DBOTrevinho, you sir are an italian stalion00:03
TrevinhoDBO: it's the same that my girlfriend say to me!00:03
DBOand now its creepy00:04
Trevinholol.. thanks :D00:04
DBOalso, tell your girlfriend to stop watching crappy american boxing movies00:04
Trevinholol.... Just kidding... She doesn't say that to me really... :o00:04
DBOTrevinho, okay one branch merged00:05
DBOdoing your next00:06
Trevinhothanks DBO... ;)00:06
TrevinhoDBO: and you really still don't have this issue? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/83876600:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 838766 in unity (Ubuntu) "wrong workspace is activated" [Medium,Triaged]00:06
TrevinhoBecause that is the last one I would love to fix before going to bed, and... Waiting for the freeze ...00:07
DBOI cant reproduce it00:07
DBOif you have a fix let me know00:07
DBOI have never heard of another person with this issue either Trevinho00:08
TrevinhoDBO: also om23er has that00:08
Trevinhook DBO... That's strange00:08
DBOTrevinho, unity --reset doesn't fix it?00:08
Trevinhocompiz should work on that despite on the system00:08
Trevinhono :(00:08
TrevinhoAt least, I've some mess with my compiz settings, but I've reset them and the bug stays there00:09
DBOTrevinho, this doesn't work: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/panel-active-window-fixes/+merge/7741800:09
Trevinhowhy DBO?00:10
DBOit doesn't work00:11
DBOif I drag a window 75% off the screen to the right00:11
DBOI still dont get global menus00:11
TrevinhoDBO: you shouldn't get them00:12
Trevinhoaccording to what we discussed with neil00:12
TrevinhoI guess it's a design decision...00:12
DBOthats dumb...00:12
DBOso what the hell does this branch do?00:12
TrevinhoSee the bug... but basically if you try in your system to drag a terminal on the right to make it semi-maximize00:13
Trevinhothen you would lose the controls00:13
Trevinhoand the menus00:13
TrevinhoWith the old behaviour when half window was outside the vp then the menus were removed00:14
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Trevinhonow you ned to put outside the 75% of that00:14
TrevinhoI would have reduced anymore... to an 1/8 of window but...00:15
TrevinhoTrevinho> njpatel: I'd reduce that value... I'd put also 1/8 of the width/height...00:15
Trevinho [00:35:56] <Trevinho> Too little? It shouldn't for big windows00:15
Trevinho [00:36:46] <njpatel> not sure dude00:15
Trevinho [00:36:52] <njpatel> it might be a bit late to do that :/00:15
Trevinho [00:37:05] <njpatel> put up a m-p and I'll get the guys to test int he morning00:15
Trevinhothanks ;)00:15
TrevinhoAny other bug I could help with?00:16
DBOTrevinho, if you want a real challenge...00:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 861793 in unity "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in PrivateWindow::addWindowStackChanges()" [Critical,Confirmed]00:17
Trevinhodamn.. I hate segfaults :)00:17
Trevinho(at least, debugging them in compiz)00:17
TrevinhoMh, DBO I can't either reproduce that... :/00:19
DBOme either! :)00:19
TrevinhoAnd I've not too much time considering that here is 2:20am...00:19
TrevinhoBut until my eyes work...00:19
Trevinhohowever, no I try to fix the non-bug (for you :)) related to VP switch...00:20
TrevinhoAh... DBO this could be a "nice-to-have" thing... But I guess that it could be landed in the P branch. Who really cares about that will use the ppa: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/panel-opacity-toggle/+merge/7721900:21
DBOTrevinho, for P00:22
DBOsorry, the pretty pony can have that one00:22
TrevinhoDBO: here you are another fix I forgot to push before for window mapping when they are in different workspaces: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/map-other-vp-windows/+merge/7743002:16
DBOTrevinho, sexy02:17
DBOyou're a man of taste02:17
DBOI can tell02:17
TrevinhoDBO: that was already in the branch you rejected few weeks ago :P but I never ported this to the new code...02:19
TrevinhoOk, now I'll see if I can do something for the latest bug I had in my todo... The evil not-hiding launcher if showing it from the first top-left pixels :/02:20
TrevinhoHowever DBO... I've just found why I had that issue with mapping a window in another viewport: nautilus is not drawing the desktop here!02:23
TrevinhoHonestly I don't know why and I neither checked that...02:23
TrevinhoBut, the issue happens since here there's no window focus switch... This is weird02:23
TrevinhoMaybe some update broken that02:24
DBOI already fixed the evil not-hiding launcher Trevinho02:24
TrevinhoOh... Cool DBO02:27
Trevinhoso I can go into bed I guess :)02:27
Trevinhois that already in trunk?02:27
DBOnot yet02:27
DBOsorry got other things to do first02:27
DBObut you may go to bed02:27
TrevinhoAh, ok... No problem02:27
DBOits late as shit there :P02:27
TrevinhoWell... This is my favourite time to do these things :D02:28
Trevinhohowever I'll look for your changes tomorrow... Just curious... Are you using the panel to check where the mouse is after the first touch or everything is done in the panel?02:28
TrevinhoDBO: ^^^ :)02:32
DBOTrevinho, we dont unhide on the top 24 pixels :P02:32
DBOthe simplest solutions02:33
DBOare the best02:33
TrevinhoMh... That is simple, but could lead to usability problems.. isn't it? Considering that people were used to use the top to see the launcher in previous unity...02:34
DBOyeah mark asked for the corner to NOT unhide the launcher02:34
DBOthis seemed simpler :)02:34
TrevinhoOhhk... If Mark spoken, so I accept :)02:35
Trevinhobut I wouldn't love that :D02:35
Trevinhohowever... I go into bed now...02:35
Trevinhobye DBO thanks for supporting and merging... :)02:35
Trevinho(also if I there are other few lines in queue :D)02:35
didrocksgood morning05:41
jonohey didrocks05:47
jonodidrocks, quick q05:47
jonocan you set https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nux/+bug/757403 to Confirmed?05:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 757403 in nux (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::GraphicsDisplay::HandleDndSelectionRequest()" [Critical,Fix released]05:47
jonoI just experienced it05:47
jonoI also just reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/86204505:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 862045 in unity (Ubuntu) "Serious Unity problem stuck in spread when dragging icons back to the dash" [Undecided,New]05:48
didrockshey jono06:04
didrockssorry was under fire on #ubuntu-desktop :)06:04
jonohey didrocks06:04
jonodidrocks, lol, no worries, pal!06:04
didrocksjono: sure, adding then to the target06:05
didrocksjono: do you reproduce the first crash a lot?06:05
jonodidrocks, let me try now06:05
didrocksurgh https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/862045 is a duplicate of a natty bug I set as the priority at the beginning of the cycle and was set fix released :/06:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 862045 in unity (Ubuntu) "Serious Unity problem stuck in spread when dragging icons back to the dash" [Undecided,New]06:05
jonohmm not able to reproduce06:06
jonothe crash06:06
didrocksok, still setting to next release, I guess you are up to date, isn't it?06:06
didrocksthe second worries me, it was supposed to be fixed 4 months ago :/06:08
jonodidrocks, yep I update every day06:12
didrocksjono: ok, I set both with a high priority for today's release, let's hope they will have time to fix it :)06:12
jonothanks didrocks!06:15
jonois there a new Unity today?06:15
didrocksyw :)06:15
didrocksjono: yep, finale one even06:15
jonothanks, pal!06:15
didrocksas we will enters finale freeze tonight :)06:16
didrocksyw, have a good night jono!06:16
jonothanks didrocks, for all your wonderful work in this cycle06:17
jonoyou are a real credit to Free Software :-)06:17
didrocksjono: that's kind of you, hoping it was effective enough, but always want to do a lot more… :-)06:18
jonodidrocks, http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/09/29/didrocks-is-a-legend/06:19
didrocksjono: ahah! Thanks a lot :-) (no chuck norris involved this time! ;-))06:20
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didrocksTrevinho: your nautilus patch is uploaded! thanks a lot :)08:05
njpatelhtorque, hey, do you still get this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/84521208:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 845212 in unity "Multi-display: Application menu only showing on primary screen" [High,Confirmed]08:33
htorquenjpatel: will check (will take a bit, i have no permanent multi-monitor setup)08:35
njpatelhtorque, okay, no worries. could you just tell me what monitor arrangement you were using (and resolutions, if possible)08:36
htorquenjpatel: it's a 1920x1080 screen hooked up via displayport to a 1600x900 panel notebook.08:36
njpatelhtorque, side-by-side or vertical?08:37
htorquenjpatel:  yes, side-by-side.08:37
njpatelI can create the exact same setup but can't reproduce it. Which graphics card?08:37
htorqueintel hd graphics 200008:37
njpatelawesome, okay, please test when you can. thanks!08:38
htorqueshould i test with trunk?08:38
njpatelif possible, yes, but even just with 4.18.0 is fine08:38
htorquenjpatel: good news - i do see the menu on the secondary screen now. the invisible menu clone on the primary one still exists, though.08:48
njpatelhtorque, yeah, the invisible one will stay for oneiric :)08:49
njpatelbut as long as it works right on the second monitor, that's the main thing!08:49
njpatelhtorque, thanks for testing!08:50
htorqueso it works and we got an easter egg, fine! :)08:50
htorquenjpatel: np, but sorry for not re-testing it with newer versions in the first place. ;-)08:50
njpatelhtorque, no worries, thanks for the quick testing!08:54
njpatelTrevinho, dude, running latest everything, definitely issue with some panel menus closing as soon as they open. liek the button release isn't being ignored in the service09:16
njpatelTrevinho, gord got it, it happens if you click/release very quickly09:18
htorquenjpatel: just a hunch - can you try again and not move the mouse between button press and button release? i had that issue during natty where any movement between press/release would immediately close them.09:19
htorqueoooor not.09:19
njpatelhtorque, yep, I'm not moving it. moving it actually works because it takes a bit longer to release then09:20
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htorquenjpatel: not seeing this with r166609:33
njpatelI think I need to upgrade my system properly :)09:34
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sbtesmspillaz, you there?11:24
smspillazbut really busy right now11:27
sbtesmspillaz, just wanted to point out https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/732997 isn't actually fixed11:28
ubot5Ubuntu bug 732997 in Compiz Core "Cannot open a window that starts iconified" [High,Fix committed]11:28
sbteand I totally understand that you're busy11:28
sbtebut I just want to know if you'll be able to fix it11:29
sbteotherwise I have to do an SRU for emesene11:29
smspillazsbte: can you tell me how to reproduce the behaviour in emenense ?11:31
sbtesmspillaz, the attached test case does that11:31
smspillazall of my test cases which set the initial state to iconic work11:31
smspillazunless the fix didn't get merged in ...11:31
sbtebut in emesene: login, ask someone to talk to you while you don't have a conversation open with them11:31
sbtesmspillaz, i mean the test case I attached last night11:32
sbteit opens two windows for the same program11:32
smspillazI'll look into it11:32
sbteone iconified11:32
Trevinhothanks didrocks for the merge... :) A last-time patch ;)11:33
didrocksTrevinho: indeed :)11:33
Trevinhohtorque: is the bug #845188 fixed for you now?11:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 845188 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Unity launcher progress bar not working for file sizes >= 2GiB" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84518811:34
htorqueTrevinho: will test11:34
smspillazsbte: ah, not sure what to do about that acse11:36
smspillazsbte: that's two windows, and one starts iconified right ?11:36
smspillazand then the iconified one is inaccessible11:36
sbtesmspillaz, yes11:36
smspillazok, this is because of the weird launcher design11:36
Trevinhothanks htorque11:36
KaleoSaviq, mardy, greyback: what do we have left we want to push today before the final release?11:36
Trevinhonjpatel: about that menu-duplication bug.. Did you do something?11:37
andyrockdidrocks, do you know if GeForce FX 5500 is blacklisted?11:37
njpateltremolux, duplication?11:37
mardyKaleo: nothing, but didrocks is building a patched qt version that fixes the crashes occurring in 24bpp visuals11:37
SaviqKaleo: I'm kind of empty atm, looking at #812104 now11:37
Kaleomardy: that's great11:38
Trevinhonjpatel: I mean... the one that causes the menus to open/close11:38
Saviqjust done some i18n maintenance11:38
smspillazsbte: we'll need to fix this in an SRU, sorry :/11:38
KaleoSaviq: I see 6 patches in review, 4 of you11:38
greybackKaleo: Yeah, think it's looking good. I'm back at #81210411:38
didrocksandyrock: it's not, is it needed?11:38
njpatelTrevinho, no, no luck, but gord can reproduce it too11:38
sbtesmspillaz, on the compiz/unity side, or from our side?11:38
SaviqKaleo: oh do you mean if I want to push them into release? then yeah, all of 'em ;)11:38
smspillazsbte: I remember coming across this case and filed a design bug abotu it because it conflicts with the launcher design11:38
sbtesmspillaz, ok11:39
smspillazsbte: our side11:39
TrevinhoMhmh... That was in 4.18.0 ?11:39
KaleoSaviq: find a good reviewer then :)11:39
andyrockdidrocks, i think so... my fried has this http://www.pclinux.eu/images/Desktop_Ubuntu_11-10Beta.jpeg11:39
didrocksandyrock: do you have the pcid? that would be handy11:39
Kaleogreyback: that's great; can you review Saviq's patches?11:39
sbtesmspillaz, but then emesene won't work until it's fixed in unity/compiz/ whatever11:40
greybackSaviq: I'll start now11:40
sbteshould I just hack around it in emesene?11:40
sbteI already have a patch ready for that11:40
sbteand someone who can do the SRU11:40
Saviqgreyback: they're not extensive, and I'm not happy with the dynamic menu width calculation, but it's better than nothing, should probably put a FIXME back there11:41
Trevinhonjpatel: damn... I can't reproduce... I'll try with xdotool11:41
andyrockdidrocks,  01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5500] [10de:0326] (rev a1) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])11:41
KaleoSaviq, mardy, greyback: we cannot afford a mistake at this stage; please be extra careful while testing11:41
TrevinhoYou said I need quick clicks?11:41
andyrock10DE:0326 right?11:41
njpateltremolux, yeah, clicking quickly does it for me11:41
KaleoSaviq: greyback needs a review too: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/unity-2d/forceActiveFix/+merge/7720411:41
njpatelTrevinho, dont' worry too much, I think we'll be able to SRU it easily if we can't figure it out today11:42
SaviqKaleo: on it11:42
greybackSaviq: ok, I'll give it a good look. Stick the FIXME in?11:42
Saviqgreyback: will do11:42
htorqueTrevinho: yes, works fine now. :-)11:43
Trevinhothanks for testing htorque11:47
htorquethanks for fixing it ;-)11:47
Trevinhosorry I didn't find the issue since it was really a stupid "int" left around in the code...11:47
=== MacSlow|food is now known as MacSlow
TrevinhoI was considering everything as a double, but not a temp variable! :/11:48
Trevinhonjpatel: the problem is figuring it out....11:48
TrevinhoI mean, I can't reproduce :(11:48
htorqueTrevinho: happens, that's what testing is for ;-)11:48
Trevinhoalso using xdotool to reduce the time from mousedown to mouseup... But I can't experience the issue11:49
greybackSaviq: testing Super+Shift+#, any idea if Super+Shift+T should open multiple Trash windows?11:49
Saviqgreyback: not at the moment11:50
Saviqgreyback: and not sure they should at all11:50
Saviqbut maybe they should..11:50
greybackSaviq: no, I don't think so either. It's not defined in bug anyway, nor anywhere I could see11:50
greybackSaviq: I'm happy to merge unless you say so11:54
Saviqno, merge that, we'll tackle the others in a separate mr if needed11:54
greybackSaviq: ok11:54
seifkamstrup, njpatel got a moment11:56
seifi have a question concenring the launcher11:56
seifis there a way to know which launchers are in the launcher11:56
didrocksandyrock: thanks!11:58
Saviqgreyback: I can reproduce esc > contextual open reliably, it's 99% bug #81741712:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 817417 in unity-2d "[launcher] entering a contextual menu with the keyboard sometimes requires pressing the right arrow key twice" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81741712:01
greybackSaviq: agreed.12:03
SaviqKaleo: any word if your proposed solution to ^ should go in?12:03
KaleoSaviq: no12:04
KaleoSaviq: :)12:04
Saviqno word or should not? :P12:05
Saviqand why the heck are we spanning two channels?12:05
KaleoSaviq: it should not :)12:07
KaleoSaviq: it's not a proposed solution but more an indication of what is going wrong12:07
greybackKaleo: Saviq: any idea where I can check if the string "Empty Trash" is ok. It's inconsistent, maybe should be "Empty trash"12:07
Kaleogreyback: make sure it's the same as in Unity12:07
Saviqgreyback: put something in the trash12:07
Saviqand there it is in the contextual menu12:08
KaleoSaviq, greyback: prerequisite branches don't work with tarmac https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity-2d/i18n-pl/+merge/7750212:08
kamstrupseif: there is a gsettings thing for it i believe, but not something you can call "public api" I am afraid12:08
KaleoSaviq, greyback: you will have to to "resubmit proposal" once the prereqisite branc is merged12:08
SaviqKaleo: ok12:09
greybackKaleo: I've no idea what that means :)12:09
seifkamstrup, so no quicklists a la docky and awn12:10
Kaleogreyback: no worries, Saviq is taking care of it :)12:10
kamstrupseif: i am not sure that is intended anyway12:11
Saviqgreyback: just let me know if/when i18n-update is merged12:11
greybackSaviq: ok12:11
greybackSaviq: done12:14
greybackSaviq: your updated merge request for i18n-pl includes "po/unity-2d.pot" - is that right?12:26
Saviqgreyback: no, the update didn't come through yet12:26
SaviqI have to resubmit again once the i18n-update is actually merged12:26
greybackSaviq: ok12:26
Saviqgreyback: ready12:33
greybackSaviq: I'm on it12:33
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sbtehey, is it just me, or is the titlebar always focussed(i.e. not grayed out) in oneiric, even with multiple windows opened?12:46
Saviqsbte: got that in a VBox, not in a real session, upgrading the vbox one new12:56
greybackSaviq: I just branched i18n-pl, built it, but I'm still seeing stuff like "All" and "Filter results" unlocalised. I'm quite confused12:57
Saviqgreyback: you need to install the translations12:58
Saviqgettext reads them from /usr/share directly12:58
Saviqgreyback: put pl.gmo into /usr/share/locale/pl/LC_MESSAGES/unity-2d.mo12:58
greybackSaviq: I see, thank you12:59
Saviqnot sure if there's an easier way to make gettext use another prefix12:59
TrevinhoDBO: here?13:00
didrocksTrevinho: seems DBO is taking a long morning off, that's unbearable!13:03
didrocksTrevinho: joking, he just went to bed 3 hours ago :)13:03
TrevinhoI also gone into bed at 5:30am... :/13:03
TrevinhoBut didrocks I guess you can answer me aswell...13:03
Trevinhothe g_app_info_should_show function consider the OnlyShowIn option set to unity?13:04
didrocksTrevinho: yeah, it should13:04
Trevinhobecause I saw some troubles in bamf...13:04
TrevinhoBasically a .desktop file copied to ~/.local/share/applications is ignored if has that value13:05
didrocksTrevinho: and a system one?13:05
Trevinhoit doesn't13:05
Trevinhohowever it's strange, since they should use the same algorithm13:05
Trevinhoto put files13:06
njpateldidrocks, Trevinho ted mentioned somethign similar to kamstrup a couple of days back13:06
didrocks(I remembering telling this was a bad idea and shouldn't being treated like that :p)13:11
TrevinhoIf it can be accepted in a SRU, I'll work on that...13:11
didrocksTrevinho: do you have broken use case in mind?13:11
didrocksTrevinho: I guess if the use case is strong enough, it can be13:11
Trevinhodidrocks: you want to add a custom .desktop file in your local folder... You copy the /usr/share .desktop file (as specified in all guides also in askubuntu) and you edit that...13:11
didrocksTrevinho: it's just a quick check though (need more thought and quiet time that I will have starting… tomorrow)13:11
Trevinhowell, now you also need to change the showin...13:11
didrocksTrevinho: how is it linked to onlyshowin?13:11
Trevinhobasically bamf, before adding a .desktop file to its lists of files uses g_app_info_should_show13:12
didrocksTrevinho: indeed, and?13:12
didrocksTrevinho: if I cp /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop, there is no onlyshowin13:13
TrevinhoAnd... the tests doesn't seem to pass for local files13:13
Trevinhoin gnome-terminal there's13:13
Trevinhohowever, I guess this is nothing critical... :)13:13
didrocksso if you cp that13:13
didrocksyou will see it13:13
didrocksisn't it?13:13
Trevinhono you won't13:14
didrocksthat's a bug in g_app_info_should_show, it should have the same policy for system and locally installed file13:14
didrocksno idea why it doesn't though13:14
didrocksTrevinho: bamf is doing exactly the same thing for both case?13:14
Trevinhodidrocks: it seems it doesn't to me...13:16
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
Trevinhoanyway I'll check that later... I've to go now :/13:16
didrocksTrevinho: so that fixes "having the same behavior in both case" should be SRUed right!13:16
didrocksTrevinho: thanks, we will discuss it later :)13:16
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greybackSaviq: i18n-dynamic-button-width looks ok. You want to stick in FIXME?13:22
Saviqgreyback: didn't I?13:23
greybackSaviq: thanks :)13:23
om26erach1m_, test with latest compiz update it should fix the issue14:14
ach1m_om26er, the window decoration problem is gone, but the windows still flicker.14:15
ach1m_om26er, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/86243014:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 862430 in unity (Ubuntu) "window flicker for a short time after switching workspaces" [Undecided,New]14:16
jcastrolamalex: nice job on the music lens dude14:51
jcastrolamalex: is playing right away and not sending to the queue a deliberate design decision?14:51
lamalexno it should start playing14:54
lamalexif it's not then there's a banshee bug or you have an older version somehow14:54
jcastroit works, like it plays the song right away14:55
jcastroI mean the behavior.14:55
jcastrolike I queue up a song14:55
jcastrothen I want to add another, but the lens switches to the new song, where I think queuing would be better. I was just wondering if that default was on purpose14:55
jcastrobasically, I want to use the lens to fill up my queue, not switch the song I'm currently listening to14:56
davidcallelamalex, I have a question too. Have you tried using Unity's horizontal renderer to display the artist along the track/album title? Would be useful, especially when displaying u1ms albums.14:59
lamalexdavidcalle, yah. it's a lot better14:59
lamalexdesign said not to change it though14:59
lamalexping JohnLea if you want to discuss it15:00
lamalexi'm with you, the horizontal renderer is much nicer15:00
davidcallelamalex, do you have a screenshot of it? (or I will build it with the change)15:00
lamalexive got a branch, 1 second15:01
lamalexi think i also have a screenshot..15:01
lamalexthere was a bug where it wasn't showing comment at the time15:02
lamalexbut now it also shows artist15:02
davidcallelamalex, thanks. I will build it and screenshot it with the artist name. Too bad it's not in O.15:03
davidcallelamalex, "horizontal" branch is on lp ? Can't find it.15:06
* lamalex pushes15:07
lamalexprobably not15:07
lamalexdavidcalle, pushing to http://ubuntuone.com/737Zlvs3wUiHn8ex4eTq3t15:10
davidcallelamalex, got it! Thanks a lot.15:12
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om26ersmspillaz, Hey non-sleeping hacker ;-) you aware of the flicker caused on workspace switch in expo?16:27
smspillazI looked into it for most of today16:27
smspillazthe choice was either a) break expo on multimontiro b) have it flicker16:27
smspillazso we broke multimonitor and are going to look into it more for hte SRU16:27
andyrockdidrocks, around?17:12
didrocksandyrock: about to go for some exercice, but yeah17:12
andyrockdidrocks, about "format..." menu items17:13
andyrocksomewhere i read that it doesn't make sense17:13
didrockshum? /me is out off context :)17:13
didrockswell, JohnLea agreed on it, I don't know17:13
didrocksandyrock: anyway, it's something for P17:13
andyrockbecause unity doesn't show un mounted usb17:13
didrocksandyrock: I guess we can discuss it at UDS?17:13
andyrocki know this is for P17:14
didrocksandyrock: yeah, that's the point I was discussing yesterday17:14
didrocksandyrock: but we need a place to format usb keys, we should discuss the best17:14
andyrockbut i think that tomorrow unity P branch will be open :)17:14
andyrockdidrocks, we can format a mounted usb :)17:14
didrocksandyrock: hum, can we?17:15
didrocksit will umount, format and mount again?17:15
didrocksyou mean17:15
andyrockdidrocks, yeah... gnome disk utils does it for us :)17:15
andyrockand my branch (like nautilus) uses gnome disk utils17:15
didrocksandyrock: that's why it worth discussing, I think it's ok17:15
didrocksandyrock: do you have a confirmation dialog?17:16
didrocksok, so no fat finger :)17:16
andyrockit's the confirmation dialog of gdu...17:16
andyrockto be consistent with nautilus17:17
didrocksandyrock: looks gorgious, and then it will be mounted back and so reappar?17:17
andyrockdidrocks, yep...  i know it because i've formatted my brother pen drive for mistake17:18
didrocksandyrock: ahah :-)17:18
andyrockduring the testing...17:18
didrocksandyrock: ok, looks good to me :)17:18
didrocksawesome work!17:18
andyrockdidrocks, btw it will be for P17:18
didrocksbe ready to propose a merge as soon as P is opened17:18
didrockswell, the branch for P…17:19
didrocksandyrock: yeah, I just pushed unity finale17:19
andyrockdidrocks, thx and thx again for the fx 5500 blacklist17:19
didrocksandyrock: oh, that's nothing, thanks for finding the pc id and that I don't have to dig into those config files!17:19
didrocksandyrock: and thanks again for all your patches this cycle and awesome work :)17:19
didrocksunity oneiric looks gorgious :-)17:20
andyrockdidrocks, P... when will Mark let us know the codename??? :P17:20
didrocksandyrock: I wish I would know!17:20
didrocksandyrock: even at canonical, you don't know the name in advance, that's a shame :-)17:20
andyrockdx team + didrocks rocks17:21
didrocksthanks, you rock as well!17:21
andyrockdidrocks, I leave to the exercises17:21
andyrock*leave you17:21
didrocksnow, time for some relaxation with some exercice before the night arrives, will be back in 40 minutes to check the build on buildds work17:21
=== MacSlow|jfood is now known as MacSlow
andyrocki've to study mathematical analysis :/17:22
Guest29894ph,study hard buddy17:23
davidcalleIt's cooked!18:57
om26ersmspillaz, around? I got another one :/ bug 86271919:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 862719 in unity (Ubuntu) "closing a window gives focus to last minimized window" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86271919:55
om26erhtorque, can you confirm also ^^19:56
htorqueom26er: give me a minute :-)19:57
om26erhtorque, sure :)19:58
htorqueom26er: could this maybe be related to bug 859885?19:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 859885 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Minimizing a window should switch focus to the windows underneath it (breaks restore)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85988519:59
om26erhtorque, yes ofcourse its related but this new issue happened after the fix20:00
htorqueom26er: anyways, i can confirm seeing what you describe.20:00
htorqueom26er: oh, are you running that compiz containing the fix?20:00
om26erhtorque, compiz did not have the bug, someone randomly added compiz as affects20:01
htorquesomeone named didrocks :P20:02
jonowow, the recent Unity update screws up my desktop20:15
jonothe desktop is offset and there is a big black area20:15
jonoanyone else seeing this?20:15
htorquejono: just not sure against which package to report this. compiz maybe?20:19
jonohtorque, you see it too?20:20
htorquejono: yeah20:20
jonohtorque, I started seeing it when I installed Unity20:20
htorquei updated, restarted X, and got it20:20
jonoI am on a call, would you mind filing a bug htorque?20:21
htorquejono: sure, will do20:21
jonothanks htorque!20:22
htorquejono: bug 86274320:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 862743 in unity (Ubuntu) "Desktop drawn with offset" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86274320:26
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NiteshMy oneiric installation got totally messed up after I ran updates few minutes back. http://imgur.com/a/AOOcN22:12
AlanBellNitesh: that is bug 86274322:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 862743 in unity (Ubuntu) "Desktop drawn with offset" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86274322:16
AlanBellmy compiz just plain crashes right now22:16
AlanBellNitesh: unity2d should still work, you can boot into that and update from there when a fix becomes available22:17
NiteshAlanBell, Oh, this is not nautilus bug then. Also I have got an extra Ubuntu Ubuntu logo on my top panel. Whats that?22:19
AlanBellnot sure, but the offset bit looks like this https://launchpadlibrarian.net/81478271/08.png22:20
NiteshAlanBell, Got exact same problem. Marked a me-too on bug report.22:22

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