AxD09Trying to uninstall chromium from the 11.10 Beta 2 and it insists that I install firefox in its place. Really?01:01
rawfodoghey guys. fresh install, first time user. How do I get a brightness applet on my panel ?02:00
toiDoes lubuntu have a dock that doesn't use compiz ?02:29
toiAnd that is transparent/and or simple02:30
kimmy_x_99hi guys03:22
kimmy_x_99new to lubuntu03:22
kimmy_x_99what are the minimum requirements please03:23
jmarsdenIf you are willing to use the alternate installer and create a swap partition first, a Pentium II, 128MB RAM, and around 4GB hard drive space.  But that's not likely to be a very enjoyable general purpose machine...03:24
kimmy_x_99i have an old laptop, 512 MB memory03:25
kimmy_x_9910 Gb free space03:25
jmarsdenThat sounds likely to be fine... what CPU?03:26
kimmy_x_991.2 GHZ03:26
kimmy_x_99it runs XP prof @ the moment03:27
jmarsdenNo problem there.  You should be good with that level of hardware.03:27
kimmy_x_99thanks alot03:28
jmarsdenYou're welcome.  You can probably try it out by booting from the Lubuntu CDROM using the "Try it first" menu item, if you want to get a feel for it before you actually install it.03:29
jmarsden"Try it without installing" ?  I forget exactly what the menu item says ... something like that :)03:29
kimmy_x_99great thanks, is there much difference, I want to use it mostly for torrents, will uTorrent work on it03:30
jmarsdenwell, it's pretty different to Windows XP :)  There are some torrent programs that run fine in Lubuntu, I'm not an expert on which of them are better than the others...03:31
kimmy_x_99i've used fedora before03:31
jmarsdenOK.  So the basic ideas of Linux will be the same, the exact look of the GUI and the package management will be different from Fedora, but you should pick it up easily enough; and when you get stuck, as here for help.03:32
jmarsden*ask here for help.03:32
kimmy_x_99thanks for  you advice.03:33
jmarsdenNo problem.  Have fun with Lubuntu :)03:34
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bioterrorphillw, thank you ;)14:32
usuario_Hola ┬┐que tal? necesito un visor para pps/ppt que no sea pesado15:18
hyper_chhello there, I wonder, is Lubuntu the "lightest" official ubuntu variant?16:39
hyper_chmight give it a try then for my backup vm :)16:42
hyper_chI wonder if I already should go oneiric16:43
hyper_chno oneiric iso?16:45
hyper_chbtw, who can edit the lubuntu help wiki? I just found a small spelling error16:47
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silverarrowcan I use any software for debian in lubuntu?19:34
silverarrowI am looking for a way to have softmaker in my system19:35
m6lockslubuntu uses ubuntu repo so whatever you can use in ubuntu should work19:35
silverarrowhmm, I cannot find anything especially for ubuntu either19:36
silverarrowsoftmaker has all the features, and much lighter than the other offices19:37
m6locksnever heard of it19:37
m6locksdoes it work?19:37
silverarrowit does19:38
silverarrowI am trying it in puppy linux19:38
silverarrowhowever, I have major printing issues in puppy19:38
m6locksaye, they hard to conf19:38
silverarrowyes, it uses CUPS and I am having a hard time with it19:39
silverarrowI might be able to use drivers directly from hp19:39
silverarrowsoftmaker seems all comparable to the rest of the offices, in every respect19:41
silverarrowbut much lighter and smaller19:41
silverarrow2008 version is open and free19:42
silverarrowI don't mind libre office really19:42
silverarrowit works fine19:43

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