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hrwwhere can I grab system image used by LP for builds? My package builds in pbuilder but failed on lp07:37
wgranthrw: A URL like https://api.launchpad.net/devel/ubuntu/oneiric/i386/chroot_url07:51
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hrwwgrant: thank you10:00
alkisgIs it normal for launchpad to push translation updates to my branch, when there hasn't been any change from the last update?10:30
dpmhi launchpaddders, could someone give me a hand? I'm trying to set up code branch for a project, so that a team has got commit access to the branch. There is an existing branch from one of the members of that team I'd like to use as the project branch. I've created the team and the empty project branch in LP, giving the team ownership. What's the way to push a new branch to the project? I cannot even check out the current empty branch. The project is https11:09
dpm://launchpad.net/ubuntudeveloperportal and 'bzr bzr branch lp:ubuntudeveloperportal' returns bzr saying that it is not a branch11:09
dpm(obviously dropping the second bzr in 'bzr bzr' above)11:10
sagacidpm, works for me11:15
sagacibzr branch lp:ubuntudeveloperportal11:15
dpmsagaci, now it does, I've just sorted it out :)11:15
sagacisometimes takes a few moments11:15
dpmI had created it a few minutes before I asked the question11:16
dpmNow I deleted the branch from LP, pushed the branch to the team's branch and then chose the team's branch to be the main project's branch11:17
dpmand that worked out well11:17
deryckIt seems I'm still listed as help contact from late yesterday.13:04
deryckbut true again now :)13:04
TeTeThi, are there any examples on how to use launchpadlib for blueprints?13:16
TeTeTjames_w: Daviey pointed me towards you for the above question ^13:16
tumbleweedTeTeT: IIRC the api doesn't cover blueprints13:17
DavieyTeTeT / tumbleweed: There is, it's just not clear to me how to use it - https://code.launchpad.net/~james-w/launchpad/expose-blueprints/+merge/3002613:39
tumbleweedDaviey: well, you can see the documentation here https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/devel.html#specification13:40
DavieyTeTeT: https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/summit/stop-screen-scrape/+merge/63490 ?13:40
tumbleweedthe API coverage isn't complete, though13:40
nigelbThe API covers it, probably not exposed over launchpadlib13:41
Davieyokay, i'll rephrase - it's not clear to me how to use it as part of launchpadlib13:41
tumbleweedDaviey: what do you want to do with a blueprint? spec = lp.distributions['ubuntu'].getSpecification(name='foundations-o-python-versions') retrieves a blueprint for me13:45
TeTeTtumbleweed: I'd like to get a list of sub-blueprints and their status and assignees13:46
Davieytumbleweed: Really, getting the relationship between blueprints :)13:46
tumbleweedDaviey: they have a dependencies property. I don't think you can go the other direction, though13:48
Davieythat might be enough..13:48
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joeymrevell: ping!14:31
mrevellHey joey!14:40
joeyHey mrevell!14:41
joeymrevell: 1) congrats on the updated role!14:41
mrevellthanks joey :)14:41
joeymrevell: 2) do you remember the script we used to translate bug numbers into a headline for the weekly LP report? Is that still public?  I have something like this that I want to expand:14:42
joeyBugs fixed14:42
joey * #825327, #819723, #850099, #84579314:42
joeys/still public/public14:42
mrevelljoey, Hmm, good question. I'll have  a look around. Let me see if I can find it in my back-ups or my email.14:43
joeymrevell: thanks. come to think of it, I think we used it for the release announcements14:43
mrevellWe did14:43
joeymrevell: iirc it was just a one liner that used the api to look up successive numbers and spit out the desc text14:44
joeyI suppose I could recreate something.14:44
* joey wonders if it's in the api lib doc...14:44
joeyI wonder if matsubara-lunch still has it. I think he was assembling a page of clients at one point14:45
mrevellHey, that's a good point. He may well have it.14:45
mrevelljoey, I've looked through my archive and my email; it seems I didn't keep it. Sorry.14:46
joeymrevell: oh well, thanks for looking.14:49
joeymrevell: shouldn't be that hard I guess for me to write something up14:49
mrevellWorth waiting to see if matsubara-lunch still has it.14:50
joeymrevell: yeah I know we used part of that for something for OEM but that bit of code I think is non-public14:52
joeymrevell: as I recall, there is no secret sauce in it...was just something that was never though useful enough to pub14:53
mrevellYeah, it was pretty innocuous.14:53
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matsubara-lunchjoey, mrevell http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lazr-developers/launchpadlib/trunk/view/head:/contrib/lp-bug-ifier.py14:55
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mrevellmatsubara to the rescue again :)15:00
joeyamen to that brother15:00
joeyman's got a mind like a steel trap15:00
akoskmhi! I made a "little" misstake in my recipe's naming pattern and built a package based on that pattern. Can I permanently delete the wrongly named package?15:51
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deryckabentley, I'll pitch to you now for IRC.18:05
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abentleyderyck: sure.18:06
akoskmhi! is there any way to delete an existing package from my PPA?18:12
akoskmI used a not so wise naming pattern for my recipe, and now that package name is "blocking" others, never packages (I placed a git commit-id before {revno} :/).18:14
dobeyakoskm: on the page for your archive, there should be a "Delete packages" link18:28
dobeyakoskm: you might have to be in the "package details" view to see it18:29
akoskmdobey: lol, indeed it is there, thanks!18:33
davidstraussabentley, Hi. I'm still getting notifications for review by a team I'm no longer on. Is there a way to fix this?18:47
davidstraussabentley, The team is ~economist-magic18:47
abentleydavidstrauss: what's the reason given for sending you the email, in the footer?18:48
davidstraussabentley, I have an email from a few minutes ago saying, "Your team Economist Online Developers is requested to review the proposed merge..."18:48
davidstraussabentley, But going to the team page shows, "You are not a member of this team."18:49
davidstraussabentley, I used to be on the team and an owner of it.18:49
abentleydavidstrauss: Owning the team might mean you're considered a member of it.18:49
davidstraussabentley, I'm no longer the owner18:50
davidstraussabentley, Also, LP split the two (owner != member anymore) in a recent release, anyway.18:50
davidstraussabentley, I'm not even sure where it's getting the david@fourkitchens email anymore. I removed that from my account.18:52
abentleydavidstrauss: how recently were you a member?18:53
davidstraussabentley, months ago18:53
abentleydavidstrauss: how new are the merge requests themselves?18:53
davidstraussabentley, Brand new ones from today18:54
davidstraussabentley, Or at least brand new comments18:54
abentleydavidstrauss: can you give me an example mail with full headers, please?18:55
davidstraussabentley, Oh, nvm. I think this is going through a forwarder managed on their side. :-)18:55
abentleydavidstrauss: that would explain a few things :-)18:56
davidstraussabentley, Sorry for the trouble18:56
abentleydavidstrauss: np18:56
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dokospam at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/52888720:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 528887 in netbook-launcher-efl (Ubuntu Lucid) "maximus does not give default focus to newly started apps in combination with efl launcher" [Medium,Fix released]20:38
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sconklinIt doesn't really matter to me much, but it appears that lpia builds in PPAs for Karmic are possibly stalled and backing up. I thought maybe someone might still care about lpia :-)20:52
mwhudsondoko: hidden20:57
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