noahk11How do i properly install xubuntu to a partition on a external drive that i can actually boot to?00:07
noahk11How do i properly install xubuntu to a partition on a external drive that i can actually boot to?00:08
primorialhobbitMy Xubuntu netbook crashed earlier today, and now refuses to boot - I see a blinking cursor in the upper left for a little while, then the screen flickers, and stays black.  I booted off a USB disk and run 'fsck -fv /dev/sda5', which reported no errors.  Rebooting in recovery mode fails, the last few lines visible on the screen are http://pastie.org/2582239 ... anyone have an idea on how to fix it?01:42
charlie-tcawhich version of Xubuntu, primorialhobbit01:48
charlie-tcaI would suspect it doing an fsck of all drives. boot in normal mode, when the screen goes black, hit s for skip, give it up to 5 minutes, it should boot01:49
primorialhobbitcharlie-tca: I've just rebooted several more times, and each time it makes stops at a different point in the init process.  This time, it stopped at 'Starting Userspace boostsplash' and subsequently 'Stopping Userspace bootsplash'01:50
charlie-tcaMy 400GB hard drive takes up to 25 minutes for the checks, and 11.04 had no notice when it did that01:50
primorialhobbitI let it sit there for about an hour and a half earlier01:51
charlie-tcait depends on how far into the fsck it gets as to where in the process it shows you things.01:52
charlie-tcaTried turning completely off, let it sit two minutes, power it back on?01:52
primorialhobbitFsck reports no errors at all, e.g. when I boot off a separate dis.  And I've already tried a cold reboot01:52
charlie-tcaboot from the live cd, mount the hard drive, cd to / and run updates01:53
charlie-tcastrange but works sometimes01:53
primorialhobbit`Run updates?01:53
charlie-tcasudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade on the hard drive itself01:54
primorialhobbitI'll give it a shot.  I assume I'll need to chroot for that?  My experience with apt-get is limited01:54
charlie-tcaI never did. I just boot to a live session, cd into the hard drive, find the partition with / on it, and run it01:57
charlie-tcaI don't know how to chroot01:57
knomechroot isn't technically hard, but you want to make sure you do it right01:58
primorialhobbitknome: But is it unnecessary?01:59
knomesorry, i haven't followed the discussion too closely02:01
knomeit looks like you need chroot, yes02:02
primorialhobbitThankfully I have a second computer to use in the meantime, but it would be really nice to get the netbook running again before Monday's classes02:02
primorialhobbitknome: Could you assist with the proper way to chroot?02:03
knomeif you don't chroot, you'll just update the packages on your main pc02:03
knomehaven't done that in ages. i'd suggest just looking at some tutorial from google, because if i'd help, that's where i'd read the instructions from myself :P02:03
primorialhobbithah, thanks02:04
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot02:04
knomethat's probably a good starting point02:04
wdouvetI am running xubuntu, am a newbie, and I am having trouble updating with synaptic package manager02:34
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chirag_d_gr8when i installed xubuntu using wubi, i see boot time errorbad lun bad numbers(1-10)05:04
chirag_d_gr8how to fix this?05:04
ShirakawasunaI want to rip movie/show DVDs to ISO before encoding them with HandBrake. What would be a good tool for this (preferably light, xfce philosophy and all that)?05:22
Shirakawasunabasically I want k3b without kde dependencies :). It will rip to an ISO and check md5sums. I want that.05:23
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csenger41hy everyone :)08:55
csenger41i'd need some help with flash games08:58
csenger41the ones on facebook are freezing if im moving my cursor on the screen and start moving again when i stop it08:59
csenger41theres no such problem on Win708:59
csenger41anyone online?09:11
philippeI need some help10:16
philippeI just installed xubuntu 11.04 on my laptop10:16
philippeIt all works fine when plugged in10:17
philippeBut when it runs on the battery xubuntu freezes10:17
philippeIs this a known problem?10:17
dirtycookiehi i want to make my indicator plugin transparent so that it fits in my transparent pannel can someone tell me how10:22
well_laid_lawnphilippe: not a problem most ppl have no10:22
philippeI dunno what to do :(10:23
philippeDefeats the object of having a laptop with xubuntu if it crashes on battery power :(10:23
well_laid_lawnphilippe: can you change to a tty or enter stuff in a terminal when it freezes?10:23
philippehard freeze10:24
well_laid_lawnit must be a hardware issue10:25
dirtycookiehi i want to make my indicator plugin transparent so that it fits in my transparent pannel can someone tell me how10:25
philippeI will google some more10:25
philippeTo try and solve it10:25
philippeThanks for answering my questions well_laid10:25
philippeHave a nice day :)10:25
well_laid_lawnphilippe: have a tty running when you10:26
well_laid_lawnunplug the power10:26
dirtycookieanyone there10:32
dirtycookie1hi i want to make my indicator plugin transparent so that it fits in my transparent pannel can someone tell me how10:40
ismailovhii pleese join linux-bg,org in facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/linux-bgorg/16583441200410:56
knomeismailov, please don't advertise10:56
IdleOneismailov: Please stop advertising your facebook page.11:02
ismailovnoo problem11:04
dirtycookiehi anyone there11:25
dirtycookiei need some help plz11:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:26
dirtycookie i have freshly installed xubuntu and i want to change the fore- and background color of my indicator plugin11:28
dirtycookiehow can i do that11:28
dirtycookiei have freshly installed xubuntu and i want to change the fore- and background color of my indicator plugin, does anyone know how to do this??11:35
knomeplease don't repeat11:35
knomeif somebody knows the answer, they will reply11:36
knomeno need to repeat every 5 minutes11:36
Sysiand crosspost11:36
knome!coc > dirtycookie11:36
ubottudirtycookie, please see my private message11:36
knome!guidelines > dirtycookie11:36
knomedirtycookie, just for reference.11:37
dirtycookiethat is fine and understandable, i thought that all users in this channel are afk. thanks for giving a sign of activity and ill wait patiently. And thank you in advance11:39
SysiI think indicator plugien goes with gtk-theme, for some reason it doesn't go transparent with alpha/panelbg but with fg/icons-slider it does11:47
dirtycookieSysi: ok... so what does that mean?11:55
seemawni have serious problems with my screen resolution15:45
seemawndescription following:15:45
seemawni use a nvidia-fx 5700 graphics card, so the nvidia-173 driver should be suitable15:46
seemawnbut I cannot raise the resolution above 640x480.15:46
seemawnand it seems like, that it does not read the xorg.conf.15:48
seemawnglxgears reports more than 2000 fps, and according to glxinfo, direct rendering works15:49
seemawnhow can i override monitor detection?15:51
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XubuntuKrisanyone ever use Trimage image compressor?21:07
GridCube!info trimage21:08
ubottutrimage (source: trimage): GUI and command-line interface to optimize image files. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.5-1 (natty), package size 28 kB, installed size 200 kB21:08
XubuntuKrisI asked cause I'm using it now, trying to compress about 120 pngs and it's taking forever on just the first one.21:09
GridCubeyou could use imagemagick21:10
GridCube!info imagemagic21:10
ubottuPackage imagemagic does not exist in natty21:10
GridCube!info imagemagick21:10
ubottuimagemagick (source: imagemagick): image manipulation programs. In component main, is optional. Version 7: (natty), package size 48 kB, installed size 284 kB21:10
GridCubeits pretty easy and very powerful21:10
XubuntuKriswell Trimage just got passed the first couple, I'll give it a chance to do it's thing, and if I'm unsatisfied with the results, I'll give imagemagick a go21:11
XubuntuKrislol, thanks GridCube.21:11
XubuntuKrisany other suggestions?21:11
GridCube:P i'd say use irfanview trough wine21:12
GridCubebut thats just me21:12
GridCubenot the best option21:12
XubuntuKrisI don't like wine21:12
XubuntuKrisnever understood it.21:12
GridCubethere you got it :P21:12
GridCubethen use imagemagick21:12
XubuntuKrisBesides, I keep a winblows machine just for situations when linux just won't do the trick21:13
XubuntuKrisThanks again21:13
GridCubeif imagemagick had a good gui there wouldnt be a need for any other imagining software21:13
XubuntuKrisThat's kind of why I installed Trimage. I like GUI's.21:13
XubuntuKrisI know how to operate in a terminal, I'm just lazy21:14
seemawnif anyone considered answering my question I asked several hours ago: I solved the problem and apologize not to tell you that.21:34
seemawnthe problem was: xorg.conf was not aware of possible vertical frequency of my screen.21:35
seemawntwas too low.21:35
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philippeI need some help23:17
philippeI have a new install of xubuntu 11.04 and this red icon appears in the system tray23:18
philippelike a remove icon in a terminal window23:18
philippebut doesnt do anything23:18
philippeHow can I remove it?23:19
philippeok I just fixed it23:20
philippeRemoved the usb charger for my iphone23:20
philippeWas related to the power manager icon23:20
philippeMany thanks :)23:21
philippeAnother happy xubuntu user :)23:21
philippeGood night and god bless23:21

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