poolielifeless, re that query for bugs affecting users00:52
pooliei'll try it without the subquery00:52
pooliethat sql is being generated by higher level code that asks for a query affects_me=True00:52
pooliewould it be risky, or beneficial, to change the way that's implemented in general?00:53
poolieso that it always does a join00:53
poolieor is it likely to be sensitive to the larger query of which it's a part?00:53
lifelesssadly its risky01:04
lifelesshowever I tried a join and it wasn't substantially better01:04
lifelessbacklog in -ops has pastebin / explain for hloeung01:05
lifelessnot saying 'do not join', more 'join may not be enough / may be a distraction'01:05
mwhudsonlifeless: https://code.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/launchpad/introduce-IParticipationWithAnnotations-bug-623199 btw01:21
mwhudson(running it through ec2 test now)01:22
thumperwallyworld_: I don't have a show desktop in the launcher01:59
wallyworld_thumper: hmmmm. mine has been there for a while. perhaps it got removed and i still have an old launcher entry which points to nothing02:00
wallyworld_if it has been removed, how does one show the desktop now?02:01
thumperwallyworld_: it is in alt-tab02:01
wallyworld_thumper: so it is. too many keypresses though :-(02:02
thumperwhat is the purpose of showing the desktop?02:02
wallyworld_so i can access icons and shortcuts i have there02:02
thumperwallyworld_: try super-D02:02
wallyworld_hitting super brings up the launcher02:03
wallyworld_and then 'd' has no effect02:03
thumperwallyworld_: hold down super and press "D"02:03
thumperworks for me02:03
wallyworld_yehah i tried that too02:03
thumperwallyworld_: I think your computer just hates you02:04
wallyworld_i knows i like kde02:04
wallyworld_generally i don't mind unity except for that key workflows are too inconvenient02:05
wgrantunity --reset?02:05
* wallyworld_ tries that02:05
wallyworld_still hates me02:06
wgrantjelmer: https://code.launchpad.net/~guadalinex-members/firstboot/gecos is a bit special.02:09
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StevenKCan haz review? https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/fix-search-oops/+merge/7742902:20
StevenKlifeless: Can we close bug 702188? Since we haven't had read-only mode for a few months now ...02:44
_mup_Bug #702188: librarian 500s during read-only mode <librarian> <oops> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/702188 >02:44
poolielifeless, huwshimi, so as a compromise for 'bugs affecting me' perhaps i'll just leave off the count02:49
poolieit looks a bit odd02:50
_mup_Bug #858618: hard to find bugs that affect you in a project <bugs> <ui> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by mbp> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/858618 >02:50
pooliebut i think it's still a step forward02:50
pooliewhat an awful jpeg02:50
pooliebut you get the idea02:50
huwshimipoolie: Is the query too slow or something?02:52
huwshimipoolie: I agree it looks a little odd, but I'm not sure we can do anything about it02:52
jtvWe definitely need a psycopg upgrade for what I'm doing.  :(03:13
pooliehuwshimi, yes, it is a bit slow03:25
poolieand robert's reasonably concerned that just adding more to this page will make it worse03:25
poolieperhaps we can eventually make them fetched asynchronously03:25
poolieobviously there would still be some db load from it03:26
pooliehuwshimi, so what i'm really wondering is, do you think it's a step forward over all?03:26
huwshimipoolie: I would have thought having links to those pages would be super useful (is there currently any other way to view them without doing an advanced search?). I'm not sure I understand how it could make thinks worse.03:31
pooliei also think it would be super useful, and there is no way other than an advanced search03:31
poolieand as a consequence the url is risible03:32
poolieso i think the worse is only in it being a little ugly and people perhaps complaining it's broken03:32
pooliewhich we can fix separately03:32
poolieeither through a smarter query or caching or whatever03:32
poolieperhaps a triggered update of a cache table03:32
huwshimipoolie: Now that I'm thinking about it again,  one think that might be worth considering is putting those links into their own portlet (maybe with a "My bugs" title... or something more appropriate) to make a bit more of a feature out of the fact those links now exist.03:34
poolieall the per-person links?03:35
huwshimipoolie: Yeah, although really this is a different issue...03:36
pooliein fact turning them into toggle filter buttons would be great, i think03:38
lifelesshuwshimi: I like your search mockup; have you considered having the search terms visible in the result (like search facets)03:38
poolieso you can get to 'high', 'open and closed', 'affects me'03:38
pooliebut this is much bigger, i just wanted a bit of a stop gap03:38
lifelesshuwshimi: you may have and decided its out of scope, but if you haven't thought about it, I can point you at a number of bugs related to folk doing iterative refinement of searches03:38
lifelesswhich this could help with03:39
pooliehuwshimi, oh could i see your mockup?03:39
huwshimipoolie: What I really would like to do at some point is have a "these are link to the things in this context that apply to me" portlet that is consistent across as much of Launchpad as we can, which would include those links on the bug pages03:40
huwshimilifeless: Oh, do you mean the mockups for the bug columns work?03:41
lifelesshuwshimi: yes03:41
huwshimilifeless: I think deryck has decided that doing anything to the search is out of scope for the short turn around they have for this feature, except maybe the summary of terms (which I think was in the mockup)03:43
huwshimipoolie: Emailed03:46
lifelesshuwshimi: no worries03:48
poolieah i see what you mean about 'no columns'03:48
lifelesshuwshimi: it will be an improvement nevertheless03:48
* StevenK prods lifeless a little harder.03:49
StevenK[12:44] < StevenK> lifeless: Can we close bug 702188? Since we haven't had read-only mode for a few months now ...03:51
_mup_Bug #702188: librarian 500s during read-only mode <librarian> <oops> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/702188 >03:51
huwshimilifeless: Yeah, I'd really like to see that advanced search stuff turned into filters etc. I did in fact do some basic mockups for that, but at this stage it's out of scope. Hopefully that might turn into a second stage of this work another time.03:53
lifelessStevenK: sure03:56
* StevenK dithers between Fix Released and Invalid03:59
wgrantWon't Fix04:00
StevenKwgrant: Thanks. Done.04:01
StevenKlifeless: I'm also having trouble making a tarball of Twisted 11.0.0 plus a cherry pick I applied to it, I would love a bit of help if you're able.04:03
lifelessStevenK: what happens?04:03
StevenKlifeless: TBH, I thought I just had to tar up the new bits -- but it still identifies itself as 11.0.0, so buildout loves me not.04:04
lifelessI have no idea how to make a twisted release04:04
lifelessit used to be a Dark Art04:04
StevenKYou told me how to do a storm release with setup.py flags, I was wondering if they could be used ...04:05
lifelessknow, can I remember them... your shell history might be  abetter bet ;)04:06
StevenKI tried that yesterday, no dice.04:06
lifelessegg_info might be the key04:07
wgrantegg_info -b-blahsomesuffix sdist?04:07
* StevenK is concerned the tarball is 700KiB smaller ...04:09
StevenKAnd is .gz for further hilarity04:10
StevenKNo docs. Handy.04:11
StevenKIn fact, there is no egg info in the old tarball.04:14
lifelesstwisted devs are even less keen on eggs than I04:15
nigelbbenji: heh, its probably conflicting with my commit to db-devel. I'll get a new branch ready soonish04:18
benjinigelb: cool; just let me know and I'll land it when you're ready04:18
StevenKUsing ./setup.py egg_info and tarring up that results in buildout still insisting it's 11.0.004:31
StevenKwgrant: It seems you fixed bug 55099 along with your BugTask target work. Do you want to close it?04:48
_mup_Bug #55099: IBugTaskSet.createTask should take a target argument <lp-bugs> <tech-debt> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/55099 >04:48
wgrantStevenK: Indeed, nice find.04:50
StevenKI need to remove a key from the prod configs before I can rip it out of schema-lazr, right?05:06
* wgrant hunts for a reviewer for https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/no-key-oopses/+merge/7744705:26
StevenKwgrant: I've been looking for a reviewer for 3 hours05:26
wgrantStevenK: Yours is certainly *a* fix, but I don't think it's the right Zopey one.05:28
jtvI've got some time to review right now.05:50
jtvAhhh--treating upload errors as user errors.  Been wishing for that.05:51
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jtvwgrant: review done06:36
StevenKMPJs have been going *really* slowly :-/06:37
jelmerwgrant: hmm, indeed06:38
wgrantjtv: Ah, I keep forgetting we're on 2.6 now.06:39
wgrantjelmer: There are a couple of others like it.06:39
StevenKwgrant: 2.6? We should move to 2.7 :-P06:39
wgrantYou'd think.06:40
cjwatsonDo I need a bug report to attach to a branch that removes code?  I assume it'd be qa-untestable, so doesn't need a bug for QA workflow, right?07:34
pooliecjwatson, i believe you do not need one07:34
cjwatsonThanks.  Not ready to submit it yet, waiting for an RT to be resolved so that I can deploy the replacement07:36
lifelesscjwatson: depends on the code being removed.07:37
lifelesscjwatson: e.g. we can verify that some action *doesn't* happen, so there is no intrinsic untestability of removal per se - but some removals may be untestable (as some additions and modifications are untestable)07:38
nigelbCan someone help me QA bug 88545 :)07:38
_mup_Bug #88545: Abolish the "statusexplanation" database field <bad-commit-10978> <lp-bugs> <qa-needstesting> <tech-debt> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by nigelbabu> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/88545 >07:38
cjwatsonlifeless: it's removing one of the ftpmaster scripts07:41
cjwatsonso not so much some action doesn't happen, as (about to be) dead code07:42
lifelesscjwatson: for that I would just nuke from orbit with no bug.07:42
lifelesscjwatson: unless you want something to point at an celebrate.07:42
cjwatsonhah.  ok07:42
lifelesscjwatson: (I'm very keen to remove all archive admin access to the db, you might be able to tell :P)07:43
cjwatsonI've noticed07:43
cjwatsonstill some way to go, but archive-cruft-check is a fairly easy one to migrate now that I have a full dists/ mirror on lillypilly07:44
cjwatsonand maybe if I help a bit with it people won't lecture me as much ;-)07:45
lifelesscjwatson: I'm actually fine with stuff still running on coco, just removing the db access and the potential for massive locks and errors there is the key thing :)07:45
lifelesscjwatson: I'm glad you're putting some time into it!07:45
cjwatsonwe fixed all our locally-written out-of-tree db access quite a while back; everything we run that touches the db is in the LP tree now.  TBH it mostly amounts to queue, change-override, and lp-remove-package07:47
cjwatsonthough I wouldn't swear to there being nothing else07:47
cjwatsonoh, and sync-source for the cases that the API method doesn't cover yet07:47
lifelessyeah, but until we nuke *everything* we can't disable the account07:48
cjwatsonwe have quite a few reports to migrate to lillypilly07:48
cjwatsonbut I think that's all unblocked now07:49
wgrantcjwatson: Ah, excellent, always good to remove code.07:55
pooliecould i get a review on https://code.launchpad.net/~mbp/launchpad/323000-affecting-user/+merge/77469 please?08:53
nigelbpoolie: Is that a new filter?09:03
=== rvba changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: rvba* (allenap) | Critical bugs: 261 - 0:[########*** stack smashing detected ***: ./lp terminated
rvbapoolie: Sure.09:05
poolienigelb, it's a link to see the bugs that affect you09:09
nigelbpoolie: Neat!09:10
nigelb<3 it09:10
nigelbI'm guessing now, people will more aggresively use the affects me09:11
_mup_Bug #323000: Make "this bug affects me too" bugs visible from user profile <lp-bugs> <profile> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by mbp> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/323000 >09:11
nigelbI saw09:12
bigjoolswgrant: https://launchpad.net/~lynxman/+archive/ppa09:48
pooliervba, so what did you think of https://code.launchpad.net/~mbp/launchpad/323000-affecting-user/+merge/77469 ?09:48
rvbapoolie: done with the review in just one sec.09:49
rvbapoolie: I know it's just a drive by fix but I confess I *love* the removal of all the "List" in front of every single link ;).09:50
poolieyeah i do too09:51
poolieit's not cobol09:51
pooliethanks for the reivew09:52
pooliervba i saw robert just closing some tech debt bugs with the comment that someone will fix them when (and only when) they see the code and care about changing it09:52
poolieand the bug is noise09:52
poolieand i'm inclined to agree09:53
nigelbpoolie: heh, its not COBOL09:53
rvbapoolie: Okay, I understand.09:53
pooliei believe in cleaning things up, i just doubt the bug will make it happen09:53
wgrantbigjools: We clearly have some differing opinions. I may track him down later.09:54
bigjoolswgrant: yes, that's why I pointed it out09:54
wgrantbigjools: Well, this is all based on my packaging from yesterday.09:55
rvbapoolie: True. Especially since the bugs are piling-up quickly I guess.09:55
wgrantBut he's done odd stuff like installing the .ez again.09:55
wgrantInstead of linking the package in.09:55
wgrantI wonder if there's a reason for that.09:55
rvbapoolie: but like you said, the duplication in this particular file is really *bad* ;)09:55
wgrantHmmmmm interesting.09:56
pooliervba the main thing that puts me off cleaning it up is that i can see it's using some amount of zope magic but i don't understand it well enough to know if it's tasteful or not09:56
wgrantrabbitmq-management is based on mine, but rabbitmq-management-agent is based on rabbitmq-stomp.09:56
pooliehm, the duplication perhaps suggests nobody else is comfortable with it either :)09:56
pooliei think actually possibly the whole url structure and ui needs to be reconsidered09:57
poolieso that these are not just ~6 totally  different pages  (even with less code duplication) but a generic bug list with some filters09:58
pooliei guess we could make the bugs./~ page just link to generic bug searches09:58
rvbaThat sounds like a good idea.09:58
wgrantbigjools: I fixed the FatalUploadError OOPSes, btw.09:58
pooliebut there is no generic bug search?09:58
poolieoh, there is09:59
poolielike to https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=mbp&field.bug_supervisor=&field.bug_commenter=&field09:59
poolielike to https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.reporter=mbp09:59
pooliebut, it's a bit harder to navigate from there - you lose the context of coming to it from ~mbp10:00
rvbaGood point ...10:00
pooliemrevell, speaking (vaguely) of responsive design, have you visited askubuntu.com from a mobile browser?10:02
poolieit is a thing of beauty10:03
mrevellpoolie, I havent; I'll have a look, thanks.10:04
pooliethanks allenap10:19
nigelbpoolie: wow. Its awesome on a mobile.10:19
poolieit even has little unfoldy overlay bits, which10:20
poolieobviously are possible on webkit10:20
pooliebut, i rarely see sites that both use ajax *and* are mobile specifci10:20
nigelbThe firefox input website also has a cool looking mobile UI.'10:20
pooliemrevell, just one quick thing while i'm tweaking, i'd like to change the 'get the code' in the footer to point to dev.l.n not to the branch contents10:20
poolie(which are not actually all that useful without instructions)10:21
pooliewe've got past "omg there's actual code" and now we can look for at least some people to really change it10:21
nigelbSo, point it to https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting10:24
mrevellAside from /Getting being the scariest wiki page I have seen this month, I think that's a great idea.10:25
pooliethat's why i was going to go to the top level10:25
poolieit's a bit less scary10:25
poolieincluding having a "noooo i just want cds"10:25
mrevellpoolie, Sounds like a grand plan :)10:25
nigelbIs /Getting that scary? :)10:26
pooliewell, not really ,but it does have "i need help with lp"10:26
poolieand the top level has an easy "Get the source code" link10:26
mrevellnigelb, I didn't read a single word on that page and I was scared.10:26
mrevellIt's a lot of text.10:26
mrevellIt needs a Usability and Communications Specialist to fix it.10:26
mrevellBarring that, a Product Manager.10:27
nigelbWhich needs a product manager to hire one ;)10:27
mrevellnigelb, getting there...10:27
pooliea Brave U&C Specialist10:27
nigelbBrave/Fearless all that10:27
mrevellwhich makes me think of the Holy Grail10:27
nigelbWe should register launchpad.xxx and it should show the list of all XXX comments in the code.10:28
nigelbJust to show the sense of humour we have ::P10:28
mrevell"Getting the Launchpad source code is fairly simple," and here are 1092 words to tell just how simple.10:28
nigelbIts only one step.10:29
nigelbGet rf and run it.10:29
mrevellYeah, assuming you want rf to take over your machine. I'm not deliberately sniping at that page; I can, though, see some ways in which it can be better.10:30
poolieit's getting better10:30
pooliebut it is not trivial10:30
nigelbI did let rf take over my machine. BUt maybe we should have a page with the different ways including that thing wgrant uses10:30
pooliei think they're under /Running10:31
pooliei have used schroots in the past10:31
mrevellI use a VM10:31
poolieat the moment i'm running it outside because it's slightly easier10:31
pooliebut it's good to know they're there10:31
mrevellYeah, I think new U&C person and I will need a mini-sprint where we get together for a couple of days to garden the dev wiki.10:32
nigelbI found it less blocking when launchpad was just running on my machine10:32
nigelbthat way I wanted to touch the code more often :)10:32
pooliei wonder, while i'm there, if i should link to the blog too10:33
poolieit's one of the more interesting bits10:33
pooliecompared to, say, the Terms of Use ;-)10:33
mrevellYeah, shouldn't make the footer too wide, right?10:34
mrevellBut, then...10:34
mrevellwe have "Take the tour" and "Read the guide" just above10:34
mrevellmaybe the blog link should go beside those.10:35
pooliei'd like to unify them too10:35
poolieit's a little weird with the shaded bar and then the unshaded bar10:35
poolieand one is left aligned and the other centered10:35
pooliewell, maybe we can10:35
wgrantnigelb: I use LXC (see /Running/LXC). On Oneiric it works really well.10:39
wgrantAnd it only takes a couple of seconds to start.10:40
wgrantI have a few scripts in ~/bin10:40
wgrantSo to start the VM I just run lp-start on the host. lp-sh will SSH in and preserve the working dir, or you can give it a command and it will run that. lp-bounce restarts the appserver quickly. It all works pretty smoothly, and didn't take long to get used to.10:41
nigelbwgrant: Needs Oneiric right?10:41
nigelbI'm not quite ready to part with Lucid :)10:42
wgrantWorks OK on Natty, but not Lucid.10:42
mrevellI wonder how important it is to make Launchpad work well on mobile browsers. My gut feeling is that we should do it; I need to get some research to back me up :)10:43
StevenKrvba: O hai, I have two reviews for you -- https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/kill-+viewstatus/+merge/77460 and https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/drop-mdzcsv/+merge/7746410:44
nigelbmrevell: Checkout other codehosting websites as well10:44
nigelbmaybe we need a mobile bzr client :P10:44
* nigelb runs10:45
rvbaHi StevenK, okay, I'll have a look.10:45
pooliemrevell, personally i think it's pretty far down the line10:55
poolieso i mention that more just because i was impressed than that i thought we should do it10:55
mrevellYeah, it is impressive. We get requests every now and then; Stuart Langridge last night, for example.10:56
poolieoh for a mobile site?10:56
pooliei think if we had internal notifications/timelines they would be a good thing to make work well mobile10:57
poolieso people could check up on things in idle moments10:57
lifelessI'd argue for an app, not a mobile site per se. IMBW.10:59
StevenKhttp://lpqateam.canonical.com/ does not need OpenID?11:05
StevenKlifeless: ^11:09
poolielifeless, which is kind of to say: apis useful enough someone could make an app11:16
pooliefew roundtrips, maybe notification/activity apis11:17
mrevellIf we took the responsive web design approach (basically, you make sure your site renders well on different form factors, mobile, PC, whatever), then it'd be more sustainable, I think, than an app. It would be good to see the API in such a state that it could support a widely used mobile app, though.11:18
rvbaStevenK: r=me&allenap.  Nice cleanups ;)11:29
StevenKrvba, allenap: Many thanks for the reviews. :-)12:23
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deryckMorning, all.13:03
=== jcsackett changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: rvba* (allenap), jcsackett | Critical bugs: 261 - 0:[########*** stack smashing detected ***: ./lp terminated
rvbaMorning jcsackett!13:31
jcsackettmorning, rvba. :-)13:31
deryckabentley, coming for standup.  sorry to be running later.13:32
abentleyderyck: s'okay.13:32
allenapThanks for the review jcsackett :)14:00
jcsackettyou're welcome, allenap. :-)14:01
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allenapjcsackett: Got time for another one? https://code.launchpad.net/~allenap/txlongpoll/queue-prefix-optional/+merge/7753514:10
jcsackettallenap: sure thing.14:10
jcsackettallenap: r=me.14:23
allenapjcsackett: Thanks :)14:27
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bigjoolsgary_poster: do you know if we have a convention for versioning eggs where I've backported a revision from upstream's trunk?  setup won't let me use a "+" in the version string :(15:06
gary_posterbigjools, revision and "-r12345" can't be forced upon the situation somehow?15:06
bigjoolsthat's what I am using15:06
bigjoolslooks *wrong* as I am used to Debian versions :)15:07
gary_posterbigjools :-) I say go with it15:07
bigjoolsgary_poster: I guess I will, thanks :)15:07
gary_posterwelcome :-)15:07
bigjoolsgary_poster: any ideas what's going on here? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/699159/15:16
gary_posterbigjools, what's that ">" doing in there?  :-)   if this is versions.cfg, just specify a version15:17
bigjoolsgary_poster: it's not, it's from setup.py for txlongpoll15:17
bigjoolsit finds the distro but there's an error, I don;t know what that error means15:17
bigjoolsI guess it's a problem in the Twisted dist15:18
bigjoolsyeah,the file is in the original but not in the sdist that setup makes :(15:19
gary_posterbigjools, on call will be with you soon15:21
mgzhello, I wonder if anyone would be interested in landing a launchpadlib mp for me?15:25
mgzallenap perhaps?15:28
* nigelb waves to mgz :)15:29
=== rvba changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: jcsackett | Critical bugs: 261 - 0:[########*** stack smashing detected ***: ./lp terminated
nigelbCongrats on the new job!15:29
mgz...I did wonde what that syntax was in the on call review field...15:29
mgzthanks nigelb!15:29
allenapmgz: Sure, let me take a look.15:30
nigelbmgz: That meant rvba is a trainee reviewer being mentored by allenap :)15:30
gary_posterbigjools, I don't know what the story is there.  .py files are generally included by default AFAIK.  You can mess with MANIFEST.in to try and get it, I guess15:35
bigjoolsgary_poster: I think it's something to do with how the egg is built15:35
bigjoolswell, the distribution I mean15:36
gary_posterright, the sdist15:36
bigjoolsgary_poster: it's missing a few setup.py files in the tree.  They are there in the tarball in the LP download cache15:36
bigjoolsso I must be building it wrong15:36
gary_posterbigjools, the only thing I would know to look at on the basis of that traceback is MANIFEST.in...15:36
bigjoolsthere's no MANIFEST.in, just a MANIFEST15:37
bigjoolshmmm I wonder if I grabbed the wrong source15:37
gary_posterbigjools, in your original package you would create a MANIFEST.in.  MANIFEST is generated, using MANIFEST.in if it exists and otherwise doing whatever it thinks it ought to do.  But, yeah, something like "grabbing the wrong source" would make more sense to me because *.py stuff is always included by default AFAIK, so that really doesn't make a lot of sense to me.15:38
bigjoolswell, there's no MANIFEST* in the download tarball15:39
bigjoolsso I guess it's generated "doing whatever it thinks it ought to do"15:39
bigjoolsjml: I reckon you've built custom Twisted distros for LP, do you know the runes to do it right?15:40
gary_posteryes, bigjools15:40
jmlbigjools: IIRC, it's pretty straightforward15:41
* jml thinks15:41
bigjoolsjml: I'd just running setup.py sdist, but it's not generating the right MANIFEST by the looks of it, it's missing some setup.py files in the tree15:41
jmlI don't recall that.15:42
jml(Maybe I just made a tarball?)15:42
jmlOh, right.15:43
jml./bin/admin/build-tarballs . /tmp/twisted-release/15:43
jml(pilfered from http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/ReleaseProcess)15:43
jmlMaybe I did that.15:43
sinzuijcsackett, do you have time to review https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/launchpad/ask-question-from-bug/+merge/7756215:44
jcsackettsinzui: sure.15:44
jmlbigjools: ^15:44
bigjoolsjml: thanks - I don't have a bin/admin :(15:44
jmlbigjools: now that's just weird. It's a checkout of the tree?15:44
bigjoolsjml: yes15:45
bigjoolswell, new tarball download15:45
* jml svn ups15:45
jmloh, that might not get included in the release tarballs15:45
jmlright. it doesn't.15:45
jml(incidentally, can I help get these patches upstream?)15:46
bigjoolsjml: they are already upstream, just not released15:46
* deryck lunches offline for daycare pickup15:46
bigjoolsit's the fix for 638, adds a --logger option15:46
jmlbigjools: ahh, cool.15:46
bigjoolsnasty change if you ask me :(15:46
bigjoolsso I backported the patch anyway, and it all works fine locally.  Now I need to package it!15:47
bigjoolsmaybe I should just svn co it15:47
jmlTwisted's pretty darn stable, I'd recommend just svn co to the latest revno.15:48
bigjoolsoh, really?15:48
jmlwell, by "recommend", I mean 'consider as an option'15:48
allenapmgz: Landed :)15:49
jcsackettsinzui: r=me, looks good.15:49
sinzuithank you15:49
mgzallenap: thanks!15:49
jmlit's unlikely to break compatibility, the NEWS files will flag any changes that do, and there isn't much QA that happens before turning trunk into a release -- it's all done at commit time.15:50
jmlbut, alternatively, co releases/twisted-11.0 or whatever and apply the patch manually.15:50
bigjoolsjml: I was taking the conservative option but you fill me with ebullient confidence15:51
jmlthat said, in the past, I'm pretty sure we've done something like just apply the patch to the download-cache tarball, run the Twisted tests and then retar it.15:52
jmlsorry for the meandering response15:52
bigjoolsjml: re-tarring it sounds the safest option for sure15:52
bigjoolsbut I may stick my neck out15:53
jmlI'll count this as another vote to release Twisted15:53
jmlwe're due another one anyway15:53
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cjwatsonjcsackett: would you mind reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/remove-archive-cruft-check/+merge/77524 ?16:46
jcsackettcjwatson: sure.17:32
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
jcsackettcjwatson: this deals with stuff i'm not totally familiar with. i take it the ubuntu archive admins are the only ones who needed this stuff?17:42
flacostejcsackett: i'm +1 on your review18:31
flacostejcsackett: can you land it for cjwatson please, unless cjwatson has PQM access nowadays18:31
jcsackettflacoste: i *probably* can, landing is sometimes so so for me. :-p18:33
jcsackettcjwatson: do you have landing powers, or do you need a helping hand?18:33
nigelbHi! Could someone with access to qastaging db help me qa a db patch?18:35
flacostenigelb: sure18:46
flacostenigelb: what do i need to do?18:46
nigelbflacoste: aha, let me grab the bug18:46
flacostejcsackett: is sinzui still stick today?18:46
sinzuiI am about18:46
flacostehi sinzui! how are you feeling?18:46
flacostefor  a moment, i thought it was a 'h' that was missing!18:47
flacosteglad to hear you are feeling better!18:47
nigelbflacoste: This is my change set http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-stable/revision/1103018:49
nigelbI need someone to "check the duration that the patch took to apply in the qastaging-restore logs on devpad"18:49
* flacoste looks18:50
nigelbpatch number is patch-2208-84-1.sql if that helps18:52
flacostenigelb: hashn't been applied yet18:57
nigelbflacoste: Oh. Landing on qastaging doesn't apply it automatically?18:58
flacostenigelb: you landed on db-devel, right?18:58
flacostewhich gets deployed to staging18:58
nigelb"Fixed in db-stable r11030"18:58
flacostebut last staging update dates from 2011-09-28 08:10:2518:59
flacostethat's 10 hours ago18:59
flacostelet me investigate what is happening there18:59
nigelbthis was 11 horus ago18:59
nigelbhours, not the Egyptian diety18:59
flacosteand staging is running r1103219:00
flacosteso your patch should have been applied19:00
flacostei'm probably looking in the wrong log file19:00
flacostei need to sync the log first19:00
flacosteof course19:00
* sinzui has a Gunbis cat that has been staring at him for 3 Horuses.19:01
flacostenigelb: i'm hopping on a call, this might lag a little, are you around for the next hour?19:01
nigelbflacoste: I'll be in bed by then, I don't mind picking it up tomorrow19:02
flacostenigelb: will email you then19:02
nigelbflacoste: Cool, thanks!19:02
flacostenigelb: ok, back19:23
nigelbflacoste: and I'm still up :)19:24
flacostewaiting for logs to sync...19:25
lifeless*yawn*. babies.19:28
nigelbMorning lifeless19:30
flacostemorning lifeless19:35
flacosteworking with python-gdata and the gdata API, i'm actually appreciating launchpadlib19:37
nigelbpython-gdata is a fun API.19:37
flacostenigelb: you have a weird definition of fun19:37
nigelbI once used it for some calender stuff and decided I will never touch those ever again.19:37
flacosteyeah, i totally understand that feeling19:38
nigelbthe documentation is awesome19:38
nigelbTakes about 1 hour to figure out :P19:38
flacostewell, the gdata documentation19:38
jcsackettcjwatson: i've sent your branch out to land.19:38
nigelband then you spend a next 8 head-desking how to get it to do what you want.19:39
flacostenigelb: oh, you are only talking about understanding the 5 different ways in which you can authenticate19:39
flacosteyes, that took me about 1h19:39
nigelbflacoste: what specifically are you trying to do?19:41
flacostenigelb: 2011-09-29 15:37:48 INFO    2208-84-1 applied just now in 0.3 seconds19:42
nigelbI'll paste that to mark the bug qa-ok19:42
flacostenigelb: i'm trying to update spreadsheets19:42
nigelbOh. Ew.19:43
nigelbThat's going to be super painful.19:43
flacostethe update API isn't exposed in python yet19:43
flacosteand isn't that hot to begin with19:43
flacosteand resorting to xls export isn't that fun either19:43
nigelbThis means you'll have to play with a fair bit of XML.19:44
flacostenot sure how good is the round-tripping story there19:44
flacostenigelb: no way! i'm not writing XML :-)19:44
flacostenigelb: i'll upload new CSV files at the worst19:44
nigelbEventually, you'll end up writing a new app to replace what you did with google docs spreadsheets :)19:44
nigelbTo be fair, that'll probably end up being easier as well. :P19:45
* nigelb sleeps19:47
lifelessflacoste: as an API wrapper launchpadlib is certainly easy to roll with; its defects are nonobvious to a casual user ;)19:52
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mwhudsongary_poster, lifeless : you might be interested in https://code.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/launchpad/introduce-IParticipationWithAnnotations-bug-623199/+merge/7761121:07
gary_postermwhudson, hey, cool21:08
mwhudsongary_poster: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/861510 made me angry enough to start thinking about it again :-)21:09
_mup_Bug #861510: XMLRPCTestTransport is not torn down properly <test-system> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/861510 >21:09
gary_postermwhudson, heh, I'm sorry you got angry, but glad you channelled it productively :-) .  As far as approving, I have no idea if you caught everything, but I'm a big +1 on making progress either way.  I'll approve it if you like.21:11
gary_poster(If so, I'll look a bit more carefully ;-) )21:11
mwhudsongary_poster: i don't know whether i should try to use it before landing, i think it probably makes sense to validate the idea21:12
gary_poster...and my wife just came in to ask me when I was going to quit :-P21:12
mwhudsonwell, ok, maybe leave it for today then :-)21:12
mwhudsoni probably won't have time to work on it until next week21:12
gary_postermwhudson, ok, thanks :-) .  The only thing I don't want to see is the progress languish...21:12
mwhudsonffs qastaging21:18
lifeless mwhudson whats down with qastaging?21:23
mwhudsonlifeless: just timing out a lot21:24
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lifelesssinzui: hey, so your long mail was interesting22:31
lifelesssinzui: if you want to touch base about it monday or something, that would be cool22:31
sinzuilifeless, yes please! I expect to have a few additional ideas about policy22:39
sinzuihuwshimi, https://launchpad.net/~huwshimi/+participation22:44
sinzuiwallyworld, StevenK, wgrant, I will be a few minutes late to the meeting.22:59
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* wgrant fixes the conflict.23:07
wgrantBut there is no conflict...23:10
wgrantHm, I wonder if the push failed.23:11
pooliehi all23:13
pooliehi afc, did you see your bug was fixed?23:14
wgrantlifeless: https://pastebin.canonical.com/53637/ <- we seem to have a PQM bug.23:15
StevenKwgrant: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/86171023:37
_mup_Bug #861710: [regression] smspillaz fails to sleep at proper hours, despite solar status <bitesize> <end-of-cycle-euphoria> <insanity> <madness> <Compiz:Confirmed for smspillaz> <ubuntu-community:New> <unity:Confirmed for smspillazs-mom> <Weather Indicator:Opinion> <firefox (Ubuntu):Triaged by micahg> <linux (Ubuntu):Triaged by jjohansen> <unity (Ubuntu):Triaged by smspillazs-mom> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/861710 >23:37
lifelesswgrant: meep!23:43
wgrantlifeless: Just a bit.23:43
lifelesswgrant: is it repeating ?23:44
wgrantlifeless: For about 5 hours now.23:44
wgrantNo, sorry.23:44
wgrantThat particular error only happened once.23:44
lifelessok, file that on pqm then23:45
lifelesswhats the other error ?23:45
wgrantBut it hasn't pushed, so it keeps trying to remerge and finding nothing to do.23:45
lifelessrighto, thats easier to fix23:45
wgrantNo error, just needs a manual push, I guess.23:45
lifelesswe'll need to see if the next merge repeats that error23:45
StevenKsinzui: Would you mind +1'ing the MP we spoke about on the call?23:46
sinzuiI will23:46

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