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mandelralsina, ping18:00
ralsinamandel: pong18:00
mandelralsina, can you approve the autoupdater branch?18:01
mandelralsina, can yu approve the autoupdater branch?18:06
mandelralsina, I'm also adding bugs for the control panel running during update18:07
jdstrandso, I bought some songs through ubuntuone (natty/rhythmbox), got through the payment and have the receipts in my inbox, however, the songs aren't going to my ubuntuone cloud folder (as seen on one.ubuntu.com)20:36
jdstrandalso, rhythmbox tells me:20:36
jdstrand"There was a (temporary) problem getting your list of purchased songs. Please wait a short time and then try again, or return to the music store."20:37
jdstrandthe status page says everything is ok with the music store and files20:37
jdstrandit's been between 45min to an hour20:37
jdstrandI'll continue to wait, but thought I'd let you guys now20:38
jdstrandI have to step away..20:38

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