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AfCWhat does01:38
AfCAttributeError: 'Tree' object has no attribute 'encoding'01:38
AfC(doing bzr branch on a git repo)01:40
spivSounds like some code is expecting one kind of object but encountering another01:40
spivWhich could be due to a plugin needing to be updated to work with your version of bzrlib, or something like that.01:41
AfCspiv: It's the Bazaar PPA, on a Lucid box & `apt-get install bzr-git`01:42
AfCspiv: and, I suspect you're right, seeing as how this works on my Natty laptop.01:42
poolieafc, spiv, hi01:43
AfC(or at least, has worked for the use cases I have tried with small Git trees)01:43
* AfC bows to poolie01:43
AfC(don't get too excited now)01:43
poolieplease file a bug, with the traceback, against bzr-git, and post the number?01:43
AfC[there's also a problem where bzr-git refuses to branch from a github https URL, but that's for another day]01:44
AfCpoolie: do you just want the dump to stderr, or the full commend run from .bzr.log?01:45
spivWhen in doubt, scream and shout^W^W^W er, I mean, give more information rather than less ;)01:46
AfCpoolie, spiv: as requested https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/86197301:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 861973 in Bazaar "bzr crashes when trying to branch a Git repo, with "AttributeError: 'Tree' object has no attribute 'encoding'"" [Undecided,New]01:52
AfCI hope it's just a dependency problem; this has really messed me up.01:53
poolieit was working recently?01:54
AfCpoolie: as I noted in the bug and above, this workflow does work on my Natty system.01:54
AfC[not, admittedly, with the large repo in question, but with other projects' locally cloned git repos]01:55
pooliei can see how it would happen01:56
pooliei think01:56
poolieit got the hash of a tree when it expected a commit01:56
AfCpoolie: I can try and duplicate this on my laptop, but I'll need to get to a fatter pipe first.01:57
poolieit might help if you can either attach or describe how to get the git branch that causes trouble02:02
AfCpoolie: that doesn't sound like a missing dependency, then02:02
AfCpoolie: oh, that's easy02:02
poolieno i don' think it is02:02
poolieit sounds like there is something in the structure of the repo it can't deal with02:03
poolienormally an attributeerror is a version mismatch but i think not in this case02:03
AfCpoolie: git clone https://github.com/torvalds/linux.git linux02:03
AfCpoolie: bzr branch linux upstream02:03
* AfC just remembered he hadn't fetched the tags. I'll try that now02:04
AfCsame crash02:05
AfCLike I said, on this Natty system, admittedly against smaller projects, I have git cloned then bzr branched many times.02:06
AfCUpgrading this server to Natty isn't really an option, y'know? :)02:06
poolieif you're using the ppa there should be no need to upgrade to natty02:06
AfCpoolie: (fwiw, this isn't makework; I really do need an import of the kernel tree)02:07
AfCpoolie: that's what I would have thought, yes02:07
pooliei'll see if i can reproduce it on tip, at leaste02:07
poolieyou could usefully try bzr-git from https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/daily?field.series_filter=lucid02:08
AfCpoolie: just bzr-git or change the whole PPA?02:08
AfC[you guys have been pretty ruthless over the years about warning people off the dailies]02:09
pooliehow i would describe the dailies is:02:09
poolie- don't be surprised if there are intermittent version incompatibilities, because they are just snapshots and they have had no time to settle against each other02:09
AfC[the "what? plugins don't work together? gee, too bad, that's what releases are for"]02:10
poolie- there is a somewhat higher chance of bugs02:10
pooliebut not much02:10
pooliei think that's the main warning02:10
AfCright, well in this case we're talking about plugins, which is why I prevaricate02:10
AfCanyway, will try as requested02:10
AfCis that ppa:bzr/daily then?02:11
pooliethe answer to the version incompatibilty thing is basically to just be prepared to downgrade to the betas02:11
poolieiwnbni launchpad kept a little bit of history of ppa packages so that you could downgrade to an older daily02:12
pooliebut, not yet02:12
AfCso, back to my original question, should I just grab the bzr-git .deb and dulwhich .deb from there?02:12
AfCor upgrade bzr as well02:12
AfC[whichever, I'm asking for your help so I will do either one as you request for diagnostics purposes]02:13
poolieprobably everything02:13
poolieobviously you know there may be some fallout, but also that you can downgrade again02:14
AfCkaboom :(02:15
AfCsame error02:15
AfCwell, I'm up against the bleeding edge incase you [can] fix something; otoh, if it's a missing dep then we can try that quicky too, in both scenarios02:16
poolieok, that's useful to know at least02:16
* AfC swears quietly02:16
AfCpoolie: oh,02:17
AfC[oh, I just discovered I wasn't logging here[02:18
AfCJelmer discovered that the packaging branches of linux were missing02:19
AfC(they would have been useful, and, indeed, import-tar was my next fallback, but if your imports are breaking then I have a bad feeling mine won't work either)02:19
AfChere we are,02:20
AfCpoolie: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux and http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/linux.html#2011-04-22 01:24:13.26352802:20
AfCsecond is <http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/linux.html#2011-04-22%2001:24:13.263528>02:21
pooliehm that looks like a different probelm02:21
poolieone possibly fixed by retrying it02:21
AfCpoolie: ok, (but, meanwhile, there are no packaging branches for Linux there; is that expected?)02:21
poolieoh there is a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/udd/+bug/79219302:22
ubot5Ubuntu bug 792193 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "'linux' import fails due to deleted librarian file (orig.tar.gz) in .dsc for 2.6.24-5.9 in hardy" [Low,Confirmed]02:22
pooliewell, it's known02:22
AfChm. I was trying to find Maverick's packaging branches. Anyway.02:22
pooliei'm still waiting for that to download02:23
poolieif you run 'BZR_PDB=1 bzr branch ...'02:23
poolieand then you should get a debugger prompt; please type 'p locals()'02:23
AfCpoolie: :02:25
AfC{'rev': <Revision id git-v1:c39ae07f393806ccf406ef966e9a15afc43cc36a>, 'self': <bzrlib.plugins.git.mapping.BzrGitMappingv1 object at 0x1699450>, 'commit': <Tree c39ae07f393806ccf406ef966e9a15afc43cc36a>, 'decode_using_encoding': <function decode_using_encoding at 0x33167d0>, 'lookup_parent_revid': <bound method type.revision_id_foreign_to_bzr of <class 'bzrlib.plugins.git.mapping.BzrGitMappingv1'>>}02:25
poolieok that's useful02:25
poolieand try 'up' 'p locals()' again02:26
AfC> /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/bzrlib/plugins/git/repository.py(332)lookup_foreign_revision_id()02:26
AfC-> mapping.revision_id_foreign_to_bzr)02:26
AfC{'foreign_revid': '5dc01c595e6c6ec9ccda4f6f69c131c0dd945f8c', 'commit': <Tree c39ae07f393806ccf406ef966e9a15afc43cc36a>, 'self': LocalGitRepository('file:///home/andrew/torvalds/linux/'), 'mapping': <bzrlib.plugins.git.mapping.BzrGitMappingv1 object at 0x1699450>}02:26
AfC[linux clone from github took 15m01s so you should be able to dup all this hopefully soon]02:28
AfCAlways disappointing to read in a bug "Low priority because no one is ever going to use this so we don't really ever need to fix it" :(02:29
pooliewhich one?02:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 792193 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "'linux' import fails due to deleted librarian file (orig.tar.gz) in .dsc for 2.6.24-5.9 in hardy" [Low,Confirmed]02:29
AfC(the one you found 5 minutes ago)02:29
AfCMy actual objective is to get a 2.6.35 kernel into bzr; Maverick shipped a 2.6.35 so that's what I was aiming at packaging wise. And meanwhile at Oneiric https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux is still empty.02:31
pooliethat would be nice02:32
poolieok so i can reproduce the crash02:32
pooliewhich is a good start02:32
AfCpoolie: you on Lucid or Natty?02:32
pooliepah, oneiric02:32
AfCthat means its not a Lucid problem, as such, but more likely a Bazaar problem, yeah?02:32
pooliei'm 80% sure it's a quirk in the linux.git history that bzr-git is not coping with02:33
pooliesuch as perhaps a tag pointing directly to a tree, not to a commit02:33
AfCthat wouldn't surprise me02:33
AfCNot withstanding the whole "no one will ever use this vibe", (and as I said this isn't makework), it might be worth tracking down if for no other reason that we all know the Linux tree is kinda the canonical reference case for the "Git being better than Bazaar" bullshit02:34
AfCpoolie: I have to relocate ... be back on in ~an hour. Ok if I ping you then? [or, I should just watch that bug?]02:40
pooliejust watch it02:41
pooliejelmer can probably solve it much faster than me but i'll have a go02:41
AfCyou guys rockl02:43
poolie:) thanks i hope we can get it unstuck02:45
poolieit may be fairly shallow02:45
AfCHope s02:47
AfCo. I realize it may take a bit more than trivial engineering if it is some relation that Git allows that Bazaar doesn't yet model.02:47
poolieafc, it was indeed a quirky tag; deleting it lets the import proceed05:04
pooliei'm going to see if jelmer agrees with my approach05:04
AfCpoolie: huh. Is that a condition you can anticipate (or, rather, when you hit that glitch in the future you can just programmatically skip past it?)05:10
pooliei just want to know what j thinks about just how we will skip past it05:12
pooliei put a workaround on the bug05:12
vilahi all !06:25
jelmerhi vila06:38
jelmerAfC: hi06:38
vilajelmer: hey !06:38
AfCjelmer: yo06:39
AfCjelmer: Hit a funny bug in an unavoidably prominent tree I was trying to parse with bzr-git06:40
jelmerAfC: I'm just reading the bug report now06:41
AfCjelmer: if you need | want to reproduce, I can give you the git URL06:42
AfCjelmer: (also, bzr-git choking when given a github https URL, *is* fixed by the daily PPA, nicely done)06:44
jelmerAfC: thanks06:47
jelmerAfC: let me see if I can reproduce it manually first though\06:47
AfC→ city06:49
vilatoday's hang is on gentoo :-/06:50
jammorning all06:59
ccxCZgood morning07:00
ccxCZvila: what's the issue with gentoo?07:00
vilaccxCZ: there is hang in the test suite spuriously affecting various babune slaves, it's the gentoo one today, it was natty and maverick yesterday, I don't think it's specific to gentoo07:01
jamvila: I haven't been able to reproduce locally, is it possible to give me access so I can try it on the slaves themselves?07:02
ccxCZI see. Anyway if you need some gentoo magic feel free to poke me.07:03
jamand have you tried running older versions to make sure that it is a change in *bzr* and not something else causing the problems?07:03
vilajam: you already have access via babune07:03
jamvila: except you never restored my account there07:03
vilathe important bit above is "via babune*07:03
jamvila: I mean having me manually run "bzr selftest"07:03
vilayou never had access to slaves07:03
jamvila: babune is not giving us enough insight into what is failing07:04
jamI was hoping to directly run selftest so that I could see a failing test, etc.07:04
vilajam: and you probably won't be able to reproduce outside of babune07:04
pooliehi jam, vila07:06
jamhi poolie07:06
jamvila: I thought you said that the schroots were failing, but the vms were not, did I misunderstand?07:06
jamIs it just purely random?07:06
vilait is random07:07
vilaI saw one case where for the same revision the chroot hung but the vm passed07:07
jamvila: I saw this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/698934/07:08
jamin the failing babune run of gentoo07:08
poolievila, thanks for spotting that bug in my update patch07:08
poolieit now works from a subdir07:08
jamI wonder if -Werror is causing a thread to die07:08
jambecause of a Warning from gzip07:08
pooliedo you want to rereview it or should i just send it?07:08
jamcausing something to hang.07:08
jam(note, that is the only line in the raw console output that looks at all different from the rest.)07:09
jamvila: and *that* would certainly be random, if it requires a gzip stream to somehow create a value that wasn't signed/unsigned etc.07:09
jamthat one, in particular, looks to be line 21 of gzip.py, part of "write32u"07:10
jamand has the comment:     # The L format writes the bit pattern correctly whether signed07:10
jam    # or unsigned.07:10
vilapoolie: you're welcome :)07:12
vilapoolie: oh, please go ahead07:12
vilajam: may be, but it there has been no hang on gentoo for .... months, so pretty unlikely07:13
vilaand the gentoo job currently running (and hung) is already a re-try, so could also be a different test split that is revealing another issue07:14
jelmer'morning jam, poolie07:14
pooliehi jelmer, can you help me with bug 816973?07:18
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 816973 could not be found07:18
JackWinteri want to checkout the source from a prj on sourceforge using bazaar.  the url i'm given is: bzr://dxx-rebirth.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzrroot/dxx-rebirth (read only), tried bzr init, and then bzr banch/checkout, but it tells me that bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr://dxx-rebirth.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzrroot/dxx-rebirth/".07:28
jelmerpoolie: looking now07:29
jamvila: well, I do see the gzip warning, I'll go check if it exists in a non hanging run07:29
jaminterestingly, the passing test has the hanging message on a line by itself, while the failing one has it intermixed07:31
jamI don't know if that is significant or not, I'm trying to diff the raw logs now07:32
pooliejelmer, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-git/+bug/86197307:32
jamnot very helpful, as the --parallel means the ordering is ~locally random07:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 861973 in Bazaar Git Plugin "bzr crashes when trying to branch a Git repo, with "AttributeError: 'Tree' object has no attribute 'encoding'"" [High,In progress]07:32
vilaccxCZ: since you asked :) There is a weird failure documented in #83054507:32
jambug #83054507:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 830545 in bzr-buildbot-net "Update for Gentoo testing routines" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83054507:33
vilajam: thanks :)07:33
jamvila: something pretty weird. The failing test seems to be missing every 6th test or so.07:35
jamvila: across the test suite. Would one of the subprocesses have hung/died early, causing all of its partition of the tests to get discarded?07:35
vilajam: BZR_CONCURRENCY=6 on gentoo's slave07:36
jamI'm not particularly familiar with how --parallel=? is splitting stuff out07:36
lifelessjam: round robin split for bzr, equal-time-buckets for testr07:36
vilajam: the last change here is spiv spreading the tests across the subprocess instead of giving a slice of the whole07:36
lifeless(with round robin for unknown time tests)07:36
jamvila: http://imagebin.org/17668807:37
lifelessvila: oh? I'm out of date then :)07:37
jamvila: that is after 'sort' ing the output07:37
jamof the raw log07:37
jamthat is gentoo run 520 vs 52207:38
vilalifeless: no, not at all07:38
vilalifeless: but testr is not used there07:38
JackWinteroops out of swap :( but figured it out.  had to use bzr://dxx-rebirth.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzrroot/dxx-rebirth/d2x-rebirth07:38
vilajam: yup, sounds like more evidence there is a hang in one subprocess while the others work normally07:39
vilathe '----' line is weird though07:40
jamvila: that is Vim07:40
jamit is just saying "no content on left"07:40
vilaoh, not from selftest then, ok07:40
vilajam: note that the 1/6 may be just caused by a test taking longer07:42
vilabut of course a hung test takes forever07:42
ccxCZvila: you mean the pyc stuff? is there a log for that somewhere>07:44
jamvila: how so? I sorted all tests, and then did th ediff07:45
jamso those tests are *not in the output*07:45
jamI went back and then searched the sorted log for the first tests that are missing07:45
vilawell, just saying. You didn't explain your pastebin so I guessed (wrongly ;)07:46
vilawhat is this one about ?07:46
jamvila: so, first, I grabbed the raw console output from a success and a fail07:47
vilajam: ohh, re-reading the log you mentioned it ws sorted, I missed that07:47
jamthen I sorted them, and did a diff07:47
jamfinding ones that are in success07:47
jamthen I iterated success in its original order07:47
jamand found ones that were marked missing in the hung test07:47
jamthose are the first 1007:47
vilaso the hanging one should be before ?07:47
ccxCZfound the log, not sure what make of it though, never had issues with .pyc not loading07:47
jamvila: arguably, the first one should be the hung one, right?07:47
jamvila: ah, wait a sec07:48
vilahmm, the first or the preceeding one... you may be right...07:48
jam+bzrlib.tests.test_bundle.V4BundleTester.test_non_bundle ... /usr/lib/python2.6/gzip.py:21: DeprecationWarning: struct integer overflow masking is deprecated07:48
jamis the only interesting line in hung that isn't in success, except that is just because of the warning07:48
vilaccxCZ: ha, you neither, damn07:48
jamthere is an "ok" still in the output for it.07:48
jamI'm guessing that is just noise.07:49
vilajam: I'm pretty sure the ok is output after the cleanups, mgz ?07:49
jamvila: the other thing that is missing in the output is the Cython lines07:49
vilawhic cython lines ? WHile compiling the extensions ?07:49
jamvila: The 'diff' was just confused because the 'ok' ended up on a different line.07:49
vilajam: I'm confused as well about what fallouts this implies :)07:50
ccxCZvila: you sure this is gentoo specific? do you have other slaves with same version of python?07:50
jamvila: this is the complete list of sorted-but-missing lines: http://paste.ubuntu.com/698953/07:50
jamif you go to the end07:50
jamthere are Cython lines07:50
jamNow, Cython only ~recently started writing "skipping XXX (up-to-date)"07:50
jambut something about hung isn't showing those lines.07:51
vilaccxCZ: which python version is that ? (I'm pretty sure we cover the whole range but I can't remember the specific one used on gentoo)07:51
ccxCZand the first error seems to be related to pyc loading rather not loading07:51
ccxCZvila: depends07:51
vilaok, let me check07:51
jamvila: ah, they show up at the end of the success log07:51
jammaybe because it is to stderr?07:51
ccxCZit's rolling release, y'know :-)07:51
vilaccxCZ: yeah, I wsa hoping you spotted it when looking07:52
jamvila: all the way at the *end* of http://babune.ladeuil.net:24842/job/selftest-gentoo/520/consoleText07:52
jamIt says "python setup.py build_ext -i"07:52
jamshouldn't that be happening before the test run?07:52
vilajam: depends :-}07:52
ccxCZ2.6 something07:52
vilabut extensions are re-compiled only when needed relying on make07:52
jamvila: sure, but compiling them after running the test suite seems odd07:53
vilaccxCZ: covered then, at least by lucid and maverick07:53
jamis it just a Jenkins-ism that it puts stderr after stdout ?07:53
vilajam: no, no07:53
ccxCZyou might want to consider having testing gentoo slave along stable one btw, quite a few people use that07:54
vilajam: there are various cases where the ouput appears in a weird order, but basically all jobs do: make; bzr selftest07:54
vilaccxCZ: lack of resources :-/ And I minimally understand admin'ing gentoo so I try to use something is close to the "default" install (understanding that's pretty arbitrary for gentoo)07:55
vilas//that is close/07:55
ccxCZreally hard to tell error just from the exception07:55
vilaccxCZ: what could help ?07:56
ccxCZwell, first I'd have to understand what the tests actually do :-)07:56
ccxCZbut something along of strace might help07:56
mgzmorning all07:59
vilaccxCZ: these tests checks that we import the plugin from the right place either from the .py or .pyc depending on the test08:00
vilaccxCZ: the test plugin code is generated on the fly by the test itself08:01
ccxCZabout the resources, I recently bought phenom x6 machine for a server, so I probably can spare some cpu time08:02
vilaccxCZ: last time I looked I was wondering if there was some python compile trick on gentoo can be different during the ebuilds08:02
vilaccxCZ: things like right access or putting the compiled files in a different place, things like that08:03
vilaccxCZ: interesting, would you be interested in setting up a slave ? (Not especially complex but requiring some ssh setup with dedicated keys mostly)08:04
vilaccxCZ: you'll keep full control about opening hours of course ;)08:04
ccxCZI have vserver set up there, so I can create one or two dedicated systems for it easilly08:06
ccxCZlets see, I'll look into python's ebuild if I see something out of ordinary, but I don't think there's some gentoo-specific thing08:07
vilaccxCZ: the unusual thing I can see there is that we use a specific import hook and there may be a bug there (but it works everywhere else)08:09
ccxCZit does make sure that it uses system version of expat, libffi and zlib instead of the bundled ones, but I doubt that's related08:10
vilaccxCZ: yeah, doubtless08:11
vilaon the other hand if this is achieved by sys.path trickery...08:11
ccxCZthere are some patches, btw did you enable tests when compiling python?08:11
ccxCZnope, it just rm -rf the relevant directories in python sources08:12
vilaccxCZ: that went way above my gentoo knowledge, how is that achieved ?08:12
ccxCZalso adding PORT_LOGDIR="/var/log/portage" into make.conf would provide you complete build logs, containing list of patches applied08:14
ccxCZseems the only patches there are related to crosscompiling08:17
vilaccxCZ: FEATURES=test in /etc/make.conf ?08:17
ccxCZyup, add it to other features if it's defined already (whitespace delimited list)08:18
ccxCZman make.conf for details08:18
vilanope, no features there: http://paste.ubuntu.com/698963/08:19
ccxCZthen just add it, here's mine for reference http://codepad.org/XdRh5So708:20
vilaccxCZ: done08:22
ccxCZjust fyi, there are four variants how software can be built on gentoo: as root or portage user and with or without sandbox08:23
ccxCZthese are controlled by userpriv sandbox and usersandbox features respectively08:24
ccxCZnow that you added logging feature and tests you may reemerge python so we can inspect the build log closely08:25
vilaI think I use root/no sandbox08:26
vilajust 'emerge python' then ?08:27
ccxCZyup. but I doubt anyting would come from that. what would be interesting is look at the strace of the test run for particular test on gentoo and on platform where it succeeds08:27
ccxCZyou can run emerge --info to see how are features set08:28
ccxCZI think sandbox is enabled by default08:28
vilaouch, will be noisy08:28
ccxCZcan we run particular tests only>08:28
vilayes, but even running a single will load a bunch of stuff08:29
ccxCZwe can grep for the output then08:29
vilaemerge running08:30
ccxCZthat will take while, especially when tests are enabled08:30
vilathe tests are running08:31
vilahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/698974/ but sounds unrelated08:31
ccxCZoi, you seem to be merging python-3.1, that's probably not what we want08:32
vilaeeerk, what's up there ?08:33
ccxCZI usually disable that one globally so I forgot to tell you to use version specifier08:33
ccxCZctrl-c that one08:33
ccxCZdo you want py3k on that system? if not it's probably best to mask it08:34
vilahow ?08:34
ccxCZecho '>=dev-lang/python-3' >>/etc/portage/package.mask08:35
ccxCZnow you can emerge -av python08:36
ccxCZit's --ask --verbose, so you see what's portage up to08:36
vilaccxCZ: sry, had to change kbd batteries :-}08:41
ccxCZokay, what would we benefit from would be logging listdir before test_plugins.py:90608:44
vilaccxCZ: ok, i propose 2.7.1-r108:45
vilaerr, portage proposes08:45
vilaI'd rather stay with 2.6 unless most gentoo users use 2.7 ?08:45
ccxCZI assume 2.7 is stable now then. I myself use testing systems practically everywhere08:46
vilaok, i'll update it later then, let's not change too many things at once08:47
ccxCZyup, 2.7 is now stable on all architectures http://packages.gentoo.org/package/dev-lang/python08:47
ccxCZfor now you can do emerge -av '<python-2.7'08:48
vilawith s/-3/-2.7/ emerge proposes 2.6.6-r2, sounds fine for now08:48
vilaok, running08:48
MerwinHi guys. I just used merge to get some branch into mine, did a few modifs and commited.08:51
ccxCZokay I guess I missed some patches that were hidden in eclass08:51
MerwinI would liek to generate a patch of my modifs, not of the merge !08:51
MerwinHow can I do this ?08:51
ccxCZbzr log -n 0 will get you the revno of the last commit before the merge (something like 80.1.1 or so)08:54
ccxCZyou can diff against that08:55
MerwinThanks ccxCZ :)08:59
vilaso, it looks like jenkins hide the aborted jobs when it's restarted09:27
vilawhich I did quite often lately.09:27
vilamgz: by the way, regarding the windows slave, it uses the same versions of testtools. subunit BUT it uses --parallel=subprocess instead of --parallel=fork09:29
vilamgz: so the leaks may come from that ?09:29
mgzqua leaks?09:30
vilamgz: sorry, the apparent leaks in the output09:31
mgzlink? I'm not sure which problem you're referring too09:32
vilascary, did anybody ever heard a tickling sounds when recharging a battery (coming from the battery itself)09:36
mgzthe little man is trying to get out09:36
ccxCZso as I was saying, could you look at test_plugins.py:906 and add listdir() there?09:36
ccxCZnot sure what convention for logging you have there09:37
vilaouchy the noise is related to some bubbles on the + end 8-)09:38
vilaccxCZ: not easy, the ebuild is controlling which sources is used09:39
vilaccxCZ: is there a way to tell it to use  apply a patch ?09:39
ccxCZhmm, is there way to run testcase on bzrilb I just just fetched from bzr?09:40
mgzah, that's a bit of a mess at the end there09:40
ccxCZI meant tests in bzrlib09:40
mgzpossibly fixing the tilde issue will help there too?09:40
ccxCZI wouldn't concern myself with python further09:40
vilaccxCZ: ./bzr selftest -s bt.test_plugin.<TestClass>.<TestName>09:40
vilamgz: I wasn't referring to the failures but to the noise in the output09:44
ccxCZvila: gee the failing test runs fine on my machine09:44
vilawhich looks like subunit stuff that is not supposed to end up here09:44
vilaccxCZ: yeah :) That's the trouble, it failed "reliably" there ;)09:45
pooliejelmer, ok, i see, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-git/bzr-git/trunk/revision/1403 is more or less what i had in mind09:48
poolieglad i was on the right track09:48
ccxCZprobably try upgrading python to 2.7 then, you'll need to emerge app-admin/python-updater that will rebuild any modules you might have after the upgrade09:48
mgzugh, that wasn't fun to reproduce, this commit message encoding stuff is a mess12:17
mgzRiddell: quick question, in bzr-builddeb debian_changelog_commit calls debian_changelog_commit_message twice, is there a particular reason for that?12:24
mgzor could the first return be reused?12:24
jelmervila: hi12:31
vilaoh my 14:30 already !12:33
Riddellmgz: I think that could be reused12:47
mgzthanks, I'll do that and see if anything breaks12:50
jamvila: well, I've managed to trigger a hang. Using my branch: bzr selftest -s bt.per_interrepository.test_fetch -v "g_boundary_smart_old.InterDifferingSerializer,.*2a"12:56
jamIt isn't guaranteed, but it does happen12:56
jamoddly, with bzr.dev I haven't triggered it yet.12:56
jamIt is a slow test to start with, so I'll poke at it further.12:56
vilajam: otp but \o/12:58
mgzjam: when you have a spare five mins, could you cast an eye over the prereq mp that moves the pack_stat code around?13:00
mgzthen I could land those branches13:00
jammgz: Actually, I think I did and meant to approve it, checking13:00
mgzvila: or, I guess anyone, is there a test trick for doing something better than `run_bzr([...], stdin="y\n")`?13:00
mgzwe don't have -y options13:01
jammgz: I didn't see a test suite update13:01
jamfor the move_pack_stat change13:01
mgzjam: right, that branch doesn't change the tests, it just moves code (and relies on the existing end-to-end testing)13:01
mgzthe subsequent branch adds direct unit test coverage for the function13:02
jammgz: approved13:03
mgz...I wonder if pqm will let me at 2.4 these days...13:04
RiddellI had to ask a sysadmin nicely13:11
vilamgz: better trick ? I think I lack context..13:12
vilayou mean you're forced to use a blackbox test ?13:12
mgzyeah, the code that needs testing relates to cmd_commit13:14
mgz...I might be able to get around this another way13:15
vilaha, you'd like to create to be able to use a cmd_commit object ?13:16
vilaha, you'd like to be able to use a cmd_commit object ?13:16
mgzI think I can just avoid the prompt, provided the test passes13:18
mgzack, wrong button13:42
vilahmm, better make sure you don't have a prompt if the test fails though :)13:43
mgzokay, 2.4 branch submitted to pqm, when if fails I'll find someone to beg as Riddell suggested13:49
vilamgz: I can do that unless you want to keep it as a test when admins ask for one14:07
Riddellis there a hook that would be run after a bzr branch command?   I don't seem to find one14:12
GRiDhey, can someone tell me what the B+Tree graph indexes are mainly used for now?14:14
mgzRiddell: post_branch_init maybe? but briandealwis posted about some hook shortcomings in the tiplog thread on list14:17
mgzhey looks like the sysadmins deserve more credit, pqm seems to be letting me land on 2.414:39
mgzalso, interesting, some tests seem not to be cleaning up after themselves very well even there: <http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/699125>14:40
vilamgz: yup, a handful14:41
vilaI lost steam to track them at one point :/14:41
vilamgz: also, I think there are cases were bzr doesn't delete some tmp file so it's not the test "fault"14:42
jamvila: well, it looks like the test is actually exposing some brittle code. We send a request that the server doesn't understand, see that it rejects it, and then don't reconnect, but just keep sending the next request.15:15
jamI *think* it means we can get out of sync15:15
jamSo the next request fails, because it gets into the pipeline.15:15
vilaurgh, yeah, that can easily hang15:16
jamvila: test case traceback: http://paste.ubuntu.com/699160/15:16
jamanyway, I might be provoking it more now because of the timeout loop15:17
jammaybe we're doing an extra read on the socket or something.15:17
jamI need to probe deeper15:17
jamah, I have an idea.15:17
jamthe old read would have returned the empty string?15:17
jammaybe not15:18
jamanyway, I can trigger a hang on demand by putting a "import pdb; pdb.set_trace()" in the code15:18
jamwhich gets them more out of sync15:18
jamI think15:18
jam(I manually 'continue' every pdb trigger, but it still causes a hang)15:18
mgzha, I have a cunning plan15:18
mgzif I can become a member of ~canonical-bazaar, that gets me in ~launchpad, which gets me in ~launchpadlib-developers, which means I can at long last land the fix I did months ago15:19
mgzand make my todo queue more reasonable15:20
jmlvila: what python is available for production udd?15:20
jammgz: you should get added to ~canonical-bazaar, email poolie for it. However, you should really poke the launchpad folks if something of yours isn't getting landed.15:20
jmlvila: (can I use argparse?)15:20
jamjml: python says 2.6.415:20
jamsorry 2.6.515:20
jmljam: thanks.15:20
jamI'm pretty sure it is ~stock lucid15:21
vilajml: 2.6.515:21
vilajml: and your fix has been deployed ;)15:21
vilawell, fix, your mp I mean15:21
jmlvila: yay :)15:21
jamjml: 'import argparse' says no-such-module15:21
jamI'm pretty sure that's py2.715:21
jmlyeah, it's a 2.7 thing.15:21
vilaoh, did I mention the importer has been happily making tea this morning ?15:21
jmlvila: that's pretty awesome15:22
jamvila: as in a good thing or bad thing?15:22
vilaPretty good, no spike of spurious failures15:22
* jml mumbles something about bzr's awesome cli being more re-usable15:22
mgzjam: suggest to me a pokee, there's no need to bug robert again15:23
jamvila: I wasn't sure if there was downtime that udd was happily making tea for, or if udd decided that it really needed to drink gallons of tea even though launchpad was working :)15:23
vilathere was still a minor bug that we didn't get as many log messages as I planned, but I have evidence that 2 import failures were seen as lp down, retried and succeeded later15:23
jammgz: Well, poke on the mp, or go to #launchpad-dev and poke whoever is the on-call-reviewer15:23
jamvila: sounds good, as long as LP really was down then :)15:24
vilahehe, no, in this case only 2 transient failures, tomorrow may be more interesting15:24
jamah, so it wasn't down, but we still got transient failures15:24
vilajam: well, the thing is, according to wgrant, it wasn't :)15:24
jamthough maybe just a load thing?15:24
jamin which case, backing off is reasonable to do anyway15:24
vilaon the lp side yeah15:24
vilaexactly !15:24
jamlet's hammer LP when it is having load problems responding to our requests15:25
vilawhich is why I consider it a small success but wait for a bigger down time to confirm15:25
jamvila: interestingly, it isn't the 'select.select()' line that causes the failure, it is the 'if self.finished: return None' line15:36
jamit seems that the race is that we've told the service to shut down before we've sent it more data, or something to that effect.15:37
jamanyway, I'll poke more tomorrow.15:37
vilajam: oneiric seems to be hung :-}15:37
jamvila: from what I can tell, it looks like something is stopping the service, and leaving bytes on the socket, which then gets re-used for some reason.15:37
jamso sure, random failures15:38
vilayeah, 28min instead of the usual 3 or 4, definitely hung15:38
jamanyway, EOD, might be around late tonight.15:38
vilaRiddell: does http://babune.ladeuil.net:24842/view/Gentoo/job/selftest-gentoo-ebuild/48/console rungs a bell ?15:39
vilabah, silly me, what's that encoding ???15:40
viladon't tell me ascii :) The question was: why the hell is it not utf-8 there ? ;)15:41
vilaRiddell: but for you the question was: have you seen such failures before ?15:42
Riddellvila: hmm, well it's a recent test I added15:44
Riddelland it works on ubuntu but I suppose the launchpad plugin might be disabled on gentoo15:44
vilawell, not as far as I know15:44
vilaRiddell: Can reproduce the failure while running with --no-plugins ?15:45
vilagrr can *you* ?15:45
Riddelllet me see15:46
vilahmm, the question will then be how can we check that a plugin is available... a simple bzrlib.plugins.launchpad check in sys.modules ?15:47
vilaRiddell: anyway, it's probably worth fixing it15:48
jmlwhat does list_packages achieve?15:55
jmlAt first I thought it was a utility, but I discovered that it's in the crontab15:55
jml(Also, what's the right ML for discussing changes like putting config in another branch?)15:55
vilajml: we rely on bzr for the config stuff so bzr ml may be appropriate for that, otherwise unbutu-distributed-devel is16:03
jmlvila: ok. thanks.16:03
jmland list_packages?16:04
vilaoh sorry16:04
vilajml: but finishing on config first,16:04
jmlvila: oh ok, go right ahead16:04
vilajml: any option defined in pkgimport.conf can be overridden from locations.conf16:05
jml(my laptop is about to shut down due to low battery, but I'll log the conversation anyway)16:05
vilajml: so that may help you (or not if you want to track your config in  a branch)16:06
vilajml: IIRC, (but james_w can confirm/deny), list_packages is used to make sure we import new packages16:08
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achiangdoes bzr have an animal mascot?16:30
achiangbecause i think you should: http://www.herbweb.org/animals-collective-nouns.html16:31
achiang"A bazaar of guillemots"16:31
achiangshall i file a bug? ;)16:32
mgz"bzr needs more auks"16:33
vilajml: as in: the script update the package table and mass_import use it (see AllQueue)16:57
jmlvila: oh, I thought that add_import_packages did that16:58
vilajml: a bit hackish but enough for us and for now (you're lucky I put the crontab in the branch though :)16:59
vilajml: inst't add_import_packages adding jobs instead ?16:59
jmlvila: hmm, yes, but it doesn't need list_packages in order to do that, does it?16:59
vilajml: no, AllQueue quiry both tables17:00
vilajml: don't ask me why :) I arrive too late in the game and never asked (yet) :)17:00
jmlvila: ok. thanks.17:01
vilajml: I kind of feel the features could be made part of mass_import though17:01
vilaachiang: make a proposal to the mailing list :)17:02
jmlvila: yeah.17:03
jmlscripts shouldn't have code in them :\17:08
jmlnor underscores in the names, neither17:08
jmlhonestly, young people these days17:08
jmlthey should get off my lawn and turn down their music17:09
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bob921Can I automatically undo the changes that a revision made? I'm at revno=53, and I want to undo the effects of revno=4722:02
bob921Answer to my question: go to directory where file was changed. bzr diff -r48..49 | patch -R22:17
jelmerbzr merge -r49..48 should also work22:32
pooliegood morning23:13
Noldorinjelmer, hey23:29
Noldorinyou around?23:29

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