charlie-tcavbox or hardware?00:01
charlie-tcaI never had that in all the tests I did00:01
Unit193Even though it may be too late, I added it to the qa tracker :/00:09
charlie-tcaThat works00:10
Unit193You can see full info on hardware there (Listed it close to yours)00:10
madnickhm, i used the default virtualbox settings, and upgraded now (distribution update it told me) is it normal for it to take several hours? using default settings00:10
madnickNormally I give it some cores, and about 4GB of RAM00:11
charlie-tcayou do update-manager -d or apt-get dist-upgrade ?00:11
madnickused the normal update manager 00:11
madnickfrom like 3 days old oneiric image00:11
madnickthe GUI version00:12
charlie-tcaupdate manager here depending on the machine can take between 6 and 18 hours00:12
madnickoh 00:12
madnickwow O_o i never knew it took at much time00:12
Unit193Never taken close to that long for me00:12
charlie-tcaand I do it every milestone on both 32bit and 64bit00:13
Unit19390 updates and 170+M to get and it took less than 20min00:14
madnickIts taken 2 hours now for me00:14
madnickand its at half for me00:14
charlie-tcait is a bit slow00:14
madnickIm one of those people that cannot really multitask well, when I got an install going, I want to almost sit and watch :P00:15
charlie-tcaI just start the upgrades, and go to bed00:15
Unit193Takes too long for me to do that, I just end up forgetting about it00:16
* Unit193 has watched someone walk over, move the mouse, then I remember I have VBox running -_-00:17
charlie-tcaTakes too long sitting in front of it, here.00:19
madnickoh there we go: "an error occured please run the package manager.."00:19
charlie-tcaEspecially when I do it every month or so00:19
charlie-tcaopen a terminal and run 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' as separate commands00:20
charlie-tcaThe mirror might have got out of sync00:20
* madnick can tell that its late, he turned of the computer instead of the vm00:21
charlie-tcaheh, well, that makes it bad, doesn't it?00:21
madnickIt does indeed00:22
madnickacctually since i already spent this much time on it, i might as well get the newest image instead directly, which may be even faster then fixing this problem00:25
charlie-tcaI would say probably is00:26
PjotrXubuntu 11.10 is going to be the best ever! I've been running it for some time now, and it's just great. Heck, even Linus Torvalds has turned to Xfce... :-)11:06
PjotrYou can count on me, to push it hard in the Dutch Ubuntu community. Spread the word!  :-)11:06
PjotrSomething else: I've discovered a strange error in garcon (newest version, which I got in the updates of today). When logged in using *Xfce* session, all is well: the Dutch translation is complete.11:07
PjotrBut when logged in using *Xubuntu* session, one string in garcon isn't translated! Namely the word "Accessories". See the relevant screenshots on my website: http://sites.google.com/site/computertip/schermafdruk11:07
Pjotrmr_pouit: can this be repaired?11:07
mr_pouitPjotr: do you have gnome-menus installed?11:09
mr_pouitthe default xubuntu menu file uses some categories from gnome-menus.11:09
PjotrNo, it's a vanilla Xubuntu 11.10....11:10
mr_pouitgrmpf, it was installed for beta1, so somethign changed11:14
mr_pouitI'll add it back11:14
PjotrThanks! :-)11:14
mr_pouitPjotr: try to install it, and you should have a translation then11:16
PjotrOK. I suppose I have to reload X, so I'll quit now and be back in a few minutes11:16
Pjotrmr_pouit: Problem is fixed! I installed gnome-menus and then rebooted. All is fine now with garcon. :-)11:19
PjotrSomething else, not translation-related: somewhere during the last couple of updates, the lower panel has lost it's transparancy. I can't get it back...11:22
charlie-tcaGood morning14:35
madnickmorning :)14:46
charlie-tcaUser Days today in #ubuntu-classroom14:52
charlie-tcaYou will happy to hear that Ubuntu doesn't tell me "remove disk" either anymore.14:58
madnickcharlie-tca: in plymouth? 15:25
madnickbut thats not true for xubuntu right? :]15:26
charlie-tcasure it is15:26
charlie-tcaI don't see the "remove the disk and hit enter" after installing from desktop cd's15:26
madnickWell, the messaging is there :/15:26
charlie-tcaIt isn't making it to the screen15:27
madnickbut is plymouth shown?15:27
madnickwhen it happens15:27
charlie-tcaplymouth gives me the throbber only15:27
charlie-tcaWhen plymouth shows fully, so does the remove message15:28
madnickYeah, i think we previous had this problem too15:28
madnickseems to happen sometimes, a solution would be to redraw the screen15:28
madnickat an interval15:28
charlie-tcaIt might be something ubiquity is doing that is messing up the screens again15:28
charlie-tcasince it is happening in both Ubuntu and Xubuntu, it is something common to both on desktop cd installs15:32
madnickcharlie-tca: what did Ubuntu do with plymouth appearance wise? (out of curiosity)15:35
charlie-tcanothing that I can see15:36
charlie-tcadark background, flashing dots under Ubuntu15:36
charlie-tcaplenty drab15:36
charlie-tcaso many crashes when I logged in, it took about two minutes before I could even clear all the boxes15:37
madnickhehe, thats pretty not good .P15:39
madnickmicahg wanted me to look at some bluetooth stuff15:40
madnickbut I have not heard from him15:40
madnickI will be here for most of the day, but I might be afk in a bit, but just highlight me and i will see it15:40
charlie-tcayes, he wanted blueman tested, I think, from a ppa15:42
charlie-tcagreat... did a screen-reader install, 199 updates, can't get a Ubuntu desktop now15:44
charlie-tcaerrors found while checking the disk drive for /15:44
charlie-tcaeven better... drive for /tmp is missing15:45
charlie-tcashould be / drive15:45
charlie-tcathis is bad15:45
charlie-tcareinstalling Ubuntu16:13
GridCubegood evenign people20:38
charlie-tcaGood evening, GridCube 20:39
GridCube:) how are you today mister charlie-tca ?20:40
GridCubeare there any test to be done today?20:40
charlie-tcaDoing fine, sir. 20:40
charlie-tcaimages still the same as beta2, so no point running tests yet20:40
GridCubeI've been working on my interface at work :P20:41
charlie-tcaGood, I think20:41
charlie-tcaDon't be getting in trouble.20:42
GridCube:D yes i think its good too20:42
GridCubenah, its a quiet place, a library whit not so many users :P20:42
GridCubeso i have lots of free time, except when im not XD20:42
GridCubes/im not/I don't20:43
charlie-tcaI know that way of doing things20:45
charlie-tcaMeeting tomorrow, 25 September, 22:00 UTC22:51

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