xinput set-prop 13 "Device Enabled" 0= to disable my track pad on the laptop, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and i have to do it manually when i boot up, any idea why it doesn't work all the time?15:19
CluelessPersonOkay, wtf15:19
CluelessPersonI can't install ubuntu.15:19
CluelessPersonActionParsnip, I can't run your command, somehow I have 1.4MB of space left, even when using a freaking liveusb15:20
CluelessPersonwtf is this. lol