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tiagodoes anyone know how to, when downloading packages with sudo apt-get, to: (1) explicitely say if they are 64 or 32 bit, (2) download even the ones already present in the system02:21
tiagoand (3) put them in a specific folder02:21
Daskreechtiago: if you are on a 64 bit repo they will be 64 bit02:22
Daskreechapt-get --download-only02:22
tiagoI'm in a 32bit, I want 6402:23
Daskreechtiago: They all go to a specific folder02:23
Daskreechtiago: then use a 64 bit repo but most likely you will jsut have to pull them from wget02:23
tiagofrom where?02:23
g0rsDaskreech: my computer cpu is 64 bit dual core. I always run 32 bit os's . Does it make any difference if I try a 64 bit operating system?02:25
DarthFrogg0rs: No.02:25
DarthFrogg0rs: It might run faster.02:26
g0rsDarthFrog: have you noticed any difference?02:26
DarthFrogg0rs: I don't do anything that's compute intensive, so no I haven't.02:26
Daskreechtiago: packages.ubuntu.com02:26
Daskreechg0rs: You can have a small speed boost and can use more memory02:26
g0rsDarthFrog: the computer heats up very fast  althought it migth be something to do with a heatsink.02:27
Daskreechother than that for a desktop it's not that much different02:27
DarthFrogg0rs: Time to crack the case and use a vacuum cleaner.02:27
DarthFrogClean your air filters, too.02:27
g0rsDarthFrog: I did that  a few times :)02:27
g0rsDarthFrog: the design of my laptop is bad. CPU fan is located underneath  it. It would have been nicer if they made it sidewards.02:28
DarthFrogg0rs: Get a laptop cooling pad.02:28
g0rsDarthFrog: I was going to get another computer soon.02:29
DarthFrogSeems a bit extreme to me. :-)02:29
g0rsDarthFrog: I need two. One for linux and theother for business.02:29
kimmy_x_99hi guys new to kubuntu03:02
kimmy_x_99what are the minimum requirements please03:02
OerHekskimmy_x_99,  > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kubuntu#System_requirements03:03
kimmy_x_99thank you03:04
kimmy_x_99i have a old laptop03:05
kimmy_x_99i suppose best will be xubuntu then03:05
kimmy_x_99its has 512 MB memory03:05
Lithos84kimmy_x_99: You could also try Lubuntu.03:05
kimmy_x_99ok great03:06
kimmy_x_99if i try xubuntu03:06
kimmy_x_99should  i go for 10.0403:06
kimmy_x_99or later03:06
OerHeksgo for 10.04 LTS03:06
kimmy_x_99thanks, I see lununtu is quite slick  any feeback03:07
[Relic]how do you kill a process that doesn't want to die03:08
OerHeksfind the related package that goes with it03:08
Lithos84[Relic]: sudo killall <process>03:09
[Relic]nvm, the system monitor simply didn't bother to remove it from the list03:09
[Relic]anyone know of the logitech g300 mouse has been added to the next version yet?03:11
tiagohow can i get the urls for several name packages for a specific architecture, any ideas?03:26
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:35
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akishi all.04:50
akishow can i check if a program is installed on my system 10.04?04:50
Lithos84akis: sudo aptitude show <package>04:53
akisok. thanks. it is not a package. it is an executable file from a cd-rom. the cd's instructions say that is installable in redhat, mandrake and debian. i clicked on file but nothing happened. is it possible to have been installed and issomewhere hiding or it is not installed. actually i don't want to be installed on my system, but how can i check it?04:57
well_laid_lawndoyou know the name of the file?05:05
akisyes, of course i konw it05:07
well_laid_lawntry    find / -iname filenameyouknow05:08
akisi got permision denied05:09
well_laid_lawnthat'll happen for a few files05:09
well_laid_lawnnot all of them05:09
well_laid_lawntry    find / -iname filenameyouknow 2> /dev/null05:09
well_laid_lawnif the permission errors annoy you05:10
akisfind: paths must precede expression: /dev/null05:12
well_laid_lawnworks fine here - copy the line you ran into chat05:13
akisfind / -iname Activate_B1_Linux /dev/null05:14
well_laid_lawnyou forgot the 2>05:14
akisActivate_B1_Linux is the file i am searching if it is installed05:14
well_laid_lawntry    find / -iname filenameyouknow 2> /dev/null05:15
akisoh ok.05:15
akisit works. the system returns in prompt line without finding something. is it ok?05:17
akisor is it possible to be installed with a diffent name?05:18
well_laid_lawnfrom google there should be an uninstall routine to run just  to be sure05:19
akiswhat kind of uninstall routine? and is it possible to have been installed although it is installable on other distributions of linux?05:20
well_laid_lawnif it was an installer it could have installed who knows how many files05:20
well_laid_lawnfrom this search - http://www.google.com.au/search?q=activat_b1_linux&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a#sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=oz9&rls=org.mozilla:en-US%3Aofficial&source=hp&q=activate_b1_linux&pbx=1&oq=activate_b1_linux&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=7876l7876l0l8765l1l1l0l0l0l0l361l361l3-1l1l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=aeb2e6fb8f9caa11&biw=1362&bih=63405:21
akisis it possible to find any files from the time/date of installation? i know exactly the time/date of the installation if actually happened.05:24
well_laid_lawnfind has those options iirc05:25
well_laid_lawnman find05:25
akiswhat do i have to do?05:26
well_laid_lawntry find / -cmin "n"   where "n" is minutes ago file was changed05:28
akispermission denied again!05:31
well_laid_lawnof course, but it is just for some files - add the 2> /dev/null to the end of the command again05:32
akisthe system return only one file. is it possible to put a range of minutes. for example from 600 min to 800 min?05:34
well_laid_lawnnot that I know of - it won't work a second time05:35
well_laid_lawnrun it again and that file won't show05:35
akisyep that is true.05:35
akisdoes this command show what happened in tha special minute or everything since then?05:36
well_laid_lawnit will just show what files were changed within that time05:37
akiswithin that time since now?05:38
well_laid_lawnso if you used -cmin 60 it will show files changed in the last 6o min05:38
akisoh ok. that's fine.05:38
well_laid_lawnsorry I had that wrong05:38
akisit showed only one file05:39
well_laid_lawnso if you used -cmin 60 it will show files changed 60 mins ago05:39
akisoh that is not fine at all!05:39
akishow can i see what files have been changed from tha time since now?05:40
well_laid_lawnfind has a -anewer option but you need a file that was changed before the ones you want to find05:41
well_laid_lawnread   man find05:41
well_laid_lawnin a terminal05:41
ryzzanhi, everybody05:48
ryzzananyone knows a server and channel to download series/movies in irc?05:48
Tm_Tryzzan: sorry, but that's not a subject we allow to happen here05:49
ryzzanTm_T: sry then...05:51
akisok thanks. i haved to go now. i will be back.05:59
JNahodil201Well hello everyone06:11
ubuntu_try je weh07:41
akisis it an executable file for debian/mandrake executable in kubuntu? does any installation happen when double-click to it. i did it but nothing happened. is there any chance that this file wrote anything on my system? and how can i find out if it did? because i prefer not to be installed.07:49
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tonymcdunya kulakova? :-)08:23
j0naslarss0nis it just me or does kde-look.org look strange? all images/background is gone...?08:24
tonymcsomething with styles i guess08:25
tonymcmaybe server is down08:25
dunyaim new here playing w all the settings08:26
j0naslarss0nah ok .. ty Im trying to edit some content which was impossible .. almost drove me insane. Guess I'll wait then08:26
tonymcdunya don't play with X11 settings though :-)08:28
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kikinovakHi. I just installed Kubuntu 11.04. I added the PPA repo (add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa), did apt-get update and then apt-get dist-upgrade... and nothing. No updates available. This is strange.09:29
kikinovakDid the same config on my laptop here, which brought me from KDE 4.6.2 to
kikinovakAny idea what's wrong here ?09:29
kikinovakFYI, I'm using Apt-Cacher as a package proxy on my server.09:30
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AlantasI put a Folder View widget on the desktop. Is there a way to make it appear on only one virtual desktop, rather than all? (KDE 4.4.5, if it matters.)09:39
russ_Alantas: i know you can have different widgets on different desktops09:43
bittin Hello, iam trying to install an Logitech Quickcam Express webcam with volume id 046d:0870 in Debian what do i want?09:44
well_laid_lawntry /j #debian09:45
russ_Alantas: System settings/Workspace appearance and behavior/workspace behavior/Virtual desktops you will see check mark to have different widgets on each desktop09:47
Alantasruss_: Looks like the System Settings arrangement has changed since the KDE version I'm using. Mine seems to be under General → Look & Feel → Desktop → Workspace. The only relevant option here seems to be for the Dashboard: "Show desktop widgets" vs "Show an independent widget set". I tried changing it to the latter, but it doesn't seem to have any effect.09:52
AlantasI removed the widget, and saw it gone from all desktops. I re-added it, and it's back on all desktops.09:52
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russ_ahh im running 4.6.209:53
Alantas4.4.5 here. Picked up kubuntu-desktop for kicks back in February. Guess things have changed since then. Hehe.09:54
Alantas(Still better than running 3.2.3 for *five years*...)09:54
russ_its got to still be there somewhere maybe? maybe not hehe09:54
russ_let me check somethin09:54
vista_killerhi i have a problem after the last updates in oneiric 11.1009:56
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:56
vista_killerwait you can help me is general problem..09:56
vista_killerlibc6 and libc6:i386 are both install and both is broken09:56
vista_killerwhen i try to give -f install it returns for a missing locale package09:57
well_laid_lawnthe good folks in #ubuntu+1 will know more about it09:57
Alantas(If libc were broken, I wonder if the system would even boot, let alone get you on IRC...)09:59
russ_click on the cashew icon on the top right of your desktop and click “zoom out”. Your desktop will be shrunk down, and a menu will appear on the left. Click “configure plasma” and check the box that says “different activity for each desktop”.10:00
vista_killerlibc is both install10:00
vista_killerlibc6 and libc6:i38610:00
vista_killerthe question first is wich of them i have to keep10:01
russ_Alantas: does your KDE 4.4.5 have that?10:02
Alantasruss_: Hmm, I see a menu, but it only has: Lock widgets, Shortcut settings, Add panel, Add activity, Zoom out. Plus a little tab in the lower-right of the zoomed-out desktop with things for the desktop itself.10:02
russ_try zoom out10:03
AlantasThat *is* what I see when I zoom out. (Sorry, should've mentioned that.)10:03
Alantas...However, curiously, I notice that that menu only appears on this one desktop. I wonder if that's the trick?10:04
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russ_possibly try to switch to the other desktop then hit that icon at top letf and hit add widget10:05
* Alantas plays around with it.10:08
AlantasApparently you can add more than one desktop wallpaper activity thing. Pretty trippy...10:09
russ_yeah i do that too10:09
russ_i also setup mine so that one desktop 1 for my widgets is nothing but working widgets and desktop 2 games and desktop 3 only art related widgets pretty neat10:10
AlantasI can add a widget to a particular one and it'll only appear in that one, but if I zoom back into one, it appears on all workspaces.10:10
AlantasI don't see an obvious way to send a particular activity to a particular workspace.10:10
russ_did you look in compiz?10:10
russ_might beable to to be in there10:10
russ_either that or you can update KDE to 4.6 :)10:11
AlantasI don't know if what I'm using counts as Compiz or not. What I do have is, it's set up where I can push the cursor into the lower-left corner to get a cube view of all workspaces. That's how I noticed the zoom-out menu only appears on the one workspace.10:11
vista_killeris there a command to remove one of the pakage without autoremove and depencies?10:12
Alantas*Shrugs* Guess it's not doable in my version. Oh well, not the end of the world, was just curious if/how it'd be done.10:15
russ_i mean hell you can update to KDE 4.610:15
russ_Then its as easy as System settings/Workspace appearance and behavior/workspace behavior/Virtual desktops you will see check mark to have different widgets on each desktop10:16
AlantasI know I can upgrade, but I don't feel it's worth the trouble right now.10:18
AlantasThanks for looking, though. :)10:18
russ_not a problem10:18
russ_i do beleive compiz can do it10:19
russ_open term type ccsm10:20
russ_its got widget layering settings10:21
Alantas11.9 MB to apt-get that...10:21
erigaisDoes anyone know the name of the program in kubuntu that lets you switch between languages?10:21
erigaisliek letting you type in other languages?10:21
erigaisusing other sets of characters10:21
AlantasThere's a "Regional & Language" thing under System Settings, that I can see anyway. Also a "Keyboard & Mouse" that may be what you're looking for.10:22
erigaisnot quite10:23
erigaisits a program, l ets me switch between alphabets using a u.s. keyboard, im trying to use jp text but jp has too many characters for english keyboard10:24
erigaisit also supports chinese and russian10:24
erigaisdamn i cant remember the name of it to save my life10:24
AlantasAh. I thought I saw something to that effect when browsing around...10:24
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AlantasTry right-clicking in the text entry field and look for something about "IM".10:25
erigaisthats not it10:26
erigaisits a program10:26
erigaispops up neard your clock widget10:26
erigaisshows which alphabet you are currently on10:26
erigaisim searching for it on the internet also, just so much information for windows stuff clogging me search10:27
AlantasIt's might be a widget. I looked in mine, though, and I don't see anything to the effect of "show current layout", though.10:28
* Alantas keeps looking10:28
russ_erigais: from searching i found10:28
russ_To easily switch between layouts, install the Keyboard Indicator in one of your panels. Right-click on a panel, select Add to Panel and then select Keyboard Indicator. Once it's installed, you can click on it anytime to switch layouts.10:28
erigaiskk ill try10:29
russ_hope that works10:29
AlantasI'm also seeing System Settings → Regional & Language → Keyboard layout → "Show indicator for single layout". (But I'm on an old KDE version, so your results may vary.)10:29
russ_but i also have no idea is this is for Gnome or KDE all i did was just search and found something close to what your looking for lol10:31
russ_but im sure you can just as easily use a keyboard widget10:31
AlantasSurely there's a standard way to do this. What do Japanese KDE users do?10:32
russ_they setup their system for JP10:32
erigaisahh i found it10:32
erigaisits a program called anthy10:33
russ_and most of the time from within their other clients like chat and IRC you can translate10:33
russ_use scripts10:33
erigaiswell the problem is if the keyboard has english characters, you have to type like, the romaji it goes to the character then you hit enter and get the char10:33
russ_anthy huh well cool glad you found it :)10:33
erigaisthankyou for the assistance10:34
AlantasSpeaking of layouts, I did a full system upgrade (or something) — from KDE — back when I first got kubuntu-desktop going, and it mangled my customized layout and I had to dig up some files to get it back into place. ;_;10:34
AlantasSo I'm kinda wary of doing big upgrades.10:34
russ_Like for spanish á — RightAlt + a10:35
AlantasFirst discovered this when I logged back in to Xfce. "brb" indeed. :P10:35
russ_damn hehe10:35
AlantasMine's based on US International or whatever it is, with dead keys on AltGr. So for me, I hit right alt + semicolon, then a, to get á.10:36
russ_yeah with dead keys layout10:37
well_laid_lawn!info ibus10:37
ubottuibus (source: ibus): New input method framework using dbus. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3.9-0ubuntu3 (natty), package size 384 kB, installed size 3516 kB10:37
erigaisanyone know the hot key to switch to next virtual desktop?10:40
russ_i use mouse scroll wheel10:41
AlantasFor me: Right-click the Pager widget (in the panel) → "Configure virtual desktops" → Switching → "Shortcuts" section will show them and let you edit.10:41
russ_but i thought it was like shift + right or something10:41
AlantasMine seems to be set for Ctrl+F1, +F2 etc. I don't *think* I edited those, so those might be the defaults.10:42
russ_depends on how you have it all setup10:42
russ_you can make it anything hehe10:42
russ_could be10:42
erigaisah yeah it was ctrl f2 etc for me too10:42
AlantasMostly I use the cube switcher thing. I'm sure it does eventually get old, but that has yet to happen. Wheeee10:42
erigaisi like to use default, easier to remember10:42
erigaisif i upgrade10:43
erigaisor use another hd or something10:43
russ_i love the scroll mouse wheel to switch its fast!10:43
AlantasSystem Settings → Desktop → Screen edges → lower-left corner set to "Desktop cube".10:43
AlantasMy mouse wheel is kinda dodgy, so I'm wary of putting critical things on it.10:44
ziogelis77Hi, i have a veird problem with desktop effects in Kubuntu Oneiric – here is a screenshot: http://db.tt/Jh3XgFVs  Could someone comment?10:44
ziogelis77and here: http://db.tt/ODZSAJGv10:45
AlantasIt *works*, but sometimes it'll trigger when idle, like it doesn't settle into place right away.10:45
ziogelis77The window decorations are completely distorted.10:45
ziogelis77This problem disappears if desktop effects are disabled10:46
AlantasHmm. Try fiddling with the desktop effects options?10:47
Alantas(Which one's Oneiric? 11.10? I can never remember which is which...)10:48
russ_for an OS i go with stable only10:49
russ_apps? sure why not test some betas10:49
Alantas2011-10. Ubuntu... for the FUTURE!10:49
* Alantas is on 10.04. LTS + lazy upgrader = win10:49
AlantasLucid, I think.10:50
russ_im very very happy and pleased with 11.0410:50
russ_everything worked!!! right from the rip!10:50
russ_i would drop mac and win for this10:50
russ_hell i even got winamp working just fine in WINE hehe10:51
russ_and photoshop10:51
AlantasWould? You haven't already? I kicked Windows aside in 2004.10:51
russ_would meaning i still dual boot10:51
russ_i have win 7 ultimate as well10:51
russ_and a mac10:51
AlantasFor Slackware 10.0, which looked like the closest thing to a "neutral" distro to my newbie eyes at the time, but in retrospect was like learning to swim by diving into the deep end of the pool~!10:52
russ_yeah man i know that feeling i started with slack along time ago and i always wanted to try LFS (Linux From Scratch) i just never did10:53
Alantas(I figured neutral = wouldn't be locked in to any particular distro's ways, but in retrospect, locked me *out* of *all* of them. x_x)10:53
AlantasUsed that (and KDE 3.2.3) till 2009. Had been wanting to go to Ubuntu, and did.10:53
russ_i went from slack to redhat back in the day then tryed debian and suse and all the ubuntus10:53
AlantasI dual-booted for a few months, but eventually went all in.10:54
Alantas(98SE didn't exactly measure up.)10:54
AlantasOnly regret was that I didn't do it sooner.10:54
russ_i cant go all in i have to have mac and win for certain things but hey linux to me is fun and interesting and a challenge is why i like it10:55
ziogelis77Well, I usually prefer "stable" versions, but to install a stable when a new stable is just around the corner – I was not sure I would like to do the upgrades afterwards10:55
AlantasThe only Windows-specific things I have use for, all run in WINE well enough. I've never used a Mac.10:56
russ_i had a thought the other day wonder when Android OS will come to PC lol10:56
russ_wonder if theirs a Android emu?10:56
AlantasLinux has everything else I need covered much better than Windows ever has.10:57
Alantasziogelis77: Well, 11.10 will eventually be stable, but till then, it's not.10:57
AlantasIn your position, I'd probably just stick with whatever I'm currently using, and wait till it's officially out before upgrading.10:57
russ_upgrades arent bad as long as you got the backups :)10:57
russ_i beleive in clean installs10:58
russ_but i also beleive you dont HAVE to upgrade unless you just want too10:58
* Alantas nods.10:59
AlantasIf it ain't broke, don't fix it.10:59
russ_besides upgrading just means more options of certain things i mean if i was a guru total guru in console then console is all i would use10:59
AlantasI ran the same install for five years. You can wait a month. :P10:59
russ_well said11:00
AlantasI can rock a console when I need to, but for that I just use an xterm or Konsole or the like.11:00
russ_i might one day just drown myself in console only god knows i need too11:00
russ_xwin will never touch console anyways its all candy for the sore eyes11:01
AlantasAnd if I'd waited longer to switch from Slackware to Ubuntu, then my first impression of KDE4 might've been good enough not to send me looking for other DEs and settling on Xfce. :-\11:01
russ_Xfce i tyryed11:02
russ_i tryed BSD and FreeBSD i tryed almost everything11:02
russ_when Redhat was Redhat i did like that alot though before it became RIpoff Hat11:02
AlantasI swore by KDE3 all those years, and figured I'd make first *buntu contact with Kubuntu, but I was told it's better to install straight Ubuntu and pick up KDE from within that. So I did. Pretty, but sluggish and hard to use.11:03
russ_ahhh yeah11:04
AlantasThat was in 2009. Earlier this year, I was bored and decided to give it another go. It's better than I remembered, but still is kinda sluggish. I don't think this thing would boot from stone-cold to responsive-desktop in under a minute the way it does in Xfce, for example.11:04
AlantasI'm sure I could bludgeon it into working shape with some effort, but it's just so *pretty* with Oxygen and Plasma and the like, so I'm reluctant to do such a thing. :P11:05
russ_systems will be crazy bogged once you have hundreds of desktop environments installed right now i can boot into KDE and GNOME and ubuntu and ubuntu classic thats it11:06
russ_gnome sucks11:06
AlantasI'm having fun with the wallpaper rotation thing, and Okteta is the only non-crappy non-console hex editor I've found (you'd think Linux would be *teeming* with awesome hex editors...), and I'm liking Kate's Ruby mode.11:06
russ_hate hate hate it11:06
AlantasI'm with you on GNOME. I hated it in 2004 when I was first touching base with Linux (used Fluxbox for a while, then settled on KDE3). Hated it in Ubuntu proper (settled on Xfce, which is basically GNOME without the crap).11:07
russ_KDE 4 is def the pretty shit :)11:08
AlantasI can (and have) spent many hours just fiddling with the appearance of it.11:08
russ_i just now started to like find pic's of all my hardware online and then make those into icons and try to make all my icons look real as i can11:09
AlantasI need a bigger monitor. 1024x768 *is* on speaking terms with KDE4, but just barely.11:10
russ_and instead of just showing an icon of a harddrive its actually THAT hdd11:10
Alantas(I'm still using a CRT. Imagine that!)11:10
russ_im running good 22" flat11:11
AlantasWell, icons are meant to be visible/"read"able at small sizes. A photographic icon would just look like "some device" at typical icon sizes.11:11
AlantasUnless you use huge icons or something.11:11
russ_yeah you make them a little bigger11:11
AlantasI'd love to get a 1920x1080 flatscreen.11:11
russ_mine only does HDMI 1680x1050 @ 60Hz11:13
AlantasI'd probably think of multiple drives by their size or their designation (sda, sdb) rather than what the physical drive looks like. Especially since it's hidden in the case most of the time. :P11:13
russ_im talkign eye candy11:13
russ_instead of a cheap looking icon11:13
AlantasI ran 1280x1024 on this monitor for a long time. I *still* have slight burn-in of the icon/panel setup I had in KDE3 back in the day. (GNOMEish setup, with launcher icons along the top, and a multi-tiered taskbar along the bottom).11:13
russ_i use actually really what that thing is for the icon instead of just all the HDD's look the same11:14
AlantasBut one day, a year or two back, the monitor decides it doesn't like 1280 anymore. Now the most it can do is 1024. ;_;11:14
AlantasI can remember back in the late 90s when 1024 was the "huge" resolution! Fun to gawk at for a bit before going back to 800x600 where you can pull off more than 8-bit color mode.11:14
russ_thats still fine11:14
russ_yeah lol11:15
AlantasNow it's the "get cramped when doing anything with more than one window" mode. ;_;11:15
russ_i run every game and everything what my monitor's defaulted too 1680x1050 everythinsg nices11:15
AlantasThat'd be pretty awesome.11:16
AlantasBut I like the idea of that magic number, HD size, 1920x1080.11:16
russ_but i run 8 gig ram amd phenom II x4 3.2 ATI 5670 HD11:16
AlantasDunno how well it'll play with the connector I've got, though. Might need a video card too to make it work well. :-\11:17
* Alantas is using a hand-me-down machine with onboard video. Works well enough so far.11:18
russ_i read of some problems with Kubuntu 64bit but so far so good i had no issues11:18
AlantasHell, TORCS is playable. That's about the most intense graphics I've needed in all these years. Hehe.11:18
russ_cant wait for Lutris to get all final11:19
AlantasBut I think the connector, that bridges the computer and the monitor, is analog. VGA?11:19
russ_got it installed now but it dont do shit lol11:19
Alantas*Looks on WP again* Yeah, VGA connector. It's analog, I think.11:19
AlantasNo idea if it'd be nice and crisp on a non-CRT at high resolutions like 1920x1080.11:20
AlantasIf so, no problem. But if not...11:20
russ_thing about CRT vs LSD is Hz11:20
russ_like mine for example i can run everything full maxed out 1680x1050 but only 60hZ11:21
AlantasI can sing the praises of CRT over LCD. But if/when I do get a monitor upgrade, I'd be happy enough with LCD.11:21
russ_thats all my monitor will do is 60hz11:21
AlantasThat's all *mine* will do, too, and it's CRT. LCD at 60 Hz would be an improvement.11:21
russ_it may do 75 if i go lower res i dont know11:21
russ_but higher the Hz better the frames in games11:22
AlantasLSD at 60 Hz would be stunning, but I'm content with not trying *that*. :P11:22
russ_shit its 6:23am11:23
russ_got to be at work at 11am lol11:23
AlantasOh dear.11:23
russ_still have to sleep11:23
russ_looks like 3 hours of sleepage for me11:23
russ_the only reason i stayed up this late was i wasnt out of beer yet11:23
AlantasBest get to it. 3 hours of sleep will kick your ass, but not as badly as 0 hours will.11:23
russ_well good night bro11:24
russ_nite people11:24
* Alantas waves.11:24
russ_\m/ \m/11:25
LogicallyDashingI want to change the keybindings in Konsole to make Shift + the number pad keys work differently. I think I can do this in the input tab of the profile editor, but I don't know what names I need to give it to refer to the number pad keys. How do I look those up?11:58
BluesKajhey all12:18
akishi all. i am looking the way i can search my system if a executable file is installed or if this file installed on my system any other files when a double click on it. this file is an executable linux file for debian/mandriva distributions. i search for this file on my system and it doesn't exist. but, how can i be sure that it didn't install any other files? is there any procedure to find it out? Actually i prefer that no file had been installed, but how can i12:20
akisbe sure that it didn't? help me plz. i 'll appreciate your advices.12:20
susundbergAfaik there is no way to do this -- if you run executable X that installs more files, there is no way to tell what files it installed (if you did no preparations)12:22
susundbergBut did i misunderstood your question?12:22
BluesKajakis whicn "name of taregetfile"12:23
kikinovakHi. I'm running Kubuntu 11.04. Is there a way to upgrade to KDE 4.6.5 and to leave it at that, e. g. not upgrade to the 4.7.x series ?12:23
susundbergOh, assuming that the executable works same way in all cases, you can prepare and re-install the thing and figure out what files it installed 'this time'12:23
BluesKajin the terminal12:24
susundberg(and btw, searching with locate doesnt work if you have encrypted filesystem ?)12:24
BluesKajakis, I repeat , open a terminal and do, which "name of taregetfile" ..it may work12:26
akiswhich is the command?12:27
akisi did "which Activate_B1_Linux" and the system answered nothing. is that ok?12:28
susundbergThat means that the file is not at least on your $PATH (see echo $PATH)12:32
akisok. i read already about this command. is there any chance to run under other name. i repeat that the executable file was the one i already mentioned (Activate_B1_Linux)12:34
AlantasExecutables generally go under /usr/bin. You could try looking around in there in a file browser.12:35
AlantasLikewise, the other directories in your $PATH. (Type "echo $PATH" in a console. They're separated by ":", such as: "/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:etc".)12:35
susundbergAre you trying to figure out 'what is the name of the program i just installed?' or 'what modifications did the program i just ran do?'12:35
susundbergTo figure out what the (installer) program does to your system you might consider running 'strace <installer>' if you all ready did run the 'unknown' installer ..12:37
akisboth. i am woring if somethnig is installed and if not if it made any modiffications.12:37
AlantasThere's probably some `find` black magic you can run, but it's a task unto itself just making heads or tails of its syntax.12:38
Alantas(To look for recently modified files, for example.)12:39
susundbergAnd evil program can modify those afaik ..12:40
AlantasYeah, but it has to be evil, and the author would've had to anticipate that.12:41
susundbergBut yes, if the program is 'harmless' then i think 'find' is good tool to figure out what files got modified ..12:41
susundbergAlantas: yup12:41
akisi am reading man find to find the exact command to search files from now and 24 hours ago. do you maybe know the exact command for this?12:43
AlantasThere might be a GUI program that can do the same thing. Probably easier to use. I see an "application finder" under "Utilities" in the KDE menu.12:44
Torchfind -mtime -112:44
Alantas(Hell, probably easier to *write* one than use `find`.)12:44
Alantas*Looks in Application Finder* This might be geared more toward package-installed programs than stuff run out in the lawless lands of manually-run install scripts.12:45
OerHeksakis, locate <filename>12:46
akisfind -mtime -1 searches last 24 hours?12:47
AlantasThe manpage says "-mtime n", which filters for files where "file's data was last modified n*24 hours ago". Which suggests that it should be "-mtime 1", not "-mtime -1" (24 hours in the future).12:48
AlantasI *think* the command would be, to do a system-wide search: find / -mtime 112:49
AlantasOr replace "/" with "." to search from the directory you're currently in.12:49
TorchAlantas: no12:51
AlantasAlthough the "path" part of the command line synopsis is marked optional, and I dunno what it does if no path is given. The manpage spends more time talking about the many ways to handle symbolic links, and less time talking about the overall approach to using the thing.12:51
TorchAlantas: read the beginning of the tests section12:51
TorchAlantas: use the current working dir12:51
Pici-mtime -2 would be files modified less than 2 days ago. +2 is more than 2 days ago and 2 is exactly two days ago (fractional time ignored)12:52
AlantasDoh, I see now.12:52
AlantasSee what I mean?12:52
AlantasYeah, it'd be "-mtime -1" then.12:52
akisso if want to search last 24 hours what to i have to type?12:53
Pici-mtime -112:53
Alantas"find -mtime -1" to search in the current directory.12:53
TorchAlantas: yes12:53
TorchAlantas: wouldn't make much sense if not, would it ;-)12:53
Piciyou need to specify the path to search in.  so find . -mtime -112:53
TorchPici: no12:54
TorchPici: not in GNU find12:54
PiciTorch: oops, I stand corrected.12:54
AlantasDolphin has a "Find" command. Tools → Find File...12:54
TorchAlantas: if you have working strigi.... and even then it's buggy.12:55
akissure from dolphin is so simple. i have used it so many times...12:56
akisthank you all.13:01
sea4everHi all, I've discovered that my /etc/grub.d/10_linux script has somehow become corrupted. I have no idea how, but is there any way that I can replace it with an original?13:26
=== sorc is now known as sea4ever
akishi again. does any one know if "pkgcache.bin and srcpkgcache.bin" files in var/cache/apt are system files?13:33
sea4everI figured it out, package grub-common needed to be purged and reinstalled.13:34
TheEvilPhoenixakis:  i'm curious about why you ask... usually people dont go messing with the apt cache13:34
cootHello, I was upgrading kubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04 and the internet went down, and the update-manager stalled, I restarted the computer, and restarted the upgrade. Now I got errors and update-manager terminates. dpkg --configure -a shows that there are unconfigured packages with missing dependcies (removing them with dpkg --purge -a is not helping for update-manager)13:35
cootAny hints how to proceed?13:35
akisi am not tuching anything. i am wondering because i see in find GUI command that those 2 files where modified exactly when i tried to install an executable file form a cd-rom installable only in debian/mandrake and which i think that finally it had not been installed on m system.13:37
TheEvilPhoenixwell you could just use apt-get --clean13:41
susundbergakis: i do have those files in my /var/cache/apt also if that helps you13:41
TheEvilPhoenixit might remove the cached files but i dont usually recommend it13:41
akisok. thanks. so why do i use apt-get --clean?13:43
OerHekscoot force it to fix ? > sudo apt-get install -f13:43
TheEvilPhoenixakis:  i use that to clean out old package files from the installation cache, but it isnt super effective all the time hence why i dont usually recommend it13:44
cootOerHeks: does the update-manager do some additional job, except updateing the packages?13:44
akisok, ok thanks. so do you have any idea why those 2 files where last modified the time i tried to install this executable file? do they have any relation with it?13:46
OerHekscoot it can help with missing depencies13:46
cootOerHeks: I'll try with --dry-run first.13:47
cootOerHeks: with apt-get -f install  I get E: Could not perform immediate configuration on 'debconf'. Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details. (2)13:57
cootOerHeks: man 5 apt.conf sais it is a vary rare error13:58
OerHekscoot maybe this is because you removed it with dpkg --purge -a ?13:59
OerHekstry install again ?13:59
cootI did it again, and now I did not use dpkg  --purge -a13:59
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Kottizenhi, I heard somewhere that Flash Player doesn't work under x86_64 anymore because of a bug - does anyone know how I can get the old, working, version back?14:16
sfears_http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer11.html Kottizen14:17
KottizenI'll try that, thanks14:18
TheEvilPhoenixKottizen:  i've got Flash working on 64bit14:20
KottizenTheEvilPhoenix: what browser did you use?14:20
TheEvilPhoenixKottizen:  firefox and chromium-browser14:21
Kottizennice, got it working now too - thanks :)14:22
TheEvilPhoenixKottizen:  and i didnt have to go anywhere to download anything, i just enabled multiverse, universe, etc. and installed stuff14:22
sfears_apt-get install flashplugin-installer14:24
szalsudo apt-add-repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-installer14:27
naftilos76hi, my lcd goes into some kind of saving mode but i have not set up the power settings to behave like this! Why is this happening? Does anybody have this problem?14:41
OerHeksnaftilos76, does your LCD monitor have energy functions on its own ? hardware-like ?14:43
genii-aroundProbably dpms, yes14:44
naftilos76i can't find anything related to power saving into the menus of the lcd monitor14:45
OerHeksoke, that is excluded then. after how many minutes does this occure ? it helps finding the setting.14:45
genii-aroundxset -q   usually tells you14:46
naftilos76i have not paid attention to that but it should be something close to 15 minutes14:46
naftilos76let me try that14:46
naftilos76Screen Saver:14:47
naftilos76  prefer blanking:  yes    allow exposures:  yes14:47
naftilos76  timeout:  0    cycle:  60014:47
naftilos76is that what i am interested in?14:47
naftilos76600 is 10 mins?14:48
genii-aroundA line under DPMS like: Standby: 3600    Suspend: 5400    Off: 7200     usually14:48
naftilos76Standby: 600    Suspend: 600    Off: 60014:48
naftilos76  DPMS is Disabled14:48
naftilos76i have got everything disabled in power settings14:49
naftilos76why is Standby set to 600?14:49
genii-aroundnaftilos76: Thats just the default values14:50
naftilos76is the "DPMS is Disabled" supposed to keep all subsystems on at all times?14:50
genii-aroundWell, the monitor anyhow14:50
genii-aroundnaftilos76: In this case it's probably your screensaver is set to blanking. You can use xset -s noblank  to change it14:51
naftilos76genii-around: you are right man! how did i miss that!14:54
naftilos76thanks man14:54
genii-aroundnaftilos76: You're welcome14:55
TheLastProjectHow do I disable the "Recently Used" menu? =/14:58
genii-aroundnaftilos76: I have improper syntax there... you may need something more like: xset -display :0 s noblank14:58
TheLastProjectI hate it with a passion, but even modifying the .recently-used file properties so only root has access doesn't seem to work...14:59
naftilos76genii-around: what i meant earlier is that i had my screen saver to give me a blank screen after 15 mins. I have just disabled that. I don't think i have to use konsole to enter "xset -display :0 s noblank". Do i?15:00
genii-aroundnaftilos76: Probably not then15:02
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shane2peru1question is there a way to quickly and easily make a window stay on top of others every time it opens?  I make calls on Skype, and often lose the window, because I switch to my calendar, or other thing, and I want that window to stay on top, it is a pop up window for every call, so a quick key combo would be good, or one click would be better,15:32
shane2peru1I know that I can go through the menu and go to advanced, and Keep Above Other Windows, but it would be nice to have that as a button on the window border?15:32
James147shane2peru1: you can add an always on top button to the window title in system settings > Workspace appearence > window decotation > configure buttons15:37
James147shane2peru1: you can also add a global shortcut to do it15:38
shane2peru1James147: Thanks!!!  I will try that now with the button, button is probably the easiest.15:40
James147shane2peru1: both methods are as easy as the other to do ^^15:41
=== af_ is now known as Guest53827
DaskreechLogicallyDashing: Got a keypad answer?15:42
shane2peru1James147: right, but I'm afraid I would forget the global short-cut or mix it up, so a button would work best for me.15:42
=== koalix is now known as ninniuz
James147shane2peru1:  :)15:42
shane2peru1do I have to restart? or just restart that app?15:42
shane2peru1Oh, hitting apply on the window helps! :)15:43
shane2peru1wonderful!  That is great, thanks James14715:43
James147shane2peru1: I dont think you need to restart... should apply automatically (and a logout would be the most you need to do)15:43
Daskreechshane2peru1: You can use advanced window behaviour to make it always on top15:47
shane2peru1Daskreech: from the menu on that window right?  but that is a lot of clicking, I need the very often, so wanted it accessible with one click15:48
shane2peru1Daskreech: or is there another way you are referring to?15:48
Daskreechshane2peru1: No so that window if it exists is always on top15:49
shane2peru1Ohh, I like that better, how do I do that?15:49
DaskreechYou do it once and anytime the window exists again in the future the rules get applied15:49
DaskreechOR kwin has scripting now so you could just script it with a regular expression15:49
shane2peru1ok, what is the trick to get that done?15:49
DaskreechAlt+F3 -> Advanced -> Special Window/Application settings depending on which one you are interested in15:50
shane2peru1Daskreech, thanks!  I will check that out!15:53
shane2peru1Daskreech: wow, there are a gazillion options in there!  I will have to play around with it to get it to do what I want, but that is great Thanks!!!15:55
Daskreechshane2peru1: Welcome to KDE15:55
shane2peru1It will take me quite a while to get fully adjusted, but I'm still loving it!15:55
DaskreechKwin is a fantastic window manager15:57
j0naslarss0nindeed .. speaking of Kwin, how would I do or set window rules to have two apps start up snapped together?15:58
j0naslarss0nI would like to have muon and muon-installer as 'tabbed' as one window..? possible?15:59
DaskreechSure look under grouping in the same place I just mentioned to shane2peru116:00
j0naslarss0nsorry just logged on ... missed that part16:00
=== per is now known as Guest67881
DaskreechAlt+F3 -> Advanced -> Special Window/Application settings depending on which one you are interested in16:01
j0naslarss0nyup been fiddeling with that one .. but it wont stick when I close the window(s)16:02
Daskreechask in #kwin ?16:03
j0naslarss0nmade a launcher "muon && muon-installer" .. what make them both keep the same rules?16:03
j0naslarss0n*running 11.10*16:04
DaskreechAutogroup by id I would suppose16:04
j0naslarss0nnot asked there ... didn't know there was one ... will re-adress my question, thank you16:04
j0naslarss0nso I thought ... but where do I find ID ?16:05
pperI'm having a screen brightness problem with Kubuntu (and Linux in general) on my Asus laptop. The hotkeys make the brightness slider appear, but the actual brightness doesn't change. I've tried to boot with the acpi_backlight=vendor argument, but that didn't help. Can anyone help with this?16:08
Daskreechj0naslarss0n: Not sure would love to hear the answer when you have it16:21
Daskreechpper: hmmm16:22
Daskreechpper: try in #solid perhaps ?16:22
pperDaskreech: my problem exists in other desktops as well16:24
pperDaskreech: as far as I understand, solid is only part of KDE, right?16:27
Daskreechpper: Not saying that it's DE specific. MOre the opposite they may be able to tell you if there are known issues with the hardware16:27
DaskreechYes but it's the Hardware abstraction so they might be aware of issues with your chipset/videocard/monitor combo16:28
pperDaskreech: alright, I will try asking in there, thank you16:28
genii-aroundpper: Does /sys/devices/platform/asus-laptop/ls_level exist? If so what value does it contain16:28
=== sorc is now known as sea4ever
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ppergenii-around: ls_level doesn't exist but asus_laptop and other files inside of it do16:31
pperthere is a backlight dir with some files apparently related to brightness, though16:32
genii-aroundpper: I was looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/222171 and wondering if maybe this is some regression16:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 222171 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Hardy] Backlight low on Asus x57 laptop (M50sa)" [Medium,Triaged]16:32
ppergenii-around: looks a lot like my problem, but my backlight isn't necessarily set to low - the strange thing is that if I try to change the brightness, say, to something really low, that brightness is applied after I reboot16:36
pperalso, I don't think my laptop model has a light sensor, which it seems ls_level is for16:37
Daskreechpper: So perhaps it's being registered somewhere but not being applied?16:37
pperDaskreech: seems like it from my point of view. Before booting Linux, the hotkeys function as they should, so if that could just be kept forever, that would be a perfectly acceptable solution16:40
Daskreechah I see. Yeah that would be nice. Does sound like a Linux umm udev issues?16:40
ppermight be, I'm not very familiar with the lower level parts of Linux but it does seem to happen in all distros I've tried16:44
EvilGeniusEvilGenius Counter1216:47
EvilGeniusHello, is this kubuntu channel for german?16:49
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!16:49
EvilGeniusNobody reacable in germany16:52
EvilGeniusi hope you can help16:52
EvilGeniusi hace problems with grub216:52
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cootHello, can somone explain me what does /etc/init.d/network script does, or which init script sets up netwoking in ubuntu. I'd like to run a firewall before networking starts.17:09
Peace-coot: first have you a router or a modem17:11
cootPeace-: a modem17:11
cootwell, its not true in fact, it is a laptop with usual ethernet card17:12
Peace-i guess , but i amo not sure , that the firewall is turned on before the connection is up17:12
cootthere are no iptables rules by default17:12
coot(at all)17:13
Peace-iptables is installed by default17:13
Peace-and because you have not a gui that doesn't mean it not turned on17:13
cootso what is a standard firewall for kubuntu17:14
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.17:14
Daskreech!info guarddog17:14
ubottuPackage guarddog does not exist in natty17:14
Daskreech!info ufw-kde17:15
ubottuPackage ufw-kde does not exist in natty17:15
DaskreechHmm :-/17:15
cootthanks, but I prefer to use iptables :)17:15
Peace-Daskreech: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/easy-firewall-for-kde4-kubuntu/17:15
DaskreechMe too17:16
Peace-coot: iptables  is a program17:16
DaskreechI was just researching17:16
Peace-ufw is an interface graphical for iptables17:16
cootPeace-: I know what is iptables17:16
OerHeksip tables is the kernel module, the gui set the rules.17:17
Peace-OerHeks: mm17:17
Peace-OerHeks: lsmod | grep stuff17:18
cootdear community, can I get an answer for my question: I have a firewall script (using iptables) which I use on my gentoo box, now I just want to include in another ubnutu box17:18
cootand what I need to know is when networking starts in ubuntu17:18
OerHeksmaybe this wiki is any help > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo17:19
cootmy blind guess was that it is configured by init.d scripts17:19
Peace-coot: well if you need to understand what the networking script does17:20
Peace-coot: just do  cat /etc/init.d/networking17:20
Peace-it's a bash script17:20
Peace-i guess17:20
Daskreech!info fwbuilder17:20
ubottufwbuilder (source: fwbuilder): Firewall administration tool GUI. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.1.3-2 (natty), package size 6715 kB, installed size 16740 kB17:20
Daskreechha! \o/17:20
cootPeace-: thanks, obviously I did it!17:20
OerHeksfwbuilder is nice17:20
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/17:21
Peace-coot: btw i guess the system turn on firewall before you get the connection17:22
Peace-by default17:22
Peace-coot: you said you used on gentoo a script17:22
Peace-coot: well where do you put that script ?17:22
Peace-on gentoo17:22
cootgentoo has it is own (very clean) way of handling init scripts17:23
cootthe firewall script I run before network interfaces are configured17:24
DaskreechPeace-: It would have to. The firewall is in the kernel so if the networking is up then the Firewall also has to be up they are initated as one17:24
Peace-Daskreech: i guess but i am not sure17:24
cootPeace-: inside /etc/init.d17:25
Peace-coot: so in ubuntu there is the same folder...17:26
OerHeks iptables -F will flush (clear) your rules17:26
cootDaskreech: you still have to configure interfaces, and before doing this you can add iptable rules.17:26
cootDaskreech: and my question is when ubuntu configures interfaces, maybe it is not done by init scripts?17:27
Daskreechcoot: I don't know anymore17:28
Daskreechcoot: you could ask in #upstart17:28
DaskreechThat's what starts Ubuntu based distros17:28
cootDaskreech: thanks, and thanks you all :)    - regards from gentoo ;)17:29
Peace-coot: on the doc i have seen preup stuff17:30
Peace-coot: http://paste.kde.org/12887517:31
cootPeace-: thanks, just reading :)17:31
Peace-coot: on the paste an example17:31
genii-aroundcoot: As Peace- says... if you want enforcement prior to ifup, a pre-up directive in the /etc/network/interfaces file17:31
cootgenii-around: great this is what I'm looking for17:32
Peace-coot: well there was in the doc...17:32
dpanyone know if it's possible to go back to using usplash instead of plymouth?17:39
Peace-dp: i have searched on muon right now , or maybe kpackagekit17:40
Peace-and i have forund startupmanager17:41
Peace-it seems you could install it17:41
Peace-dp: but it installs grub17:41
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faust_anyone having issues with today's kdepim update on 11.10?18:14
tonymcdid it update today?18:19
tonymcit did a few days ago, i'll check for updates18:19
tonymcno pim updates, only kdebase18:20
tonymci remember some problems (can't recall which though) but it all stabilized now18:21
faust_kdepim updated to this git package18:22
faust_and what before was a small problem18:23
faust_is now much bigger18:23
faust_it just duplicated 330 emails18:23
faust_dating back to the day I imported my maildirs from kmail118:24
faust_the error it displays in the debugger is AgentBase(akonadi_maildir_resource_1): Error opening ; this folder is missing.18:24
faust_every time I "touch" a duplicate18:24
faust_I read somewhere on a bug report that there is a configuration menu to set how kmail2 deals with conflicting versions of a message18:27
faust_but I couldn't find it and I was guessing if it really exists18:28
phoenix_firebrdfaust_: try the ubuntu+1 cahnnel18:29
phoenix_firebrdfaust_: *channel18:29
tonymcah, 11.1018:30
tonymci'm on 11.0418:31
JoelitoI'm using qt4-qtconfig, where can I save my downloaded themes to apply using the tool?18:35
genii-aroundJoelito: /home/yourusername/.config/Trolltech.conf18:39
Joelitowhen looking for themes in kde-look, which ones should I download? kde is not my default DE, just giving a nice look for my QT apps :)18:44
hghi all19:06
genii-around!info ubuntu-desktop natty19:10
ubottuubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.220 (natty), package size 3 kB, installed size 60 kB19:10
genii-around!info ubuntu-desktop oneiric19:14
ubottuubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.244 (oneiric), package size 3 kB, installed size 60 kB19:14
BubiHalli Hallo, ich habe da ein kleines Problem mit der Auflösungseinstellung von meinem Kubuntu, kann mir da wer kurz helfen?19:30
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januszmkhello. is anyone here who have sandy bridge and motherboard with z68 chipset?19:34
genii-around!de | Bubi19:35
ubottuBubi: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!19:35
ubuntu_hello, how can i install grub under live cd?19:39
genii-aroundubuntu_: Do you have an already-installed ubuntu box with /boot directory on it?19:40
ubuntu_i had installed it, but i have to delete the mbr, because i cant start windows xp. now i will reinstall it19:41
genii-aroundubuntu_: So, first you need to mount where the /boot on hard drive is. Do you know what partition you installed to? eg: sda1. sdb2 or so on19:42
ubuntu_but after deleting the mbr, the windows setup disk has converted the ext4 to fat19:43
genii-aroundubuntu_: Well, your linux install is probably gone then. Windows is probably there now.19:44
ubuntu_cant i convert it to ext4? like in windows to ntfs?19:44
genii-aroundNothing in Windows will convert an ext filesystem into a fat or ntfs. It must have just formatted it.19:45
BarkingFishEvening guys :)19:45
* genii-around slides BarkingFish a coffee19:46
BarkingFishI need a weenie bit of help if I can have it.19:46
BarkingFishAnd thanks for the coffee, genii-around :)19:46
genii-aroundBarkingFish: Anytime!19:46
januszmkis there anyone who could help me? i have vga integrated in cpu, i5 2500k, ga-z68m-d2h and i have problem with display the movies and some website. when i wath the movies, some "strips" are "jumping"19:46
ubuntu_hmm, then why say the KDE PArtition Manager, that the partition is available?19:47
BarkingFishI'm trying to get one of the text to speech things working on here.  I've tried jovie along with kttsd and kmouth, and I get no sound.  It appears we have the progs, but no voices.  Any ideas?19:47
genii-aroundubuntu_: Please pastebin result of: sudo fdisk -l19:47
genii-aroundubuntu_: eg: from in Konsole19:47
ubuntu_root@ubuntu:/home/ubuntu# sudo fdisk -l19:47
ubuntu_Disk /dev/sda: 500.1 GB, 500107862016 bytes19:47
ubuntu_255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 60801 cylinders19:47
ubuntu_Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes19:47
ubuntu_Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes19:47
FloodBotK1ubuntu_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:47
ubuntu_I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes19:47
genii-aroundubuntu_: Pastebin, not paste into channel ;)19:48
MausschubserI am having trouble with my external hdd and a programm called "back in time"19:50
georgeHello. I'm trying to get my mp4 player detected on Kubuntu 11.04. Help, please?19:50
MausschubserI set up a daily backing up19:50
BarkingFishgeorge, When you say you're trying to get it detected, how is it connected, via USB?19:51
georgeBarkingFish: (funny name) yes, via USB and all it does is to get charged.19:52
BarkingFishit's not detecting as a hard drive?19:52
Mausschubserbut when I remove my external HDD my PC won't boot anymore, it then says: ...the HDD UUID=............................. is not ready yet or not available19:52
georgeBarkingFish: (funny name):nope.19:52
BarkingFishhm, give me a second george.  In the mean time, can you open konsole and tell me if it's listed in lsusb please?19:53
Mausschubserthen I can press S to skip or M to fix it manually19:53
georgeBarkingFish: ok.19:53
Mausschubserpressing M the PC doesn't react, pressing M skips the error message but still shows me the boot splash19:54
Mausschubsersorry, pressing S and it skips19:54
BarkingFishgeorge: does it have an entry in the output of lsusb? If so, can you tell me the 8 character USBID code please?19:55
georgeBarkingFish: That's weird. It seems to be listed $ lsusb19:55
georgeBus 002 Device 007: ID 10d6:1101 Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd D-Wave 2GB MP4 Player / AK1025 MP3/MP4 Player19:55
Mausschubserhas anybody an idea how to mount this drive?19:55
BarkingFishcan you type blkid and hit enter please, george?19:56
Mausschubserunfortunately I am not familiar with command line19:56
georgeBarkingFish: done that.19:56
georgeBarkingFish: done that, returns nothing19:56
BarkingFishhold on a sec19:56
BarkingFishgeorge - can you press ALT F2, and type part, then select partition manager from the dropdown please?19:58
trtwiggyDo I need to do anything special to run opengl apps on Kubuntu?  I just installed Kubuntu on my laptop and I installed the Nvidia drivers from their website.  After I do that X server won't start so I copied back the old xorg.conf file and when I compile my simple opengl app i get glx errors.  All I use in it is freeglut19:58
BarkingFishgeorge - When the partition manager opens, in the top left you will see all the detected drives that the computer has found.  Click each one in turn, and in the main window, look for any drives that have NOT got a small gold padlock next to them.20:00
BarkingFishIf you see one that hasn't, that means that the device isn't mounted.20:00
genii-aroundubuntu_: I'm here. My /away is always set :) Did you manage yet to put results of: sudo fdisk -l  onto the pastebin website yet so we can see what it says?20:01
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genii-aroundubuntu_: Please do not PM, I assist only in the public channel. ... at any rate, your pastebin shows that sda1 is still partition type of 83/Linux.  So let us see if the data is intact: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt       and then see if: ls /mnt   shows anything. You do not need to paste the results anywhere, just see if it shows files or not.20:09
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DasKreechubuntu_: if it helps any speaking in the main channel is better for two reasons. More people can see what you are saying so you don't have to say it multiple times and different people can help who may not have seemed obvious before.20:13
DasKreechubuntu_: And secondly people who are not aware of the problem can see what the problem is and possibly the solution and can then help other people in the future20:14
BarkingFishi'm gonna be gone for a while, i have some changes to undertake.  I've got a shedload of updates to do, and I'm also installing a new DM. So i'll be back in a while20:18
BarkingFishif george comes back, either help him out or tell him I'll be back in about an hour20:18
* DasKreech weighs up how much a shedload is20:19
BarkingFishmore than a bit, less than an elephant20:19
BarkingFishyou figure it out :)20:19
BarkingFishsee you in about an hour guys :)20:19
george__Oh... I had trouble with internet and now Barkfish is gone! Oh man, how will I get my mp4 player detected by Kubuntu 11.04?20:43
genii-aroundgeorge__: Barkingfish said to tell you he will return in about an hour, that was about 20 minutes ago20:46
george__genii-around: oh, thanks man.20:46
genii-aroundNo problem.20:46
BarkingFishHi again guys! Sorry to bug you, but I need help.  I'm in the process of applying a whopping 459 updates to my stuff through kpackagekit, and the dang thing has downloaded and prepared everything, and promptly hung at 79% while installing.21:07
DasKreechBarkingFish: WHich file?21:08
BarkingFishIt's sitting there doing absolutely nothing whatsoever - it ceased while installing flashplayer-installer.  What I want to know is, if I kill it, do I have to download and install everything again?21:08
BarkingFishIt's halfway through upgrading kde to whatever the newest release is. 4.7.something or other21:10
DasKreechBarkingFish: No21:10
BarkingFishand it's already started taking programs out of my menu in preparation to replace them21:10
gomiboyBarkingFish: flashplayer-installer doesn't contains the actual flashplayer (copyright blah blah) but downloads it while installing21:10
DasKreechThey are already on your computer so it will just pick up from the last thing that was installed21:10
BarkingFishso I can knock this on the head and it will do nothing bad?  I just restart it and it will carry on from where it left off?21:10
BarkingFishdamn it. It looks like it crashed anyhow21:11
george__BarkingFish:hello. I had some trouble with internet. when you solve your issue, could we continue that mp4 detection thing?21:12
BarkingFishThe software update window has vanished along with the system tray icon21:12
BarkingFishgeorge__, Sure.  Maybe someone else can help in the mean time - all I wanted to do was see if your mp4 player was detected but not mounted because it hadn't got a mountpoint to go to.21:13
BarkingFishDasKreech, Do you think you could help george__ finish off trying to get his mp4 player mounted please?21:13
BarkingFishI was helping him, but he vanished, and I started my updates while I was waiting :)21:13
DasKreechBarkingFish: Probably should hav stopped it :)21:15
BarkingFishI'm gonna run a reboot, it looks like it *may* have finished correctly... I've got kde 4.7.1 programs available, let's see how far I get :)21:15
BarkingFishback in a few moments21:15
DasKreechBarkingFish: but it will pick up where it left off. If you want yo ucan shut down the GUI and just login here from the command line while things upgrade21:15
DasKreechit's much more focused and less nerve wracking21:16
DasKreechOr just reboot :)21:16
BarkingFishok, I've got irssi set up so I'll do that when I come back.21:16
DasKreechthat would be fine too ^_^21:16
BarkingFishRebooting now.21:16
yofelBarkingFish: wait21:17
yofelBarkingFish: run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' first, if that does nothing it should be fine21:17
BarkingFishit did zip21:17
BarkingFishI'm kicking the reboot off, see you in a few moments hopefully21:18
* DasKreech waits for the Fish To bark again21:20
BarkingFishok, that's all gone through.  No errors on load, other than ndiswrapper missing my USB wifi stick because it couldn't initialize it :)21:23
george__BarkingFish: Nice! If you or somenone else could contiue helping me, on Partition Manager it reads "no valid partition table" and Disk Utility reads "unknown".21:28
BarkingFishhave you got any files on the mp4 player or not yet>21:28
gomiboygeorge__: i have a mp3 player that have no partitions and works by mounting just /dev/sdx (no part. number).21:30
BarkingFishyes, but we need to find out what the FS type is on the device21:32
BarkingFishand if possible, make a mountpoint for it.21:32
BarkingFishgeorge__, where do your hard disks mount to, /media/ ?21:32
Torchprobably fat3221:34
george__just a few, but that's not an issue. If you're going to tell me to format it, I fear that it could shrink....21:34
Torchbut i missed what the problem is21:35
BarkingFishI don't want you to format it :)21:35
BarkingFishWhat I'd like to get you to do is to open konsole, and type the following:   cd /media21:35
BarkingFishthen when you're in there, type sudo mkdir mp4player21:35
Torchi'd suggest using /mnt for that,  not /media21:36
gomiboyseconded :321:36
BarkingFishBy default, when I set up kubuntu, all of my mountpoints went to /media, therefore I normally direct people to mount in the same place all their other disks go.21:37
BarkingFishThat's why I asked him where all the others he had mounted21:37
TorchBarkingFish: "automatic" stuff mounts there. manual stuff goes to /mnt21:37
george__All right, what should I type?21:37
BarkingFishgeorge__, I better get you to do what the others are suggesting, despite what I would suggest doing the same thing :)21:38
BarkingFishgo to cd ../mnt please21:38
BarkingFishin there, type sudo mkdir mp4player21:38
TorchBarkingFish: it _is_ the same thing, just different dir ;-)21:38
george__ok, and now? sudo mkdir mp4player?21:39
BarkingFishTorch, If everything else mounts in /media, and I'd want the player to mount automatically on connection, i'd put it in /media21:39
BarkingFishyes, as above george__21:39
george__oh, by the way, my usb flash drive mounts on media21:39
TorchBarkingFish: whatever you're trying to do probably won't make it mount automatically, but i see what you mean21:40
BarkingFishI won't say I told you so, cause I'll probably get kicked for it :)21:40
* Torch can't kick people here.21:40
BarkingFishAnyhow george__ what you now have is a mountpoint for your player21:40
BarkingFishNow, when you went into the partition manager, what drive letter did it show you for the player?21:41
gomiboyproblem arises when you connect a device with a partition named "mp4player"... unusual, but possible :P21:41
BarkingFishgomiboy, I've never had any problems in the 11 years I've been on linux, I don't see why I should start having them now :)21:42
BarkingFishOr causing them for that matter, either!21:42
gomiboylike i said unusual... but possible21:42
BarkingFishAnyway - what drive letter did the partition manager show you for your mp4player, george__?21:42
Torch(there was no /media 11 years ago)21:43
george__you mean  /dev/sdb    ?21:43
BarkingFishno, I know. I started on /mnt, and everything went there.  Then when everything started going to /media, I followed it21:43
BarkingFishgeorge__, yes21:43
BarkingFishWhat I want you to do is at the command line, type sudo mount /dev/sdb  /mnt/mp4player21:44
george__BarkingFish: ok...21:44
BarkingFishif it gives you any errors, just mention what they are here, or if you get a lot, pop them on paste.ubuntu.com and put the URL here21:45
george__BarkingFish: sorry for the delays, I type and then search for the proper english translation. it says: "mount: you must specify the filesystem type"21:48
BarkingFishright - this is the bit I don't entirely know.21:48
TorchBarkingFish: -t21:48
BarkingFishguys - for fat filesystems, do we use fat or vfat as the fstype?21:49
TorchBarkingFish: yes21:49
BarkingFishwhich, Torch?21:49
BarkingFishfat or vfat?21:49
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE21:50
BarkingFishok, thanks Torch21:50
Torchman mount has the list21:51
BarkingFishright, george__ - this is the correct command - sudo mount /dev/sdb /mnt/mp4player -t vfat21:51
BarkingFishok Torch - I'll have a read of that in a moment21:51
Torchi'm not sure mount accepts the type after device and mount point21:52
Torchmaybe it does, maybe not21:52
TheEvilPhoenixit should be21:52
TheEvilPhoenixsudo mount -t <type> device mountdir21:52
TheEvilPhoenixotherwise it breaks21:52
TorchTheEvilPhoenix: that's what i was thinking, yes21:52
george__BarkingFish: it appeared the hourglass on the its screen, but nothing changed... :(21:54
Torchgeorge__: this is the command line... no hourglasses there21:54
Torchgeorge__: when the command returns without a message it worked21:54
BarkingFishyou should be in konsole, george__ - not on the main GUI :)21:55
george__Torch: tee-he, I know, I was saying about the mp4 player. On konsole, all went without issues, you guys know.21:55
Torchgeorge__: try an ls -l of whevever you mounted it21:55
BarkingFishI gave you the wrong command anyhow, I suck on CLI.   It should have been sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb /mnt/mp4player21:55
BarkingFishThe hourglass on the mp4player most likely means it's connected.21:56
Torchls should tell you21:56
Torchalso mount21:57
george__BarkFish: same happens.21:57
BarkingFishgeorge__, as Torch explained, if you just type mount  on the konsole, it should show you everything which is mounted, just check it to see if it's showing up.21:58
BarkingFishif it is, cd /mnt/mp4player  and then type ls -l  to show you what's on the device.21:59
george__ok, I'm gonna pastebin that22:00
TheEvilPhoenixits not normal for plasma-desktop to segv right?22:00
TorchTheEvilPhoenix: no ;-)22:00
BarkingFishTheEvilPhoenix, no, absolutely not22:00
TorchTheEvilPhoenix: nor for any other process ;-))22:00
TheEvilPhoenixi assume i should report the bug :P22:00
george__mount: http://pastie.org/261359822:01
Torchgeorge__: perfect!22:01
Torchgeorge__: last line22:01
BarkingFishyep, it's there22:01
BarkingFishDoes it show anything on the device when you ls -l the directory?22:02
george__BarkFish: yes... it displays the folders it has, but on the folder on kubuntu they doesn't appear. besides, there are two files, which i believe are malware from windows computers.22:04
george__see: http://pastie.org/261361122:05
Torchwell, the aut0run.inf is suspicious, but you can hardly blame linux for that22:05
george__Torch:should I delete those files, anyway?22:06
Torchgeorge__: o cam22:06
Torchgeorge__: i can't tell you that. they sure won't do any harm under linux22:07
george__BarkFish:Now, how can I access the folders the device has via kubuntu?22:07
Torchgeorge__: yes (answering for BarkingFish)22:07
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Torchgeorge__: you should be able to navigate to /mnt/mp4player in dolphin22:08
Torchgeorge__: or just xdg-open /mnt/mp4player in the shell22:08
BarkingFishright, the autorun.inf isn't malware22:08
BarkingFishall that is for is when you connect to a windows pc, for bring up the box with the "There are multiple file types on this disk, what do you want to do with them?" thingy in it22:09
george__BarkFish:Nevermind, the folders are appearing now! Oh guys, thank you so much all of you.22:09
george__BarkFish:Is that so? autorun is ok, then?22:10
BarkingFishyes, that'll be fine.  It's just for automatic running of what you plug in22:10
BarkingFishmy old mp3 stick had one22:10
BarkingFishanyway george__ - all you need to do now is just start transferring stuff between your pc and the player, best to do that in dolphin, using split window mode22:11
gomiboygeorge__: you should add a line to /etc/fstab22:11
BarkingFishI normally split it so I have source file one side, and the destination folder on the other22:12
BarkingFishand just drag and drop across the two22:12
george__BarkFish:Ok, thanks a lot for you help.22:13
george__Torch:Thank you.22:13
george__Thank all of you.22:13
Torchgeorge__: np22:13
BarkingFishno problem george__ - come back if you need anything else :)22:13
Torchgeorge__: all credit goes to BarkingFish22:13
george__All right. GNU/Linux is great and its community is awesome. :)22:15
george__So, good bye for now.22:17
Torchgeorge__: bye22:17
LINKSWORD2Hey guys. I'22:22
Torchhey gal.22:23
LINKSWORD2Blasted keyboard!22:23
LINKSWORD2I'm NOT a gal.22:23
LINKSWORD2OK, let's get to the problem...22:23
LINKSWORD2Muon notified me there's over 200 updates to install. I selected them all and clicked Install, and I get an error that says something like.... "Another application is using this installer."22:24
=== OffToHades is now known as BarkingFish
Torchsomething like? can you give the exact error message?22:25
LINKSWORD2Hang on.22:26
LINKSWORD2No, apparently I can't. It disappears after a moment.22:27
Torchyou could just use apt-get on the shell to update. no cleaner way under the sun.22:28
Torchlike, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:29
Torchdoesn't fix the $LATESTGUIINSTALLER but works22:29
LINKSWORD2Here it is....22:32
LINKSWORD2Another application seems to be using the package system at this time. You must close all other package managers before you will be able to install or remove any packages.22:32
winutloving kubuntu style, thanks :-)22:32
TorchLINKSWORD2: yes22:33
TorchLINKSWORD2: that's not uncommon. the question is, who's the culprit.22:33
TorchLINKSWORD2: assuming this comes from apt-get / dpkg22:33
LINKSWORD2Problem is, I don't have anything updating, or any other package managers installed, let alone running.22:33
TorchLINKSWORD2: then it might just be a stale lock file hanging around22:34
LINKSWORD2I'm using Muon.22:34
Torchwell, i can't say anything about muon22:34
LINKSWORD2How would I fix this?22:34
yofelJontheEchidna: seems I'm not the only one ^22:34
TorchLINKSWORD2: if it's really just a stale lock file, you could delete the file22:34
TorchLINKSWORD2: if it's muon acting up, that would not help, of course22:35
TorchLINKSWORD2: i forget where the lock file is, google will tell you22:35
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »22:35
TorchJontheEchidna: thanks mate22:36
LINKSWORD2Wait, what?!22:36
* Torch has to log out and back in again, be back in a bit.22:36
LINKSWORD2.... I'm confused.22:36
LINKSWORD2JontheEchidna: How can I get this error out of my way?22:36
yofelLINKSWORD2: run the command, and see if it still happens22:36
LINKSWORD2E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.22:38
TorchLINKSWORD2: do that, it's not gonna break anything22:39
LINKSWORD2"No such file or directory."22:39
LINKSWORD2I'm going to KILL this thing!!!22:39
TorchLINKSWORD2: if you run "sudo dpkg --configure -a", you get "no such file or directory"?22:39
TorchLINKSWORD2: hard to believe?22:40
Torchoops, s,!,?,22:40
TorchLINKSWORD2: check your speling22:40
LINKSWORD2I have double and triple-checked.22:40
Torchvl@mondo:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a22:40
JontheEchidnadpkg being missing would signal much deeper problems with the computer...22:45
LINKSWORD2Such as?22:45
TorchLINKSWORD2: it is hard to believe you have a working system without dpkg22:46
JontheEchidnawell, a vital program for the system seems to be missing. dunno why though.22:46
LINKSWORD2Is there any way to tell for sure?22:47
Torchvl@mondo:~$ which dpkg22:47
Torchvl@mondo:~$ ls -l /usr/bin/dpkg22:47
Torch-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 249240 2011-06-29 11:46 /usr/bin/dpkg22:47
TorchLINKSWORD2: try that22:47
FloodBotK1Torch: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:47
TorchLINKSWORD2: ignore the stupid bot, try that22:47
LINKSWORD2dpkg is there.22:49
LINKSWORD2But I don't understand why I'm having problems.22:49
TorchLINKSWORD2: try running it again with sudo22:49
yofelbecause *something* went wrong before, for now run the command (somehow)22:50
yofelg0rs: wrong window :P22:50
g0rssorry yofel22:50
yofelLINKSWORD2: did the command work?22:50
LINKSWORD2Sorry, I didn't see which command you're talking about.22:51
yofelsudo dpkg --configure -a22:51
Torchor sudo dpkg -l -- whatever22:52
Torchyou have to have dpkg22:52
LINKSWORD2Looks like I have errors.22:52
Torchpastebin them22:52
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:52
yofelLINKSWORD2: that's missing something on the top, please pastebin everything dpkg --configure -a prints22:55
LINKSWORD2That's all I'm getting.22:55
yofelhm, then run 'sudo apt-get install -f' instead22:55
yofelmake sure to double check what it wants to add/remove22:56
DasKreechTorch: many systems work without dpkg23:22
TorchDasKreech: heh23:26
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